Re:Zero Thread

Dark Lord Subaru edition

Things were were promised but never got.

Someone explain this Dark Lord Subaru meme.

Rem best girl

About time we get a thread for the Dark Lord.

>still caring about reddit:0

Fuck off newfag stop trying so hard to fit in

Some posters think Subaru will become the Dark Lord since the whole Pride thing. Also since he apparently absorbs the archbishops authorities once they die and their talking inside his mind.
Also since the author says that Emilia would be the heroine until arc 10 when their will be 11 arcs in the story.

Long-haired Rem is a miracle of the universe from a girl who was already a miracle of the universe.
Like godDAMN, she's so cute.

She just looks like a recolored Emilia.

So Toyota vs Emilia on arc 11? Because even if Emilia became evil she'd still be the heroine to Subaru's Dark Lord. He's the MC after all.
But Dark Lord Subaru would require Rem to die for good, yeah?

No, Emilia has a longer face. Rem's face is softness incarnate.

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Pretty much.
My guess is
>Subaru kills Rem by accident
>Commits suicide
>It already saved
>Dark lord
It will be great

Kill yourself, crossboarder.

>Dark Lord thread
>Immediately covered in Rems
Holycrap, Remfags are the worst I'm sorry I cooperated with two of the long hair Rem pics

Shit thread.


>tfw not having your own Rem

and here i am hearing Wishing again and again.

Because every morning, every night, there are so many things I want to tell you!

Can someone post the pic of Dark Lord Subaru and the witch cult sacrificing Emilia?

s-stop it

Your pain nurtures me, Remfag. Makes my brain TREMBLE, DESS!