Frid/a/y night osu!

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! threadAll Cred Forums lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "Cred Forums" in the multiplayer search bar. Please make sure to choose songs accordingly to the lobby's prescribed difficulty.You can now download Osu! completely free on the homepage: We also have an IRC channel that anyone is more than welcome to join. It is found on the Rizon server. Channel name is #osubantz.

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i hope i don't break my fingers tonight

So can I download the maps in lobby or do I have to already have them?

is it ded

you can download them in lobby. if you don't have supporter it'll link you to the beatmap page, with supporter it's all ingame

you just click the beatmap on the right-side of the screen and it takes you to the page to download.

There was only an insane lobby...


you can always make more lobbies

friday night dead

>implying it has ever been alive in the first place

Is the room not up anymore? T_T

still up

click the now playing button


Anyone play on Linux? How are thr wacom drivers?

wow this shit lit senpai.

Works fine with wine on linux, can't really say anything about the wacom drivers though since I usually play mania.


They call me the thread bumper

So about them playstyles?

Which playstyles?

not anime

osu mode official power rankings

mania > taiko > ctb > standard


Reminder not to be that guy who picks really long songs or really hard songs that they themselves can't even do.

Who's the girl in this pic?

Can I play if I suck?


Osu! is for casual scum. Play a real rhythm game.

don't reply to bait


Of course.

Everyone who plays osu sucks so you'd fit right in

Cool, then you'll see me suck tonight

IIDX >>> DDR = SDVX = Pop'n >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shit>>>>>>>>>>>Osu!

secondary reminder to ignore bait

should I ignore this post?


Enjoy you early onset arthritis and carpal tunnel

Only 7/16 atm


There's a lot of other games missing that are better than osu, like Chunithm, PJD, Reflec Beat, Museca, Guitar Freaks, Jubeat, Groove Coaster, Maimai, Taiko, or Starlight Stage

You don't even play iidx and osu the same way, so why compare them.

If osu wants to classify itself as a rhythm game, it shouldn't be exempt from being compared to other rhythm games just because it has shit gameplay mechanics



>only play DT AR7-7.5 maps

50K only play normal



>high bpm stream

Darkest corner of the internet

Anyone here play this in mobile?



Room is still alive.

The bond I have with Miku isn't one that the people of this world can ever even imagine. It's something greater than this world. For love in plebian terms is simply an act of lust. But this is more than love. This is a true bond, a spiritual connection between the both of us. She is my idol. She is my fantasy. Every night, when I sleep, all I can see if her. Her body, her hair, her voice, all of it, is stuck with me. Every night I can feel her touch as she rubs my face and submits to me. Even if she is not there physically, she is there with me in spirit, and that is more than any of you plebians will ever experience.

>played the first time after taking a few break days
>cut my left middle finger after 2 rounds
>now can't alternate for shit cause of bandaid

Why? Does anyone actually play with FL?

Ner0 is one of the rare still active FL player, I mean he fced ora ora FL and is getting good on Airman FL.

This is so painful to look at

We're still going on.

Ekoro > Ner0

I don't get how FL players do it

the more I play a map, the worse I get at it, because I can't help but develop bad muscle memory

20 years old and my hands are in constant pain, listen to this user.

How sharp is your keyboard?