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Worst OP so far. Discuss

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Gappy makes me happy


I want to lick Yukako's tummy.

why didn't kosaku go to heaven when he died?

I want to impregnate Shinobu!

>yfw Great Days

I like the OP. More than the first but not as much as the second.

Hopefully I didn't miss any of you from last thread.

I'm done making them for today.

Shitty husband that made best girl miserable

Post Shinobu feet please.

>worst op so far
but its actually pretty damn good

I guess. It's not bad or anything, just utterly bland and forgettable.
I've watched it two or three times, and I've still forgotten it and wouldn't be able to hum anything from it to save my life.


Chase>CNBT>Great Days

>part 5 anime is getting closer every day

Except modern Japan probably

>literally the entire idol industry

B-blu-rays will fix it, r-right?

Does anyone have this picture without a shadow on the left?
It would make a nice wallpaper.

So wait, Earth Wind and Fire can't be a stand though.

I was always in the "yeah he's an alien" camp. But i figured since his ability basically got a stand name, it counted as a stand he got for oretty much being an alien.

So very close....

>Worst OP so far

It's fucking great, fuck you, it's the best DIU OP.

>you will never nut inside Mikitaka's alien cloaca

Best OP

I want to fuck Hayato's mom

Not reacting to CD doesn't mean he can't see it

delet this

It's an ability called "Earth, Wind and Fire", it's never been called a Stand. They even put question marks next to "Stand User" and "Stand Name" in the anime.

absolutely fucking not nigga. It even goes so far as to reuse episode footage.

New OP y/n

what makes you think this



We will know when someone rips Vol. 3... wait, actually, TV Surface looks much better at this point, so I guess we have to wait until RHCP part 1 which is in Vol. 4

I love when Araki uses overcast eyes for comical effect

Jojo's humor is really weird because most of the time the atmosphere almost never stops being a life or death situation

I think there's a difference between preying on Otaku idealism and believing a man isn't married because he needs a button fixed at a shop instead of having a wife to do it

Post pictures of best boy
>Rohan will never use Heavens door on you and turn you into a drooling cockslave

Why does Frenchman Polnareff know a hand signal that uses Japanese wordplay?

He's an alien and probably has some fucked up xeno junk. And even then he could always shapeshift into having some

Is really the budget in an anime like mana points in a fucking RPG? "This episode looked bad because they're saving the budget for the final arc!" "Look what happened in SC!" Is that really so... robotic? The quality of a series is something you ration like that?

Where does the experience / passion of the animators, directors, storyboarders, etc enter into play? Where does the barrier between that and "budget" dissapears?

(I'm not triying to dismiss money's importance, before anything says something like that.)

I still don't like his dumb hair


Vento Aureo's OPs are done for if they keep progressively getting worse like this.

I'm confused on why they skipped this part.


Maybe he picked it up while he was in Japan whatever fuck you

I mean i guess he COULD do that but why a cloaca? Are you a birdslut?
Urge to maim: rising

Thats because you are salty and jealous.


Man, explaining you want to have sex with him would be weird... mostly because he doesn't get metaphor and he'd keep turning into giant versions of random objects you described.


They'll probably show Mikitaka's nausea next episode.

It's completely pointless and easily skippable.


CNBT > Chase > Great Days

I have no idea why people hate CNBT so much.


Kosaku Kawajiri is fucking dead!

Someone should add Koichi to this.


I love everyone's happy dance, fuck I love the whole thing in general.

>Golden Wind
>Vento Aureo
Oh shit


Okuyasu's brother didn't get killed by kira

I still like Chase better

People hate CNBT?
They were sucking its dick when Chase was the OP.


but he didn't die user

>shinobu getting pulled back from the opening hinting at BTD

le contrarian meme, like always

the new one will be praised when vento aureo hits


The song is growing on me

You should see couple of the last threads.

>OP debuts
Every. Fucking. Time.

>There are people who actually liked Chase
Get the fuck out


I personally never thought any OP was bad. But this one just disappointed me while chase blew me away.


Chase is the most generic piece of garbage OP that has ever touched JoJo

They did it! They actually made an OP worse than Chase! And we thought they had nowhere to go but up.

Chase was all about Kira, how could I not love it?

OP part 6

No you.



Mostly a combination of scheduling + how much the animators give a fuck.

As much as Cred Forums likes to meme about Koreans can't draw for shit, it's just false. Plenty of long running series integrate korean studios into the production schedule yet don't look like a toddler drew them.

HxH comes to mind as an example. Most of the time the episodes from the 2 DR Movie teams at the very least it looked on model. I lost the tweet but there's a message exchange between one of the HxH animation directors and some user where he gave an idea of how far ahead they work with a good schedule. When Abiru's episode of 121 was released, 128 was already in the can and was working on 135.

Seems David just has poor planning for the latter half of their series. And if people have forgotten, JoJo's TV broadcast has always been inconsistent. Don't even get me started on S1 Phantom Blood + Battle Tendency when Commie was still subbing the show

>the bottom symbol inside the circle

The madmen

>Rohan loses his spaghetti

The actual song was shit

This episode was really bad, but good at the same time what the hell David

what and you're bashing chase with a 2D shot of Kira worship on the OP? As opposed to models or repeated images/reused stand rush animations from episodes?

Seems like you're a chase fag like us.

Wonder if Yuuya will be added to the whole group picture thing he's technically the last ally other than Hayato.

Reminds me of Joshu.

first half with kira was korean

Bad company
King crimson

Bottom is Surface, Top right is bad company, Top left is Cindarella i belive. Whats the rose though?

The foreshadowing was great, music complimented it good enough for me to accept it as a better whole.

Outsourced to Korea. Probably saving budget for stray cat and bites the dust

>what and you're bashing chase with a 2D shot of Kira worship on the OP?
...What the fuck is any of this supposed to mean? Are you okay?

How long until we get Highway Booty?

It has it's little problems:

>Reused shots from the stands
>reused Kosaku shot
>Wonky looking segments (The Rohan and Cheap Trick guy one, the Hayato one)
>Racord / direction issues (Reimi appears pointing to the sky with the main characters but in the next shot she's in Heaven with all the other death ones)

I love the begging tho, smug Kosaku is the best from this OP

The last 4 OPs HAVE been progressively the worst OPs of the series. Though while SCnK was still good as an OP and CNBT only redeeming feature was its music, Chase and Great Days are both generic trash that fail on almost every level.

So they cut the part where he would transform into a yen bill? Fucking David

Love Deluxe.

f-fuck you

Thats a bit weird. I guess its better than just Showing Yukako's Severed head in the circle.

>could've had this shot with the Bites the Dust character, with outfits, in order
>koichi is replaced by Yasuho
Missed opportunity, but glad she's appearing more. She really should've been a prevailing minor character with how much she was with Koichi.

Fucking hyped for Golden Boy

Are you? Do you not know why I would use the word 2D here when the anime's had models in it for many OPs?

Can anyone tell me if today's episode is going to be a season break for the anime? (due to the credits showing up, just like it happened on Mob and Berserk)..

If there's a season break for jojo all my fridays are about to be ruined

Trips don't lie

I'm more hyped for King Crimson

>koichi is replaced by Yasuho


When the fuck full version will be out? I already listened to it like 50 times.

Thanks, eagle-eye.

>Reimi appears pointing to the sky with the main characters but in the next shot she's in Heaven with all the other death ones
>this is a direction problem

You don't know what direction really is, do you ?

No newfriend, they just skipped the ending to use more footage. Next ep is friday as usual.

Go back under the mattress Gap you know I meant Yukako

Honestly, the new OP sounds pretty good but the only part that sticks out to me is the main chorus (Let the force of love take you higher!) onwards. Before that, it feels like it has the problems i initially thought Sono Chi No Kioku did (but doesnt actually have, as Kioku flowed way better) - it sounds like multiple unrelated songs being mashed together with no proper transition. The music swells several times like it's about to go into the main chorus and then doesn't, until it does. It feels really weird. It's still an okay song but it seems so all over the place.

which one is this?


>saving budget
Is that really how it works?


Man that OP was quality as fuck. Especially the bits that focus on Rohan.

Even though it was funny to show him as different objects like the back-scratcher, I'm also confused why they didn't show that. It foreshadows what happens during the game with Rohan and gives some tension when it happens.

I will never forgive Araki for scraping Fugo, like what the fuck i know about the "he was supposed to be a spy and then die" but still i'd like that. PH was one of the best if not the best stand design in part 5.

I haven't seen the new episode yet.

They added Mikitaka getting hit with the arrow?


Fucking WHY?


How, specifically?

Aye, I appreciate it, boss! Thanks for saving my life with great news

The only part I don't like is this part.

It seems like it doesn't fit in the song at all.


What a fucking loser.

So going clockwise
>Outer circle
Koichi, Rohan, Jotaro, Josuke, Joseph, Okuyasu
>Inner circle
?, Keicho, ?, Yukako, ?, Hazamada, Tamami, Aya, ?, Shizuka


Something interesting I realized, the ability is named Earth Wind and Fire. What were the modes of the pillarmen besides Kars? Esidisi was fire, Wamuu was wind, and while Santana didn't have a unique mode, he was able to use his pillar form more easily than the other three, saving himself from sunlight with it. It could be argued that his mode would have been Earth, if he actually developed it.

Coincidence? Almost certainly, but interesting nonetheless.

has anyone noticed a change in the art style in the last 5 or so episodes? I'm not sure what it is, but the faces have looked increasingly different to me.

No problem, enjoy the rest of your friday.

The square with a circle is probably a dice for Ayylmao


That's fucking bullshit, how the fuck is that pink hair girl in heaven? Yes i read the manga and she doesn't go to heaven untill Kira is dead.

Alright, I posted this in the last thread but I didn't realize it was almost dead, so here it is for those who didn't see it.

"Since JJCA hasn't done it themselves yet, I uploaded their colored chapters for Part 8 on Mega some time ago, I just forgot to post it here. They are split pages, just like the ones I uploaded some months ago.

I also uploaded HWMN black and white scans for convenience's sake.!NokzkB7J!E-gW0oL_uTbOHI8e9j-QCQ!ElFwDJRQ"

>First Killer Queen ep was mad QUALITY
>Next ep when Shigechi is kill is much much better

So Mikitaka for that one.
I'm guessing the foot print is for Highway Star and Yuuya and other one is probably Pearl Jam with Tonio somehow

I love Rohan so much, I wish he would draw me nude while dropping his spaghetti after a hot makeout session.

>Highway Go Go


Sono Chi No Kioku > Sono Chi No Sadame > Great Days > Bloody Stream > Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > Stand Proud > chase

Is it really a refence to King Crimson?


Hmmm, okay, my bad there, it's not wonky. It's really a very lame looking and boring segment of the opening, with the fucking table and all.


>episode title is "Boku wa Uchuujin"
>the character says "Watashi wa uchuujin"


only good about this episode.

Time for Flower Boys.

Why is part 5 so much better in russian?

because she is kill user

It's Surface, you dumbfucks

>Highway Star next week

>I'm literally retarded: the post

You need to marry the woman that looks at you the way Shinobu looks at Kira

>mfw the episode ended right in the middle of the game
N-Nani?! I was surprised as fuck. I hadn't realized how much we had covered in such a short time

Cinderella (top left), Bad Company (top right) and Surface (?, bottom) make sense

For a second I thought that was Kira from Dead Man's Questions though


>tfw no puking dice
Anime-only analysis at the end ayy lmao

The russian trasnslation is so much better than the englich one.

I want the alien to turn into a small dice and then I want to eat it

whats with the part 4 adaptation and reusing scenes? we've seen the same crazy diamond punch rush animations used so many times.

>DAGA KOTOWARU next week

Delete this!

What if that's the way that I look at JoJo?

actually two weeks, since we'll just see the end of the dice battle and rohan getting captured in that fake room. motorcycle is after next episode

It's actual name is Ougon no Kaze, translated literally it's Golden Wind, and stylized as Vento Aureo.

Why wouldnt they add Mikikata getting hit by the arrow? its a bit crucial to his character.

>completely pointless
>is literally the reason why Josuke almost gets caught

>Bloody Stream

>Stand Proud

>Great Days

Why is David ruining its flagship series as time goes on? Why is literally every OP worse than the one before it?


Reminder that this guy just wanted a quiet life but some punk with a shit ass hair came and ruined everything

pls die

Jesus, 39 eps butchered this arc fucking hard. He didn't even say the ice cream was made from his hands

>tfw no Married with Children slice of life spin-off with Kira and his new family

I'd rather ask why Shigechi isn't in sheol.

How many people has Rohan rewritten to use as nude models?

Not yet you fucking urchin


I mean, yeah.

Why did rohan feel extra gay in this episode

it also has a ladybug/arrow thing for logo.

Isn't this one of Young Joseph's poses? That's adorable.



>anime-onlys are gonna freak out about an actual factual alien showing up and the implications that has on the JoJo universe
>he's just a side character who never really does anything important and never gets his backstory expanded upon

the arrow was a great red herring for the anime onlys


I can think of one

>Cutting the ice cream made from his hands
>Cutting the yen bill scene
>Cutting the nausea from the dice

the pacing is all over the fucking place

Speaking of which, why was Jotaro so autistic as to not think, just maybe, Kira knew how to fix his own clothes?
>Literally his one goal is to live a quiet life
>Can't fix his own clothes torn up from a night/day of killing
Serial Killing 101 for godsakes.


puking dice is next ep

Post more Roichi

>actual alien

The way they drew Rohan's face here totally makes up for all the QUALITY in the first half of the ep.

No, you.

Holy hell my sides

I got you Fampire.
>He doesnt know




>flash back of Josuke saving his mom and baby him
>read the manga
>this is literally never talked about ever again

The assumption still lead him down the right path in the end

I guess autists make good detectives

It doesn't matter

Not everything has to have some huge twist to it


Any shot with Rohan instantly makes the episode a 10/10. He is the best character in the entire series and no one else even comes close to being as perfect as him
Inb4: Contrarian tryhards


This is objective fact.

Araki forgot.

>Believing that's Josuke

Just because he has a pomp doesn't mean he was ever going to time travel

>You will soon see King Crimson animated


It's not him, it's just someone with GUREETO hair

People of Morioh have golden hearts. In their darkest hours a friendly stranger is bound to show up and save them.


>>flash back of Josuke saving his mom and baby him
stop this meme

> SCnK is last
Shit taste.

We already saw it.

>Torn up from a night/day of killing
He makes girls go boom, possibly after a date, not much opportunity to tear his clothes

Literally 90% of Morioh is full of assholes


keep going

Frank is shit. stop posting him.


Story telling wise and hype wise, it's top tier. But it's not that good of a song, m8.

wtf i like koichi now


>Some random teenage girls represent 90% of Morioh's population.

I can't believe David Productions actually referenced Magritte in the OP.
I like that David Productions has been doing more art references lately.

>Daiya gets a massive fucking wound in the middle of an empty kitchen
>Instantly healed
>this is literally never talked about ever again

Post aliun music

>X is shit
>Posting the absolute worst design for Kira ever concieved

Anyone got a webm of all the stands coming out at the end?

How do I marry Rohan?

Nigga almost everybody in Morioh is a bit of a douche. Okuyasu, Keicho, Rohan, Yukako, Angelo, even that dude who preyed on JOsukes mom in the first ep.

>tfw KQ is actually at work during these moments

SP has worst song of all of them.

>end of last episode of part 4 is Koichi leaving for Naples
>the day after it airs part 5 gets confirmed

Sick kicks, Josuke

go be a newfag somewhere else


Damn those 1999 Air Jordans look fucking fire.

>Worse than Chase, Great whatever, and SCnK

The only character who isn't a cunt is a ghost.

Am i a shitlord for thinking that visually this might be my second favourite OP after Bloody Stream

When will they learn?

By fighting me for him, bitch.

It's funnier that it's assumed his bag is endless or some such. Okuyasu going for it right as Josuke said not to was funny too.
Don't remember how all of this went in the manga, it's been fuckin years.

Visuals are great aside from the QUALITY.
Music is definitely going to take a while to get used to.

Can you explain this?

Yes. This song is visually only better than CNBT, and at least that one had a fantastic song.

New OP's alright. I'm not crazy about it but it took me a while to warm up to END OF ZA WARUDO and CHASEU so I'll give this one some time.

Nice mugen.

>looking forward to adapting this
>they cut it

You asked for it

>Someone somewhere is making a Fighter maker Jojo game
Godspeed user

>Who is Koichi
>Who is the entire Higashikata family
>Who is Okuyasu
>Who is Hayato
>Who is Shinobu
>Who is Tonio

Its the 3rd Arcadefag.

>Read right to left
>Joke falls flat
>Read left to right
>Josuke saying nonsense
What a shitty image

Everyone you just listed besides Tonio is a cunt.

it's right to left but panels are left to right

>it's right to left but panels are left to right
What a shitty image

CNBT>Bloody Stream>SCnK>Stand Proud>Chase>SCnS>Great Days

The only one I dislike is Great Days

I didn't make it

Why didn't Rohan use Heaven's Door on Josuke to see if he was cheating? Why didn't he use Heaven's Door on Josuke to fix to his burning house?

Why bother cutting it in a way that only confuses the reader?

I was the one that wanted to adapt it to anime, because it's true the image is confusing

make a better image fucktard

>Who is the entire Higashikata family
Tomoko broke a guy's face in the first episode

Don't know why he didn't do the first one, but the second one I think he just didn't want Josuke to fuck about his house. A matter of pride.

best taste

>Why didn't Rohan use Heaven's Door on Josuke to see if he was cheating?

He wanted to discover how he cheats by himself, catch him while he is doing it, without a crutch.

>Why didn't he use Heaven's Door on Josuke to fix to his burning house?

Pride and autism, the same reason he didn't want his hand to be fixed by him.

Awful effort on your part by the way.

>Earth, Wind and Fire
>Highway Star
Who are you and what have you done with the real Crunchyroll?

Rohan even explains that all he wants is the satisfaction of winning. If he didn't care he would've opened up Josuke way earlier. He wants to win on his own merits.

excuse the shit youtube quality but this is my maybe my favorite visual out of all the OPs

Who /can'tstoplisteningtoGreatDays/ here?

Fixed it

>the music played in my head

Shame about some of the QUALITY

>Josuke rebuilds Rohan's house
>It's like that Simpsons episode where a tornado destroys Flander's house and then Homer and his friends rebuild it

What? They both had their names changed.

so good, i'm glad i can appreciate it.

What are Rohan's best traits?

What are the two in the middle?

> Terra Venus
> Highway Go Go

>Kira beaten to a bloody pulp and with a severed hand manages to lose four people and a flying hand
>Has enough time to drag a man into Aya's store, force her to switch faces, kill both of them and waltz into broad daylight

Did he even know about her stand's abilities?

>episode airs on the last day of September








>As an OP
1. Sono Chi no Sadame
2. Sono Chi no Kioku
3. Bloody Stream
4. Stand Proud
5. Chase
6. Great Days
7. Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

>Musical selection only
1. Crazy Noizy Bizarre Town
2. Bloody Stream
3. Sono Chi no Sadame
4. Stand Proud
5. Sono Chi no Kioku
6. Chase
7. Great Days

He was being an asshole, and would've been to anyone else. That's called justice

Even in accelerated time, he can meet his deadlines.

only time yukako has looked good in the entire season jesus christ that belly

>Highway Go Go

I cringed at 'Breakdown Breakdown' at first, but now I can't stop looping it

Trying to like it
Ken and Terunosuke

>This will be the last cour of good Jojo until part 7
Hold me, anons.

This looks like napkin fanart submitted to the Jojo reddit page

>man why didn't this thing happen Araki is such a fucking hack of a writer for not doing things I want him to do
>the manga itself answers the question for you

>justice is beating the shit out of someone every time they're being an asshole


And I can stop reading.

Checked and kek'd. September was good boys.

No it's not, it's aired on 1st October in Japan.

Even before the rest of the opening, BREAKDOWN was the best part
>Hating any of the parts
I ain't holding you for shit

best taste

Parts 5 and 6 are both great, though.

Enigma and RPS Kid.

5 and 6 are good nigger

Really? My subs said the original names and the site I stream from (Don't Judge) always use Crunchyroll subs.

>Not immediately liking how they incorperated Josuke's theme into the opening
was my favorite part.

from last thread
it's the dirty loops japanese special edition cover that araki drew
great band, hope they get a stand


>There will never be a JoJo version of Earth, Wind & Fire - September where they replace ba de ya with Mo ri oh.

You're watching the fixed version an user here makes, then.

> implying that SBR is gonna be animated.

Tonio cooks for the sole purpose of helping strangers with ailments and got mad at josuke for a good reason. To keep germs out of his kitchen.


In what language did the crusaders talked to communicate between each other?
>Jotaro knows japanese and perhaps a little bit of english
>Joseph is probably the most knowledgeable of the crusaders when it comes to languages
>Abdul knew how to speak egyptian. Perhaps he had some english knowledge, but it's never stated
>there's no way Polnareff knew any other language besides french. Maybe some english considering he traveled so much
>Kakyoin traveled the world with his parents. Probably know how to handle himself in english
Can stand users freely talk between each other because stand magic and shit?

so since they have to put the last two chapter of i am an alien in highway star , where do you think they will cut the episode at the end next week ?

Someone edit Black Bugs Bunny face on Kosakus body.

Perfect fit.

>CNBT last
>first in music taste
Oh. I guess that's about right.


How come DP keeps acting like Yukako does more? She doesn't.

Probably at the beginning of the chase.

An user without shit taste?

I can die now.

>mfw trying to see RPS kid's shit
Ooook. It's the hole on his face. with "Paper" and "Rock" being sucked in, and scissors making the curve of the nine. Got it.

Ah, I love seeing muh OC

Slightly longer version of OP Great Days, kinda wish they let it run this long



It's to bait otakus into buying the BDs.


>Dat reused animation

You know, I mostly agree with that selection, but the misuse of "objectively" still makes you a retard

GOD THIS OP IS DOGSHIT. Chasing should have been the last one for hype

Why is literal 3d pig forced into 2d making me feel funny things?
What is this sorcery?


Oh wow, what a shock, that never happened before.

Yeah, find excuses.


you don't

>yfw a stand is a manifestation of a user's mental energy
>yfw two trees and a rat have stands but you almost died getting yours

>people acting like the new op is bad
Is this an awful new meme? The OP is great.

The fact that DP went out of their way to sneak in a reference to Vento Aureo in the OP makes me happy.
I feel like we will have a great Part 5 anime.

>People from the end of the part show up in the first opening for no reason
That's weird, right? There's no reason that should be weird, but it's kinda weird, right?

That OP was pretty terrible. They should have kept the old one.

>Doesn't realize he's a part of the /jojo/ contrarian meme

I knew i recognized that but couldn't fully remember it.

It's fucking terrible. Only good thing about it is Yukako being sexy.

It'll probably end right after Josuke finds Rohan in the room and then gets on the bike. That would be 5 chapters for that episode, leaving the remaining 4 chapters of Highway Star for the next episode, and probably the first chapter of Stray Cat.


>28 - Alien pt. 2 / Highway Star pt. 1
>29 - Highway Star pt. 2 / Stray Cat pt.1
>30 - Stray Cat pt. 2
>31 - Superfly
>32 - Enigma
>33 - That's Not My Dad / Cheap Trick pt. 1
>34 - That's Not My Dad / Cheap Trick pt. 2 (not sure how they'll split these but I could see the Kira stuff being interspersed throughout Cheap Trick)
>35 - Bite Za Dusto pt. 1
>36 - Bite Za Dusto pt. 2
>37 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable pt. 1
>38 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable pt. 2
>39 - I'll Jog your Memory / Guardian Angel / Goodbye Morioh / Gold Experience pt. 1

The thing about koreans is there are different studios to outsource to, korean slave labour is just shorthand for the absolute cheapest shit they do, you can recognise the names are even different for those episodes.

It's all about money and time, there is only so many man hours you can get out of your actual staff artists, SO much more of anime than you'd even think is made right on crunch time before release, by people on a slave wage with no real experience.

Yeah, the new OP is the only song so far that sounds like it was made by a musician.
Sorry it isn't trumpets blaring EDM, teen-rock 'Hype' enough for you, children.

>Jotaro's mom was too weak willed handle a stand
>a baby, a dog, an orangutan and a bird can handle having a stand

Rewatch ending.

Worst Episode so far, Worst Opening so far.
Am I fitting in yet?

That happens every fucking time, every. It happened with end of the World, CNBT, Chase, Great Days turn.

I should get around to finally start watching Golden Boy then

Honestly Highway Star Part 2 will take up it's own episode if they end it with Josuke getting on the Bike

>two trees have stands
I must be retarded but I can't think of any

I don't know man. I loved every opening before this from the start.

>people still surprised at the names we have been hearing since All Star Battle used them.
man people are going to get so fucking mad when they hear what they change Limp bizkit to

Stray Cat sure looks fat on that scene

For once you're not being a complete faggot, the hate for the OP is stupid. People will say "Great Days was fuckin' Gureito Daze!" in a few weeks

Where are the stitches?

Because each one of the OPs you listed has been worse than the one prior.

>Yukako doing a "boobs and butt" pose
>that belly
I guess this only further proves Yukako has no real worth as a character besides being a yandere waifu.
Expect Trish to be in lewd poses too in the upcoming Part 5 OPs.

I meant that they used PV animation to fill 20 seconds of the OP.

>that king crimson reference
That was nice.
Of course we all know which one is the best jojo opening, right?

>Koichi's face as he realizes part five will be released

So we can agree that hes just a friendly pillar men right?

fucking weeb

Could that be a reference to the time loop, possibly?

Sugar Mountain and Shakedown Road

remember when jojo was about heroes beating villains

>parts 1-3 was about some hero beating someone who wants to take over the world

>part 4 is about a gang of teenagers ganging up on some poor mentally ill guy that could have just been saved with heaven's door

>part 5 is some kid killing the leader of a gang just to become the new leader

>part 6 is some psychopathic murderers who. committed hit and run, killed and dismembered there past lover and almost killed a whole town try to stop a black man who just wants to make the world a better place while acting like they have the moral high ground

>and you all know about part 7 and how it's about some terrorists trying to stop the usa from becoming the greatest

They should, a stand with the name of a popular band shouldnt job to a scrub like Hermes.

SBR is nothing more but a boring piece of shit that people pretend to like becasue "muh tru fans, muh plebs don't like SBR" nobody really likes SBR, liking SBR is a bigger meme than Jotaro dying in part 6
Have a (you).


Shakedown Road.
Uploading it right now

Slav charm

Sugar Mountain (the loli wasn't the user, she was trapped by the tree)
Les Feuilles, the stand from the Gingko Billoba trees in part 8

>yukako likes koichi but is grinding against josuke here
Just what kind of message are they trying to send with this OP?

Post yfw you remember Highway Star next week

I don't fucking care about the ED, I'm talking about the OP here.

>This is bad

Double bad for then, you idiot.

The episode's animation itself was pretty bad but I did get this out of it which is all I asked for

I just hope the BD does touch up the animation more

And hugging Mista.

Trish was hot all the way through.
Honestly, there isn't too much to female characters in jojo until Part 6 anyway. You act like this is new stuff

Not actually the guy you're thinking of. I posted that because every week an episode comes out it's referred to as the "worst yet", even though the shit crown still belongs to RHCP 1.

>they have a full english version
Oh fuck, I love when bands do that, even though it's super weird as a Japanese band.

>king crimson reference
How so?

I dont remember Shinobu having a huge ass, i wonder if Trish, Jolyne will also have an upgrade in the ass department.



>that could've been saved with heavens door

horee shit zozzle. My friends going to say this shit I bet when we get to the end

>finally get to Part 7 after half a decade of waiting
>horses are in CGI

best part of the OP right here.

>Shinobu stares dreamly at Kosaku
>but we know it's not the real Kosaku, it's Kira
>there's a divide between them in the darkness
>at the end of this segment she looks down in sadness, referencing how she'll spend her life waiting for her husband to come back
>Hayato is in the middle of the gap between the two on an empty table
>referencing how, not only was he the one who separated the two of them in the first place, he is also the only one who understands that their relationship was never meant to be and that he had to distance them

I can't say it fit the song but this part had a ton of symbolic value. I loved it.

Highway Star is overrated as fuck.

> plankton

You think they'll change Kosaku's appearance to the striped one in the OP when Bites the Dust premieres?

Nice meme!

>just finished Purple Haze Feedback
That was some good shit, I hope they make that into an OVA when Part 5 comes around.

user, she literally doesn't do anything anymore at this point. No female character really gets to shine until Part 6.

shut up Fred Durst nobody cares

Remember how Shinobu enters the shot? It's like she was falling but in reverse.
It's the most exciting "fight" in the last portion of Part 4 aside from BTD. Great way to end too.


how so ? it stopped RPS kid from being an ass

I don't like how they don't have noses inf front shots, poor Rohan got the Voldemort treatment.

The new OP is really fucking good though. The song isn't as memorable as the others, but it makes up for it in style.

Why is Kira so perfect?

I just want to watch a show only about Kira



And obviously KQ garbing his head is BtD getting planted.

Your mom's blowjobs are overrated as fuck.


Good thing that he was run over by ambulance.

Rohan didnt actually use Heavens door on him in the end.
>National language: Egyptian Arabic
I'm sorry.
Abdul knows how to speak egyptian arabic.

Not only is she a shit person, that's a real QUALITY image you chose of her.

She is bending over, so that's fair

I don't know about Jolyne, but Trish might be likely since she's literally the only prominent female in Part 5

i haven't read the manga in ages and i haven't really been keeping up with the anime, but there is no reasons why it shouldn't work

That fucking anatomy holy shit.
Oh well it's not like Araki was better at it.

crop it like it's hot

Because Josuke can and will beat his fucking ass in if he so much as sees Rohan start tracing out his little faggot stand.
Rohan should have been killed for saftey reasons. His stand is too nefarious to be allowed to exist in such a questionable circumstance.

Poor kid. Had to have a shit tier mom and a dead dad. Also had to deal with fucking Kira.

Watch Death Note then.

~Shiiining Juuustice~ I love this part.
What is the power of [Your Latest Trick]?

How come the Part 4 OPs aren't in 3D anymore?

>SC 1987

Hottest MILF in the JoJo series.

Why is this allowed

Haven't you watched episode?

By the time Bites the Dust happens Kira knows about Heaven's Door, right? Would he have turned himself into a bomb, just in case Rohan tries to book him?

That's not Part 8 Holly

>Got behind her without her noticing
Nothing personel

Yeah, see Yukaku during the cinderella episode, Jolyne hips in Part 6...

This is a weird cover man. Where's the WOW WOW chours

Studio that makes them went to do own things.

I can't be the only one who thought of this.

You're talking about Kira who can make explosions that no one notices, except sometimes

BtD doesn't work on stand users

What purpose do those belts serve

>Not Lisa Lisa

Because Rohan's a bitch ass nigga.

That's not Tomoko

they look cool

fucking kek.

Why is Kira so handsome? In both bodies, he's a hottie!

I know this is crude, but every time his killer personality shows... i have a boner

God, that is clear bait to the Fujos.

Holding his pants up when he poses.

New OP reminds me of persona 4.

JoSona 3: MIO

>after 3 OPs, Koichi finally learned how to pose
Are you proud of him?

>God, that is clear bait to the Fujos.
four parts in and you say that now?

Fujopussys are trembling.

that's our boy

Thats nice and all but look at his wrist.

>Olive shoes

I feel like the new OP is missing a climax. It's too steady for an OP.

The main character of Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo is clearly a Stand user. His stand is called [Men Without Hats].

They gave Aya huge tits, so I suppose it's only fair that the fujos get something similar.

That's actually pretty cute

They better make the Part 4 one into an OVA.
I can't wait for this to be animated
I swear if they cut it I'll cry

Whats wrong with them?

Honestly the whole OP feels more like it's subtly building up Kosaku's awakening and Bite the Dust, I have a hunch that when BtD is in effect the OP will change quite a bit.


Shinobu>Holly>Tomoko>Lisa Lisa

And now we have three openings for part 4.

What now? Will part 5 have 4 openings?

Sorta looked like its a bit broken.

Why would it be cut? It's one of the most memorable parts of Part 5.

1 OP
3 EDs One of them will be gangstas paradise
cute heart attack

Part 5 will likely be 39 Episodes so 3 OPs

>4th opening ends with Mist shooting the screen

I think part 5 will also have 39 episodes
So 3 OPs, one for each cour.

Only one of those posts has anything to do with what you posted.

Because Hirohiko Araki

I thought that his stand was something like hamon except instead of hamon vines it was his nose hair.

>undercut with a combover
>sweatband indoors
>gawdy earings
>Children's Small turtleneck with sleeves cut so he can fit his arms through
>fingerless gloves
>pleated burlap chinos 8 sizes to big.
>needing suspenders, two belts, and multiple cuffs just to be able to walk in them
>belt buckle adhered directly to underwear
>solid yellow strap shoes
Rohan is a fucking walking disaster.


Part 5 will also be 39 episodes with 3 openings.
Part 6 will be 24 episodes with less budget combined than RHCP 1.

>Mista is absent from the OP in every episode that has a '4' in its number

>Rohanfags = Naranciafags


Why is this allowed?


My memory sucks but i don't think the part 5 can be divided into 3 cours


Or full CGI mode for Part 6 like Berserk.

I still don't get what that thing on Rohan's head is


It's shorter than DiU. So is SO.

it's a headband

Isn't SDC as well?


Arguably, Kira's murderous intent would be too strong for Heaven's Door. I'd imagine some Killer Queen related power would spring up right then and there and attempt to instant kill Rohan or something.
And he'd still killed a ridiculous amount of people in the past. They can't just literally write him off as "oops twisted mind", especially not in Japan.

>tfw CGI Horses

Probably. Though technically, I'd say it's like this.

>OP 1: 1st Cour
>OP 2: 2nd Cour
>OP 3 & OP 4: 3rd Cour.

The fourth OP is just the third OP that gradually gets shorter as more and more of it is cut out by using .

Yeah but that got 48 episodes because of popularity. And it still got rushed at the end.

Yes. Even SBR could be condensed to 39 episodes, but when I say condensed I really mean condensed.

Don't post here, Pucci.

Then VA will probably get more episodes as well.

I'm somewhat disappointed Kira didn't leave a "going away" present for Hayato before getting deaded.

Not likely, they said that what they did with SC was a mistake.

Do you think Rohan HAD SEX with her ?

It's an alien stand

No way. SC having 48 episodes was a huge mistake and absolutely fucked the pacing.

VA will have 39 episodes. End of discussion.

No, it won't.
VA is popular, but it isn't one of the most influential things in manga ever.

A going away present like what?

I don't speak Slav someone translate

The visuals suck and the song is just okay.

In my dreams he did


"Egyptian" usually refers to the ancient language that eventually became Coptic. The language of Egypt, the one Avdol would speak, is Arabic (Egyptian dialect)

Sounds cool, even better if eventually a shot of Doppio turns into

Others parts too, but maybe for SO they make 36.

>how ya doin


Abdul is Indian you fucking idiot

We get it Pucci, JoJo and their friends are trash

-Shura, your cabbage rolls are great
-Darling, you never said anything like that to me before

What site is this?

How many JoJos are we at?

>"Part 5 is shit"
>"Gappy makes me happy"

Why is the colored version of manga preferred over the black and white version? The manga should be read in its original black and white version.

He impregnates Hayato

Nice bait user :)

>friend and other people he know have died to a serial killer

>even koichi almost died

>hmm i think i better go try scam a guy who's been busy helping investigating for some quick buck

The Manga should just be read in anyway you prefer it.


"3,2,1... let's go"



Well, to be fair, Rohan's a dick.


>I do not understand how comic relief works.

What the fuck was this gay ass OP? Is every stand user turning into Platon or something?

Also, was it really needed? Chase was pretty good and it showed the thrill of the hunt against Kira rather well.

I prefer B&W, but sometimes the paneling sucks and it's hard to tell what's going on.

What leads do they have?

Go be a 13 years old ukrainian boy somewhere else

What is it with the people of Morioh and pointing to the sky while huddled in a group?

The face Kira has in this panel screams "I was not prepared for this to happen."



They are pointing Heaven

It's based off this cover

>fem stone free



>they said that what they did with SC was a mistake.
Yeah, right. Source.

I know, they've referenced it in every opening.

Thanks, I'm thinking there should be small hints of in the background of the 2nd and 3rd OP, but in the 3rd they're more noticeable.

Heeeeey qui connait One-punch man ici ?? :D

It can't be helped


How does his JoJolion counterpart manage to be even better?



he have stupidest outfit, and you complaining about haitr?

I just thought of this right now: Why didn't the police/SWF use forensic dentistry to figure out who Kosaku was?

Then they could have investigated the home, found Kira was there then send in the stand brigade.


is there some meme i missed? are people who make jojo fan games ukrainian boys?

Deal with it

It's 1999? Maybe the technology wasn't far enough along yet.

>comic relief in the middle of a loose serial killer arc who's killed close people to the MC

run forensics on what

Also, how would you have them explain it to the police


Kosaku blew up, my dude

>No cyka Diavolo

>is there some meme i missed?


Chase > Great Days > first one

based koichi

Kosaku's corpse got fucking wiped off the face of the earth.

that is some awful opinion

Only in a perfect world user.

Spoonfeed me.

I thought that as well but it's been used in court cases since the 1950's.

It's female in the artbooks and figures

We can now confirm this a totally skippable OP right?

You should know by now Josuke is a money hungry fuck

Ah, its been a while since I read. I thought only Aya blew up.

DP might do something similar to the time stop version of OP4

I agree with the response previous to this post, in black and white, it can get real tough to tell what the shit's actually happening. Sometimes post-premier changes are good, I think coloring the manga is a good idea just to help keep your reading flow consistent instead of having to stop because a panel just has too much fuckery going on in it.


Like what? Do a Bite the Dust at the end and restart with a good OP instead?

>most serious part of the series
>happy go luck song for OP
>no CGI
Fuck this new OP

Know any leads of Kira's whereabouts?
In the meantime let's just burn some assholes house and steal his money

There was that one guy in nurses office during the Heirophant Green fight that had a fucking ridiculous pompadour.
>is he an tru jojolion?

This is the only right answer.

>no CGI

I feel like it's just for consistancy
But yeah, for once the CGI is far superior.

>her cup size constantly changing
wtf, I hate Araki now

forgot pic

>all the QUALITY this episode

Man, this adaptation really is the animated equivalent of duwang isn't it?

Yeah. I think the CGI would have helped make this cour feel more similar to the older parts, since for the first time we actually have some sort of "monster of the week" and an actual bad guy to fight.

How stupid would it be if josuke got blown to the past and was like

>you're gonna see okuyasu, some sick yakuza dude with amazing hair is going to save my mom
>nobodies coming Jojo

What the fuck, why did they remove the entire Hayato scene, that's not even minor

Probably shuffled into next episode.


They didn't remove it, they're just leaving it for a later reveal. It's not a big revelation so I don't know why they're doing it this way but it's pretty clear based on how the scene ended on his hidden camera.

Why didn't Mikataka turn into a girl and thank Josuke sexually? Think of the doujins.

>if we even live till then

>he didn't like group of loveble misfits
>he didn't like Orange is the new black

Does Kira look like a bitch?

What did he mean by this?

>G stands for GUTS

Hehe dab


>catch a cancer

Had a good laugh