Left or right, Cred Forums?

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Why not both?



That's illegal!

40% max and that's pushing it.

>vagina bones

Youre not the boss of me.

Here's your queen.

Does this mean you want to make your finger wet and lewdly penetrate a navel?

>penetrate a navel
nns pls go

That's too lewd!

Why not both? Both have their times.

>lewdly penetrate a navel


Why does she have yogurt on her stomach?
Just pick one.

What are you gonna do about it, gayboy?

>Just pick one.
Right now I'd feel like right.

God, if you have to force my hand, right. Because she will motivate me to not let my body become shit.

Thats hot glue.

Sauce I've tried erything.

Neevrmind, found it





But user. To this day I haven't bothered going past the panda. I can't access that.

How the fuck does anyone find a belly button attractive? Explain this to me.

>How the fuck does anyone find breasts attractive? Explain this to me.

The navel and stomach area has always been a traditional erogenous zone for women for thousands of years. The innie on women resembles to an extent a vagina, and of course is the symbol of the womb and uterus as well since life is formed there.

And it doesn't hurt the nerve endings and same genetic material in the flesh on the inside of the navel in women correspond to those used for their genitalia. But tl ; dr patricians prefer navels and midriffs/vagina bones, plebs prefer anything else.

Tell me!

How can you not? While I also like those, I also like the whole package - a well toned midriff, which while looking sexy and erotic, can show the navel in its' full glory.

Honestly, though, those are fucking sexy, I don't see how you're not seeing it.

Left I would prefer more then right though both are fine in their own ways. A plumper stomach leads to a deeper and tighter navel to worship. Better question here is lads, which do you prefer more? Horizontal navels or vertical ones?

Agreed, and trips don't help. I just wish there was more navelingius in doujins.

How do you not?
>Males only
>Navel fuck

Midriffs are not for lewd!

>males only
>navel fuck

Is this true?

Here's something to wash that way:



Thin. I want to be able to bounce coins off a midriff, not lose them in it.