Danganronpa 3

The ride is over Cred Forums so let's post the memes we acquired through it

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Seiko/Mikan combination is about as bullshit as the Analyst talent

My favorite. Especially now that Naegi has taken up the torch.

>Hope comes from people acting like people, Hajime my boy.
>Now then Mitarai, my boy, brainwash Hope into the world for me.

This is now cannon, post cute shit in celebration of heroine and best girl getting together.

so this is basically the finale right?


I don't know what happened but this blew up like a motherfucker

This is more canon.

As I Kirigirifag I was pretty damn happy

Feels so good mate

Post your face when Mikan pulled out the pill bottle.

To be fair he was disillusioned by the war of despair and the chaos brought to the world.

Then he learned that everyone in despair was actually brainwashed and nothing they could do would change that, so he decided to counter it with more brainwashing.

I'm a DR1 fag and they gave me all the fanservice i need of basically making this cannon.

Why is Class 77 all of a sudden ok with Nagito's autism


This is canon too

I just realized souda actually has the opportunity to move on from sonia and instead make a move on mahiru.


Well, at least Kirigiri survived.

But got damn man, absolutely shafted damn near the entire DR3 cast

The way I see it is, DR2 came out in 2012. People were slowing forgetting about DR in Japan until V3 was announced last year as a soft reboot in 2017.

Kodaka definitely saw Class 77's fate and if Naegi fucks Kirigiri as ways to get people hyped for V3 and to buy more DR shit.

I imagine both goals worked cause I'm buying that Chiaki figure that I should've bought way back when. I thought the anime was meh and I'd rather it didnt happen. But now I'm so hyped for V3.

Can't we just pretend this shit anime never happened?

This is the greatest thing to come out of DR.

Having a brand new cast in a story that was supposed to wrap up the stories of the old casts was a mistake.

I'm well aware of how cheesy and bad the ending was yet I still loved it.

Hey everyone, Naegi Makoto here.
Just thought I'd let you all know that the Future Foundation was entirely killed by the Remnants of Despair that I let live. Nothing bad happened amongst the Future Foundation and its staff members, everyone was friends with eachother and the Future Foundation was in no way responsible for any of the terrible events to have happened recently.

Please give us whatever little money you may have in this world so that we can make another Hope Peak Academy with the benevolent Future Foundation.

Hmm? Oh no we're not gonna hunt down the Remnants, let's just leave them alone.

>Chiaki getting stabbed
Every time.

How did they cure Mikan from despair when she should wake up as despair Mikan?

He obviously had plans for Class 77's revival since DR2. Going out of your way to say that Mikan had a higher chance to come out of a coma then people that didn't realize it was a program was a bit strange.

And forget best ship becoming cannon? Fuck that.

>we'll have to wait a year for V3 in english.
>I'll go to random threads in Cred Forums and someone will just randomly list who gets killed and is the culprit.

What did you think of Mukuro being turned into comedy relief?

>The DR threads are already dying
I don't think I can take it, please keep it alive

Eat freshâ„¢

This seems to be the overwhelming consensus, no one is really saying the ending is good and almost unanimously consider it bad from a writing standpoint, but it was so enjoyable not many people are left all that jaded by it.

Like i fully acknowledge its bad, but i adored every second of it and have left 3 feeling so satisfied.

Is it me, or does Mikan look healthier than normal?

It didn't need to be, we just need some way to flesh out the characters better. Standalone FTEs maybe, some form of foundation mode?

Why? Everything that made these threads good will be gone.

>Juzoboys aren't posting anymore
>bully kun has left too
>gun posting at an all time low
It's over user, time to let it go

Tfw i got fired from my job at gas station because i watched hope side while the other guy who stole money still has the job feels hope man

But where is Kanon?

Yeah, on the one hand, everyone's favorite characters from SDR2 get a second chance.

On the other hand, real Chiaki died horribly, having any attachment to DR3 cast is a mistake, and DR3 itself kinda shit on the franchise

We had a good run user, but we must let it die sooner or later. I'm satisfied that i was able to circlejerk with my fellow shipper bros that we were finally thrown a bone after being treated like shit for the past month. I enjoyed seeing all our favorite memes one last time. But i think its time to let it go after this.

Note: people acting like people fucked everything forever in between those two moments.

Juzo boys and Bully Kun moved to /drg/

Fleshing out fodder characters will just make me more disappointed at how disposable they were.

SHSL Dicking.


You don't even need to go to threads.
Persona 5 spoilers were all over the front page.
Avoid Cred Forums completely if you don't want to get spoiled.

My favorite ship actually became cannon, the fact that i had to wait 5 years for this pay off probably explains alot about why my mood is so good today.

Remember her?

Hajimeme gave her the D.

Nothing can beat the D, not even Despair.

Everyone woke up as despair. Izuru just told them to get their shit together and they did.

I thought they would at least show his actual fucking mother. But they forgot about their own game

Kyouko lived.....

>Persona 5 spoilers were all over the front page.
Of what? Cred Forums? I havent seen ANY P5 spoilers. I guess I'm lucky.

I'm leaving this thread now that I said that.

People were even posting them in DR3 threads.

I left Cred Forums for good reason, well i did it for spoilers but after leaving i realized the board actually was irredeemable and it was just stockholm syndrome keeping me there, but leaving it for spoilers of persona 5 and tales of berseria was a good choice.

I'll leave Cred Forums or rather the internet entirely when FFXV comes out, that game is going to be the most spoiled game in existence especially if noctis dies like he very likley will.

Heterochromia theory was right but his right eye is not the normal Hajime slash.

I thought Izuru's eyes were always crosshairs. Why did they make them like that?

I remember her being the most rosy-cheeked of the cast

Most likely they were modified during the Kamukura Project.

Not him but I didn't see any here. Maybe I got lucky and didn't post in the few threads that had them.


Nah. He fucked over both Chiakis about as hard as he could with a shitty sadist show and then not even trying to make up for it in the finale, believing that having ghost AI Chiaki say that they were the same person would somehow gloss over all the details. Like, what the fuck did that even mean? Was the cute super-autistic girl who wanted to learn a lot of things not even slightly "real"? Was there only the cute, much more emotional gamer girl who didn't get nearly as much screentime as she deserved? It made no sense whatsoever.

I mean, it's pretty obvious that he didn't actually write any scenes with human Chiaki in it so he had no clue how to write her in for the finale, but it was still terrible of him to try and include her like that.

She had no way out, she was doomed to be a fucking martyr, and it dunks all over one of DR2's theme about enduring things and fighting for the future, because she was just fucking dead. It's not just that, but that she died not because of her own character flaws or faults (such as Ishimaru's attachment to a laptop inadvertently causing his demise), but simply because she was a nice girl who was in a really fucked up situation. You can't write an 'IF' so that she survives, unlike with AI Chiaki who at least has island mode, or the DR1 cast who do at least have an IF.

Not only that, he kept her dead without even hinting at her survival as if to say "Fuck off Chiakifags, she's dead and won't come back ever, ship Hajime with somebody else, like Komaeda!". It was utterly rotten and it destroyed what remaining spark of optimism I had for him. He greenlit a stupid show with a plot that utterly destroyed one of my favorite characters in DR and told me that it was the ultimate fan item that anybody, including me, would like, as if I were an utter imbecile that could not stop and analyze themes and critique them at all.

Fuck Kodaka and fuck Danganronpa. Frankly speaking, dumb goofy memes are the only thing semi-worthwhile.

There's a difference between a fodder character and wtf happened to Bandai who's sole existence was to shock people with his death. Mukuro at least had presence in DR1 after her death.

I checked and I don't see any mention of Juzo on /drg/ right now though

I've frequented these threads all the time, never saw them. Guess im lucky or luckily dense.

Gone too soon.

To this day, Munakata's scream and Munakata in general is still one of the best things that came out of this anime


Despair is the D. So you're right

Tengan was a racist. He probably fired the scout that scouted bandai.

Good riddance.


That sounds pretty hot

All my ships are canon in V3

Don't worry, Fuyuhiko and Peko will name their child after you eh-what was your name again?

Despair is Dis pair.

The D is it's own power.

>the observer was just a shapeshifting chameleon who took the form of Chiaki based on memories scanned from the students

I really don't know how to feel about this.


The gun-meming was so fun, I'm gonna miss those.

How is being a princess even a talent?

>ywn get married to Junko
>ywn have her cook shitty food for you to try to make you despair
>ywn get dommed by her on your bed
>ywn corrupt her with hope little by little
>ywn buy her all the teddy bears she would ever want
>ywn make her blush
>ywn have her cling to you fall asleep in your arms
>ywn have her give birth to your kids
>ywn turn a literal mass murderer into a cutesy waifu

What are my reasons to live, again?

But.. the best girl won

Yes, Sato. What a fine name for a girl.

>mfw the midget is actually a cool character and Maki tries to dress him up in a diaper to satiate her talent and /ss/ fetish.

Does someone have that Jojo style image of Tengan with Mitarai?

I need it for... research purposes.

dr1 cast: 6 people alive, 10 people dead
dr2 cast: 15 people alive, 1 dead but still alive as AI
dr 3 cast: 2 people alive, 10 people dead, monaca alive

but yeah m8, continue believing it has been the dr2 cast that got fucked over

Bandai isn't even Black. Unless he was a Ryukyuan or Ainu.

Of course, she's the protagonist of V3, right?

Fuck seeing these threads die out is painful. This is some of the most fun I've had on Cred Forums in a while. Gonna miss the Danganronpa memes.

I'll admit that webm makes her look pretty cute

She has to learn languages and diplomacy and manners and stuff.

Kodaka likes to fuck with expectations, im calling it right now midget is one of the survivors or at least will be like gundham and be one of the final deaths of the game.

How is being a robot?

There's the /drg/, you can go shitpost there.
DR isn't Cred Forums anymore.

Sadly this is the case. All good things have to come to an end. A lot of people have already moved on now and I will have to soon as well. It was a fun ride and enjoyed watching it with Cred Forums.

>ishimaru is still dead forever
>his family was treated like an outcast because of what his grandfather did, and nobody likes him
>works hard every day so that he can find a way to pay their enormous debt and clear their family name and to show that any normal person can overcome anything with just a bit of effort
>was able to make his first friend, but had to see him get executed right in front of him, with all of his effort to try and save him were in vain so he shuts himself off from everybody else and blames himself for Mondo's death
>gets reunited with his bro thanks to Alter Ego
>gets accused of something he didn't even do and died for it; nobody even cares or grieves about him and was never mentioned again after his case

>sdr2 characters are mass murderers and they all wake up like nothing ever happened
>no screen time about the dead class 78 at all

it's just not fair

How is being a main character?


>DR isn't Cred Forums anymore.
Not until next season's shows start airing in earnest.

I know how I feel about it. Livid. She seems like a fucking fake to me now and some kind of goddamn eldritch abomination, which is not what I thought AI Chiaki was for years. Then I'm supposed to be "happy" about that? What?

You really don't seem to understand that it's about more than just her death. It's about how my perception of the character has been permanently altered in a way that I utterly abhor on multiple levels. Who she is, what she means for the other characters, all of it is in utter shambles and I don't really feel like picking up the pieces anymore.

>I need to put a bullshit NG code in there so they understand I'm not fucking around... Oh yeah let's put it on Bandai. Fuck that nigger.

why are generals such shitshows?

And Ishimaru was killed by the biggest nobody character.

>6 fingers in sprite
>5 in art
genuine mistake or 2 of these fucks?
>that hat, that talent and that notfanta
literally a nazi

Which is next week. Start packing your bags.

lol tryhards

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?


post hajimemes

This guy has no chance of making it past chapter 2

Actually so much of DRV3's cast looks like they got jack shit survival chances. Dude kirigiri is pretty much the only one that seems guarenteed to survive.

>go to /drg/ 2 minutes ago
>post after post of faggots talking about their own lives
>namefags and rp'ers enabled by the community
>almost no actual discussion

Which is basically in a few days, yeah
Still, y'all will have to migrate to Cred Forums or /drg/

She was reborn as Kaede, the protagonist of V3.

Sato transformed into the unimportant robot.

What is the dumbest thing from each DR?


stop posting this

I can't wait for them to leave. How about you, friend?


I never realized until now how silly it was that they put that much detail into Junko's Junkos

Alright Cred Forums this is my send off to you all. Farewell DR threads, it was fun while it lasted.

Fuck I don't want to go to /drg/. These threads were way too much fun and I can't settle for that garbage now


> Just thought I'd let you all know that the Future Foundation was entirely killed by the Remnants of Despair that I let live.

Only the branch chiefs know about what Naegi did

She was still TOP QT

DR1 would be either Celes' plan or just her case in general.
DR2 would have to be gravel swimsuit bludgeon.
DR3 is probably Junko

I highly suggest people wait until DRV3 comes out and go to Cred Forums. As cancerous as Cred Forums is, threads about VN type games are usually good. AA community is solid, ZTD was only bearable because of dank maymays on there, and when I played SDR2 good times were had there.

By contrast, /drg/ gave me a case of the Chernobyls. Never go there.

1) Hifumi
3) Real Chiaki

Because Naegi doesn't like Junk-o

Too fucking bad, loser, go to Cred Forums.

Please buy the blu rays so you can see how Killer Killer relates! I promise you it will be as great as DR3 was!

The sprite has 5 fingers only the thumb looks fucking retarded

>What is the dumbest thing from each DR?
>There's no way you could make out her body type!
>tfw got stuck here and memorized the fucking debate

What debate did you guys memorize?

Here ya go user

Life is unfair

>3) Real Chiaki
You forgot DR3's AI Chiaki, who was actually a chameleon all along.

Dude Kirigiri has the massive deathflag of being a reference to previous games, look how well Fakegami and Nagito turned out.


>Their cute beach date is canon too


Killer Killer is obviously the last participant, he just kept sleeping in a locker somewhere or something

>implying I want to go there either


I think this is it for me too. I'll leave my OC that i feel so smug about since people saved it.

I'd like to thank all the cool kirigiri bros out there that circlejerked with me about best girl winning, id like to thank the juzo boys for keeping things positive no matter what and really illustrating how good a character he actually was. And just in genral want to thank you all for the good times we all shared together. This is the first time Cred Forums has ever felt like a community to me. Gonna miss you all but at least it ended on a high note.

I'm not letting Real Chiaki ruin the AI Chiaki. Different characters to me even now.

Oh yeah wasn't he supposed to relate to DR3 somehow or show up?

Fuck that manga is retarded as fuck

I would have liked it if Munakata became Headmaster and Naegi became a teacher/counselor/scout

>What debate did you guys memorize?
>"Hiyoko is the only killer I can think of!"
I fucking hated that sword mini game.




Thank you kindly, good user.

I'm talking about what AI Chiaki herself said in Hope arc.

As bad as the ending is, i can't bring myself to hste it somehow.

Goddamit, I'm gonna miss this ride.


Not gonna lie, I fucking hated the everliving fuck out of Chapter 2. Between the stupid Twilight Murder game, the gravel swimsuit, and the death of Mahiru, the entire chapter just seemed to drag on forever.

Normally id agree with you there but the thing is they are really trying to underplay him and even kill him off in the new trailer despite the cover implying heavily that hes the deuteragonist. The ones who are in massive amount sof danger are the fake out 3 main characters of maki kiibo and hagakure 2.0.

user, did you forget about the purpose being the Hope Instrumentality Project? Did you forget that Hajizuru is the SHSL Everything? Did you forget that the Danganronpa universe is much more technologically advanced then reality? Hajizuru can clone 5 Chiakis from one stray pube he kept in his pocket. That's 5 SHSL GEIMA! Think about all the esports competition grand prizes. The Harems. Did I mention 5 Chiakis?

But that's what she was in DR2 too. The game literally tells you she is an AI designed to watch them and it was clear that she based her appearance and personality off an actual HPA student once her student file showed up.

While playing DR1 the whole fucking game I was expecting Kirigiri to be revealed as the bad guy. Any moment now. Any moment now.

It would be weird going through the same experience again.

Not letting it happen. She said they were different. So they will be.

So the SHSL Falconer, Discus thower, Circus performer and whatever that nail woman ( hair and nail stylist most likely), Sniper, Archer, Yo-yo, Japanesee fan guy with game pieces and two other guys appeared.

Kaito is the mastermind. They're reusing that really old idea they had for Hagakure for him.

that aint no thumb

I was creeped out by the videogame art style and it also reminds me of that shit game Bad End as well.

Best case is Nagito's.

not going all out with 15 Chiaki's

>anime you watch finishes
>have to leave the board forever

What is going on?


It still hurts.

Everyone is pretty much on the same boat, we all agree its a shit ending but we all enjoyed the fuck out of it, most of us i dare say non ironically.

I guess kodaka actually did have the perfect ending.

Chiaki's jugs though.

No. It wasn't great, but I still enjoyed it.

Well more specifically, to mainly monitor Izuru

Jesus, the ending was fucking trash.

I absolutely loved it.

Given how much of a retard he was in Future arc I don't really think I would trust the school to him.

Chapter definitely started off strong. Thanks pepsi

I'm so proud.

Real Chiaki had a lot of potential. A lot. The writers just blew it. Imagine if Urobuchi wrote the script and Kodaka just wrote the interactions. A Ronpa to end all Danga

I had a blast in Chapter 2 because I thought Sonia was the killer through 95% of it.

What idea?

DR1: Monokuma monuments
DR2: Junkoland and we were the bad guys the whole time
DR3: Junko

Dude Kirigiri is going to be a murderer to subvert expectations, just like the detective in Persona 5.

No repeating twists on mastermind so the only people definitely confirmed out are kaede cause the protaognist being the mastermind was done in 2, and whoever the first person to die is also out.

pretty much anything else is free game so kaito probably could be the mastermind, Hell i honestly suspect kiibo about cause he strikes me as a fake out good guy.

Is Munakata's scream supposed to be hilarious?

Thank you for the kind words my friend. Watching DR3 with Cred Forums was a wonderful experience I will never forget. This will always live in both mind and my soul.

I wonder if Hajime ever brought up how he totally could've fucked his sister

Dammit she was so cute

The world doesn't know how retarded he is though

Munakata is supposed to be hilarious.

Reminder that the only confirmed person that will not die is due to the detective having the perks of never dying in a murder mystery

>Ending is just as shoddy and silly as everything else in the anime
>Yet I loved every last moment of it to death
>And it raised my opinion of DR3 overall since I left it feeling so good

Am I weird?


No, not to the extent she was revealed to be in DR3.

Well, okay. Selective fanon and outright ignoring things to try and preserve your remaining attachment to a character is understandable. I had no such luxury and ended up watching my attachment to both Chiakis fall apart at about the exact same time, so maybe you have the better idea. But even now, I have to wonder... How long will you be able to keep up the act? Will you later give up. as I have? I won't be around to see it, but it should be interesting.

Oh, definitely. So much more could've been done with her that ended up not happening.

Some are cross boarders from Cred Forumsthat have little reason to stay on Cred Forums. the rest of us are just sad that we our losing out common source of discussion, we will all talk again but because of Cred Forums's anonymity we wont know it.

We'll all be talking again, just none of us will know it so its essentially goodbye.

Is this half-canon?

Remember her?
We have yet to meet her

So is FF going to be sending supplies to Jabberwock Island in secret? No way they have a lifetime supply of everything to live off of there

>nidai alive
>hopeboi not mad

>tfw have been suspecting to be the killer Sonia since chapter 2
>she never killed anybody


Ishimaru was annoying anyway
I'd rather have Chihiro and Sakura back

What happens if you duct tape Nagito with Naegi together and throw them in the ocean?

Or a casino?

hiding that the killing game was started by a high ranking member is arguably much more harmful then just pinning it on RoD.

That's how you get the UN hiding

I was convinced that she would be a killer at some stage, until somewhere mid chapter 5 when I realised that she never calls you out and you never have to contradict her. It was always consent.

>Selective fanon and outright ignoring things to try and preserve your remaining attachment to a character is understandable. I had no such luxury and ended up watching my attachment to both Chiakis fall apart at about the exact same time, so maybe you have the better idea. But even now, I have to wonder... How long will you be able to keep up the act? Will you later give up. as I have? I won't be around to see it, but it should be interesting.
AI Chiaki said she's different in the episode. That's the way out. Real Chiaki died crying and being sad. They are different.

He died a hero. It hurts too. It feels the same like when Sakura died. He's in boxing heaven. T_T

I mean he's not that much more retarded than Naegi. Almost all the competent people fucked off to go have a tropical orgy forever so they're kinda scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Not really. Most people go with it being an emotionally good ending but a logically terrible ending.

>believing any of this is good, even ironically
You first

No alot of us are in the same boat.

And i again would like to point out, hope arc was the only episode written by kodaka, i do not find it a coincidence at all that reception to this episode despite unanimously being considered bad writing was also so widely enjoyed. DR is a collection of terrible ideas that work because of kodaka's dialogue and i think the contrast between hope arc and the rest of the series shows how important kodaka actually being involved makes.

Sure it is.

>I thought Sonia was the killer through 95% of it.
Same. Fucking wetsuit throwing me off. I had no clue I was off track until I literally pointed at her and had the game tell me I was wrong.

We will never see class 77 again.

No, I think most of us think the same.

I suppose that we were all expecting DR3 to be an irredeemable trainwreck, but it turned out quite decent.

>Now canon
>Didn't confirm shit
>100% over so no more coming out of this
They're friends at best


Friendly reminder never to go to /drg/, no matter how much you want the ride to continue.

Same here. It's quite the complicated feeling.

>>was able to make his first friend, but had to see him get executed right in front of him, with all of his effort to try and save him were in vain so he shuts himself off from everybody else and blames himself for Mondo's death

He made friends before though pre-mindwipe. The sadder thing is the he never knew he had them except for Mondo.


I was convinced sonia would murder souda or gundham the entire game. She didnt do it to either and souda somehow wound up surviving.

But the OVA will show them.

user, they are fucking.

He's back everybody!

Remember, that the Kamukura Project will go to waste. Buy DRv3-2

Best part of DR3

Izuru is the SHSL Farmer, they'll be fine.

Got a good laugh from me.

That's a good thing, even if they were interesting.

Unless it's some comedic form we see them again, I hope we never see Izuru involved in another murder game again

I'm happy they went with a fanservice ending. The last thing DR3 needed was another bittersweet look the future ending to end the hopes peak saga.

This way we at least get to go into V3 with a clean slate and get some closure on all the previous characters.

I'll give you points for consistency at least, don't know if your taking the piss or genuinly delusional right now but you stayed true to yourself.

No, she also said that they were the same right afterwards. You're ignoring that for the sake of your fanon, it's understandable. I just feel hollow when I see Chiaki now because of, well, how the real one died, as you said. I liked both girls and saw them as different, but the way I see it, no matter if they're together or apart, what DR3 ultimately did to both of them destroyed them in my mind.

I was sort of thinking for a while her real talent was being another Ultimate Soldier like Nagito was another Ultimate Lucky Student, but that didn't happen. So probably what said.

Byakuya and Fuyuhiko are also weird.

Sorry, but no one is going to save you from your shit taste

Would you Ruru?

I don't understand where this rivalry against Sayaka is coming from. They were never actually competing for Naegi.

> NWP was meant to create a person subjects wanted to see.
> AI Chiaki doesn't have even a hint of Natsumi in her
Did Fuyuhiko and Peko both just forget her?

Prove it
>Hating Kirigiri automatically makes me Sayakafag
Both are shit

>Internet was down for an entire week
>Missed all the happenings regarding DR3
>Threads are now dying


I would

and by that I mean I would choke the shit out of her with her candy. Fuck you and your daddy problems

>and i again would like to point out, hope arc was the only episode written by kodaka
If that's true, then I legit think that's the real reason behind it. Is it true?

Speaking of Izuru being the SHSL at everything, whats the most broken SHSL combo you can have?

Aww fuck if we can't have DR threads on Cred Forums anymore how am I gonna nab the artbook scans from the first BD? Shit.

>Prove it
Prove they arent fucking.

Check mate, atheist.


About what, imposter dressing up as persona?

I thought I would be sad about this but we all got to see them happy and together again one last time so i'm perfectly fine with it.

I don't think Kirigiri was interested in bald faceless CEO-kun.

Imagine if Teru wanted to see his mom, so AI Chiaki had that face.

This kills Ruruka.

I mean
Instead of making that Despair anime we could have got school days SoL or some regularly released OVAs.
I would have sufficed if they left what happens after SDR2 ambiguous.

She also transformed into Peko briefly, as Fuyuhiko revealed in 2-6. She and AI Junko really are the same, they can act like somebody completely perfectly and nobody could tell the difference...


Wait a minute.

Is not fucking fair

Remember what kirigiri showing her hand's let alone touching him means user.

>'I'm not a Sayakafag, I just care an unreasonable amount about the canon pairing'

Shouldn't you be on the end of a rope at this point?

Analyst/anything health field related/anything engineer related/anything athletic/Luck

Coming from the person with shit taste.

So like what's been said a lot, a Carnival Phantasm like spinoff where it's just general fuck around between characters of the series, both dead, alive, evil, or good.

I'd watch it. Despairs first couple episodes were fun because it was just Class 77 interactions

Yeah kodaka wrote all of DR3's plot but he left all the rest up to the guy who wrote gakkou gurashi, he still ok'ed the scripts but he wasnt the one writing any of the dialogue nor had any real say on the pacing of events.

Luck/Clairvoyant. Fucking omniscience.

Just make your own head-canon up. The writing is basically fan-fiction levels of stupid. Yamada would be proud.

There is no rule that says once an anime is over you can't make threads on Cred Forums about it. As long as you keep the thread Cred Forums related feel free to keep making new threads

>liking DR
>good taste

DR3 is still an anime so you can still post on Cred Forums if you have new content as long as it doesn't become a general.

they have alot of SoL mangas.
just read those

I want the mastermind in V3 to be a cute girl again, especially since DR3 made Junko shit.

>Tenga: I won't let the Kamukura Project go to waste!
>Literally NOTHING came out of this

Luck + Analyst + Clairvoyance

>he comes into a DR thread to hate on DR


Someone will probably post them to a image site sooner or later, i guarentee you a nude filter will exists of the kirigiri one.

I love you guys, see you in January when the OVA will come out, I guess?

Never lose hope.

A carnival phantasm would be great.

Imagine the episode where Ibuki, Leon, Sayaka, and Hajime team about to be an air band.

OVA will be about lucc hijinks abroad, where he finds out about Junko, the secret passage and attains western hope.

After everything that happened, I just feel the most bad for him out of all of the characters and he got screwed so much royally harder than anybody else. He died alone and forgotten, and all he wanted to do was to keep everybody safe.

He only had Mondo pre-mind wipe too. He was the only one who went to his birthday party, according to Kodaka's tweets.

>he doesn't

Man all the females in Class 77 are great.

Even Akane to a small degree

Carnival phantasm DR anime when?

>Not liking DR
>Is in a DR thread.

Kill yourself shitposter.

Be careful about that, alot of us arent coming back in January cause of V3 spoilers.

That just means detective will die because they want a tweest.


He meant he didn't want to let Munakata kill Hajime, who was known as one of the remnants of despair, he wanted Mitarai to use his hope brainwashing to cure him.

>he was broadcasting the killing game to the remnants
>he wanted to bait them into showing up to stop Mitarai
>while killing off the shit members of the FF
>had hope that everyone based would survive
>plan ruined the moment that Great Gozu died.

I guess his motives were just too complex.

It won't show her.

Why is /drg/ nothing but roleplaying and people blogging about their lives?

Even Cred Forums has better discussion.

Yeah but it's pointless to get hung up on what we could have got. There's still the DR3 anthology that needs to get translated and more that will give us some of that.

I hope the OVA will be naegi and kirigiri having a wedding at jabberwock island only for nagito's luck to ruin everything.

Wait. If he has Ultimate Clairvoyance, Luck, and Analyst, then literally nothing is predictable. What was the point of SDR2 then?

OVA is already confirmed to be about how he wakes up.

Because /drg/ is all Junko and have gotten bored of everything so they do despairing shit.

I j-just thought I could be saved... I'm sorry. It was pretty stupid, now that I think about it. People like me probably deserve to burn in hell, and not eat popcorn while watching anime

Post your best Mikans.

(also I could have sworn I saw a better version of this image, post that if you have it)

Problem there is that Kodaka never wrote anything of real Chiaki.


The show may be over but our memories live on, brothers!


He probably wasn't spamming clairvoyance or luck.

Also shit plot.


So what the fuck is up with this?

Uchi wrote D Team's story in ZTD and was responsible for Delta's existence.

He is a hack beyond ANYTHING Kohacka could hope to achieve. If he were in charge of RL Chiaki he'd probably end up making her a fucking SHIFTer or be a younger version of Chisa or something retarded like that. We'd practically be begging for her to get murdered by Junko.

Not even that user
I love DR, but I am not going to pretend it's high art or complex.
If people call it trash, then I'm not going to argue with them about it

/drg/ is full of bored individuals who have discussed to death dr already.

Cred Forums is more people discussing the current anime and referencing back previous material, though there tends to be a lot off discussions repeated in each thread, but since there's a higher amount of posters, there tends to be different posts and discussions

There's still a Juzoboy here?

I'm not a Juzoboy but you lot certainly made these thread more lively and exciting so I thank you for that.

Can someone post the "you got a present" with izuru and chiaki's hairclip?

I'm like 90% sure that's an old image.

Izuru knows how everything everywhere for the rest of time is going to happen, he just says the lines he's supposed to say and does the actions he's supposed to do and waits for the day when the sweet release of death will finally take him.

Really? Awesome I cant wait to see how he interacts with Hajime.

Sure hope that replaces Hangman's gambit

So, to those who like Akane, do you prefer her with long hair or short hair?

Am I the only one that wants to see the 77th class going around killing people and destroying the world?

How are they canon? The ending said otherwise.

>though there tends to be a lot off discussions repeated in each thread
Which will now only increase since the show has ended.

Yeah it got confirmed after the hope episode aired. along with more details about the NDRV3 CE

You wouldn't need to go the Carnival Phantasm way because there was a point where most of the cast attended HPA together.
Don't know about other people, but canon material gives of a better vibe to me, unless they fuck things up hard.

I mean, you can still technically do a show set during their school years but it wouldn't feel as exciting after DR3 aired.

Long hair looks nice.

Just imagining the writers collaborating and finishing up the script. Kodaka barges in and tells them to scrap the ending. "But Kodaka, we almost finish." "No, Chiaki has to be dead now. Fuck Chiakifags and Junkofags. They want me dead? I'll make their waifu dead." Scraps last episode of Mirai and makes it about Mitarai instead of Chiakizuru/Junko possessed. Scraps double sore wa chigau yo. Scraps Mikan first nude shots. Scraps Hajizuru fighting. "I hope they ryke it. HURHURHURHUR."

>almost all of the shonen was hogged by Persona, NTRman and the 76th Class
>only got to see Izuru do 2-3 cool things
>never saw how he dealt with the naval assault or SHSL YuGiOh Villains in Side:Hope

why live?

>it was all so he could claim being part of class 77

Her hair? Didn't notice.

It's just retarded Kirigirifags memeing. Ignore or hide their posts. Makes the thread look more tolerable.

I would've love to see their Despair selves. Some of them had some real fucking neat designs.

Also would like to see how each of them would bring despair to the world. Like Ibuki's music was already despair inducing, so that's easy, but would could say, Mahiru and Saionji do? Or how did Sonia kill her parents.

DR1 was actually kind of retarded.
> IQ of the entire class drops by 100 the moment any class trial starts
> Junko's voice is too fucking monotone at the parts where she tries to be edgy, her made-up personalities in general stay the same for too fucking long, to a boring degree
> fucking Monokuma monuments

>You wouldn't need to go the Carnival Phantasm way because there was a point where most of the cast attended HPA together.
But Chiaki not interacting with Chihiro is confirmed.

Also it seems like none of 78 had a relationship with anyone in 77. I doubt they ever interacted.

Add in Hajime, Natsumi, expelled 76, Bandai, Gozu, Miaya, Monaca, Komaru.

Also, let's not forget
> Tell them Naegi

>Kirigiri cheats death twice because of shitty writing
Kodaka, you piece of shit. I bet V3 is be even worse.

This anime was so fucking bullshit srls no even close to games lvl. Especially that hypnosis bullshit and asspulling plot.

dem orgies man. Chiaki telling him about it is what made him aim for this.

Most suspicious are innocent. The least suspisicous are most likely the mastermind.
Basically dictator guy, folklorist, Nagito 2.0 and Junko looking character are good guys. Weedman, Keebo and Cosplayer are most suspicious.

>heterochromia confirmed canon

>> IQ of the entire class drops by 100 the moment any class trial starts
I mean that happened in DR2 as well right? There tended to only be 2 people smart enough to run the entire trial's thought process

Reminder that Kodaka greenlit all of it. Even the stupid shit.

I miss him.

I'm imagining Chisa cumswapping with Chiaki. HOT

>Sayakers still think its platonic

Three. Hero, heroine, and rival. They're the only ones who get anything done. There's a reason they're called the "Trial point getters".

>Junko's voice is too fucking monotone at the parts where she tries to be edgy
That's the point, she tries to scare people with the monotone personality because she knows it's unnerving. The monotone personality is her actual real one.

Why do nips have such a boner for heterochromia.

My nanoscience professor that I just got last month is the first person I've ever seen with heterochromia. It's meh.

Even the DR2 cast themselves didn't give a shit about the brainwashing in Kibou-hen. None of them made any reference to it in relation to themselves, and were talking as if they did all the shit they did through the way we all initially thought.

Kodaka is a Junkofag himself, he wouldn't do anything to BTFO those fans. Watch and see the madman have Junko as the mastermind of DRV3.

>The entirety of case 3
>Exposing Kirigiri result in a bad end
>Kirigiri execution ending with death but Makoto gets saved
>hope vs despair
>The entire ending
It was really shit

Its literally impossible to simply convince over 4000 reserve students to kill themselves. Miind hacks were necesseraty to explain the plot revealed in the game.

Because Kodaka is a hack who barely wrote anything for DR3 and didn't even try to work with the other writers.

Hottest new Dangan.

Right, my bad

Thinking about it, I'm not sure how I would've felt if they still went with Akane being the rival in DR2 and having her be smart smug fuck in every trial instead of Nagito

I can tolerate the 3rd point since Makoto is ultimate luck

I'll never forget about you guys either.

I hope Izayoi at least fucked her.

>Not being in a picture means the class is plotting against
Holy shit this was fixing stupid

It won't be Junko, although we are getting majorly rused at the moment.

I'm almost 100% sure that Kaede is a fakeout protagonist who will die or be a murderer. It's doubly suspicious since we know that lies are part of the new theme. Everyone is undoubtedly lying about their true talents since there's no way chibi lad is a fucking SHSL tennis player. His design suggests SHSL burglar.

Sorry wrong pic

Might as well be the ultimate plot armor.

At least the class contributed in discussion, with the addition of consent points. Sword argument battles made some sense most of the time too, even if they were wrong.

In DR1, it was just "Tell 'em Naegi" and stupid shit like "Kirigiri's dead even though she's standing right there" - and you need to actually refute stuff like that.

For BJs when you stare into their eyes of course!

Mind hacks for the reserve suicide is fine, but it feels like an easy out for class 77 even though they decided to take the high road and accept resposibility.

>tfw Hajime never even mentioned his parents that were working hard to support him in reserve classes nor ever cared to visit them after the tragedy

Eyes are the gateway to the soul. It's one of those beliefs that hang around in a number of cultures.

Most of DR1's cases was literally Kirigiri & Togami already knowing the culprit but they want Neagi to tell everybody.

I'm really scared the detective will do too much like kirigiri in v3

Remember when everyone hated Juzo?
Good times.

>But Chiaki not interacting with Chihiro is confirmed.
I wouldn't say. NWP AI made Chiaki AI out of RoD memories because Chihiro was long dead by that time. It doesn't necessarily mean they had never met.

>Also it seems like none of 78 had a relationship with anyone in 77. I doubt they ever interacted.
Despair-hen skipped majority of their school life, you can't say that with such certainity either

>Add in Hajime, Natsumi
Natsumi convincing Hajime to sneak through Juzo's shit tier security could have even been a plot point for an episode
>expelled 76
Interacted with Komaeda, not a stretch to make them interact with the rest

>Bandai, Gozu
Alright they're like 30 years old so they wouldn't have a place there but they're fucking irrelevant.

Do we know her age?

>Monaca, Komaru.
I wouldn't want to see them to be honest, especially Monaca who was even younger than her DRAE self when class 78 enrolled.


You got that wrong

Kodaku doesn't know how to write a detective.

So unless there's some sort of swerve where the detective dies, your fears will probably be realized

Shit like having to prove in the second to last trial of the game that someone isn't a fucking ghost really hammers home how their class really did deserve to die just from their sheer stupidity.

Yeah I just hid their posts. Can't bother discussing with cancer.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

>the strawberry seed only shows its face three times
>Ruruka died in the 4th round

Hope's Peak Headmasters are cursed to be con men: Jin, Tengan, maybe all the way back to the original Izuru. Con Man Naegi has already taken root.

His parents consented to him going into human experimentation too.

Also a reminder that Sayaka Kanda Kaede's VA played as Junko in DR stage plays and sung Mirai opening.

Hajime states in one of the earlier episodes that he got into the reverse course without having to pay incredibles amounts

I accept
as canon

>Interacted with Komaeda, not a stretch to make them interact with the rest
But you want the 76 to interact with 78.

>not wanting to see Gozu and Ishimaru team up.

The point of carnival phantasm is randumb interactions.

>Hopelet: Ultimate Plot Armor
>Hopeman: Ultimate Bullshit
>Hajimeme: Ultimate Asspull

Who wins Cred Forums?

>Fuyuhiko wasn't despaired by his own sister's murder
>instead some girl he knew for less than a year who just played geimus all the time dying pushed him over the edge

Why the fuck didn't they just have him fall to despair after his sister died? They could've dragged Peko and Mahiru with him. It could be like when Anakin is basically a Sith from the moment when he kills Mace Windu.

In general it would've made way more sense to have the class gradually fall into despair for individual reasons. Fucking Kohacka.

Nothing's been confirmed

I'll miss you and the rest of you Kirigirigags too it was fun baiting eachother

Nice try there, Pepsi. Burying the lead.

>After being expelled, Seiko was implied to have been homeless and without a place to go when Kyosuke, Chisa, and Juzo Sakakura stepped in to offer her help.
When was her homelessness implied?

This idea that Yasuhiro cares about his mother at all just doesn't gel with me to be honest. Through his observed behavior/actions n DR1 he really didn't seem that bothered by the possibility of her being in danger for most of the game.

>even though no pairings were confirmed canon

Shipperfags forever BTFO.

>Hajimeme: Ultimate Asspull
No, that's Kirigiri's talent. If Hajimeme was Ultimate Asspull he would have brought her back

It wasnt. It might have just meant her not being accepted to any jobs or schools. She had to be wealthy enough to start being a pharmacist with all those chemicals before HPA. And the school she went to with Ruruka seemed normal enough.

The only canon is Junko/Makoto

Standing over MCs bed at night?

Unlike anybody else, he had the ability to predict that she would be okay so he was pretty laid back.

Stop replying to the shitposter m8.

I thought she incorporated some of the animators hypnotic crap into Chiaki's killing game

>The point of carnival phantasm is randumb interactions.
Those are cool too, sure. But I think randum non-canon interactions can be handled by fan 4koma artists and such, while canon stuff that can give us some more exposition on their factual relationships would be better handled by original writer.

>Weedman is the mastermind
>Its all an anime
>Chisa is the real Junko
>Junko replaced Asahina
>Kanon takes revenge on FF
All of these theories were less retarded than what we got.

My daughter taught you well!

We all miss him brother. He was a real hero.

That's a pretty solid explanation for it, I suppose.

Kohacka didn't even bother writing DR3 aside from Hope Arc. He really half-assed it and I'm genuinely disgusted with him.

If real Chiaki were written by him, she would have come back, just like AI Chiaki came back as a ghost. Look up the credits.

Saddest part is that that implies her parents kicked her out of the house.


'If all despair is lost, that's just another reason for despair!'

That's basically 'if you kill him, you're as bad as him!' tier writing.

I'll miss Munakata being an edgelord and a great source of memes.

Peko/Fuyuhiko's only confirmed and best pairing

Ibuki and Mikan share Impostor.

Let's just pretend that resurrecting the dead is impossible for everyone.

It's already bad enough that Kodaka thinks a nurse is capable of pulling off all the crap Mikan is doing. Should've just said she was a doctor instead of a nurse

Weedman is gonna be the mastermind one of these times, just you wait.

Sorry m8 but Akane/Nidai is platonic and Toko/Komaru is blatant queerbaiting.

Peruvians memed Kirigiri into reality.

What had Mikan done that's so unbelievable? Seiko did the heavy lifting for Kirigiri.

The entire reason they fell to despair was because of brainwashing, Chiaki's death was just an extra to try and make it feel a little less cheap.

It was all setup for hope arc because having all of class 77 get a happy ending if they all willingly killed millions of people wouldn't have made sense.

Kirigiri came back, real Chiaki -could- have if he had been the one to write her.

He also didnt care about Naegi since he thought is going to have a happy ending/ Plus hes also stupid, he was quick to joke aorund and goof out right after witnessing someone dying

Are you staying strong, brothers?

>no pairing confirmed ever

It just turns her into a plot device, though. A pretty cute plot device, but nothing else, and the tragedy of her death is cheapened when you realize that there was nothing that could be done to save her. What a waste of a potentially interesting character.

Nah, her real personality is more like what we see in DR3, DR2, DR0, hell, even DR:AE.

Only in the sequels they actually went through the effort of giving her some actual character. In the first game, it was simply "we don't have any actual idea on what the mastermind's personality should be like, so let's just make her switch between a number of personalities while dumping exposition!".

I'm glad they shaped her up to be an actual character in the end, really - DR3 has her keeping the important parts of her character - the thirst for unpredictabity and despair - but it also has her act as the Ultimate Fashionista she truly were, too. That Junko grin? That prolonged "Huuuuh?" with an outraged expression? We've only seen it on Mukuro in DR1, despite the fact they were clearly Junko's mannerisms.

In that way, I consider DR3 a blessing, really.

>Impliying he doesn't know he is a hack

She was still alive when he found her. Could have stopped the blood loss and rush her inside one of those pods. Keep her in a coma if you have to, just keep her alive.

But no, since Kirigiri has exclusive rights to Ultimate Asspulling from death, it couldn't be done. That fucking whore

Naegi-kun, it seems I am ovulating.

>if you reference yourself in a meta way that makes it okay!

I knew she was going to say something important related with Kirigiri when she tried to talk to Naegi before Nagito fucking pushing her into the sea.
The whole stream chat was going up and down like a yoyo every time a character talked or did something unexpected.

The brainwashing was setup for Hope Arc
but not for Class 77, you could take brainwashing out and everything they say in this episode would still work (hell in a lot of cases it'd be more valid even)
It was setup for Mitarai, DR3's final boss

Collecting art, like when I lost Ishimaru.

Bugcatcher is NidaixAkane son

You're just mad because your waifu is dead, Hajime.

Her backup plan was literally wiping out all despair

>she also loves teddy bears
>cooks like a proper chef

She is great.

No, no, it's not that. See Kodaka's just a hack who couldn't put in the effort to write her, so he had no attachment to her (which would have increased her survival odds magnificently). Unfortunately for him, the other writer did a pretty decent job with her and he didn't spend any time on her at all in Hope Arc, so it felt empty.

>the reason they all go and stupidly charge into Junko's fortress that is most certainly a trap is to get Chisa.
>Hajime is the only one that presses F to pay respects.

Making Chiaki a real person was the first big mistake of Despair arc.

Who is Kodaka's self insert in Danganronpa?


What if the person Mikan was talking about taking the medicine was not Kirigiri but Bandai?. And Bandai was the one that showed up at the end?

People keep buying his shit so

I swear if the maid isn't a trap I'm dropping the fuck out of this game

Might have felt a tad guilty about the brain probes.

She's also great with children. She truly is the SHSL Waifu.

The first, and biggest mistake. Even if you like her(like I did), she just messed with things too much and, on top of that, had squandered potential in abundance and ended up destroying AI Chiaki as well. The entire collective existence known as "Chiaki" is ruined after DR3.

Mitarai, obviously. Dont believe the >hurr its soda

>If it wasn't for Chiaki we wouldn't be here now
>....you dumb slut

How kinky is she?

She was honestly just a justification for why they all turned into Remnants, why there was an AI traitor, and even less so why Izuru decided to fuck around and see who would win on an even playing field, hope or despair.

Yeah it could've been done a lot better

>scroll back 3 months

I'm really not seeing this
She has the exact same facial structure as half the other girls in that image

>hajizuru doing crazy shit wasn't shown for some fucking reason

literally the only reason I was excited for the episode, ending was weak as fuck

People will buy anything.

Don't even think about it, Kyoko-chan

Bandai never took the antidote before dying, it woudnt make sense.

Also Tengan was racist to give him such a shitty NG code

What epic thing could he have done? Give Mitarai a noogie? Nobody can beat him.

Shut up already Komaeda


I love him too, do you mind posting your best with him?

Here's a better question. Would she let Pepsi smash?

How would you have reacted if this was the last scene of the anime?

That would be hilarious as fuck.

She's going to be the lead pervert of the group and probably the survivor due to having biggest breasts in the cast.

> reminder that Naegi and Weedman were the only characters who continued to try and include him in activities in Mondo's death
> reminder that Weedman actually stood up and took on leadership duties because Kiyotaka was so out of it
And people still hate Weedman despite being a bro

Problem there is that when you stand back and take a look at her, what happened to her and what the implications mean for both herself and her AI counterpart (I've already talked about this earlier in the thread) things start to fall apart in a pretty awful way, and it is partly because of that "cute plot device" status in and of itself that is the problem.

Realizing we'll have to wait another 2 years for Danganronpa V3 makes me feel pretty despairful.

Hack and proud.

>smashing own daughter


>Chisa is taken

>Juzo's gay.

Gay boy
>Juzo would never be interested in a talentless fuck like you let alone any guy of note.

anything, I don't care, but let him do something cool

>I'll do my bit in Sayaka-chan's place

Who the heck are you and why do you want oniii-chan's kid ?

>smashing your daughter

I'm pretty sure this was explained but I just forgot, but what was up with the fake knife that fake-killed Asahina? Who put that there?

That's a fancy crystal ball, did Togami buy it for him?

>This screenshot confirms that until DR3 came into existence, Junko manipulated people to join her cause.
>Went with brainwashing.

Why did you do this to me?

No for boys, you just have Izuru making out with Chiaki.

Monaca just fucking around.


Monaca, for effectively no reason other then to fuck with Naegi and the viewers.

Chihiro also looked like a girl from the start.

I mean I see where you're coming from, but she could've done both.

Kids don't exactly need a lot of convincing to do wrong

Weedman was always the bro character and he deserved to live and reproduce

I'm staying delusional

>Implying Souda would ever be capable of having a daughter.

Yes, they are.


Chiaki hung out at the reserve course building every single day for months. How much celebrity status do you think she got from that? Was there a fanclub for her she didn't even know about composed of weirdo Souda-tier stalkers who snapped pictures of her panties?


Still mad she didn't die for real

I'm positive

I'm pissed the made her to kill her.

Kodaka should have wrote her instead of just writing hope arc.

Izuru and animator fucking off for good

I think I could have done without the Several Months Later part

Just seeing her step forward would be enough confirmation I think.

Im still bothered the DR2 class weren't closer to their Despair looks so we could get a better parallel to the start.

I'm flat out annoyed we never saw the 13th Leader at all, or that the 16 counter led to nothing.

Seiko was resurrected.

When all of the warriors of hope ended up living UDG it was pretty clear they wouldn't kill off Monaca.

..Er-r-r Munakata's new look?

>aimlessly floating around in space
She's as good as dead

Of course. Weedman let him talk shit about him because they really are close friends.

So, did any of this shit matter?

It was the last episode.

hagakure deserved to live simply because he, makoto and asahina were the only people smart enough never to leave their room at night. Toko, Togami and Kirigiri just got lucky.

But there's no Izuru, user.

Munakata did literally nothing wrong

They accepted that a satisfying ending was impossible with what they had and avoided an even bigger train wreck.

Well since we didn't see it, I'm assuming she manipulate them, but manipulating kids isn't exactly difficult.

The ride matters.

Every decision he made in life was wrong.

Not really. DR1 characters were largely unnaffected, DR2 characters got changed a lot but then most of said changes were ignored and they headed off for their ambiguous future as before anyway, pretty much all the DR3 characters are fucking dead. Oh and Monaca is in space now.

The Hope's Peak story is finally finished. Took them long enough

Not his fault everyone lied to him and manipulated him
All his actions were justified

As am I. She was a really sweet girl and I think she had plenty of potential that could have been capitalized on had he wrote her himself, or even full-on delegated the Hope Arc itself to another writer and avoided involving himself completely. Kodaka having AI Chiaki say they were the same just sounded to me like he was trying to avoid writing her and potentially messing something up characterization-wise, but by doing that he ended up killing my attachment to both Chiakis. If that sort of laziness what I can expect of him for how he'll treat future heroines, how am I supposed to care about anything he does in the future?

Mainly for DR2 characters and the future. No more Remnants, DR2 characters all woke up, threw themselves under the bus, and are now isolating themselves, and the balance between hope/despair isn't so lopsided towards despair

Why this guy wasn't principal baffles me but whatever. Munakata only went apeshit in Mirai because his waifu died now that he's finally calmed down he would do a much better job than hope manlet.


Oh, I meant Aoi being dead.
Though Monaca dying would also be fun, I think.
But not enough to save this piece of shit show.

But Satan, it doesn't really matter which one is the winning side, because this is the end of HPA storyline. We aren't getting anything out of this timeline.

Reminder that Juzo fucking lied to him because he was fucking afraid to come out the closet.

Seriously, not sure why people weren't that mad about it. The world turned to shit because you let a lunatic go just so your dirty secret wouldn't come out

The only kind of character development that matters.

It kind of mattered. It destroyed Chiaki, but the rest were largely unaffected. If you were a fan of her you'd be pissed (to the point you either start inventing selective headcanon or drop her completely), but I don't actually think other fans would have that much reason to be mad, other than them removing any moral ambiguity from the Remnants actions and also making it so they all lived.

Isn't her name rabbit in Nip, she's got a her pink and white colour scheme too, we've def seen this before. Along with her robot arms she's got me thinking she might be related to Usami and Miaya. Maybe Miayabot *2.0 with Usami AI uploaded into her. Perhaps Keebo is a red-herring and she's the true hopebot??

Togami and Toko were evil and crazy enough for no one to try and kill them, Kirigiri was lucky, yes.

Imposter in general

Also him hugging it out with Ryouta was pretty heartwarming. I just wished it was him that was the one that convinced him instead of the whole of class 77.

>We aren't getting anything out of this timeline.
It gives Kodaka space to at least bullshit something when he goes back on that statement and decides to continue to milk the franchise

I've been hearing others things user. Apparently DRV3 might be in the same universe after-all.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only wants Munakata ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bend his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truly is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


One last time, my friends! Farewell Cred Forums threads!

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are on fire.

He's a good guy to.

It's a soft reboot.

Same universe, but the DR1 and DR2 characters will probably only be referenced or mentioned in passing, nothing more. At least that's the prevailing theory

>there are still people who seriously think that Juzo revealing the truth to Munakata would have stopped Junko from destroying the world

What are you talking about, user? Only a hack would decide to go back on his word like that!

>Tried to create a new and better HPA
>Hopelet did it before him
>Tried to stop Junko
>Hopelet did it before him
>Tried to stop the RoDs
>Hopelet did it before him
>Wanted to live a peaceful life with his friend and loving waifu
>Everyone he knew is dead while all the firends of Hopelet are alive
How fast did he "carry his own burden" with a noose?

Probably because you're a lucky guy who never had a secret or stuff he never wanted people/his friends to know.

SAO confirmed AOTC

Farewell Juzoboy.

I'm not a Juzoboy myself but you and the other Juzoboys made these threads more enjoyable and exciting so for that I thank you and hope to see each other again when OVA/ V3 comes out.

Same universe, but not same timeline.

I thought we are getting Apollo Justice treatment, but I guess we can draw conclusions once we get more of bullshit lore.

Goodbye. You were OUR hope.


He rides a train back to a rural japanese town and lives the rest of his life pimping

>Same universe



Not really. The DR1 characters just went along for the ride, the DR2 characters just skipped ahead to the got better part without any of the interesting stuff leading up to it, and all but two of the new characters who took all the focus are dead and were basically just canon fodder so that we didn't have to kill the game characters.

I honestly think Future may have been better without the DR1 characters as part of the game, and the Despair arc just not bothering.

Considering she wasn't horny and lewd anymore this can actually be true
Her lust was sated by the SHSL Cock

You have bought his manga, right?

I have a c/u/nning plan.

>that build

how even

I'll buy 50 copies of the whole series if Juzo survives DR3 in it.

From what I've read from people that read moon, Hopebot references Naegi as his inspiration in his biography apparently so that's what people are thinking. Nothing truly confirmed

Talent, son

Are memes fanservice?


user, be happy that he made a lot of real friends and was on his way to achieving his dreams. The survivors know this and will treasure their memories of all their m8s


whatever hopeman ur not my dad


Farewell, brother. See you in the DRV3 threads.

>you think that's how you eliminate the future foundation and brainwash the world?
>THIS is how you eliminate the future foundation and brainwash the world

Couldn't Alter Ego stop the anime from being broadcasted around the world?


>be happy that he made a lot of real friends
Yeah, about that

What a guy.


Celes > Kiri

Didn't Alter Ego die with the NWP?

Naegi-kun, what are you doing?

See you soon, my friend, it was a pleasure to have you in these threads.

So did anyone ever figure out a reasonable explanation for Asahina having ketchup stains on her?

Monaca literally said it was merely a prank

I want a spin-off manga only about Munakata and Juzo, with some Seiko too if possible

Nice dubs, see you somewhere someday J U Z O M 8



Fare thee well, my friend.
Hope to see you soon.

We'll never forget him
Fighting game when?

you got a source?

Laters, good night.

Kodaka's twitter. Hold on give me a moment to fine the link


Found it


thanks user

You're welcome user. I just want my poor boy to be happy.

Also, the maid has breasts.

Funny thing is, Kodaka didn't write DR3 Junko. That was somebody else.

Chiaki, it seems my ahoge is hard.

Nah Kodaka wrote Junko. There's no way he would let anyone else write her character. Same goes for Hopeman.

Nope, check the credits for the episodes for who was writing, or check translations. Hopeman was largely not written by him as well, only Hope arc Hopeman was his.

Oh hinata, it seems my score is high

10/10 meemuh

>MOLE ON THE BOOB comes from Souda's memories.

Based pepsi. I bet that was his main contribution to AI Chiaki.


>Chiaki and Sonia patting all over your body, covering you in sand
Damn. How did contain himself?

>My dad was a mechanic and my mom was his sexbot
It would make an interesting backstory, at least.

anybody got that laughing picture of gundam where it says the filesize is too big?