Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Hating Yuri Edition
Because he is the worst Yu and he deserves to lose against a better Fusion.
Fuck you Yuri, you will never be Crow

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>Fuck you Yuri
Go right ahead.

Yuri is the best. Your salt can't change that.

They started out so well with Crow, first with Gale, Armor Master, then Black whirlwind, and after that quickly went to shit.

In Arc-V they gave us a nerfed raikiri that somehow ended up being the only thing he used that wasn't garbage in a real BW deck.

>OP isn't "New OP soon"

Could you at least keep the OP on topic? Something like this weeks episode?

Episode 125: 烈火の竜 - Rekka no Ryū
(The Blazing Dragon)
As Yuya and Yuto try to save Ruri, Serena appears before them. As according to the Doctor’s plan, the Parasite Monsters drive Yuya and Yuto into a corner. Then, something abnormal happens to Yuya!

As Yuya and Yuto try to save Ruri, Serena appears before them. As according to the Doctor’s plan, the Parasite Monsters drive Yuya and Yuto into a corner. Then, something abnormal happens to Yuya! As Odd-Eyes and Dark Rebellion appear on the field, Yuya sports a demonic expression on his face!

Sakaki Yuya/Yuri
Hiiragi Yuzu/Serena
Kurosaki Ruri
Kurosaki Shun
Shiun’in Sora
Akaba Leo

Script: 前川 淳 || Maekawa Atsushi
Direction: 児谷直樹 || Kotani Naoki
Storyboard: 児谷直樹 || Kotani Naoki
Animation Director(s): 蛯名秀和 || EBINA Hidekazu

Episode 126: 悪魔が生まれた日 – Akuma ga Umareta Hi
(The Day the Devil was Born)
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges Yuri to a Duel. While a fierce battle between Yuri and Yugo unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manage to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?

126 cast list when?

You're kidding right?!
Yuri is awesome.

Asuka, pls

Are you the same retard that kept putting the same shit in the OP over and over again and linking to the previous thread? Face it, retard, that's not how these threads worked before, so you don't get to push it now.

Retrain with Neo BEUD and Super Soldier when?

No, that was me. That's how generals work but generals aren't allowed on Cred Forums so I stopped making the threads.

Just want you know from you. Do you think Thed Doctor will be forgiven, killed or just incapacitate to continue? Just asking. I feel that the Ruris will be hurted a lot though.
Random thing, it's kind of amusing that my request not only got delivered, but also becomed the OP pic for the next drawthread.... it's kind of weird.
You know, that would be absolutely amazing, if anything because of all the love BEWD and BLS are getting

We're basically a general, but that's not how we've done things before you came in. This isn't /vg/.

>What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?
Oh boy, finally we'll get some exposition! It only took a hundred episodes.

>Tfw Yuri wins by using Sundew Kingii on Clear Wing

We're not a general by name which is why the threads are allowed to persist. Generals being done that way isn't a /vg/ thing. It's a Cred Forums thing. It's an /m/ thing, It's a /toy/ thing. It's a /u/ thing. Every board that has generals does it. It keeps the threads neat, informs people on what's coming up and leads discussion.

We never did or needed that shit. We're a general that pretends not to be a general, but we're still a fucking general despite not having a bunch of shitty links and the same dumb shit crammed in the OP. It was just annoying to see someone clearly new to these threads trying to push some dumb shit that we never needed.

not that user but we did used to have a pastebin in the op and link to old threads

The only people that linked to old threads were retards that didn't understand how things went down. As for the pastebin, people soon enough realized that it was better off not calling attention by having that shit in the OP and just giving it out when someone asked for something.

I'm nowhere near new to these threads. There's nothing dumb about having information relating to the show in the op. You sound oddly asspained about that shit.

How het is yuri?

These threads don't need the same information that can be found with a google search or just looking at a previous thread in the OP, much less do we need the previous thread linked there. We don't need to invite more retards than we already have in these threads.

Probably around the same as his counterparts.

To be fair, he's the only one that hasn't been shown to have any sort of connection with his girl so far. But 5$ says they'll end up pulling some brainwashing shit out of their ass anyway.

>herr will get EGAO'd
You know it will happen.

Not after touching Yuzu he won't.

Maybe he was the prototype for the Doktor's experiments?

You're bitching about the previous thread being left in the OP too. People shouldn't have to Google the show when the information can easily be provided in the thread. This isn't your secret little clubhouse. You don't get to say we don't need more people. People can join the discussion as they like.

This is really fucking stupid.

I love it.

Look at the other "generals" on Cred Forums. You know what none of them, aside from the DJT thread which is actually a thread that needs that shit, have? The same retarded shit in every OP. People can join the discussion as they like, but they're not getting spoonfed info that takes no time at all to find on their own. That's not how we worked for the past 3 years, so we're not going to start now.

Glad beasts didn't deserve this end.

I fucking hate Yuri.

He's the one person Yuya won't forgive according to director Ono.

>but they're not getting spoonfed info

That's not up to you to decide. That's up to the people who regular the threads. By your retarded logic nothing should be posted in the thread. No links at all. No manga scans, no sub pastebin, no episode spoilers from magazines etc. You're trying to impose your will over the thread. The same info you bitch about gets posted anyway.

Stop being an ass. If you don't like what people are doing go somewhere else. The threads aren't going to buckle to you.

The info being posted in the thread is no big deal. The problem is when it's all crammed in the OP, which YOU were trying to impose your will on everyone else by doing, when it hadn't been done for the past nearly 3 years of the show.

They didn't deserve 4 episodes either.

>The threads aren't going to buckle to you.
>says the guy that spent weeks pushing his kind of OP on everyone, going so far as to push people into his threads when another had already been made
I think you need to go somewhere else, friend.

>pastebin in the op and link to old threads
If you want these threads deleted on spot by generalfagging, sure.

>when the duel goes completely sideways and you end up alluah ackbaring because you have no idea what the fuck is going on

New series when?

I did it for a few days. Other people started doing it

Spring, I think?

Never. Arc-V is not ending.

New series in 6 months, new info in 2 months.

124 ratings tomorrow. What did 2ch say about 124? Can we expect the ratings to return to at least 70+?

This is a semen demon

2/10 would not bang

>yuri has the better ass


It sure is.

I am still amused how many people are so certain about ARC-V's ending on spring 2017, without any direct indication or confirmation from authors. Although it's possible to happen, I personally rather believe that ARC-V will not ending before autumn 2017.
There are still few things that are screaming for additional arcs before finale. One example for all:
>after end of synchro Roget disappeared via portar to unknown place
>already proven that he is not neither in XYZ or Fusion - so he must be in Standard
>we have not seen Standard for very long.
Why I feel that Roget's revenge arc will happen.

No matter where he was thrown, Roger has no power and influence anymore, and he's not that good of a duelist. He is done.

And there's the possibility he isn't anywhere. That vortex he opened wasn't meant to send City anywhere, right? He wanted to destroy it. Roger may be drifting in some void between the dimensions.

About why people are more or less certain Arc-V is ending in 6 months, it's because we know it was supposed to last one year less and got extended. Sure, we don't know for how long it was extended, but given how stretched out synchro was and how they held up usign the key fusion dimensions characters until now, it's pretty clear that is the intended ending.

Oh god please just let this end

We still can end it next week, have Leo say he was trying to stop Yuya but fail and then have the universe be destroyed

>y direct indication or confirmation from authors.

There was an interview published where the sound director himself said the show is ending in 3 years. It started in Spring 2014 so three years would make it end near the end of March. It fits the pattern for Zexal and 5Ds which both lasted 3 years and ended at the end of March.

We got confirmation that it's ending in Spring 2017 earlier this year from a magazine.

Everyday until Yuyafags get BTFO

>There was an interview published where the sound director himself said the show is ending in 3 years.
No, only things that we got was statement, that story was initially prepared for big tree acrs. That "initially" is important here. Who knows how plans changed since then.

Again no, in that interview one of staff just stated, that he was pleased to work on series for three years. But no mention about those three years being final number.

No you're thinking of something else. We got a magazine scan saying it was ending in Spring.


>Roger has no power and influence anymore
When he arived into Synchro, he had also nothing, and look what he had accomplished. Another point is that Standard has currently no idea what's happening to lancers in other dimensions. Roget can simply lie about his affiliation and get easy access to resources in Standard before Lancers returns.

Roger only gained influence because he introduced Synchro to Fusion's Solid Vision with mass technology.
He doesn't have anything to offer Standard.

user got btfo

No, this is exactly what I was saying. Just read that moonrunes on scan. Maxut just speculates about possibility of ending, and that's probably where all those rumors are taken. So no confirmation.

BTFO was just backfired by own source.

You obviously can't read them. The scan was translated and says the show was ending in spring. Fans argued whether spring meant late February, March or as late as early May because they wanted it to be longer than Zexal. We used to have people argue how many episodes were left with some saying the minimum number and some saying the absolute maximum that would take the show into early May. There are no plotlines left for the show to explore. If they were going to do something after the current plot they could have finished the current plot instead of dragging it along. We're getting a new series either April 2017 or April 2018. The set rotation doesn't allow for any other time.

>You obviously can't read them. The scan was translated and says the show was ending in spring.

本作は3年という長いクールのアニメなので、 レギュラー陣の方々には声

Google shitlation:
>Since this work is a long cool animation of three years, the voice on the people of the regular team

As you see, even google shit says nothing about ending in spring, so stop saying bullshit.
Dude in interview was just talking about work on long term project.

You're fucking delusional if you think this show is going past Spring 2017. It's painfully obvious by where we are right now in the story it's ending very soon. As others have said 5Ds and Zexal both followed the same pattern of 3 years and ending in March. Maximum Crisis is going to be the last Arc-V set and the new series and set will debut in April 2017.

>Trying to use Google on someone who reads Japanese
>Not realizing that others have translated it too


>actually wanting MORE of this trash
What the hell?
Blaster ;( didn't die for this shit.

>Not realizing that others have translated it too
Considering that people are claiming things that are obviously not present in text, then I won't be so sure about this part.

>It's painfully obvious by where we are right now in the story it's ending very soon.
By what? Fact that main plot points are finally wrapping don't need necessary mean, that ending is close. Conversely revealed truths can just open doors to further story paths and more arcs.
>As others have said 5Ds and Zexal both followed the same pattern of 3 years and ending in March.They also were shorter and shorter, but that obviously will not happen with ARC-V. On other words patterns of previous series means nothing here, and even if something, it would not be first time for new series starting in Autumn. GX did that.

Yugi with slifer >>> yugioh arc

Are zodiacs good?

>Black Luster Support was just a shitty Envoy
>More Performapals
>Another Pendulum Xyz that's not needed
>Duel confirmed to be the same Odd Eyes Pendulum, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and 2 magicians combo to OTK
>No Force Witch, No Cardian
>New xyz archetype is just rank 4 cancer again

I'm so mad I can't even think of an insult

Sure whatever you say. Just don't start crying when December rolls around and information on the 6th series is released.

>Black Luster Support was just a shitty Envoy
It's an honest for BLS, and since everything is getting an Honest, this is no surprise and neither it should be for other archetypes.
>More Performapals
>Another Pendulum Xyz that's not needed
Only in the next episode we shall know if you are right or wrong
>Duel confirmed to be the same Odd Eyes Pendulum, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and 2 magicians combo to OTK
You may be right, but who knows?
>No Force Witch, No Cardian
Wait a little bit
>New xyz archetype is just rank 4 cancer again
There are a lot of ways to deal with Rank 4 this days, you know that?

They're different. Can't really Rank 4 spam without outside assistance and have some trouble maintaining high attack without burning through their Xyz. I think they're fun though.

Let's take a look at Yuya's extra deck various spin offs and ocg originals and all

5 fusion monsters 1 each of them have material ranging from spellcaster,beast and warrior to just plan old pendulum monsters

3 synchro monsters 1 of which has to have a magician monster as it's material

3 xyz monsters, all of them are rank 7 while 2 require an xyz monster as material.

What kinda set up would be needed to make such an extra deck viable for Yuya?

Looks like the Yuzu from the new Yugioh is a tomboy too......but sightly more relevant

>It's an honest for BLS
Yes because an Honest that actually isn't part of the archetype (it isn't even a "Chaos" monster for fucks's sake) is totally what BLS needed.
This fixes all of the deck's bricking, glacial speed, terrible searching and minusy as fuck powerplays.

What are the odds of the new OP being as good as that one?

This is so blatantly just a Yuzu rip off that it's kinda sad

What I am saying, there are a lot of *motherfucking* monsters and archetypes and this point with their own honests that I feel like they might as well create something called Despair or Discord that works more or less like Honest but for DARKs.
Good Heaven, Apprentice Illusion Magician is an honest for Dark Spellcaster, precisacely Dark Magician.

They also used defusion on Yuya.

So that's 3 children confirmed?

Cuter than all the Ruris combined
her mon also looks cooler than all of the Ruri's ace monsters

Except the show isn't built for more arcs. You're hoping against hope at this point. Nothing suggests the show continuing on. The show is reaching the climax of everything it has built up on and since it has an overarching plot it's safe to assume once it's finished there won't be anymore.

Hmm i thi k the OP is meh. The song isn't that good but the visuals especially near the end are ok. Anyway i expect the new OP of ARC-V to be better

Guys, if I lose my job is arc-v still worth saying up for?


>Red and Green hair
>Blue eyes
jesus fuck

Why should I cry? Clear info is always appreciated. Just lamenting on speculations and rumors based on misinformations is nonsense. All I want is real statement.
For now let's wait for new OP and ED, it's content will definitely tells more about upcoming direction of series.

Absolutely not

Whhy would you lose your jjob?

Performance and possibly health issues.

That was incredibly average for a Digimon OP. Arguably the worst one. It lacked soul compared to the others. Especially the visuals. It was incredibly generic.

The real question is: will the ripoff be better than the original?

I bet

Did you work in a chemistry industry, assuming you are a college user?

I'm a 27 year old with alports syndrome and work in a warehouse. I usually go on sundays right after Arc-V finishes airing for that week so I get to wait up to the reactions of what just transpired such as Yuri's Hayakuu chants and the Ruri rape face collage.

Let's put aside possibility that there will be something bigger hidden behind HITOTSU NI, and you still have at least Roget and his necessary return and revenge. This must be placed somewhere in current direction of events.
Not mention fact, that they don't showed anything from Standard for very long. With all characters leaved here, it gives me feeling that something big must still happen here. That's still a lot content that could easily fill either slightly rushed 1 cour, or normal paced 2 cour.

Probably Yuri carded everyone there searching for Yuzu again

He's an asshole that deserves to be carded. It's like they took every annoying aspect of Yuya (so most of his character) and then said, "hey, why don't we just make this little shithead an asshole on top of it.

I had hopes

Roger isn't necessary. He has no power and sucks as a duelist. What can he possibly do? If he gets dropped in a random dimension he has nothing.

Even if Roger returns he can just be dropped in the plot like Kachidoki was. He doesn't need an arc. He already had one.

Standard is where the final duel will take place. The dimension doesn't need to be expanded on. All the characters will go to standard to watch the final entame duel then either the dimensions will be fused leading to everyone being together or everyone will return to their own after the duel giving the show a bittersweet ending. Either way you're asking for a show that shits on its characters to give a damn about them enough to give the show an extra 2 cours at the most. It isn't happening and nothing suggests it will happen.

It was clear though. The show is confirmed to end in 3 years straight from the mouth of the Arc-V sound director. The owner of NAC even confirmed it and he works with Org to translate all the latest Arc-V and card info in Japanese.

>super fusion

>super poly
Mill yourself

BEUD already has a retrain

>Asuka makes you be her servant in tag force games.
>Angry Asuka actually makes you bow down before her

Tag force made everyone hilarious, Then tag force special made it so you can't set up any romance flags with the heroines. But it is funny to see Yuya and Yuto team up on you just because they find you suspecious, just like Sora and Shun teaming up against you. Yet in the end you're just a traveling red hat-kun who was just passing through and decided to help this citrus get stronger for the sake of her tomato

>What can he possibly do? If he gets dropped in a random dimension he has nothing.
See >Even if Roger returns he can just be dropped in the plot like Kachidoki was.
Well, this is true.

>The dimension doesn't need to be expanded on.
Ok, I see that you are for rushed 1cour option. No need to elaborate it further.

>The show is confirmed to end in 3 years straight from the mouth of the Arc-V sound director.
Again no. See above.

>The owner of NAC even confirmed it and he works with Org to translate all the latest Arc-V and card info in Japanese.

I want yuto and yuya to team up on me

Roger had Fusion resources when he got to Synchro. He was in Synchro for a long time building up his influence as well. The end of Synchro to the current episode hasn't even had a week pass.

>Ok, I see that you are for rushed 1cour option. No need to elaborate it further.

No, I'm for the show ending in March. Not adding on pointless padding. You just want the show to continue. You don't care about coherent plot or anything. Roger randomly returning and gaining power would be stupid. Standard randomly getting 13-26 episodes of filler would be pointless. We'll see how every character has been doing before the final duel.

Ruri what the fuck are you talking about

>rip off
Looks like an improvement relative to current Yuzu

Raw, hardcore, uncesored, nonstop Dueru

...shit Ruri, you may not be that bad after all

>New Jojo and Arc-V OP in the same week

will Pendulums Swing even compete with youtube.com/watch?v=NRHdAYaWn64

>implying Yuya wouldn't be the pregnant one

>those poses
>that Yukako midriff
>number one
What a beautiful outro, there must be no other entry as catchy as this song, this feels like a entertaining

I will post this every thread until the episode!!

Alright fampai start making the Appli threads and I'm there

Too late did I realize that Yuzu was what carried Arc-V

After episode 29 I wished that Yuya would get more focus and stop being upstaged by Yuzu

I didn't know fampai

I didn't know


They're a trusted source. They do all the VJump news and episode spoiler translation. So if they confirmed from that magazine article that it's ending in 3 years then it's ending in 3 years. No need to be insecure about it.

>tfw Naruto final fight lived up to the hype

Will this episode live up to the hype?

>Too late did I realize that Yuzu was what carried Arc-V

Same here man. As a Sora bro I always wanted him to stop hanging out with Yuzu and stick with Yuya but the moment he did he became a generic sidekick

Everyday until Yuyafags get BTFO


Wait what?

This is Arc-V

It never lives up to the hype

Never ever

Ok so. Post decklists. Of monsters. Or archetypes.

Ok so. Go to /dng/. On /vg/. You fucking faggot.

Ok so. Suck my dick. Of my pants. And become yuri fodder.

The last time Arc-V got an opening with good visuals was when Burn!! came out.

The Digimon fans stole our Yuzu


>post yfw appearance in the new OP


Ok, I don't really have something else to do.

>No, I'm for the show ending in March. Not adding on pointless padding.
As I said. Your option is clear. No need to elaborate it further.


>So if they confirmed from that magazine article that it's ending in 3 years
But, they don't did that. So what's point?

too many dimensions

Unless he's here to claim the Ruris(His dragons), then fuck no

Oh god, thanks for reminding me this is a thing that could happen


Just as long as he laughs at Yuya's face and tells him EGAO is fucking retarded. And he duels Reiji.



Ways Ono could ruin Seto Kaiba

He doesn't loudly yell KISAMAARGH or his monster's attacks.
He also doesn't smirk or laugh like a madman.

Bonus round: Kensho Ono voices Kaiba instead of based Kenjiro Tsuda

Give him Synchro and more gay to actually create a paradox villain like KOF XIV did

That's impossible. There's no way to ruin such a shitty character.


Ono doesn't even need to think about to ruin Kaiba. He can literally copy/paste Kaiba from DM and he's done.

Rabbina is CUTE!

Totally NOT based on Elphelt Valentine

I would be extremely mad. Kaiba is too good for this shit show.

Make him run something not relat d to his old archetype and turbo into Neo-Spacian-Eyes Secret Dragon

Saa ima da, kazase yo kirifuda. Kono mirai wa kimi no mono sa!

post your cardfu or trump card Cred Forumsrc-v

You'd think they would look at much better sources to rip from

Plebs among plebs


Second place goes for Dark Magician

>Too late did I realize that Yuzu was what carried Arc-V
No, not really. Even early on she was pretty cookie cutter, and only looked good relatively because of the franchise's track record with girls. Shun, Yuto, Reiji, and Sora to an extent were the ones who brought actual intrigue to the early part of the show.

Won a side event at a regional with this


I like Kaiba. I'm just saying his anime portrayal is shit. He's a watered down version of his manga counterpart.

He's a much more boring and flat version of his original self. Like Arc-V Kaito but even worse.

Both cardfu and my trump ace in my heart

How much did you invest on those?
>maxx c
It is still useful?
>seventh one
It is worth to use?


Yeah like most of the casting(I didn't even get Yugi vs otogi instead I got yami vs otogi). But his spirit was the same. Even when I know DM Seto is not as good like manga Kaiba,DM gave us based Tsuda as Kaiba and a lot of amazing moments.


Not quite my trump card, but certainly my cardfu.

I'm pretty sure people don't know the meaning when they post the song as a reaction, but this fits well in this case.


Stupid expensive shit

>Went from $.50 to $5.00

>Gem-Knight Garnet is $10 only for the stats

This game makes no sense sometimes.

I want to look into the games just because it would be fun to duel with my husband and interact with them.


R-really? Gonna try. Which tag force has more character development?

Chaos Goddess have a lot of uses and even easier methods to summon in this days. Even without Level Eater in the OCG

The OP was good but nothing happens in the Anime i'll drop it adnw atch it once its over

You missed it Senpai. It was THE SHIT

Top Tcg Sales Ranking August 2016

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! BoosterSP Destiny Soldiers

2. Duel Masters DMR-21

3. Cardfight! Vanguard G-BT08


Don't underestimate D HERO!

Hanate was good i think it was my favourite OP


Why are you using village and urgent? They don't have any sense, and village may not be really useful against many meta decks

>Because he is the worst Yu and he deserves to lose against a better Fusion.
Sorry user but Yugioh Arc-V is a Shounen AND Yuri is the dimensional counterpart of Yuya the MC. Plus he is a bad guy AND the literal opposite of Yuya. Theres no way in hell Yuri will lose or die against Yugo. Yuya and Yuri were fated to duel until one is Egao'd or dead since the beginning. In other words say goodbye to the Banana

I'd like to know where Magic The Gathering and Force of Will rank in sales.

Best OP:

Hanate > Kirifuda > Burn > BxB > KnH

Best ED:

ARC of Smile > Speaking > Vision > Future Fighters > One Step



Faggot:the card

Animation looks fine

But it's Naruto.


At least it ended in a decent note. Unlike ton of other Series

>literally posting the 5D's logo for meme value
You're such a meme master.

So Rin was always stronger than Yugo right? Yuri beat her when he captured her so that means Yuri is stronger than Yugo

People already figured out some crazy solitaire with Terrortop and MX Saber Invoker spamming the mouse

Shit he is hot.......and girly looking

>meme value
What in the hell is that suppose to mean?
ARCfags truly are stupid

Not really.

I think I should side Secret Village of the Spellcasters instead of putting in the main deck.
Urgent Ritual Art it's something that I am really trying to try. The most obvious example it's summon Northwemko during the opponent's turn, then summon Illusion, then activates Dark Magic Circle, then Special Dark Magician thanks to Illusion.
My only issue is the fact of using only 1, or 2-3, and the fact that Dark Magician deck tend to bricks sometimes. Other than that, it actually runs pretty well. Now I only need to get them irl. And if everything goes great, I can get them this same month plus Eternal Soul that is finally getting released here.

Please never change.

Rin didn't even have a duel disk on her arm when he caught her, then again ,for all we know, he dueled her and like Yuzu, Rin realized she was vastly out matched and put her disk away to haul ass as Yuri chased her through the city streets before finally cornering her and knocking her out like he was probably going to do to Yuzu before yugo showed up. I think Rin is the only one who fought Yuri all the way to the end. But that was only because she couldn't risk him going after Sayaka

Could you idiots take the Digimon discussion elsewhere?


I'm implying that you're so delightfully dumb that it's funny and your presence makes these threads less shitty.

These are your new applicants for your duel school. How do you teach them the ways of ENTAME duel?

But why am i the dumb guy?
For calling yuya a huge faggot and arc-v a shit anime?
The franchise should it had ended with 5D

For expecting to be taken seriously in an Arc-V thread while using the word "ARCfag".

What I'm expecting is people talking about the franchise. Not masturbating to each other about how much they want to suck yuya's cock or yuto hair.
I want to marry Yuri and more garbage like that.

TFW two years ago if you searched "Arc-V" in the archives you got all these glowing reccomendations and now if you search "Arc-V" you get people memeing about the Nico Nico ratings

>28 hours till new OP and ED

I don't care if they turn out disappointing, just want to see it already.

I am predicting a literal slideshow

Get rid of the ones that are not Mai and train Mai to use her sense of smell to mark her decks as a cheat gimmick. Then she can beat noone plot relevant but can at least stall for time.

Easy, I teach them personally, then I give them the following decks
>Noel: Lightsworn
>Tsubaki: Yosenju
>Mai: BlackWing
>Makoto: Battlin Boxer

I just want magicians in it, I've had enough Performapals, Please animator and Ono just let the magicians have the spotlight for once after 5 intros and outros of Performapals dominating, the only time the Performapals had less presence was the fourth opening and even then we had SIlver Claw

That reminds me. Does /arcV/ want to have someone host Vanguard threads starting with G NEXT premiering tomorrow?

We need to have an episode viewing guide for the series though to get people caught up.

Well, who cares about what you want? Faggots have always been a thing in these threads.
And anyway, it's not like you're any better than them. From what I've seen, all your posts are about people getting "BTFO" or Arc-V being shit as a whole. You don't even bother giving constructive criticism. All you do is make 5D's out to be the best thing ever without any argument to back it up while shitting on the other shows with a condescending tone. Mark my words, you're cancer too.

Vanguard threads usually die on Cred Forums. It's not worth it.

Weren't Timegazer and Stargazer the main duo that usually appears with Odd Eyes in most adverts?


Stop projecting.

They used to. They stopped showing up during synchro in OP/EDs for more Performapals as well as Yuya rarely using them in duels,too. They aren't popular, their effects are garbage and they aren't part of the lore.

>the OP is just a collection of pictures of the cast and writers flipping you off saying you're stuck in arc v hell
>the ED just says see you next week motherfuckers

Come on. It seems like the right time to start new discussion.

>New Season
>New Studio

All we need is a chart or something to explain the other series and how to get caught up.

That reminds me, I was going to try making a Vanguard viewing guide like the ones for GX and Zexal but I realized I'm not a good judge of what episodes could be skipped entirely and which are just non-essential

>le projecting meme

>OP and ED are done in MSPaint

>Implying people wanted D Heroes

>le non-constructive reply to avoid to respond to any of my points meme

I mean, several episodes feature good character development for the cast. It's tough to think of ones worth skipping

What points?
All you did was whine like a little bitch.
Wah people don't like my faggy ass show.

This is the face of a killer

>Yugo dueling Yuri
What's the point he got raped by Rin lol

Here, I'll explain them in simpler words so your uneducated ass can understand:
>You need constructive criticism to back up your claims that X show is shit
>You need arguments to back up your claims that 5D's is the best
>Spamming the same shit without arguments to back it up makes you cancer worse than the Yurifags

Does anyone have either the Zexal or GX viewing guides? I want to use them as a template.


>1. Yu-Gi-Oh! BoosterSP Destiny Soldiers

Glory on the Academia!

>The Show is ending
>Yugo needs to die already so Yuri can absorb him
>Yuri needs to look menacing


Yuri needs to give us Strave Venom's upgrade already

I'm honestly glad that Yugo will die by the hands of Yuri. The fucker is as dumb as Goku and killed best yu. His Manga version is far better

Thank you for assisting.

Is this better than Dragon Ball Super?

Depends. Are you a Spic?

>How much did you invest on those?
I bought them right away when they first came out for $20 and $25 at my locals
>It is still useful?
Going second sucks, but now that monarchs are gone its good against almost every deck
>seventh one
its more of a tech since you can pitch it from your hand and shuffle it back with sanctuary

I picked up Ghost rare Heralds way back when I went through a weird ritual fairy control deck phase
I ended up trading for the chairs

More or less, I mean, we got out own version of NINGEN REEEEEEEE


>literally ms paint

Fucking 4Kids.

>Too late did I realize that Yuzu was what carried Arc-V
It was more of the individual characters on the on was what carried the show back in Standard giving it a lot of potential. To me, Yuya and Yuzu felt at first both MC's of their own views and goals. Especially since both of them were related to the plot as well in a balanced way until now.

Fucking 4kids

I don't get it.

Original had wine, Dub turned it into milk. Fine, nothing wrong with that, but they made the censor look so fucking shit.

Yuzu was good

You know who was good too? That glasses guy. Remember him? I think his name was Kay Kaku

>give 5ds two cameos
>Crow dies and Jack does nothing
>give GX two cameos
>Asuka dies and Edo is a jobber
>give Zexal one cameo
>he utterly destroys the show by himself
So is Kaito really that good or were all the other characters just shit?
If they gave us a DM cameo, could anybody not Yugi/Atem even match Kaito?

Ebina's rape faces are going to be GREAT tomorrow.

Kaito is Zexal's literal Gary Stu. He only lost one duel just because the plot demanded him to for a protagonist who one even bigger with the worst kind of plot armor imaginable.

It's semen :DDD


Kaito is the onyl character in all of Arc-V to consistently use backrow in a series where goodstuff like MST/TT does not exist, so yeah, every other character is just shit.

Silents should have gotten enough to become their own deck.

Reminder that Malicious has a new fuck buddy.

Vanguard chart guy here. I surrender. After realizing I suck at image editing tools, I have decided to ask for help on making the chart.

I think just one for the first three seasons of G would help to get people introduced and ready for NEXT.

Just go make a Vanguard thread and see how many people actually care. We've already got enough problems without someone trying to discuss something actually off topic.

Why ship not-devilman with not-mana?

So what would each Yu and Ruris relationship be like?

If Yuto and Ruri dating is any indication, dueling talk and handholding.

Glad you asked.
Xyz couple would be in a "Loser relationship", where two losers (not by choice in Ruri's case*), get together because they don't really have anyone better to date and don't want to be lonely. So they stick together as long as one of them gets too needy and the other gets annoyed by it. Overall a very 'healthy' relationship, but really threatened if the girl finds a better partner.
*Shun doesn't let her get close to unapproved boys.

Synchro couple would be a bit like what you see in poor areas of third world countries; loyalty to one another just to survive, but if the guy doesn't have any drive, which Fusion clearly does, the girl will drop him in a sec. Not a cuddly relationship, with Rin being passively bossy and Yugo, being the lap dog he is, obeying her. She may or may not cheat on him occasionally.

Now the Pendulum couple is the shittiest, in my opinion, because eventually the only reason Yuzu would have to stay with Yuya is because of his entertainment career, id he doesn't stop being such a cry baby. Because let's face it, a woman can only handle so much of a mopy guy. But if he was chill and just did his entermate stick, things would be fine. I mean, what girl doesn't like a fun guy who sticks to his ideals and pursues his dreams? But I think she would definitely cheat on him, given the chance. Because, based on the show, Yuya is a very fragile boy, and not very desirable as partner (for a female, gay guys. i know you love his shota looks). She would cheat on him with Sora, specifically.

Fusion couple is the chillest. If they got together, their relationship would be the most stable, because while Serena would try to be bossy and crude, Yuri would just laugh at her or mess with her. She'd either get more mad, or just feel like child, which I think it's the more probable, because Yuri, despite him look very girly, is much like Sora, where he doesn't seem to give a shit, and just does things to enjoy himself.

>Fusion couple is the chillest.
>Yuri wants to kill everyone in every dimension

So much bias

Yuri just needs Serena's snacks then he will calm down

Yuya/Yuzu -> Yuzu has a thing for him, with vague feelings from his side.
Yugo/Rin -> Yugo has a thing for her, we don't know much on Rins end.
Yuto/Ruri -> Both have same feelings for each other, with Ruri being more upfront about it.
Yuri/Serena -> Barely no each other, but could easily build up a relationship.

This is what the show implies.

Yuri just needs a friend and Serena just needs cuddles. I mean... Doesn't get much simpler than that. Yuri is literally a guy that became angry at the world for not accepting his perfection at a trading card game. If he gets a proud girlfriend like that he'll be fine.

>This isn't even my final form.

Yuya's feelings for Yuzu aren't very vague, considering Yuzu is the sole person he abandons his ideals for, or that ridiculous speech he made during his rematch with Reiji where he pretty much said Yuzu was the entire reason he got that far. I think they've made it fairly clear that all the Yu/Zu couples have very, very strong feelings for each other, aside from the Fusion one. It's one of the few things the show's managed to show pretty damn well, really.

Hope he transforms into a monster like Zorc and Aigami. It would be a nice DM callback.

It isn't?
Yeah, correction for that.

Serena isn't exactly the type of person who goes out making friends and neither is Yuri. There is no chance of them realistically becoming a couple without bullshit becoming involved.

Level 3 LIGHT Zombie-Type Effect Monster
1600 ATK
(1) This card’s name becomes “Skull Servant” while it is in the Graveyard.
(2) If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can send 1 “Wightprince” from your Deck to the Graveyard.
(3) During either player’s turn: You can send this card from your hand or face-up from your field to the Graveyard; for the rest of this turn, each monster currently on the field loses ATK and DEF equal to its Level/Rank x 300.

Lonely people being lonely together. And the guy asked "if they were a couple". Yuri would probably tease her sometimes and she'd follow him around 'cuz she likes the attention.

Cutie scary skeleton.

Exactly. These 2 have more of a shot and even then

Except Yuri isn't lonely. He likes where he is in life. Serena isn't lonely either. She had friends before being brainwashed and even starting turning to Yuya's philosophy.

Yuri is lonely. He just copes with it in a genocidal manner. I agree that Serena isn't as much lonely as she is misjudged. What I mean by that is that people don't engage with her as a person that much; she is always an asset or a guide.



>Rabbina is the crazy genocidal one

Asuka already tried appealing to Yuri through friendship. Serena isn't getting through to him like that, especially when people are trying to force them together as a couple just so all 4 counterparts can pair up. Neither Serena or Yuri is interested in romance and based on Yuri's personality he'd kill Serena if he had the chance.

What if Yuri got, ya know, over the whole dimensional genocide thing via EGAO? Which we all know IS going to happen. I believe he'd just be pre 123 Yuri; joky, wity and not so crazy. I think he'd enjoy interacting with her because he'd like her reaction to his teasing. He was almost rolling on the floor when he was baiting Asuka, and he messes with everyone like that. She'd over react and make him lol all the time. And she'd be mad, but I'm faily sure she'd like the attention and go all crude and violent at him while he laughs it out. I can see that totally happening.

>Rescues Ruri
>Defeats Dennis

If Yuri got turned he'd realistically need to rethink his whole life. Teasing Serena should be the last thing on his mind. He'd probably hang around Dennis while Serena would still be around the Lancers.

>doing things logically

That's why I said unless bullshit happens earlier. If they want all 4 pairs to hook up they'll do it no matter how little sense it makes.

>Will defeat the Doktor

Imagine if Yuri met GX Asuka


But I only see 3 girls and 1 man.

hey Cred Forumsrc-v some of you are pretty good players, how good do you guys think Cardians will be once they get all their cards?


episode 123 is out for the quality whores that waited


They'll still be shit, they were designed to run exactly as they do in the anime and even if they get their level 12 synchro and remaining spells and traps nothing will change that, it's a deck that's only worth playing if you want to be Enjoy and test how good your top decking powers are.

They avoid being garbage tier since the card interactions help them to not brick completely and they have back-up plays in the form of high level XYZs(Naturally bringing out the Seven Sins), but never expect anything great

Remainder cardian is the strongest deck as long as you can play like enjoy and their lvl 10 synchro comes out

My Spooky Scary Skeleton deck likes this.

Shadow maker never. Force Witch likely happening. Dag Daggerman and Laughmaker confirmed. I honestly feel like force witch should of been another xyz and Dennis should of only had fusions that are ancient gears How often are Performages gonna fuse? Pendulum Magicians at least have odd eyes fusions or even Trump Girl and Witch to make Force Witch

If they're not releasing Shadow Maker, why would they release Force Witch?
Wind Witch Crystal Bell is much more likely.

>Kaito is Zexal's literal Gary Stu.
Watching ZEXAL is going to hurt when he's on-screen, isn't it?

If you find chunii shit (stealing souls, throwing spears, shouting a lot) funny then it wont be that painful (well less than when yuma's on screen)

>How often are Performages gonna fuse?
Dennis played a Performage Bloom Diva

Dennis played a Performage version of Soprano the Melodious Songstress

user's spouting shit and doesn't even know what a gary stu is. Kaito spends a lot of time as an antagonist and then gets mostly pushed aside by the other rival in the 2nd half. Arc-V Kaito is a little stu-ish, but he hasn't been that big of a presence in a while and isn't the biggest offender in that category.

Do you really want to cheat the devil? Christ, one Ruri isn't even good enough to satisfy his unlimited dueling drive.

The Devil is them all, man. Four horsemen, get it?

4 horsemen of the arcpocolype?

I hate how Dennis's spirit lives on.

So,is the Doctor gonna rape the 4 bracelet girls?

>implying he didn't already

Perfantomages never die.

I fucking hate you so much, Dennis. You and your freaking smiling clows should burn in card game hell.

he died for Arc-V's sins

>yfw the last duel ends with BUT YOU STILL TAKE DAMAGE

New Twitter sleeve poll is up. Based on DM this time.

Millennium Items
Atem and Yugi
Kaiba and Mokuba
Jonouchi and Mai

Which I would be completely fine with if they at least had the balls to make a kissu what brings him back to his senses

I can just imagine Serena being like. "Fucker, you better stop carding people and start giving kitty some sugar". I haven't slept today.

Yuri vs Yugo

>They had to stall us for a year's worth of episodes due to the extension, shilling, and budget concerns and NOW we're finally getting our arc cradle equivalent.

I am surprisingly okay with this.

Arc Cradle? wasn't that just Synchro vs Nomi monsters? or am i forgetting something, there weren't alot of fusion going on in 5DS

Both used in Dark Synchro.

Yuto and Doctor failed to save the ratings

I'm using arc cradle as a term to describe an arc that significantly improves on what came prior to it but doesn't quite make up for the time it took to get there.

>Jonouchi and Mai
Why not Jonouchi and Shizuka?
It makes sense with Kaiba and Mokuba and Atem and Yugi since they're basically related to each other

That's still an improvement from the prior ratings. It's not a surprise that they're still salty as fuck though. They do seem to have a higher than average number of GXfags after all.

It's somewhat improving but nowhere near anything noteworthy at this point.

Guess because how many people pair them together even if the age-gap between them is high?

>implied secret incest between them

Eh, the age gap isn't that big. Hell, Jou would even be considered adult age in some countries so it's not all that unusual since people see some chemistry between them.

Jesus, people. Nature states that as soon as puberty hits you should procreate. Stop perverting it with your "proper age laws".

Damn, GXfags got so mad they stopped watching. Viewership dropped from 7000 to 5000 this episode.

The funny thing back in Standard, the Quiz Boy 2-parter was so back they made sure he never existed entirely. Now they can't do anything to make sure the BB arc never existed because of them being in the last portion of the show, 2 important people were carded and he's already listed for this episode.

Hope bringing Ono's favorite archetype to animation was worth such a downhill fall more stalling of time.

meant to say "so bad".

The sad thing about BB is that unlike quiz boy, his story arc had potential...were they to introduce him as a major threat in Synchro arc and finish up with it here.

But, by just throwing him in randomly they both wasted time and completely fucked over two characters.



Looks like this episode barely misses the top 10 worst rated episode spot.

1. Arc-V 122 - 6.1%
2. BTOOOM 6 - 7.6%
3. Arc-V 121 - 8.8%
4. Arc-V 118 - 10.3%
5. Arc-V 19 - 13.6%
6. Arc-V 120 - 13.8%
7. Arc-V 123 - 14.6%
8. Kumamiko last episode - 16.1%
9. Valvrave last episode - 18%
10. Arc-V 119 - 19.2%

Post your finest Jacks.


5ds honestly wasn't that bad.
I don't see what people were going on about, I'm sure CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES was a gimmick and we can all look past now

My fucking sides


I shat on card games on motorcycles too, before I actually watched the show. By the end of it I was pretty put out Turbo Duels weren't going to be a thing anymore.

65-130 was a character ruining travesty.

For what? I like 5Ds more than GX, ZEXAL, or most of DM.

Call me a biased bastard because of how much i love synchro's and dragons, but it honestly seems like one of the better ones, Chararcters where nice, very little retardation from the cast, pacing was pretty nice up until the ending and it had some really interesting symbolism with the dragons and how their effects reflect on their user.

Nah. It's just as bad as Arc-shit.

>make seto kaiba into a good hero
>have kaiba and kisara interact just like S4 judai and yubel
>when he is pushed into a corner in a duel, he builds the overlay network using himself and kisara
>"This is the power of bonds! Xyz change! Zexal!"

He starts being nice.

The only character which got ruined was Jack since YGO rivals must always be homosexual arses, no exceptions. Crow just stole away all the other screentime from the rest of Team 5ds since Blackwings needed the support.

I kinda like that Jack starting warming up to people, he went from a complete douche to that one bitchy spoiled friend.

Just wait 10 years for Arc V to become 'nostalgic'.
Then,people would bitch about how terrible the Yu-Gi-Oh spin-offs of that time are.

Translate to english? I know it's riffing off the Nico Nico ratings

Arc-V is already legendary. Every other toyetic anime says "Well at least we're not as bad as Arc-V"

How would you describe Asuka and her monsters in three words?


Girls in tights.

Made for lewd

Made from cardboard.

Disgrace of EGAO

2chan rage boner against arc v nevah ends desu

Dude,Asuka didn't even belong in Yu-Gi-Oh GX.
She would have belonged more in 'Yu-Gi-Oh GXXX'

Finally a decent looking Predator Plant

Why didn't all the previous look like this?

Because then they'd all look the same.

So,when is the cast list for 126 gonna come out?

1 hours 11 mins.

I mean beast-like or reptile-like plants unlike ugly-looking plants.
It's like they are finally trying just now. I hope they add more cards.

And yet most Blackwing support in Season 2 was garbage.

>mfw this thread
bring on tomorrow already

The new episode and OP is tonight isn't it?
Just post fanart and dank memes like we always did to pass the time.

Cute boy you got there That looks like one of the most painful ways to hold a card

>Very good, good, and okay ratings are equal to bad and very bad

Those fingers, damn.


This guy always focuses on fingers when he draws YGO art.

I for one can barely contain my excitement for the new OP

It will likely be terrible

>Yugo pulling two Polys while Sawatari makes fun of him
>Yuya off celebrating because he pulled a Solemn Strike
>all the details in the background
This is great. This artist must really like Yugioh.

And I'm saying if you're hyped for Yuri vs Yugo you're a moron

Yugo got his ass handed to him by Rin, Yuri will mop the floor with him

Are Yuya a girl

Yes. Yuya is a girl(male).

I thought that was obvious, ESL-kun

Are Yuzu a male?

>you can't be hyped for this long-awaited duel because I said so!!!
Shut up.

Yes. Yuzu is the male in the relationship.

yuya a boy


No one thought BB was going to be good. BB hadn't been teased for a long time, BB isn't a main character
You do know under 18s aren't allowed on Cred Forums right?

Are you sure that you're sane?

Its also decent for a PP as it's essentially super fusion on legs if the opponent's monsters have predator counters. Makes pulling out Starve Venom fairly easy in that deck.

Episode 126: 悪魔が生まれた日 – Akuma ga Umareta Hi
(The Day the Devil was Born)
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges him to a Duel. While a fierce battle between the two unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and Reira, manages to reach Akaba Leo…

As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges him to a Duel. While a fierce battle between the two unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and Reira, manages to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?

Sakaki Yuya/Yuri/Zarc
Kurosaki Shun
Shiun’in Sora
Edo Phoenix
Sakaki Yusho
Akaba Reiji
Akaba Leo

Script: 上代 務 || Kamishiro Tsutomu
Direction: 湖山禎崇 || Koyama Yoshitaka
Storyboard: 小野勝巳 || Ono Katsumi
Animation Director(s): 君野 敏 || Masuda Toshihiko


Also RIP Ruri and Serena.


>Edo Phoenix
Literally who?

Zarc? Zorc? We DM now?


It looks like Kesho is voicing the demon duelist, Jesus his voice will be destroyed after all of this.

Who the fuck is Ray?

>The DM rep are the Yus combined as ZARC
That's fucking brilliant.

So I guess he'll be this series' Zorc/Darkness/Don Thousand

Most likely the Ruri's combined. Back at episode 117, when it showed Yuri and Serena, it displayed RAY-A under her name.

What was Yuri labeled as?

>Zarc and Ray
Very subtle there

Rip ono kensho 's vocal chords
also Zarc (Z-Arc is the term used to refer to the Yuus by Academia)
Ray (Ray-A is the term used to refer to the Ruri's by Academia)
Get hype


>Sakaki Yuya/Yuri/Zarc



>Doctor and Ruri's got murdered

Oh boy!

>mfw Arc-V

>Inamura isn't voicing Ray


>Zarc and Ray were their names all along
Are they lovers?

Who is voicing Ray?

Grace's VA. I'm not even kidding.

This show can't do anything right

Guess they ran out of money for Yuzu's VA too!

We didn't even get confirmation who's voicing her/him.

If anything hers is probably the most dirt cheap.


The yuzu's are get killed this ep oh boy

It's on TV Tokyo's website.

You never know she could be voicing Ray. It's just that Yuzu and Serena both don't have any voice roles this episode.

>Zarc vs Ray is pretty much confirmed at this point

What if the reason as to why the bracelet girls aren't voiced this episode is because they already fused?

It doesn't mean Yuzu's VA will never voice Ray. Like, Yuzu could wake up, take control and speak to Zarc in order to help Yuya get back his sanity.

But they are voiced in 125.


Will Arc-V EVER stop delivering?

Sorry meant 126.

I doubt we'll get to see Zarc and Ray outside of flashbacks next episode. We still have the bullshit parasites sub plot to take care of first before this all happens.

Oh, maybe. But the episode's title makes me think otherwise.
You can't get any clearer than "The day the devil was born".

The title might refer to an event from the past.

Zarc wants to destroy the world with Bakura, Ray says no; divides dimensions. Arc-V.


Well hopefully it's an actual fucking monster so it's a legit callback to DM.


Ugh so they're probably getting set up to get some more duels.

>the demon duelist
>a monster
It's obviously going to be a cool bishonen.

>Sakaki Yuya/Yuri/Zarc

The guy care barely make Yuri sound different than Yuya, why are they making him voice a 3rd character?

>with Bakura
How about no?

>The guy care barely make Yuri sound different than Yuya
What are you saying? Yuri and Yuya only have the tone of their voice in common. Other than that, their voices are very different.

>cool bishonen.

Dude, you might not be watching the right show...

Ain't he sexy?

>Kurosaki Shun

Let's hope this time he gets to stay up for more than half an episode. Whatever happened to the Ruris though?

I seriously hope his hair won't look like that.

>Whatever happened to the Ruris though?

Probably something like

>Demon Yuya: Odd Eyes Raging Dragon! Something or other attack name!
>Doctor:Arugh! He defeated them?! You two! Go and recover Ruri and Serena!
>Yuzu and Rin grab the two other KO'd girls and ninja jump away

Updated rankings. Arc-V has been at last place for 7 weeks now. Probably going to be worst rated anime of Summer 2016.

while I'm sad about arc-v, I'm fucking overjoyed about how low sunshit is

>of Summer 2016.

It's already the second worst rated anime of all time.

>average anime gets 77.8 highest approval rating
>arc-v is 19.5

Fucking Ono and his Glad Beast fetish killed Arc-V.

>yfw Zarc is bald

Would RAY-A be bald too?

Looking pretty good there.

For some reason I can't stop laughing about the idea of Kaito getting bugged.

>Shun having the same reaction as Yuya when he learns the Doctor bugged Kaito

Shun's a NAKAMAfag now so not surprised if he does.

Maybe his character will improve... Nah.

Are you ready guys?




Who let the chunnis take over the thread?



>yfw Zarc and Raya are ripoffs of the Supreme King and Yubel

We've always been here.

Yubel isn't some kind of goddess of creation and the Supreme King was a ripoff of Yami Yugi just like Zarc is a callback to it. Stop trying to push your shitty GX agenda.

I feel sorry for Shun. He did not deserve to get ruined by legacy characters, though that could be said for almost every ARC-V character that's not legacy.

I don't mind Grace's VA, just seems silly to have Kensho Ono voice Zarc and not have Inamuta or one of the Yuzus voice Ray


I didn't watch 122, is there a reason Jack, Gongenzaka, and Sawatari aren't with Egao Jesus?

Gon is injured so they stayed behind. Smart move too, since Hitotsuni is wrecking shit tonight.

He left by himself, leaving Jack to tend to the injured Sawatari and Gon.

>I know where Yuzu is.

The academia grunts are taking Jack,Gon and Sawatari to the regeneration pods and probably giving Sawatari a new duel disk since Crow broke his in a, while good intended, ultimately pointless display of self sacrifice. Having a broken disk just keeps Sawatari from being able to defend himself, Battle Beast, Who I felt should of at least been given a name at the end, would of just turned him into a card without the need for a duel as we've already been shown that academia can card anybody they want and the duel is simply a way for them to amuse themselves with their prey, they don't have to duel people at all just turn the beam on and it's card time.

The Falcon will rise again.

What will the R12 RR be called? Absolution Falcon?

Either the staff wanted to do something new, budget reasons, Yuzu's VA wasn't available at the time or just because.

To repeat the walking stick gag ever since Yushuo. Jack at this point is pretty much 1/2 of Gon's and so is Sawatari after the dumbass move Crow did.

It's pretty retarded actually. All of the Academia students were converted after Yuya's duel with BB. The other students could've taken care of Gongenzaka and Sawatari while Jack could go with Yuya and assist him against the Ruris.

Eternal Falcon.

That sucks, I actually liked Jack.


>To repeat the walking stick gag ever since Yushuo. Jack at this point is pretty much 1/2 of Gon's and so is Sawatari after the dumbass move Crow did.
Aren't you reading a bit too much into this?

You're out of jail?

He didn't do that of his own volition, he was bugged to do that.

That one student infected with the parasite was preoccupied with Yuya since the doctor wanted to lead him to the Ruris. Having Jack along would've still been a smart move. If he somehow tried to attack Gon or Sawatari he would be outnumbered against a whole group of EGAO converted students.

>Aren't you reading a bit too much into this?
At this point does it really matter to how poorly both Gon and Sawatari treated, especially with how they were back in XYZ.

>Ray voiced by Grace
I imagine Ray looks like Selveria from Valkyrie Chronicles


How was prison? did you get your boi pussy reck'd?

Vafanculo, Chronos

That's Crowler

Ray isn't that voluptuous.

Crowler is his English dub name (I don't even know why they had to change it, considering 'Chronos' isn't even a Japanese-sounding name).

4kids was never consistent with name changes and censoring. They probably thought that Crowler fit him better because he looks and acts like a vampire or something

More so than the actual vampire he dueled?

So how exactly will Crow from 5D's react once he learns that his name sounds similar 'Crowler'?



Well it's pretty obvious by next series whoever would be in charge definitely won't be Ono.

>Kachidoki episode was the highest rated in the Summer season

Nips and their LV 0 memes

>implying NAS even pays attention to these ratings

>implying there will be a next series



This show? This franchise.

how the fuck did they rate that shit a 70 but the equally bad BB a 6?

Nips and their inconsistency baka.

2 series that turned their interesting protags into unlikable and unrelatiable jesus figures.

2 series that turned their entire side cast into useless cheerleaders

2 series that shilled an archetype so aggressively that that archetype became littered with garbage situcational and unplayable cards

Fuck Ono so hard, may he never direct another YGO again. He can go ruin Symphongear some more, I don't watch that series because singing during battle sounds really fucking stupid.

They didn't care about the quality of the episode. During the stream all they spammed was LV0. I guess they ironically gave it a high score because of memes.

>singing during battle sounds really fucking stupid
inb4 the next Yu-Gi-Oh series is musical card games. Please no.

Probably because fans actually wanted to see him back as an act of trying to redeem Yuya's past mistake no matter how sudden it was executed.

Pick 3 students to enroll in Standard's Yusho duel school , 1 from each dimension at the end of the series.


From an anniversary that had a lot of potential without knowing what's going to happened into a completely rushed and lazy mess.

In all honesty as much as I loved this series with a passion it's pretty much became something to try to tolerate the same as Zexal part 1.