Macross delta

well that was shit

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Well at least the girls were cute (other than Freiya).

wtf I hate kawamori now

I kinda liked the ending desu

oc do not steal

>No love triangle
>Shit enemies
>Shit setting

this was almost as bad as Macross II

If I wanted a cast of cute girls, I would just rewatch Infinite Stratos.
If I wanted a cast of cute idols, I would just rewatch Idolmaster.

>See fixed wing aircraft in anime
>get excite
>nah m8 they turn into fucking singing mechs haha banter

the mechs don't sing and they barely transform in this series

You forgot

>only one memorable song

It's fucking Macross holy shit even 0048 had better songs than that.

>only one

>being this much of a shitposter

i'd say there are four memorable songs spread over the two albums

still not a great return

That clip of Ai Oboeteimasuka they played during recap doesn't count user.

Would have been better without the idols and love triangle. The dogfights were 10/10 action. Shame they focused on idolshit.

Still better than frontier and 7 though

Frontier was anime kino compared to this garbage.

7 still had better songs.

Stop using this word.

Why, does it rustle your jimmies?

No, it just sounds about as silly as the word uber to me.
As a German, I'm familiar with both terms and neither of them are used in Germany the way the internet uses them.

Frontier didnt even have good chemistry between the main characters. Was there ever such a good couple as freyja x hayate?
Both frontier and 7 had weak starts. Deltas first third was amazing.

>freyja x hayate
Nice taste my nigga and I agree with you that Delta had a great start. But Frontier had a great final while Delta's pacing kinda let me down and the final battle was a disappoint.

Worst Macross ever. Made Frontier look like a masterpiece in comparison.

>Was there ever such a good couple as freyja x hayate?
Ranka x Sheryl.

But seriously I get where you're coming from, Alto was pretty forgettable but at the same time the triangle was much more intense and tragic like it should have been.

In Delta there was hardly any triangle drama or tension, during the big fucking climax they were just like "I love you", "but I love you", and then Hayate and Freiya flew off like the lovebirds they are and Mirage just conceded and was like "ok good luck". Zero feels felt.

I sense heavy rustling Hans.

>I sense heavy rustling

the romance in Zero was better than Delta


Mao a cute.

>ywn be that palm tree

but macross II is the most creative.

Just listen to music and don't watch that shit.

>As a German, I'm familiar with both terms and neither of them are used in Germany the way the internet uses them.

We'll stop misusing German when Japan stops misusing English and occasionally German.

>>No love triangle
It might've been shit, but it was definitely there.


Believe me, I was angrier about it than you.

not really

>The dogfights were 10/10 action.
No they weren't. There was one, maybe even two, battles that I would have considered to be 10/10. Everything else were all over the place. I was actually bored at some of those dogfights.

>Spend money hiring Nao Toyama
>Have her speak and sing like a retard


It was there, and the show was worse off for it being there.

Has Delta beaten II out for worst Macross?

for there to be a love triangle there have to be romantic interactions between two girls and a boy (or vice versa)

hayate and freyja were the only two characters in the entire show that ever had more than minimal interaction

What is required for love triangle is two things only:
>3 people are involved
>At least everyone involved has to either like, or be liked by someone else in the triangle

>No love triangle
>Shit enemies
>Shit setting
>No action
>No missiles
>Not even any nice side character romance
>Miss-used insert songs
>Boring MC

I only watched it all because of Mikumo

>make an entire second album
>ignore all the songs except the new OP / ED

did this series do anything right

Well, it ended
Though the ending was shit

This single scene is a better love triangle than the whole Delta.

>cute and lovely girls throwing themselves at him while singing for him
>faggot has a panic attack

Frontier was such profound garbage.

>another Macross Delta is shit thread
How long are you going to beat this dead horse? For god's sake, Cred Forums. Everyone agrees Delta is awful, we don't need another bashing circlejerk thread.

>implying you wouldn't instantly lose all your spaghetti

People need to get it out of their systems.

>one of biggest anime franchise series just ended
>let's not discuss it because I said so
Feel free to give counter-arguments if you think it was great.

I'd say it's just the level of shit we got that makes people upset. Just like mentioning Mass Effect 3.

>Just like mentioning Mass Effect 3.
Oh come on. Delta wasn't that bad.

This is no discussion. These threads are just

>I didn't like it
>Yeah, it was shit
Rinse and repeat until thread dies. And then another one pops up.

I'm running out of ways to say that this went nowhere, did nothing with anything/everything it introduced early on, and did so very, very slowly, squandering the somewhat above average (at least for this season) production… at least for the episodes that weren't 24 straight minutes of exposition. Not a single character had even the slightest bit of development over the entire six month run, the plot only 'advanced' through exposition and handwaving about things happening somewhere far away, and most of it was just to fill up some screentime anyway. Christ, you could've written Hayate out of the show entirely and literally nothing would've changed at all. This would've been a poorly paced three episode OVA. Not a single character was integral to the show, nor was anything that they did. So what was there to get involved with? What was there to root for?

About the only times it was palatable was when it was being willfully idiotic; overselling the idol fandom, shenanigans with the idiotic catseals, teenagers being the super bestest at absolutely everything. The story was tripe, the characters could've all been replaced by catseals without any loss of fidelity, and it even jettisoned the idol stuff for most of the second half. That's what I get for giving an idol show half a chance.

>wanting love triangles

Fools. I don't give damn if it's a franchise staple. Love triangles are always shit and soap opera shit that's worth no one's time.
The only time when you should ever include a love triangle is when you're going to develop it properly and have the balls to go for a threesome ending.

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>The only time when you should ever include a love triangle is when you're going to develop it properly and have the balls to go for a threesome ending.
With how uneventful the whole plot was I was sort of expecting this, but no, they just flew away without looking back and she just waved them goodbye without much apparent caring.

Was there ever a more cucked tsundere than Mirage in the whole history of animu?

How was she a tsundere?

she was a nothing

she had no character

How was she not?

This sums up my thoughts perfectly.

And for all the praise that Freyja gets, I thought she was just as generic as the rest of the cast. Every single character was just a typical anime trope, which would have been fine if they developed in any meaningful way but that never happened.

The biggest sin of the series is that we waited 7 years for a new Macross and it consciously chose to be as mediocre as possible.


At least we got Hametsu which is the best song in the show. - Febri interviews - Anthology - Keith manga


>autists talking about taste in music

HayaFre was endearing, but the relationship was just le witty banter again and again. It got a cute end, but it wasn't really that great.

I remember when Cred Forums could still make fun of reddit for its use of that word. Now you are here.

is this a copypasta from macrossworld?

I miss Messer

May he rest in peace


>delta inspired me to watch SDF
>it's 10x better than delta
>actual robot fights
>better girls

How the fuck did Macross fall so hard?

The ending could have salvaged the show had Roid succeeded. Missed a good opportunity to give an ending to not just the show, but the entire franchise.

I'm sure he does, considering he amounted to nothing but a tertiary edgy character that served no practical purpose in the bigger picture.

The sense of scale and threat and amazement that they conveyed still give me some serious feels.

And DYRL is a fantastic movie that has hardly aged at all.

Just caught up. It had a good start but fell flat towards the middle and especially the end, but I didn't hate it as much as everyone else. Probably because it's my first macross.

I feel like I should watch the others now, is there a priority order and is there something I would be better off skipping?

Eh my first Macross was Frontier and I never felt like I needed to see the others to understand what was going on. They are only loosely related.

Of course, most people will tell you to just start from the first one and continue on from there, as that is the obvious and easy thing to say. But I'd say just go watch Frontier.

I second Frontier. SDF is good, but it spams My Boyfriend is a Pilot so much that by the end of it you'll want to shoot yourself to get it out of your head.

Alright, thanks. Hope the dogfights are good, I only picked up Delta because I noticed Ace Combat references while lurking.

At least they didnt hesitate to say love for hayate dick. Thats what matters.

Do we expect see this happen the upcoming Gundam Autistic muscle characters S2?

What are you talking about? IBO went further than Delta in no time at all, and unlike Delta, IBO doesn't market itself as romance show.



You don't need to make a mission of this /m/

Might as well, nobody will talk about this anymore by the start of next week.

The pink haired douchebag with the overactive runes made me laugh

Yeah I know really eh. If ever there was a further telegraph that this is just another shitposting thing started by people Tha never watched the show this is it. Stay fake as shit as always /m/

Beating the same points over and over is kind of stupid

I don't know if you've notice but most modern TV series...kine of aimless and built around selling events. Its not just Macross or the shitpost target of the month thing but almost all major franchises and things

Somehow I doubt that

And did he say i love you? He just copying the Harem Jupiter king.

Mika only loves killing. Kudelia and sheep girl are all over him though. Delta doesn't even go as far as to kiss. It is a very childish love story, whereas IBO is a lot more mature.

IBO has more retarded behavior killing innocent pilots out in the cockpit.

>you realise macross has never really been that good
The original sdf was serious, dyrl and plus was good, but since 7 macross has been a kiddy robots and idols in space show.

It's still perfectly accurate, or can you counter any of what it says without resorting to ''well, I liked it".

>Macross and Gundam kids having catfights
Time to accept that your beloved classics have been surpassed.

Those old ass mecha shows with a million different entries were put to rest when AOTC Valverave aired.

Just look at this ayy, what would happen if we would kill it in the name of prophet Bradford?

Fuck off, that show was an even bigger meme.

Depends on if you do it CLOSE RANGE.

I heard Zero was the most serious. And so far I've watched SDF, Frontier, and Delta, and 2 of them were really good.

Will they make movies? I'm not ready to let go of Delta.

You still have the 4 manga (that no one will scan) and the LN.

>The original sdf was serious


Tradition is that there will be a movie sometime next year that will be a retelling or part retelling, but no Macross has ever failed this badly before so that's still up in the air. They might just distance themselves from it and move on.

>Ok, time to see what Roid's been scheming!
>Oh, it's Instrumentality. How original.

>Vajra were a Festum ripoff
>Roid's plan was an Instumentality ripoff
What's next?

Vajra were generic spess bugs. Its either 40k or Heinlein ripoff. Fafner factors get out.

Delta was shit but at least broke the Macross tradition of worst girl winning.

That's sad.

The problem with Zero lies on its plotting.The villains in particular were just as underwritten as deltas's, also some fans say that the musical aspect was too sidelined (in the way that Delta sidelined everything else in favor of Idolshit). It definitely has the GOAT dogfights in the franchise though.

Unfortunately it came at the cost of all the other girls being shit. Yes, Kaname was shit too.

>an event horizon/40k ripoff
the next enemy is Lady M from the chaos dimension.
Why do you think her org is called chaos with a logo of evil runes?

What did Hayate paint on the back of his VF?

Maybe Delta could have been good if Mirage won.

I just don't get how the writers though that having cutesy quirks is a valid substitute for actual personality.Everyone was so fucking boring and one dimensional.

>Ok character
>One dimensional plot device but okay when she becomes an actual character for three episodes
>Badly written mess
>Cardboard cutouts
Makina, Reina, the BB, Chuck's sisters

>Not liking HOINA and GORI GORI

The biggest disappointment was the soundtrack. It wasn't terrible, but I was expecting A++. Frontier set my expectations too high.

Jesus no, Mirage has got to be the least charismatic Jenius ever conceived (including macross fanfic OCs). Can't deny she was aptly named though, because she only gives off the illusionary impression of being an actual character.

Don't kid yourselves, the only reason freyja doesn't look completely awful is because she is the sole two dimensional character amidst a cast of flat characters. Simply put, there are no great characters in Delta, only not completely shit ones.

Well Frontier was undeniably the best out of the franchise this regard on this regard, so I think you did set yourself for disappointment.

this is true for 95% of anime and all of macross.

For all the downsides. The severe lack of missile spam dogfights we all love, actually threatening enemies, love triangles that could go either way at any time leaving you on the edge of your seat, seemingly silly plot points.

Delta absolutely made up for it all with by far the best music in all of Macross. Absolutely fantastic. Mikumo's seiyuu is legit a fantastic singer. I was honestly surprised she wasn't an actual singer/idol just brought in for VA work just for the show.

Also, I loved how all the preceding lore of Macross was tied all together with all the late exposition.

What manner of bullshit is this?, the bridge bunnies alone in SDF had more character than four out of five of the supposed ''idols''. Name a single character in delta as compelling as Misa, or as charismatic as Sheryl.Which of this faggots is worthy of licking Roy Focker's bootsoles?, How is this piece of cardboard hayate as interesting as Isamu?, did he went throught the same amount as development as Hikaru?. You know what, fuck off to reddit with your hipster bullshit, or better yet, actually watch the rest of the entries in the franchise before spewing your horsehit here again.

Please be bait.

All those characters were 2 dimensional.
Theres nothing with 2 dimensional. I dont give a fuck about every little thing the characters think/dont think

*nothing wrong

>All those characters were 2 dimensional.
>Theres nothing wrong with 2 dimensional.
When all your characters are one dimensional save for quite literally one or two, then yes it's a problem, also where the fuck do you get off saying that a character being three dimensional means that you know ''every little thing the characters think/dont think'', the trick is to make characters that could be believable people, needless to say there is none in delta that fits the bill.

You must be a jenius fag to be this butthurt
Ill agree mirage was a shit character

Which series had better music? Delta absolutely was the best.

I wish I could go back in time and stop Kawamori.

No user, I'm a Macrossfag, but that doesn't mean that when Kawamori and his cronies serve shit on my plate I not only have to obligatory like it, but also ask for seconds after sucking the chef's dick like some deltafags are doing. If you can't actually address any of the points then this is indeed the kind of show you deserve.

Frontier, and I'm not a Frontierfag.

>2 left feet

>Mikumo's seiyuu is legit a fantastic singer.
But will she have a career after the end of the Worst Macross in History?

>Mikumo's seiyuu is legit a fantastic singer. I was honestly surprised she wasn't an actual singer/idol just brought in for VA work just for the show.

Well im not sure what your definition of a 3d pig disgusting character is but almost all characters in any story told has basically a 2d personality. They have 2 sides to them and thats all you need for a narrative.
Sheryl is the girl who seems cool but is a sweetheart
Roy fokker is a manly senpai. His most notable contribution to macross is his death.
Hikaru.. well its been a while since i daw sdf but all can remember of him is he is a noob who grows into a war veteran.
Isamu is hotshot douchebag who loves to fly and shit
They are 2 dimensional.

You're replying to the wrong person, moron.

>Elysion does Macross Attack
>Aether Attack
>o-okay, the original was called Daedalus Attack after the ship that was used to punch anyway
>no destroids unloading missiles

I wish Windermere was nuked. That said, is NUNS run by space Americans or something? Their solution is always to throw nukes and now DE weaponry at threats.

that's the bait

>but since 7 macross has been a kiddy robots and idols in space show.

you take that back.

Accept the truth

One missed opportunity in this show was the fall of a Macross class. Elysion was pretty irrelevant, anyway.

Come to think of it, how did fucking mercenaries come by one of those, anyway?

I want to have sex with Kaname while she sings AXIA.

>One of the biggest franchise
>No one but gg subs it and everyone has to wait for just them.


>hey guys, look at me, I watched SDF!
That's all I see in your post. You even mentioned reddit for no reason.

>gasping for Kaifun is now considered to be compelling
>Roy Focker
>he is charismatic so that must be counted as 2 or even 3 dimensions, r-right?
>starting as annoying cunt and ending as annoying cunt is now considered to be development
Just fuck off.

Considering how dead fansubbing is, if Macross was any smaller there would have been no subs until Blue Rays

In the amazingly capitalistic Macross universe, you can buy anything with money. SMS had a whole fleet of Macross Quarters and top of the line prototype Valkyries. Elysion itself might be a refitted older Macross class.

I think it makes sense. Humanity is spread all over the galaxy with colonies everywhere. Instead of having a garrison everywhere they just hire some colonial paramilitary hicks to protect themselves

NUNShitters are the only ones getting the nuke.

>well its been a while since i daw sdf
It shows, because you don't know a damn thing about this characters.

first of all I'm not saying that that every single macross character in SDF (or any of the former series for that matter) is 3-D (though Misa and to a lesser extent Hikaru and Sheryl certainly were), but they're definitely better fleshed out than Delta's posse.You seem to be conflating having contrasting elements on their personalities with actual character dimensionality.

Instead of wasting my time explaining this to you, let's assume you're right and all SDF/PLUS/Frontier/whatever characters are 2-D, that is still better than delta's cast composed of non-entities, with the exception of freyja (who has an absolutely trite archetypical personality).That in addition to utterly boring antagonist and very little action (said action carrying very little weight in any case).

How badly has it failed in Japan? I mean, among the general normie target audience, not just autistic manchildren on 2ch?

So I don't know much about the macross universe (downloading frontier as we speak) but wouldn't this attack have big consequences for Windermere? Would the main fleet/central government even care or were those all irrelevant fodder? The ending was really annoying.

>best soundtrack

I dont disagree with you on the side characters and enemies being almost invisible.
However i feel this is greatly due to the extreme compression of the narrative into 26 20 min eps. It feels too short.

Central NUNS doesn't give a shit about this war.

How dead is fansubbing? This was the first series in like 10 years that I watched before DVDs/BDs came out.

Pretty much completely dead for airing shows. Everything but a select few shows are simulcasted by Crunchy Roll/Funi and ripped by HorribleSubs

Well, isn't that kind of what fansubbing always wanted to achieve?

There were plenty of scenes that could have been used to flesh out the windermere knights, but were instead wasted on

I don't think it's a matter of of simply not having enough episodes, It's just that the writers didn't know how to use it effectively.

What else could possibly justify the space merchant delivering exposition in the most crude and boring manner possible for almost half an episde (twice) other than not knowing how to pace the storytelling adequately?. If anything if feels like everything that happened in 26 chapters could have been told in a single cour (in a more palatable way to boot).

>is 3-D (though Misa and to a lesser extent Hikaru certainly were)
That's a funny joke, user.
Misa wasn't even MC until like second half of the anime. The only real reason she gets any recognition is because she won Hikarubowl. How exactly is her character more deep than for example Mirage? At first we saw Mirage as very strict and angry bitch who is always annoyed with everything. A bit later we learn that it's only a mask she keeps because she is very serious about her job, but actually Mirage is pretty nice girl. Also we learn that the reason she is so serious about her job is because of her family name. She was always extremely insecure about her shitty piloting skills and now she feels even worse after newbie pilot beat her. But later after talking with Kaname she accepts the fact she probably will always be worse than Hayate, but instead she is going to try her best and do what she can do. And then there is her participation in triangle and shit.

Also you haven't even mentioned Minmay who unlike Hikaru and Misa had actual character development and personality change thought out the anime. Oh yes, but she lost! Better not to mention her or people will call me salty Minamyfag!

Space ISIS also had zero closure and was just there for exposition and stirring the pot. Was he even needed as a character? The fact that Windermere got their equipment from a private merchant seems like something that could have been easily covered in side materials.

at mosy there were two or episodes that could have been used for other purposes. One that clearly comes to mind is the walkure backstory episode. It came so late only kaname fags gave a shit.
But heres what i think kawamori tried to do with delta that sort of failed:
He wanted to tie in the song lore from the whole setting into something more coherent instead of muh song magic. For this reason, Delta HAD to focus on the idols more. That was the focus kawamori intended.
It just didnt work because of all the other elements that needed to be in as well. So the series was too short for this particular narrative

>Frontier had anything but the worst music

Opinion discarded

>hot blooded male singer never again
I hate waifufags and idolshitters.

Frontier had 50-60k sales per volume, this has 10k and second half will probably be way less.

M7 really did have the best music.
Frontier had what, Seikan Hikou, Triangler, and Northern Cross.
M7 meanwhile has Planet Dance, My Soul For You, Heart and Soul, Totsugeki Love Heart, Power to the Dream, and that's just the stuff I can name off the top of my head right now.

Times have changed. Look at Gundam, Destiny 70k average. 00, 40k. G-Reco and Orphans, 9k.

Every Frontier volume except for 1st sold below 50k.
Also it's probably still in top 10 best selling late night anime, it's completely wrong to compare anything with it.

Don't forget merchandise and album sales.

Forget mecha and dogfights, acquire idols

If below 50k it was like 49k or something, but generally in the 50-60k range.

Gundam Unicorn was not that long ago and sold like 150k per volume, maybe more or less I forget the exact numbers. Origin is ongoing and selling 60-80kish.

And for Gundam, 90% of the revenue comes from models. And recent gunpla are selling a hell of a lot more than those shitty 1/100 non-grade SEED kits.

I'm really dissapointed they didn't play up her military otaku aspect more.

>but generally in the 50-60k range.
Can't you read? Every Frontier volume except for 1st sold below 50k. Every except for first.

>Unicorn, Origin

Frontier's average was 46k.

Freyja and Hayate were shit.

>inb4 Mirage fag

No she was shit too but she didn't matter.

>Infinite Stratos
Most IS clones have girls cuter than Infinite Shit ones though, now a days.

And? They blew any of the previous Gundam OVAs out of the water.

And by the way, Barbatos 1/144 HG was the best selling gunpla of all time. That thing was #1 best selling on Amazon JP for ages. I can't even imagine how much those IBO 1/144 kits made, but probably comparable to 100k+ volume sales, per volume.

>And by the way, Barbatos 1/144 HG was the best selling gunpla of all time.
It was ridiculous. All the gunpla websites were crashing because everyone was trying to buy them. People tried for days to get an order in, and Bandai couldn't even keep up production to meet demand.

Funny how IBO had the best 1/144 kits but the worst 1/100s.

The HGs having inner frames and needing very little effort to detail makes the 1/100 obsolete. And Hi-res Barbie didn't even make that big a boom

Well yeah that's the point. And plus they were so fucking cheap, hard to imagine how they made any profit selling them that low with a full inner frame. The 1/100s were just upscales, sad they never made a MG but at least older kits are getting MG love now. MG GM sniper is sexy as fuck.

>They blew any of the previous Gundam OVAs out of the water
What previous OVAs? IGLOO? That's the only standalone OVAs they made since the beginning of this century (and since we have oricon stats).

>Barbatos 1/144 HG
>900 yen
>comparable to 100k+ volume sales, per volume.
100k+ sales * 6 (minimum) volumes * 6,000 yen (with discount) = 3,600,000,000 yen
3,600,000,000 yen / 900 yen = 4,000,000 copies "sold".
You have no idea what you're talking about, retard

I said "IBO kits" meaning all of them, not just Barbatos. And to be honest I'm sure I underestimated the amount. Could easily be more. You don't seem to understand how popular Gunpla are.

>4,000,000 copies "sold".
There were definitely over 4m of IBO high grades sold. Fucking every household in Japan probably had one, or ten.

Priorities user

Zero was a mistake.

Zero had great CG dogfights.
The VF-0 and Sv.51 were sexy as hell.
Mao was cute.

>but she didn't matter.
She's a main character with no development and screentime.

Cancer. Fuck off. You're the reason Macross is shit now.

How come CG in Zero is so much better than in Delta?

Don't tell me it's just OAV vs TV aspect, we're talking about 14 fucking years of progress in technology, even with TV budget Delta should have been eating Zero for breakfast.

I really disliked how they went from Protoculture being mysterious, unknown and almost legendary in SDF and 7 to actual contact with Protoculture technology and pretty much culture in Zero.
And now in Delta it was all around Protoculture.

>How come CG in Zero is so much better than in Delta
Probably outsourced it + most of the budget went towards shit that nobody cares about like the idols and everything involved with that.

They don't look that bad.

>And now in Delta it was all around Protoculture
I wonder if we can all just collectively forget that Delta ever existed and pretend Macross ended with Frontier? Would that work?

>people still pretend idols aren't one of the biggest draws of a macross

There was a behind the scenes special that aired on TV before Delta came out. Basically most of the CG models and texture work was done by one guy at Satelight.

>waited 8 years for a new Macross
>gets this shit instead
Why is Kawamori still making anime?

Just remember, they don't care that much about BD sales. With Macross it's all about the merch. Considering that there were 10 main pilots and 5 main singers, Delta should move about 3 times as much merchandise as Frontier just on average.

I'm mocking it user. How the fuck did Frontier made years ago with dogshit CG have better combat scenes.

I work in 3d modelling and animation. Those models are very simple and the animation is even simpler. The reason they look so shit has nothing to do with the models themselves or even the animation. It is not hard to animate a plane, that is the easiest thing you could animate + UVing a plane is so simple the process might as well be automatic.

The problem is the lighting. They look jarring on a 2d background. Lighting is seriously 90% of it. You can make anything look good if you spend time getting it to look just right.

Yeah but they had that guy do all the animating for the non-battle scenes judging from that special. He was animating the freighter landing on Al-Shahaal in episode 0.75 during it.

Recycling the same footage over and over again probably didnt help much.
That webm is from a movie.
I really shouldn't have to explain why that's an unfair comparison.

That's very believable.

You seriously think people will buy the merchandise?????

People have.
The VF-31 and Sv.262 are pretty cool designs.

Art direction and choreography, shit-tier CG with great and engaging scene dynamism will always come on top of awesome CG wasted on boring, flat, or just incoherent mess.

>dat disappointing VF FAST pack action
>gets killed in less that 20 minutes
Holy shit, even Sharon lasted longer than him.
I presume they ran out of budget or something

It's not so time consuming anymore. Most of the processes are automatic now. UVing is automatic, Rigging only takes a few minutes with shit like Human IK and similar software. You could model a Valkyrie in no time at all, I've had similar projects.

If you wonder why CG looks good in shit like God Eater and Exiled from Paradise, it's not because the models or animation is any better. It's because they cheated and used a cartoon shader for everything. Macross can't do that, so they have to spend more time making the CG blend in well with the 2d, and that's where they failed.

Look at the target market: Idol Otaku. 5 idols, in a group, they'll buy every figma that's part of a set so that they can have the complete collection.

The VFs don't matter as much; there are two main models that mecha otaku will buy, but they'll come in 6 variations as opposed to Frontier's 4 (Alto, Ozma, Michel, Luca, VF-27).

Was it this google?

That's what I'm saying. They have one guy spreading his workload out and so he's bound to fail in some areas.

idol shit with really really shitty cg, what did you expect?

I really have no idea why people bring up Expelled from Paradise as an example of good CG, shit looks basic as fuck
Might just be my bias against CG animated characters, because that shit almost always comes out looking like MMD.

And how many of those otaku do you think there are?

Expelled looks pretty good. But it is not hard to make things look good with proper lighting. You could make an absolutely shit model look amazing.

I said cartoon shaders are cheating because it's a very simple yet effective way of making things look good. A similar effect to cel shading. Japan doesn't really have their shit together yet when it comes to CG, so there's not too many good examples of CG in anime.

Unicorn is probably the best example of CG used in anime. If you can't tell it's CG, it means you did a good job.

No, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about if you're trying to measure popularity of gundam show by estimation of its toys sold.

>Sales of Major IPs (Toys and Hobby Business, BANDAI non-consolidated)
>billion yen
>Mobile Suit Gundam
>FY 2016.3 22.9 million
>FY 2015.3 25.9 million
>FY 2014.3 18.4 million

In case if you can't read
>the year with IBO airing made less money than the year with G-Reco and GBF Try (and they all comparable to the year with GBF only)

Literally tens of thousands, as Frontier's sale numbers show. Potentially tens of thousands more, since Delta can appeal to otaku who didn't previously get into Macross.

None of those tens of thousands are purchasing the anime user...

That doesn't matter as much.
As long as they buy something Delta related.

GBF made a ton of money too with their Gunpla, not surprising.

Anyway your original argument is debunked. Gundam is selling more, not sell. Macross is just flat out selling less, and MUCH less for that matter.

>Gundam is selling more, not sell
not less*

hasn't Gundam always been far more popular?

Frontier album/singles CDs sold more than TV series BD/DVD. Why didn't they just scratched the anime and decide to make music only then?

>your original argument is debunked.
What original argument, retard? Link it, because I never said or even implied that gundam sells less than Macross.
I was poiting out that you're totally wrong in >And for Gundam, 90% of the revenue comes from models
Wrong, see bandai's financial reports. It's only ~25-30%

>And recent gunpla are selling a hell of a lot more
Again, wrong, see bandai's financial reports

Music =/ figures
You don't have to like the anime to purchase the music. Figures on the other hand...
I don't think there is much demand for any delta figures just looking at the number of retweets and likes from the official Macross twitter account.

Songs and models need context.
Its been their business model for decades, and it still works pretty well

>Again, wrong, see bandai's financial reports
You linked it yourself, retard. Gundam profits are up more than ever.

Yeah but Gundam is selling more now compared to previous Gundam series, while Macross is selling only fractions of what it used to.

>Gundam profits are up more than ever.
Than post 2008 crysis years and years with no major Gundam airing? Check SEED year retard, it has comparable revenue especially if you take into account inflation.
Also read their annual reports with explanations on the grow. It's mostly due to oversea sales (now it's up to ~30% of sales). Something that wasn't the case 10 years ago.

What are you trying to say? It is not debatable that Gundam is selling more than ever. Go to sleep user, you're tired.

Restart Macross from 7 on.

Frontier was a mistake.

Agreed. The success of Frontier lead to the creation of Delta, and with it the disgracing of the Macross name.

I'm trying to say that you're fucking retarded imbecile.

It sells the same in Japan. IP became more profitable in the last 2 years due to heavy oversea sales, something that Macross can't afford. It's all in full financial reports will complete breakdowns and shit. And in terms of toys IBO's year is not greater than SEED's.

>Mobile Suit Gundam
>FY 2016.3 22.9 million
>FY 2015.3 25.9 million
You got this backwards

Yeah, it was. Such a shame Frontier now seems masterpiece compared to Delta.

Oh fuck. It happens when you can't copy-paste shit from those tables. Switch IBO and G-Reco in all of my posts.

looking at this again, pretty sad seeing where they (justifiably) think yokai watch is headed

Speaking of sales
Walkure trap, day 3: 5,884 copies sold.
Total in 3 days: 42,541.

Overall it still should be profitable investment for Bandai, Flying Dog and Sankyo. I don't see a reason why would they would not want to release movies.

How did attack do?

That's great, I kinda worry if the pacing will hurt album sales but look like Walkure are more popular than Delta.

No because the general theme of Delta was just to handwave things. It happened because it happened and it won't happen again because it won't.

tfw going to rewatch 7 and put Delta behind me

What was the budget of delta compared to frontier?
It seemed as if delta had a greatly smaller budget to work with


B-but muh Sheryl.

77k first week.
Trap will probably be ~50k.

The problem with Delta's CG is that it's been almost 10 years since Frontier and it has not improved. Frontier's CG was great for its age, but Delta's is seriously lacking considering that it's 2016 and where other shows are in terms of CG usage. Satelight are lazy as fuck.

Reusing frigate, carrier and VF-171 models should have given that away though.

>Frontier had what, Seikan Hikou, Triangler, and Northern Cross.
>not Lion or Diamond Crevasse

>not that one Ranka dressed up as a carrot to sing

Not him, but even if you compare any of the Delta dogfights, to say a random one in Frontier like Klan v Brera in Michael's flashback episode, the Frontier dogfights even have more depth and variation to them and they actually hit each other more than once per fight and actually do damage before disabling the other.

Delta's dogfights are piss weak and they were supposed to be the bread and butter, being styled after Zero and all.

Ninjin love you yeah!

I think the main problem with the CG is still Delta itself.
There were several threads that were picked up and dropped.
Hayate's dancing was suddenly forgotten, his Freiya-overdrive was brought to an immature climax and dropped.
You could emphasize different fighting styles without constantly spamming "MY WIND IS STRONGER THAN YOURS" and give the whole thing some character.
But it was mostly just "here's some friendly fighters, there's some hostile ones; have some action".

Thomas Romain does drawn backgrounds and design.

How planets like Al-Shahal, Voldore and Windemere looked? His ideas.

Yeah, I don't disagree with that. I was just commenting on the quality of the CG models, not so much about what went around it and what they did wiith them. It was a waste, anway.

Oh yeah, I actually really liked ninjin loves you yeah! As short as it is.

This show was meant for true Macross fans and had more references and plot elements relating to past Macross series than ever before. As a 30th anniversary special, it did it's job well.

If you decided to watch this series as your first Macross experience and expected to understand everything about the plot, you are a fucking retard.

It was my fourth Macross actually, and I didn't like it.

Also cute CM.

>they actually hit each other more than once per fight and actually do damage before disabling the other.
I think this mattered far more than the CG. There was no excitement or tension to any of the fights, which isn't a surprise when you throw protagonists with plot armour against antagonists with the same. It probably would have been better if Delta squadron didn't even face the Aerial Knights until maybe once halfway through and then again at the end.

Funny because most of the true fans on Macrossworld despise it.

>30th anniversary special.
That was Macross 30 on the PSP.

It's actually kind of nice how they actually tried to build the world around Frontier. SDF had a world built around it and so did 7. Delta literally revolves around main cast and nothing but. The only real idea of daily living on Ragna, for example, is just Chuck's restaurant, which is again, focused arond the main cast. Same goes for Windemere, nothing but one or two glimpses outside of the focus on the Knights and royalty.

I don't really care about the Protoculture though, I stopped taking them seriously after 7. I just want stories of humanity moving forward and overcoming obstacles with love and understanding through song and missile.

I think it's the opposite. At least in our side the Macrossfags did not like it. But I saw anons here who it was their first time watching a Macross and said it was good and made them watch the previous series.

I think it all comes down that the Macrossfags had more expectations than the first timers, so with Delta's weak second half writing, rushed finale and not good aerial dogfights,it let down people who have been following Macross for a while.

What Macross really needs is a Thunderbolt type OVA. Something really dark and pretty.

Exactly, and the few times anyone did get hit, they were shot down instantly and lived due to said plot armour or Hayate being a pacifist non-killer. Characterising the Aerial Knights made them more difficult to kill. It was a mistake. It should have been against more faceless mooks, which would have also emphasised how much stronger the AKs are.

Fights lacked scale and felt totally pointless. It was more like 10 people having a kick about in a park and somehow a war being decided on that.

The only time I remember a fight having any real substance was Messer v Keith's final fight. And even then, all their fights before that were pretty shit because nothing happened besides pretty patterns.

True Macross fans expected some Itano Circus in fucking MACROSS or something. Whatever, Delta a turd.

There was certainly an attempt to tie the universe together somehow, but it fell short.
I can see why a lot of people wouldnt like delta but somehow i loved it. Maybe im just a freyja fag but from her perspective the story really went to the finish line and that is really satisfying for me.

Won't sell.


>It's actually kind of nice how they actually tried to build the world around Frontier. SDF had a world built around it and so did 7
Same, I wished I could see something like this more. Ragna look comfy as fuck.

Worst boy. Gamlin pls slap some common sense into that fag.

>I think it all comes down that the Macrossfags had more expectations than the first timers, so with Delta's weak second half writing, rushed finale and not good aerial dogfights,it let down people who have been following Macross for a while.
This, really.

If I was new to Macross, I'd probably accept Delta at the very least. The songs were nice, the Valks have good designs. But as someone that watched Macross for the first time at the age of 5 with VHS imports and a Bandai VF-1S toy, I'm just disappointed with Delta. It never really felt like anything happened. There were a few things in the background, like losing the cluster to Windemere and attempting to retake it, but in terms of what you actually saw happen, it was pretty much the same thing from episode 1 to episode 24. Delta and Aerial Knights skirmish after one side has an infiltration mission to planet X that the other side also just so happens to be on at the same time.

Freyja was the only real character in Delta, to be honest. Everyone else was flat as fuck, even Hayate was boring, with his only plus point being some funny/cute banter with Freyja. Outside of that he wasn't much of a character.

Messer was alright for the few episodes he was around to get characterisation.

Exactly, all you got was, again, something focused around the main characters in Chuck's family where his younger siblings were chasing that Mercat. Anything else you saw about Ragna was also in the first 2-3 episodes and it was minimal.

Life on Macross Galaxy has more depth than just about anything in Macross Delta and all Galaxy got was a fucking prologue and passing mention by Sheryl. Delta's worlds were just worlds with people, they didn't really do much to try and differentiate them outside of a few visual cues. Did Voldores outdoor market feel any different to Ragnas in the first episode? Not at all. It's just a planet with cat people instead of merpeople.

It was nice to see what they could do with a character if they gave them time, unfortunately everyone was ancillary to Freyja or Windemere in general.

>freyja was the only real character
Yes, but maybe thats why. If you consider that Delta is centered around her as a story where she alone is the protaganist then it the whole thing with windermere being the "bad guys" and everything falls into place. Everyone else is a side character even hayate

And they made MC a faggot who can't kill enemies.

Which is a shame, in my opinion. One of the greatest things about Macross has been personalities within the cast, especially the main triangle. If you didn't like X, you at least had Y or Z to fall back on.

>If you didn't like X, you at least had Y or Z to fall back on.
Didn't work in SDF though. Minmay, Misa and Hikaru are extremely annoying. But they changed that in DYRL so maybe they can change it for Delta too.

I recently re watched Frontier and I cannot understand how I was ever a Rankafag when Sheryl is so much better from the get go.

You fell for genki meme.

You see different cues when you have different expectations.
Ranka was very cutesy. Sheryl seemed stuck-up.

You fell for a meme too.

I am watching SDF now and I only like Misa, even though after episode 27 she became kinda annoying because her focus was being sad about Hikaru. I don't understand what's the appeal with Minmay because she looks like a guest start that sings and says some stuff here and there, for example episode 20. Hikaru and Kaifun are both annoying for different reasons. I do not know if the movies change this but even though I like the world build and dogfights in SDF more than in Delta the characters are not as enjoyable.

I really hope so. I don't know how much they can fix in a movie or two. Hell, even if they developed more of the supporting cast, I'd be happy.

Maybe because nyannyan dance and Sheryl's behavior in first episode.

user... the only people who like Delta are people who never watched Macross before

>Villain goes full retarded in the end and tries to recreate End of Eva

I want to hold hands and make babies with Kaname-san!

Is Hametsu no Junjou the best song after all?

Stay dead Messer.

It wasn't EoE, it was just Madara Uchiha brainwashing. He fully expected to stay in control.

Even the first time watching it I didn't get how Ranka was supposed to be a serious love rival. I don't dislike her as a character or anything but come on, she's just a kid with a crush.

IB>Neo Stream>Axia>HnJ>Rune>>>everything else

Axia struck me as the best, but so far I haven't seen anyone share my opinion.

No Macross can be worse than 7.

I don't understand why people say DYRL is better than SDF. I found the characters and triangle in SDF (until episode 27) way more amusing than the generic romance in DYRL.

People often forget that DYRL builds on existing knowledge from SDF. If you watched DYRL before SDF, you probably wouldn't enjoy it as much.

It didn't even feel like triangle existed in the first half of sdf, actually.
He just went from one girl to another.

I'm not the only one who think that ANY OTHER GIRL would have made for a better love interest for Hayate than Mirage, right? Like Freyja was fine as-is, but ANYONE ELSE would have been a better love interest. Even one of the lesbian idols would have been better.

Like... Mikumo or something. The dynamic of a love triangle between Hayate, Freyja and Mikumo would have been fantastic.

Well its a departure that a lot of people wouldnt like, and even more so because its something they dont expect at all from macross.
But after finishing delta it is really clear, the story revolves around her and her alone

They should have animated E instead

Because the triangle is actually just a plot device for her character development. The important thing for her is to partcipate in altobowl and compete with sheryl, not actually win it.

AXIA is also my favorate, but it contains too much emotional impact and makes me a bit sad whenever I listen to it,.
Which makes me kinda "avoiding" it unless I am prepared.

Is Freyja a Mary Sue?


No, atleast not movie sheryl tier of marysueness.

So I bought the manga.
>I am cum

So what genre gonna be next for Macross?
Return to electro/dance?

Irish folk music.


It's gonna be Engrish rap.

Better than naked scene.

Not really


Freyja looks really pretty in the bottom right panel. I wonder how she will look with longer hair.

>comparing Hikaru to Kaifun
>comparing anyone to Kaifun

Having said that DYRL does change that quite a bit and makes her a lot more likeable rather than some whore Hikaru is senselessly lusting after.

>I wonder how she will look with longer hair.

FUCK, episode 1 was so great.

Will she even live long enough to grow her hair out?
I thought the point of the ending was that she was planning on fucking Hayate until she turns to white dust.

Hair doesn't take 16 years to grow. Even with accellerated ageing, she isn't doing as badly as the shota. I forgot his name already.

Talking about this, how does flakes work? Why did Cassim got skin cancer while Keith is fine.

I did not compare them. I said they are both annoying for different reasons. Kaifun even more because he won't shup the fuck up.
>Having said that DYRL does change that quite a bit and makes her a lot more likeable rather than some whore Hikaru is senselessly lusting after.
Well, that's good then.

I wish we could see something like this in official art. One can only hope.

King beans

They all are though, because 7 is by far the greatest.

>calling a superstar who doesn't like you back a whore

You're projecting too much m8.

I think it's overexertion of the rune, for example because your emotions are running rampant or because you're singing too strongly.

Its anti-war undertone was pretty serious even though it had all kinds of antics.

It's not. Aside from the visuals which are fantastic I don't think DYRL is particularly good at all.

>The dynamic of a love triangle between Hayate, Freyja and Mikumo would have been fantastic.
>Hayate and both girls his father brought from Windermere -triangle
Maximum unmei

>This show was meant for true Macross fans
It seems everyone is ignoring the fact that Delta was clearly targeted at much younger audience than others since 7. Even Frontier was a notch higher with more mature themes and the depth given to them. Most plot devices in Delta were literally Pokemon-tier.

At least 7 redeemed itself a little with Encore.

>We'll never get another "Top Gun" action oriented Macross OVA, such as Plus and Zero.

Maybe for the 50th anniversary, make no mistake we'll still be shitposting about it here then.

>IB>>>everything else

Cassim went full rune, and you never go full rune. Something about his inner wind IIRC. I assume all windfags have the ability to make themselves Godlike for a short duration at the cost of their own lives.

>face of a literal down syndrome
>sings like a retard over shitty dinky synth music
Bad taste

Where can I subscribe

>not deep enough 4 me
>bruh pokemon lul
Fucking off yourself

Abbreviating somebody's arguments with intentional misspellings and memes does not make you look smart.

>tfw no more Gori Gori Hoina and MUH FREYJA every Sunday

I fucking love Mirage
Why did she has to lose?
Why did she has to be in this shit anime?
Fuck Kawamori

I'm going through daughteru withdrawal already. I miss her.

Butthurt manchild detected.

>no more Freyja
Fuck, I hate this lonely feeling. Gonna stick with Manga, Novel and Gorigori Radio.


I'm gonna miss the DDF.

I miss her so bad. There's a void in my heart.

Now that it's over, what do you reckon official HayaFre is like? I bet they go on dates to the amusement park and then walk around the beach during the night. Hayate likes to hold Freyja by the hand and smiles at her even more than usual. Freyja likes being affectionate and hugs him tightly before standing up on her tippy toes to kiss him goodnight on the cheek. Hayate walks her to and from her Walkure rehearsals/practice and when he has time, he stays to watch her and show his support. And sometimes, they like to just stare at the night sky together, with Hayate laying his head of Freyja's lap while she gently threads her hands through his hair, all the while laughing and telling stupid jokes to each other.


>unironically saying butthurt
Stop embarrassing yourself

On the surface.
The entire windermere plot is about how fleeting their 30 years of existence are.
Even the ending battle is resolved by two windermerean "brothers" who have different perspectives on those 30 years. One wants to know the universe, the other is content with the sky of his home.
Freyja too achieves her dreams in her short time. She gives her life to "be able to fly". The fact that she turns 15 in the show, the halfway point in her life, makes this even clearer.

Funny cos kawamori is now like 50+, and after 30 years of macross i think he is trying to say something

And I don't think anyone is going to miss GENOCIDE shitposter.

That's a nice interpretation and some good points, too bad they don't save the show from being a kiddie-oriented dreg that's hard to watch for an older fan. When I watch a show I want it to be enjoyable as it is on all levels, without constant conscious analysing and reminding myself "oh hey if I think of it that way then it's actually really good", this should be a sub-conscious process evoked by the show as the total of its elements itself (writing, pacing, direction, character development, etc.) which Delta painfully fails to deliver.

Actually fuck you for saying all this, now I realise even more how much of a wasted opportunity Delta is.

>precure demographics
I get your point, but that's irrelevant.

Random var outbreaks should still be thing.

I want date with arm in arm.

So did the wars end yet? What Heinz gonna do next?

They just induced and controlled var with Heinz. Random outbreaks across the galaxy were not caused just by Windermere.

It didn't. Heinz will beg for peace and hope NUNS is too busy with shit elsewhere in the galaxy to refuse it.

>I watch only mature anime for mature guys as myself
Delta is still late night anime (just a more expensive time slot), its target audience is still 18+ otaku. I have no idea about what more mature themes in Frontier you're even talking about. It had more serious tone, but it never was more mature.

Nice buzzwords without a single shred of supporting evidence, my man. Where can I sub to your blog?

Are you actually saying a show is poorly delivered if you don't understand or appreciate everything about it on the fly at all times? That's quite possibly the most retarded thing I've heard in my entire life. You're literally saying that if you as a viewer fail to comprehend a theme during youe initial watch that it's somehow the fault of the show. Like what the fuck

>literally too retarded to notice basic themes
>punctuation of a child while also talking about maturity
You can't make this up

He is correct though in the sense that the show's many failings shouldn't be forgtiven if you tilt your head, squint your eyes and pretend Freyja is the only protagonist.
Freyja was the one good thing about Delta, the rest of it was shit and Freyja was not good enough to balance that on her own.

>pretend freyja is the only protaganist
While there is controversy about this, the show makes the most sense if you take this stance.
Delta actually did revolve around her.

Macross Delta feels like the Reconquista Gundam

Too comfy.

Supposing that you are correct and that it did, that doesn't make all of the shit bits not shit. The thematics involving Freyja working does not redeem everything else that does not.
I don't even mean to come off this bitter but following the reply chain it seems that you are defending Delta as being a Macross for true Macross fans. If a chef cooked a beautiful steak and then served it underneath a heap of feces, you would not look at the dish and claim that it is a steak for true steak connoisseurs. It's just a nice steak that was ruined becase someone dumped shit all over it.

Delta was entertaining as fuck in the 1st half. Walkures travelling different places and doing crazy things, fights and concerts. It was never supposed to be a gritty war drams, it was all about Walkures solving everything with their songs and Delta squad protecting them. It didn't have one major theme, but it had lots of small plot lines involving different characters (not only Freyja) to create a nice story. For example Freyja couldn't answer why she was singing for in episode 4, but she did understand it alter. Freyja was worried about people thinking she might be a spy, but then she learned to take it easy. Freyja was called traitor by Bogue, but she found a response for him later. Freyja was scared by the fight and incoming missiles in episode 6, but then she got brave enough to sing under gun fire for a father of those 2 Voldorian kids and then even nosedive from Aether in episode 13.

Well i dont think its macross for macross fans.
I think it actually departed from the usual macross style. Nevertheless i loved it.

But SMS is directly contracted with the military and they work in conjunction with one another unlike Chaos. It is sort of like a R&D paramilitary sort of organisation that works on the development of weaponry and other technological stuff and NUNS benefited from that. Moreover, there is a clause where SMS will be directly under NUNS's command when there is a state of emergency. IMO frontier fleet second on to Galaxy are by far one of the most advance fleet in the context of the series because we still don't know what can the other fleets do since it's not shown.

Where did Mirage's parents go so wrong? How could she waste those genes?

Her dad is a doctor.

>Mirage was trying to fix Jenius genes back by getting close to another talented pilot - Hayate
>but his pilot genes will wasted inside a useless idol girl with skin cancer
Jenius family didn't deserve it

What do I do now without Delta? I didn't feel this hole in my heart at the end of Frontier.

Is Sheryl the best Macross?

Man... Klan Klein was like a fucking void in my psyche for years and you're telling me that delta is some kind of heavy lead?
Get over Freya, she's great and all but she can't fill the hole that frontier left

i think you should watch Macross F first.

Your girl suck and he don't want to fuck her even she pressed her boobs on his back.

Onya no Ko girl song is also good.

You have to go and fly your own wind user
Life is but 30 years ;_;

Second Walkure LIVE concert will be in January. It probably will be the best time to announce movies if they plan to ever to do them.

If we gonna get movie I want retelling.

Eh, I think frontier is pretty bad. But this ending was worse.


Macross DYRL > Macross + > Macross 7 > Macross TV > Macross Frontier > Macross Delta.

7 > SDF > DYRL > Plus > Frontier > Delta > Zero > II

I think I found something for myself.

The only thing close to Macros would be another Kawamori show.

Wait, I found something even better
>In a rural town undergoing revival through music, high school students Kanae and Sousuke meet none other than Beethoven and Mozart! Calling themselves "Classicaloids", this mysterious duo creates a strange power through the "music" they play.
>One night, stars fall from the sky and gigantic robots appear, causing trouble every single day! Bach, Chopin, Schubert also appear as Classicaloids. What is the mystery behind the powers they possess? Are they humanity's friend or foe?
Music + mecha, literally Macross.

>windermeres live to 30
>macross franchise is 34 years old
>in delta, NUNS and windermere had a war 8 years ago
>NUNS are studio execs
>frontier was 8 years ago
>the war ended by dropping a nuke on windermere
>ie studio execs dropping a nuke on the macross franchise
Its just coincidence right?

>roid wants to take windermere to a whole new level
>keith is content with his 30 year lifespan to stay on windermere
>keith kills roid when he tries his plan
Kawamori accepting he cant do anything except be content with the franchise death

Underrated post.

>spot the feetfag

What's up with that pic though, is it shopped or did the really let that slip through in official shit?

Plus > DYRL > Zero > Frontier > Delta = 7 > 2
Haven't watched SDF fully because I'm a raging faggot, will do so soon.

This song fits pretty good in this scene especially the part where ozma did an itano circus when the song enters right to the chorus.

It happens regularly.

Did the illustrator commit sudoku at least?

I'd like that.
Windermere was a mistake

>3:40 and onwards
Wait. It's the same sequence as in one of Delta's epiosde where they distracted Windies while Walkures were trying to sneak to Windermere. This is embarrassing.
Also I just remembered how godly Frontier's concerts were. In Delta they didn't have enough money not only to draw dogfights, but also animate idol's movements and dancing. The only concert with Walkures actually moving and dancing was in episode 4. What was the budget of Delta? How could they get so little money and human resources for such a big name like Macross? It just kills me.

>18+ otaku
Here's your problem, the only "adults" this show can appeal to are greasy waifufags and idolshitters. Other than that it's more like a magical girl than a Macross show. Just being set against the Macross backdrop doesn't make it mature.

Can't tell if samefag or retard hivemind. You could defend any turd of a movie by that logic. I'm sure Manos Hand of Fate is a very deep existential study of fragile human psyche, it's just misunderstood by the lazy audience that refuses to see part l past its surface.

I missed episode 16.

Got super high, and enjoyed it, but it was pretty disappointing and felt like no ending with the shota king going back to windmere and probably building up his army a shit ton. S2 or movie when kawamori?

Delicious Hoina

You know, I wish I could say that Delta had such a promising start and went to shit later on. But no, Delta sucked from episode 1 to episode 26, with only a brief improvement somewhere towards the middle.

Same, Hayate, same.

Precious hoina!

Holyshit HACKED


B-but muh giri giri ay.



Oh, it's that retarded plusfag.

Learn what late night anime is. You should watch IBO if you want to see anime targeted for younger audience as well.