Post the best girl of their respective series

Post the best girl of their respective series

Great taste mate.

Tomoyo a shit.



Best 2hu




sure buddy






Sorry, but I subscribe to the holy buddhist.






My nigga



Papi and Yuugi are top tier. You guys don't know what you are talking about.









You sure about that papi statement?




Best girl never wins.




Claire a shit.



Both are a best.

I always wondered is your name a reference to a specific character?


>Hinafags BTFO

Never forget.

Yes. Also relevant to this thread but she was already posted.

a dream

Both wrong



Suddenly I like you a lot

You are.

Orangefags need not apply.

Second season fucking when ;_;


Out of my way shit fucking girls


Meh, Kirino is by far the best girl.

Yes I also liked buchou in Hibike Euphonium.

Though every girl (except Lilith) is best.




She is literally the only good thing to come out of this shit show.



Underrated best girl.


You posted the wrong girl again


you know she can't be the best girl without her kansai accent






Sure about that?

Best girl (male)


How can someone be so wrong?!

Kansai prejudice is so outdated that people only express it as a joke. It's sort of comparable to anti-Irish or Italian racism would sound to an American. It's something that was real 100 year ago, but by now is just silly.

All Hidamaris are equally best,
But there is only one sunshine in Sunshine Sketch.

Haruna a shit.



I'm 100% certain you bitch

Yozora sucks.

Woah calm down

You just happened to be even more wrong.



>No Rei
a is dead

Houki a best. A BEST.

Cred Forums is for Cred Forumsnime, not for g/a/rden.

Fuck off Subaru


This is too serious of a disgrace to forgive you pig






Yuckyna a shit.


Sorry to interrupt you all, just the best girl passing by!




She's perfect.

Mfw i will never see more of her

I'm sorry, but do you actually happen to be retarded?


You're both wrong.



Canadians are not welcome here.

There are rare but precious times where the best girl wins.

Good taste user

Tsukihiko is cute but AZUKI AZUSA is better.

Not like that's saying much.



My brother



Great taste user

Late but gonna add


Fuck off.



Best tsundere ever.



Ha ha ha ha pls user



Fuck memequeen


Mai is kind, polite, levelheaded and pretty smart. Bullet is dumb, aggressive and doesn't know anything not related to combat. Plus long hair looks much better on a girl.



Close, but not quite.

Kannafags still mad.




Orange and silver babys fight themselves while patrician man choose best girl

Yukino is second best. Haruno is better.

>Best girl lost to red slut
Still mad.

Thank you, user. Have some more of best girl.




Thicc eyebrows







How can anyone like Hatoko of all things? She's a failure of a childhood who are supposed to understand the MC better than most. Otoh, Tomoyo is objectively superior in moe and interactions.

Oops, sorry, wrong pic.

Easily best girl.


Not even close.





Stella need not apply.



Get out.

i agree



Who was she again?

It's not like she have much more competition. All the other girls are boys



Orange > Pink > *

2hu is best girl faggot


All she needed was a dick up her cooch.

Not anime or manga you cuck


>Not Kurisu

Other D-Frags a shit.

Best girl and winner.

>anything good






The only shit thing here is you're taste


>not Suzuha

Only good girl in this shitty show.






Who is this jizz juggler?

>posting worst girl in a best girl thread

Turn on your trip lefaggot, i already can recognize your shit taste anywhere

Mai brother.

Best girl right here

It's almost sickening to see how obvious you are, THK.


You mean best. Yaya is second best girl though, fag.

Fuck off.

No contest.

She deserved more than two episodes.


Best girl in shit show.

Every best girl thread I see.

Shhh. Just post best girls that just happened to make him mad.




mah nigga



Best girl by leagues ahead and pretty much the main reason to watch the show for.


that's definitely my wheelhouse


gonna need a source on second row, second from the left


Shittiest taste in this thread.


She certainly wasnt bad.

Mange prez was also good.

And Chitanda.

Also pic related. Ritsu is shiiit



You didn't even get that right, OP.




>not pic related


Even Andou disagrees with your bad taste.

>she will never give you paizuri for beating her in a game

Even without her own route.

Literally saved the show along with Colette.

>Hair curling around the cheeks
All the girls are top tier, but Erina is best.

I'm sorry, but I am going to have to shut that down.

But none of these are Ayase, lads.


>worst girl of the season


Best girl. Objectively.

Togame-fags and Pengin-fags are the fucking worst.






That would be Hifumi and he didn't post her.


>Blue Houki


So sexy.

The best of the best



Nope. True worst girl of the season is Saya from AV.






This guy gets it



Manamifags and Naofags can go off themselves.

Universally agreed best girl.

Last for best.

a shit

Based. Kirino wins again.

Absolute best for last.

Stella best girl of the season. ALL SEASONS.

>Perfect finisher
The suicide watchlist suddenly just increased.

a shit.

Bad posts.


Kirinofags BTFO.

>Deleted your post so you could post Stella last
Wow, that's pathetic.

You ruined it by posting a shitty girl.


Stellafag and Kirinofag BTFO.

I love cat like any sane person, but she's nothing close to vampire or monkey.

Nice. I have a thing for awkward girls.

I got this.

Bestest for last.


Kill yourself bitchrinofag

louise faggots ARE THE CANCER of Cred Forums

Fair enough.
You win Kirinofag.


As expected of Kirino.

You're late, ESL-kun. Didn't you get banned last night? Why are you evading?

Ruri wins again

Worst girl of 2015.

t. contrarian


All girls except for maid girl are tsundere?

Why is a Gyaru-kofag pretending to be a Kuronekofag?

Old and busted, elf is the new hotness

>Literally every reply to your post in this thread shits on Stella
>Thinks that Cred Forums is just being contrarian
O I'm laffin

You and your phone don't count as Cred Forums.


>implying Stella being worst girl isn't popular opinion on Cred Forums
She only has two autistic fans and you're already half of the fanbase.

t. mentally ill contrarian

Completely different user buddy.
But stay delusional, kek.
Why can't you accept that people don't like Stella?

>butthurt and delusional Stellafag

They aren't even wrong, newfag.

Stupid Idiot Austist Retard louise FAGGOT
You always to be a Disgusting Shit

Nice proxy

>responding to this many posts at once

>butthurt and delusional Stellafag

How embarrassing.

Proxies doesn't work, newfag.

>I did it again

justice girl, esdeath and mine WORST GIRLS

>Stellafag is literally shaming himself
Please keep at it. You're hilariously butthurt.

One of the best girls of 2015 and by far the best one in Rakudai.
Fuck the haters, you all have shit taste and deserve shit anime.

Should had quit while you had the chance.



Thanks for providing tonight's entertainment.

You're really embarrassing.


A couple of vocal samefagging asshurt asterisktards don't damage Stella's reputation on Cred Forums. She's best girl of 2015 and always will be.

Gr8 bait and phoneposting.

>look mom, I did it once again!1!one

I'll never stop defending Stella, even if I'm severely outnumbered in this crusade of mine.

>butthurt and delusional Stellafag


Nice try. Rakudai and Asterisk are both shit, and Stella is still hated.

Stellafag = Clairefag = Lilithfag = Claudiafag

But Lilith is shit and an insult to battle harem main girls.

Your waifu ain't playable

Of all the anime girls to have an autist ragefest over, why pick someone from some terrible battle harem?

RakudI was fun, and I liked Stella's relationship with the MC.

Stella is a precious gem in a shit genre.

Stella's entire fanbase is two fags and they have shit taste. Simple answer.

Pretty much. Same shit taste and autism follows through every time.

>delusional asterisktard

You have shit taste

This is gonna go on for another 150+ posts

You don't even try to hide your samefagging and delusion.

Rakudai was very forgettable, Stella wasn't good, the relationship between the two of them is fanfic tier and the only reason why you remember that garbage is because Stellafag won't let it go that people didn't like her.
Unfortunately, this.

Stellafags are naturally tryhards.

>everyone that hates a shitty character (read: mai waifu) are "asterisktards"
Does this ever work, anyways?

>the relationship between the two of them is fanfic tier
Still better than the average anime romantic relationship: non-existent

Yes. Self-seluding is a powerful thing. It can trick the mind to perceive reality that isn't truth.

Lurk more and watch more anime.

Yeah, watch more anime where, if you're lucky, the main character will confess in the last episode and will be interrupted when he's about to kiss his love interest
Or wait, maybe you're talking about the usual battle harems, where the author is so scared of pissing off waifufags he leaves the ending open, with no romantic resolution.

Not him, but no. Shitty romance is far worse than a slowly building romance or no romance at all. The alternative have the potential to be better if the writing allows it, or forgo the awkwardness/badly done romance altogether by going for platonic or fem-bro relationships, which usually is done better in harem and rom-com.

There are more genres than just your average battle harem and shounen newfag.
Also this

The romance is Rakudai wasn't shitty. It was just simple, but I don't see how some people call it terrible.

Fuck yeah

Should I watch Rakudai? I didn't know it was so popular.

>even if they're shit, they have cowtits so they are the best!
Normalfag cowtits lovers are the worst. It's the same fag who always randomly post that harem best girl ranking that's 100% cowtits.

>anyone that doesn't share my fetish is a normalfag!

Fuck off retard.

>LOL I saw your tits!
>I'm going to fight you now lol!
>lmao I lost so now my pussy belongs to you
That's romance for you?
It's like a 4/10, skip it.

>wasn't shitty

Rakudai's romance is literally worse than Twilight. I doubt you could fully explain and reason out how Ikki and Stella fell in love so quickly when they only met after a few days time. They don't even know each other well enough to make a real "I love you" confession and vice versa be believable. Worse is how the writing treats them as OTP despite the fact neither of them did much to earn each other affections, much less have the chemistry to make them a good couple.

It was more than that and you know it. She fell for him after she heard about his story and found out the goals they were fighting for were similar. Not much, but you'll hardly find anything better in battle harems.
But it's more than that, the series explored their relationship, when they were both unhappy because nothing was happening and they asked each other for a kiss, or when they discussed the possibility of having sex. Nothing mind-blowing, mind you, but it was refreshing. Give me another battle harem which did that. It's mind-boggling how ill-received it was here, I really don't get it. On the other hand I'm sure this is the only place where the reaction was so negative. Yeah yeah, I know, "go back to x" etc.

>She fell for him after she heard about his story and found out the goals they were fighting for were similar.
Is that how love work?

Be honest, do you use that criticism for every anime where the main girl falls for the MC out of the blue or you only do that for Rakuda? Because a lot of the shit I hear about this show can be applied to other anime which didn't get the negative backlash Rakudai did.

Stella a best. A BEST.

Stella haters BTFO.

They bonded over something they had in common. Yes, that's how love often starts off.

Why can't you read? See Thanks user, I didn't want to have to explain this shit.
>but it was refreshing
It only reminded me of how bad romance is in anime and manga.
user, I...
I don't know what to tell you.
I can assume he's using that criticism because someone just said Rakudai had a decent romance plot.
So because they have similar goals, they should start dating and say they love each other only within a few hours - weeks of knowing each other?

Of course I do. Rakudai only gets the most flak because of people like you who praises the romance. It doesn't help you guys also praise Stella as best of all season etc when she doesn't deserve it at all. The other Stellafag being an obnoxious shitposter who spammed Stella in every battle harem thread, even in threads not for Rakudai only made people's attention focus on Stella all the more to hate her.

Stella > Claudia > Claire >>>>> every other main girl > Lilith

All I can say is I'm tired of having the same discussion over and over, so let's just agree to disagree.
I still don't see how Rakudai's romance can be called shitty. It was simple, nothing over the top, but I liked it. But anyway I'll stop here.

>you'll hardly find anything better in battle harems.
Absolute Duo, World Break, Antimagic, Vanadis, and pretty much most other battle harems did it better. Why? Simply because Rakudai is already bottom tier, so it's not hard to be better. World Break is quite popular in Japan for good reasons, one is because the romance is done interestingly with romance from the main character's past lives where they were husband/wives/lovers/etc as reincarnation being the key to tie their bonds in the present. What's important for romance is whether or not it's believable and if there's genuine attraction of some kind that pulls them together. Ikki and Stella never had that, simply because they were never given the opportunity.
Literally Antimagic did it better. Antimagic doesn't make romance a primarily focus, but it does romance far better, as a true harem at that, simply due to the fact feelings didn't just come over overnight. Takeru

>Stellafag on damage control

But blonde was best girl user.

That's not Sensei-kun, user.

He's right though.


>Stellafags are again BTFO
Good thread.

He's right though.


He's right though.

Stella a best. A BEST.


>samefagging when other Stellafag is gone
>tries to get the last word despite getting BTFO

Stella a shit.

Kill yourself asterisktard.

I'm actually scared of how similar our tastes are

>Proving me right
A regular person would have died from the embarrassment you put yourself through in here.

Something get cut off there?

t. butthurt asterisktard

So Kirino is officially the true winner. The other two cheaters are disqualified.

Careful. You're going to cut yourself with that ironic t.butthurt knife you have there.

You're both pathetic

only asterisktards get buttmad when stella's superiority is stated

I can't say that I'm surprised to see you still at it.

>This is what delusional Stellafag actually believes
Really sad.

t. newfag asterisktard

Kirinofag also cheated after. Nekofag only exploited someone else's attempt at cheating

Using that logic, the majority must be Asteriskfags. Don't you se how retarded you sound?


>deludes himself to believe Stella is popular and even liked
The only newfag is you and you're doing a nice job of showing that. Stay mad.

Cred Forums =/= Japan.

>Implying he's wrong

>implying she's not
try harder

Cred Forums likes stella


I hate both series and I Stella is shit. What now?

you're an asterisktard pretending

No. Cred Forums hates Stella.


>They stopped for a while
>Then they started again
I can't say it's not entertaining

You're literally the only spergy Stellafag on the board besides the less spergy Stellafag who left hours ago. Stay delusional.

>being this retarded asterisktard

stella will always remain more recognized and remembered than your shitty asterisk girls. stay mad

fuck you kansai isn't silly . kansai a cute!! CUTE

Infamous of being a shit doesn't translate into good popularity, Stellafag.

>a shit
only in your headcanon

No, Stellafag. It's reality.

You're fighting an uphill battle that can't be won. I honestly don't get why you still try when you are only hurting yourself and make it obvious that you're mostly alone. That and this everyone is an Asteriskfag meme you push is what falseflaggers do.

>more asterisktard delusions

Can we rule out you were an ironic fan all along? I'm starting to think that now after what you've done in here.

No, we can't.

Yes, we. It's only apt considering you're literally alone. Or maybe not and you were one of us all along since you clearly hate Stella enough to reverse troll her.

Jesus Christ. Do you do that every time your waifu gets shit on or what? Cred Forums calls worst a shit all the time, but you don't see them make up a scapegoat of an entire fanbase to cry at. Getting worked up about that actually makes you buttmad, if anything.

He's a falseflagger. It's the only explanation that makes sense. Can't blame now since he was always on our side, so oh well.

Stella a best.

Stella a shit.

Stella is ok I guess

Stella is worst girl of the year, all years.

You are so embarrassing. I feel bad for the other Stellafag.

more golden samefagging from asterisktard

You are proving them correct. Good job.



Yes, I'm lurking and commenting.

you are

What's even sadder is that I don't even need to quote your posts in here cause they are all so obvious.


Shouldn't you drop the act? It's okay now to do so.


>Stellafags are the new worst harem fanbase

Calling two fans a fanbase is a stretch.

>more samefagging

>One half the fanbase
Here's one.

Yaharifags and Saekanofags can now rejoice, I guess?

Cred Forums sure loves to bully Stella and her fans.

>Cred Forums
more like a couple of butthurt asterisktards who got bullied hard when asterisk aired

You deserve to Die like donald trump

Well, Stella is terrible so it's justified. The Stellafag itt shitposted and ruined a ton of threads back when the show aired and still do, so it's all deserved.

With the way Stellfag(s) reacts and treat everyone as a boogeyman, they pretty much bully themself.


>Why is Stella so shit? She ruined the whole show.jpg

I still think "Stellafag" is just an ironic fan trying to make people hate her.

Hypocrite Bitch, twintails disgrace, Cowtits, Slut

>Even Lelouch and ESL-kun hates Stella and they usually have shit taste liking worst girls


Wow. And to think Stella couldn't sink any lower.

Shit Taste

This thread is disgusting

keikaku harem A SHIT

>Even Lelouch and ESL-kun hates Stella and they usually have shit taste liking worst girls
That comes from a Stupid Idiot Autist Retard with a Disgusting Shit taste
You are Shit

Sayafags are the worst kind of contrarians. We get it, you want to be different. Its not fooling anyone though. Funbags supreme.

Also you not know the difference of good taste, guilty pleasure over the shit taste

You only need to capitalise the first letter of a sentence or a name dude

Do my eyes deceive me? Another Tessafag? I thought I was the only one left.

This is why image limits need to be 2/3 of the post limit.

Hotarufags are the worst kind of pedestrians. We get it, you want to be normal. It's not fooling anyone tho. Cafécups supreme.

Nice counter. Hail Café Cups supreme.

This thread sure was a hoot and a holler.
Not gonna lie, it might be really retarded, but atleast it's entertaining as hell.

Bullying the Stellafag is always fun.

Tessafags will go extinct when S4 airs.

>says the bullied asterisktard

Stellafag bullied himself. Seriously. I almost feel bad for you. Almost.

Ouka is the best anyway.


Ouka > Julis >>>>> Stella

No, I think you were right the first time.

Why are you still talking?

u have top fucking taste m8


t. samefagging Asteriskfag

I agree with this.

Here we go again.

>having a waifu

You're waifu doesn't exist

Neither should your life.

>Stellafag is literally crying and bullying himself
Embarrassing, but it's starting to be cute.


>half of the girls are short haired tom boys
>the other half are huge titty onee-chans

You have patrician taste sir.

The best girls are often cute, yes.

I'd say Pyrrha was awesome, but the remaining girls...

Your mind makes it real, shitposter

>considers himself best girl who's cute
You're more delusional than I imagined.

>stellafag really just wants some /u/

Nice delusion fag

Stellafag should just go to /u/ and stay there. He'll have better luck there than here on Cred Forums.

Slutella Faggot

>Stella isn't Stellafag's waifu, but Stella is the character Stellafag projects onto
This would explain the zealous commitment and defensiveness that's crazier than most waifufags. Cred Forums isn't insulting his waifu, but it's Stellafag himself that gets insulted.

Nah, this clearly means he wants dicks.

Stella a shit for 500.

Stella is the most well-written tsundere out there.

Stella is a decent lager

Stella would be betta if she had smaller tits

Stella is stellar.

Only normalfags likes Stella.

That picture never fails to make me hard.

Stella a shit. A SHIT.

Stella a best. A BEST.

S__l_a a shit.

Last post, Stella post.




Stella a shit



kill yourself asterisktard

True if dubs.