She's looking directly at you, user! Say something already!

She's looking directly at you, user! Say something already!

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You're breaking school regulations.
Button up your shirt.
And your skirt is too short. Fix it.


Why is she looking down at me? Am I laying down? Am I about to lose my wizard powers?!

>Am I about to lose my wizard powers?!
There's absolutely no danger of that.

Oh thank god. I don't know what I would have done if I wasn't able to learn new spells.

Jotaro dies in part 6 read the manga fag

is there something in my face?

Have you seen Yuki around?


>her seductive eyes
She does it on purpose, right?

The fuck you looking at, kid?

Where's Karen?

Something something about your milk.

Nice.. uhm... weather we're having haha.

H-how much??


Find this photo being shared to your normiebook account

what do.

Remind me why we don't like idol sweat.

She is so damn FEMININE. getting my dick hard and shet

Creepy stalker.

Go stalk and oggle these two semen demons instead

Corrupting Minami!

How would that even work.

Hey, can you get me Uzuki's autograph?


Fuck off Rin

Don't underestimate the power of a desperate cake.

She's absolutely stunning.


Where's the better idols, slut?

>Cred Forums pretending that they're not drooling over Rin's beauty

The thing is, there are actual women in the series.

I just want Rin Shibuya to beat the shit out of me while spitting in my mouth and calling me worthless.

Is that so wrong?

>I just want Rin Shibuya to beat the shit out of me while spitting in my mouth and calling me worthless.
>Is that so wrong?
Get better taste.

Make way for best idol.


Nice jaggies

>book idol

literally the dumbest thing that scamco came up with.

>boo(k) idol
Change one letter and it makes more sense.

I want to go on a romantic onsen trip with Kaede.

What would it be like, being the toy date of all the older idols on a big Friday night on the town?

How long did Miyu last against both Kaede and KWSM doubleteaming her?

Like idol heaven

>wake up at noon on Saturday
>wallet empty
>living room is a mess of bottles and snacks
>freshly made breakfast in the kitchen from before they left
>the awareness that your virtue is probably intact
>probably, you're not sure

Marry me onegai

I love Emilia

Just got my Minami figure today

I shall worship it everyday

Just clean it afterward.

I shall

>her plans for the evening
>get pickled
>get P's pickle

Why this boring cunt has enough doujins to single handedly remind me I need to exclude -p:idolmaster I'll never know.

I wonder what life with Yuki is like and I wonder if you have to wade through 1 ft of empty beer cans in her place

What did they mean by this?

Hey yo Toni where'd you get that fresh pepperoni.

What do you think of this girl?

Cute, pure, daughter material, didn't deserve to get screwed over and tortured in the anime.


Who said we don't?

Besuto gyaru?

Bestest, I wonder what she was doing with P in NYC?

>this artist's doujin
All kinds of unf.

Why are her doujins so pure?

He is one of the [email protected] doujin gods

Are you working tonight?

Love gyaru and gal girls.

Above is Kara (Color Summoner), I think.

I only like them when they're not brown. Ganguro gyaru are pig disgusting

Cause it's Rin Shibuya. Don't ask questions

y-you too

wait what

[email protected] did good with them, they made them look slutty outside but made them pure on the inside. Now their Enjou Kosai are a different story

Why is this the only thread with a hat on the OP? Anyway happy birthday Cred Forums.

Rina is so cute.

Very, I wanted to see more of her baka

Ganguro has it's own charm but I wouldn't touch them.

Why is she so pure?

I'm glad the trend is moving away from the really dark ganguro of the 2000's. I don't mind the lightly tanned gyaru.

Who played that stupid ganguro dating sim on newgrounds years ago? All the endings were the fucking same.

Step on me



I'm dating your little sister.

Is she going to be hotter than Rin when she gets older?

Maybe not, but at least she'll be a lot more pure than RIn.


Abandon all delusions of control.



Why aren't you wearing nekomimi?




Do you want to suck it that bad, you little slut?

>about to get eaten, nay gobbled up, by Miku
What is the correct course of action?

I'm drooling over another CG's beauty.

Tell her I taste like fish.

Hey lady, nice pussy.



I really like that outfit. Colors are great.

[x]spray bottle

Post more cats.




Cute mature-looking Kaoru

Shit, is my fly down again?

Cute, not fat.




"где мой любимый идол Аняачка?"

I miss Anya so much.

cyka blyat

She's so perfect.

Russians aren't cute.

yes they are

You mustn't be familiar with this Russian.

Anya is.

Am I supposed to find this Russian hooker attractive?

Why is Anya so perfect?


You can't explain miracles.

But you can explain Anya: vodka and the back seat of a Lada.

Sorry, too busy having a great time with my goddess.
What was that again?

Miku is only 152cm tall, that's pretty hot.

Her mom is a jap. A russian alpha-male came to japan after the collapse of the USSR and bagged himself a real 10/10 "yaponskaya devushka" and 9 months later Anya popped out.

>just under five feet
Seems typical.

Has she ever been seen not being sexual?

Well, in their universe, she has some of the best booty ever seen in the idol industry.
Enough to make some of the other cast jealous.

I want to sexually bully and conquer Usamiin.

A trip to the local bar first?

you dropped your hat, miss.

>When you tell a woman from Boston you have a "hat on" for her

I hope not.

Is it okay to like Mio now?

It was always okay to like Mio.

Unless you were a filthy secondary.

Is Scamco still pushing her, supposedly?

I love you, Dia!

Oh shit! im sorry.

Only for her body.

Of course.

Enjou Kosai really gets me going.

Rin is fucking love.

How can you play this when you dont know jap

Soccer Rin!


Do you prefer pure Rin or enjou kosai Rin?

As she is

>this is a florist


Why would I say anything to a picture of a non-existant chinese cartoon character?

Do you come to autistic parties often?

She is always pure.

I love you.

Normally you would say that being a prostitute is throwing your life away.

But putting Rin in any other role other than enjo kosai is a WASTE.

I lean more towards pure Rin.

Where my Rankobros at?

Dorks shouldn't be this sexy.

U wot?

Cute russian maid!

Stop staring, I can't sleep properly if you're watching...

I wonder what is it about Rin that captivates me so much. Maybe I don't find her as gimmicky as the other iMas girls, but there's something else about her that distinguishes herself even from other anime characters and I can't pin down what that is.

My Russian Maid.


She is my russian maid and wife

Maid is the highest position a Russian should ever attain.



Is there a more pure idol?

How much would you honestly pay up for sex with Rin?

>Looks better when she isn't a slagged up gyaru.

H-hagu shiyou

She looks great either way though.

Million Live the anime needs
-Unprotected hand holding between two girls
-Hugs between two girls
-Headphone sharing between two girls
-Finger touching between two girls
-Forehead bumping between two girls
-Two girls holding hands while telling each other 'I love you.'
-Two girls sleeping together in the same futon


It's because she's an educated prostitute

Today I will remind them again.

This guy.
This guy right here.

This guy gets it.

>She's looking directly at you, user! Say something already!