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Do you like the new OP?

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Yup, love the visuals, song's first half is brilliant but the second half is eh. It's gonna grow on me though, I hate Chase at first but it grew to become my 2nd favorite OP.

Also REALLY looking forward to the BtD version of this OP.

Gsppy makes me happy

Earth, Wind, And Rohan's House

anyone have lyrics?

What is this hot, white liquid dripping on the back of Koichi's head?

I like the song but god fuck those visuals.

It's not that I hate what's in them, it's that it feels so clunky and low budget. I had the same feeling with CNBT, but since Chase looked much better I had high expectations.

Please let us return to CG for part 5

Yeah i liked it. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

They fucked up DIU, just waiting for live-action at this point.


It took a few loops but I'm liking it now
I like how they mix in Josuke's theme

I'm hoping they add more things/change it as time goes on

I want to fuck Stone Free


>tfw no slice of life spin-off about Kira's quiet life with his new family

Gyro makes me want to marry him but I am too young. (13 years old from Ukraine) I wish I could know how King Crimson works, before the gay priest comes.

what does this flag make you think?

>first half is better than second half
>breakdown literally out of place and sounds corny as fuck

Rohan is the best boy in the entire series and we're married.

yaoi hands


Oh and credit where it's due, the scene with Killer Queen's hands on Hayato's head was pretty great Shame the scene before that was the worst part of the OP

0:36 - 0:54 sounds fucking horrible.


>No 「Take The Hands Off My Girlfriend」


The fucking Breakdown is the hypest bit of the OP, I've been listening to that on repeat for a while now. Combine that with the 10/10 visuals with Kira and the exploding "BREAKDOWN" sign and it was orgasmic.

Name: A N O N
Stand: 「K I L L Y O U R S E L F」

What's his Stand?

>OP literally reuses animation from a QUALITY filler episode
The Kira turn really bothers me.

Quads of truth. Rest is great though.


I got the DiamondIsFixed script working for eyecatches again after yet another CR change, so hopefully there will be no fuck ups for Highway Star.

I don't get it why Hayato was sad, he could bang his mom in peace now.

Rohan is objectively the best character, what happened to those rumours about a not-Rohan showing up in JoJolion?

He's sad because his mom is waiting for a dead man

>He didn't enjoy the BREAKDOWN bit
Did you find the "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO" part of Sono Chi No Sadame corny too?

I really enjoyed Space Elf this episode. Can't wait for next week when Rohan burns down his house and refuses a rubber slice man. Also Superfly, sue me. I can wait, I'm just exaggerating.


Your mom

Funny how she is gonna be more sad about this than hayato.

Edgy m8

Yeah, rest is great. And yet this fucking part ruins everything for me.

>Before Kira
>Shinobu doesn't give a shit about Kosaku or Hayato

>After Kira
>Shinobu becomes a real mother who loves her family

This episode looked like hot ass. I'm not normally the type to notice QUALITY, but it was hard not to this time around.

so is Highway star gonna be 2 or 3 parts



Why so? I really liked the corridor imagery, it matched that part of the song well. Also the Hayato bit near the end of it, is that going to be the part where the episode resets with BtD in the future?

1.5, gotta finish "Let's burn down the mangaka's house" first.

Give her the comforting dick.

It does. Just like Kioku, this OP feels like different songs mashed together.

So what was stopping them from taking a DNA test from Kosaku's corpse to locate Kira?


Shove a camcorder into her and film her quivering insides

Kosaku's corpse blew up along with Aya.

Visuals are great, but it sounds so bad and out of place.

Why is there no german translation of jojo?

I guess I can see what you mean there. Though honestly the whole song feels like it'll grow on me in a few weeks, there's never been a bad JoJo OP, not even a mediocre one. Stand Proud is the one that pales a bit in comparison to the rest but it's still hype as hell too, wonder how part 5's OPs will be.

How can an OP start out so well but mellow out into mediocrity towards the end?

It's voice of love, go read the lyrics off the cover art

It was comfy as fuck

I love the "Shiinning Justice" part with Josuke and basically where they all walk through the city and of course pointing to the heaven part "Yeah, we killed him, fellas" already like it more then CNBT. I want lyrics though, maybe it's something really bittersweet they actually sing.

Sorry I don't talk arcadefagish

I really don't like the blue goo effect they used for EW&F, it looked better in the manga when it was literally just his body unravelling

Holy fucking shit the visuals on the new OP are insane.

>Koichi and Yukako holding hands
>Little Shizuka pointing up too
fuck my heart

That's how I felt about CNBT EDM edition.

There's the one second of silence as the OP starts up, but it crashes as soon as the actual music starts.



Fix the formatting so Earth Wind & Fire is on a single line, jeez

They're not holding hands, though, look closer

They're not holding hands lmao

no homo, but who WOULDN'T want to fuck Kosaku?



They're still close together I guess that counts.

>It'll grown on me
>It'll grown on me next week don't worry user
>I feel like it'll grown on me user
Sono chi no sadame and bloodystream were god tier the minute they came out, please stop pretending you are eventually gonna like it, the OP is shit for you period.

Unexpected reference in OP

I fucking love it btw

I want to have sex with Funny, Johnny, Gyro and Diego in the same time. [Spoiler]No homo[/spoiler]

Shinobu before he got replaced by Kira

I knew I wasn't imagining that.
Hayato did nothing wrong. He didn't deserve this.
Let the voice of love take you higher is a real sweet spot for me.

I like how upbeat the OP is

I hope we get a 4th OP with BtD that restarts to CNBT

I've never bothered with editing positions before. Would be rather hard to automate properly but on bad cases I could try and hand edit.

With that JUST hair? Nah.

>Hayato did nothing wrong. He didn't deserve this.
That's Araki for you.


It's because it's aligned to the side rather than the center

Not really at all.
>Sono Chi No Sadame I hated at first because I wasn't used to CGI, then I fucking adored it.
>Bloody Stream I hated because it wasn't Sono Chi No Sadame, then it became my new favorite.
>Hated Stand Proud but I eventually grew to love it.
>Kioku was a fucking mess but the imagery and symbolism made me adore it.
>Really liked CNBT the first time round, still love it to this day.
>Fucking despised Chase, then it grew to be a 2nd favorite.
It's going to be the same with Great Days, I already like the song and visuals, it'll only grow on me more these coming weeks.

>they're saving the budget with Great Days so that they can afford the licensing for Another One Bites the Dust in OP4
>mfw this isn't the case at all and it's even lower budget with a shittier song

Fuck you, that bit's great

You know, at the beginning, the BREAKDOWN exploding and being fixed doesn't really sync 100% with the song. It's more like a heart beat.

the whole situation with the Kawajiris is screwed up no matter how you spin it

>deadbeat original husband whose family doesn't really like him
>murderer kills him and takes over, wife falls in love with him and is happy
>seems like the family situation is improving
>son is disturbed and knows this man isn't his real dad and may possibly kill them both if the situation calls for it, goes to get rid of Kira
>Kira dies, creates and leaves a broken family

Copied this from another thread
>Hayato spying on his parents was only hinted with the mini camera and not actually shown
>They skipped lots of dialogue from Okuyasu, such as he mentioning that Morioh will be famous now that they have a crop circle.
>Lots of facial expressions weren't adapted from the manga, such as Mikitaka's when he tells them to keep quiet about his watch being able to control his ship and when he asks them if they doubt his claims, Okuyasu's "Get lost, crazy boy!" was skipped too.
>Josuke's monologue about Mikitaka being a good guy and that he could be helpful was skipped, Mikitaka mentioning that he came alone to Earth was skipped too.
>Mikitaka showing that he can't change his face because arr rook same was skipped aswell.
>Josuke practicing the dice throws with Mikitaka (and Mikitaka doing the Bruce Lee sound effects) was skipped.
>Josuke saying that he is not deceiving anybody, that he is just giving Rohan some cheap thrills and that he will split the money with Mikitaka was skipped.
>Josuke's dice trickery with the cup is gone.
>Rohan doesn't actually go inside his house to look for the dice but he brings them with him already at the table, some of the dialogue he says inside the house was changed to be said when he is sitting at the table.
>Rohan's explaining the rules and how much the chips cost and other extra dialogue was simplified, Josuke telling Mikitaka what results to give with the throws was skipped.
>Rohan's explanation about the origin of the dice and what the Yakuza does with cheaters was skipped (maybe it was moved to the next episode).
>Rohan's smug smirk was omitted.

0:00-0:25 is god tier part, rest is meh.

We know now they're not gonna have the budget for Part 5

At least he didn't die of a cold

Songs that can go through multiple styles are great, beats the usual generic animu verse 1 chorus 1 verse 2 chorus 2 bridge chorus 1 chorus 2 format

The first OP was bad. The second OP was worse than the first. Now the third OP is even worse than the second.

What the fuck happened? This trend better not continue next Part.

Post new EDs which will with current OP

>implying they aren't saving the budget for Part 5
They know it's where the real money is, senpai, don't worry.

chase > CNBT > Great Days

Fuck this picture I know were this shit is from and now I'm reminded of it

It's funny actually, the more I listen to BS the less and less I like, something about coda's voice and really blunt repeating, other songs can just seemingly flow but not BS or they have some sort of pace change like in EoTW or CNBT, BS is just stale from the beginning to the end.

Take your shit taste back to plebbit, heretic

CNBT was perfectly fine, it was funky as hell and fit the beginning of part 4. Chase ties with the best CGI OPs for best visuals and the song is badass as fuck, has lyrics that apply both to Josuke and Kira and fits the tone change of part 4 surprisingly well. Gonna give Great Days a while before I judge it properly, though visually it's amazing.

What kind of kid sticks a camera in his parents' bedroom?

>Not liking CNBT
>Not liking Chase
>Not liking Great Days
Your taste is like cow shit smeared on the side of the road

They crammed so much shit into those 20 minutes. They should have just made 2 parts.

First OP was awesome, second grew up on me and now I like better than first one, this one is kinda similiar to 90's sitcoms so I like it in that regard

He likes to watch them fuck

Gureato Deizu > Chase > CNBT

I can't think of a girl in any shonen I've seen who was as thirsty for dick as Shinobu was in this scene.

Is Jojo your first anime?

Time to rewatch all openings in one row and give ratings:

You have 1 minute to draw something in paint from today's episode.

I'm guessing they're gonna immediately go from Rohan's burned down house to the bus scene, so Rohan's intense hatred for Josuke will be fresh and the BUT I REFUSE scene will have more impact.

She will re marry somebody, women don't care about loyality. 3-4 years and a new guy will be pounding her.



Bowie > Kosaku > Awakened

I fucking hate when they only use subs for some of the openings

All or nothing

There's only one bad Jojo OP, and it's End of the World

I'll look into changing the style definition.

This reminds me of that scene in BT where Joseph is about to strangle Suzi Q


Not if it's gonna be more than two cours again

What is it, user?
Is it, per chance, a gay doujin?
post it you faggot

From best to worst
>Bloody Stream
>Crazy noisy bizzare town
>Great Days
>Stand Proud
>CNBT remix

there needs to be more nichijojo
there's a part where someone uses apples to make joylne hair buds, somewhere in 2nd cour

Careful! Angry Chad will fuck you in the ass if you come near!

>le finger pointing to the sky
I can't be the only one who finds this cringe as fuck, right?

Kira face


I tried.

I don't know what the fuck is going on in this but it feels more like psychological horror than porn

It's from a TonioXOkuyasu doujin. I don't have a source though

how's this

New opening is GOAT

the beggining with BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN has josuke's theme in the background

>Looks like sitcom
>Sounds like sitcom
>Cringy sitcomy poses
Does not compute

They added Jotaro's extra scene for some reason though.

It would be fine if DP hadn't used it in every OP.

itt draw sheer heart attack

Hottest MILF in the JoJo series

There's never enough of the Stardust Man.

What's wrong about it? It's supposed to represent the unity in Morioh, it's actually a really nice detail that it goes from just the main 4 into pretty much the whole cast in the 3rd OP.

Yeah, like what the fuck do they keep on referencing in these OPs? Like what the fuck, am i right?

we did that a couple weeks ago

My nigger

>Rohan's smug smirk was omitted.

Is Holly Joestar-Kira behind her?

Is her right arm a Stand?

>In class
>No tablet

Jotaro is too cool to look up but he will at least face camera once in a while

Sadame>Bloody Stream>Kioku>Great Days>Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town>Chase>Stand Proud

Kira: "DAT ASS".

Like I said, it would be fine if they hadn't used it in every OP. I wouldn't want to see Josuke do the same pose in every single OP.

Eh, to each their own. I think it makes it special how they continued to add characters to it until the last OP to show a fully unified Morioh, it makes sense considering the Golden Hearts message at the end too.

>tfw I forgot how good the 3D OPs were
JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JO > Bloody Stream> Break Down Break Down >Crazy Noisy Town> > End Of ZA WARDOU> Stand Proud>>>> the second song for part 4.

Thank you David. I might even forgive you for casting a shitty voice for Kira and not switching into Rikiya when Kosaku happened.

It´s a really good pic.

Just kidding, fuck you faggots for not casting Rikiya, i will never forgive you.

More Stardust Man is always welcome


>Sono Chi no Kioku
>Sono Chi no Sadame
>Bloody Stream
>Great Days
>Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
>Stand Proud

russian gio is better than english gio

>Switching VAs because Kira changed his face
Why do people think it would've been a good idea. It would make no sense.

>Implying Kira's new VA isn't better
That "Dame dame dame dame" is the most orgasmic line of voice acting I've ever heard.

Unless, it´s anthology version. If so, last becomes first.


Making a fighting game with this art style, please comment / critique and suggest more jotaro palettes if you want

Is it at least better than OP2?


Why are Ayylmao, Tonio, Hazamada, and Tamani even there?


Why does everyone hate Chase? I don't get it.

You two Davidshillers can fuck off. I want to hear that energetic KIRA KUIN i loved so much , not Diavolo when his flu is at it worst.

can you add this in?

Anyone else wish that the "Breakdown, Breakdown" was the version we've been hearing at the end of episodes?

So much more umph there.

why not?
they all show up in the end

when they point at the sky , tomoko , koichi's sister and mom are there too

Tamani appears next episode, and ayylmao helps out in superfly
Not sure about hazamada

Can we stop the arcadefag meme? its all over

3D openings were better.

2nd reply isn't even relating to your post mate, and my point still stands. Rikiya is a God but Kira's new VA suits him all-round MUCH better. Seriously that "Dame dame dame dame" line is god-tier.

Arcadefag will never die!
Хай живе революція!

>this video again
>unwarranted aggression

Well, well, well. If it isn't original Koyama shitposter, good to see you. I missed you, man.

She will miss Kira like the slut she is.
Hayato actually knows that his dad is dead and misses him.


fuck chase

The music feels dated to me. It sounds like something that would play on the FUSE network*.
*For non-Americans FUSE played rock music videos throughout the 2000's

i love that they included keicho in the symbols of the good guys of part 4 and in the sky pointing at his brother

This new OP is gaaaaay as fuck. Reminded me of Persona 4, unsurprisingly. Chase is so far the best OP.


Stop following me for fucks sake. I can´t post anything, anytime without you stalking me. Creeping me the fuck out. Faggot.

What meme? one guy is posting gameplay while people are making fun of the Ukrainian boy. What is there not to love?


What's Okuyasu meant to convey here?

he forgot to turn off the oven

Thats wrong though, Keicho was a villian and was never a good guy during part 4, its a reference to deadman's questions

>"Wait fuck why didn't I just ask Josuke to fix my dad?"


>shitting on Savage Garden
Fuck off


What the fuck, you guys tore through three threads in like, 4 hours.

Anyways, on to my dumbass question.

Who would win in a fight, Johnathan, or Joseph?

Gotta say the order could've been handled better

Jotaro isn't with his family, Bad Company isn't near Hand, Yukako is nearly the furthest away from Echoes and Rohan is considered a main character

But it's really nice seeing everyone together here. It brings Part 4 full circle

Koyamafag, you have no idea how transparent you are. By this point I can just look at the post and without even reading it, I will recognize you.

well had akira not killed him , he would have probably turned into a good guy , okuyasu and josuke almost managed to convince him to give the Arrow before akira killed him

No, I mean when it says "Next Episode", that Breakdown.
Don't you wish they had used that take on it in the new OP?

Holy shit

>Referencing a spin off not everybody's read over events that happen during the main story

oh fuck

>tfw they showed him in heaven





Oh really ? You want to test it out ?


Joseph because he's the asspull king.



>Bloody Stream
>god tier
I want redditfags to leave

New theme is so comfy and seems so hopeful

>Kira standing there with his thumb open

Do you think they'll play an alternate opening like with end of the world during the final battle?

Black Star Platinum needs to be in the game.

I really love that glowy, old timey, static-y effect they use in the OP. Same effect they used in the Walk Like An Egyptian ending.



That's no fun, man, game can only be played if you are not expecting.



Requesting a more zoomed-in version of this image

>There is an alternate universe where Part 5 is of Kira and his happy family.

Can someone edit this so theres no background and its just Josuke on a transparent one?

>Why didn't I pulled Kira in when he was escaping after cutting his hand?

at first I hated, by now it's feels pretty good





If his shit son didn't spy on him, would Kira have lived a happy, ordinary life with his new family and his stand cat?



>there is an alternative universe where Araki released a spin-off manga of Kira livinf with his new family
>Learning parenthood
>Falling in love with Shinobu
>Controlling his urges, an forgetting them
>Somehow using Killer Queen for good rather than evil
>And a send-off message that often life truly beings once you rid yourself of your past mistakes.


I love the new OP. Jojo OPs are like a time capsule, if that makes sense.


we'll be here all day with this episode

>Kosaku, why is our daughter blonde?

Can you stop posting this picture in every thread? Him dying was the best thing to happen to the family.


Bloody stream > sono chi no sadame > end of za warudo > stand proud > chase > 2000 ova op > CNBT remix > new op > 90's ova op > CNBT

Requesting a webm of Kira pressing the thumb button with a "delete this" text

OH jesus christ i knew it looked familiar.

So why does JoJo have such shit animation/shit budget? I thought it was supposed to be this big popular series over there, but randoms shows I've watched that apparently did poorly have 1000x the animation quality

There's a possibility, but ultimately his killing urges would take over and eventually ruin everything somehow

Or Rohan would investigate and try to Heaven's Door his ass and end his disguise

>Him dying was the best thing to happen to the family

Yeah, Kosaku was a shitty husband

fuck this new OP is shit

I hope they update the OP with Kira's new hair when he gets it. Those spikes are an abomination.


I'd say
So no chi no sadame > Stand Proud > Chase > Bloody Stream.
Bloody Stream gets old very quickly.


>You will never be a small child getting fondled by Killer Queen

Why live?

I just hope they do something with Bite The Dust in the OP when the arc starts.

Would they actually though? I thought Kira's thing was he was great at keeping himself out of the spotlight, and only lost control because his shit son wouldn't stop instigating.

Hayato would also go insane due to BtD.

Because JoJo is made for fans and as a commercial. Not waifufags who need to be spoiled by good animation in order for the anime to do successfully in the first place

Having high standards is fine but the animation industry in Japan is incredibly fucked

I'll watch it later, but I doubt it can be better than motherfucking Chase.

They use different openings for every "section" of the manga. I think they'll change OPs after Enigma


It isn't, but is catchy.

Can someone upload the opening backwards? It looks like it may work nicely

>implying it's hard to be better than dog shit

Depends how you interpret Kira. With how he dies there are really a million different ways to see him

One is at somebody good at playing a mask and really hates his life but rolls with it anyway
Another is a changed man who didn't have the time to truly repent thanks to Hayato
And the third is an edgy, killing machine that needs to kill every instance because instinct

That's just 3 interpretations too

OC Hope you like it.

Why is pandering to fujos not as lucrative as pandering to male otakus?

You think they'll do a 4th opening?

I love it.

What? It is. Often even more.

Unlikely, they've done a new OP for each cour.



Sometimes the anime looks great but overall it's a slideshow.

Kinda late to the party.

What is Gappy ?

>a shitty voice for Kira

They change opening each cour, not "section"

The new OP reminded me an awful lot of this

You know, maybe Heaven's door could have erased his homicidal instincts so he could actually live a quiet life with his wife.

Baby don't hurt me

Have you seen Hayato with a hat getting BtD planted in him? It's a final.

>Hazamada is the first one to note that Stand users attract each other
>he stays out of trouble entirely after the Rohan incident

What did Araki mean by this ?

A miserable little pile of balls!


Muh revenge

Only reason the Morioh Gang even hate Kira is because he fucked with them directly. If Kira never met Shigechi or gave into his killer instincts as Kosaku he'd get off Scott free

Who is this? David?

>and Rohan is considered a main character
Because he is.

Maybe, but that wouldn't have erased the 15+ years of homicidal rampage.

Im editing jojo into anything. if you have any requests send them my way.

Mrs. Robinson scene starring Shinobu with Kosaku-Kira between the legs


Why does this fight look better than Dio's World?

yup, they'll probably change it as it goes. it feels like they'll change that bit with the kira head turn, seems way too lazy to just stick an anime scene in the OP

>Do you like the new OP?

Why was I thinking that he will have blue skin?

Does anyone have that face Rohan makes after getting 1, 2, and 3 during the dice game

this one?

Shizuka, Rohan, Yukako, and Mikitaka are my favorite Stands.



>people actually fell for the part 4 is good meme

i put the names there cause they are symbols of the characters compared to the other who have their stand symbols representing them


on it.

>Jojolions final fight

JoBro as fuck

Save it for next year when VA launches

Has anyone ever made their own fan jojo arc that didnt suck? I was half considering writing and drawing my own in my free time. DiU anime is going to suck for several more weeks at least, and VA is trash.

I was thinking a more modern setting in like texas or arizona. all the stands would be named after lana del rey songs

Does somebody know who the va of Mikitaka Hasekura is?

Perhaps that could've happened
Then again, he killed innocent people for 15+ years and likely would not get off scot-free. He's lucky to not get the Angelo/Teru treatment honestly.

I doubt JJL will be that long

Right now as it stands, Joushuu could stand up to Gappy and defeat him. I stand by this statement.

>that hand

ahahah holy shit

The only plausible ending to the last fight

>VA is trash
Stale meme

I can't stand puns

Can you do this ?

「Sofuto Ando Wetto」

>Giorno meme rips off Josuke meme

Yeah, sounds about right

I don't get it

>implying Joushuu won´t clear the floor with Gappy´s hat after he is done with him


Once VA starts to air these threads will be a lot better since all the Cred Forumsfags will fuck off due to their shit taste.

That's not DMQ Kira's bowler hat, look how big it is. It's one of Bad Company's helmets.

Thank god.

Not the requester, but I think you should put Tonpetty and Jonathan on there.

Ripe for stranglation

>post yfw last episode goes straight into vento aureo and we go from there the week after part 4 finale

>born to die
>shades of cool
stand names could work

I wish he was this interesting

Lets hope thats true


Bloody stream is both manly and flamboyant. A perfect mix for part 2.

>yfw you realize that joshuu is just jokuyasu

Shit i hope

> they skipped Rohan intimidating Josuke

one fucking job david



To Cred Forums, my degenerate, they're waiting for you.

>at a BEACH
>fully dressed in his weird lab coat? outfit

I guess Jotaro got fat after part 3


>you will never nibble on Mikitaka's elf ears as you penetrate his boipucci

I sure fucking hope so.

I want that Koichi pose image without the ZGYUN goddamnit

you said one minute

jojobronies BTFO

>homosexual gangstars save us from shitposting

Is this a Yes reference?

That scene could probably be reworked into the next episode.

It took us 3 openings for this fucker to get a pose right

I love how Jotaro just ora ora and his enemies just lose because the sheer force of his stand.

There's sometimes elaborate schemes at play, but ultimately he just outmuscles his opponents. He's just a brute with rudimentary battle tactics.

What was wrong with the new opening? It felt more akin to Part 4 and less like a generic battle shounen like the last one.


I need more Josukes

We already have 4 Josukes.

dont shill your shit here you faggot

Why does Japan have this cliche of delinquents having pompadours?

If you want any subtitles tell me them now.


Jesus christ that OP is a thing of beauty, right down to the graininess

New OP is gureato, the only thing I dislike is the blatantly rehashed shot of Kosaku turning around near the end. It wasn't even a good-looking shot to begin with, why reuse it?


Yeah, please. Thank you in advance



And Act 3 also had reused animations

How does an alien have a stand?

Did someone recognize Mikitaka's VA ? I think it's Miki Shinichiro but I'm not sure.

>This will be changed twice to blow up the characters behind him instead of the entire OP looping


What happened to arcadefag?

>implyng implications

Who says an alien can't have a stand?

Cred Forums's hemeroids finally popped and they drove him off. he's on reddit now

"Vapoloweivu is a mim"
- Hirohiko Araki.

Valentine's VA


Master Miller's life really changed after Diamond Dogs.


I feel like they did it for the OP and couldn't be fucked animating a different shot for AHF so they used it there too.

>in an earlier video he mentions stands
>now has no idea what that "ghost" is
consistency, my """ironic""" shitposter

somoene beat me into this one but fuck it


Nah it'll reach the reused Kosaku shot near the end, rewind to the beginning and then when it reaches the shot where he presses the trigger it everyone explodes and the episode plays as normal.

I don't think that's the case since Kosaku looks so much better near the start of the OP.

If that's the case then that's even worse, it's a really bad looking shot. The lighting and the depth are just totally off.

Hopefully it's something that'll get changed with the inevitable BtD edit of the OP.

but his parents haven't had sex since before he was conceived

He quit. some other guy is still making the game.

If you want some other text tell me.

>Posting best JoJo memes to defend worst JoJo


Did nobody else notice Toyohiro's legs on the telephone wire during the shot with the birds and the Super Fly phone tower?

Stale meme

He got caught shitposting and killed himself, so we're finally free.

>implying there's anything wrong with Giorno
He's the definition of alright.

So what do Reimi's knife wounds look like? Araki has shown some fucked up shit in jojo, yet reimi's back wounds are too disgusting to show?


Christ, why did so much of that episode look so horrible?

A few scenes looked great, but I don't understand how they can look at some of these shots and think they look even remotely okay.

Naw, this'll do. Grazie

Kira stabbed her with his fingernail, like how he was close to doing it to Shinobu.

>stand arrow is made from a meteorite
>mikitaka's home planet was destroyed

Clearly stand abilities are just natural abilities to his people, and humans get ghost powers when they come in contact with a piece of his homeworld.

I did, I feel so proud of myself.

As much as I'd love that, I also want them to take their fucking time.

It's very clear that a lot of this shit is being rushed given how much QUALITY there's been lately.


He carved a cat into her flesh but he messed up while doing it so it looks a wet dog

Because almost nothing happens in I'm An Alien and Highway Star is one of the most visually-impressive arcs of the entire part? Gotta be smart with that budget, user.

It's encouraging to see the budget fluctuate before Highway Star, they have to do that motorcycle chase justice.

long okuyasu

>Being straight with anyone
>While wearing that
Sure, Rohan.
Whatever you say.

But is that really more gruesome than when Jolyne fucking ripped a man's toenail off?

Not an action episode, it happens in almost any anime.

>everyone pointing to the sky
>Yukako trying to feel up purest JoJo instead

When it was still in a shonen magazine it may have been a bit much, not that it stopped him during Part 6. Also not showing them leaves it up to your imagination which makes it creepier.

Koreans, and dp is shit at scheduling.


Is Koichi perched on Jotaro's dick?

Considering how Araki was a-okay with dropping a separated eye into Giorno's hand in the beginning of Part 5, who knows?

Star Platinum's holding up Koichi, actually. With his dick

Chances are she no longer has a back
With it bring Kiran first kill he most likely went overboard and stabbed hundreds of times


That's a real picture though.

that's not thick you retard
go back to fucking Cred Forums if you're going to spout these autistic memes


>Yukako's midriff
My dick

"Welp, looks like eternal damnation for me"

>rps kid's sometimes off model art was better than this entire episode's.

>kills her
>takes her into his car
>stabs her repeatedly in the forest while masturbating

That sick bastard

>Calls someone else autistic
>While replying to a near 2-hour old post

>have to endure highway star next week
Can't wait for that shit to be over.

You'll need to endure two weeks of HS buddy.

I just realized Shinobu sounds a lot like Erina Nakiri


You're not even trying

Unfortunately, highway star is gonna be a two partner.

What's a common soundtrack used in hentai these days?

I'm going to make a joke.

>Have to endure a Cheap trick to soon Bite the Dust

i know im shit but this is the last one

Careless whisper

fucking love it

how many references to future fights are there in the new OP?
I just caught a few obvious Bites the Dust ones

araki confirmed it


Even if they weren't doing the end of I Am An Alien at the start of HS it'd need to be 2 parts since it's 8 chapters.

Do something with re:zero and diablo 2 having same sound effect Diablo 2 teleportation sound and "mystery" sound effect in re:zero

Highway Star is in the last 9 of 1999.

user don't lie to yourself

That's fucking funny, thanks for posting this garbage.
I'm going to adopt this kid.

Theyre all referenced. Thip op is actually one of favorites.

>2 weeks of highway star
I rather watch a yo yo ma film

And Kiras father, RPS Kid and I think Teru are the other numbers

People had the same skepticism for Quiet Life 2, SHA and RHCP 2 and they were correct. Why wouldn't they be for Highway Star?

Cheap Trick was awesome

>you will live to see Yo-Yo Ma animated

How did Okuyasu get his facial scars?

His brother and father beat him.

probably doing something really stupid when he was a kid, never been a smart boy

Father abuse


>He later died of a cold

He took to fat the "These aren't my glasses"

>you will live to see "I put a frog in your brain" animated

Yeah i know but its only 1 arc away from Rohan getting what he deserves. Another one gone....

They're not scars. That's a bessboll.

It's make up

That's kind of fruity, even for Jojo

Speaking of fruity, do bystanders ever acknowledge just how flamboyant the Protagonists and other stand user dress/act?

MILF hunting.

Who's represented in the 1999 at 1:05?

If they did they know they'd get beat up so they don't

Yoshihiro, Enigma Boy, RPS Kid and Highway Star I believe

Fuck me if I know

>white text over bright yellow
Add a small outline or something

the game's been out for a year, nobody cares

>tfw if Nanako's dad was the villain in Persona 4 he would literally be Kosaku Kawajiri

If I recall correctly, in Part V during the Talking Head and Clash fight the Passione Gang said that they're laying low implying that their clothes are normal.

>dio time stop
my sides so accurate


take your off topic shitposting back to Cred Forums

No Super Fly?

Tower's there, watch it.

chase is still the best opening when it comes to foreshadowing.

So when a Vento Aureo anime is greenlit, how many episodes should it get? It's obvious that 48 was too big for SC, and 39 is cutting it really close for Diamond.

but why is reimi a crossdressing faggot?

Surface is cute.

but user
persona 4 is bootleg diamond is unbreakable


>genders are swapped
>what the fuck, why is this girl a boy now

It's shorter than Diamond is Unbreakable. Somewhere between 30 and 40 will do good

Would 32 do it justice? Not so much estimating the chapters like I should be, just guesstimating

Honestly 39 is fine for VA

39 is too little for DiU because of how long the manga is. Vento Aureo is a couple volumes shorter, so 39 episodes will be perfect.

39 should be the right number
Is slightly shorter than DiU and they won't need to cut o

>Stand: Earth, Wind & Fire

idiot, why is s/he still wearing demale clothes? Koichi got a skirt and Yukako got pants are you dumb or something?

Honestly doing DIU in 39 was not that bad because episodes were much faster paced

>note the scar

I think it could use a couple more episodes.


it's jojo, anything not involving skirts/dresses is essentially gender neutral

Can someone make it so it's only Josuke by himself?

I dont think they can end a series mid cour, it has to be 39 again

This opening is so good

32 isn't a standard season length so it won't happen. 39 is probably the best.

Maybe 33 then, I wasn't estimating right. It only depends how long the cours are and how they will pace it

Diamond kinda fucked up with RPS Kid, but for the most part it did a good job putting Part 4 into 3 segments

The problem is that so much minor shit was cut that it feels a lot less charming. They might be small throwaway lines or scenes but they really do go a long way.

Here, I also drew in his body.

33 is still mid cour, cours are 12 or 13 episodes. 36 episodes is VERY unlikely so 39 is likely again.

new op kind of sucks compared to the previous one. josuke vs rohan had all kinds of funny reaction faces though.

>Yukako gets the second J
>Not Okuyasu, whose stuck with Josuke
>Not Rohan

DP must be trying hard to shill Yukako or something

Nice work, can you possibly add in Crazy Diamond somehow?

They based that part off of one of the pre-RHCP chapters, where the style was basically the same.

Another one bites the dust triggers, Entire Op replays.


Pretty sure its referencing an artwork of the characters that looks exactly the same
I cant find it tho


I want to show her the true Kira Yoshikage if you know what I mean

Someone needs to make this.


Give me a (You) if this is your alarm clock tone.

My alarm clock is Snow Halation


Alien boi u ok

Gappy makes me happy

Did anyone else think that Rohan was dressed like a huge slut in this episode? Honestly, if Josuke just raped him right then and there he'd have been asking for it.

>Crazy Diamond is about to kill Josuke when he's posing

stardust crusaders, diamond is unbreakable and golden wind signs.

it's called 「HIGH FASHION」 user.


Wait a minute

Okuyasu's dad is next to him

>that Yukako outfit

>Shiggy and Aya are seen as spirits chilling above with Reimi and Arnold
>Edgelords will still insist that their spirits were obliterated by KQ
Best alarm sound coming up

>that VA sign

Wishful thinking on the studio's part or fucking confirmed?

You are just jealous because they are more popular that you will ever be right Gaps?
>Live action movie

Why would they put it in the first place though?


I don't know, I guess Germans just have bad taste.

>Next to Koichi
Foreshadowing hardcore. They probably have the budget to pull it off

I think 1-6 are pretty much confirmed

It's a blink and you'll miss it thing anyway.

I'm just curious what the odds are that Part 5 is already confirmed at this point.

I hope we get a segment at the end where Jotaro looks at a picture of little Jolyne then it transitions into SOMEONE looking at a picture of DIO. That way everything is fucking confirmed.

About 2 days late

so far, how has the anime changed or further solidified your thoughts on part 4?

>popularity on par with Part 3 in Japan
>not getting animated
We will probably get a teaser in the ep 39 after credits scene like it happened in Battle Tendency.

I like it more and it was already one of my favorite parts.

Made me love the part even further man, can't wait to see Highway Star and the finale.

Why don't they just use hermit purple to find Kira?

I see that my idea of how the anime should end caught up with some people
I feel accomplished

Araki is such a fucking hack.

>Doesnt just have Vanilla Ice go on the plane instead of bugman and set of a C4 since terrorism was hardly a thing concerning planes back in that time period. Vanilla Ice sets it off while hes in his stands void form.

>Dio never just stops time and puts C4 on Jotaro, 100% killing him, instead uses knives from a restaurant.

>Didnt shove C4 inside the monkey on the boat and then blowing it up when one of them was near it while having the water stand guy give positions

>D`Arby didnt have a C4 under his table which he could have set off while he make an excuse to go to the bathroom

>Mirrorman didnt just fight them in a hall of mirrors with C4

>Death13 didnt just dream up c4

So many fucking obvious chances.

I think I like it a bit less than before.

Didn't change my opinions a whole lot since I already love Part 4 a lot, it did improve some arcs for me, especially like Koichi Echoes and the Shizuka's introduction


I wouldn't be surprised if Parts 4 and 5 end on cliffhangers leading into their respective Parts like 1 and 2 did. I think because 3 was intended to be the end at first before Araki kept the series going they didn't hint at 4

>Jotaro Oras the C4
>It's disabled

Cant wait for sexy gangsters

>i'm still in middle school and i just learned what c4 is

Dio Brando > Sweet "Egyptian" "Transvestite DIO


DP has no budget concerns. They have no fucking reason not to animate part 5, considering it's massive popularity and foreshadowing since Phantom Blood.

Part 6 is also probably going to be animated to cap everything off. The only parts I don't think that we will get however are part 7 and 8, as they have not been foreshadowed and are also considerably less popular.

Where are they getting all that damn c4?

That fucking baby could have murdered the entire crew.

>what is the fact Jotaro couldnt stop time as long as Dio, Dio just waits this out by throwing knives first.

Are you retarded? You act like knowing what C4 is some strange thing. Argue why it wouldnt work.

Dio can just mindbug military men or government officials.

He would have to do this if he honestly wanted to rule the world because nukes would still fuck him up due to the height they are detonated, or could be detonated anywhere near him without him knowing on the ground.

Funny you say that

That said, of course there's no real foreshadowing. It's a different universe. You can't really foreshadow something the plot doesn't lead up into

How can I get women to love me like the bitch dying for Kira?

>Killer Queen doesn't use c4 on all of Morioh town

I mean come on

>Jotaro Oras the C4
>It's disabled

I wish part 4 was longer, I need another Okuyasu arc

I fucking love it. I really want to hear the english version of it as well.

How if times stopped and he already used up his time to block knives?


>Jotaro Oras the jockey
>It's disabled

Wait a fucking second I notice the fiery eyes but never the two different sets of eyes
Man Sono Chi no Sadame is so fucking based

For a single frame that fire turns black

Josuke concludes that he doesn't have a stand, but the wiki clearly names his stand as Earth Wind and Fire.

I want conclusive answers and I need you to give them to me.

>Not using C5

>Jotaro Oras the C4
>It's disabled

You can't stoppo the Kujo

>Josuke concludes that he doesn't have a stand,

>"Make up your own conclusions about it"

And its gonna be good English, not engrish. Both singers sing well in English.

It's a great adaptation but it's made me appreciate the manga a lot more.

It's not a stand, it's just an ability with a song name.

Dammit I wanted the second coming of Tell Me Why

I think I got it, Mikitaka is an alien faking to be a teenager that fakes to be an alien.

Its another power system similar to stands.

It's a "Stand-like" ability called Earth, Wind and Fire, like the Zombie Horse of SBR.

>Both singers sing well in English.
thats fantastic then

This, music references were already there before stands

It's midframe, his eyes flash into a different color entirely as his will begins to burn

It's probably the most heavy on the foreshadowing for the entire series rather than just the Part. All Bloody Stream references is Hermit Purple

>reading the wiki

The receipt for Jonny's restaraunt was changed into a Johnny Joestar reference. Least I assume its intentional.

Where the new thread at

They better show this next episode.

I'm a retard, what does this foreshadow?