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so tell me Cred Forums

how do I get into the monogatari series

the girls are fucking hot

>go to ex
>search for appropiate keywords
It's that easy.

Punch Math
Bully Math
Make Math cry

Start watching from the first episode, and don't stop until you're done.

Hug Math
Treasure Math
Make Math smile

animated healed imouto Math when

Force yourself to watch it until you like it.
It's an acquired taste.

Start with Bake or Kizu, then production order

After Kizu

But I don't want to eat shit.

I want to
Punch you
Bully you
Make you cry

Someone kill me. I can't stop jerking off to Math.

math is a cute

embrace it

You should continue. When enough people fap to her the doujins might start appearing.

Be fluent in Japanese

Will do.

Marry Math
Raise children with Math
Grow old with Math

God damn I thought I was the only one.

what the fuck was her problem?

being serious here

Advise students with Math
Peer review Papers with Math
Attend Workshops with Math

Extreme parental physical and emotional abuse since birth causing severe developmental issues particularly in terms of self-esteem, trust and socialization.

sodachi pussy was made for araragi cock

>is still deluded about Araragi whisking her away from her shit life in Sodachi Fiasco
>but is self-aware enough to know that this has on any level no reason to actually happen
Apparantly she has a minor cameo in that Nadeko LN released a while back where the story is the farthest in the timeline yet, and she's still a creepy loser in it too

>she's still a creepy loser
Not for Nadeko:

And so, with a very natural motion, Sodachi-onee-chan reached out with one hand and gently stroked my head–that was the first time I’d ever felt comfortable with someone touching my hair.

>creep loser comforts other creepy loser

Can someone post I hate I detest I abhor webm please

Don't you mean a talented potential mathematician comforts a talented potential mangaka?
This one?

It's the audio one, with the commentary I think

I want to hug math and tell her "daijobu" and stay ny her side forever

Sodachi was made to be walked home gently by Araragi

Here, it's one of the 6 commentary webms I saved from those threads.

Watch it in this order: Katanagatari>Ore monogatari>TSF Monogatari>Seikishi Monogatari

Why can't real girls be like her? ;_;

Because God hates us and wants us to suffer by giving us a glimpse of heaven but denying it to us

>why can't real girls take care of their mother's corpses
I don't know user. I just don't know.

Because real teenagers aren't as dense as Araragi and would try to save their cute childhood fairy.

>fapping to math

End yourself.

>TSF monogatari

You're evil. And i like it.

I still don't know why Cred Forums likes the Gatari series.

It's literally just a bunch of vague Japanese folktales with all the animals replaced by cute girls.

It'd be like if I made the Death of King Arthur, but every knight is a girl.

She was being obtuse as hell (for her own reasons and all, but still) to be fair. Unless you mean in the present and not when they were younger, Araragi is just straight up frightened of her now though.

you answered your own question twice

1. Get really, really stoned
2. Start watching Bakemonogatari

Trust me, it's the best way


>Monogatari Series Second Season
>Owarimonogatari (Part 1)
>Kizumonogatari (All three parts once released
>Owarimonogatari (Part 2)

Always watch in airing order. You can find out the chronological order later.

Gotta love Crab's ability to take a slap and maintain that bitch face.

I miss her hair.

What the fuck is behind her in the third frame.

Best way to act like a complete retard.

You forgot Tsukimonogatari that should be watched before Owarimonogatari part 1

don't look behind you user

Not really. Best way is to discover the series through porn. I went through so many Bee doujins that I eventually just felt obligated to give the source material a look.

>dude weed


The key point was the house though. He went and stayed there for a good amount of every day during 6 weeks and could not pick any hint that it was not abandoned (moderately clean compared to a truly abandoned house, her room probably had clothes and other stuff in the drawers, she was always there, things probably changed position in the house).

The promises themselves were kind of suspicious even for someone almost 13 and son of police officers. And he didn't lack time to think about it.

>hasn't seen monogatari while stoned

Shaft animates this show on psychedelics for a reason, you lame little dweebs

The house looked like a straight up dump to me to be honest, maybe I'm remembering it wrong though.

Are you still in middle school?

I liked it when Crab punched her.

Actually, it's Maths. You don't say Mathematic.

I'm just here for Monkey.

An owl you can see on the second frame. There are many birds in Riddle.

We all know who the best girls truly are.

You can't judge from the anime because of Shaft though.


Yeah I guess Shaft is pretty inconsistent with that.

All in all though, I don't think it was all that unreasonable for Koyomi to not catch on to what was going on though. He tried acting friendly and she shut him down on that immediately, he didn't actually have much to latch onto beyond Sodachi being this chick who liked Maths and met up with him over 6 weeks in a less-than-stellar house.

Because those girls usually jump off buildings.

Older than you most likely

It's really sad when even the dreamer is half awake

>Ougino Oshi sees everything in a gradient of zero
>Indeed, she assimilates all arround her
What did he mean by this?

>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

>get triggered enough by a shitposter to post a picture

fuck off newfag

I think it affected her physically too, given how short she is

>Getting triggered by a simple pic


>tfw Monogatari isn't a fairy tale and people will suffer
>tfw math will probably suffer forever

use those legs of yours to run away, girl
no point in dwelling on the past

Looks familiar. Reference?

I don't particularly think math wants to dwell in the past

She's going to win the Araragibowl in the After Story anyway, so it's fine.

I wish

>Ougino Oshi sees everything in a gradient of zero
It means she sees all the peaks and valleys of multidimensional functions.
The meaning is completely different though, Sodachi isn't thinking about fucking her twin brother at all.

locking your memories in isn't the same as forgetting

most people don't realise that

>Sodachi isn't thinking about fucking her twin brother at all.
Mainly because she don't have one

Remember that her living comfortably in the Araragi household as Koyomi's sister in Koyomi Reverse is based around what Sodachi herself desires too (since all the alternate versions of characters in that story are rooted in what they desire).

Nisio seems to enjoy writing her suffer.

I hate suffering

It'd be nice if she had one that would stand against their parents and took the beatings instead, and when they were alone he talked about how he would protect her forever while reading math books together. Not nice if he allied with their parents and also bullied her.

>Koyomi might've healed her
>but she moved away
Literally why

the reason starts with C and ends with UNT

oh I mean RAB

I dont recognize the character but I can tell from a mile away that this is shaft

tbqh I prefer the madoka artstyle

She find out families can be cool and decided to try with hers.

I don't like her one bit

Sodachi is MADE for rough hatesex with RRG followed by cuddling

Does anyone actually like crab

I thought you meant when Araragi parents took her. Although they took a lot of children and no one stayed with them.

And Sodachi comes back 6 months later, more mature after Fiasco and family meeting.


anyone seen bake's french dub? I like how they pronounce araragi's name.

>there are people that unironically don't like crab

I love crab.

Crab is delicious

Don't, just lurk in Monogatari threads

Pls user she is my waifu



Is her neck okay?

Would smash.

She will eventually do like the fire sisters and find a guy that is exactly like Araragi to date. But instead of those she will get angry whenever anyone makes the comparison.

I don't think her chest was that big.

Why do bongs insist on this, even in reference to academia? You don't say "sciences class" or "histories class".

But you say physics and it's implied singular.

Maybe Maths is also singular.

Is it just me or was Oikura made to be taken advantage of sexually?

Borderline Personality Disorder and a whole host of other problems.

Her chest size already has a sizable standard deviation within the anime, as seen in
And then you add to it an approximate gaussian noise averaged from fanarts interpretations that can reduce it or increase it further.

With that you can model her probable breasts size in fanart.

Was she modeled on Marina Inoue? (Though Marina has a pretty small chest.)

i don't think there's a female seiyuu with big tits. they're all flat

What is the appeal of a depressive self hating school girl and why would anyone want to date her

Smile protection?

Nakanidashte deru!!

Saa... haramasete darou.

To make her feel like she's the most wonderful girl in the world.

Because below all that social anxiety, self-loathing and bipolar disorder there is a really cute and caring dork.

Probably more because in english pummeled can be interpreted sexually, but from owari threads the japanese dialogue couldn't be interpreted that way.

learn kanji first in order to read the wall of text slideshow

then download all episodes and movies

click play and fap away

What if she feels bad about being praised and asks you to slander her?

Also if someone missed, commentary subs for Sodachi Lost, part 2
And Sodachi Lost, part 1

>What if she feels bad about being praised and asks you to slander her?

Tell her that is a horrible way to look at herself. I know from experience all too well.

That's really fucking cute.

Plenty of guys derive pleasure from making girls feel good and depend on them. Sodachi is the perfect type for that, she's been so deprived of any form of love that just being with her will make her overjoyed and desperate to stay with you.

Kana Asumi

Is that normal for everyone?
Is it normal/wrong to feel that way if I had an upbringing objectively way more sad than hers?

Then I slander her constantly until she gets all her self-loathing out of her system. Then it is time for healing and I comfort her.

>I had an upbringing objectively way more sad than hers
I find that incredibly hard to believe. Sodachi's story was melodramatic as fuck, she was literally living with the corpse of her mother and trying to feed her until she decomposed completely.

Did you forget or are you just looking for attention?

>best girl
>is actually a girl

Letting her know about your past will only make her more desperate to stay with you, bc she'll see you as someone she can feel equal or even superior to, something she's never been able to see anyone else as before. Although I can't say it's normal, having that kind of past is pretty much only a benefit in this scenario.

>Kana Asumi

What? post pics because I don't think she has big tits.

Getting close to someone like her is extremely hard though, since she will trust no one and push away anyone who tries to get close to her. Not unlike basically all the monogatari girls.

She even says she rejected a boy who confessed to her in the past in Fiasco.

It's A LA LA user

It's A-RA-RA-G

Hard, but not impossible. Although on the surface she's reclusive bc she thinks that's realistically the best way to live, we know from her narration that she's secretly dreaming of a scenario where she meets someone she can connect with and makes fond adolescent memories with them. If you can appeal to that dream enough and just keep trying, she's bound to give in and open up eventually.

>She even says she rejected a boy who confessed to her in the past in Fiasco.
That was way back in the early Naoetsu days when she felt she was superior to all around her though. She definitely doesn't feel like that anymore.

Maybe user was a child soldier in Liberia.

Best girl.
Best VA.

It even rained the day he was born

>black people

While I respect your opinion and all and think it's a pretty good one, the OP didn't post Kanbaru nor is Math voiced by Sawashiro

I just wanted to say that you did not post that image in vain user. I kek'd hard.

Mods confirmed coalburners


>She definitely doesn't feel like that anymore.
True, but she still seemed to strongly avoid interacting with males due to her fear of violence that came from her father. Especially considering she herself believes she will end up doing something that will bring it against herself which would definitely be true if she went with the guy instead of Norika Kyakufuji.

Not to mention she'd overthink any confession and play "safe".

Does she make any major appearence after Owari Part 1?
I'm yet to begin Shinobu Mail.

Neko (Kuro)
Second Season


She appears in zokuowarimonogatari and nademonogatari and she gets a new arc that is more than half of orokamonogatari (which is already translated).

Although only zokuowari is sure to be adapted.

How deep did you burry your head on math, Cred Forums?

Disgusting handwritting.

Post yours then.

Just remind me. Did Araragi fuck anyone yet?

I'm going to roughly walk you home through the backdoor

>Kanbaru will never invite you over to proofread her erotic fanfictions
>Kanbaru will never dunk on you
>Kanbaru will never rape you in the locker room post-game

why live lads?

Underage please go

I'd go pretty far just to see her smile.

are you a girl?

Senjogahara got dicked by him, he rest want it but can't have

That scene right there always did look familiar to me...

Please no bully


My personal philosophy includes self improvement whenever possible

Every shot in this show is either fanservice or references. I have yet to find a shot that's neither. I love it.

Also daily reminder Shinobu watched Ararararararagi get raped and didn't help at all

forgot pic


I can relate to Oikura however a relationship such as this implies both parties are happy and I dont want to because I'm scared of it

>you will never lose a bet and become her love-slave

Just help me end it all family

I want to win a bet and make her my love-slave but then act like her love-slave to bully her

Best girl is a matter of opinion.
But Sawashiro being best Va is a fact

Monogatari is fucking stacked when it comes to VAs holy shit why haven't I noticed before

Shaft just has good taste in VAs.

>you will never play a convoluted mix of Twister and a pickup basketball game against Kanbaru for eternal love slavery

>you will never entering a shibari tying contest with her to win an all expense paid trip to Basketball Island

I really like masturbating to this girl.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't off myself

We need another female JoMC like Jolyne, only more like Akane from DxD and her battle cry is a seductive ARARARARARARARARARARARA

They exist but they are all enjailed in psychiatric hospitals

You might want to delete this

Ok, I trust you user.

Ara ara, ragi?

He tricked you into deleting it.

Anyway, I love monogatari but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch this one yet. What's happening?

Don't. It's a trick.

Monogatari is all style and little substance.

You might want to delete this.
This is a revealing picture of Math and nobody will tolerate this low class behavior here.

Kizu part 2 i guess

I wonder if that's a good or a bad thing.
On one hand it seems predative.
On the other, it's beneficial to the girl.
Also, wouldn't Crab Hitagi fall under this example?

Would Oikura be a femme or abutch?

She's a beautiful maiden, so femme.


>Class rep mindraped with Araragi every time


If you didn't watch Owari yet and want to be spoiled, here is the scene in OP discussed by Sodachi and Senjougahara

Because real girls dont hide her life under facades

Sodachi Riddle/Lost is legitimately one of the top 3 story arcs in the entire series.

Neither does Sodachi though, her fuck ups are because she is a spontaneous social retard.

it's Cat who hid under facades.

good post

with what?

>read this part in kizu
>felt heart strings get pulled
>watched this part in movie
>baby noises
Thanks Shaft.

With complex exponential equations.

Not him, but my math porn folder has 28 files, and only 5 decent images, but the number of times I fapped to her is already in the two digits

that part was way better in the movie

>only in the two digits

Come back when you hit the 1,000 mark like I have. Oh wait, I don't masturbate to Math, I just cry about how she's perfect and not real.

Always Release order.

With the baby noises? I couldn't help but crack a smile when a baby started to cry out of no where.


not everyone is an edgy deadbeat dad like you user

man, I wish that was the case. I really think it would be a better scene without the baby noises. I get what they were going for and all but that shit caught me off guard. I couldn't help but feel like she was being mocked and that really killed the scene for me.

It would have been nice if it was brief.
Like it catches you off guard and makes you uncomfortable but stops before you figure out what it is.

But yeah after a while you just realize "Yep, that's a crying baby" and the effect is spoiled.

Shitskin Pajeet, get out of Cred Forums.

I hate math


Nah this is never true irl.
Broken goods are just that, you cant fix them no matter how hard you try or how good your intentions, because thise girls have a self destructive streak.
The only thing you can do is be alpha, broken girls crave strong partners

These are 2D girls we're talking about, user.

Let us indulge in the fantasy.

Why boner

Mouths are for _______


Food and kisses.

Goddamn I want to make monkey straight with my cock.

I want to straight up make more monkeys with my cock

That's part of it to senpai, I want to make monkey into a mother.

tenderly kissing

followed by reading lewd novels out loud to each other at 3am

Why was there never a Monogatari VN? Wouldn't that have been a print money game?

Because it's more profitable for Nisio to simply write books, and would anyone buy a VN not written by Nisio?


Best monkey color palette.

They do exist, Cred Forumsnon
trust me, stay away from them if you find them



I guess that's true. But they could've just adapted the novels to VNs and made them either linear or with only one or two choices that led to bad ends or one alternate ending.

If Shaft drops they off-season, they could adapt it into a VN. I'd pay just for the VA work, OST and a couple good quality CGs and sprites.

Plus one OP for each arc, even if they are those cheaper looking VN OPs.

In the words of literally any engineer or engineering studnet ever

good thing I'm not learning language

I'm an engineer myself and I find math still fun, but we abuse the theory so much that sometimes you can barely call it math.

Don't worry, you won't have to use anything more advanced than algebra when you enter the real world.


Calculus, proofs, and series are pretty important for being a good programmer.

The same reason you learned algebra in school and then proceeded to use calculator for everything.

You'll very likely (it does vary with your area) almost never solve any calculus problem (even the most simple ones like integrals, transforms and polynomial expansions) after college, but you'll have to occasionally look at books with those equations and be able to understand what it means without wasting much time thinking.

I wanted to say books and computer programs/CAD/simulators or other tools you'll use. You need to understand what you're doing, even if you're not doing the math.

As a joke.


me on the right



>liking spook
Go fuck yourself.

Is the monogatari series really just a drawn out cycle of palette swap bitches verbally and physically abusing a neurotic loser in minimalistic scenery?

He's a M, so it's okay.

What a cute boy.


No. It's about a bunch of neurotic teenagers figuring out how they want to live their lives with some supernatural monsters thrown in as extended metaphors.

In the film Arararagi finds Shinobu in a subway mauled missing her arms and legs. She says he has the privilege of helping her. Obviously being scared of a torso talking to him he begins to back away. This causes Shinobu to scream and begin crying while apologizing. She keeps this up for awhile while baby noises play in the backround

For an all powerful vampire she acts like a child..

and I'm ok with that

>Prove the generalized Poincare conjecture for piecewise linear manifolds of dimension 4 with Math
>Provide a topological theory of fractional quantum Hall effect for even-denominator electron fillings with Math
>Share the Nobel Prize and the Fields Medal with Math

Sodachi is adorable and super interesting. She climbed the rankings quite fast for me in the short time I got to know her.

Sodachi was weird with me. At first I was kind of neutral about her and then I thought I would dislike her once the her first part played out but as time went on I really started to enjoy her and I really do wish we could see more.

>Nisio seems to enjoy writing her suffer.
He does this with all the girls (Sodachi moreso than others lately, that's all) and it's more defined in the LNs. Around half the girls in this series have this "if they were the heroine, they'd be happily living their lives alongside the MC by now" thing going for them.

you're wrong

>smoke weed
>to retarded to know what's going on
>wtf i hate this show now

Sodachi is essentially built on Hitagi with some of the other girls traits in mixed in. I think one would be hard-pressed to not find her attractive and interesting if one likes most of the other girls. Sodachi has the added bonus of silver-haired, twintails, her traits specific to her.

>I want to hug math and tell her "daijobu" and stay inside her forever

fixed that for you

This is how I discovered Bake. Started watching on a whim with no idea what I was getting into. Fell in love by episode 4 and marathoned the rest of Bake that day.

Math is for sex ed.

I had to stare at each word multiple times befoe actually realising what it was. There's literally no reason to make writing as over extravagant as that. The fuck is wrong with just block caps? They're easy to write and everyone can read them quickly.

I'd bokoboko that pussy up any day

Post folder in an imgur link.

I know everybody here wants to fuck anime girls. But this is the first time I want a girl to be real so I can fuck her.

>Math is the most beautiful of all academic pursuits
>Math is the most beautiful of all the girls

It's like pottery.

Which girl would be humanities?

Crab because she never says what she means and keeps silent on everything not even dropping hints
>oh I totally thought you were talking to the air and went psycho or something which is why I lead you to this abandoned lot because you were insane but I wanted to see what would happen teehee

Have we gotten any word on Musbimonogatari release? Apparently Nisio said we'll be seeing Koyomi and Senjougahara's wedding, but I can't find source on where he said that.

Fuck off shitter

I'm pretty sure there was a "maybe" in that statement.

What the fuck? I thought it was creepy as fuck.

That was kind of the point.
To see this stunning beauty, and for fans who already have context, this great and powerful oddity reduced to some helpless, desperate creatures flopping on the ground while begging for its life to be saved. It's pathetic and tragic. The baby noises were weird, but really sold the sort of direction that they were going with that scene, of noble Shinobu being reduced to begging desperately for a free meal.


No, only held hands gently.

our year la

>She even says she rejected a boy who confessed to her in the past in Fiasco.
Where was this in Fiasco? I don't recall it from the Japanese version, but maybe I just forgot.


He said "What will it be about, I wonder? Koyomi and Hitagi's wedding ceremony, perhaps?" which actually gives me the impression that he's just trolling.





Nademonogatari afterword

I want to be leg locked by kanbaru

Trolls everywhere

Kanbaru's parts in the novels are depressing because of that, Nisio lays it on really fucking thick how well-suited Kanbaru & Koyomi are to each other and of course it all goes nowhere.

Koyomi should just be a harem king

Well, it's to be expected that the girl who is the most suited for a MC doesn't win. That's how Japan rolls.

You know damn well she said "A LA LA GI.

>you will never impress your monkey

Why live


>20 years later

still no Sodachi doujinshi

i want to sniff that ass

Not really. There's a commentary track where Kanbaru even says that if she and Koyomi dated each other, they'd probably break up after a month.

What if Koyomi dated snail


He pretty clearly doesn't see her that way, despite his lolicon hijinks.

you dont date your best friend, user. you have casual sex with them.

Well Koyomi treats Kanbaru like a friend too

Well, if your best friend is a girl and you wanna dick them you may as well go all the way and marry her.

There's a gap between friend and best friend.

Kanbaru is basically just a clingy girl that basically become like the person she admires at the moment.

It was the entire poitn of Hanamonogatari.

Further into the LNs it became clear that it's pretty much just a similar relationship to the one Araragi has with Hanekawa. Driven home hard in Suruga Devil, the LN version atleast with all her internal monologue, where she keeps wondering how Araragi would approach all this shit she runs into in her daily life. Kanbaru holds him in extremely high regards (to the point where a now free Ougi decides to become this weird fill-in Araragi for her even) but it'd never turn into outright romance, and if it did it'd probably wouldn't work out anyway.

Hell Araragi says later on that he sees Kanbaru as a sister (with less lewd on his part because kouhais of all things are where Araragi seems to draw the line)

Best friend (with benefits) tier. Even though in any other story she basically has your 'destined heroine' set-up - pretty much no one else but Araragi could've/would've bothered to save her in the first place (Meme mentions how no Specialist would waste their time with such a harmless Oddity, the only other option is Hanekawa who'd just be lost forever and isn't as justice-driven as Araragi is especially this early on in the story), and not saving her led to the world getting fucked up.

What was this picture supposed to prove besides that you're a faggot?

When's Kizu II coming out on DVD?

>he thinks shit like that actually works out

the transition from friends to lovers is actually a hard one to make, especially if you've been friends for a long time. it just feels weird and often fails. sadly speaking from experience here

He's wrong but he does get right that 'lovers' are essentially 'best friends' that you're dicking. The problem is that adding dicking to a formula (or taking it away) isn't just a matter of stacking another building block into the relationship, the presence or absence is almost keystone tier


Not entirely sure but probably by the time spring starts to roll around next year.

>one gets released minutes before the universe finally dies in the eons ahead
>it's shitty.

>Hanekawa's personifcation of self-criticism is a giant fire-breathing tiger kaiju thing that almost kills all the main characters
>Koyomi's personificaton of self-criticism is a spooky kouhai with a complete disregard for personal space


exactly. not fucking is essential to a true platonic best friendship. once you change that, you move on to something else - physical and emotional connections are very different, even when both present.

it might be easier to start by fucking someones brains out and then going for (best) friendship, but not the other way around

>complete disregard for personal space
that's the best part though

They straight up rape each other every time they meet, how are you even having this discussion in regards to Hachikuji?

Because normalfags feel the need to shit up the board with their blogging every chance they get.

To be honest fucking someone senseless is not the same as marrying someone

they aren't fucking each other senseless

There is really barely anything decent, I shouldn't even have saved most, and there is also a sort of doujin in korean

>a young teenage girl practices for her cake years

Logistically that'd be pretty fucking difficult
Other than that, they basically fuck, hang out together talking about life and would die for each other already anyway

She won't be a cake

You're right, she'll have offed herself by 21. Some mother-daughter bonding and all that.

She will probably become a single elementary school math teacher with a cat eventually.

No bully

She'll be a high school math teacher who has an affair with her best student

Ougi Dark 003


She'll probably win the fields medal then ask for a boyfriend instead of the medal

She'd be relatively fine in that situation. It will be bad if she asks for a friend instead of the medal.


Crab is the best, are you kiddinng?

Loyal as shit

I don't know about you but my shit is mindless

>It's an acquired taste.
Maybe if you aren't heterosexual?

She's supposedly embarrassed about it, but it comes up on seiyuu blogs and threads occasionally.

And there was an earthquake.

Would def succ maths dick nigga

Aw, she shouldn't be.

Korean doujin is alright. Definitely the best Math fap material that isn't just from the show.

thanks for the lewds

I wanna go back to school.

Neither can compare to my modern art.

>You will not post any of the following outside of Cred Forums: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

It was a joke, user. Consider Ougi's relationship to Araragi, then read my post again.

Old Christmas cake hags that only looks like lolis gang.

>still using pen and paper

>Korean doujin

Lmao ok.

>not doing both
And yeah I have no idea what's going on there as expected of a specialized paper that' outside of your specialty
What's this even about, particle physics or what?


Condensed matter.

Not the same user, but it looks like a text on ferromagnetic particle behavior.

I am a complete fucking hobbyist in this field, forgive me if I mistaken here.

I can understand the math but I can't figure out what the conclusions are supposed to be or what they're trying to prove

It's true. Mads have been cracking down on Cred Forums level retardation.

if she does have big jugs then she's hiding them very well

>what they're trying to prove
Condensed matter things.


How tight is a monkey

She probably fists herself with her giant gorilla hand, so not tight at all.

She at least claims her body is tight in episode 7.

Someone explain Snails background to me real quick

All I know

She's the ghost of a ten year old girl who died 10 years ago so it makes her 20 years old mentally?

11 years ago actually

Got wrecked by an evil Japanese truck driver
Became a wandering ghost whose power attracts lost people and makes them more lost until the victim gets tired of this shit and wants to go back home
Ararararagi was the first person she ran into who gave enough of a shit to attempt to save her

Looks like some calc 1 shit right there, good on you for getting there but the maths go even deeper

>calc 1
Most people touch on basic differentiation in a calculus pre-class.

News to me, though its been a while since I've taken any calculus courses
There was always pre calculus for getting basic ideas of graphs and getting the algebra down pat, then calc 1 introduced ways to differentiate and touched on integrals slightly

Hold up how many calc courses you have
Over here Calc II (or rather, "higher mathematics II") is just multivariable while calc I does derivatives and integrals (among other shit)

I only went so far with it but it usually goes up to Calculus III, then differential equations and beyond
Calc III goes into partial derivatives and double/triple integrals with their applications and some more physics

could've done it better. she went that far so might as well mimick it completely

Who is Araragi's best friend?

He has no friends, just lots of harem members.


Snail at first. After Ougi killed Snail, Monkey took her place as his best friend.

>want to get deeper into math
>degree doesn't require me to take any math classes aside from basic calculus

Oh well I guess that's something I can do in the future.

>Gaen-san sits Ononoki-chan on her lap.

>It’s hard to tell because she’s expressionless, but Ononoki-chan seems a bit uncomfortable—I can’t say for sure whether dolls actually have emotions or not, but I can understand that feeling of hers quite well.

>As someone who is currently being held on the adult Shinobu’s lap in a similar fashion, that is.

>…To my regret, I’ve done this to Shinobu plenty of times before, so I can’t think of any excuse to refuse our current positioning, but still, as someone of the age to be graduating high school, being held in the arms of an older woman like this feels rather awkward, or perhaps I should say embarrassing, or perhaps I should say “stop it Hachikuji please don’t look at me like that.”

>Shinobu, on the other hand, has her arms wrapped around my torso like it’s the most natural thing in the world, holding me tightly as if to stop me from falling out of her arms—with her chin resting on top of my head.


not before spring 2017

I've seen people say that he outright refers to Hachikuji as his best friend in the LNs somewhere, dunno where he does that though.

the only correct answer

Isn't Snail his onee-san?

she's his onee-hole


The last thing I watched was Shinobu's old buddy fighting Araragi. What came out after that?

Koyomimonogatari was released web-only and I think we;re still waiting for the BD release of that.
Kizu 1 came out and is subbed, Kizu 2 was released in theaters recently and will be out on BD in a few months.

Koyomimonogatari and Kizu part 1.

>I think we;re still waiting for the BD release of that.
Pretty sure I've downloaded a BD release of that already.

Oh you're right, would ya look at that. I guess I hadn't checked as recently as I thought.

Monkey for sure.

Snail or Monkey
Maybe Doll, he apparantly spends a lot of time pampering her or some shit and she picked up her "yay, peace peace" thing from him somehow.


It is objectively Shinobu

3d not disgusting this time

Why is he grabbing her tushie?

There is a Major resemblance in this image.

He's not, but he's supporting her weight with the ball of his hand on one side, and a fingertip on the other.

She is extremely light. If you didn't use sharp nails, squeezing her but would probably launch her into the distance.

I didn't realise how cute Yotsugi was until I rewatched bits of the latter end of the series on a whim
>was embarassed about Koyomi calling her original catchphrase shit
>argues with Shinobu because she's envious of her close relationship with her master, compared to Yotsugi's own very professional relationship with Kagenui
>is happier in general ever since she started hanging around the Araragi household
>the simple fact that this kuudere undead doll chick considers Koyomi to be her friend is just sorta heartwarming in general

Also she's been getting some doujins lately too

How so? TSF Monogatari was pretty good.

l didn't like it

Why doesn't Araragi have any male friends?

"Making friends would lower his intensity as a human"

underage please GTFO

He likes vagina. probably.

Would you be friends with flying kanji?

Guys that are unnaturally popular with the ladies tend to have difficulty keeping male friends.

meme is his friend

If her neck looks wrong that just means she's imitating Shaft's style very well.

she's a girl

>tfw math phd
>none of the girls are like sodachi
end it

I would've expected them all to be as crazy as Sodachi, to be honest; though, maybe in different ways. Every MA I've ever met with a math leaning has had a creepy fetish for proofs that makes one genuinely uncomfortable to share a room with, like they talk about differentiation the way user talks about his waifu's ass.

At least you can make 200k+/year and get a good girl with your wealth.

>tfw all the girls are normies

I wanted autistic girls, not this shit

I'm in a large program with pure, applied, and biomath divisions with most of the people and resources in applied. The gender ratio is 40-60 female to male. Of the female math grad students, almost all of them are in pure or biomath. Most are completely normal people who just like math. A small amount of them (like 2-3) are a little odd and keep to themselves. The men here are a little bit weird, but by and far the women are well adjusted. I've read people on here and /sci/ who compare math girls to sodachi, tomoko, and other stereotypes like that. It might be true for some programs, but generally it's not true. All the weird girls seem to be in engineering.

I want to go into academia, so not really.

Please be completely serious with me.

Where to find early bake Hitagis, sodachis, etc, in real life?


Real sodachi's don't have people to unmind break them so they stay inside or are committed.

>girls in engineering
Funny joke, user.

I've never met a pure math grad student or above who's seemed quite on the level, but it's well outside my field so I don't encounter them often. It's like how there's an unsettlingly large number of asian bio-majors who really, really enjoy touching dead bodies and talking about dead bodies and talking about touchign dead bodies and drawing themselves touching dead bodies while they talk about touching dead bodies, except math majors don't have something physical to touch, they just talk about relations of numerical abstractions like it's a fresh, wet body in the room waiting to be touched.

fan art looks terrible.

Oh really? What was your PhD thesis on?

It's just the difference between really understanding something versus having just a passing knowledge with it. To use your example in the first post, math majors/math grads who have taken Real and Complex Analysis know the particulars of differentiation. Because they know what's going on versus what you would learn in calc 1 class makes it seem complex or intimate, when it's really depth.

I meant to say phd student, I'm in numerical analysis.

>numerical analysis
Oh so you're just a glorified codemonkey. Go on then.

its' a harem.

fuck you nigga

Whatever you say bud

It's funny how you think just because your field is marginally related to what math is about you think girls like Sodachi would give you the time of day.

If I had said symbolic computation your comments might be warranted, but how is numerical analysis only marginally related to math when so much comes from matrix theory and graph theory? Just because numerical analysis includes stuff like algorithm stability and floating point systems doesn't mean it's "not math".

>numerical analysis only marginally related to math
It's not number theory or topology or something sure but like
really nigga

I loved Mathemagics so damn much.


Girls like Sodachi will give literally anyone the time of day if they're willing to have her for that time, assuming the girl in question didn't commit suicide

Sodachi likes school level Math, it's not even clear she will go deep on it or just become a school teacher (she seems to be a gifted tutor anyway).
Girls like Sodachi don't exist regardless, even within the series she is compared to an oddity just like Hanekawa

It's a Greek word either way.

Oh no
They exist all right
They're just so incredibly fucking rare and tend to kill themselves
Also Sodachi is probably going to kill herself but failing that she doesn't seem like she's going to actually win the fields or whatever she'll probably tutor kids and try to get some dick on the way
>in high school
>doesn't know random bullshit about higher-end math


>Girls like Sodachi don't exist regardless
Nigga, ever family has a "girl like Sodachi"
It's just that none of those traits translate well outside of 2D. That's why it's best to keep your jesus complex to cartoons.

I can barely fucking see that shit

Sodachi herself doesn't seem to have that many problematic traits if we just focus on her liking math
The problem comes in with her crippling self-esteem issues, family problems, inability to put her faith in people, what amounts to BPD, etc.
She's someone with family issues done convincingly (enough).

>math without words
Gee I wonder why THAT never took off.

I personally prefer Hachikuji, but even so I have to acknowledge Senjougahara as best girl.

None of you shallow fucks would care about Sodachi if she wasn't physically attractive.

I live in Brooklyn and I see "girls like Sodachi" everyday. Except they don't bitch about having extremely depressive lives and instead carry on with a smile. Only people who complain about muh sad background are niggers who want muh money for dem programs. I think Monogatari is too dramatizing, even if you consider anomalities as being just metaphors to real life problems.

If you raise someone's self steem they're guaranteed to work on their looks.
Since Sodachi's self esteem, in a scale of zero to infinity, tends to zero, then it could be said that, if you raise it by just one, you would have multiplied her self steem by a infinity-1. The conclusion is that regardless of the proportions of self steem to looks, if the proportion is not inverted, then she will end up infinitely prettier.

To be fair, they did kinda invade Math's home and browbeat a recounting of her mother's incoherently tragic 'sickness unto death' out of her.

It;s not like How Much went around the streets announcing her social and mental conditions. She was cornered by an authority figure and a boy that had grown into a man with a pair of abs you could juice lemons on. Circumstances were extenuating.

Being hot is like a talent for girls

I don't particularly think she went around screaming about it. Araragi was essentially the person she scapegoated for her problems (a normal-ish response) so you can't imagine her to be happy about him. Also they all but tore down the front door so year

What is sex with Sodachi like?

That smile is worth more than human life.

Sodachi is the exact opposite of my prefered body type, her past and personaloty do not accomodate for my fetishes at all, and her face is just the typical monogatari style, it's impossible to tell whether it's meant to be attractive or not. I like her bc she's fragile, neurotic, hateful, desperately needs someone to make her feel better, and I can easily fantasise about being that someone.


>like her bc she's fragile, neurotic, hateful, desperately needs someone to make her feel better, and I can easily fantasise about being that someone.

Good news, you literally just described 90% of women. Happy fishing user.

Hello /r9k/

All monogatari girls are at least above average in looks (and Kiss-shot is a literal unimaginable goddess). Even with all her low self-esteem, Sodachi still considers herself pretty in Fiasco, with the only issue being her mean look.

Except people that like bake and hate the rest of the series is a common shitposter.


And it's just shitposting.

Unfortunately, that's me.
Fortunately, this is my first shitpost and I don't intend to inflict any more on this board.

Average-looking people are still pretty.

Ultimately the difference between "average" and "pretty" is presentation.

>fragile, neurotic, hateful, desperately needs someone to make her feel better
I thought it was "opposites attract", not "identical people attract".

It depends if you're Araragi or not. If you are then it will switch between violent domination and aggressive masochism ("now rape me, you already fucked my life so you might as well fuck the rest")

I don't think Doll is his best friend, but she's definitely the best bro in the series.

>that resolution
Anyone have an even better one?

Hitagi is his best friend, it's just that most of their interactions happen off screen because Nisio is a fag who hates the girl that made his series popular.

>ITT: Social predators who would sexually take advantage of a depressed woman instead of just helping her and become her friend.

Who is Meme?

i am so broken that the concepts of friendship and romance are completely blurry for me

ultimately an understanding relationship is what i really desire

hugs and kisses and handholding are secondary

>girls like Sodachi would give you the time of day.
Girls like Sodachi IRL are the textbook definition of "don't stick your dick in crazy."

You've got to be delusional if you think you can actually save someone from themselves like that. It doesn't actually work that way.

I'd rather take someone as they are, with whatever stormy seas they sail,
than pretend I'm like some modern Jesus and take the goddamn wheel

>"opposites attract"

That is a meme with no basis in reality.

t. random memelord who knows shit

Would Oikura want to marry a howaitto piggu?

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2016.

>Cred Forums Pass user since September 2016.
>Paying up shekels to the Japanese jew

Only if you are better at math than her

I'm the only true dollfag in this board.


get fucked shitter

But that isn't a doll.

Doll is cute, really cute.

>that voice
>that expression
>that angst
Dammit, Math makes me so hard. I mean the love-hate scenarios she could have with Raragi are pure sex.

Being a drawfag, at this point with the little amount of doujins/lewds of her, I'm slowly considering on drawing some lewds to put up on Pixiv so maybe I can "motivate" some of the other users to pitch in.

She's been growing on me. I like that she & Hachikuji are bros too (it being revealed in Mayoi Hell that Hachikuji asked Yotsugi protect/assist Koyomi if anything bad happened to her)

No peace.

Ok then

I hope you're the good kind of drawfag. Like pic related.

I said no peace. Not two peace.

If i had one i would give you one with three

13 days 'till what? 13 days until the artist gives up drawing forever?

I'd enjoy basically anything new for math. It's a pity most of the artist are already too committed to the character that has been there for many years.

Recent doll and ougi stuff might mean there is hope, especially if Shaft/Aniplex take a risk on adapting orokamonogatari for more content.

I really want a GSC figure of her as well.

so mean

Yeah a GSC figure would be nice. It does suck how figure companies are like 2-3 seasons behind on Monogatari figures while still being oddly selective about it.

Kek. While I don't mean to brag, I don't think it's outlandish to claim that I'm better than that pic. I'm decent enough at it that I've gotten people asking me if I do commissions from my hentai quickies alone.


Are you trying to hex us?

Too late. All done.


I still can't stop jerking off to her. My balls are no more, all I ejaculate is dust and still somehow I must fap to her. Please kill me

Its honto nii my handwritting user chan

I remember that class.

Math is for ______.




letting out each others frustrations through hot and sweaty hand-holding

Anal sex

I don't believe you.

When was the last time we saw him?

i want to cuddle snail

Kizu just the other month

Love, hand holding, kissing, eye contact, marriage, whispering sweet nothings to, consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of reproduction, solving math problems together, raising many children with, growing old with and a lot of other things

Because she is too pure for that. Only vanilla with cuddling.

>she will never make this face as you thrust harder and faster while her pigtails rock back and forth

Why even live

How did you even begin, there's no material!

Vanilla anal with cuddling!

I get why Araragi is faithful to Hitagi.

She's so perfect no other girl even compares.

Not that user, but I've done it a number of times based on her expressions in the series alone. I can only imagine what a proper doujin/fanart would do to my dick.

Kids these days with no imagination.

comfy thread

Put on one of her episodes, close your eyes and work the voices into your imagination.

Can I just fap to Marina Inoue?

I can do it from her voice alone.

>fapping to 3DPD hags

Eh, go ahead, she's got nice legs

It's a mix of voice and personality. It doesn't work well with other character she voices.

Oh god, I could use that "Zenbu" like vaseline.


Most of the characters she voices are great and cute but Math blows them out of the water and into the next solar system. It's crazy.

That's the character commentary, right? Where are those subs from? I thought only the Bake commentaries were subbed, plus a couple Nise episodes

What if I do it properly?


Like I said, great girl and no shame in masturbating to her or anything but she's inferior to Math.

Any help is appreciated, drawfriend.

I can only fap to Sodachi Kaleidoscope so many times.


Thanks for making me lose my appetite you stupid bastard.


You're welcome.

>grey eyebrows
Man that's just weird

You mother fucker

oh shit nigger what the fuck are you odingf

I want to make math try embarrassingly cute clothes.

Math would be totally into that exhibitionism

I bet she's a loud lay, too.

I wonder what's being said in this image.

She'd certainly like to try stuff normal girls do. Like in Sodachi Fiasco with the photo booth.


A Math thread that hit the bump limit? whoa

It's a Monogatari thread mate.

Mostly math though.

A mathematically enhanced Monogatari thread.



Damn, I didn't even realize.




We're having Sodachi generals now? I'm okay with that.