Is working in real life as fun as it is in anime?

Is working in real life as fun as it is in anime?

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Depends where you work. If you work at a startup where your employer values you it can be a lot of fun. Being a wageslave at some big company is terrible.



Is anything?


Small firms with big ambitions are the best.

Particularly if you share an office with someone you get along well with and wisecrack on work every so often.


Don't ever fall for this meme.

Of course not. In anime, there's plenty of time to talk things through, have a cake and eternal peace. Real life is exactly the opposite.

If real life would be like anime, I wouldn't need to watch anime ...

Depends on the job and the people. I had more fun working as a homeroom teacher than in my current work in an office even if the pay is better.

No, but it can be pretty decent depending on who you work with.

But I have tea and cake every week with my coworkers. It's literally like K-on.

In a game studio it's about as much fun as you saw in the anime - long hours, back breaking work, dead end jobs, seniority structure so complex it makes your head hurt, etc.

At least you're doing something you love™, and you're Making connections™. Yeah.

No. I wish I had the courage to kill myself.


Only for women. That's why they get paid less.

They get paid less because they do less, spend more time on social media, gossiping and going to the bathroom every half hour.

It is if you have good co-workers. I spend my whole 12 hour night shift laughing my ass off with a bunch of really fun people. We have a great time.

Your co-workers and quality of life are far more important than anything else when determining if you're going to have a good time.

Fuck no.

Real life is literally the opposite of anime, and you can get cancer. Great.

Applies to most situations in life in general.
School is amazing if you hang out with the right people or just try to get along with everyone. Hell, it's not even hard to get along with people, so long as you're nice and crack a joke every now and then, odds are you'll get along and have fun at your workplace or wherever you may be.

Get a job and find out yourself, dumb neet.

Depends on where you work. If you work somewhere where you an other people generally enjoy what they do, it's pretty good, for something where you sell your time away to an employer.

Most entry level (only HS degree required) jobs aren't like this though.

Of course not you idiot.

Sage and report.

Why do you ask that here? Don't you know that in Cred Forums we are all highschool little girls?

No, but it can be pretty okay.

>Small firms with big ambitions are the best.
Until they go bankrupt.
Small firms with small ambitions are the comfiest.

>productive members of society

No. Do not ever work if you can get away with it. I've worked 9-5 in absolutely pointless jobs that add nothing of value to society since I was 19. I'm 26 now. I can afford things sure, but it has come at the expense of my health, and I basically am unable to pursue the things I really enjoy.

White collar office work at a medium sized company that's undergoing rapid growth is most fun. The corporate parties are insane

Yes, go out and get a job right now

Maybe you should've gone to a grown-up school after high school.


Not to mention that these ambitions are going to reflect themselves in expectations.

I can only recommend every Cred Forumsnon to stay NEET. And if you absolutely feel the need to work, get an unambitious, boring job.

If any of you nerds browsing Cred Forums was given as much shit as Nene in a real life job you'd all cave in and quit.

She deserved all the shit she got, though.


or when you stick around long enough that it gets bought a few times and most the old faces are gone and the everything is mired in pondorous bureauracry and now centered around the promises of revolving door salesmen, but you're a silo for your own little refucktored to hell and back components which are now cornerstones of something much much greater so you basically have the equivalent of academic tenure and as long as you show your face for a few hours a day, and every now and then fix something that literally only you know how to fix, it's no longer enjoyable nor unpleasant but tolerable and eventually routine and instinctual.

It's not glamorous or anything to be proud of, but after a while, you just feel nothing, it's autopilot. and then it's just like time you spend sleeping and your conscious full attention hours are spent on the things you want to spend them on