Time for To love-ru Darkness nudity spoilers

Time for To love-ru Darkness nudity spoilers.

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That dress on Mea, MUH


>Yami fighting a dangerous foe.
>still gets fondled by Rito.


I want less fondling and more plot, fucking hell

Please tell me this is the last chapter to this shitty boring arc?

TLRD becomes shit when it heavily focuses on Yami.

No idea why, but fondling works better for me than PLOT.
No complaints on my end.

Azenda is fun. Especially when stripped.

>TLRD becomes shit when it heavily focuses on Yami.

nothing is worse than focusing on Haruna. I'll take Yami arcs any day over that cancer.


my ass

It is fake user. Magazine comes out next tuesday.

Earl box.

About time we saw Azenda's tits. Now all we need is Rito's mom.

Yami is great

What's the point of Yami using that outfit if she's not ECCHI anymore? Must feel embarassing for her.

Thank you user. I've been waiting a long week for this. Seriously, thank you

we need more azenda

Wait...does that bottom-left Yami have Darkness horns?

Also Azenda in the harem..called

Didn't you fucking read the lastest chapter?

And the fight?

Fuck off. I can't wait to see how she deals with Nemesis after this.

It can't be helped that the fighting is not nearly as interesting as the regular package of a TLR chapter.

I'm curious how she end there. Yami's portal?

>TLRD becomes shit when it heavily focuses on Momo
FTFY my lad

I don't understand why we can't have PLOT and plot
Thousands of manga before TLR have managed to have both without leading themselves into an early conclusion by having multiple arcs. As it is, in the 10 years this manga has been running, he's kissed one girl one time and even then it was accidental and led to nothing

That's not plot though, that's progression.
Plot is what is happening right now with Train and his faggotry

Since when did normal yami start to wear thongs?

She never did user, it seems you have some catching up to do.

Since she discovered love

On the past he left loli Yami to her own devices while now for some reason he suddenly wants to kill trans weapons for the sake of it, alongside his normal assassin duties.

What the fuck happened?

They are trying to protect his target so might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Yeah but what of this 'duty' he speaks of? If that was how he always saw it it makes no sense to not kill Yami unless it is only him making up an excuse for himself to justify killing underage girls, or what looks like one. Actually that would sound alright for a twist.

I expect Yami Die at the end

But mea first

¿Sabeis si el scanlation del capítulo pasado ya está traducido al español?

why can't they just return the villain of the issue subplot of TLR

>It's a job i haven't completed from the past
>a hit/bounty that was left unfinished
can't get anymore clearer than this

When the hell is this little faggot gonna actually fuck any of the girls?

He should have been desensitized to tits for years now and actually grown a pair and fucked one of these girls, but noooooo...

God this manga is such a cocktease.


¿Tienes un link?

Azenda's turn?

Fucking Insane

>Even Azenda cannot escape from Rito

is there no stopping him? yabuki i mean

Isn't it obvious the focus will be about yami most of the time hence the title darkness.


Mea's butt really looks fine from this vantage point.

>less fondling


I want to kill gideon for that

It's what caused her to fuse with Rito, which has been awesome and I hope never ends.

Unless she gets her very own Ghost body like the resident Ghost.

I really just want a Yui chapter.
Or a solo Momo chapter.

perhaps you're grateful that son of a bitch defeat and humiliated Nemesis

Yui deserve more chapters and without nana

momo a shit

Who is Momo going to go up against in the next whore-off? Risa? Okay that'd be pretty fucking hot

Momo struggling with her feelings for Rito and the harem plan were some of the most interesting moments in the story so far if you ask me, I'd like to see something like that again. And yes there's a big difference between interesting and super interesting

has momo confessed yet

No, she's a huge coward.

Momo is a rotten cunt and doesn't deserve happiness anyway



further spoilers

mea getting some love this chapter.


Rito incoming

attacking multiple points

Now pay attention , he nibbling her ear.



>atashi no purity


How does he keep getting away with it?

>Koi no Target desu

This I like

Really, like Really she just committed suicide. Rito has 100% kill rate with the ladies.

Now what new in this picture. Rito is using his feet, yes..feet. Pulling her nipple. As i said 100% kill rate.

damn I forgot harem +1.

Living the dream

What's this about?

She just confessed her love to rito and then walk away without hearing his reply. Mea asked if it was oka to just walk away like that and yami just said that it was okay.
The end of chapter is between momo and her mother, looks like she know about momo's plan? She said that this will be a secret talk between girl only.

>girl only talk
Is she going to help Rito's harem too? I know she likes Rito and didn't mind him molesting all three of her daughters.

She's gonna teach him how to defeat Rito in bed.

She's going to reveal Gideon has a netorase fetish and she wants a 5p with Rito and her daughters, while Gideon watches.

>that yami

Shouldn't she be teaching those secrets to Lala?

Well Rito saw her naked and had a dive in situation with her too so after haring momos reason why? she might agree for that plan.

Nah, she said to momo that Momo is similar to herself (not nana or lala) so she will pass on the secret tech to momo as sucessor

So she is a whore?

>There might be some motherxdaughter incest shit going on

Don't get my hopes up user

So that's how she keeps Gideon's mighty dick in check.

>She's gonna teach him
And I thought my english was bad

so this is worth a shit?
he has fucked someone yet?
its forever in the status quo like any other harem?
anime its uncensored?

Nope. When she does she'll probably ruin her own harem plan since she's starting to want rito all to herself.

I think she will tell Momo something along the lines of how she may not be ready to share Rito in a harem.

Momo deserves nothing so that's ok.

>has fucked someone yet?

You're an idiot.

>anime its uncensored?
yes, the bd's

>he has fucked someone yet?
of course

nice quads

also this is a better series dont waste your time

>Sibling fingers your butthole
>Still flirt with him, even more than before

God what an immoral slut

He put his fingers inside her pussy or asshole?

Mikan is the prettiest sweetest little slut on the planet.

>What are we going to talk about?
>Girl's secret talk
Oyakodon when?

post more mikan

I want her to sit on my lap so I can cuddle her

>Can I join?

You know that's the answer.

Probably not the place to ask but I'll try. Is there any non-hentai series that resolves around or contains oyakodon?

Don't press your luck with Rito, Azenda.

>TLRD becomes great when it heavily focuses on Yami.

>All the living weapons dresses like Nemesis with that one piece camisole without a bra

gotta have that ganguro in the harem

>mfw I'll never have a qt imouto to do lewd things while being called onii-sama

There's nothing wrong in that sentence, other than the colloquialism of "going to."

Living weapons triple fusion when?

Only Nemesis can fuse with anyone.

>They fight over who gets to fuse with rito

I was meaning the three of them fusing into one super living weapon waifu.
Just like in my shounen battle animes.

So in the end Sephie asked Kuro to go and get a confession from Yami...? Well, she's Momo's mother alright

"You're my... Target! ... in love" or something like that

Oh, and by the way, Hades is broken... AGAIN

Poor [s]Train[/s] Kuro, he always end up with his weapon the same way...

Why would he overload it? It's just a mission here and not about saving the world.
Too bad that blog only focuses on the lewd pages. I guess the Korean scans won't appear before Monday this time.

>Why would he overload it?
Because he is literally fighting against one of the most powerful assassins in the universe?

>that feel when there is still no non-upscaled doki release of the latest OVA
I'm a patient man willing to wait for the best quality release of his favorite subgroups, but this sure is taking a while.

whoa, only 30 seconds for a new post? Only for the birthday

Well, Yami was using her planet buster attack on him.

Yes, sephiria is a totally cunt

It makes me sad that Sephi only seems to care about Momo and not her other daughters as well.

Sephy likes NTR and Momo is trying to sexually steal Rito, of course she's gonna sympathize. The other two are too pure.

>people could vote for any chapter for an OVA
>They vote for when Rito and worst girl accidentally kill

They've even done better shrink stories then that.

>imouto panties OVA never

Another reason to hate momo

TLR is pretty consistently great, but Yami arcs are the best also due to the tendency they have to involve Mea, Tearju, Mikado and obviously Yami herself.

>clit or the bridge of Rito's nose
Yabuki, truly a man among artists.

Even Rito's feet are getting some action. This guy's evolution is something to watch.

She not deserve to be happy, She never deserve it

Fuck off, Paco.

Yami arc having the likelihood of involving Mea and Nemesis is what makes it truly top tier. Also, some of the fights are cool so that's nice too.

No, Piece of Shit American

>>I don't deserve to be happy, I've never deserved it



True, though more recently Nemesis is a sure thing in any chapter and I hope that lasts. Nemesis spending her energies on fighting even helps with that.

>you will never have Rito fall on you while he feels every inch of your body

>you will never have Riko fall on you while she feels every inch of your body


Can't Japan finally agree on if to write "railgun" 超電磁砲 or 電磁光弾?

I'd assume Shokugeki no Souma has some.
Albeit not the one you are looking for.

>[you're] the target of [my] love
So Yami is officially the third girl to confess her love to Rito.

Fun fact - he still has received more invitations to sex than confessions.

It will still take 5 more years until Rito understands she wasn't joking.

It's already amazing that Yami confessed so soon after understanding that she love him.

In return admitting her feelings took her way longer than any of the other girls

And she is still the third girl to confess.
What the hell are the other girls doing.

Her other daughters don't need the help that Momo requires. Momo is outright delusional. She knows Rito doesn't love her, and yet she persists in wanting a harem plan so she can force herself onto a small part of him. I mean, Lala and Nana actually have some sort of non-Rito-related future goals they are working toward. Just what kind of future is Momo aiming for?

It's more like he'll be in denial for five years, as he should realize now, that not fucking her could potentially lead her down the road of Galactic Destruction.

Will Neme-chan go back?

Who's the one getting Rito'ed in the bottom right?

Don't worry. Ultimate wingman Nemesis will be there to set the record straight, so I doubt it will take 5 years.

I wonder if i will live long enough to see the end of this manga.

Maybe that's why they created the final scene for each of the girls in the artbook. So you've already seen it in case you don't live that long to see it happen.

I agree, but we can have something other than either of those.

if post ends in evens I won't dump the chapter, because Korean
if post ends in odds I will dump, because Cred Forums birthday

Don't know gook runes for shit but it look like it Yami confession didn't go the "muh misunderstanding" way.

>ends in
now that I think about it, that sounds pretty stupid.

>mfw Rito rejects Yami because he doesn't want to violate weapon possession laws


He already got Nemesis for that.
So adding Yami and Mea wouldn't be a problem.




Holy fuck she actually confessed the absolute madman.
She is the first girl to have some balls to confess to rito.


>Evil organization create 3 humanoid weapons of mass destruction.
>They all fall in love with the same person.
Rito don't need to marry Lala if he want to conquer the universe.



Lala confessed an entire manga ago


The story couldn't start if she didn't.

I wouldn't clearly call it confessed.



Cute little butt


Is that fucking manga still going on?

I remember turbofaping to it like 10 years ago









Dark skin, Yami's body, blonde hair, Mea's haircut.

Personality is an ecchi teasing yet dere-dere



I don't even...



DAMN IT! I hoped for a kiss scene for once


Is that Rito's nose or something else...

Does anyone have that one page where you could see Yami's anus?



What does she say exactly.


"You are my target - in love"

Or something similar


>Rito clueless






I can't wait for the inevitable Mother/Daughter chapter with Momo and Sephie. My dick is going to explode.


Really I want kill her but first Torture and humiliate her



I envy Rito's tongue skills

>toes pulling nip on one panel
>feet are far away in next
This just raises more questions


Is Nemesis telling them not to worry because Rito's opponant is a woman?

looks like it
and here, , she's telling them told'cha


>Rito blushing
Yep, he knows exactly what she meant when she confessed.

there are speed lines, he's using his toes while they are still rolling


Stop being a smug frog and get back into Rito.

2 pussies eaten in one chapter

Someone stop this madman

It's going to be a sad day when she finally leaves. At this point, I'm not sure if I want her to win the Rito-bowl or just be the bestest wingman ever.

Fuck this manga, I always have to fap after every fucking chapter.


Sephie looks sorta cute on that last page, DESU.

Now Yami will be in Rito's fantasies with Lala, Haruna and Run.

It's almost not sexy as much as it is comical at this point. In all the history of humanity, no man has ever fallen face-first into a woman's pussy. Yet Rito does this each and every single day. It's a wonder panties don't just fly off upon his approach.

Adding last months chapter Mea got eaten out twice within ~10 minutes - as seen here .

Decapite sephiria michaela deviluke

Not to mention it become so meta that the "impossible trip" is now an actual thing in lot of other manga.

Not that TLR invented it, falling over the girl touching her boob is as old as anime, but TLR took it to the next level and now other series are not only imitating it but parodiying it too

>In all the history of humanity, no man has ever fallen face-first into a woman's pussy.

Hasn't Julius Caesar done that with Cleopatra?

>It's almost not sexy as much as it is comical at this point
Wasn't it the other way around?

It started out being comical and now it's only there to deliver fanservice

TLR has reached the point where you could put Rito into powerlevel discussions "Is there any female anime character who could beat Yuuki Rito?"

>It's a wonder panties don't just fly off upon his approach.

Stop, don't give the madmen any more ideas.

So will Rito want a harem end? He's just fucking around doing whatever cause he's a fag?

bring back Riko

Anything but a harem end would mean a disaster for everyone involved, so I'm pretty sure that's how it will end, no matter what "Rito wants".
That is IF it ends. Maybe Yabuki pulls a Togashi.

It already happens though. Panties fly off all the time.

It's Hasemi who writes this, so he would be the one to "pull of a Togashi". Yabuki just does the art and made the characters

So is nemesis out of his body now? It was kind of getting annoying.

It appears she is. It seems it was Hasemi's intention for the Nemesis-in-Rito arc to last for 10 chapters.

>Please tell this is the last chapter to this amazing interesting arc?

Y-yami... loves me?!

I'm honestly glad that the girls have no reason to love Rito other than "being kind". At least they go ham with it.

Only Lala, Haruna and Nemesis like him for his kindness.

Most of the other girls are victims of mindbreak.

>Only Lala, Haruna and Nemesis like him for his kindness.
Momo, Yui say hi

Momo is jealous of Lala and Yui was Rito's primary groping victim since the first time she met him.
They just keep telling themselves that it's the kindness they like about him.

>Rito doesn't love her,
Re-read ORIGINAL TLR. Rito is showing the same emotions he showed Lala before fully going all in love with her.

How does he even do it?

Yami only says "you are my target." There is no "in love." It's in the way she says it that makes it a confession of sorts.

>koi no taagetto

Never mind. I'm retarded.

I was more talking about series with a love triangle that involves mother-daughter or something similar.

Nobody cares about Lala tho, she's small fry

Looks like she couldn't win against cock

He uses a stand

The same flashback in the original manga.

More Azenda to be honest

If Rito only had the gender-bending gun, he would need no bodyguards.

Deep down it seems he would like such an ending. The issue is that he's been too spineless until now to make a decision, whatever it is. Not that I can blame him though. It's not as if he's suffering by drowning in pussy every day.



Riko needs to split from Rito so she can be around more.

RIP Saruyama.

I so agree with you.

Rito isn't even using the cock.
I can't imagine how mindbroken she is if she got the cock.

Then Azenda is from now on official part of the harem??? She fits perfectly.

Probably not, she'll probably run away then come back trying to capture Rito for herself.

>every chapter needs to have the mandatory "rito falling with face in pussy and strip naking the victim in the process"

Isn't getting a little bit annoying by now?

Isnt' it getting*

There needs to be a chapter where she seduces rito now. We need some real /ss/

It is a little sad to see that Saruyama, who is supposed to be Rito's best friend, is being reduced to only having a few lines every now again.

We need a manservice chapter.

That's cause she's all but guaranteed a spot in the Rito-bowl already. There's really no need to develop her anymore since there's no tension over if Rito will pick her or not. It's now a matter of who else besides Lala is going to win as well now.

Almost everyone except Nemesis, Darkness and Momo have been reduced to that for the sake of fanservice. There's hardly any meaningful interaction anymore between anyone anymore.

That's the role of every harem MC's best friend ever, to establish how different the MC is from the rest of the boys and maybe reveal who the MC likes only to then disappear. What's surprising is that Saruyama is still a character with lines.

It doesn't matter since the "story" now revolves on a smaller scale of character focus.

Can't believe tje planet spliter was mach by Kuro's gun, though it broke

Because he likes best girl.

finished the first season of the anime

jesus fucking christ this is what put the T on Trash this mc is more like the biggest pussy in the universe why the fuck he didnt married her

The first season is utter trash anyways, it doesn't even follow the manga, except for like 3 episodes.
No one likes it.

>first season of the anime
I am sorry for your loss user.

Just go read the fucking mango already

so whats different from the manga?
what they changed?
the sequels are watchable?
im watching the first ovas right now from where i should pick up the manga?


Everything is different from the manga, there are only a couple of episodes that are even similar to the original.
Motto is watchable, but since they fucked up the first season so bad, Oshizu, Momo and Nana just kind of appear with no real context.

Darkness anime is worth watching, it's 90% faithful from beginning to end, although you'd get more out of the manga, there's no episode where Rito becomes a pair of panties.

>fanservice series
>watching the anime instead of the much better drawn and lewder manga

Why are her nipples shaded lighter than her skin?

Alien anatomy, ain't gotta explain shit.

Also, more cute Yami in the future please Yabuki.

christ that moriman

Tan skin, pink nipples

>Only Lala, Haruna and Nemesis like him for his kindness.
>Most of the other girls are victims of mindbreak.
lala haruna a shit
you are a disgrace for Nemesis
Yui's the only girl who really fell in love of Rito

She fell in love with the real Rito, that's something huge and that nobody else has accomplished.

Other than Mikan, that's it.

No wonder she has the reserved spot to carry Rito's first child.

Yui WILL NEVER accept the harem plan

Don't fool yourself, Yui will accept if and only she gets to be impregnated first.

Mikan best girl

Cred Forums Pass user since April 2014.

Is this the best tlr doujinshi?

>Same tits and ass every single chapter
Please give me something new like Mio or the ghost girl, Risa's chapter was a godsend

The Tsunken one with Nana

But that's the point of the series.

>Yui will accept if and only she gets to be impregnated first.
Cursed Traitor Bastard
Yui never give up their Ideals, Moral, Family and feelings by Rito

What the fuck

Yui a shit.

You made a thread on Cred Forums too.

I saw you.

No seriously I've never seen the 'Cred Forums pass user' thing, ever? When did that become a thing?

Incestuos Pig

Yeah, that would be my choice as well.

The new Lala/Momo one looks great too, and we're only on chapter 1.

>canon first pregnancy
Yui a best

I'm going to be funposting all night with this shit

Anyone with a pass can put "since4pass" in the Options/Email field to show everyone what a good goy they are

You are Shit Miserable Abnormal Hater Faggot

Rito has said that it would be great if it were possible for him to get down with both Haruna and Lala before.

>Everyone's wearing Nemesis classic pantyless dress

Muh dick

An hour ago.

harem end NEVER

Momo getting off to her sister getting pounded was pretty fantastic, the only other one i want a continuation of is the Sachi one.

The crazier transformation for Rito is him turning into a toilet.



You can already picture the doggystyle

>dat totally unfazed Nemesis


The cutest couple



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The best one is that story where she has sex with the two classmates.


I wonder how much secret porn Yabuki has drawn.


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So we're all in agreement Azenda stays?

I'd rather her coming back and trying to make Rito her boy toy.

Nah. She still makes me feel angry about what she did to Mikan and Yami.

And what Yami always does against rite
yami A SHIT

She looks like one of those filthy ganguro sluts, so no.
I'd rather see Sephiria join the harem unofficially, you know, to "train" the girls.

I'm interested to find out what mom's gonna do. VERY interested.

She's gonna arrange Momo's wedding with a filthy fat alien uncle.

Enough for many lifetimes of faps.


And by filthy fat alien uncle, you mean Rito's dick.

He must still be drawing more to add to the collection


I thought Yami would be in denial until the end of the manga but she accepted her feelings really fast, but never thought she would be the 2nd(or 3rd?) girl to confess his feelings to Rito, props to Hasemi

>dominating Yami


Are 10 months of Neme-chan over?

Yami apologizing to Rito was the cutest.

Was this an OVA?

darkness 2nd


Get them outta here.

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shut up newfag

The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.

Ever since that point she's been an absolute gem.

Momo can't get her sex on with Nemesis around so that's all good.

Sure she can, Neme x Momo has made it better.

It sure is a nice payoff from Yami's previous chapter, and it also kept up with her previous development of not pummeling down her husbando due to his incidents. It seems Yami will for sure not turn out to be one of those violent girls that physically abuse their love interests so they can remain in the denial phase.

I thought she still needed more time to fully recover? Do you say that because she exited Rito's body? There's a possibility that she can't mantain herself outside until she is at 100%.

You wonder how that panty ever got on his head.


When will Rito do this to both Haruna and Lala at the same time?

What is with that choker?

He's the MC's little manbitch.

Rito needs to step the fuck up

I can be happy when Kotegawa confesses. That'll be the day. She goes on the offensive. Directly kisses him. Would Yabuki even think about it?

Kotegawa is like full of repressed sexual urges. When she goes, she'll go hard on his ass.

Sven doesn't exist in this universe to level him out.

I think Train wanted to see if a weapon can change for the better. Because if it can, then he can also stop being an assassin. Basically, prelude to Black Cat in this timeline.

Delicious hairy vagina

Which chapter?


So cakes are the most susceptible to Rito's abilities?

Come to think of it, I wonder what Yami would've done if a random girl like Haruna or Risa was the marionette instead of Mikan, since she rarely attacks girls. If the Principal was Azenda's marionette, I know she would just attack him.

She's an alien.


Yui doesn't have hair down there. That's an optical illusion.

You know what Mikan did to Rito when she had a flower on her head? That's what Yui will do to him once her morals break.

Which chapter did she go all femdom on him?

So her nipples are pale.
Cause aliens.

>koi no taageto
Rito in the eyes of Yami.

Right now, I say Azenda might only stick around for a chapter or two to get revenge on Rito for humiliating her. But, if Azendas's next appearance has her go full-drill hair, then I say she's Yabuki's replacement for Saki in the RitoBowl.

so what does yami want to do with rito? rough sex?

Date him and fuck him, I guess.

I'm no Yamifag but that is one puffy vulva

i imagine she attack him in the sleep and end in another sexy situation.


Where are my pills? I'm seeing things again.

Did you not read Darkness? It's kind of it's name sake.

Next chapter will probably be about oyakodon, but I really want more Yami.

I like you user.

Has he fucked either Tearju or Mikado yet. Do they even like him romantically?

That forehead was made for gentle kisses.

Rito hasn't fucked anyone yet, but has landed himself into many situations where he could potentially fuck. Tearju and Mikado don't have feelings for him, and it'd be a little stupid if they did. Not every female in the series needs to join the harem.

It's likely the bug in the Darkness program that causes Yami to have an ecchi outfit wasn't fixed.

In truth, she has that outfit just for fanservice.

Mikado likes fucking with Ritos "innocence" but that's a out it.

Yui is lewd girl on the inside but only for the person she likes.

Not yet but Mikado bow wants his dick after going through Rito Falls Full Course.

You guys realize gook scans are out on maru right?

thanks, but please skim through the thread before posting

Rito is going to lose his virginity when one of the girls slips and falls on his dick when she accidentally finds him in the bath one day.

That sounds like an excellent plan.


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As long as thats Mikan first then everthing is alright with the world.

If that happens, they'll find some way to throw Riko into the harem as Mikan's new rival

Yui coming to terms with her feelings is the cutest.

Riko and Rito would probably end up spending alot of time together making momo and Mikan jealous. Also Riko wouldn't be able to sleep with Rito, so Mikan would let her sleep in her bed, where Riko has the same habit and starts feeling her up.

That is why she is the best girl.

A fictional girl joined the harem, so why not a gender bent version of the MC?

Why did Nana have to fuck it up?

Kyoko gets nowhere near as much love as she deserves.

Too many underappreciated girls.

>even Momo gave up on trying to include Saki in the harem

Where did everything go so wrong?

thank you based Cred Forumsnon

>even Momo gave up on trying to include Saki in the harem
She did? It would be hilarious if it turns out that Zastin is a married father with his wive and kids residing on Deviluke.

Finally, a gyaru type. Thank you Yabuki!

you and that overrated rotten peach bathed in semen are not living they life correctly

Gir - Thank You I I love you

>Yui is lewd girl on the inside but only for the person she likes.

I will mourn for happiness
>Kotegawa is like full of repressed sexual urges. When she goes, she'll go hard on his ass.
Disgusting slanderer
Yui is gonna feel more of her feelings by Rito rather excitation

What is Azenda talking about here? She seems pretty pissed off.

Delete Mikan
She betrayed me

She put out a hit in Rito and kuro failed, of course she's pissed.

The author kinda wrote himself into a corner regarding Saki back when he made her fall in love at first sight with Zastin.

Speaking of Saki I can't even remember her or her companions appearing once in these 10 chapters of Nemesis living inside Rito.

Except there's a prologue chapter explaining exactly why Momo likes him. One of which is his kindness.

especially the kindness of sleeping Rito.

I'm surprised Rito hasn't gone further and lost his virginity in his sleep.

Momo stops him before he has a chance, she won't even let him kiss her in his sleep.

>spread open

What do you think she meant by that?

>best girl
ahhahaahah no.

All girls are best girls.

She likes being spread open it seems


>She did?
Yeah, I think it was around the time Yabuki was setting up Rin as a Harem member that Momo decided to drop Saki.
>It would be hilarious if it turns out that Zastin is a married father with his wive and kids residing on Deviluke.
That would be pretty amusing if it turns out true. But she's probably to in love to care and would still go after him; that might not be an issue though, since polygamy is fine in space.

So they are actually brothers or the snow talk(fever talk in manga) wasn't just teasing

>no ojou-sama laugh in the harem

If you like BrownGirls Azenda is starting to get the Ojou-Drills, so she may develop the 'laugh' since she's still a villain.

Yabuki is a man ahead of his time.

Truly a genius.

I'm okay with Saki getting it on with Zastin.

I don't like Azenda that much

>So they are actually brothers or the snow talk(fever talk in manga) wasn't just teasing
What are you talking about

Azenda isn't really that sexy I think.

Well, that's too bad for you guys. Maybe you'll get sum' Saki next month if Yabuki and Hasemi are feeling generous.

Good lord.

It hurts to know that it likely will be several months until the next development on Yami's side, assuming the next chapters are for dealing with the aftermath specially on Nemesis reveal, and Momo and her mother. Man, only one TLRD chapter per month is suffering.

And Momo is fucking shit and hogs all the fanservice, but you don't see me complaining.

A true master of amazing skill.

>there's always Yami and her weapon sisters

Oh geez, why

Wrong image this



>wanting Mio or Oshizu
The fuck?

He's done it before, he'll do it again.

i don't really get it

When will we get human Peke again?

When we get Mikan's teacher back

>Taking Rito hostage after he warmed up with Mea and Yami.
My dick is ready and that bitch is doomed.

Some Mikaido would not go amiss, either.

>Sneak attack reversal: A Thousand Years of Ecstasy!

Mikado and Tearju threesome where?

Why does she have to wear a thong and skimpy clothes when transforming into Darkness?
Does her Darkness powers come from the thong?

every chapter the photoshopped pussy is somewhere on the page

>the less armor the stronger the female character
basic armor rule

Is that supposed to be a fucking leaf?