Nisekoi final volume extra contents

Komi the madman actually did it
Meet Onodera 2.0

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Coincidentally she goes to the same school as Maletoge.

Color me surprised

Wait are these their kids? Onodera married? WTF

Kosaki a best. A BEST.

Shitoge a shit. A SHIT.

If these are really the kids and not some sort of alternate universe bullshit i'm gonna sit back and enjoy the shitstorm of Onodera getting plowed by someone else

Yfw the rest of the harem's daughters show up too.

They did. These are their offspring. It's from the epilogue in the final chapter.

So it was a threesome in the end and Onodera has been decucked?

Chitoge's son looks like she just got genderbent.

Damn, the author is either a moron or he was born yesterday
You don't just fucking give kids to losing heroines unless you're asking for a knife in the gut

Tsugumi kids when.

>Chitoge's son looks like she just got genderbent.
Someone shoop her bow on his head.

>blonde hair
>3/4 Japanese

Yeah no.

this doesnt look like a man at all

The entirety of Nisekoi is just him asking for one big knife in the gut.

Does Tsugumi get a kiddy?

She got paired up too?

>ywn milk Tsugumi's saggy motherly breasts

Hopefully not Claude's kid.

He already got many in his gut take few more of it does not matters. And, Chitogefags is like the only faction that matters right now might as well pandering to them to the max.

Pa. I hope you remember when dude's butthurt about Marikafags and Onofags when they shit on him, of course he's pissed at you guys.

>at you guys
I'm a Chitogefags throught and throught, but i know my harem 101 and i play devil's advocate because i wouldn't like it if it was the opposite

It's just kind of a dick move honestly

Kosaki landed on the two final volumes, got raku in the spin-off, got married in the actual story, and had a beautiful daughter. I'm so happy for her.

Since the kids don't know each other, I guess kosaki and raku/chitoge fell out of contact.

Maybe they just forgot they met.

>forgot they met.
pls dont

Only this time,the locket is Onodera 2.0's.

Onodera x Chitoge wins in the end.

Just through their children.

Yonkou says it's going to be a full omake chapter. These two pics are teasers.

So,what will it be,otter anons?

Chitos's or Dera's harem?

That's Onodera and Raku's kid, though.


What about Shuu and Ruri's child

I want to see this too.

It's just gonna look like she got a haircut.

Kosaki is shit
Haru is better

Chitoge a best

The girls name is Sasa. Her last name is Miyanagi.

Chitoge and Raku's son. Onodera's partner is unknown. Prettyboy's father is known to be Raku.

>Onodera's partner is unknown.
We do know that his last name is Miyanagi though.

>Chitoge a best
we gotta stop this meme

Don't underestimate Japanese fans.

If you backstab them, they ruin your career forever until you drop off the face of the planet.

Look what happened to School Rumble author.

You'll die trying

>All the losing girls gets fucked by other dudes
He did it, he got the readers more angry than Bleach.

Onodera's husband confirmed

I think we can all agree that Y-san deserves Mari

I wonder how many kids they have?

He basically bought her with money
So, no

And how hard did you fight for your waifu?

Thats what I thought.

Most Japanese fans accepted that chitoge was going to win though which is why they didn't make a big deal on twitter by tweeting Komi/no pictures of them burning their merch.

We'll have to see how the final volume sells though.

Seriously what is up with all of these fucking gimmicky "next-generation sequels"?

I blame fucking Hiroyuki Takei with his shitty Shaman King Flowers bullshit
Ever since he did that bullshit everybody's been pulling this fucking gimmick like Naruto with Boruto, now Nisekoi and I'm sure Bleach will have one too at this point...fucking goddammit

Why would they be angry? Shouldn't they be happy that she found love someone else after losing? They can even headcanon that they're the ones who knocked her up.


I like it. Series need to do this more often.

Characters actually moving on with their lives, and canon pairings. Its like watching your kids grow up.

I love that shit

>"next-generation sequels"
It's not really a sequel though, it's just a quick omake. Same with Bleach-we'll probably get some new content in the final volume, but I doubt it'll get a sequel.

Naruto is a huge cash cow and still super popular back in Japan, so of course it's going to get milked for all its worth.

>MC´s annoying best friend fucks the readers waifu
Yeah, no.

She got the Rock
That proves she's best girl

>Chitoge's child is blond despite blondeness being a recessive trait
Raku confirmed for being NTRd by a foreigner.

>MC´s annoying best friend fucks the readers waifu
Ruri is the readers waifu though. Majority of readers back in Japan still prefer Kosaki.

>It's not really a sequel though, it's just a quick omake
>implying this will not turn into a full manga

Literally the other way around. In harem series, worst girl always wins.


>Worst girl always wins
Disproven so many time it's not even funny anymore
This story is just one of the cases

>worst girl always wins.
Chitoge won. Worst girl won worst boy. It came in full circle.

As if the manga wasn't trash enough, he has to add two pages of pure garbage.

Thats such bullshit. Both my parents have dark brown hair, and Myself and my four siblings are blonde as hell.

My name is Miyanagi Sasa
Starting this year I'll be attending Bonyari High School as a first year

My mother attended Bonyari High long ago...

I wonder what encounters await me here
I'm looking forward to it!

...Woah, awesome.
He's really taken a liking to you
Is that cat yours?

Just that since long ago animals have always liked me...
Heeee, I'm jealous
Completely different from me

Is that Bonyari's uniform?
Ah, yes. I'm starting this year.
Me too

I'm Ichijou Haku
If we end up in the same class show me how to get along with cats

these are so bad, that I could see them being fanart, other than the quality

Bleach fans in Japan did not overeact like the western fans did. The western fans reminded me of the Kannagi shitstorm a few years back, only 100 times bigger and more insane. One guy tore apart all his volumes and lit them on fire. In a closed room with him still in it.


Give some examples, then.


-looks exactly like chitoge

did komi even try?

That never matters. If the author thinks it looks good then that's all he needs.


I don't have a face wide enough for this.

Bleach has a hollywood movie in the works. You can be damn sure it's getting more content in the future.
It is an open end in case a sequel becomes viable. Right now Komi is moving straight on to new pastures and new IPs, so I doubt he's ever going to revisit Nisekoi.

It's shit and it enables mangaka to be one-trick ponies

If he didn't make it obvious that he was Chitoge/Raku's child, there would be tons of morons like this one

To be completely honest, although that's "funny", it's really disgusting to me and sorta pisses me off. Like Komi's all "haw haw, Y-san!"

It surprisingly rubs me the wrong way.

>implying this shit will ever end
look at Naruto

>One guy tore apart all his volumes and lit them on fire. In a closed room with him still in it.
Oh yea, the guy that burned his shit in the bathroom. What a dumbass.

>In harem series, worst girl always wins.
*tips fedora*

>butthurt Shitogecuck

It's called blinding rage for a reason

Onodera gets married to some faceless fat man, changes her name, and how is the mangaka still alive? Shouldn't he be lynched and burned by rabid Onodera fans?

You sound a bit new.

Animegenetics aren't like yours.

>It's called blinding rage for a reason
Hope he didn't burn his house down or something. Imagine having to tell the firefighters you started the fire yourself because "kubo betrayed me"

Not relevant enough.

I guess you can't make it obvious enough for those in denial

Give it time

>Shouldn't he be lynched and burned by rabid Onodera fans?
Nah, Japanese fans already accepted that Chitoge was going to win + nisekoi isn't popular enough to raise such backlash.

>Right now Komi is moving straight on to new pastures and new IPs
cuz so far this is the only new thing i've seen from him and it's not exactly "new"?

>gets married to some faceless fat man
I have a feeling that he's going to be super handsome.

Raku realized his mistake after being cucked by Itchy Joe from USA, then changed his last name and married Onodera. No problem, best girl won in the end.

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression

No I sound like somebody who isn't obsessed with always hating on the main girl just to validate his special snowflake status

No one is going to rage about girls getting dicked by guys that aren't the MC in epilogues.

It's only when it happens mid-story/gets revealed that it happened in the past that people get upset.

>Cred Forums in charge of genetics once again
Just because you consume so many memes on a daily bases doesn't mean that you have to take them at face value, you fucking retards.

That's untrue and you know it
Losing girls have to stay single and become stale cakes until a shota comes around

New oneshot. Toki Doki. My personal guess is a love tragecomedy with timeskip shenanigans.

If the final volume sells bad then that's the revenge.

>Kusoderafags are still this delusional

Timetravel, fucking freudian slip

Toki Doki is based on the Omake in the OP I thought?

"Best girls never win, worst girl always does" has been common knowledge for many years, newfag.

That's just a meme though, used by people who are butthurt that their girl didn't win.

This is what you delusional hipsterfags tell yourself to cope with your the pain in your butt

No. Different art style and different characters.

Common knowledge among the losers, don't go around and take it as an undeniable truth for everything

>That's just a meme though
Chitoge is the worst girl though. Tsugumi is the better tsundere tbqh.

No, it's an infamous cliché. You'll notice it after reading some more harems, newfag.

The blonde guy looks like Blond Raku(even has the pin)
The black-haired girl looks like black-haired Chitoge

Hard to be the better tsunder when you aren't one

Don't care for Nisekoi, but I respect to Komi for sticking with Chitoge as the endgame girl even though Kosaki was preferred.

Oh man. There is this thread and the thread on Tuesday next week when the raws for the full omake drops. Thank you Cred Forums, you are saving my life here with your shitposting.

>Chitoge is the worst girl though.
>Tsugumi is the better tsundere tbqh.
This hipocrisy is staggering
If Chitoge is bad than Tsugumi is way worse
I'd rather get punched by Chitoge then get shot with a gun by Tsugumi

Your hipsterfaggotry truly knows no end

>looks like Chitoge
How can you even see it

>even though Kosaki was preferred.
Kosaki was shit m8
Even Haru and Marika were way better than that bland pos


>Hard to be the better tsunder when you aren't one
Chitoge is 100% tsundere. Aggressive as fuck towards Raku for no reason, hits/yells at him because she cant deal with her growing feelings towards hims, acts like she cant stand him when she just wants to be with him etc.

>for picking the most unoriginal and clichéd option possible
People have been tired of tsunderes for over 15 years now.

>onoderafags still buttblasted
Why don't you go and make a cake you cucks

Nigga i meant Tsugumi isn't a tsundere, sorry if it wasn't clear

I get that she's hated with Western fans, but that's not the case in Japan.

So can we agree that it should've ended with the oneshot?

How can you not?

Honestly i just see an Onodera with way better hair
I can't see a trace of Chitoge in there, back of the knee maybe

Nah she has a big fanbase even in the west but she's still a shit character

And besides if you're going by popularity polls a bunch of those were rigged by F-san so Onodera's popularity in Japan is overstated

Komi has the same-face syndrome. Majority of the girls look the same in the face, except for Tsugumi/Ruri since their eyes aren't round.

The daughter looks like Fuu to me.

>Shitogefags literally blame bogeymen as damage control for worst girl being unpopular despite being shilled out the wazoo
You can't make this shit up.

Is that a lock for her hair tie, or am I just seeing things?

>Onodera's popularity in Japan is overstated
It's not though.

>Aggressive as fuck towards Raku for no reaso
Spoken like somebody whose never read the manga
She's not aggressive for no's usually because Raku offends her somehow(intentionally or unintentionally).

The only time it's for no reason is when she gets jealous when she sees him with other girls early on in the manga and still hasn't figured her feelings out yet(but she gets over that after Romeo/Juliet arc)

Why don't you just paint ribbons on him? You lazy fuck.


>She's not aggressive for no's usually because Raku offends her somehow
When Haru accused Raku of seeing her panties(which wasn't his fault), Chitoge was ready to knock him the fuck out(dont remember if she did though). She takes every chance to slug him, without getting to know his side of the story.

She won the final poll tho

New IP's girl looks great, too fucking bad the MC looks like another generic hairclipped gayboi.

how about a bad ms paint crop

Boogeyman my ass

It is when as soon as F-san vanished she lost the popularity poll
Chitoge didn't have autistic fags like Y-san and F-san on her side

>Onodera is no longer a virgin
Disgusting, fuck this shit series.

Chitoge has a dominant blonde gene. This is phenomenal. A breakthrough in science! We can finally breed out arabs and black people from the gene pool like they've been breeding us out.

It's funny because the last poll was obviously rigged to make it look like Chitoge was the most popular. Kosaki probably got first, but they gave Chitoge a few more points to make it look like a close tie. They were like ninety something points apart.

God, why does he feel the need of putting those damn hairclips on

>It was all a conspiration, of course
This doesn't sound like denial at all

Hairclips are a 10/10 accessory. I'd wear one if I wasn afraid of beeing called a fucking faggot.

It's the only way to make his characters unique?

The girl looks really cute.
Maybe I'll read it if it isn't a harem, since I've already burnt out of harems.

>It is when as soon as F-san vanished she lost the popularity poll
Yea she won, but she barely beat Kosaki. She got a huge amount of panel-time yet she only manages to beat her Kosaki(who was getting less and less panel-time) by a mere ninety something points.

I love when Boreodera fags get assblasted

Well, most hair color isn't about dominant or recessive. Rather, it's about the amount of eumelanin in your hair. Dark hair seems more dominant over light hair, but it's more like a comparison of numerical values than anything else. The exception is pheomelanin, which produces red hair. It actually combines with other pigmentation present to create shades of red going from a deep rust color to the fluorescent ginger we all hate.

>Yea she won, but
Glad you understand it

>m-muh letter-san!
This doesn't sound like denial at all.

user I just mean that the white people gene is dominant now, so even if Jamal fucks a white chick he won't get more Jamals and Shaniquas, he'll Johns and Shannons.

It also doesn't even sound remotely close of what i said

Why are people complaining again? Worst girl won worst boy(in what world is marrying someone like raku a victory)

All the best girls were spared from ending up with someone like him.

I don't know about that but when she caught him with Tsugumi in the locker she impulsively punched him and then she was like

Chitoge:Oh so you thought Tsugumi was a guy. Jesus you should have said something
Raku:*thinking* You punched in 0.5 seconds, how could I?

But for the most part it's pretty much almost always whenever he directly insults her...which is a lot

Nah brah, the only white people genes that do that are ginger shit.

Thanks Komi for delivering this pointless extra.

>Worst girl won worst boy
Yet all those girls wanted him and would be happy as fuck about it, way to make it sound like their love was a stupid thing
They sure as fuck didn't think that

He does not care. He hates his fanbase anyway.

Chitoge pushed out a white and blonde kid while being half japanese herself and with a full japanese father.

What happened to the school rumble author?

The magic of anime. Also cultural perspective from the Japanese. Anyone who doesn't have jet black hair is considered "light haired" to them.

>way to make it sound like their love was a stupid thing
Literally what?

Did they meet Y-san's son too?

Another "Kids are clones of their father or mother". I fucking hate it.

By saying that Raku wasn't worth winning, you're basically lessening the effort all of the girls put into it
If you had a favorite girl you would essentially be calling her a fucking dumbass for wasting her time

Which just proves that without autistic fags Chitoge is the most popular(which is no surprise since she's the mc/mascot of the series)

>high school love
>not a stupid thing

You mean like in real life? Here's another white half japanese, for the record.

To be young means to be a retard after all

>The only poll that wasn't rigged
Lol stay mad doormatcuck

Shaman King Flowers was a huge failure, no one will try copy that

>a fucking dumbass for wasting her time
Nah, but nice reach. Anyone would want their favorite girl to do better than Raku.

>Marika and Onodera loved him since they were 5

I wanted my favorite girl to be happy, and in this specific story she would be the happiest with Raku
You can imagine infinite scenarios where she's better off withouth Raku, but that's beside the point of it all

you think Kosaki looks cute when she cums?

>Onodera's partner is unknown
It's Medaka Box all over again.

>Shaman King Flowers was a huge failure
It wasn't
That shit was a consistent top seller in it's own magazine and the volumes sold very well...the only reason it stopped is because the magazine got axed and Takei didn't want to bother with that shit at that moment

Though since then he's confirmed that he's going to continue it eventually

I hate the everliving shit out of Flowers but that shit did well and was by no means a failure

That is actually stupid, yes.

Nope. Emukae is single and she was the only girl who had the hots for Zenkichi.

What's with Komi and male characters wearing pins?

I want that to become a trend.

I want to hold her hand while she has a violent orgasm

Marika and Y-san son / daughter WHEN

>Anyone would want their favorite girl to do better than Raku
Yet they were all hoping they would win Raku when the series was running and when they got BTFO'd they reverted to "Raku is shit anyways muh waifu deserves better"

What about your grandparents? If you and your siblings are blonde somebody on each side of the family had to contribute the gene, not necessarily your parents

It's still painful as fuck when you've loved somebody for more than a decade and you lose that person

Childhood friend love is best love

>I want that to become a trend.
What is wrong with you?

Sounds like you know about that a lot.

Anything you want to tell us, user?

>user and his divorce

Tell us more

>i-it was rigged!
No it wasn't. She just sucks, and nobody likes her.

I thought they were genderbent Raku and genderbent Chitoge for a second.

I agree but it's still stupid.

I've had painful experiences playing fucking videogames but it doesn't make that shit any less stupid.

Those are the experiences you look back on ten years later and go "What the fuck was wrong with me?"

I'm tired of every single main male character in existence having the exact same cut, fuck you.

I'm not a blogfag
Fuck off to tumblr

Given by someone else you mean ?
Couldn't resist

What does that have to do with hairpins?

Yes it was and she's the most popular character of the franchise

There's a reason she was included in Super Mario Maker

Deal with it faggot

What if Kosaki and her husband are dead and Sasa is being raised by Haru?

You can't compare a fucking video game to your first love

Unless you literally fell in love with someone when you were a kid and still loved them when you grew older you don't know how this feels

So Raku married Chitoge (best girl) and Tsugumi is the mistress correct?


Tsugumi is no mistress
She's just a bodyguard/model

All of the new kids are half raku. They all fall in love with eachother without knowing that they are cousins, because they have bad memories.

and their parents are retards.

All the reviews on Amazon of last volume is very negative. His career is literally over now.

that's not true at all

>cousin is half viet, half white
>marries jap
>their first son is blond
>one daughter has blue eyes

humans don't have fucking Hh plant genetics

in episode 9 of the first anime (the hot springs one) what exactly happened when he escaped into the male section

does it get explained

>There's a reason she was included in Super Mario Maker
Corporate shilling, the same reason they rigged the last poll and forced a worst girl end.

Are you otters ready for Komi's new series, Toki doki?

>Read the exciting new romantic comedy manga TOKI DOKI, by the beloved Nisekoi author Naoshi Komi. Follow the journey of two young people as they navigate love, life, friends, family and of course hilarious misunderstandings. Forced to pretend to be a couple to keep their stalkers and families off their backs, will this fake relationship lead to something real?

Do you have the illuminati on speed dial or something

>There's a reason she was included in Super Mario Maker
She was included because she's the face of the series.

Why do people like/defend this manga? I dropped it, but from what I've read it as just a constant circle of

-raku spending time with one of the girls.
-if it was a chitoge-centric chapter, they would start off arguing/annoyed at each other, they apologize then have a good time.
-if it was a kosaki one then they would be shy at first. after they get over their initial shyness they have a good time. she tries to confess, but something dumb happens. go back to being shy next time they see each other.
-with marika, she stops being clingy/obsessed for a bit. they have a good time together. goes back to being love-struck/clingy marika.

it was just the same thing over and over again.

that description is fake

whatever you need to tell yourself


Wait, it's an actual serialization? Oh god why

Are there pics of this?

So Onodera married someone named Miyanagi, interesting

please respond

Is he actually capable of good writing? I'll consider the small chance that he maybe is, and was just taking advantage of the popularity of a generic harem.

Niseoi wasn't popular enough for that.

I think they're referring to what happened with Kikajima. Who is shown to have a child, but we never learn who the father/husband was.

Everyone but Y-san.

He is. Well, Double Arts was fun.



>[Angry breast noises]

Babies ever after was literally the only cliche he hadn't used. Hopefully he got the trash out of his system and his next IP will be decent.

No it's because she's best girl

>she's best girl