Black Clover

Chapter 80.

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thanks for the dump OP, i can't help but love this series despite Cred Forums not being fond of it









>Introduce new Diamond generals in the last chapter
>Aster's bones are dust
>But this kingdom could maybe help him
He's gonna get one of these diamonds in his body.

>yfw Jump is cancelling BC and it will end with Aster crippled for life

Really. Black clover is getting cancelled?

I think they'll try and find info out about terrorists since they're the ones who should know about ancient curses.

Shou Tucker? Is that you?

This would have been a good moment to give Asta a bit more depth as a character, rather than the same old defiant never-give-up attitude.

I mean he just got told by the most powerful healing mage in the Clover kingdom that magic can't heal his arms, and he doesn't give a fuck.

I sincerely hope the next arc doesn't end with him going "welp arms are all fixed and I haven't learned a thing"

Noelle a fucking CUTE

Wait seriously? How do you know that?

the guy may not be a great mangaka, but he sure knows how to draw some damn fine tiddies.

He really does.

Vanessa said "That Kingdom" so maybe it's a kingdom that hasn't been introduced yet? We do know that she came from a noble family in a different kingdom before being disowned.

Then again her earrings here look like diamonds, so maybe they will go to the Diamond kingdom

How many kingdoms are there so far? There is the one where MC and friends live, clover kingdom ?, the diamond fags from the last chapters, the water kingdom and the demon fags from somewhere else.

The 4 biggest Kingdoms are based on the 4 suits of French playing cards.

I'm sure there are other kingdoms or independent regions as well, like the water kingdom

You're right, I'm dumb. Sounds like it will be diamond kingdom which makes sense with recent arc.

Well, this was a rather unexpected development

>Literally Deku ruining his arms

Asta is going to use swords with his feet now. Screencap this.

At the very least I wish Aster had tears streaming down his face here

>doctor can't heal his arms but is said to be able to re-attach severed arms
Obviously Aster needs an arm transplant.

What's the bottom panel referencing?

Nope, he's gonna go Zoro and hold the sword with his mouth.

Nah bro, he's going to attach it to his dick and slice people in half.

He's gonna replace his arms with the swords

who cursed his arms? The beast magic guy?



Yeah i agree. I would like if Aster felt somewhat down from it

Maybe he'll hit a roadblock on recovering and breakdown. Probably not though.

BC is one of thew new pillars of jump. Rankings have it always in the top half.

What do you think - which studio will make BC anime? Which would you like to?

I don't watch enough anime to know.


>It's the heart kingdom
>It's full of titty amazon wizards

>24/7 drunk lesbians