>subs never

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Muetta won, how great.

>who wants to taste a dick?


Yukina a cuck! A KEK

Season 2 when

You know Netflix is going to give'em ton of dough doing S2.

>You're now Ken, who do you choose to follow?

Muetta is the only choice for a Samurai.



Netflix is billing 14-26 as season 2. They haven't even released any episodes past 13.

best girl


>only knowing one language

Already saw the spic subs.

Best guy


I wanted him to die so much.
I wish teenagers who walk blindly into danger would die more often.

That's one of the very few things Taboo Tattoo did right.

camera guys



I'm spic and I rather wait than watch spic subs.

Dat ending boost.
I guess not because who win the bowl, it's more like because finally here is an original mecha show not comes with stupid ending(at least from Japanese eyes).

They'll make season 2. I'm sure. Please don't let me down PA.

Spanish here. Better committing sudoku than watching spic subs.


no one should be surprised Ken chose Yukinahime, he probably wants his children to not grow up retarded

Learn English you retard.

delete this


4th Oct netflix will upload S2.
I think it will be faster than fansub.

Holy shit, Our reddit shitposters and their companions moe fags and moeblob fanboys are voting massively for their stupid dumb retarded moeblob.


All those buzzwords and butthurt.

fuck off Dr Hause

So season 3 when?

Is this real or shooped


How can i vote Sophie?

how can i vote koharu?

You can't.

There be a fucking S2. That's the only way I'll ever accept this ending.

Netflix usually funds S2 for all their shows.

S2 is definitely possible.


we got 26 episodes, doesn't that count as 2 seasons now?

Well if that's the case then Netflix will deffo fund S3 I guess.

s2 = 2nd cour


"Kuromukuro" Season 2's Netflix Debut Scheduled

The first half of P.A Works' 15th anniversary mecha series Kuromukuro debuted on Netflix's streaming series July 4th following its spring Japanese run. That pattern continues as the complete second half, which was broadcast in Japanese this summer, will be presented to international audiences with a complete drop on October 10th.



26 episodes in, bit late for that user



Maybe the end it's going to be something similar to Gunbuster.

>all these morons putting nipples way too close to each other
Every edit, I swear. It's always the same.

Subs are out fules

loli yukina clone is much better than loli Yukino

>How to make a decent, satisfying second half and ending
Props to PA Works, this was easily one of my favorite anime of the year. The goons in charge of Macross Delta could learn a thing or two from them. On another note, can we all agree that Zeru was the MVP of this show?

This is nothing new.
She has 90% of Shouko's facial expressions.

Second season starts Oct 10,hiw has no one read this yet.

Damn you, Zeru! You didn't let Sophie pledge now she got older and turned into a cake, fucking hell.

Read the thread, "second season" is just the second cour being streamed on Netflix.

Sophie isn't a cake yet, she's like 22.

>dat Muetta's laugh
I'm in love.


Man, I'll miss this show.

Dumb frogposter.

Is that guy gay?
He looks like a flaming faggot with that dumb ass hair and those misshapen eyebrows

He is unironically the manliest, straightest MC of the year.

With hair as retarded as his I honestly doubt that

Cute vegetable

And why would this be? I see no problem with them.


Stop responding to obvious bait?

>some kind of ponytail abomination hanging from the back of his head
Yeah I was right, fucking retarded.

>Yourself can do that
>People thought these were acceptable subs

>Cute vegetable

best girl

Oh shit, subs are out.


Season 3 please.

I want to see them go full Guardians of the Galaxy with this shit and have Ken go on a dance off with the Efidolg.

My face when humanity is literally assembling a force to fight Efidolg and join Ken's guerilla force.

Season two when?

Also adult Yukina is fucking mint.

I fucking knew it that she will look exactly the same too.


She looks a bit maturer.

>humanity is literally assembling a force to fight Efidolg
It's silly to call humanity too far behind in terms of technology.

Throughout the past 2000 years, even minor technological advantages have led to horrible massacres. We know for a fact there is no defending against an actually alien-technology foe. But that's precisely what the humans did. Their efforts didn't suffice, but 2 (3) Earth-built units could wreck the shit of dozens and dozens of cheap mass-produced enemies.

It's only logical to assume that the next gen Earth robots are going to be used for galactic conquest.

My favorite part of that was Tom backing up his words that he's someone who performs better in combat than in training. He better not job if we get a second season.

Tom is 31 and Shenmei is 27. Now plus five years.

What a shitty non-ending.

A true American hero.

So how exactly are Shen Mi and him different from humans?


>So how exactly are Shen Mi and him different from humans?
American citizenship.

My fucking dick.

Are Seb and her an item now?

Shen Mi's Chinese though.


I dropped the show a while back, but tell me what happened to Sophie? Did she get the dedicated arcs that she should have gotten? I'll probably pick this up again if she did.

He's still the butler. I bet Sophie will be the first human to take alien cock.

Not really.

I'm annoyed that the duplicate DNA was never explained.

top fucking lel

Shen Mi looks fucking mint in her dress uniform.

Is she gay?

What happen? I didn't watch this show but remember that MC proposal to Moeblob.


No. Nobody really gets arcs, all of the characters are just about as shallow as they were in the beginning. If you're expecting good characters or development you're going to have a bad time.


They might have been in a relationship back when they worked the base together. Only reason she'd stick with her for that long.

Well, that's disappointing to hear.

Did she at least received the spotlight in a few episodes?

Yukina is a seasoned soldier!

>Only reason she'd stick with her for that long.
Yeah, sticking with a coworker-turned-vegetable for five years doesn't make sense unless there's something more there.

But they'll make a cute couple.

Kill yourself, /u/.

What if he actually grows up to be a top mech pilot and high speed, low drag Efidolg slayer.

Can you believe?

No indication. They're top mates, and she probably felt more obliged seeing as Rita protecting Liz at her own expense.

>What if he actually grows up to be a top mech pilot and high speed, low drag Efidolg slayer.
He grows up to die a cheap death in S2E1

It won't be cheap at all. He'll be Earth's most elite fighter pilot and his death will prove that the new threat is extraordinary and no man other than Ken or possibly Sophie with cool shades can take the new asshole on.

>Two girls can't be best friends without being gay for each other
Oh you.

Nah, he'll make a stupid mistake, unnecesarely sacrifice himself and die a virgin

>implying you'd spend 5 years taking care of your best friend's vegetable self without ever relieving yourself on his willing body

She can just put some cream and a cherry on her pussy and let the retard do the rest. All she needs to do is train her not to bite.

Those two are not mutually exclusive.

>He'll be Earth's most elite

Rita ;_;


So why was there a hinge stone on earth? Was that ever explained?

Because an elfdolg ship was shot down above Earth and crash-landed a few hundred years ago.
That's when Yukihime and Ken came into first contact with the fuckers.

Grown-up Sophie is literally the best thing to come out of this show.

I'm curious as to what the original Efidolg even look like.

Presumably they must be humanoid given the mech interfaces.

Also grown up Mika is pure sex.

Yeah, Zeru explained it.

what a shitty fucking ending if there's no season 2.

>I'm curious as to what the original Efidolg even look like.
They probably forgot about their entire war entirely, having digitalized themselves and spending their days in bliss with their waifus.

Netflix isn't part of the production committee so they're not the ones deciding anything. They simply pay the same license fee that CR and Funi do.

Are you seriously trust his word?

>Netflix isn't part of the production committee
How do you know? As far as I know, the list of members in the committee is not published anywhere.

Well, it's not like they can't become production committee next time, so who knows, PA Works not really care about sales, so it's hard to say will they do it or not.
Best case maybe a short OVA or movie.

Well, are you suggesting that she did then?

If they were a part of it, it's pretty safe to assume that they would make a big fucking deal out of it, just like when Funi was funding Dimension W.

Western licensing companies being a part of the production committee basically never happens.

she would've joined him if there was no season 2

it's coming

What a semen demon.

I have that murica bitch.

What does that guy's face in the lower right convey?

>I'm gonna rape that shota so hard

Must have been a weak punch, kenny boy here didnt even display any pain.

>I-I was just pretending to get rekt and follow orders!
>still throws Yukina off
Was Tom just a cunt?

His last action was to cockblock Ken, what a faggot.

I hope they make a season 2 and give us actual closure.

The American lady was looking at him though. He can't just let them go with her supervision.

Man, I'm disappointed with him , I'm going with him being a cunt since he could do something else to avoid suspicion from his superiors for pretending and shit.

>Sophie ends up taller than Yukina

White genes?

im glad drop this shit. look like shitty ending

You sound tsundere
Just marathon it

orders from chairman.

I couldn't help but laugh at the whole pendant thing, so bullshit and rushed.

>spaceship ending
Damn, humanity stronk. A second season where most of the solar system already inhabited by humans and they suddenly received news of ken's backup team after losing contact 10-20 years, set on mars or moon would be awesome. Great series.

It's good to see that they aren't rushing for any resolution, and leaving ample room for a S2 or Movie.


PA really fucking nailed the tone of this show. I was constantly worried about it suddeny taki g itself way too seriously, but thry managed to keep it comfy while still putting some nice dramstic but not overly so moments. I also would like to fuck muetta

Humanity spent the last fives years preparing an invasion for force for the alien scum 220 light years away.

I'm so proud.


You could say he was protecting Yukina and Kaya.

They're not warriors at all.

Nope, it have a one of best ending in this year.

>Humanity spent the last fives years preparing an invasion for force for the alien scum 220 light years away.

I really ondered how they prevent humanity from fighting over Efidolg technology. But it's probably exactly that. UN kept them in line under the disguise of looming space invasions.

ending reminds me of Hoshi no Koe

Fuck off and kill yourself, streaming piece of shit.

>Ken actually left Yukina
what a selfish cunt


>people don't care about their wounded sisters in arms
Tell me more about your expert knowledge of human relationships, user.

If he doesn't, he will get caught, Zeru wouldn't get to help his homeworld and a lot of shit will happen. It's better he go ahead and wait.

I think it's because since Yukina pledged she no longer ages, so she will essentially look the same for the rest of eternity

I want to see Koharu grow taller than Yukina.

Just who is this goddess, more famous in the rest of the world than in the town where he was born?

If the show continued and time skipped again you might

So I won't.

He had no time left, user. It can't be helped.

That was just the conlcuion of a selfish arc that started with lol fuck Yukina I'm gonna go fight on another planet with Zeru because something something honour.

Definitly needs a sequel,
a movie would be fine.

Best girl

the weeabooest

I wonder if they printed any more of her during those years they were making the space ship. What if it is crewed almost entirely by her?

>Yukina will be eternally flat.
Poor girl. Poor Ken.

Why clone always superior than original?

>>Yukina will be eternally flat.

Yukihime just didn't get enough time to shine.





>can we all agree that Zeru was the MVP of this show?
Indeed, there is no way they would have won without Zeru's help.
He was also surprisingly moe, I have to say.

Five years and modern medicine still can't figure out how to break Efidolg mind fuck.


>macross delta
>ended like a wet fart that left you feeling dirty

>ended leaving you hype as fuck for a second season that may never come


Thanks be to God, I'm sick of watching all these series and getting a super bland main pairing with little to no chemistry like those we have had at True Tears and Nagiasu where the worst girl (which is always a stupid and bland girl) won the penisbowl.

>Girls - P.A. WORKS

>Best Girls

>Worst Girls

Enough scissoring will cure anything. Get started.

But Nao a shit

Learn to fucking write you fucking autist.
Every fucking thread you were shitposting in broken english.
Kill yourself.

Cuck characters



I'm happy for her to be h

>main girl is the cuck character

Truly evolutionary, PA Works

shes the clone Lacus

At least it explains how the mechs stay in sync with the hosts though, but yeah kind of too late for that.

>main girl is the cuck character
This is nothing new.
Yatori from Alderamin is also a cuck, the final pairing is Ikta and Hime-Sama in LN

Sugoi best Canaan girl


Did he fucked that tight hime pussy?


What is Carlos doing?

>Sugoi best Canaan girl
Pls Miuna best girl

>Yukina got to go to Mars
The way she's headed Mars is just a stop on the way, but it's still nice that this has come true.
Is psychopathy hereditary? With Hausen being camera boy's father, you might think it is.

>>main girl is the cuck character
Did you just call me over here?


Kill yourself.



Writing a screenplay at Starbucks.

ha ha ha ha ha


This is not Caesar






>ending is basically S2 Soon: The Episode
I'm ok with this


Brazilian shitposter strikes back again.
Aren't your daily 10 minutes of internet a day used up yet?

For me this twist was the biggest shocker from the finale. It all makes sense now!

Does immortality make you immune to pregnancy?

>german is a cuck
at least this twist was believable

Yes, Nanomachines™ will regard the embryo as alien tissue and will remove it


Oh great, it's the racist xenophobic shitposter from reddit and Muv-Luv threads again.

Please mods? janitors?


>>now it gets REALLY interesting
>last episode

I'm just happy she lives.

Thank god she started getting better. Sure it was right at the end of the show and after a 5 year skip but, hey. Better late than never, right?

I wish Beth was my nurse.

>same shitposter from Muv-Luv threads


best guy

Why is he turned into a hipster? I am disappointed, Carlos

That was a fun ride. I'm going to miss Yukimom.



Only one way to find out!

Just remember to do it early enough.
Girls only have a limited amount of eggs.
If your chosen immortal girl is too old she won't get pregnant even if the immortality itself doesn't make it impossible.


Quantum Nanomachines will fix it

no, see

typical european


>even fake Miuna lost
I want to see her face when she sees Ken's and Muetta's kids.

I wonder if the efidolg clones are sterile or not. Either way, Ken has been pounding Muetta for five years.



>implying Ken would stain his HONOR betraying his bride

Autism moe.

Why Ranka?

I don't get why he wanted to marry Yukina in the first place.

worst boy of the decade?

She can cook curry.

She cooks lovely jelly donuts, user. And she's cute.

>we're talking about a man and a woman, alone at night.
Do you believe in Santa Claus, too?

One of them probably has no idea what sex is and the other one may very well not know the specifics either.


He had an erection for Muetta' sake.



That's biological.
Does he know how to thrust with the flesh sword?


>marina-sensei didn't change at all

We're totaly getting another season when Netflix finishes airing this season right guys?


You might want to look up what "decade" means.

"The Adventures of Ken and Maki"

How are BD preorders doing anyway? The first volume will be released this month.

>Does he know how to thrust with the flesh sword?

1,2 k

Not him, but SD keeps releasing shit. Is still a valid answer.

Anyone tell me pls, what are the final pairings.

I'm gonna watch it soon, since I left right after the alien black haired girl stabbed samurai from behind (don't even remember what episode was that).

Technically there are none.

>implying Ken did not ravage hime's tight puss

Too old and busted.

B-but S2

Sebastian plows Sophies ass every nights and Ken is in for a very long time of getting blueballed with Hime


Not confirmed in any way. As a battler wouldn't anyway.

yeah, Muetta and Ken

When she grows out of her chunni phase she will fuck him. Just look at his smug grin.



Remember that he's an autist japanese samurai.

Muetta probably doesn't even think about sex since she's not human,

>decanting from such a height

Why are you streaming though?

For all intents and purposes she's a human, don't be so dense user, she craves samurai d like any other girl.

>He had an erection for Muetta' sake.

>For all intents and purposes she's a human,
That has been bred to be a good soldier, not to be the ship's fleshlight.

>he craves samurai d like any other girl.



It was a good ending, but I don't know if I'd want a sequel or not
Unless it was about new characters they would have to introduce a bunch of retarded drama so that everyone could get character development again

that's a serious case of strongfat
how does one get like that

She's shown more interest in Yukina's body than in Ken's.

Building up muscles usually comes along with getting somewhat fat.
Body builders go out of their way to remove their fat, which is why they aren't as strong as true muscle men are.

Damn user, you always this autistic? Learn to play along for once on your life.

>macross delta
>miragefags THAT desperate

Proud to be a Sophiefag. But Muetta did make my heart waver for about 1 second. Non-retard Yukina is passable at the very least.

And yes, S2 might be awesome.

Also, notice how he made sure to wear a tie that matches his lady's eyes. Sasuga proper butler.

>Yukina's body
see absolutely flat

Yukihime ruined this show.


>Didn't obey orders
>Still separated Yukina and Ken

no, It's just a /u/ user and his super bullshit

china a tomboy

Absolutely perfect.

This ending looks shit, glad i dropped it.

>letting two non-combatants get warped to a potentially never-ending warzone
You should have known that Yukina wasn't going to travel there when you noticed the camera guy still in the mecha.

She married Akagi's dad

It was shit.

One of the worst P.A. Works shows by far.

Ahaha, well done artist, well done.

Fuck off yukino fanboy



For real?

Pls say yes. pls


They can probably get a decent movie out of Ken and Yukina reuniting, and Zeru's homeworld being liberated from the Efidolg. No retarded drama required.

This is the old

Fuck this bitch.

Wow, they really stuck the landing. I didn't expect a whole lot from PA Works given that a mecha action series is pretty far from what they're known for but they created a very solid show.

Good job to everybody at PA Works. Let's hope they clean up a few things with the BD releases.

This show really demonstrates how important restraint is when trying to tell a story. If it had tried to blow up the scale and resolve all the conflicts it would have never ended so well. It doesn't need a sequel or a movie, but it will not hurt to have one either. Such a striking difference from Macross Delta.

It was really good executed, contrary to almost all mecha it had inner consistency and didn't rely only on asspulls. Also I really enjoyed that the showed in the last two episodes how the heros felt into a hole and government etc normalized. They just needed to cut back on the stupid teacher substories

Animu and restrain are like water and oil.

Everyone wants to shit up some Code Geass and everyone wants them to shit up some Code Geass.

sweet trips, and yeah that was a nice father son twist, did not expect that

No, I think that's mostly Sunrise.

SEED and Code Geass turned Sunrise into a feces only producing factory.

>Macross Delta
I tried to get through episode 1 multiple times. I just couldn't do it. Fuck Kawamori shit.

>sophie grew taller than yukina
>still rather flat
They kept best girl, as best girl.

Episode 1 was unironically one of the best episodes in that show.

The sequel will be called Gunbuster

Sophie was best as a flat chested midget tho


Why didn't kaya go with them? I thought he wanted to livefeed the aliens.

So who thinks ken will fuck muetta in the 5 year + more until they catch up span?

It's guaranteed user, we've discussed this already.

>and didn't rely only on asspulls.
are you BLIND?
Nobody died in this series with the exception of antagonists and non-names.

This 2bh

Series would have been truly great if they committed to killing off those people.

I think they did die.
They just were replaced with doppelgangers from an even more sinister alien threat.

It will all be revealed in S2.

Can't you just write it out if you're already aware that the original form is filtered?

I liked this show.

Ken essentially fell for Yukina in around one year so it would be impossible for something not to happen between Muetta and Ken in 5+ years especially when you consider they are also the only male and female humans around.

PA will probably throw in a full blown love triangle if there is ever a sequel.

the only one I am mad about is not killing the camera and bandana faggots

Until Yukihime ruined it.

fuck you, show improved when Yukinahime showed up

worst boy ever was hoping he would die since we first saw him

Not to mention they're both attractive people in the sexual prime of their lives.

but it's animu, so Ken probably waited 5 years without getting his dick wet because of muh honor.

This. If they killed those two off and devoted the time wasted on them to developing the pilot characters, it would've been way better. Still a good show as it is though, but that was a missed opportunity.

They really are going to return in force in 250 years. It's a ticking clock, and it'd be dumb as fuck to squabble when it's two minutes to midnight.


This fucker was annoying until the very end, how can be so chill and act like a bro? Its this idiot fault that Yukina didn't get the Kennouske.already she should be really mad at him.

Also is not that will have a second season of this (no, no s2 deal with it), he ruined everything.

>but it's animu, so Ken probably waited 5 years without getting his dick wet because of muh honor.
I bet that's how the samurais really died out.

Calm down ESL-kun, Yukina going with Ken at that time would have been a poor decision. Considering Ken's honor and immortality, 5 years means literally nothing so it's alright.

>in 250 years
Why the fuck should they count their time in Earth years?

God damn. I didn't see this coming at all and yet it makes perfect sense.


>Yukina ended up going to Mars after all

No, he was dead.
It's like with the old One Piece. People die only in flashbacks.

If the "revolutionary cycles" were that of some other planet, Zeru would have noticed.

Top 10 anime plot twists.

At least Ace died :^)

People thought he was simply missing, so showing that had the same effect.

When I first heard it I wasn't even sure if they meant years or days.
It's such a confusing unit.

>show improved when Yukinahime showed up
not true

efidolg characters were the worst part of this show

Don't use emoticons on Cred Forums.

Revolutionary cycles like how the Earth revolves around the sun.
I thought it was pretty straight forward.

I might be a sucker for these kind of endings, but it was really awesome, from the part where the OP1 played, to the very ending.
Surprisingly, the epilogue made me tear up a bit, specially pic related and Carlos in Tokyo.

what are you gonna do about it? x)

>Revolutionary cycles like how the Earth revolves around the sun.
Or how Earth revolves around its own axis.
It's just not very precise.

I shouldn't be this sad about bridge bunnies.

You confused revolution with rotation

>re·volve (rĭ-vŏlv′)
>v. re·volved, re·volv·ing, re·volves
>1. To orbit a central point: The planets revolve around the sun.
>2. To turn on an axis; rotate. See Synonyms at turn.

The ending was much better than I expected, I thought it was going to be the generic happy one, considering the tone of the show. PA Works did a really great job with this show, especially since it's mecha and mecha anime has been pretty shit lately.

I agree with you, the three idiots, Yukina and SoL shit were the worst part of this show

Holy shit, our hardcore yukina fags from reddit are back


Japanese rockets are pacifist rockets.
They don't kill innocent people.

>PA Works

Good joke.

Why are you including me in that? What I said was perfectly reasonable, I'm not your boogeyman.

3/10 at best. weak story, a lot of plotholes.
the only good thing about this anime is character design.

>implying there needs to be a second season anyway

pacifist rockets don't kill any people

That finale was so fucking great, I'm really glad they played OP1 as an insert song.

PA Works' previous anniversary project got an interquel movie, so I'm hopeful we could see more of Kuromukuro in the future. I'd definitely like seeing a sequel.

No, that's Korean rockets.

>a lot of plotholes

Literally the only plot hole is Muetta taking her clothes off while handcuffed, and it's inconsequential at best.


fuck off, it's a mecha action serie and not one of those typical CGDCT series created by PA Works with the help of Okada

What kind of weak ass rocket is that? Those two guys should have been blown to smithereens.

It was a fucking joke, man.

When people should die and don't, for no good reason, that is a plothole.


The fuck is a joke? Is that what you kids call memes these days?

What did the chinese girl end up doing?

I am not sure how to answer that.

It's probably a dud. I only see shrapnel and a dust cloud.

She went back to the hive.



Oh, is that in China? I didn't really get this part.

I really like this show's soundtrack.

It reminds me of AZ and seed


I'd say it's just the director of S2 saying "who the fuck wrote that retarded finale? No, we're retconning this shit!"
Unfortunately the entirety of S2 has even worse writing than that finale.

Yukina a qt
Sophie a qt
Muetta a qt

But this series' plot was still assfucking, pants-shittingly retarded.

Also fuck this emotional yet highly inconclusive ending.

>tfw you didn't save many plant-kun's edits

Will they fuck like rabbits?

Don't compare the fucking protagonist being shot on the head and coming back alive to some side characters with ambiguous death scenes actually being alive.

It's the same writer and director, hell, it's not even a real S2, it just took a season break.

hoping for hmanga


AZ was Boku no Pico user and seed destiny was Fukada's wife



some of these expressions i've never seen in anime before


Yukina was really badass this episode


Greatest romance ever told.

Doujins when



How many little Muettas and Kens will there be by the time Yukina catches up with Ken?

That would depend largely on how fast time is flowing for the two relative to Earth, and if the two are even fertile.


I agree with you, this was another retarded asspull similar to what happened in episode 24.

Are you stupid?

All studios produce shows with and without restraint.

Which isn't even that bad. You're free to choose what you want to watch. But don't bet an ass and pretend everything should be the same.

After this last episode, I'm a bit more happy after the weird pace of the last few episodes. I enjoyed the show but it has a lot of issues that prevents me from liking it even more.
Kenny, even if he floundered for a while during the second cour, was cool as fuck and I hope PA Works can come up with another Kenny in the future.
I'm going to miss my weekly Kuro.

Now, what saddens the most is the almost non-existent amount of lewd Mika-chan art. God, I just wanted a few pictures of her sitting on someone's face while only wearing her cute pantsu and Moonland didn't deliver.

The problem with your argument is that not all stories want, or even need, restraint. Why should Jojo or Evangelion have restraint?

Also, there are people who dislike small-scale too and the fact this show's not very popular is clear.

Please reduce your sodium intake, user.


The fuck is this cripple saying?

The name of her friend?

Do you think Carlos scored with this sex goddess?

Who didn't?

So much bullying.


no, see


Me ;_;


This is a doujin

1. yeah fuck them
2. could had been a dud
3. okay bullshit
4. eh, he clearly missed the cockpit
5. she's kind of still a vegetable anyways, nothing too miraculous there

Imo only 1 and 3 are asspulls, the other three kind of feel plausible and are resolved quickly without cliffhangers leading you onto other conclusions.


I want to be a bear.

Picked up

Muetta can't even breed and Ken doesn't want some Space Chinese knockoffs. Also, Muetta doesn't want to be Yukihime 2.0 so pairing her with Ken is really mean.

I can't believe this fucking ending

Man fuck this. They had a GREAT ending set up. This whole time I was like "there's no way they have the balls to end it with Yukina being left behind". Then when she got cut off at the end I was like "HOLY SHIT they might actually do it".

But no, I knew it all along. They never have the balls to make sad endings anymore. I fucking hate this shit.

Kill yourself.

The whole time I thought Yukina would board Kuromukuro and then pick Ken up in it. Instead she cucks herself by getting into Muetta's mech...

Yeah but they didn't even have the balls to make her get cucked. It's obviously implied that she meets up with Ken again and they live happily ever after. Bullshit "safe" ending as to not upset otakus. Really getting tired of it.

If this was 20 years ago, Ken would have died and she would have went alone.

>sad ending for the sake of a sad ending
The only sad thing here is that you haven't ended yourself.

>happy ending for the sake of a happy ending
Kill yourself you cancerous faggot.

Please reduce your sodium intake, samefag.

It's open-ended, they're headed towards a fucking warzone where anything and everything can go to shit, sperg. You're acting as if the show ended with us seeing Ken and Yukina's kids running around while their parents are picking flowers.

I didn't enjoy the ending because Yukina is cute and best but I still think it was good.

Nice try. But of course I'm upset they ruined a good ending to not offend dumb otaku cancer like you. That's not a "aha you're salty, gotcha!". Of course I'm mad, that should be obvious.


So, what happened with the green haired dude?

bad writing

OP the big question is:
Why do the ''non-action characters'', ''genki girls'' and ''moeblob high school girls'' always attract as many shitposters and cancers to the shonen and mecha threads?

Who knows. I assume he'd be convinced about efidolg's secrets eventually.


>ken lost 5 years of PRIME yukina pussy

wow sucks to be him

Because without those things, mecha shows would never be discussed on Cred Forums.

she's prime for eternity m8

>So, what happened with the green haired dude?
he married Dr Hause

So, she got even taller than Yukina and got bigger boobs?

French genes at work

That's the Forbidden City behind her and she's wearing Chinese dress uniform. She's at Tianenmen Square.


don't forget the bishounens/pretty boys

In the epilogue you can see that Yukina didn't age because she pledged to Kuromukuro.

She's going to look like that forever.

I wonder if one could fiddle with the nanomachines and turn a dude into a cock-hungry slut.



Probably got used in human experimentation to study to effect of nanomachines

Yukina did age. She was never this tall before.

Good show, good ending. Whether it gets a continuation or not, I'm glad they wrote it so open ended and optimistic.

Was sad Yukina didn't make it, but the post timeskip bits made me feel better about it.

Good job PA Works, you made up for the trash heap that was Macross Delta.

>gg stopped subbing kuromukuro halfway through and kept going with delta
>this ended up being the better show
Really makes you think.

Thank you PA works and subbers for Kuromukuro.

Not this shit again

>she pledged to Kuromukuro.
Muetta and Yukino have been committed to Kuromukuro because they both have the same DNA from Yukihime.

Those are some big jelly donuts.

>kurumukoro and majestic prince 2 air together
>have fun every week
>tomino and kawamori feel deep shame at how listless they became

GG can't actually sub, they just get handed the subs by someone else and they time/release it.

Thank you based anons for working so hard to get us Kuromukuro subs.


But Yukina was pierced in the neck and infected with nanomachines. Muetta already had them, of course.
Besides, the DNA thing was never explained anyway.

Maybe you still grow to adulthood and then stop. That's been used as an excuse before.

Since the nanomachines haven't really been explained in much detail either, that is entirely possible.
Okay, okay, it IS kind of funny.

Being a British officer is nice.


this is the most likely explanation

who needs kid soldiers

You don't need nano-machines for that, just look at everyone here except me.

Wasn't Zero the last survivor of his race? How are his people suddenly launchig a counter offensive?

He wasn't in contact for like 400 years

I'm not sure why don't you go check by yourself.
***,103位/***,106位 (**1,716 pt) [*,**1予約] 2016/10/19 クロムクロ ブルーレイ 第一集 [Blu-ray]
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s2 when

will ken return for the oyakodon?

Pls D-Joe, that's a Sales failure

He's the only survivor from his little cell of people. There could be hundreds or thousands more resisting elsewhere.

Hell, the rebels could have access to the cloning tech Efidolg uses.

Keep in mind they got paid directly by Netflix. disc sales are gravy on top.

I'm not really sure how/if you can pull Netflix viewer numbers when they air the second half in October though. Or if that would even influence PA Works in their decision to continue.




She can't move the Kuromukuro, are you stupid? She has only pledged to the supporter seat and it requires two people in it to work. She's genetically identical to Muetta so she can use her one-person mecha.

Who is that guy you keep calling out?
Also PA Works show sales doesn't really matter.





S E A S O N T W O W H E N ?


She's like the Mr. Bean of anime.

this show was full of stupid characters but i think the athletic but fag, immortal butler/class instructor/intel & explosives expert/samurai/mech pilot was by far the dumbest.


A proper butler has a wide variety of skills he can employ to serve his Oujo-sama.


i hate you so much, user

He looks better with a beard.

No, she's like and , the only difference between them is that Yukina is a moeblob girl (without energy/without any enthusiasm/depressive) and Ranka and Shoko are genki girls (energetic/enthusiastic/joyful).

Shoko was far more useless and retarded than Yukina.

yep, they have the same facial expressions.

manny, shouko, almiria, micott, mikono, ranka, minmay, kokone, yukina, asseylum and all girls from gundam age
For me, all of them are the same fucking stupid shit.

Goodbye Kuromukuro threads.

nice plothole PA faggots
she got taller!