It's gonna be AOTS, right?

It's gonna be AOTS, right?


It's not beating Keijo!!!!!!!!


>doubting shaft

Of course it will.

It'll probably be AOTY.

No, that'll be Hibike or Flip Floppers.

Go back to ann kvin.

Nothing stands a chance against Natsume.

In terms of likely to be the best made from a production point of view Hibike and Flip Flappers have everything else almost certainly beat.

Shaft has given us very little reason not to doubt them lately, pleb.

no shinbo, no win-bo

When it airs, shitposters will get bored and find something else, right?

>from a production point of view
Who gives a shit when Hibike's story is absolute trash?

It isn't.

>It isn't.

I hope he at least does some actual storyboarding. It's been years since he's done anything for a TV anime.

Am I supposed to know what that means?

I hope so.
Not a very strong competition though.

Yes AOTY,Kyanus is shit.

>kyonus fags just cares about nice visuals