[HorribleSubs] Alderamin on the Sky - 13 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Alderamin on the Sky - 13 [720p].mkv

No thread for the last episode?

I forgot that this was a thing.
I didn't even drop it. It just drifted out of my mind.

That last episode was almost like an episode from a show I want to watch. This is such a patchwork monstrosity, but I love the central ideas stitched into the core of the beast.

Loli princess almost reached redemption in that last scene, hopefully she would stay tolerable in S2 material.

Which I guess brings me to my ultimate judgement for this show: S2 when? (Never, I assume)

Going to watch it now.

That ending just made this whole show seem like a preview for when shit really gets going. Too bad no season 2.

It's been presenting itself that way almost from the start. At the same time, I don't mind this sort of extended backstory arc. Imagine if it all did just start at the loli selecting future scene, it'd be as hollow as the thousands of LNs that do just start with some shitty destined meeting between unexplored characters.

The battle sucked ass.

I don't know why there's so many scenes with Ikta fighting on the frontlines. He's not even a particularly good fighter. If he dies, everyone's fucked, because all the others seemingly have the intelligence of a rock.

At the same time, he literally can't die because he's the fucking main character. I guess it's supposed to add tension, but it just comes off as shitty drama when he "almost dies" like in this episode.

She's so cute

Well, that was a good episode, gamble during negotiations with Jean was awesome.

I think it's mostly to show that even though he is a lazy prick, he won't send people into situations he isn't prepared to also leap into. Compare against Reilouch who was commanding from the back.

The battles pretty much all sucked ass except for some waifuservice with Yatori and the brown semen demon, at least as far as animated action.

>that was a good episode
>enemy soldier stops trying to kill ikta the very moment the ceasefire is declared

I'm sure if he kept going for one second he could've stabbed him right in the throat, it was dark so I don't think anyone would notice unless they're really good at playing red light/green light.

I liked it, kind of fun with more strategy then fighting and such, guess theres no hope for season 2.

One sour note that requires you to push your suspension of disbelief doesn't ruin the whole episode.

Bad show
Bad series
Princess is cute
Last episode wasn't bad
Season 2 never

>guess theres no hope for season 2
because the MC is a twat that just likes to call things he doesn't like unscientific.

>no bantz with waga friend mathew
>no more lazy war scientist not-a-hero
>no more retard loli princess

>tfw you don't really feel anything after watching this show
>tfw you would watch a second season anyway
>implying there would be a second season for you to watch

This show remained mediocre until the end. Bland and forgettable. No S2 pls

>you'll never see the Princess go JUST

Are you saying she's unjust?

Every time I start to like this show Ikta has to say some bullshit about muh scientific views.

I'd be pretty neutral on him if it weren't for those fucking SCIENCE lines.

Most of the stuff he says is bullshit.

>>no bantz with waga friend mathew
The lonely warrior/hero exchange was GOAT

How do I get a loli to be this attached to me?

Super glue.

You have to be lazy in the proper way

molest her and demean her several times after rescuing her in the forest when she was running away.

Shes too thirsty for him
Pretty cute

S2 soon right?

Real soon, just a noose away

So every Igsem uses the same sword design, that's nice.

Fuck I love Solork type of MC's shame we won't see more.

God the Princess is so fucking ANNOYING.

>Everyone fucking nearly dead.
>Begging where Solork is and hugs him.

>and he admonishes her for being a childish bitch in front of the soldiers
Ikta da best

I want to rape this Princess Loli so much in all her holes, especially a nice hate fuck in her ass and cum in all her face and nice little cute loli tits while stroking MUH DICK with her hair.
S2 never ;_;

I want to raise this Princess Loli so much in all her roles, especially to become a nice ruler and bring prosperity to her people and to protect the culture of the Empire while building trust with all of its citizens.

Once more a battle won because the previously competent enemy commander decided to go full retard and order a cease of fire just because he was too autistic to not being in control, just to let Ikta threat him with a retarded bluff.

It was just painful to watch. Is difficult to grow up with the main character when all his victories are based on enemy commanders suddenly panicking or suffering brain damage.

Now...that's interesting, a pity that THE MOTHERFUCKING SHOW IS FINISHED!

That's what we can have nice things

I can't really say I didn't enjoy the show, I did enough to finish, it was nice to see a fantasy anime that is not yet another Dragon Quest bastardization but I just couldn't gett attached to these characters.

They acted like dicks then spit nonsense about being logical, then ranted at other people not being logical, then reading illogical people like an open book despite being illogical.

Usually you can emphatize with a character when he is being treated in an unfair way, but this characters were treated in the exact manner they deserved to be treated. You are being a dick to everyone, badmouthing everyone and doing whatever you want, of course they are not gonna treat you well.

Anyway was a watchable show but I don't think anyone will remember anything about it en three weeks

>S2 soon right?
Right after LoLH S2 user.

>I'm sure if he kept going for one second he could've stabbed him right in the throat, it was dark so I don't think anyone would notice unless they're really good at playing red light/green light.

Jean's men are highly trained, Ikta said so himself. When he says stop, they stop. Being the control freak that he is, that's probably just the way Jean likes it.

haha science am i right guys

Well, it was not just One note, dude.

The reason to the cease of fire was "he can totally win but he is so control obsessed that won't allow this to go on".

Then there was the Ikuta 90% fake bluff,

Then any of the soldiers with an actual rifle could have blow Ikuta's head, that is just just next to the giant glowing target during the negotiations or at least they could have returned the threat.

Or they could have shot him when he walks away after burning the wood for blackmailing during the negotations.

>at least they could have returned the threat.

No, they couldn't have. An important part of Ikta's strategy was how quickly he could cancel negotions and legally kill Jean, due to him having only a single negotiation flag raised.

Unless Jean is willing to break military law (which seems unlikely since he's the one who brought it up, and also values that sort of order), he would have to have his men lower all of their flags before Ikta could lower his one flag. It wouldn't happen.

>Or they could have shot him when he walks away after burning the wood for blackmailing during the negotations.

Jean's not that kind of person. If he was, Ikta's strategy wouldn't have worked to begin with.

You're basically saying he should have just thrown out all the rules to secure victory, and that's not how he operates.

Ikta won simply because he was able to get into Jean's head and use his own principles against him.

Which is exactly what we were saying, he winning because the enemy commander gone autist mode.

Jean was always an autist. This is just the first time we're seeing that actually cause issues for him.

Didn't like the anime at first but it got me hooked halfway through the series.

Princess is best

and she gets cuter

>Right after LoLH S2 user.

Any day now.

>. An important part of Ikta's strategy was how quickly he could cancel negotions and legally kill Jean, due to him having only a single negotiation flag raised.

I didn't know if laugh or cry at that moment. Just...WTF, to me it looked like a child playing tag and saying "it doesn't count if you don't grab me".

Also, I don't really see the problem there, how is dropping a single banner faster thand dropping several at the same time? I mean, its not like they have to drop one first then another, they can just drop both banners (or three or four of as much as they had) at the same time and would take exactly the same time that Solork dropping his.

>Also, I don't really see the problem there, how is dropping a single banner faster thand dropping several at the same time? I mean, its not like they have to drop one first then another, they can just drop both banners (or three or four of as much as they had) at the same time and would take exactly the same time that Solork dropping his.

If you want to bet on that logic, I won't stop you. Jean didn't want to, and personally I wouldn't either.

The anime character design is pretty much garbage compared to this

Her loli design is definitely better for LN, but the teen model seems far more generic. Like, her older design is much closer to the anime design anyway.

I don't have high hopes. This series was better than most of the shit-tier shows that get animated nowadays but it has a lot of problems.

I just hope this last episode makes me feel like it has better things in store.

I like her outfit and hair detail

Fuck... where does this leave off on the LN?

I've reading the story goes to shit at vol 7 on the LN. True?

>goes to shit
If by that you mean starts getting gud yes, Vol 7 is where red dies

Why would he care about culture of a country this shit? While previously saying he doesn't care and does it "for people"
Honestly, Jean and his sidekicks would a better story.

But the most important question is if Nana is still alive

Way to miss the point entirely

>all his victories are based on enemy commanders suddenly panicking or suffering brain damage or outnumbering his troops 24 to 1

Well hime stopped acting like a schoolgirl in love for 2 seconds which was nice, but her plan is incredibly foolish.

She intends to somehow reform the government by putting further question into the legitimacy of the crown and potentially forcing the country to pay war debts or having military restrictions.

Losing a war is the perfect way to completely fuck over what little semblance of a country you have left.

NotLelouch was the best part of the show.

More Kishida Kyoudan when?

When we get GATE S3.

So never.

Hey now, we could also get more of them with HSoTD S2.


Madhouse, Season 2? HAHAHAHAHAH

No worries by the time she's in power she learns the people need an iron fist

Waga tomo Matthew 2nd highest body count, putting down the malcontents in Hime's name

>Galaxy Angel
>One Punch Man

It happens. Of course it won't with this show.

Consider this: Japanese people know exactly how much better off as a country you can be after losing a war.

Assuming the alternative would be to win the war instead, first, CAN they, and second, would Solork agree to that request?

Fuck you, Cred Forums, I loved Alderamin on the Sky.

Sure, it had its problems, but overall, it was a hell of a show. I don't know why /k/ isn't more into it. It certainly rekindled my love for historical military strategy.


For now, I'm picking the LN. But it's got 10 volumes out, and the 11th comes out in a couple of months, and only 1 and a half volumes have been translated... and my kanji is shit...

Solork isn't a diplomat though. Maybe he could lose a war while preserving his military's strength. Maybe he could cause internal strife while doing so. I'll concede that.

However, while he might be a catalyst for change he won't be the one changing things. This 14 year old girl is going to have to be the one making negotiations and cutting out the tumors inside the empire. This little girl who isn't even empress yet and even if she was would have no heir and thus less legitimacy. I'm not a betting man but if I were I would bet on that plan failing.

>Solork isn't a diplomat though
He's pretty good at it

One Punchman was announced you know?

Shitty shoujo anime.

Haro is worst girl

Pointing an imaginary gun at people and playing on their autism to make them spare you doesn't work in every situation.

He convinced the mountain africans to help them too.

Why is this nigger even fighting? He sucks at it and he is putting himself in unnecesary danger.

He loves Red and wants her to become human and run away with him. She stays a killer dog obeying every order until her last moments

No, I mean why does he take part of the battles as a combatant.
You are tactician, faggot, stay in the back and protect your valuable brain, let the retarded soldiers do the only thing they are good that.

It was about fucking time.

He did nuffin wrong.


>He didn't fuck Pocahontas or his subordinate
What a fag

That's a good question.
I'm guessing she will never have to choose.



Even though the anime was pretty shitty it made me appreciate the later volumes a lot more.

Ikta kept his promise.

Why'd they make Matthew fat in the anime? Thought he was just supposed to be a manlet

I know, I know.
So things never came to a head before "that" is what I'm assuming.

Would worship Hime and put down innocents cajoled into rebellion/unrest by worst girl Haro .

>One Punch Man 10/10

I don't understand. Is Solork considered to be the princess's lover or something? The princess makes no attempt whatsoever to hide her attraction to him (the displays are often very public and unsubtle) and from the spoilers I've seen they've actually grown even closer.

I know he's just a Lieutenant but with word getting around that he has the princess in his belt I would have expected him to get a bit more respect from his superior officers seeing as how if they piss him off he can just ask the princess to have them executed.

How did hime gone crazy?

She started shitposting on Cred Forums like every edgy little girl, then one day she found Cred Forums and realized her country a shit

No one dares to question the empress, she lobs off heads like it's nothing.

How is Ikta alright with this shit? I thought he hated these kind of stuff.

from cute loli to
a beautiful and terrifying goddess.

How does red die?

Lelouch now has the power of SCIENCE on his side.

He's alright with Haro, and she's pure evil. Like holy fuck somebody stop her.

Man did everyone gone insane in these series? What the fuck happened to this kind angel?

>super uber cool tactician
>loses his shit the moment things get a little messy
Is everyone in this show who isn't MC a complete retard?

You know how Haro has a few little bros to take care of.


Well? Does hime executes them or something?

Are novels translated? I really wanna read them now. You can spoonfeed me with spoilers if you have time.

They were abused along with a young Haro and died. Haro went crazy and murdered the whole abusive family, was found by the current president of Kioka and raised to be a sleeper agent.

Also, Lelouch was raised by the same dude to be a hero and hime wanting to crash empire with no survivors was a thought implanted by him as well.

Unfortunately, I don 't think they are any english translations for the later volumes. Chink ones exist though.

Damn son, she's nuts.

>Lose a war
>Let a foreign nation come in to occupy your country, bringing their culture along

Dammit do Nips like being atom bombed then subjugated so much?

So that guy is the big bad of the series?
Also, why is Kioka such a fucking Gary Stu nation?

Kioka agent, has more blood on her hands and has done more fucked up stuff than any 5 other characters

Can you give examples user?

Why do you think there are so many Fat Man doujins?

Man seriously never expected this.

Maybe because, as far as the anime is involved, there was 0 foreshadowing.

They're not, they claim to be for diversity and shietz but clamps down on minority cultures that aren't approved by the ruling people.

Known as the most vile phantom in Kioka, incited rebellion, twisted information, sabotage/other covert operations, got thousands killed

I like her more and more now.

I was talking about how everyone seems to wank them and talk about how perfect they are compared to the shitty inferior Empire.
They are more technologicaly advanced, their culture is superior, their military leaders are super capable and superior, their leader is a master manipulator with a supreme keikaku and even the future Empress wants them to fuck up her country.

>Introduce "rival" genius for Ikta
>Gets absolutely bitch slapped and talked down to despite holding the absolute advantage

Ok. So is Ikta ever not a perfect "muh science" commander that never loses?

Just read the novels.

But my kanji is shit...

Season 2 when?

This was the only animu I was looking forward to since Active Raid ended

Superb taste, user.

Huh. Happy birthday, Cred Forums?


S2 when? I need that sweet sweet haughty titty hime animated.

Wanking MC really hard till the end.
Princess a cute tho.

LoLH was complete shit.

this show is mediocrity at its worst

I think it's actually mediocrity at its best. If it were much better, it wouldn't be mediocre.

not really. there's so many aspects of this show that are half assed/not well thought out/just plain cringey. personally, the only reason i stuck around is the OP song and yattori. this show is a stinker!

Holy shit
shut the FUCK UP

cutting off your finger was unscientific.

the brown shit doesn't even look cute, I'm not sure where is the waifuservice when I flinched every time she showed her ugly nigger mug

For all his bragging about science, his tactic is pretty lame and not mind blowing.

They were clearly analogous to Himalayan tribes, therefore Aryan approved and kawaii as fuck

hmanga when

mind blowing for the enemy though

I'm not sure if the legality of breaking negotiation even matter here.
Like who would fucking care? Ikta side would be massacred and no one would tell the tale.

Because the enemy suddenly becomes retarded.

Princess is such an awful character. I guess they intended for her to be completely unlikable but sheesh.

Red: Dead.

Blue: Split personality psychotic assassin spy.

Ikta: Wallows in his own shit for years. Literally.

Loli: Isn't a loli anymore and becomes a haughty tyrant ruler executing anyone and everyone for anything. Traps Ikta in her rape dungeon forbidding any visitors.

Green: Still part of best boys.

Brown: Still part of best boys.

Your welcome.

Every hack can write idiots.

Eh whats going on here.

>the epilogue refers to her as "the last princess"
Pretty sure fucking over the crown is part of her plan, making it some sort of equality loving happy funland since it's "scientific", further reinforcing the notion that this is isekai in all but name.

Princess coercing Matthew into sex while Ikta is still in withdrawal mode

2nd season when?

We already know you have shit taste, no need to keep reminding us.

S02 never. Can you spoil what happens in manga pls ?

You mean the novels. The manga is way behind.

It would have been beter if he said Logical instead of scientific.

Then again, we would just call him a Vulcan hybrid twat.

Until he gone completly retarded with the "you can't break the rules!" Ikuta bullshit.

Because...you know, being a heretic and using a globe is fine because "you have to use any means at your disposal" but when you have the Mc in front of you breaking the stalished norms is a no-no

What, holy hell things escalate what happened

So what happened to 'Let's not lose too hard so we can unfuck the empire' princess?

She just decided to become a bitch after the red business or what? Also why is MC still there? I thought red was the only one keeping him from fucking off.

Wasn't she trapped on magic ice in coma or something?

How many dumb fags got meme'd by this fake spoiler I wonder

Looks like this guy gonna be serious this time.


Wait she actually gets killed or what then? Not that user but now I really need to know otherwise this shit is getting dropped if best girl leaves

It doesn't matter since s2 never anyway and you will forever drop it

This is the medic right? My fucking sides.

Hopefully he has enough fingers

At least we get to know this fat guy fate. It was alright I guess though hime narration is annoying as fuck since the va seems to be using this one voice for her roles.

This series was okay, but not great. The novel spoilers in this thread (if true) sound pretty interesting though. Shame it will never get another season.

Not lelouch was hyped to much and and in the end he was another tool to show how Ikta is super cool and op

to draw the last bit of comparison with LOGH

first yang-reinhard encounter at the 4th battle of Tiamat-
>Who is this brilliant commander that menaged to avoid my complete victory?
>Yang Wenli?, send him my regards: be he fine until the next battle we meet

first notlelouch-ikta battle:-
>You can't break the rules!
>I will conquer the world because reasons >Screams like a loserù

also he couldn't even fucking with 10 times the troops and the technologies. I was thinking he was just do it deliberatly, so church won't get to much power but no, he was just another retard

The series is decent, but the poor man's Yang Wenli MC seriously ruins it. He's so fucking obnoxious. The author tried way too hard with him.

How did the hime win the mcbowl when she supposedly becomes a bloodthirsty tyrant?

Wouldn't Ikta take issue with that? Or is he too pussy whipped to care?

>Be ikta
>Empire fucked your dad, and the emperor fucked your mom
>Want to take life easy and be a NEET
>Childhood friend No.1 joins military
>Join for her sake
>Meet loli princess
>Get in trouble
>Somehow end up as a hero
>Get send for war that started by childhood friend No.2
>Meet cute girl for whom he feel genuine love on they way but got killed
>Lose a pinkie for to satisfy childhood friend No.2 love for talking teddy bears
>Ask childhood friend No.1 what would she do in case of interest conflict
>Answer she would kill herself (mentally) and him (physically)
>Somehow win the war and return back home
>loli princess shame him in front of all the soldiers (publicly) by hugging him and (privately) by ordering him to lose a war on a purpose
Being ikta is suffering.

>Get killed for

>brown semen demon
i genuinely laughed at your comment sir. a sort of ha-Ha! it was condensed, and genuine. thankyou for giving me that joyful moment.

She's obviously african queen
Nigger she is.

>the story had only begun
fuck off, madhouse

Niggers use machetes, not khukuris

Madhouse has a thing for military series now, maybe S2 in 2018.

>>Empire fucked your dad, and the emperor fucked your mom
And now Hime will fuck him.

Solork family thoroughly fucked

Getting hugged by the princess isn't what shamed him.

Being completely taken down by a 70lb little girl is what shamed him. Solork may have a good head on his shoulders but he is severely lacking in physical prowess.

>maybe S2

Hime is the best, just casually and happily explaining how Ikta's mother was a whore given away as a prize

He deserves all the suffering though, he let his nakama die just to save childhood friend nº2 that was a mass murderer who killed even more nakama just so he could feel better for not saving cute girl.

Did Haro go full Nazi doctor in the LN?


Just because OPM is getting a s2 from the massive appeal it got from western normies doesn't mean Madhouse is ever going to do a s2 of Alderamin.
Especially considering the show needed to be a two-cour season 1 to have gained traction, and that it's selling like shit.
iirc it didn't even get much of an LN sales bump, which was the entire purpose of the animation to begin with.

You know those sad stories where factions with leaders who love each other or are reaching for peace go to war because the messenger had a heart attack or some other misunderstanding?

Haro who seemed like a pure loving angel and is trusted by everyone actually orchestrated it by giving fake info and planting doubts in both sides.

all under the command of Kioka

>Apparently Ikta stop sleeping with women after Chamille executed the previous woman he slept with.

wew lad

nice anime


I thought Solork was supposed to be the champion of humanity. He shouldn't be working for a tyrant, and he sure as hell shouldn't be trying to fuck one.

He wants to save her since he failed to save Yatori

How about saving all the people she's going to kill by taking her out? And by that I mean killing her, not dating her.

He'd save way more people by killing Haro

>killing Haro
Did Haro become an evil bitch somewhere down the road? Just what places does this story go, this is ridiculous

She was always a remorseless killer and twisted manipulator. She just gets her memories wiped before going undercover and wakes up to her true self when she gets a letter with the keyword.

horrible subs not doing Mahoutsukai no Yome anymore? I got one episode....man I need a better place to find anime that isn't infested with malware

The MC is a literal fedora, but the ending threw me off guard.
It's complete bullshit, though. You can't win by losing. You can only win by purge.

>You can only win by purge.

Well the anime covered what, 3 volumes? That means we still have enough volumes for 2 more seasons.

it's monthly

WW2 Japan had a puppet imperial government and Japan lost the war but ended up being better politically with less authoritarian control and a economic powerhouse.
It also kept its unique culture because it had enough power.
Hime's plan is solid.

I think having Yatori "die" and then come back later wouldn't be that bad of a move.

Just as she was willing to kill the "Yatori" part of her and have a lifeless Igsem rule over in case she was ordered to kill Ikta.

What could happen is her recovering from her injuries in the opposite manner just as Yatori, without her ties to the Igsem family, as they think she died (In case they know, well she lost a fight anyway).

user it's time to let go

The chained swords show how she's free from the Igsem family line.

>losing a battle is a war crime and punishable by death

Inciting a rebellion then fuck off at the first sign of losing is

Pretty sure she didn't "die" and just flat out died

>Overlord Hime

Absolute worst girl.

How can a tyrant be so cute? I want to bully her as she commands soldiers to execute me.

I thought it was quarterly.

All tyrants are naturally moe, just look at Dong Zhou


By having "only one flag up" Ikta meant it was the only place in the battlefield currently having a ceasefire. So he wouldn't have to wait for other flags to lower as the ceasefire ends to legally attack.

Though the main point of the strategy was the commander valued his own life over victory and was disciplined to the point he'd keep a deal he made at gunpoint.