What makes you angry in anime ?

What makes you angry in anime ?

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>she's just 14 years old
Every fucking time.

dense mc such as ichika

Excessive fan service.

Male characters

When a girl starts falling for a boy.

Like makes me feel actually upset? I'd probably just say the pic related side of anime fans.

Who fucking made this comic? What was their goal? It's so fucking stupid.

all non-childlike lolis
"I dont want to change the relationship we are having"
Misheard love confessions
Chuuni weapons
Mismatched eye colors
Mist and lightsabers
Over-represented high school setting

>character is sleeping
>someone isn't quiet and wakes them up
>even after being told "Shhh, x is sleeping."
The absolute worst

>Who fucking made this comic?
It's almost like there is a signature and an address on it.

Confessions being interrupted
Unfinished adaptations with no intent to ever finish them
Romance in general

When of think of it really it's just that so I cut out LN's and romance unless they have a real hook to them.

Working gave me massive catharsis when season 3 was announced because of all the above bullshit.

Drama about being friends

Harem anime/manga. Fuck that.

That's the fans themselves.

Going to Cred Forums

>girl wearing pants
>not girl wearing a skirt
>not girl wearing whatever she wants

if he meant panties he should've said panties, fuck

It was a figure of speech, retard. Maybe you should work on that autism of yours so you can better understand what people are saying.

Fuck off

Make me, nerd.

When budget is unevenly distributed across the production like when the soundtrack is amazing well done but the background characters look like stick people with retard eyes.

ED played in opening and OP played in ED

Dense mc. It's the beach\hot spring episode ugh kill me now

Anime themselves

The most perfectest Nee-san figure used as a tool of evil plan or put them against the way of MC.


When they try to appeal to beta fags

Anime only endings.
Adapting a series before it has enough source material.
lolis that are super strong

I suppose those first two go hand in hand.

joke character is a literal God when pissed

>Studios: KyoAni

Qualidea Code?

It is one of Iwasaki's weaker OSTs, but it's decent.

>misheard love confessions
Everything but those two. Those two are great.

This is the absolute best trope. You must be in the wrong thread.

That Berserk will never finish. And if Casca does get healed within the next decade, it will probably be underwhelming as fuck. There is no possible way the Miura is going to live up to two decades of anticipation no matter what he does.

Better question us what doesn't make me angry.

Shitty CGI backgrounds that look worse than PS2 games.

Forced drama.
Characters that lack a distinct personality beyond their archetype.

Are you ready for the best fight of the season?

Japan's increasing use of poorly done and misplaced cgi to save money.

Nakama power

Cred Forums is two blocks down.

Unnecessary flashbacks

>Chuuni weapons
This is great though. I want more of this if anything.

Random groups of faceless people who "quietly whisper" to each other and insult one of the important characters. Extra points if the character gets depressed because of it.

supposedly foreign characters (anglos especially) speaking incomprehensible engrish

>doesn't like heterochromia
pleb detected.

braindead cow titted fucks

Character has a mysterious illness.
Loli/shota is actually 18+ years old.

I don't know which is worse. Girls that turn out to be traps, or boys that turn out to be girls.

Stealth harem series. Nothing makes me drop a series harder or faster than it being presented as one genre only to slowly have it morph into blatant shit. I completely stopped giving a shit about Knights of Sidonia when the tsundere android moved into the MC's apartment and I'm preparing to do the same if Criminale! continues down a similar route. If a series is going to be haremshit at least have the fucking decency to say it is from the get-go. I'd rather have that than become invested in it so much that I end up completely disappointed and pissed off when it's revealed.

Sinbad is about to become a god, because the plot demands it.

jap language

I hate when on a new season or another parallel serie a major character which is almost a legend get beaten up by random characters and treated with no respect at all like Bright on Gundam Z

>things that make you angry about american cuisine

i prefer a steak

>glorious, talented girl
>intelligent, smart, cute, admired
>underachieving fucko protagonist shows up
>falls for his sorry ass instead of one of the many better, more talented options in the cast
Every time

Shounen Ai/Yaoi or Shoujo Ai/Yuri


>That's the fans themselves
Animu often encourages it.

at least they are funny somehow and you just need time to get the good ones

Tsundere they are shit. But it's still kinda hotif done right.

literally when

Genki characters.

(K-On Ritsu is the worst)

a bland looking beta MC without any redeemable qualities has a seemingly unattainable 10/10 female lead as his love interest who loves MC's cock so much due to bullshit reasons.

Stop being new.

so never

Yeah this is basically my pick too.

Anime is ruined when it's just an excuse for people to self-insert themselves into a better life.

>literally when
>implying Naruto, and every other mainstream anime series did not contain a fuckton of shipping nonsense

>an anime that is cliche-free in the first half, but once the story sets in, the cliches come flooding

Shit, remove the "that".

I've been told this is official artwork.

But that's not shipping.

because as the original post of the chain says, that's the fan themselves

surely you don't mean "THAT"!?

Little moe girls.
Moe girls.
Moe girls being anything but girls, like airplanes, horses or ships.
Moe girls doing girl things.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Selector Wixxos which has exactly one male character.

Girl has huge tits, but her nipples are really tiny.

>school setting
>total loser gets a bunch of beautiful girls thirsting after his dick
>abusive tsunderes

It's obviously made to appease shippers. Which goes back to what said about encouraging shipping.

When a character dies and every single time they have a fade to white, smile as they die, then they get all the time in the world to say goodbye to their loved ones.
every. single. time.

I also don't like the "perfect hime" character who's the gentlest, kindest, mary sue who is actually deeply conflicted about being so perfect. fucking barf.

a mc with lots of girls interested in him

I fully admit this is a result of envy though.

Characters overreacting to things
All foreigners and hafus are blonde
Loli never winning
Cake never winning

after a while the fact they werent wearing pants no longer registered to me in strike witches

>girl with yuge tiddies
>nipples aren't inverted or have enormous puffy areola

they better fucking sticky it

>Pretending to critique anime styles and cliches only to end up being one big faggoty mass of harem/cute/cathumantalk cliche yourself
>When you're useless and get in other people's way

>two girls

Excessive screaming from girls
Boring MCs in excessive fanservice harem situations
Beautiful animated show but too much focus on jiggling body parts
Seasons that go on for 30+ episodes when they should end in 12-13
Bratty kids with no real purpose

Show really went to shit after just a few episodes when they revealed it wasn't self aware at all and just going to be the most generic shit for the rest of the series.

Two important characters walk by on the streets (they don't know eachother yet) and the shot stops for a second. Then they continue walking.

when the story it's about a guy that have felt in love with a half elf at first sight you know that this can't be good

>Confessions being interrupted
>with fireworks sound
>"What did you said again?"
>"Eh.. nevermind."

Exactly. The only good thing about it is just seeing this retarded mc suffering and dying over and over again

I haven't watched the anime but nagito and hajime were best bros up until the first trial so that makes sense

>girl has no nipples

waifubait and forced romance

2 girls and one dickgirl = 3
so the average size for a harem


>antagonist always "holding back" because MC isn't worth the effort

Even worse is when it happens multiple times and becomes increasingly obvious that MC actually kind of is a legit threat.

>Ending the series without closure
>MC who is forever weak
>Confessions interrupted or misheard
>Over hyped series that casuals pick up

Name literally one time this has happened.


Gilgamesh in FS/N.

DIO did it loads in both part one and part 3 of jojo

Obligatory NTR subplot

The target audience.

Some parts in Hunter x Hunter

>Gary Stu harem shows
>accidental girl confessions with them retracting saying "EEEEYAHYAHYAH" while waving their hands
>Asspulls of any kind
>Tone and mood of OP/ED doesn't match up with the set tone of the show

I can go on forever.

That's cool as fuck, you idiot

>villain played up to be extremely evil
>right before he dies he reveals his sob story and we're supposed to feel sorry for him

>Mc and love interest are withing yelling distance of each other.
>they can't find each other because suddenly a train is barreling through.
>they both give up as if it wasn't meant to be.

It doesn't make me mad but fuck why can't they be happy!

Shitty endings, something that the Japanese seem to excel at.

Most anime are just promotional material for LNs or based off of unfinished source material, but the ones that aren't usually have a half assed ending that tires to hard to be bittersweet or ambiguous. I can't think of a recent anime that gave us a straight up satisfying ending.

Talking mascot animals/aliens/whatever

>antagonist becomes a supporting character to the main cast later in the show

My fucking favorite

nothing except edge. I fucking hate edge.

>Wow! This new show has an interesting, novel concept.
>Can't wait to see how they turn it into a shitty harem

Quite a lot of thinks. Cliches, stereotypes, otaku pandering and shit like this is the reason why 90% of anime is trash or at best entertainment for teenagers

Unless theyre actually done good. Like Ayano from Yuru Yuri or Aya from Kinmoza for example

>tsundere android moved into the MC's apartment

it beared no impact on anything, he straightened out her stupid attitude for the most part and then that's that, nothing more came of her besides being a quiet competent bridge person in their recon ship.

Small little irrelivant piece of shit support character that is supposed to be cute and funny

This does make me angry yet on berserk I kinda liked it.

When they have to explain a math problem and they just say generic shit like "If you use this formula here you'll get the answer. WOW YOU ARE RIGHT!" or a variation of that. Literally every single time someone needs help with homework they pull the same shit.

Damn you have some shit taste right there.

>LN adaptation
>bland generic male MC with no personality besides being borderline otaku, that lets himself be ping ponged by other characters instead of making up his own mind and then only makes decisions when they are painfully obvious on the ethical side
>waifu bait female MC
>ends either in "buy the LN" or some bullshit anti climatic asspull for the male MC

This combo has been used so often in the last 8 years that I just get the urge to kill whenever I see a cover of an anime featuring this.

putting kids in huge mechs


I fucking hate unnecessary fan service in an otherwise good anime. It completely detracts from the viewing experience. If it's a trashy show, I don't really mind.

Bad translations and localizations

Just use Young Master! It's not going to sound less awkward!

Flash cut to another scene because they ran out of production money

Someone gets wounded multiple times, bleeds like hell, gets crushed and under a building and and his whole body is burning. The next day everything is fine and it's like nothing happened.

Ah fuck this shit. You can also add characters that are there because the series would be "too dark"

What about an antagonist who doesn't kill the MC because he wants them to suffer?

When characters are literally children when appears on 1-2 years flashbacks. A person can't grow up so much in two years.


>MC has a childhood friend, always hanging around with him/her
>three years later he don't recognize him/her OR he forgot everything about that friendship and moments together.

FFS, I don't have a really good memory, but I know and remember when I played with someone even 25 years later.

When the best friends of a dude who's going to get a harem disappear after the first 3 episodes even though said dude doesn't even want the harem

>but I know and remember when I played with someone even 25 years later.
No, that's not normal at all.

>What makes you angry in anime ?

When a show that has a great premise and great production values is ruined by shitty writing. It's like an insult to the people who worked on it.

>when the antagonist keeps talking just long enough for the protagonists friends to arrive and rescue him

>mc gets yelled at for thing he hasn't done or isn't responsible for
>just takes it without speaking up

>mc gets slammed into hot spring or whatever
by girl
>effectively unconscious, reeling from injury
>everybody starts screeching and abusing him

>any conflict
>both sides signal their barebones basic position
>no attempt to actually talk, just restating over and over what was already established
>walk out , do battle, whatever
Not only in anime.

>trapped in an mmo framing, without any relevance to the plot

>"cute" mascot character that is literally just a blob with frills

>interesting worldbuilding
>not utilized ever, have some rehashed romance drama

>characters are must maintain mundane school life at all costs even if the fate of the world is on the line

>mc does thing
>6+ characters repeat and explain what just happened

>scenes constantly viewed 25-200% too close
>wow it's halve a face that barely shows any different character design than the other halve faces

>gettin' mad from anime
lol just turn the TV off

- the very existence of OPs and EDs

-filling 60% of the shows running time with characters saying each other's names

- encouraging passive-aggressive beta pussy-repellant behavior

- lame self-insert shonen disguised as a mature story

>A girl literally offers the mc sex and he runs away


>MC uses magic like a pussy
>MC can't fight
>If he can, he uses magic like a pussy

>uses magic like a pussy
khorn go home

All-female cast
Minimal presence of males for no reason (Love Live)

Crossboarder out

Whiny son of a bitch MC like Shinji

I know right? Like nigga close your eyes!

when they take a still scene and make it shake and add moving lines to make it look like action

I know due to budget and time constraints they sometimes have to resort to this but it make me mad

>nipple inverted
the fuck is this

worst plot ever


>Some superpowered bitch is about to kill dozens of innocent people
>The hero hesitates
>"I-I can't hit a woman!"

Tada Banri

These posters

I understand your pain.

>the MC is younger than me

I think it just makes me sad.

The one one from bleach is actually an interesting character.
I don't know if they have done more with him cause I droped it when it became convoluted and stupid (I'm pretty sure he now has his own sword or it became ichigo second bankai or some stupid shit like that).
But from what I remeber he did actually help and was a character.

Shonen shit.
Harem shit.
Characters that do not look their appropriate age.
Poorly done timeskips (character undergoing massive physical change in under a very short period of time).

Reminder that he succeeded and killed JoJo and if it wasn't because of erina scape with some random baby, dio would have won

>guy accidentally falls dick first into a girls ass
>instead of saying sorry like a normal person he sperges out

on the other side of the coin

>guy walks into an unlocked room
>girl is inside changing clothes
>shes somehow shocked someone opened to door
>immediately lashes out at the guy

When an anime teases a toilet scene but doesn't show it. Or when an anime teases a pantyshot but doesn't show it.


>mc gets yelled at for thing he hasn't done or isn't responsible for
>just takes it without speaking up

why does this happen so fucking much what the fuck japan

Easy. Even if the boy does turn out to be a girl, unless she makes a pretty radical transformation back to her gender's typical traits, I still won't want to fuck them.

I might, however, want to fuck the hot chick, who turns out to have a big ol' dick.

What are you talking about the MC's come in so many stock flavors now
>Overpowered asshole
>Lovable Pervert
>Really timid nice guy

This makes mods angry in anime.

>*gulp gulp gulp*

And it's always the annoying characters that do that.

>Stealth harem series.
Fucking this. Harem series are an inevitability but that's fine, they're just pandering to their audience and they're easily avoided. When they masquerade as something more and the audience is just supposed to take the gender imbalanced cast as normal and acceptable, I get annoyed. Most of the time their delusional fanbases overrate them like crazy, but don't seem to be conscious of how much their opinions are influenced by the girls.

This includes series like S;G, Fate/sn, Re:zero, etc which aren't always considered harems. I have extremely low tolerance for multiple girls revolving around one guy whether there's romantic resolution or not.

Greentext anime threads

>flashback to childhood
>it ain't me starts playing

the chief demographic is spineless social failures

reminder that some saudi prince used
>guy accidentally falls dick first into a girls ass
as an excuse to get away with a rape charge and it worked

>camera pans to the sky

Already a thing.


Every female character fall in love with MC due to shallow reason like "he is a nice person", especially when MC is most of the time a jerkass pervert loser. Also shoehorned harem element in the series that should focus on other things (Goblin slayer, Soma etc.)
No villains don't get kill off instead they become "good" guys, adding more and more supportive unimportant characters (Medaka box, shaman king etc.)

I sympathise with your sentiment but S;G and fate has visual novel root where it put emphasize on relationship with heroine so that was kind of unavoidable. At least S;G anime is pretty clear on Kurisu route and there is Daru as other male character who even get his own girl.


My angriest laugh to date

The fans.

Current artstyle trends
Mecha autism
Badly animated flashy action

What is it? Oh nothing. KMS

Boob physics. Need I say more?


If an anime doesn't have romance, it's probably not worth watching.

Honestly? Sex in non-porn series.
I watch anime to avoid thinking about people fucking, whether they're in a relationship or just for fun.
Call me /r9k/ but I think sex is disgusting. I want relationships in anime to be pure and not tainted by sex.

You're probably the worst piece of shit I've ever come across on Cred Forums. Fuck off back to /r9k/ and never post here again.

I liked it better when it was called Ghost Slide.

Come on buddy, as long as it's vanilla.

inb4 404

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.



-forced bittersweet endings to trick dumb people into thinking the anime was about something
-never-ending light novel shit
-authors holding development out like a carrot on a stick to keep people tuning in
-bland, generic self-insert male leads
-otaku pandering character who talks about his waifu
-gender-flipped otaku pandering character who talks about her waifu
-anime that tries to be serious despite entire cast being cute girls doing things cute girls do not normally do
-endless jobbing to build artificial tension
-ecchi harems trying to have a serious plot instead of just focusing on fanservice
-romance plotlines largely remaining unresolved, or else only concluding in the finale
-Sharia Law ban on kissing
-generic fantasy/sci-fi series that focus on nonsense lore, rather than being character-driven


shittiest of taste

Not him, but the only time I can stomach genki girls is when they fall in love. It humanizes them, somehow, beyond just being moeblobs.

What about a genki girl that's dead on the inside and is just pretending to be cheerful?

Genki girls are cute when they show their girly side.

Characters I like getting horrible deaths

Subverting an archetype is usually more interesting than playing it straight.

>Tone and mood of OP/ED doesn't match up with the set tone of the show

This is acceptable when its part of screwing with the viewer's expectations like with Narutaru

When something happens and MC know exactly what happen but stays quiet when somebody asks.

>cowtits / old hag wins MCbowl because it's more acceptable than a loli

When they have a really great premise for a character-driven story... then 3 episodes later it's all about the harem and it forgets the original premise.

>MC has friend
>think you gonna get great bro moments
>he vanishes in the background forever so we can have Generic Tsundere #5435 and Wet Blanket Girl #7424 as the main focus

>when the boss gets knocked out by you're getting mad


>not rooting for that exact archetype.

wew lad.