Which one?

Which one?


All of them.

My name isn't Takeuchi.

Mordred and Jeanne

2 of those are the same character

I'd take the blue one.

Non-bride Nero.

I love my emperor!

In what way?

Why is her asshole so long?

What do you mean?




The best!
Too bad this event kinda sucks.




the fuck this guy just said

bride is superior(body and mind) compared to autistic king and slut nero also she is for the player and doesn't cuck you with hakuno

>tfw too dumb to learn ROMA speak
I hate my life.

don't remind me I had to study a fucking dead language

I choose cute goth loli.


Why are red's and white's tits completely gone in the other outfits?

Smug fat red man is the superior waifu.

The one that isn't a Whore of Babylon

Which Shirou was best Shirou?


Arturia Pendragon is my waifu.

>fucked by shirou (autistic japanese ginger sword)
>fucked morgan
>fucked merlin
>is retarded
shit taste

Waifu has nothing to do with taste. She chose me.

I will die with her love in my heart and her name upon my lips.

b-but she is a womenizer for men and is unpure

Far right

I hope he bangs an emotionless doll as well


The only time she was ever penetrated was with a magical body summoned by the grail. Her real body was the one doing the fucking when she was alive.

And now that I think about it, it was a magical dick she used to fuck when she was alive, so she wasn't even using her real body then.


Duel. You. Me.

hmm smartass



>Nero's uniform shrank her breast size