Both light novels

Both light novels
Both written by otakus

>Overlord fanbase
>I love this story because it's a rare insight into a villain's perspective.

>Gate fanbase
>I hate this story because it's a rare insight into a Japanese perspective.

They're both shit so I don't understand the difference in treatment

I want to fuck albedo

What's the point of this thread?

One was too boring for me to finish s1.

The other didn't even get an s2.

Its not insight into japanese perspective as much as it is an insight into jap wet dreams
Its just not fun to watch unless you are deluded jap patriot

read the LN

op likes them both but it's too much of a fag to admit it

>Japanese perspective.
Nobody gives a shit about the Japanese perspective while the Villain's perspective beyond a shitty flashback is something missing from just about every hero story

They're both shit, but GATE is the biggest shit.

i love how main charater has no fucking idea what's going on or what to do in Overlord


They're both pretty good for what they're going for, there's better stuff out there, but they're not bad.

Overlord was interesting because it had a somewhat engaging plot about Skeletor trying to figure out an unfamiliar world with no one around to explain what the hell is going on. Though there weren't any big threats to him throughout most of the show, the sense of mystery and unease still manage to keep you on edge. And even the scenes where he just destroys his foes with overwhelming power are really satisfying to watch because of all the buildup that goes into showing off how ridiculously overpowered and badass he is.

GATE was uninteresting because it had fucking nothing going on. There's an unfamiliar world, but there's no feeling of unfamiliarity, they instantly settle in and they even make a point out of showing how great things are working out at their camp. First two episodes establish that nothing is or will ever be a threat, beyond that stupid dragon who is only kinda dangerous because they don't get to use their full force in fighting it. The only trace of tension is in the sudden cuts to old men with no character beyond being old men in charge of shit, making shitty decisions that will potentially make stuff inconvenient for our heroes. And when it's not focusing on showing us old men doing politics or the JSDF going through a lot of pointless shit just to get to the point where they can shoot everything to death, it's focusing on the pointless antics of the obligatory cute girls they threw at us without giving us any reason to care about them.

You made a thread about my two most favorite series.

I, don't know what to do with my hands...

>I love this story because it's a rare insight into a villain's perspective.

Was it? Isn't this just some prick running around because REASONS or some misplaced loyalty to a fucking video game?

>They're both shit so I don't understand the difference in treatment
its because no americans were hurt during the production of overlord

Mob Psycho is an interesting story because it has Japanese values.

GATE is not about Japanese values or even a Japanese perspective. GATE is the wish fulfillment of a pathetic otaku who never saw combat.

>I hate this story because it's a rare insight into a Japanese perspective.

>rare insight into a villain's perspective

I don't know what series you are talking about. Because that's definitely not Overlord.

Wtf is this shit? Fanfiction?

It's both.

GATE is JSDF promotional propaganda anime, or in short
>muh jap army

>no americans were hurt
kek i see what you did there

they get nam flashbacks of that shit

dunno about it being a promotion, but the author of the original novels was super...old school japanese. Believe me when I say it's been toned down with the LN/Manga.

they are both fine so fuck off.

See, that's the absolute least offensive part about GATE. It would be cool to see the Japanese armed forces triumph over adversity against an unknowable force. OR you could stick with the curbstomp route but make it more about the ensuing fallout and infighting. But it's just the curbstomp followed by everything the JSDF touching getting better. Most offensive thing about GATE is that it's boring because they're afraid to make any part of the JSDF look weak or incompetent.

People want to point the finger at American military movies as the same shit, but even things as nationalistic, but generally well received, as Lone Survivor and American Sniper aren't exempt from mockery and they're based on true stories. Well, the former leaning more on true than the latter. People also forget that Navy SEAL propaganda movie that got completely shit on by everyone. Yet GATE gets a free pass because grorious nihon? Nah, nigga.

Also, does anyone else, find the reference to the Flight of the Valkyries scene from Apocalypse Now, a movie about how shitty war is, really fucking ironic?

>but generally well received
because the rest of the world knows its fiction.
americans like you apparently cant distinguish real from fake and cover up your ignorance by saying propaganda

>implying Act of Valor wasn't legitimate propaganda

Wouldn't calling that shit fake and calling it propaganda reinforce the fact that those movies aren't immune to ridicule, regardless of the nationality of whoever made the claim?

dropped overlord at ep 8
dropped gate at ep 4

I guess overlord is twice better

this, also

>rare insight into a Japanese perspective
nigga, please

every anime/manga/ln is one way or another an insight into a japanese perspective

sure, but looked at who ridiculed lone survivor and american sniper, still americans, not foreigners of any sort