Prison School 230

Something seems about to happen.

About to, not actually happening, of course.

Why would anything happen?

Would the pacing be better if the Chairman's story was cut and just dumped after the sports festival?

They are still at the fucking sports festival?

>another chapter
>another week still on Namek
Same as it ever was

Sucks that this manga went straight to shit.

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was

>About to, not actually happening, of course.
I've lost interest tens of chapters ago.

It started out so promising.

it didn't, PS was always about comedic situations, the pissing in bed also took forever back then. People said the same thing about last chapter but when you read it translated it's still hilarious.

As for this chapter, it clearly focuses on Risa's character.

PRISON SCHOLL NEVER FOCUSED ON PLOT PROGRESSION. Kyoshi and Gakuto got thousand of problems before getting their date and figures.

Also, if anything it's the opposite, I'm impressed the author can find so much ideas and jokes for so little plot hapening.

it would be quicker, but it also would be extremely painful

D-did Andre speak this chapter?

Are we in tenpai yet?

Yeah, and its going to make the Risa NTR very depressing

It will be bullshit if she ends up without a bf by the end of the series...


For you

Her being a queen for Andre always was a lie anyway, it couldn't keep on forever.

It's simple really. She needs to get him through another way that isn't his masochist fetish, having him getting interested into something else where she's better at.

This. Can't wait for the translations but I'm already smiling at the competition taking place between shoes full of saliva

>sunset bicycle promenade

Top kek

>the foot fetish

I was actually wondering when Hiramoto would use this, it was never exploited before, or only in little doses at the beginning

Actually disregard this. I thought we were talking about 229 the entire time.

Forgot pic, ofc

But it's legit the best part

I used to be eager for every new chapter, especially during that Hana and Kiyoshi piss chapter. But I can't seem to enjoy this arc.

When it comes to foot fetishes, I feel Mashima is the best IMO.

Risa deserves better, she is so losing this fight vs reborn Meiko its not funny.

I'm sure she will still win the Andrebowl once the contest is over

>chopping off the most solid part of current shitty arc
editor-kun pls

he said "dumped after", as in having the full story in a row.

Pretty sure there were lots of jokes about the different situations hapening at the same time, so not sure if that would be a good idea.

>mfw the chapters are good again