Fruits Basket

So I rewatched the anime and it was alright. Then I saw that the manga continued for quite a bit and decided to read all of it. I finished it and I can tell you that I did not expect all of the sex. The first 2/3rds was alright but then the last part was kinda half assed and shoehorned things in place. Also a great deal of huge age difference shipping at the end. Did anyone that actually read all of it actually enjoy it?

I read all of it, but I think I missed half of the plot because the only scans online are fucking unreadable garbage.

I read what you read. Thankfully I can read bad wording but I still got through fine. However part of that is just bad writing in general. There are the tokyopop officials scanned now but they are the two page mess.

Shoujo in general can get really weird storytelling with odd paneling and narration because they tend to try to get a bit too pretentious. Like the stuff with Akito and the writer, their relationship felt tryhard as fuck with the writer being basically even more fucked and sadistic than her.

You could tell somewhat what was going on throught the art alone for some of that. The bad translations and the bad writing don't help much at all. One of the reasons shigure (the writer) was sadistic is because akito slept with another guy and he liked akito so he in turn for revenge fucked akitos mother. It's full of bullshit like that. I thought the manga would be nice and heartwarming like the anime but I was wrong.

I mean that the writer's constant emotional torture of Akito was one of the reasons Akito was so fucked up in the first place.

Oh yeah, you read Gakuen Alice? It reminds me of Fruits Basket because the anime is a comedy but the anime is a dramatic, convoluted angstfest with at times almost incomprehensible narration.

>the manga*

No, I'm not sure if I am going to read another shoujo manga if they are all like this.

You realize it's an entire demographic, right? thousands of titles.

I read this for a while when it was still being translated, and tried to get back into it after the translation had resumed and just couldn't do it. It was a total mess. The pairing with the little fire using kid also bothered me since Mikan had better chemistry with literally anyone else. But I guess that's just how shojo couples work. Although I was pleasantly surprised with Fruits Basket, even though the way they dumped the boar chick was pretty brutal.

Yes, but going into them blind usually isn't a good idea since a lot of them are like that.

The thing with shoujo manga is that it constantly tries to have "psychological depth" and some times it works while others it feels like it's trying too damn hard.

What kind of shoujo manga do you want?

Best boy wins in the end right?

Well, they reveal that Yuki's love for Tohru was like the love for a mother and the writer comes up with a different love interest for him.

It's the kind of shoujo that literally pairs up every character by the end.

Pairing up the side characters is usually irritating, but it worked in Fruits Basket for some reason. I seem to remember liking Tohru's delinquent friend and the guy she liked, even though he was barely a character.

Yuki is char.

YukiMachi was cute but I would have liked to see her reaction to the curse.

The delinquent is with a guy 10 years her age and the goth one is paired with kyos fucking father making her his mother. It's fucked.

If he was really a Char, he would have gone after Kisa.

Char loved lalah like a mother. Same way that yuki loved tohru. Somebody hasn't seen chars counterattack.

i loved the anime but gave up on shoujo manga after the trainwreck that was PitaTen