Shuumatsu no Izetta

AOTY later today

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Awww, man, so Izetta takes place in Liechtenstein instead of Switzerland?
That kinda disappoints me.

The SAO faces are annoying, but I'll watch it.

I'm ready satan.

When's this air?

Oct 1, 2016 at 11:00pm JST

Learn to use livechart.

What's it about?


Magical Liechtenstein during WW2 getting fucked by Nazis. MC is magical steampunk captain america trying to save her waifu, the princess.

>Cred Forums fodder
>incoming A-1 production disaster
No thanks

At the very least it sounds unique, I'll check it out. Thanks!

How gay is it?

A-1 isn't the studio behind this, it's Ajia-Do.

Only info on studio I found says it Ajia-Do not A-1.

Only looks similar because BUNBUN (yuuki yuuna) is doing designs. abec-sensei does similar work for A-1. They're nice designs but not for this kind of show.

>using real maps and borders with fictional names and other dumb shit



It's not.

The newest trailer narration says "This is the story of the struggle of two girls and the strength of their FRIENDSHIP!"

/u/ BTFO

and Hibike is about two girls and their adolescence :^)


Is there still no info on the staff?

MAL's got the cast listing, not the staff.

The animation staff are pretty good.

>The animation staff are pretty good.
Huh. That's actually a fairly solid list.

Series composer seems hit and miss, but he's worked on a dozen of the more popular shows of the last decade. Director seems somewhat inexperienced though for things not kid-oriented.

Everyone's done animation work though so it'll at least hopefully look good.

Wonder why Wargaming invest this show.

>Red hair
>Sniper chick

This is gonna be gu---



kys yourself my man

>Sniper chick
Not just sniper chick, she fucking rides that sniper through the sky

Would you prefer 2 dudes fucking each other in the ass, faggot?

They probably want the military otaku audience. The show seems to be keen on portraying period-correct weaponry.

>Maria the Virgin Witch und Panzer
Sign me up

>suddenly bright magic lights and riding on rifles like a broomstick

I was hoping for actual history instead of magical bullshit.

You have already told us this multiple times

>he doesn't like homosexual yurishit, therefore he must like homosexual yaoishit!!!!

Great logic.

wargaming is promoting it, and there's staff on board for historically accurate war gear.

Look, how else are they going attract the average anime otaku?

By having germany as the good side instead of SJW propaganda.

>promising director
>good animation staff
>decentish premise even if it's just VC with more Nazi

Sounds goo-

>written by Hiroyuki Yoshino


Look on the bright side, it has the potential to be a fun trainwreck.

Okay first time I've seen someine try to do the whole AOTY bit with this one so let's see wherror this goes

I still have a hard time remembering this isn't some kind of A-1 thing the way the show looks

It's the same designer, its not his fault if A-1 took his sameface.

Though I find odd that nobody said the same about Yuki Yuna. I mean, they pointed out the outfit designs, but not this A1 shitposting.

The most "yuri" thing they are going to do is hold hands and confirm that they are super best friends. It's not like they're going to be actual lesbians. If that bothers you this much, you literally are a faggot.

I hope this fails miserably and bursts that moeshit military bubble that companies just turn away from investing on any more of this garbage.



Looks great, sakuga season in full force with Regalia, Izetta and Flip Flappers.

>different people

Episode1 :

Storyboard : Masaya Fujimori
Direction : Hiroki Negishi
Sakkan / Animation Directors : Yuu Yamashita, with 2 others
Key Animators : Tetsuya Takeuchi, Ryo Araki, others.

It's an anti-tank rifle you shithead.

Watch a fucking movie.
Oh great the delusional Cred Forumstards are already here and the show hasn't even aired yet.

Sniper dick you mean

>I saw military so I assumed it was Saving Private Ryan the anime!
Why does this happen every fucking time an anime has a historical setting? When will these retards ever learn that their expectations are completely out of whack?

Same here. But in reality it won't.

What is this Sora no Work but with /k/ and lesbians?

Jesus christ you people are fucking idiots.
Is it that hard to read a bloody synopsis?
Watch a trailer?
Besides, Sora no Woto was already /k/.

>half of the cast is male
>moeshit bubble

heh. Also better invest in this than in yet another LN harem pandering adaptation like reeeeeeee:zero, to be honest

>Sora no Woto
>no lesbians

>>written by Hiroyuki Yoshino

This guy's resume is full and he's yet to write anything remotely respectable. I knew only a braindead would come up with a mahou X yuri X ww2 shitfest.

Re:Zero isn't a harem

I'd give it until 2020 for retarded military otakus to die out.

Who's doing script?

Right right, because your preferred premise is objectively so superior.

>/k/ but with /u/
My dick says yes, my mouth says "sorry"

I'm not familiar with this name, but looking him up I see a pretty balanced mixture of good and bad. Maybe by "respectable" you mean "mature anime for mature people like me," but other than that I don't see any reason he'd be such a big red flag.


He is better writer than okada and butcher, that's for sure.

Butcher understands story structure. Okada is legitimately terrible. Mayoiga is the worst thing ever written by a human


Yuri sexy

>he can't appreciate the masterful craftsmanship of Mayoiga
How about you fuck off to Cred Forums or somewhere else.

Okada's made plenty of decent stuff, though. She's just an average writer who does a bunch of stuff to pay the checks, and some of it's bad and some is good.

Presumably Yoshino

>Dat Akino OP


Recently she's leaned towards the "bad."

IBO, Mayoiga, Kiznaiver. All big turds. The last one was the biggest turd. Upstaged by a five minute short

Okada made tons of stuff. She can go off the rail when not supervised but when restricted she can made pretty good shit.

Neither Mayoiga nor Kiznaiver were anywhere as bad as IBO. IBO was a fucking disaster, I can only hope it was the Bandai execs meddling.

I'm not going to dispute that she's had a bad run for the last two years (or that she never made anything bad before), I just think it's silly how everyone dogpiles her.

Military otaku deflected from anime long ago when Sunrise stopped caring about Takahashi and his protégés. Today, they know they can only get occasional treats (2009 golgo, hellsing, black lagoon)

Fuck. I really hope he isn't solo-ing this show.

The correct term is "yuribait"

Will this be the Yuri Hibiki cucked me out of?

I don't think it'll matter too much if others end up handling the script for some episodes when he's still in charge

>Sunrise stopped caring about Takahashi and his protégés
When was that, exactly? They had him directing directing stuff basically every year until like 2012, and I assume he stopped not because of Sunrise but because he was like 75 and was too old for this shit.

Military otaku aren't all manimefags, user. Plenty of them jack off to KanColle or GATE.

It kinda matter to me. Every writer have different approach when it comes to writing dialogue, personally I loathe Yoshino's approach.

>WW2 bullshit spinoff with muh OC grosse Lichtenstein imperiums with magical girl bullshit trump card vs. nazis
and to top it all off it's yuribait. can't wait.

>WW2 spinoff
That's not how that word works.

Golgo, Hellsing, and Black Lagoon don't really count as Military Otaku bait, especially the types who like posing as know-it-alls, lecturing JSDF members during fairs about their own equipment and strategies.
Yes, the JSDF uses moe to recruit but in reality, not even SDF members like Military Otaku around.

Ehh, you get the point, it's an alt-history with some random country that shouldn't exist shoehorned in for the story.

They didn't give him the budget or the artistic latitude to make what he does best since Gasaraki. Just look at the animation effort that was mobilized for his Palsen Files and it compares with the Idolmaster Xenoglossia they were making at the same time.

FLAG was pretty great, though I don't remember if that was Sunrise.

Sorry but this looks as boring as taking tea with your paralytic grandma, give me something else to pick it up.

Between this and Brave Witches my military boner will be pleased.

Wait, do people still not realize that Mayoiga was a comedy? Do you need it spelled out for you?


Is there anything recent I never heard of that has more detailed depiction of weaponry than Golgo?
It wasn't them. That's what we're talking about. Something great like Flag couldn't have been done with the sunrise of Gundam 00, Code Geass and Idolmaster.

Is there anything recent I never heard of that has more detailed depiction of weaponry than Golgo?

exactly why I wont watch it

>It wasn't them. That's what we're talking about. Something great like Flag couldn't have been done with the sunrise of Gundam 00, Code Geass and Idolmaster.

I'd say you are wrong, because even the people involved in those shows (aside from the fact they were made with a very different objetive in mind, not trying o be like FLAG) have produced other types of shows. Sunrise is not a single being. Even Tomino himself, bless his heart, has had a range of shows that vary in quality as well as intent, topic and execution.

Is hetfag angry?

Hetalia was really the only acceptable WW2/history related waifu-bait anime/manga desu.


>lesbian drama made by Ajia-Do
>best anything

>not into sakuga
>watching anime for """"story""""

>implying this tripe will be well-animated
Having one or two animators to carry the production will not be enough.

This smells like a generic premanufactured show designed to be a "hit" in the same vein as Guilty Crown or Aldnoah.Zero.

>Hiroyuki Yoshino
I'd bet money that I'm right that this is going to end up being a stinker.

>Having one or two animators
>not knowing Takeuchi is enough to make a full cour of sakuga, let alone with Araki

Plebs. Just kill yourself.

Please, it'll most likely turn out like Yu-sibu where only a few episodes have got good animation or Hundred where the best animator is stretched thin and is unable to make significantly good work. Having a good animator or two means nothing if the rest of the studio is shit.

I sure hope so, so much that everyone who invested in this sees their profits dented.

tips fedora


Can you at least tell me why that post warranted that before the mod bans you?

>before the mod bans you?

LOL faggot, surely the mod is going to ban me because you say so, shithead.

Okay but can you at least tell me why my post warranted that?

pesmistic contrarian fedora tippers like you usually get that reply for sharing their hot opinions

>pesmistic [sic]
>Hiroyuki Yoshino is the writer
Okay retard.

I think you're using that meme wrong friend.

>biased faggot

Worse writers get praised on daily basis around here

>/k/ bullshit so /ak/ shitposting
>/his/ bullshit so one armchair historian will ramble on how it's not accurate
>Cred Forums bullshit so a bunch of Cred Forumsfags will come piling in too
>Girls with a close friendship so /u/ will probably come too and the anti-/u/ are already shitting things up in full view even without /u/ here

If this is what the pregame threads are like I can't imagine when this thing airs. Hopefully Hibike will just absorb all the shitposting because it's kyoani

Mai Hime is one of the best /u/ shows of all time, though.

It's going to be one of those shows where the first 1-2 weeks are really really really shitty, but then all the shitposters drop off and the threads improve.

you wish but it'll be the same shitty threads year round even after the show ends.

what you talking about willis? It sound like Junketsu_no_Maria

It would've been even better if Natsuki was paired up with Mai instead of the rapist.

I hope not, maria the shit witch was GARBAGE. Also terrible adaptation even with the overrated geass director on board.

I'm going to beat up an anti-yurifag one of these days and it's going to feel so good.

Boy am I not looking forward to sharing threads with mistakes of nature like you.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that maria was not panned literally everywhere.

thats why never watch one

european witch against invading army, hhmmm where does that sound kinda familiar?


Nigga. Did you just start watching aniμ

Lichenstein conveniently has a monarchy that WW2 era Switzerland does not.

You cant blame bandai execs meddling when most gundam shows have faced executive meddling

So will there be Slavs that will come and kick evil Germania asses?

This. Japanese cant into anime.

Should have made Balthazar anime adaptation, would be lot more interesting. This one is doomed to fail however.