>Sin continues to fight Ugo but is utterly BTFO
>Loses all limbs and gets turned into charcoal
>David Rises from the Ashes but also gets BTFO
Can anyone stop Ugo the MADMAN

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Mmm, Sinbad BBQ.

I'm getting tired of Ugo's bullshit. At this point all he's doing is blocking the plot.

but really where is judar and what is David's endgame?

>can't enter sacred palace in physical body
>people think his physical body was burned up

New league of stupid. Also stop calling Ugo-kun a murderer. He's too sweet to kill anyone. If anything he sent Sinbad to time out.

Also rip shota-din new aladdin is busted and old.

Older Aladdin is a qt.

>Ugos face this chapter
How can other godly beings even compete

>tfw you will never achieve something greather than this man and his monopoly

Anyone know when RAWS are comin?

Cheap solomon knockoff and too muscular. Shota is miracle.

Why was flute-headless-ugo so muscular?

But user, he's growing up to be one fine man.

Musta had a gym inside of that flute

Who wants to marry a fish?

>his own company
>his own country
>head of international alliance
>more vessels than anyone else
>first dungeon
>cutest waifu
>saved ja'far's soul
>most household vessels
>legendary womanizer
>alcoholic, king of debauchery
>EIGHT fucking generals
>including yamuraiha, the genius magician
>most stylish
>best hair
>sleeps in a bed of gold like a dragon

Sinbad is fantastic.

who doesnt

Trap-shota would have been best route. Reminder he was originally going to be a girl.
Post-timeskip lacks shota. At least we have SnB--Shota no Best.

What is with Magi and having boys with long hair, if i grow my hair will it be as fabulous as sins?

I wonder who femladdin woulda bee shipped with

tfw you'll never become successful and rich when still in your teens


She is wife material.

Knew it, the only way sinbad/david could lose was to ugo's shit, the manga is deffo ending in like 5 chapters

How is crazy ol uncle david gonna get out of this one

Impossible. No one is more fabulous than Sinbad. Sinbad is made for hairporn and shiny jewelry.

Kou-trap. A trap and a reverse trap together is best end.

His lack of eyebrows still bothers me.

I want to marry Morgiana and make her a mother.

>5 chapters

Bullshit. At least 20 more. Too many loose ends remaining. Judal, furfag wedding and babby making, hakuei waking up, magicbaba timewarping eyehax, david's plot, solomon doing something, loliarba on her plans to meet "that person", kou, etc.

Magi Shippuden Z and the adventures of baba jr incoming

Also what kind of kingdom will baba establish (or will he at all?)

>babby making

I mean, we're not getting that on panel.

I wish.

i doubt he will. He doesnt wanna rule over anyone. If anything hes just gonna run his company and his employees will probably roast him every now and then

So he's just gonna be a knockoff sinbad?

maybe, sins gotta reincarnate into someone

I want to see best boy again.

But he's been featured in the manga the whole time lately. Sinbad hasn't gone anywhere. I guess it is hard waiting a whole week between releases though.

Who are you posting by the way? Who is that? He looks irrelevant.

Do not bully the Baba!

He's made to be bullied. baba's entire personality is built around suffering and being bullied.

That was before, user.

Now he's a respectable man who's engaged, ready to start a family and is starting his own business. The suffering torch is not his to keep anymore.

Suffering is not a trait that goes away. If alibaba didn't suffer he would not be alibaba. He is the eternal dork.

Btw, Sin is DED, Gramp Dave got BTFO, Arba is useless as of now. So, the only option for final boss is 'that person' aka Dark God something Illa, huh? Unless Ohtaka pull some shit out of her ass and make Ugo a big bad instead(dude's fucking hack)

He'll suffer things like Morgiana breaking his bones when things get too steamy.

But I think that's alright.

would you molest a baba?

I think morgianna would just dominate him every time. Like demand he lay on his back and give her children.

This one's a moron. David didn't get "btfo" in any way at all. He had sinbad open the palace door for him and all according to keikaku. "That person" is solomon you fuck, ill illah is a mass of energy, not a person. Did you even read the manga? Post lewd things or get out.

Check raw. David is kill too. Usual spoiler translator confirmed it too.

Baba is for sweet loving only.

I mean, he'd probably enjoy that. Unless she lost control of her lion hormones or something.

Seriously? First Arba gets rekt for basically no reason and now Sinbad and David? What's the point of making the villains so incompetent? I seriously Dave pulls through in the end.

t. salty Sincuck

Judar is going to appear from nowhere and ruin Ugo s day.

Fuck off, frogposting scum.

There's no way David would be hyped the entire manga and then die two seconds after reappearing. It's manga, have you read a manga before? It just looks like he died or whatever, then he's gonna reappear like, "that wasn't even me you hit," or, "it will take more than that to kill me."

I would laugh my ass off if David really does get defeated here after all the hype he got over two whole years. Sinbad is already dead and his daddy might follow suit just one chapter later.

Maybe Judar will be the FV.

Sure, but I honestly wasn't expecting Arba, who was hyped the entire manga as well, to be defeated pretty much out of the blue either. I'm really not sure what to expect at this point.

>David didn't get "btfo' in anyway.
How about you read a goddamn chapter before shit post, kid?

>That person is Solomon
Damn, you don't even read the manga, huh?

Meh, such a low quality baits.

back to thumblr nigger

It's pretty clear that the manga is getting rushed out of the door. It's like Bleach, but not quite as bad.

Its me or David grew an extra set of arms in here?

Did people actually expect sinbad too win?

Arba and Sinbad got rekt is a good thing, they're fucking boring as a Villian.

I expected him to win now and be defeated later by the main characters.

English scans:

>Your my personal onahole now

he has 9 arms

Oh my god im fucking dying here.

My sides.

Holy shit sinbad tears are delicious


Ugh is literally the best kind of god out there. Why is sinbad such a little faggit

Davids God Mode is such a great design, too bad he lasted one chapter.

Gives me Shiva vibes

Based Ugo bringing god-tier bants.

I laughed at the "Imagine the protagonist of your own story trying to attack you..."

Its such an anticlimax but still

>Sinbad fucked up and died

>Sinbad's face literally MELTS away

Ugo being so cocky makes me feel like he is about to go full villain.

And that's it. No more Sinbad. The guy was hyped as the FV for years on end and this is how he dies. What a shitty, shitty way to go.

So whats the message here?

Sometimes you need to know when to give up?

Destiny always wins, there's no point fighting it.

and you cant never get what you want no matter how much you work on it

I don't even think hes being cocky, hes an Otaku with a heart of gold

So, Ugo is most definitely the most powerful character in Magi, right?

honestly, Ohtaka is probably going to bring him back or reveal that everything that happened was just a crazy dream. Remember what happened with Kouen?

I can't wait for Magi: Next gen.

So, what the fuck is the point of Alibaba if Sinbad isn't his final boss? I know for damn sure David will be Aladdin's.

That'd be too much. The previous arc alone had so many dick-teases that led to nothing it was ridiculous

>The chapter where SINBAD fucking DIES and DAVID APPEARS
>Barely anyone is talking about it or even gives a shit
This series is fucking dead.

>being this stupid
Top kek

How am I being stupid?

>alibaba "dies"
>judar "dies"
>zitface koufag "dies"
>goatee koufag "dies"
>arbakuen "dies"

If sinbad stays dead I don't know whether to be pissed he gets shafted or glad his deathscene was treated with respect.

Okay, I've saying I wanted the manga to switch to the main group for a few weeks but if she does it now I'm gonna be angry. Not like this. Don't leave it on a cliffhanger.

Its clearly based on Shiva/Vishnu/Brahma, with all the talk about destroying and creating.

You need many arms to pull off the best barbecue.

Why didn't Sinbad just go conquer the dark continent rather than the suicide mission

>Don't leave it on a cliffhanger.

What manga do you think you are reading? David was a thousand year cliffhanger, judar and hakuryuu were both 2+ year cliffhangers, aladdin was a 2+ year'er. Pretty much ohtaka loves two things: cliffhangers and psych-killing people. And creepy faces.

'Cuz he's an idiot.

So Sinbad btfo by Ugo
Ugo got btfo by David
David got btfo by Huge Ugo
I'll admit, I am genuinely enjoying the series again

That's exactly why I'm saying I'll be angry. She's done it way too many times and it smells to me like she'd go "haha, suck it" and move on to Baba and friends again.

I don't want it but she would do it.

What was the point of Alibaba living for 1000 years at this point

>The rukh blobs acting all scared and surprised

so cute

This manga is dead. Otaka doesn't care anymore.

You're seeing things from too Shounen a perspective, user. Not everything needs to be about fighting.

He needed all those year to grow the fuck up so he could propose to Mor properly.

Get his dick wet with Morgiana.

>BBQ David's ultimate plan was just to become god.

What the fuck is this shit?

Why couldnt he do it in Alma Toran?

But she's a wolf

To get nifty new powers.

how can david be trapped if he's also il illah

A lion, user.

And let the man be a furry if he's happy that way.

I think it's exactly because we had so many before that I'm afraid this is going to be the same case all over again.

Hopefully not, but at the same time, if he really is dead, then it was a really anticlimactic way to write the scene.

I think he needed to die and fuse with Ill Illah first.

His guardian mode should be stronger than Ugo because he has all the black rukh for himself. But Ugoo has Solomon Destiny BS or something and wrote the world so he might still win.

I'm a Sinbadfag, I'll admit it. He was my favourite character and now he's dead. I really wanted him to win. I wanted to him to go the whole way Instead he got swatted down like a gnat, not even a fly, a fucking gnat.

I hope he stays dead. So at least, I can say he went out trying to do what he did best.


Fitting end for Sinbad.

Who's the goblin at the bottom-right of your image?

Hakuryuu literally said he sent Alibaba to a different dimension not killed him, also he's one of the main characters if you believed him to be dead, that's pretty stupid. Judar was also never stated to be dead just removed from the planet and you must be pretty gullible if you thought Gyokuen was killed that easily, especially after that smirk and Hakuryuu himself questioning her really being dead. I'll give you the other two, especially Koumei since he was hit by a "One Hit Kill" attack but you should know not to count someone dead without a body.

Man, this manga was so fucking hype back then. Look at it now.

I'm so confused but also hyped.

Ugo wrote his Rukh to be part of the ocean. Pretty sure he's ded

so much for that free will stuff when Ugo mentioned that Sinbad played his role.

More like Dattatreya, the avatar of the three gods.

because he exists in a dimension with rules created by solomon and ugo.

Except Ohtaka herself said that she'd be killing off a few major characters in that arc.Now, I never once believed Alibaba and Arba were dead; one was a MC and the other literally smiled before "dying". And I was never convinced that anyone aside from Kouen was dead. But Judar being sent on a never-ending vector that he has no way of escaping, while not a technical death, is still something that could conceivably take him out of the plot on a permanent basis.

Don't assume that I myself ever believed the characters' deaths were solidified, but there's still no denying that the teases were there.

It would seem so

>Hakuryuu literally said he sent Alibaba to a different dimension not killed him,

Yes and they severely implied it was gonna be somewhere impoosible to find even where aladdin failed after numerous attempts, i mean yeah i know it's shounen and magi doesn't tend to even kill off significant characters like even kouen survived but don't change the fact they tried to make baba's situation fucked.

>People will probably think he killed himself after being BTFO by fish princess.

Thats actually hilarious.

Also the news of Sin being dead will make lots of countries turn to the Kou-Reim-Kina alliance.

I would expect nothing less from Best Boy Baba's original self.

Truly the best girl.

This is hilarious.

I want to kiss Alibaba passionately.

Yeah Solomon even said something to that extent. David will probably asspull through this though

I want to make him King!

I want to make him mine.

Ugo revealling a 10k years old keikaku and becoming the real final bad would be a nice plot tweest.

They was complaint about the fake 1% stake implying they all though Sin will win not BTFO this hard

That's just ohtaka sameface syndrome. Ugo didn't die, so he can't be resurrected in baba. Besides ugo is a moeblob and baba is a piece of shit.


Praise fish.

>Besides ugo is a moeblob

So are we finally moving on to some procreation?

>Except Ohtaka herself said that she'd be killing off a few major characters in that arc.
>that arc.
Pretty sure she didn't specifically say that arc, she just said soon and you made assumptions like you did with those "deaths"

>But Judar being sent on a never-ending vector that he has no way of escaping
Still was never stated to be dead and "conceivably take him out of the plot on a permanent basis." really? In a series about magic.

>but there's still no denying that the teases were there.
Alibaba, Judar and Gyokuen weren't.

>Yes and they severely implied it was gonna be somewhere impoosible to find even where aladdin failed after numerous attempts
No shit he was in a different dimension. The series showed it was impossible for Aladdin to find him, but not for Alibaba to come back. Besides that was just Ohtaka showing Aladdin feeling powerless to save his friend, if Aladdin just went "oh Alibaba's gone oh well" that wouldn't make sense considering how close they were.

I'd like that.

>Sinbad dies like a bitch
Hahahahaha! Too bad no one's gonna know how pathetically he died, and Ja'far's probably going to cover Sinbad's ass instead of telling the world of his retarded decision to go.

Same as I expected David to fully hijack him as soon as he got to it, not to rise from the ashes of Sinbad's dead body.

Ja'far will die of a broken heart and loneliness, never knowing if Sinbad will ever come back.

Yeah being able to meet god himself and being struck down by an entity you can't even begin to comprehend, yeah I'd rather die of cancer man.

I'm not sure what this has to do with my urge to kiss Alibaba, user.

Have you ever heard of a little thing called narrative? His death is still anticlimactic as fuck.

Shit, I was gonna quote the post above yours.

Ja'far just found out Sinbad was a shithead, he'll get over it more easily now.


People probably havent read it/know it exists yet since sense's version isnt out.

Yeah I agree but you didn't specify you were referring to how anticlimactic it way,give me a break you know your comment was a tad vague.

David is going to fail for now and come back pretending to be Sinbad.

>has an opinion

Ah look, it thinks it's people.

Do it, Ohtaka! Make Ugo a goddamn Final Boss.

>That was your role
Man, why can one ever talk about White Rukh in a way that sounds remotely appealing?

Black Rukh for Life!

>BTFO'ing both Sinbad and David in one chapter
We were wrong, lads. Sinbad wasn't Ohtaka's husbando. Ugo is.

Ugo looks more and more like Baba every panel. Except for the massive muscles. Sorry, Baba.

Ohtaka may be a bit sameface-y, but Ugo has been consistently been looking similar to Alibaba ever since Alma Torran. I think Ugo made Alibaba his own reincarnation.

I have absolutely no idea what comes next.

This madwoman is genius.

>BBQ King David's reincarnation being BBQ'd himself


All things considered, Ohtaka herself was pretty cynic of the white rukh flow thing. Too bad that even thought she acknowledged its flaws she did not develop on them. Hakuryuu would have been perfect for that.

Ohtaka will win my eternal respect for her if she makes Ugo the final boss.

>Chapter title The Adventure Wont End
>people think burntbad isn't comin back and perma dead
what manga do you niggas think this is?

U G O / F I T /

He built the Sacred Palace out of the same indestructible material as his rock hard GODLY abs

If David gets his ass handed to him then what the fuck even happens next?

Not gonna happen m8, Ugo is a good guy. Kinda creepy good on this chapter, but good.

Actually am i the only one who finds this whole part creepy as hell?

Ill ilah vs Ugo

Ugo's nipples are a miracle of creation too

Only Arba has harder ones

>Ugo elbow drops Ill Illah too.

>The one that reaches the top will fall...
good byeeeeeeee ugo

I didn't even like Sinbad a whole lot, but that was fucking brutal.

You seemed to have missed the memo that Sinbad was rused this whole time and isn't actually a special snowflake like he thought he was.

>Galactic Wrassling match between Ugo and Ill Ilah

>Commentary by Jim Ross and Jerry "The King Vessel" Lawyer

mfw all my favs get BTFO in a single chapter

David a cute!

So, Ugo made Cactuarbaba right?

I was so hype yet so mad this chapter.
Fucking Ugo.

Also how did David not take into account this shit?

To be fair, no one was expecting Ugo to be this OP.

Ugo the gentle giant

Imagine how lucky stinky fish got off by fighting just a spoonful of his rukh

Based Ugo. Sinbad and David can never ever recover from this.

>stinky fish

Does no one like Fishy these days?

He truly is best boy.

People do. I am just a bitter veteran from the times of rollin'.

>King of the world gets fucking destroyed by a literal nerd.

Fucking satan go away

Ugo was just taking revenge in all the guys who bullied him back at Alma Toran Highschool

>King of the world gets fucking destroyed by the literal God of the world

Satan David, Ugo owned you too

So, I guess this is a way for Alibaba to replace Sinbad without having to fight him,

>I can't let you do that, Dave.

Ugo confirmed for HAL 9000

Honestly I think this was the best way for SInbad to go (if he's truly dead

It was either dying satisfied that he tried his best and lived his life the way he wanted, going out with a bang or watch himself turn into a villain.

This makes sense, since there was no way Alibaba could beat Sinbad in a fight.

Turns out he was right.

Sinbad will make his stubborn soul wrestle the steering wheel back from Big D.

So is Ugo basically what Sinbad wants to be?

>Ugo a hypocrite

It's just a few salty Sinbadfags.

He was warned by several people a dozen times

> "It is with a bitter heart that I will have to draw the death of a number of the current characters as the story progresses. Thank you for your support so I can continue drawing the manga until the end."

Morgiana is the cutest girl to ever exist.

You can't say God doesn't have a sense of humour.

No. Sinbad is Griffith

This feels like Ohtaka using Ugo to kill off Sinbad for completely arbitrary reasons

I'm pretty sad this manga is being rushed to the end

And whole memehelpers

Free will doesn't exist. Ugo manipulates the Rukh to keep his magic wheel/samsara going. It's not David's garden everyone's living in, it's Ugo's.


Man I fucking hate Sinbadfags, when he gets BTFO it's always the author's fault. First it was "muh ohtaka forcing Alibaba shit xDD" now it's this.

Kill yourselves

>Ascending to godhood, rewriting destiny and killing the current overseer

Man, that place is an absolute shithole. I should pay a visit and bask in their salty tears right now.

his ear rings are made of ruhk

Simbob was so pretty

I will miss him

They're fucking cancer.

Sinbadfags were always cancer.

There's someone else saying that he'll drop it now since Sinbad is dead and the story won't get better than him revealing his Djinn

>The end of the dream


happy that he died with a smile in the end

It's like Madara all over again. Series is ebin when he's winning, and shit when he's losing.

I hate fanboys.

They blame Ugo because killing the guy that wanted to destroy the world makes him bad!

But Madara was portrayed as the final villain.

David was foreshadowed for a long time, and fucking hell Sinbad himself admitted he had no chance against Aladdin anymore, what did people expect when he went against Ugo? he's literally god

What the hell is that retard even talking about?

They blame Ugo and say that he basically told Sinbad
>Ur no useful anymore so go die and get replaced xD
They just missed the entire point of the past chapters, EVERYONE BEGGED SINBAD TO STOP, Even Ugo begged. Hell Ugo didn't even want to kill him, in fact Sinbad died because he kept going forward to the Light, Ugo told him to stop several times

>Arba: hey Sin, lets go to the Sacred place because there's no more time for no explanable reason

>Okay, I will after turning my image of myself around in a single conversation. I'm just a greedy guy lol

>Ugo proceeds to effortlessly BTFO despite Arba planning this for literal millennia and Sinbad being a "singularity" when in reality he's just channeling David, who is also easily BTFO despite planning this for several millennia.

Villains, antiheroes...etc. are only good when they pose a threat or are otherwise effective. Otherwise, they are boring. This chapter was boring, rushed and anticlimactic. Any character invested in the series as much as Sinbad deserves better.

This is DR3/Zero Time Dilemma levels of rushed stupidity.

Sinbad was a false leader anyway and Ja'far is going to realize that soon.

>Sinbad was a false leader
what the fuck does that even mean

>Simplifying everything with lol and BTFO

Try harder shitposter.

>David is still very much alive
>shitposter acts like he's lost

This is just pathetic, don't you have somewhere else to go back? see

>Okay, I will after turning my image of myself around in a single conversation. I'm just a greedy guy lol
Months were spent uncovering Sinbad's bullshit. This was merely the last straw that made him admit it freely.

David isn't going to be BTFO easily. How many times has one side looked like it was winning only to lose? You should be used to this by now.

The only think you're half-right about is Arba deciding to go to the Sacred Palace anyway, but this was just because it made their efforts on Aladdin seem pointless. Technically it wasn't since this way has less chances of success, but the manga didn't do a good job of portraying it.

Arba is still fine and dandy though. Pretty sure she just used Sinbad and David

Means he lied to Ja'far. He followed Sinbad because of the reasons he said, and thought Sinbad agreed. But in the end Sinbad abandoned that to pursue his own goals for purely selfish reasons.

Yeah I was referring to the fact that after spending all that time on Aladdin suddenly saying "never mind there's a 1% plan" out of nowhere felt like an asspull, even though it's logical to avoid those odds if there was a better method.

Like you said though, it's logical for her to avoid the 1%(that's currently failing by the way) if she had better chances with Aladdin

Yeah. It just feels anticlimactic as hell.

I don't know if it was an asspull, but it does appear that using Aladdin was the author's original plan.

Did he become more popular?

It would be weird if the author changed her mind after all that buildup.

It was pretty fitting actually. He was just a mere human that tried to fight god. I'm expecting more out of David though.

>Davids God Mode is such a great design, too bad he lasted one chapter.
He just got ichigo-ed

Wait so did david use magic to see the future or was he literally guessing.

read the fucking manga.

I feel bad for sinbad.. Kinda

Thing is, everyone begged him to stop and he just kept going, I feel bad because he accomplished everything and then threw it all away because of stupidity, but at the same time he was just following his dreams

>but you don't have hands anymore
Line was kinda funny at first but really it was basically Ugo saying
>You went above your head and lost even the hands you had used to grasp your dreams
Which is sad, he wanted MORE and because of that lost sight of what he already had.

It was a fitting end, don't be greedy, enjoy the things you have or you'll also lose those

So david clearly gave aids to Ugo

Its such a shame they are rushing the fuck out of the manga.

>Civil war
>Space bros
>Training arc at japanland
>Kou restoration
>econ war with sinbad
>Arba/sinbad vs the party
>Rushed the fuck out in 3 chapters with bullshit cop out. literally learned solomons magic in 2 years without any help
>Sinbad fight with the gods
>rushed the fuck out
>David fight with the gods
>Rushed the fuck out

The only question is why? Were they afraid of another alma torran like arc? Isnt this shit popular?

I don't know. I point this out but get called a Sinfag. I think Ohtaka is basically done with this manga since she didn't get to do what she wanted so she's throwing everything in a blender to see what comes out.

I don't expect a satisfying end at this point.

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about right?

You do realize ohtaka took her sweet ass time for that entire politic namek arc right? There is no rush you retard, the things you posted were actually never a thing.

Aladdin had already started to learn Solomon's magic before the TS so he completed it after that

Civil war was NEVER a thing, hakuryuu was always meant to be curbstomped by Sinbad/Arba

>training arc in Japan
Are you retarded? Since when was this even a thing?

>You restoration rushed
??? There were like 30 chapters dedicated to this and showing how much Alibaba and Kogyoku grew while at the same time showing Sinbad being a cunt. 30 chapters and everything in Kou was resolved, how was it axed?

>Sinbad rushed
why are sinbadfags so retarded? He himself admitted he had no chance against Aladdin. What the fuck makes you think he ever stood a chance against Ugo? Are you so stupid you can't see the gazillion death flags of people telling him to stop and he not doing it? Are you so stupid you can't see that the moment he let Arba and David use him he had lost? Are you so stupid that you can't see that "I don't feel like losing" was a gigantic death flag?

>David rushed
HOW? He literally appeared this episode, how was it rushed?

This is why nobody takes Sinbadfags seriously

It's the cancerous "author didn't show le epicccc fightz I wanted so its rushed and it was axed xD" that makes you retards so hated. Grow up

Go back to mangahelpers.

>I point this out but get called a Sinfag
Because you are?

>You do realize ohtaka took her sweet ass time for that entire politic namek arc right? There is no rush you retard, the things you posted were actually never a thing.
Yes and after that everything got rushed the fuck out. All arcs were pretty lengthy before now its 4-5 chapters tops.

>??? There were like 30 chapters dedicated to this and showing how much Alibaba and Kogyoku grew while at the same time showing Sinbad being a cunt. 30 chapters and everything in Kou was resolved, how was it axed?
>Everyone goes back
>Civil war hype
>One battle and its over
Compare that to magnostdat, Syndria, balbadd, or alma torran itself literally nothing happens

Or alibaba going through all the kingdoms. Its just one chapter each or even half a chapter where he only gets to talk to key characters and thats it. it could have been extended so much more to portra so much more

Dude he was final boss tier up until this chapter where he essentially gets one shot. He had absolutely no reason yet to do what he did. Its clear that he was supposed to lose the United nations arc and be drove to the edge and attempt that/ Despite he was acting like a cunt his rukh was still white and if david was the one who made sinbad do shit then his character is kinda ruined

And David and Ugo could have some dialog with some flashback or some ideology talk or just plain fighting but no albeit we still don't know what happens next but the spirit of the manga is not there

This manga could have been so good. Fuck whoever is messing with the author desu

>Character dies after triggering two thousand death flags
>When we know the author said she was going to kill characters
>People still cry about it

And last week all of you were complaining about how Sinbad was going to asspull a win against Ugo because he's a Gary Stu, now you're all crying because Ohtaka didn't go for the cliche and actually made Sinbad stand no chance whatsoever against Ugo. Make up your goddamn mind, Magi always played with the tropes like this.

I don't know if you guys missed it but Il illah and David were always the "bad" guys, in fact the only bad guy hype Sinbad had was being connected to David and all the chapters between the reveal of him and Arba was just showing that he's just David's little puppet

Its not that he lost, whats important was what led to his dead and why he died and this is pretty unsatisfactory . How he died was cool tho

But could have been more ""epic"" in terms of the scale

I like him got rekt and ded like a faggot though especially when it trigger retard like you guys.

its fine that he got rekt like that it shows the difference between a god and a human. The other still stands

>Alibaba arc was rushed because he didn't speak to everyone in every country
Don't be a fucking retard, it took like 30 chapters, fuck off.

>5 4 chapters
Because those were NOT ARCS do you even know what an arc is? A fight is not an arc fuckface

>He was final boss tier
Since when? Fucking delusional

Sinbad fag please stop you're embarrassing. Since when was Sinbad final boss tier? It was always David and Illah.

>He had no reason
Did you miss HIS ENTIRE SPIN OFF MANGA? The guy is fucking obsessed, did you miss Ja'far pointing out how disgusting Sinbad has become HUNDREDS of chapters before? Like the first arc he appeared in Magi?

>Fuck whoever is messing with the author
Kill yourself sinbadfag

This is bait right?

Sinbad losing like that wasn't meant to be epic at all, it was meant to be pitiable. The entire point is this It wasn't meant to be "epic". He needed to pay the price for his actions, that's why the last straw is him ignoring Ja'far, his most trusted friend. Sinbad was far gone and it was sad, not "cool"

>Don't be a fucking retard, it took like 30 chapters, fuck off.
It should have fucking taken more. Literally the entire world is drastically different and we only see a glimpse of it and the main theme wasn't developed enough

>Because those were NOT ARCS do you even know what an arc is? A fight is not an arc fuckface
Exactly because they weren't allowed to be arcs because it would be 2 boring for ahdh kids

>Since when? Fucking delusional
Since he was fucking introduced

>Sinbad fag please stop you're embarrassing. Since when was Sinbad final boss tier? It was always David and Illah.
And what was sinbad? davids/Illahs vessel

You keep calling me sindbad fag despite most of my complains are not sinbad related

Yes but he just storms in and gets rekt in 10 pages. they could have shown how omnious gods truly are in magiverse and show some parts of the palace or whatever, something that makes you be interested

At least it looked good and kinda fucked up since its all cheery and he is literally getting burned to death which was cool but again thats not my problem. he threw everything away in 3 chapters for no real reason

Pure fucking kino.

>for no real reason
No, the reason was clear and the truth about Sinbad being a egomaniac wannabe has been built for many chapters.

He was the literal king of the world and had absolutely no rush at all

He could have tried to develop magical weapons or whatever to be a match for the gods or some shit and then get btfo but no

lets rush in

its clear a whole arc was skipped

Are you autistic? Why can't you accept he acted on impulse? Have you never read a good story or something? A greek epic or something?

Yeah I find it odd he didn't at least try and get info out of aladdin about the sacred palace

>no rush
Ja'far was already frantic and wanted to fix shit before Kou's defection fucked the balance of their world up. It was the last straw for Sinbad who was getting progressively buttmad about things not going his way. You know how fragile his ego is.

The amount of butthurt the latest chapters have caused its hilarious. And im a Davidfag seeing my favorite character getting rekt in only three panels.

>Greek Epic
Funny you mention it because this whole Sinbad thing feels a lot like one.

It should have escalated into cold war 2.0 and there should have been a political/commercial arc

but no

Lets just rush in because it cooler he fucknig fights angels and shit

I'm somewhat unsatisfied with how Sinbad died because Alibaba didn't do it himself.

I wanted him to 1v7 his Djinn equips and come out on top breaking the last thing Sinbad could have been proud of. Admitting he couldn't beat Aladdin isn't enough since he's OP as shit right now.

>Sinbad tries to be a SMT protag
>gets Law'd




The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if magi ended next year or maybe even by the end of this year.

Didn't Aladdin said that everyone should follow their dreams?

Where are all the people that said that Sinbad was a marty-stu?

Ohtaka kills SnB: The chapter.

so whose gonna be the next high king, babas child?

The way sinbad died in this chapter was pure kino and i say this as a sinfag. He already achieved everything but he still wanted more and challenged god only to be swatted down and reminded of his true place. It sets a perfect end to his story. Tragic but epic.

>He already achieved everything
He never achieved what he truly wanted since he was a child.

he was never a mary sue. he already got BTFO many times in his own manga

sinbadhaters are just secondaries

The message is that you don't engage in a magic battle with an EnternalVirgin like Ugo who has been practicing his Sage powers for Eons that he has long surpassed Wizardhood.

David lost his virginity and therefore lost his chance to be a God of Magic like Ugo.

She really did or at least severely crippled it.

Most people who read this manga are retarded. You are not able to understand what you are reading. Ohtaka has once again proven to be a great author. Magi is a masterpiece.

The isn't about Sinbad. Aladdin has said that Solomon gave people free will, but Ugo just confirmed this isn't true. Everyone who gets to the top, not just Sinbad, is fated to fall. That's fate, a rule made by Solomon and Ugo. There is no free will. Who knows how many other rules are imposed on the people by these gods?

Mind you, Sinbad and David wouldn't be any better, but clearly someone needs to smack down Ugo and Solomon too. They have deceived everyone, specially Aladdin, who has trusted Ugo all this time.

I don't understand how the whole "Sinbad is only human" shit when it's very clear that he's not just a normal human, the whole series has been wanking how special Sinbad is and now he just gets completely BTFO? What was the point?

Well hes special just not super mega double triple special

he is special.

He's just a super special human.

So was Solomon.

Ugo? More like YOU GONNA GET BTFO amirite?

He's not your regular nobody but he's ultimately only a single human.

Where can I read the chapter? I don't even mind that I got spoiled, I just need to read this shit.

Solomon and Ugo were only humans too. Ugo's just being a hypocrite.

>Literally the entire world is drastically different
Not really. It was only Parthevia and Kou who underwent actual drastic change, the rest of the world saw much smaller effects of Sinbad's vision, and even then those effects were more political than having to do with infrastructure like Parthevia. We didn't have to see every single country Alibaba went to.

>Exactly because they weren't allowed to be arcs because it would be 2 boring for ahdh kids
What? Ohtaka herself said that this is the final arc. Everything from chapter 283 onward falls under the flag of a singular arc. Each shifting story you read in it, from Alibaba's politics, Aladdin's return and Sinbad's grab for power, are simply sub-sections of a greater whole.

>Since he was fucking introduced
Eh. Ever since David was revealed to still have an influence on the current world we've known that there was an entity that was more qualified than Sinbad to be the FV. But I get what you're saying, Ohtaka teased fans over and over again about Sinbad. But you can't really say that she ever designated him to be the final boss and went back on it. It's more likely that he was a red herring all this time.

>Yes but he just storms in and gets rekt in 10 pages
I think that was the point. Sinbad was built up in the story as a big deal, and he bought into his own hype. Tons of characters told him that he isn't the special snowflake he thought he was, Ugo included, but he chose to ignore them in favour of his aggrandising image of himself. It shouldn't come as a surprise that a normal human would get easily defeated by the literal God of the world.

>he threw everything away in 3 chapters for no real reason
For him, it wasn't for no reason. Going back to the early portions of SnB, he's been shown to have an underlying lust for power under the grand and benevolent demeanour. This flaw was teased all the way back in the first Sindria Arc. He's always wanted more in spite of what he had. The guy had 7 Djinn.

Fucking this.

See the images here? Try hard to guess the side

>Le Ugo iz a hypocrite meme XDDD
Stay mad, salty Sincucks and hold this everlasting L. Your boy got bodied.

I'm a Babafag, nerd. But you're delusional if you can't see Ugo's been a huge hypocrite.

Not an argument.

Lel sure you are, man. Anyway, go one, tell me how he's a hypocrite without spewing your typical bullshit.

You've already been told. Again, not an argument.

>tell me how he's a hypocrite
I already did.

>You've already been told
Not an argument. I said WITHOUT spewing your usual bullshit.

Ugo WAS a normal human. Sinbad is a normal human NOW.

Sinbad isn't a normal human.

Yes, he is (or was, before he got the well done treatment)

Your butthurt and nazi semantics won't change the fact that no matter how special Sinbad is, he's just a human.

I expect Sindras djinn hoarding to come into effect at sometime

In fairness the dungeon of Baal was failed at the first door by like 10k people so the chances of success there where lower than 1%

new chapter when?

I love how this crock of braindead retards is trying to paint Ugo as the one in the wrong. What the fuck was he supposed do? Just sit back and allow Sinbad to usurp him? Would that he satisfied you stupid faggots? Should he have been a passive bitch and watch on and do nothing as Sinbad attempts to replace him? That's stupid. Fuck off.

Ugo has created a shit world and couldn't get shit done until Sinbad came and picked up his shit

Probably next Friday again, especially if Yonkou keeps scanlating new chapters.

I wasn't aware that the word climaxed every time a normal human is born.

More like Ugo-sue.

You mean a world that's just like ours. It was never supposed to be some kind of ever-lasting utopia and Sinbad would have made it 1000x worse if he had his way.

>Ugo WAS a normal human. Sinbad is a normal human NOW.
The point is being human shouldn't be a problem. Ugo's just using this as an excuse to justify his arbitrary rules. In the end, he's just a dictator, not much different from what Sinbad wanted to do.

>I said WITHOUT spewing your usual bullshit
I explained why. It's not my fault you can't read to save your life.

Sinbad wanted to control the thoughts and opinions of literally everyone on the planet, you gawping retard. That's very different from Ugo's system.

You don't get it, Ugo is right because he looks like my crush Alibaba and I hate Sinbad.

>Ugo says to Sinbad he's only a human
>as if Ugo wasn't born a human himself

Next chapter better not be completely retarded.

It's not that different. The divine providence Ugo's talking about is fate and control everyone's life to some extent.

I'm okay with Sinbad getting wrecked. I'm just saying Ugo needs to go too.

Ugo's system allows people to exert some influence over their own destiny. Sinbad's would have prevented people from having any influence at all.

Ugo's system allows people like Arba destroying the world and guys like Sinbad trying to hijack the SP.

I already say I'm okay with Sinbad not getting what he wanted. But Ugo needs to go too. There has to be actual free will, not Ugo's half-assed brand of it.

Are you trying to imply our world in the grand scheme of things isn't horribly run?

Wrong thats the opposite of Sinbads goal, thats more apt when describing what Kou wanted

Are you trying to imply that one megalomaniacal person possessing unequivocal control over the world and its inhabitants isn't a terrible, terrible idea?

RIP high king of the seven seas, you will be dearly missed


>you will be dearly missed

I would just like to take the time to say... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GET REKT FAGET

If it was anyone but sinbad, yes it is a bad idea.
But every other leader in Magi is either completely inept or actively wants to fuck everyone over so I can get why Sinbad would be worried about handing control of the world over to someone else. Look at Balabadd for example

TFW destiny gets youBLACKED


Going down in a blaze of glory.

The last couple of chapters have been god tier entertaining.

Based Ohtaka.

People's reading comprehension being awful aside, I am surprised nobody expected Ugo to be strong when he is the acting admin of the world.

Right? How anyone expected Sinbad to stand a chance is beyond me. Maybe they thought Ugo's fight with Fish was anything to go by.

everybody expected him to fuck up burntbad. this fight had only 2 ways it coulda gone down and that was ugo wrecks sin or sin asspulls his way to a victory. David was always comin after this fight though

>David was always comin after this fight though
True. But I don't think anyone expected Ugo to one-up David.

yeah that was defs a surprise. I mean didn't solomon say that Davids power make his look insignificant in comparison. Who knows maybe all that lifting ugo been doin will help him put the SMACKDOWN

>The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if magi ended next year or maybe even by the end of this year.
or worst, next chapter is the final

>next chapter ugo breaks david neck
>fast forward 100 years
>wars breaking out again
>a new singularity is born
>this time in the form of a great blue whale
>sinwhale is born to rule the seven seas
yes i am shinobus editor

Ohtaka posted that we are at the middle point of the final arc, of course it will end relatively soon.

Not an argument.


Based Ugo

As funny as that sounds, it's probably yonkou not knowing japanese as usual.

Maybe Sinbad had some side plot knowing if he failed this suicide mission that its the only way David could've been taken out of play

That's stupid.

Best girl again when?

When best boy appears.

Wedding when?


>Sinbad dies on Cred Forums's birthday
Is this a sign?

Well shit, he really died. I feel it was a little anticlimactic but still overall pretty good since he did get btfo pretty hard which is good in its own way.

Sick burn.


I still want to kiss Alibaba.

Not to say that Sinbad's end wasn't fitting, but how many more long running series are going to have shit endings because they decide to wrap up dozens of plot strings in 30 chapters?

>Sindbad was just a David's tool all this time
>got wrecked on every single fucking level imaginable alongside him
It's a good chapter.
Sindbad got immensely annoying in the end.

I like that.

Who's his waifu?

Dead pink hair?

Except the ones who were like that are either dead or otherwise incapable of ruling. No one knows what's happening to Balbadd currently, but the previous ruler is gone now, no thanks to Sinbad.

Ugo's system is still a system where people are binded to their roles. Sinbad was destined to fail. In a world like that, free will is irrelevant.

Best boy Ugo showing all these scrubs what true power really is.

Not necessarily you can do anything you want except become God. Sinbad is ironically a great example of this, he was born into nothing a worked to reach to the top. But his main problem is that is that he had achieved everything a person could ever achieve and more but he still wanted more. It was his greed that ultimately caused his downfall.

Which is fine, since Ugo shits on them both in terms of power. They never stood a chance.

You misunderstand Solomon and Ugo.

Ugo is no different from David

>Il-Ilah was a terrible god
>Ugo is a terrible god
>David would be a terrible god
>Sinbad would be a terrible god
And Alma Torran shows that not even getting rid of god makes things better.

Magi's world is fucked no matter what.

How so?

See on what makes us discuss Magi? There are other shonen battle that creates similar thoughts? Magi is incredible.

What is Ugo is the actual final villain?

Which Ali would you Baba?

All of them. I want every single Alibaba. I love him.

If Sinbad is dead what is the purpose of Alibaba?


Why are you assuming that Alibaba was going to fight Sinbad?

>Sinbad: happy and ded
>Arba: lolified and clueless
>Al Thamen: old and busted
>Davids millennia long keikaku: complete failure
So the next chapter is the last chapter, or am I missing something big?

Ugo was the final boss the whole time.

Bitch slapping Sinbad doesn't make him to the final boss

But bitch slapping David does.

Aladdin and friends overthrowing Ugo for being David tier power drunk

But both of them are/were greedy cunts, so he did everyone a favor

Reminder that Alibaba will fuck a lion.

And make a beautiful hybrid child.

Cute furry children.

>Fanalis half-breeds
>with blond hair
Furry genes are way stronger than that.

Hey, a blonde Fanalis would be interesting to see.


magi is unpredictable as fuck

>David's endgame?
Creating a utopia where everyone is happy.

Ugo and Solomon's world is wrong. He himself realizes that. He should just leave things to David, who is his former master anyway.

And what makes you think David's world would be any better?

>Just sit back and allow Sinbad to usurp him? Would that he satisfied you stupid faggots?
From a plot-perspective, yes. Right now there is no reason why Magi shouldn't end in the next 3-4 chapters, all evil and even ambiguous characters have been defeated. Otaka might pull a Naruto and come up with the super-strong-hidden-final-boss-of-all-bosses but imo those generally suck

What happens to Loliarba now that everyone she was rooting for got BTFO.

They really shouldn't have get rid of Ill ilah. For all we know everyone except Ill ilah is wrong. Solomon and Ugo still controls everything. Sinbad and David is shit. I hate how hypocritical Ugo is with the "You're only human." shit. He was human too. How come he didn't give up and just follow his fate like a normal little human. Fuck this shit. I want Ill ilah back. Free Ill ilah.

Arba, shut up and let me fuck you.

>I hate how hypocritical Ugo is
Sinbadfags still pushing this meme, I see.

I really want to fuck Morgiana.

Tell me how he isn't hypocritical. He's human too. Why didn't he follow his fate? Why?
And I'm an Arbafag. I want to set Ill ilah free.

At least, in David's world, war wasn't even exist for hundred of years until that faggot Solomon started to mess things up.


Didn't David and Sinbad have some weird connection to it? Maybe with both of them gone it's going to become sentiment(again?) and be the final villain.

Nothing Ugo said was untrue. Sinbad IS a human, and Ugo IS a God. As a human, Sinbad challenging a God and thinking he could win was asinine. Ugo was never a challenge that he could surpass. And, like a human, he tried to attain monumental power because of his personal greed and ambition, which means he never really cared about the well-being of the world; so Ugo was right to point out to him the flaws that drove him yet at the same time he ignored up until his final moments.

Another big difference is that Ugo never actively sought out godhood, it was practically forced on him due to the dire circumstances in Alma Torran. He never wanted it. Sinbad did, and he did actively try to become a God, ultimate power being a dream that many simple humans wish for.

Ugo is not a human, he overused his magic and became a djinn. Solomon appointed him the overseer of the new world, and he was the only one capable to pull it off. What else he were to do, say he is not worthy and fuck off?

Sinbad on the other hand reaches out of the domain of humans just because of his greed and desire, not sense of responsibilty and inevitability.

David's the one that taint Ill ilah in the first place.

Magi hivemind.

>At least, in David's world, war wasn't even exist

But the problem here is that Ugo said that Sinbad was only human. Not saying that Sinbad was right but Ugo was wrong. Ugo should have stop Solomon from attaining control over the rukh of the world. He should have followed his fate. But no he rebel against fate with Solomon. That isn't right and he is actively fighting his fate. What's the difference with Sinbad? It doesn't matter the reason for fighting against fate because both of them fight against fate. Ugo is a fucking hypocrite and he knows it. If someone actually was fighting against fate than he knows that he did something wrong like forcing a king to fall. It's fate right? But Ugo is all "muh Solomon will" and shit. It just shows that he cares more about Solomon's will than the world's will.

Of course the reasons fucking matter. Sinbad just wants power. That's the main factor in his motivation to become God. He's just a megalomaniac who wants to stroke his dick for all eternity. All that stuff he talked to Aladdin about in 305 turned out to be complete and utter horseshit. Ugo became a God out of sheer necessity. It was either that or let the world stay dead and barren. Even in hid godhood, the system that he and Solomon derives allows people to at least somewhat have dominion over their own fates. Sinbad would deprive people of that dominion and simply have all the power of the world to himself, not allowing anyone to think or act in a way that he doesn't.

Ugo's system isn't even that good, but Sinbad's would be way, way worse. You're just looking at it on the paper, but Ugo isn't being hypocritical in reminding Sinbad that he's not as great as he thinks he is, nor is he for stopping him from becoming a tyrant.

Solomon's will is that everyone chooses their own Fate you fucking retard, he calls it Solomon's will because Solomon thought about it and that's it.

In the previous world there was no "choose your own fate" because DAVID had tainted Il Illah and made everyone a slave. Sinbad wants to do THE EXACT SAME THING DAVID DID. He wants to control the world himself and he's going to choose what people do or don't, Ugo doesn't choose what people do or don't, he lets everyone live their life accordingly and just overwatches them.

Why are sinbadfags speedreaders

>Two based anons BTFO'ing Sinbadfags

That's not the problem now you fucking idiot. What I'm saying now is that it doesn't matter why they fight against fate because they fight against fate. Ugo goes all you're only a human. Your fate is limited to a human and you are destined to fall. That's what hypocritical now. He didn't follow his own fate but he wants someone else to follow their fate. He should have followed his own fate and never rebel against Ill ilah in the first place. Alright? Alright, lets set up an example. If Sinbad was actually good. He never was influenced by David. He is actually trying to change the world so that everyone can be happy and can still influence their own fate. But he needs to be god to do this. Do you think Ugo would just give him the position? Ugo wouldn't. He would just go "muh Solomon will" and "you're only human" shit. That's what matter right now. Ugo is a fucking hypocrite. Let Ill ilah free. Let Ill ilah rule again.

But they don't choose their own fate. It's all predetermined. Sure they could choose to live a better life but in the end everything will end the same way. Nothing will change. That's fate. That's Solomon's will.

Sinbad returned to the Rukh so Aladdin will see him like he does everyone else.

By the way, did Ohtaka just

Can you not fucking read, you completely senseless retard? Listen to yourself:

>If Sinbad was actually good. He never was influenced by David. He is actually trying to change the world so that everyone can be happy and can still influence their own fate.
You're literally relying on headcanon for the sake keeping your shitty argument alive. The fact of the matter is, Sinbad was driven by selfishness more than anything else. He didn't actually give a damn about the welfare of the world or its people. It was all one massive power trip. Of course Ugo wouldn't sit by and just allow Sinbad to have his way. What kind of idiot would? You're just grasping at straws here.

Other characters suffering while Baba is actually enjoying himself.

How the tables have turned.

Now there was a good antagonist. Sinbad didn't live up to his own hype at all, let alone the standards that Mogamett set.

So basically the moral of the story in Magi is to just accept your fate, you can never accomplish your dreams no matter how hard you try because it's all predetermined. Epic.

What I'm asking is would Ugo let him if he was good? No, he still wouldn't. I don't care the reason for what they did. Sinbad chose to fight recklessly and he pays for it. But the problem here is that Ugo justify himself with "You are only human" and "Everyone who reach the top will eventually fall". That's the rule and Sinbad can't break it because Solomon was the true king and all that. That's the problem here. He doesn't justify himself with "You're bad" but with "You're not the one". It's fucking shit. Ugo is fucking shit.

> user says as he gets swallowed up by black rukh

> Sinbad didn't live up to his own hype at all
What hype?

Are you the same retard posting about Sinbad being a big boss or something? He was never hyped to be a final villain or a villain at all, only David/Illah were and Sinbad was shown for like 100 chapters as being David's bitch, hell even Arba played with him.

Black rukh was original rukh.

Don't be stupid. Sinbad has been hyped up for literally hundreds of chapters.

Don't know about that man, he was pretty hyped up

>Ugo justify himself with "You are only human"
Because Sinbad is a greedy human that wants to change the world and make it his own garden. HE IS LITERALLY DAVID.

>and "Everyone who reach the top will eventually fall"
He says that everyone will die eventually you retarded fuckface, he says that everyone great will eventually die but new kings will surpass him.

He is literally telling Sinbad what Aladdin and Ja'far told him! that he's not meant to control the world forever, that the people of the future will take care of the future because humanity doesn't need someone to guide them.

Ugo literally explains to Sinbad that's how the world works, people die and then some others carry on, that way the world will never become stale on a same era but continue to push forward.

Stay salty sincuck

Nope. It's simply to not let yourself get swallowed up by megalomania.
Hakuryuu managed to fall into depravity and came out a sober and mature man. I believe the fact that Solomon's world "allows" a person to fall into depravity is one of it's greater strengths.

The world basically gives a general doctrine to everyone but if you're unsatisfied with it, you may try to oppose it.
But of course if you take it too far beyond your own life and oppose the doctrine itself, you get BBQ'd like Sinbad.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. Sinbad accomplished all his dreams, so he found a new one, there's nothing wrong with that.

speaking of dying, why hasn't any mage created that spell that slows ageing like a mother fucker

You are literally skipping half my post and it's fall from the translations I'm reading.
Just reply properly please. Why did Ugo justify himself with fate, destiny and all that crap but not intention? Why user? Why?

>Don't be stupid. Sinbad has been hyped up for literally hundreds of chapters.

Ad DAVID's bitch, hell the whole point of him having black Rukh inside him is because of David, the whole point of him seeing the "flow of destiny" is DAVID.
We've known this for 100 chapters now, can't you fucking that?

You keep saying that but you don't have any proof to back it up, the only hype Sinbad had was him being able to see destiny and his twisted methods to get what he wanted. Back in Alma Torran we saw someone like him, david. After that we learned that Sinbad and David were basically one.

Speedreaders fuck off

Apparently not.

>Sinbad accomplished all his dreams
That's what he thought.

>What I'm asking is would Ugo let him if he was good?
What's the point of asking a hypothetical question that we'll never know the answer to? You wanna know, ask Ohtaka, because I'm not the guy who's in the loop. You yourself can't actually determine for sure either way, which makes the foundation of your entire argument a flimsy assumption.

>But the problem here is that Ugo justify himself with "You are only human" and "Everyone who reach the top will eventually fall"
I don't see how that's a problem. It's a perfect reflection of the real world's history. People rise and they fall all the time; just like entire civilisations and species. These things run in cycles and Sinbad is no exception. If we're talking in terms of Magi's narrative, then this paradigm that Ugo talks about is necessary in order to maintain balance in the world. Out with the old and in with the new, rinse and repeat.

>You keep saying that
the fuck, this is my second post

And he died for it.

There's nothing wrong with killing a madman, hell Ugo didn't even want to kill him and told Sinbad to go back, Sinbad only died because he kept going forward to the palace. See >Why did Ugo justify himself with fate, destiny and all that crap but not intention?
This was explained to you a million times by several anons, fuck off.

But that means there's no one that can fight against fate. It was always set in stone. You can fail and you can succeed but only in your own world. When you try to become god, then that's a problem. What's the difference when Ill ilah was running the place. Literally hitler Ugo. And again why do people always skip the important part. People call Ugo hypocritical because the way he justified himself. The only reason that Ugo basically gave was "it wasn't your destiny." Fuck that.

>Implying the madmen here aren't Ugo and Solomon

They are the ones who are controlling every body's fate now, according to their will. And yet they prevent everyone else to rebel against such "fate", thus Ugo kills Sinbad. He is just a simple murderer and power hungry madman who wants to monopoly all power for himself.

> the only hype Sinbad had was him being able to see destiny
seems pretty fucken hype to me. I mean he was working with the leader of Al-Thamen which at the time seemed to be a pretty big deal.

It fucking wasn't. Stop your bullshit.

Honestly, I can't to speculate what might happen. Ohtaka is incredible. After the end of Magi I will read his new manga surely.

>What's the difference when Ill ilah was running the place.
Well, Ill Ilah let you kill him and become god. You even got to power drain him.

He was cool like that.

its a girl user
Anyway since Sin got Singed, The fuck was arbas plan originally I mean how could should not predict shit was gonna hit the wall as soon as you attempted to get into the sacred palace

>seems pretty fucken hype to me. I mean he was working with the leader of Al-Thamen which at the time seemed to be a pretty big deal.




And about what you said, same here. She's amazing and she always says fuck you to the cliches and fans expectations. Last week it was
>Meh Sinbad is a huge Gary Stu he will kill Ugo with bullshit asspulls fuck Sinbad!!!

This week Ohtaka after all the foreshadowing that he would die outright burned Sinbad alive, he never stood a chance and to the end he was just David's puppet, like we were told a hundred times.

1-Like Ugo said, Arba is an idiot. It was never 1%, it was 0.


2-Arba is still very much alive and she doesn't care about Sinbad or David, so expect her to get past Ugo as he fights David. Bringing back Illah

Sinbad's special because he was able to read Solomon's flow of destiny. He then decides he wants to usurp Solomon's role.
Its like he was reading a mystery novel and was able to figure everything out, so he decided that he should be the author now.

What you don't seem to get is that Sinbad was guided by destiny all his life. It's what led him to achieve everything he did. That aside, Ugo's justification isn't that hard to understand. He's God for a reason. People like to harp on about how being a human shouldn't be a problem for anyone wanting to become a God, but if that was the case, then the title of God itself would become a meaningless hot potato since anyone who wanted that power would get to have it by sheer virtue of the desire alone.

Imagine the absolute clusterfuck that would turn the world into. Flawed and fallible people no longer fighting for things like land or money or ideology, but literally the power of the divine and all that it yields. A scenario like that would be much worse than the current one.

But don't mistake me, I'm not justifying the existence of a god. Ideally, I'd like Magi to end with the concept of god being abolished and true free will finally being reachable. But when it comes to Ugo's way or Sinbad's, I'll go with Ugo every day of the week.

>Its like he was reading a mystery novel and was able to figure everything out, so he decided that he should be the author now.
That's a fucking fantastic analogy. Describes Sinbad's mentality perfectly.

>Flawed and fallible people no longer fighting for things like land or money or ideology, but literally the power of the divine and all that it yields
sounds like a shonen manga storyline.

He was guided by destiny. Sure and he tried to take hold of that destiny. That's okay too. But to Ugo who had already become a god when he was first human and decided to not let anyone else to become god is hypocritical of him. The problem with Ugo is that he thinks that only him and Solomon is right. Everything else is wrong. I don't want both Ugo and Sinbad to become god. I want Ill ilah.

>Ugo is a hypocrite

Oh boy don't you get tired? Jesus christ man

But Ilah is under the control of David. If you're advocating that route, you're basically just saying you want one individual to rule over all instead of another individual because you like one more than the other. Again, there's nothing hypocritical about preventing a greedy human from attaining the power to bend everything to his will, since Ugo himself doesn't do that. He actually allows people to make choices. Sinbad wouldn't.

It's like saying that the CEO of a company is a hypocrite for preventing a shady conman from usurping his company out from under him.

You can't say otherwise. Ugo is being hypocritical and arrogant.

>You can't say otherwise.
People have been telling you otherwise this entire thread and your only response is constantly repeating yourself.

>decided to not let anyone else to become god

Did you miss the part where Sinbad went up in flames? Ugo tried to stop Sinbad because he knew what would happen and not because he was jelly that there would be another god.

I just noticed it but David IS ACTUALLY A GIANT.

So that means Ugo is even more gigantic.

why is sinbad a bad guy

>Has Sin and Bad in his name
>Ever thinking he was a good guy

oh right

He's not, David is.

Sinbad is just greedy and he wants to become god because David told him that controlling everything was cool. In the end it only lead to his death, he lost everything he had accomplished, his friends, the entire world. All because he discarded everything for MORE.
>I let go of the burden on my shoulders
>Even without anything I will reach those heights

Sinbad is honestly just a fool, he had everything and discarded it away.

He lost.

So how did Ugo get this strong?

Pretty much. When I read 305, I gained a ton of respect for Sinbad. But these last few chapters have diminished him a fair bit in my eyes. Now, I have barely any respect for him at all.

He's god.

I mean how did he get reality warping powers, before he couldn't do shit.
Wasn't the whole point that Ugo was a scholar who couldn't put his own theories into practice?

By literally and unironically becoming God.

>Chinese empress actually sincerely thanks you for bringing peace to the world.
>Somehow takes it as an insult.
In the end paranoia and power got to his head like many other powerful rulers.

Sinbad gets Madara'd. At least out final antagonist actually has an explored backstory.

Except that Ugo was unavailable to stop Arba, dimwit.

My chest still hurts hours after reading todays chapter. Gotta congratulate ohtaka sinbad is one of the best written manga characters in recent times.

>make peace through union
>girl thanks you as she separates
She basically shat over Sinbad's work.

Not really. Kou had a right to leave the IA so they did.

They had, doesn't change that it goes against everything Sinbad did to make peace.

It really didn't. The most damage it did to Sinbad was embarrass him

>setting an example that separate is A-ok
>It really didn't
Separation is not good if the peace of the world depends on it.

Sinbad's way could have lead to problems down the line anyway, since not everyone was included into his little club. Kougyoku separating just created options for those disenfranchised countries, that isn't war.

Rarely other comic books written for Japanese boys actually inspire discussion like this.

So what about today, does anyone want to marry a Fish?



Depends on whether kek is on my side.

According Solomon, Ugo is the greatest magician ever.

In all seriousness, if it turns out that Sinbad, David and Arba were all red herrings and Ugo is the true FV; that would be one hell of a swerve. Who would have seen that coming?

>BTFO Sinbad with some dumb speech
Is Kougyoku officially the strongest Magi character?

When I read this chapter I thought all the dialogue were joke translations. It just sounds cringy, like humor in bad taste done by an edgelord teenager. That can't be what ohtaka wrote.

I wonder what ja'far will do when he finds out. Since sinbad is the ocean now will ja'far do like that persian emperor and start commanding slaves to whip and beat the ocean waves?

The Ugo she fought was just a tiny fraction of his actual power

>no one really wants to marry a Fish

She's doomed to be alone and sad forever.

Doesn't Aladdin want to?

In Aladdin's family is a tradition that the son fights his father - Ugo is the one that has acted as a father figure to Aladdin.

But Ohtaka is still unpredictable.

He does, I was just joking. I don't think the character who wanted love the most would end up alone.

I don't know why silly murricans find this such a hilarious joke. Neither in Japanese or in the original language does his name have such a negative meaning.

I don't know either. Sinbad is the name of the river.

I haven't kept up with the manga since the second anime.

Has Alibaba won da Morgianabowl yet? Is Sinbad still being worse than Hitler to Alibaba?

The entire site is made for people who like to bitch and complain. About any and every series. It's terrible.

Well, take the translations with a mine worth of salt. It's yonkouproductions after all, he barely knows Japanese, but is in dire need of attention.

I've been wondering where this guy came from. He just popped up and started translating Magi chapters in recent weeks.

>Has Alibaba won da Morgianabowl yet?


she's the cutest

He was hanging around the raw providers trying to get in secret clubs since ages ago. This year his sucking of dick finally paid off, and he got an early source of his own, so he whores for attention like there is no tomorrow.

She's the best girl in the entire manga. Damn shame all her screentime is eaten up by everyone else.

I am the one who loves Fish the most.

It used to be good in 2005-2009. Not that Magi was running back then, but still, the community was okay. Now it's half tumblr/half facebook or something. Only the manga news subforum is worth something, and I don't mean discussion.

Ah, that explains it. He's no Sense either way, even they do take longer.

When Magi will end there are no more shonen quality. I forsake shonen battle if Ohtaka or Arakawa will not do something new.

Magi will get a sequel with Aladdin's kid, Aladdon.

The ride never ends.

No, the sequel will be about the child of AlaKou's daughter and AliMor's son. The ultimate OP singularity.

I swear, this is the only consistently quality long-running shounen in history.

Prove me wrong.

I was joking about a sequel but I'm not even going to be surprised if kids show up in the last chapter. Seems like every shounen is doing it.

Is Sinbad the greatest character of all time?

Nope. Alibaba is.

>Sinbad's would have prevented people from having any influence at all.

Objectively wrong

At least learn your folklore, and come up with something better.

Like, in Magi, we had magicians called after jew kings: David > Solomon > Aladdin (Yeshua).

So why not make a mahou shoujos named Cain, Abel and Seth or something.

I do not want a sequel. After Magi I want a new manga. Ohtaka must ending as it should Magi.

Only liberals and niggers would dislike Sinbads world.

>At least learn your folklore, and come up with something better.

user. It was a joke.

Sinbad is the best character not the protagonist of all time.

Alibaba is the best character protagonist of all time.

I dropped this shit a while ago, how the fuck did Ugo become a fucking hyperGod?

Read 305 again, speedreaders.

Ugo is going to be a villain. He wants that Aladdin would become a God. I can see Aladdin saying FUCK YOU to Ugo.

I-I tried to make one too.

His enemies were commies, not liberals.

It's okay, user, I respect the thought that went into the names.

He was one from the beginning.

Unbelievable, this thread is still alive. Why? I thought that few people read this manga.

Lots of people read Magi user.

Magi is a decently popular ongoing, what are you talking about. Not the toppest level, but still quite mainstream.

Always be afraid of the one that is silent and obedient - they always are the ones that have the most power.

That's what I respect about Ohtaka, she mixed some well known setting together and got something unique out of it. After reading her first work, Sumomomomomomomomomomomomomo, I never expected her to become my favorite so easily.


Ugo would prefer a world where people can freely gather nukes in dungeons and have people be forced to go there and allow slavery to be a thing.

I want to impregnate Alibaba.

Ugo acts with black rukh as the trash. Black rukh still doesn't come back to the great flow. I mean, Ugo is a villain.

Retards. Sinbad wanted a world where free will doesn't exist at all. Let go of your pathetic blind fanboyism and see him for the deluded cunt he really was.

But seriously it blows ass. You get handed a destiny, and if you don't like it your rukh turns black and then when you die you get thrown in the trash, not returned to the flow. It's bullshit.

Reminder Hakuryuu is always right.

But now what is the purpose of Alibaba? I speak seriously. He must necessarily have a purpose saw what he did Ohtaka with the character, but I can not predict anything.

It's funny how Kougyoku used to be my least favorite character due to her cliche introduction in the series, but now she's my favorite since it's more fun watching some cute Queen with no Ladyship skills try to run a Kingdom than watching Team Aladdin re-enact Naruto.

There is no differen between Sinbad and Solomon. at least Sinbad has been sincere.
Solomon did want what Sinbad wanted to do.

Look at Ugo faces in this chapter, the way he acts with a black rukh - he is a big villain that uses Solomon and Aladdin.

Alibaba is Aladdin's Ugo. He is is this world's Ugo.

Shounen protag to get the girl and do flashy fire magic. Self insert point for the otaku, that's why recently he's been de-virginized and has had a harem. Ninja bitch, orphan troupe, mor, fish, yunan, etc all sucking his cock, and judar for the homos.

>at least Sinbad has been sincere.
No he fucking hasn't. He's been lying to himself this whole time, and only in his very final moments did he finally admit what a shallow piece of shit he really was.

>Years later and Ugo still BTFOing douchebags


Ugo hasn't did anything this satisfying since he beat the shit out of that whiny bitch Judar.

I miss Morgiana.

You're right.

And Ugo was talking about Sinbad not wanting to follow the destiny that Ugo has gave to him. White rukh follows Solomon's destiny ( I should call it Ugo's destiny) and the black rukh is the free one from this destiny.

Solomon's destiny lets people exert some of their own will over fate. Sinbad just wanted everyone to bend completely to his will. He was an arrogant dumbass who thought he was above everybody. He got what he deserved and was bitch-slapped down to reality before burning to a crisp.

What makes Solomon or Ugo any more right than Sinbad?

Nope. Sinbad was a mere human - it's his own words. By the way Solomon and Ugo were humans too. Solomon's destiny is the same shit as Illah's destiny. Destiny just has the other owner and that's it.

I continued to read the manga. I found this in front of me. What the fuck? I'm reading a comic book, not a book. Fuck Magi.

>Ninja bitch
Never met her
>orphan troupe
Got together with each other
One true waifu
Just a friend, currently single
Too old to get it up
Still hates him

>By the way Solomon and Ugo were humans too
The difference is that Ugo created this world along with its rules. That was how he became a god.

Sinbad wants to overthrow the current god of his world, something that Ugo never did or even intended to do. The one who did that was Solomon, and the entire world went to shit because of what he did.

>What makes Solomon or Ugo any more right than Sinbad?
The fact that they don't want to dictate to people how they should think and what opinions they should have.

Exactly. He was a mere human who thought he was above being one. And that obnoxious arrogance got him killed.

It's like an anime plot of Golden Sun. The main cast runs around doing all this stuff to prevent the baddies from getting what they want, and then a third party steps in at the last second and saves the day with none the wiser.

Makes me wonder how he did the workaround for the sacred palace. I'm guessing he permanently sealed it in some fashion, or that it never existed to begin with and was part of his ruse cruise.

adhd detected. This was one of the best pages, maybe like top 20 whole manga. Fuck yourself.

>>Ninja bitch

The one that bred with one-hand pirate dude.

>Just a friend

Should have told that when we were flooded with fishbaba shitposters that ruined every fucking thread. I hate that ship solely because of them.

>Too old to get it up

I'll fight you.

>still hates him

Called hatefuck.

>ugo and solomon are two dudes
>then they become gods
>"solomons arrogance"
>doesn't matter if he drug along ugo or if ugo came on his own, they started out as two normal humans
>now they think they get to decide everything

How about letting people decide on their own? Any of these chucklefucks think of that? Fuck solomon and by extension fuck ugo. It's a shitty world. You're handed a destiny and if you don't like it, "god" pitches your rukh into the trash. It's shit. I'd revolt against a god that did that.

Sinbad may be an arrogant dictator but he's no different than solomon/ugo.

>The one that bred with one-hand pirate dude
She's a gladiator bitch
>Should have told that when we were flooded with fishbaba shitposters that ruined every fucking thread
I did all the time, was bullied for it. Those were dark times.

>Should have told that when we were flooded with fishbaba shitposters that ruined every fucking thread.

People told them. They just didn't listen because "muh ship" and "a boy and a girl can't be friends".

I meant to reply to

>Bump limit
>Page 10
>Just 1 IP away from 100 posters

>It's a shitty world
I literally just said the magi world is shit because of Solomon. What are you trying to achieve by telling me the exactly same thing?

And the fact that people in the current world at least have the choice of throwing their rukh in the garbage or not is already better than Sinbad's "utopia" of braindead puppets.

Gotcha kazoku.