Did you already forget?



Truly best



Sorry, but Yuki was the star of this show.


By the last episode i couldn't shake the feeling that their relationship realisticaly wouldn't last very long. Sure, they both love eachother but the way they love is too different. He loves her as a girl and she loves him as a concept. They'll never stop having trouble over it.

Has anyone read the manga? Do they kiss?

S2 soon

He's gonna reprogram her with the D

She loves his used stuff more than him

Wat, rly?

I want to lick her back.

Is she retarded?

Yeah but she's very cute so it's okay.

Post lewds.





I got super excited seeing that there was an episode 13.5 but it was just an "audio commentary". What a disaster.

Oh so that was that raw on nyaa. Damn.

I love how her ribbons always matched her clothes.


didn't mean to quote

But you did, so deal with the consequences.