Precure thread

precure thread

-no elitism
-no shitposting
-in short dont be a dick
-and remember have fun

I like Mahou.

is cute and fun


Are we allowing fun?

Is this real life?

Smile was good.

They're gay

really glad to see some representation in precure for once

most anime is real blah about it

I asked Imagination Station about Maho and all they said is that "we haven't dropped it, real life obligations bla bla bla". I'll just take that as they aren't working on it.

Yes, Nagisa, we can have some fun.

NO blogs
NO kigs
NO gopricks
NO sockfuckers
NO pitfags

>I'll just take that as they aren't working on it.
try and stay positive :)

they'll get around to it when they can

I'm glad we have a thread again. It was awful looking at my second monitor and not seeing cute precures.

>general rule list
>using hyphens as meme arrows
>butthurt by meanies on Cred Forums
>zero capitalization

You forgot the link to r/precure and the thread theme. Should probably add a discord, too.


Yeah, I know they will eventually, but that's just not good enough (am I entitled or what). They could at least put out the episodes when they do them rather than saving them and piling them up.

>try and stay positive :)

Fuck off.

NO fun

your free to leave

Misumi Nagisa want pants too.

What does that even mean?

something too old for you to remember

Cred Forums crossboarder who thinks he's funny.

What is Precure without elitism, shitposting, series shaming, dickism, blogging, kigs, *casual/prick/tards/bots, pits, socks, smelly feet lovers, /u/fools, sub drama and NO FUN?

Dead. That's what it is.

Show some respect to elders.

It's always has to be a dick sizing competition with you people.

What is better, the commie or lepoard raws?


How does one have fun?

>look at me I remember dumb thing that Cartoon Network aired 20 years ago
>look at me randomly post it with Nagisa every thread for no reason
>anyone who points out how stupid and not funny this is is just an underage

You going through your midlife crisis or something? I don't think precure threads are the best way to deal with that.

By being a little girl like the precures.

The first step is to get off Cred Forums.

Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!

Any reason?

I did not posted Grundy Nagisa for ages.
It is funny. You won't understand.
We are here forever.

Cure Ace and Cure Moonlight aren't little girls, and Ako said I can be a Precure if I just put my mind to it.

You can be a little girl if you just put your mind into it

120 days until Maho ends.

A decade later

Let's buy it

That was Commie themselves. Obviously the raws are better.

I don't want to hear about them being older. I'm afraid I'll just get angry.


NO wonder the threads keep dying.

I-is daily minamin against the rules?

some memes are okay if they are cute and not hateful

Does anyone have the same hairstyle as a Precure? I literally have Rin's hair except brown.

Maybe /pc/ would improve with some coloring or livewatches

Will this thread last until airing time at least?
This has been a rough week

I want to make Rin a woman through sweat, screams and blood.

So gender reassignment surgery with no anesthesia?

Me too, dude.

Threads keep dying because Maho is a pile of shit with no subs. The good posters abandoned ship months ago. Leaving people like and OP who think this is a general thread where we ask each other about our personal lives and aren't allowed to post anything negative or mean.

Fuck off.

>not handholding
>long walks on the beach
>taking her out to dinner
>develop something
>nope, just abduct and rape her
Is everyone in /pc/ a creep?

if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all

golden rule

Am I wrong for thinking that there was going to be a magic card theme at the start of the season? Magic cards and tricks seemed like an obvious route to take.


So is nobody scanning the Maho manga or coloring books yet?

Nobody wants to scan anything. There's a ton of material out there unscanned and nobody seems to care.


But the few pages I've seen of the manga here on /pc/ actually look better than the show

I was wondering what was up with those character designs, then I looked at the air date. 2004 was an awkward year.

>we CCS now
FW also did a card thing but that was just to sell merc. Wish they actually could have showed them more than a few times.

Either top-tier bait or genuine misunderstanding.

Magic cards in a series about magic just seems like a natural extension. They tried to include lots of other magic-y things, but missed those.

I reported this post four hours ago and it's still here. This kind of thing makes me fear Cred Forums is truly beyond saving.

Captcha somewhat related.

your not wanted here, just leave

Maho isn't toilets. HaCha is the one where they actually sing into a toilet.

Is Ellen a blue or purple cure?


What do you think of Precure CGI?

I don't understand.

Oh, there's over a dozen series. So that character design is kind of a throwback which was going to be my second guess if it was a modern series. It's like a mix between the late 90s and modern design.

It's more like most designs are just taking what was already made and mixing+matching them.

But yeah, the first series looked like this. It was praised at the time for being rather unique to its genre.

Try not using fanart when showing people what the first series looked like.


Kill yourself OP


>unique to its genre
Unlike now where it's bland as fuck.


Fun things are fun

Please try not to post pixilated pictures.

I didn't even realize that was fanart when I clicked the thumbnail.

I've seen everything and Maho is my favorite season.


It has my favorite cures.

It doesn't matter how much you try to say otherwise, Anitwitter Jesus, the ToeiPhillis outsourced animation of that episode made it ugly. Thankfully, the actual ending looked great.

Please try not to whine if you don't understand why something isn't exactly the way you want it to be.

Regina is still best girl though.


You must have mistaken me for someone else, I don’t spend my days on Twitter calling people I don’t like “garbage” over opinions they’ve expressed, and I don’t find boobs terrifying either.

Kamatani just really scratches my itch of COOL and EXPLOSIONS and IN SPACE. (Although there wasn’t nearly enough of the last one in GoPri)

Nagisa makes best faces

-Mofurun only
-Final destination


This lovely cat is blue! Her favorite color is blue! Don't let others fool you!

I hope this thread lives.

precure threads in general are dying, ellenfriend.

/ai/ and /pc/ should have never split up.

>Mahofag makes a dumb op again.

I want to say to slap them together but /ai/ doesn't deserve having all this malice.


The cutest.

Maho's can't be the cutest because they're soulless and unlikeable.

Fuck off


>soulless and unlikeable

I'm afraid there's no saving you user.


I have to go to bed but I don't want to wake up.

odeko is power





So Felice is grouped with yellow/green as expected. But Mirai and Riko? Even with their form change, Mirai will probably be Pink and Riko is purple/blue, I think.


I want a Happy Birthday Party with all the Cures and maybe Mofurun too.


Speaking of birthdays, do we have a birthday chart for the cures?

I want to suffocate in precure farts.

>nagisa will never gag you with her smelly socks while bullying your penis with her sweaty feet

Shadilay, little nig. Come sit on my lap.

Fuck off nagisa autist.

>it's a birthday
>it's precure saturday
>it's mahoshit saturday

Well, you can't win them all.

Fuck off.

MiraRiko is a miracle of the Precureverse

Let's delete this thread and make a new one with Haa-chan, so she can wear the hat.

I like the idea but instead of giving any mahoshit the hat let's give it to any other cure from any other season. They don't deserve the birthday hat.

The hats will be up for 24h anyway, no need to hurry