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Praise the great Nigel


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the dwarves will mass produce Rubedo, this is the end for Nazarick


Is the new volume translated yet?

Considering I asked this just before the thread died, I'm just going to ask again:
How likely do you guys think is it for there to be some non-nendoroid figurine that I would not have to hide if I have visitors? I dig pic related but there's no way I can openly display that.

Know your place, low life form.

Wiki was written by a retard and mixes several things.
>8th Tier: This magic tier was a normal level that level 100 players used on a daily basis in YGGDRASIL.
Ainz just said that lvl 100 players were using only 8th and higher tiers in fight.

Speaking of magic, anyone remember when you first start learning Super-Tier Magic? Was it 70 or 80?

Hail Hydra

Prologue is out. It's going to take a few weeks until the whole thing is complete.

Considering that a lot of the higher tier spells have relatively long cooldowns, how did they farm mobs?

>And then there was Shalltear, the best one-on-one fighter. She could serve as a trump card against a strong foe. In addition, there was another reason why he wanted to use Shalltear.
>there was another reason why he wanted to use Shalltear

the prologue is

Ainz is going to propose

>relatively long cooldowns
They don't have cooldowns period, only Super tier have cooldowns

There's the anime ED one, where Albedo is leaned forward as if leaping with her arms wide open, kinda like pic provided.
70, for a default max total of 30 at level 100.
Only for the fanfic though.



>get home from hard day at work
>Prologue is finished

i'a, i'a hydra

expect a chapter a day or so

still Mare was first :^)

Is PPP worth watching?

>there was another reason why he wanted to use Shalltear
Either a chance for Chair to redeem herself or [Gate] spell.

If you want short skits about the combat maids, its light-hearted so it's a good break.



I hope Nigel's dick grows a few more inches overnight


I hope it shortens and shrinks! the man can barely carry the damn thing these days!

I swear if half the volume is going to be The Daily Lives of Dwarves I'm gonna punch Maruyama in the face.

If his dick gets any bigger he wont be able to stand.

You WILL read about dwarves and LIKE it

Prologues are always like that, user. Like when we got an awful lot of detail about lizards fishing.

He needs some humus now, otherwise it's going to impede his trans efforts! I've been playing CoC too much lately

Bruh, that's exactly what you're gonna get, sucks to be you if you hate it, I loved the lizards and I'm up for a round two with dorfs.

Only the prologue and part of chapter 1

Lizards weren't even that bad, but Cocytus is shit, he ruined the whole arc with his retardation.

Anyone has a comparison of Vol 11's thickness compared to, say, the previous few volumes? Number of pages?

I don't know the exact number, but vol.11 is the longest volume to date.

What's the status on the panda?


Dont bull Cocytus he is trying his best

Spoiler from Ch 2

Cocytus x Entoma is sailing away Nabetard x Cocytus is kill

Why would you care about all that? Are you not secure enough in your social circle, that you can discuss and openly show stuff like that?

So will Gondo be the next Philip or the next Climb?

He is the next Enri

I hope he becomes a drinking buddy.
>Is constantly impressed with how Ainz can drink him under the table
>To drunk to notice the alcohol puddle at Ainz's feet.

At 70 gaining a charge every 10 levels for a total of 4 super tier spells per day. Special classes may increase this.

He looks like Dwarf!Ainzach.

All done scanning and cleaning the doujinshi
Starting uploading in a moment.


>someone else notices

>What? The great hero? Get lost, making shit up again...
>No wait, he must be so strong he has to drink more than his bladder can hold before he gets drunk
>Oooh, sasuga Momon-san



>people hated the lizards arc
Why? It almost felt like it was it's own story completely seperate from Overlord. It was like reading the Total war game that I would never get.

so how long is it expected to take between updates?

doing god's work ect.

>Don't you see, Momon is so pure the vile substance is forced out of his body.

Serves me right, thanks for noticing that though

>it's own story completely separate from Overlord
You answered your own question user.

One week per part was the usual.
Nigel-sama blessed us with both the Prologue and Part 1 of Chapter 1 today, but don't get used to it.

11pm at GMT +8 for the fanfic



Its a new race and new culture so if we go by the introduction of others.
Yes most likely we will learn alot about overall behaviour and politics, culture, daily life and fears of the dwarfs.

I am not angry about it...because its Overlord strong points "World Building"

I should also have this doujinshi laying around somewhere doujinshi.org/book/887187/ but it's much less interesting. Demiurge summons a greater demon/demons to screw Albedo because her hornyness is reaching annoying levels.

How did you even manage to finish the other volumes? Overlord is nothing but world building, fanservice and keikakus.

i'm pretty sure overlord's strength is the moe japanese salesman skeleton

More than just the prologue mate, check again.

>No Lupu Ahego at the hands of the other Pled maids yet

season 2 will fix this

He's technically the next Enfi, since he's the only one interested in reviving the art of runes that his father tried to restore.

That pretty much lines up like a perfect jigsaw puzzle with Ainz's goals, so he's gonna be the external smithing department head kinda like how Enfi is the external alchemy department head.

Go hog wild. I already got few complaints on IRC on how too dark the scans look.

>implying Albedo would let anyone or thing but Ainz bone her

Why not just go for a fellow ho?.

>Renner keeps raping Climb in his sleep

Girls don't count user.

Yes, indeed it can be good literature piece for tonight evening. I look forward to it.

I'm curious too, but we'll have to see what Ainz-sama has planned. After all. we mortals can't hope to comprehend the numerous steps that Ainz-sama foresees ahead

Also, I can't wait to read the banters Aura and Shalltear will have.

>You'll be in Sector 8821
>8821..Caloric Stones then?

Caloric Stones...where have I heard that before?

Thats exactly why, also didnt concubines have to learn how to have sex with their fellow concubines in order to please their master?

Well technically, hm. It's not rape if they both want it right?

Ah well, we've all taken advantage of a passed-out guy or two, right? It's not a problem as long as they don't remember.

**Where the hell is the epilogue?**

>He doesn't know

Depends on the culture. Many concubines learn from each other,but I doubt most actually had sex together.

Praise Ainz Ooal Gown! Praise Nigel!

I'm a bit confused, last thread it sounded like there was more than just the prologue translated, this is not the case I assume?

ch1 part 1 is also up

Part 1 of chapter 1 is also translated


A part of chap 1 was done.

We were lucky to get both the Prologue and Ch1p1 in one day, I wonder if it will keep up at that pace I hope so

Daily reminder that Enri will be the hero to defeat Ainz

The prologue and part of ch1 were pretty ok

Enri loyalty is not much lower than Nazarick citizens.

>Implying Shalltear wont abuse her position as head wife to have sex with Ainz concubines aka Yuri, EE and Solution.

Enri will be the hero the kingdom neither needs or wants but Nazarick requires. The hero to finally kill the mighty Momon!

How far did the WN for overlord get?
Is there a divergence between the WN and the LN?

WN ended at round vol9 (LN wise) I think

From vol 9 onwards Nazarick becomes a vassal of the Empire instead of doing its own thing and Ainz goes to magic academy.


>Cocytus is now in charge of the forest of tob

Hey, our man got a promotion.

>forgot that Overlord came out
>this thread
>head over and read

now I suffer the lack of more

>one of Nazarick's keikaku is the Enri Emmot Raising Project
It even has Lupus filling in for Kaworu.

will we get our fanfic daily like last time?

>Ainz being waited on by tomboy maid that day

I'm fucking jealous

You'll get it when you get it and like it

wasn't it weekly last time?

we'll find out tomorrow

>“You're terrible. You're as bad as Solution. Why are my little sisters like this? Really, the only good one is Shizu… although I suppose Entoma isn't a bad girl.

CZ confirmed for best Pleiades

Threadly reminder: Do not ask for translations in Overlord threads. Do not ask where to find translations in Overlord threads.

>wanting a good girl
just look at that stain

What sort of bug does Entoma have in her pussy?

Incidentally, what I put up every day is what the chink finish translating or finish doling out for the day; it doesn't necessarily correspond to a full part of a chapter as Maruyama numbers it.

That said they have a full team working on this, with a main editor and so on, so progress should be pretty brisk.

I read that as lizards fisting

I disagree, fellow anonymous poster.
I think we should share this illegal translations among ourselves in order to make sure that everyone can enjoy them.
As a matter of fact, why don't you share the link right now? I'm sure it would make everyone really happy.

And yet you manage alone. Truly the successor of Rogue Translator and other godly fan translators.

Nigga, we're supposed to call them fanfics, the fagmods go apeshit on this

I can't wait for PPP

No, it was daily. Like this time.

If Shalltear is Peroronchinos daughter (according to Ainz) then if he and Shalltear had a daughter, would she be her sister?

Shiki can kill Guardians, discuss

Rubedo's Stats:

HP: 100
MP: 100
Phy Atk: 100
Phy Def: 100
Agility: 100
Mag Atk: 100
Mag Def: 100
Resist: 100
Special: 100

This is probably accurate, right?


No, it's:
HP: 9999999
MP: 0
Phy Atk: 1
Phy Def: 9999999
Agility: 0
Mag Atk: 1
Mag Def: 9999999
Resist: 9999999
Special: 0

Nvever forget "The Daily Live of Walking Corpse-Sama"

Where do you read vol 11 prologue?

>Relatives: Kagura Inou (mother/half-sister)


isn't that the guy who is immortal because he fucks his descendants ?

Google "Volume 10 Overlord blogspot"

No, he is immortal because he has a magic amulet.
Fucking his descendants is just his hobby.

nah he just fuck all his kids and feed them super drug so his kids can have more kids early

well in one of the game you actually play as the girl and try to get his dick
seem more like they just recon him to be their dad/brother/grandfather/greatgrandfather later on


Ainz chose flat chests that wouldn't get stuck in dwarven tunnels thanks to their aerodynamics.

To make Shalltear feel useful since she's still depressed after the events of Volume 3. This is an opportunity for her to redeem herself.

Ainz is going to spread the glory of DFC to this ignorant dwarves and their stacked women.

Can anyone even begin to compete with Philip?

Make it happen, Ainz-sama. I fully support this!


I miss humiefag.

pic related when

Underrated post.

when ainz goes dragon killing, or perhaps when some dwarves see a dragon

>a tunnel of around 180cm across was broad enough for them
Which Nazarick females would have trouble going through these tunnels?

Everyone who isn't Entoma, Aura or Shalltear, which is probably why Ainz choose those two.
No idea how the fuck he is going to get through, though.

Holy fuck, where can I find more of this dudes art? Does series have an artbook for these covers that goes with it?

It's so fucking cool to look at. Plus here's a bigger version of OP's picture.

Someone have a link of the prologue?

Isn't Ainz a manlet? Though in the anime he's huge, around Cocytus size.

unconfirm spoiler

in the epilogue of vol11 we have a bit of time skip and Lup teling Enri, Ainz have fallen in battle.

And Lupu smell scents of semen on Enri


Warboss Hero Enri incoming?

I'm not trusting any of your shady spoilers till N-sama says something about it.

just search So Bin and I'm sure you'll find more

yep, last time this happened people went full saiyan when they heard of the 'phillip slapped albedos buttocks' part that turned out to be not true

How does Lupu know how semen's smell? Did she rape some shotas in Carne Village or was she masturbating thinking in Ainz or something?

he touched her shoulder though which is close enough in ye old times. Ainz confirmed for gravely wounded.

>Ainz confirmed for gravely wounded.
can you actually read nip?

It would make a good arc, ainz faking his death to test enri's loyalty and increase her power.

She probably learnt that from Solution

Nah, might be just a doppelganger.

Bet vol 12 will be about Demiurge wrecking shit in Holy Kingdom.

"Ainz" pretends to fall in battle due to Jaldabaoth and his invading Demon army in E-Rantel (self sacrifice) -> Enri goes to help Ainz with her army of Goblins/Orcs, gets Momon (actually Ainz) to help her -> Battle ensues in E-Rantel with Humans/Demis/Etc. fighting together, further decreasing the segregation between their various species


No but I can read english and Ainz is confirmed for gravely wounded, most likely by PDL

But isn't an arc usually 3 volumes, how will vol. 11 tie with that?

How does Solution know what semen smell like? Did she joined Shalltear in one of her orgies?

Enri built a reserve harem with Goblins

PDL isn't in Holy Kingdom.

>No but I can read english and Ainz is confirmed for gravely wounded, most likely by PDL
Making fake spoilers on the spot sure is hard

PDL can us his puppet armor to travel wherever he wants with Wild Magic, which coincidentally surpasses WCI. Now that PDL knows he can take over the Caloric Stone mines he'll mass produce his own Rubedo Golem army. The clock is ticking for Nazarick.

>turns out it's actually that humiefag people mentioned merely taking his time after Vol. 11 was released to make up stuff before going out over the blue yonder.
ayy to the lmao

>NW has access to an infinite supply of WCI
>Demi is already fucking up in the Holy Kingdom and ruining Ainz's plans
volume 11 is my oyster

shill harder. slide harder.
shut. it. down.

>Ainz's plans
There is no such thing.

I was only asking a question of whether you can read nip or not to confirm what you merely claim, but you outed yourself instead with your humie thing-a-majig

look im not insane, I'll show you the master plan of NW to defeat Nazarick after volume 11 is translated but so far it's not looking good

>WCI are nothing special in NW
>Renner causing rebellion in Nazarick
>BS has a plethora of Divine Items
>PDL might be stronger than we previously imagined
>Ainz further showing off his incompetence

>> 1 4 7 9 5 7 5 2 5 (Hue)
shill harder. slide harder.
shut. it. down.

>NW losers have one confirmed WCI. Nazarick has 11.
>Renner still can't figure out crop rotation.
>BS has shitty lvl 40-50 equipment
>PDL is lvl 60 confirmed. He'll get raped by Sebas' dragon cock.
>Ainz is a keikaku master

Stay butthurt, humie.

Reminder that Ainz-sama allows humans to keep their beliefs even if they're retarded.
Try to learn from Ainz-sama tolarance and kindness and do not engage.

Oh yeah... look at that pull-pull.

The bitch loves it.

garbage incapable of fighting, Ainz said so himself

More like superiors abuse their power and sexually harass low rank employee at the workplace

>S-Sebas is weak because I say so!

PDL is confirmed to be lvl 60 trash. Even Nabe would rape him. Dragon Lords are a joke. The NW is a joke.

I'm trying to think of what advantage Ainz would gain from faking his death, and I can't think of one. Getting the only sane and kind member of Nazarik removed from PR and diplomacy just sounds stupid.

PDL is at least 70 but levels don't matter anymore

Gear > Levels

NW has access to many things that Yggdrasil abilities do not protect against and can be used as trump cards. MA, talents, Wild Magic, and now Runes. Next volume will introduce even more NW specific abilities that destroy Nazarick. A shitty sword with a rune completely bypassed Ainz's passives.

>interpreting Ainz's statement in a way that supports your pathetic NW superiority narrative

Humiefags are children. Cry some more, humie.

>completely bypassed Ainz's passive
How did that worked out for Gazef, user?

>A shitty sword with a rune completely bypassed Ainz's passives.
And dealt a whopping ONE (1) point of damage

PDL is lvl 60, humie. Levels determine everything.

Levels > Gear

Nazarick has superior levels, gear, stats, abilities, items, etc.

The NW is garbage. Stay butthurt, humie.

You mean the Remote armor that was destroyed in one hit and is consequently sitting in a trash heap?

>I'm trying to think of what advantage Ainz would gain from faking his death, and I can't think of one.
You can try to think more.
By making your enemies think you are weak or defenseless, you incite them to make open actions and reveal themselves.

In other words, "here new worlders, there's free cake!"
Of course nobody knows that THE CAKE IS A LIE

simple, no?

>PDL is at least 70
what are his racial levels, then? 5 in old, 5 in ancient, 5 in super ancient, 5 in really ancient, 5 in dawn of the world? fucker isn't even first generation

he's like 54

Hey retard, you do realize the sword didn't even touch Ainz, right? The sword didn't bypass anything, Ainz only said it could; you're acting as though Gazef was actually able to lay a finger on Ainz. Ainz one-shotted your pathetic humie warrior.

user, you're falling for the humiefag's propaganda. Remember that Ainz killed Gazef before he could actually do anything. Gazef dealt zero damage to Ainz.

>Lupu lives in your village
>You're a teenaged farmboy, who will never have even the slightest shot with her, or a middleaged farmer married to some fat cow who squirted out your kids
>Questionable bathing and hygiene among the lower class
>Scene missing
>Lots of men in the village smell like semen since Lupu started living there

Not the troll, but are you trying to say that Certain Death is stronger than a child of the Dragon Emperor? Seriously? That guy can by himself cast an explosion so mighty, that the Queen from the Dragonic Kingdom would need to sacrifice around one million of humans to make an explosion comparable to it.

And no way she is only Level 1.

I thought he used it one himself to see if it worked
Or did he just examine it and instantly know it could damage him?

confirmed by ainz, BS already beat Shalltear so Sebas will be child's play

Gazef is level 30 doing dmg = level 60 (so doubled his levels) PDL at 60 will do dmg at level 120 with Runes

Like I said Gear > Levels

Gazef doesn't have a bunch of divine and WCI items laying around, and PDL has Wild Magic which is stronger than WCI as stated in Volume 10

World saviour(he was one of 13 Heroes), hero of justice, maybe some ruler classes too, considering he helps to run the Republic and a son of the Dragon Emperor.

And don't tell me Dragon Lords can only have racial levels.

He examined it and said it could kill him, then pulled a random enchanted sword and hit himself, showing that it did nothing.
This implies that the same action with the other sword would do some kind of damage, but we don't know how much.

Die in a fire.

>confirmed by ainz
[citation needed]

>Gazef is level 30 doing dmg = level 60 (so doubled his levels)
[citation needed]

>PDL has Wild Magic which is stronger than WCI as stated in Volume 10
[citation needed]

seriously, fuck off

I knew he hit himself with something
Thanks m8

>Gazef is level 30 doing dmg = level 60 (so doubled his levels) PDL at 60 will do dmg at level 120 with Runes
Force Edge or whatever it is called isn't a level 60 or more weapon, it's a weapon that simply ignores Ainz's passives, learn to read.

Shalltear rekt the BS, they were forced to use their trump card which they botched, then they had to retreat like the pathetic NW trash they are. Pleiades > BS

PDL is a lvl 60 scrub. Sebas > PDL

Gazef had to really on shitty dwarven runes and still couldn't lay a finger on Ainz. Gazef is a lvl 30 scrub with a shitty lvl 30 sword.

Levels >>> Gear

WCI > Tiered Magic > Wild Magic

dragons don't work, are you retarded?

i guess he does have experience in a few fields though:
hibernation: 3 lv
solitaire: 5 lv
masturbation: 5 lv

Dragon Lords can only have racial levels. Stay butthurt, humie.

>confirmed by ainz
"He was currently carrying out managerial duties in E-Rantel, assisted by Tsuareninya. It should be fine to bring him out with Pandora’s Actor around, but the matter of his fighting power left him a little uneasy."

>Gazef is level 30 doing dmg = level 60 (so doubled his levels)
Ainz has high-tier phy nullification which works up to level 60

Gazef a level 30 was able to dmg and kill Ainz. Ainz luckily has time-stop or he would have died (Ainz melee skills are only around ~30 like Gazef)

>PDL has Wild Magic which is stronger than WCI as stated in Volume 10
“The power of the gods, ‘Downfall of Castle and Country’, will probably not work on
that fellow who can use wild magic, unlike with the Catastrophe Dragon Lord. How about
using it on the Sorcerer King?”

False, it generates energy to deal at a minimum level 60 dmg. Common sense.

Chair was mind controlled and BS almost defeated Nazarick by pure accident in Volume 3

levels don't matter as much as Gear. Ainz said this himself when metnioning how a level 100 cocytus would never have the same level of armor strength as a Divine Item.

A really shitty Rune could kill him. Ainz said so himself.

Wild Magic > WCI

Was it confirmed already that Gazef's sword was a dwarven weapon? And don't call it shitty, it was certainly of a higher quality than Gazef himself.

>WCI > Tiered Magic > Wild Magic
Headcanon comparable to that "humiefag" troll with his "Renner single-handedly destroys Nazarick".

Shut the fuck up humiefag

Stay butthurt

>Gazef's sword was a dwarven weapon
Not known. Also it's probably not runes or Ainz would have mentioned it.

>Tiered Magic > Wild Magic
This is true. Wild Magic was replaced by Tiered Magic exactly because Tier is better.
Of course, there might be a few wild magics that are better, but generally speaking Tier is superior.
I don't see how WCIs fit in that rank.

Gazef is level 27 with a sword of razor edge doing level 27 damage.

>>Gazef is level 30 doing dmg = level 60 (so doubled his levels)
Ainz said he ment the bear minimum fir fighting him, even if the sword hit, it would have done incredibly low damage.

?????you're a fucking spaz dude

Ainz has wild magic too, so whoop-dee-fuckin-doo.

>Was it confirmed already that Gazef's sword was a dwarven weapon
Razor's Edge is the lowest class rune in D&D

Also, consider that volume 10 wasn't planned and Ainz was going to visit the Dwarves about runes immediately after 9.

How is "WCI > Tiered Magic > Wild Magic" a head canon?

I think it's pretty clear that WCIs are superior to both Tiered and Wild magic. Some WCIs can even "change the world".

Tiered Magic being superior to Wild Magic is canon. Wild Magic requires sacrifices, tiered magic does not. Wild Magic can only be used by Dragon Lords or those with dragon ancestry, anyone can use tiered magic. Tiered magic replaced Wild Magic in the NW due to it's superiority.

>I don't see how WCIs fit in that rank

Humiefag often brings up his delusional head canon of:

"Wild Magic > WCI"

So I correct him by showing him how Wild Magic isn't even close to WCI level.

>False, it generates energy to deal at a minimum level 60 dmg. Common sense.

The sword has less energy than a shitty sword Ainz has that can't hurt him.

>dragons don't work
The Five Dragon Councillors of Agrand Council Alliance (one of whom is PDL, by the way) beg to differ.

And stop comparing PDL to some lazy scrub who might not even be a real Dragon Lord and who has 8 Levels before getting beaten to death by the strongest King of Quagoa.

Platinum Dragon Lord said that the introduction of Yggdrasil magic made Wild Magic more unstable and/or weaker. I wouldn't say that it's all thanks to the Tiered Magic, more like it's all thanks to whatever pulled all that video game stuff in their world in the first place.

So a level 27 almost killed Ainz, even sadder.

The bare minimum is level 60. So Gazef was doing way more damage than he had any right to do with a shitty rune.

Ainz can't gain levels or learn any non-Yggdrasil mechanics. NW has none of these restrictions and the potential for infinite growth is there.

And yet it could kill him. Ainz clearly doesn't understand how, but the fact remains he could die to it. Ainz is lucky he had time-stop magic.

>So I correct him by showing him how Wild Magic isn't even close to WCI level.
you didn't prove anything you just cry "no way im right you're wrong"

Where as I provided this quote

“The power of the gods, ‘Downfall of Castle and Country’, will probably not work on
that fellow who can use wild magic, unlike with the Catastrophe Dragon Lord. How about
using it on the Sorcerer King?”

See what I mean? Wild Magic > WCI

>It should be fine to bring him out with Pandora’s Actor around, but the matter of his fighting power left him a little uneasy.
That's simply Ainz being overly cautious and paranoid like he always is. He wouldn't leave by himself either and summoned numerous level 80 angels to follow him, not to mention the assassins.

>Gazef a level 30 was able to dmg and kill Ainz
We don't know that. All we know is that the weapon was able to do damage to him, when he says it can "kill" him, he only meant so in the bare minimum sense, in that the weapon could damage him at all. Re-read the passage.

>will probably not work on
that fellow who can use wild magic
They haven't tested DoCaC on him. It's just a presumption that it won't work on PDL.

>and BS almost defeated Nazarick by pure accident in Volume 3
At worst, Ainz would have died. He wasn't carrying his Guild Weapon with him, so it isn't like the Guild would've ceased to exist.

>post count the same after 20 minutes
>nazarick and humie samefag spamming again

Why hasn't he been banned yet?

I bring up good points and make you think

Gazef didn't do any damage, humie. Stay butthurt.

Is the Sorcerous Kingdom a socialist or capitalist country?

>Probably. Probably. Probably. Probably. Probably.

This is your proof, humie? You're pathetic.

a 'small enterprise company' in a sense

>How is "WCI > Tiered Magic > Wild Magic" a head canon?
Mainly because the heads of the Theocracy don't want to risk it by using their WCI on PDL and failing. That means either that they already tried using the Dress on somebody with Wild Magic and failed or they just might be wrong. We don't know for now. But deciding against going against Ainz was a right decision so maybe they are right about Wild Magic blocking the WCI too.

And I don't say that Wild Magic is clearly superior to anything, it's different.

Are you still butthurt about Retard Renner not being able to figure out crop rotation?

Socialist. Nfirea, adventurers guild, and now Dwarven forges are all supported and sanctioned by the government.
If that's what you're asking.

a level 27 almost hit him and did 1 point of damage to his massive health pool.

A level 100 could wail on Ainz with that sword for two hours and not kill him.

It could very well just be them going by the logic of, "This guy is pretty powerful and is capable of using the oldest magic known to us, let's not even bother risking using our WCI on him, because we don't know how it would turn out."

If they were certain that WCI doesn't work on Wild Magic holders, then they wouldn't have used "probably" in that sentence.




Eclair one-shots Gazef. The guy couldn't even win against Ainz with a fancy lvl 30 dwarvern sword. The NW is a joke.

It's a magocracy.

>a level 27 almost hit him and did 1 point of damage to his massive health pool.
I love how Nazarickfags keep bringing this up? How do you know it would do 1 dmg if it hit?

Eclair would be defeated by Phillip

Look at this

user, Shalltear = female. Vamp Brides = female.

Female = No Semen.

Unless Bird-bro gave Shalltear some item that spray semen at enemies.

Which kinda sounds like a WCI.

Eclair one-shots PDL. Checkmate, humiefag.

Eclair > PDL

Stay butthurt, humie.

Uh.. are you FBI-kun or Mossad-kun?

Philip is a Nazarick disinfo agent sent by Demiurge to spy on Albedo, so she can't do any creepy things behind Ainz's back.

Did you even read Vol. 10?

Eclair is stronger than the entire NW. That's how pathetic humies are.

Eclair >>> PDL

So Nazarick can't even trust itself? Not looking good, the day of the Renner induced rebellion draws near.

>Two of the Thirteen Heroes were YGGDRASIL players, including the leader. For some unknown reason, the leader killed the other player and was mortally wounded. He refused to be revived by his fellow companions, and both of them perished.

Is this Wiki full of shit because I don't even remember this being said in any of the Volumes

>Eclair even touching Philip Dragon Lord
Ha-ha. Or wait, was it Philip Dandy Lord?

It's true, it's in Volume 7 Intermission.

Eclair > lvl 60 garbage tier PDL

Stay butthurt, humiefag.

Sure, but we just don't know if they are right or wrong for now.

Will bard Demiurge breed this frog?

Ainz has the defense of a level 50 warrior, Gazef is a level 27.

How would you know it would kill Ainz in one hit?

And remember it would take all of NW to hold Nazarick in their tomb.

No, it's already a miraculous frog+cat+human Chimera. Like Laius from Dungeon Meshi said, Chimeras work look best when it's only 3 or 2 animals beautifully merged together.

I'd wager that when it gets to "special rules," New World/wild magic and, I'm just going to lump it all together as, Yggdrasil-effects do not understand how to work with each other.

So, a new worlder throws a punch. Both "systems" of reality understand the punch and have extrapolations for how it would work, how much force/damage the punch would have to it, etc. A new worlder then casts a fireball Tiered attack spell. Within certain boundaries, both systems can recognize what is happening. Fire is appearing, it is so and so hot, and explodes with however much force/does so much damage over a certain space.

When you get into the higher levels, they tend to get confused. Wild Magic doesn't understand what a "level" is or what it means to have a certain amount of data put into a thing. Yggdrasil-effects don't understand the meaning of a "soul" or what the fuck runes are supposed to represent.

awhile ago i compared ainz's phys. attack, defense, and agility with the average per level for all the other npc warriors, clerics, and druids, and he was around level 57 equivalent.

Is it always bait or do humiefags actually believe the shit they make up?

>Philip Dandy Lord
>Level 60
He is actually Level 77 or closer to Level 88. When he has to impress those simpletons of the Kingdom and Nazarick, he turns into a flashy Level 99. But he's true power is that of Level 111.

>How would you know it would kill Ainz in one hit?
because he used time-stop to specially avoid letting it hit. He never did that before in any fight, Ainz was terrified of the Rune.

Gazef could hurt him so he was dealing dmg well beyond level 50 aka level 60 minimum

>Ainze was terrified of the Rune
More like he was demonstrating the actual gap between the NW and himself. Even if you have the slimmest of chances it doesn't mean shit if you don't even get the chance to try it.

Eclair rapes your pathetic humie champion Gazaef and one-shots lvl 60 PDL. The NW is so weak, it's sad.

Gazef is lvl 30 trash with a shitty sword. Eclair is stronger. Stay butthurt, humie.

Eclair one-shots PDL, Gazef, BS, CD, Retard Renner, etc.

Stay butthurt, humiefag.

>He never did that before in any fight
Yes he did. He used it multiple times during his massacre with Foresight.

>Ainz was terrified of the Rune
Nowhere is this implied.

Let's assume that Gazef's weapon could indeed do level 60 damage. It isn't stated anywhere, but let's assume that it can.

Even if it did hit him, Ainz doesn't have to worry since he boasts a large enough health pool to fight toe-to-toe with Shalltear (taking numerous direct hits from her weapon) and her gear is by-and-large much stronger than Gazef, not to mention her minmaxed stats.

Ainz was never afraid of the weapon, it was a bare minimum weapon that could do damage to him, but that's it. It was a curiosity to him and he wanted to keep it to satisfy his collection autism. If Ainz was actually afraid he would've reacted as such, given that he's such a paranoid fuck over even the smallest things.

is there a tag for this on boorus

Gazef is a mutt born of a human father and bara-bara-man mother. He can't be considered a humie champion, this title belongs to Certain Death, "a human girl who doesn't like others looking at her ears for some reason".

You seem to forget that Gazef doesn't have level 60 atk with or without that sword, it can merely go through ainz's low tier nullification.

It's just sad how you can't accept the obvious truth that Eclair is stronger than the NW. Nazarick's penguin is stronger than your pathetic humie champions. Stay butthurt, humiefag.

You deserve to get bullied, humie.

I want to bully you, humie.

Come back when Eclair can at least seize the throne of Nazarick and call himself an Overlord. If even Renner and the mighty Overlord Philip (pic related is the mighty Overlord Philip and some hoes) can do it, than he can do it too, right?

>Slane Theocracy is established by their Gods, some of which are confirmed to be non-human
>They hate non-humans

either way it's a very powerful ability on a low-tier Rune no matter how you spin it.

>Yes he did. He used it multiple times during his massacre with Foresight.
not as the very first move. Ainz absolutely did not want to let Razor Edge hit him. A level 27 made Ainz go all out in fear of the unknown.

you missed the point

Only Surshana was, as far as we know, and it's acceptable for the God of Death to look like Death itself.

>Retard Renner still can't figure out how to implement crop rotation
>Walking Corpse-sama is an eternal virgin

Your humie champions are pathetic, humiefag. The NW is a joke.


It's literally 'presenting_panties' on cardboardbox

>people still using that awful name Ainz thought up for Shalltear even 7 volumes later
Honyopenyoko has got to be the worst name I've ever heard

>not as the very first move. Ainz absolutely did not want to let Razor Edge hit him. A level 27 made Ainz go all out in fear of the unknown.

He was in a manly honor duel, he want full manmode on Gazef as a show of respect.

When i think back on the fight, i think Ainz just wanted to end the duel as "peacefully" as possible for he respected Gazef, not that he was afraid of the attack, therefore using time stop. Both explicitly and implicitly i can see no fear in ainz within the text, nor does the author foreshadow or state that this is a dangerous attack. Rather he stated in the narrative that it could damage him, but this leans more towards Ainz justifying this one-sided duel that could never go in Gazefs favor, timestop or not. I believe you are blowing up the situation.

Bait harder, Nazarick is full of eternal virginias screaming "Treason!" whenever anybody manlier than others brings home some booty.

Reminder that you two are responding to a humie troll.

I can see your point and will entertain the possibility of Ainz not wanting to disrespect the man he fell in love with in volume 1

Spoken like a true virgin. Sasuga humiefag, you really want some Nazarick cock to shut you up, don't you?

Yea, but he's a humiefag. Kind of my place to defend my lord and savior Ainz-sama

>some Nazarick cock
See how you didn't say "Ainz's cock"? Lol.

Is Ainz the only virgin king in the land? What does Albedo, Shalltear and the rest of Nazarick think about that?

He probably became a god and lost his body.

>implying he's a virgin
He's had too many slimes inside of him. He's not pure anymore.

>What does Albedo, Shalltear and the rest of Nazarick think about that
>implying they think
Renner is the only member of Nazarick who will be thinking, everyone else is a mindless drone.

Reminder to everyone; humiefags desperately want Nazarick cock. Don't give it to them; tease and cuck them. Humiefags are pathetic cucks, treat them as such.

What is Clem doing in Pure Pure Pleiades? She is neither a Pleiade nor is she Pure Pure.

Foreshadowing the Zuranon arc

humiefag here, I can't help it. I am addicted to Nazarick dick. I just want to bury my head in a heteromorph's crotch after they've spent a whole day of terrorizing humies and inhale the sweet smell of sweat and precum till my head goes blank. I want them to to rail my butt and then squeeze me as hard as they can as they empty their balls and my boipussy sucks out all thier white juice of life into my fertile asswomb. I want to do this every day till I become pregnant with their monster offspring which I will carry in my tummy till their birth

She wants a hug.

New name for Enri by nips:
Bloody Enri Shogun

What if some of them show up in Vol.12, clearly angry with Jaldabaoth for stealing their "Terrorist off the New World" job?

what did they call her before?

Then they are going to get some good time.

I prefer the Warrrghboss variants.

Where have I read that before...

why does gazef wear his wild magic ring on his left ring finger? did he fuck rigrit for it?

Cause he is married to the sword.

The Gods, Yggdrasil players, saw how fucking horrible it was to be a human, and so over the course of their rule, they implemented a number of practices to allow humans to create land where they weren't raised as a food source.

They have to be extreme or else they'll get plowed over by the natural racial levels and advantages of literally any other intelligent species.

Basically this. I don't know why autists don't understand that Gazef or any other NWer would literally collapse from exhaustion before Ainz runs out of HP and/or MP from their attacks. Not to mention he can teleport away and back at any time.

Pussy-bug. It's like the Lip-bug but for pussies.

FDL was killed instantly by Ainz's magic.

No he got raped in submission by Shalltear+Aura.

Just read spoilers about frost dragon.
There were 3 frost dragons, 2 died with heart grasp(frost dragon daddy included) while last one ran away as soon as he sensed danger with transition magic.

No FDL was killed by Ainz and Shalltear just slaughter the Kuagoa into submission and they even planned to overthrown FDL out of fear.

>frost dragon daddy included
You mean the Dragon Lord?

Use spoiler tags.

>they couldn't even resist heart grasp
Dragons are officially low-level trash



so why did they attack

[3 Frost Dragon]
Who is the other one that got killed?

About elf country It will be most likely be an enemy since elf king is a scum who likes rape.Nips compared him to one of hokuto no ken villains.
Use the fucking spoiler tags.

They were jews. Told Ainz to leave his styilish clothes behind and leave or they would kill him.

Not the guy with spoilers, but I would guess it was one of DL's underlings.

is the fanfic translated yet?

Yeah that guy is a scum that needs to be killed.

Elf king got compared to pic related.

>Elf rapIST king Hokuto no Ken villain type


Sounds like a treasure hoarding dragon all right, so the one that shit his scales and ran going to alert the other dragonlords, i assume

Don't forget to brandish your spears when there are Knife Ears nearby.

It seems that Elf King is the father of you know who.

>Dragon lords supposed to be the top of the powerlevel chain in NW


Weakling who couldn't use Wild Magic. I bet even Elves have someon stronger among them.

first he is a musclebrain, now he even likes rape too. What next, an Orc like tree and vegetables ?

Well we have a war troll, who is quite civil than an typical war troll like guu.


Just think of him as one of the greed kings.

Technically, first would be "there is no intermission in this volume". We are getting closer to truth step by step.

And he is also a cannibal who eats only worthy enemies. Aka that one cool type of cannibal.


How many stereotypes have Maruyama overturned?

-Virgin Succubus
-Loyal scheming demon
-Unwilling Orc / Troll breeding
-Rapist Elves
-Retarded mage
-Compassionate manwoman


>Compassionate manwoman
Say what? Pic related would be the only villainous manwoman that I know of. They are usually used as comic relief characters.

Rather then completely overturning stereotypes, he seem more like knowing how to create simple and interesting characters. He doesn't overturn dwarven stereotypes, but he do add some interesting details like tunnel doctors. And you could remember to have seen your typical trolls like Goo and one civilized Go Gin.

I dunno, most amazoness types are portrayed to be pretty brutal.

Renner - pure pretty princess who is actually a masterful schemer and manipulator

Raeven - seemingly ambitious scheming noble who is actually a nice guy

Climb - shonen hero who is actually completely useless even with muh willpower

Slaine Theocracy - incredibly moral human supremacists (if the Elf King rapebabbied CD then a lot is explained)

Brain - minmaxed muh katana swordsman who rounds out and becomes a decent human bean

Is she slipping her panties off in the second panel?

Passionate hugs

-Coming inside a girl

-Main heroine is actually the main antagonist

>Elf King is a rapist

So is this Maruyamas way of taking the piss out of that one LN with the Super Edgy NTRing MC?

Which?There are many.

So guys, if we ever get to see it how much will the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown boost Ainz's stats?
If i remember in vol1 it drastically boosted his Despair Aura V when he accidentally activated, making the Guardians unable to raise their heads.

I know who you're referrring to with CD, but why did anons use those initials? What do they stand for?

All of them

Certain Death = CD

-Magic can make you do anything, include become melee/range attacker.


Some spoilers I found

Ainz found a sword made by the dwarves that he can use without using perfect warrior.

Elfs with heterochromia could be of elven royalty or nobility, there is a heterochromia elf acting like a noble who could be a descendant of player (according to nips he's too chuuni to be a player)

After the frost dragon lord is killed, the rest of the frost dragons now work as an express home delivery for Ainz.

About the sword nips are worried since Ainz's appraisal was interrupted (they did not say by what) and some even think it may be a WCI(specifically they think that it is the stick WCI that evolved ).

>Slaine Theocracy - incredibly moral human supremacists (if the Elf King rapebabbied CD then a lot is explained)
This is one of my favourite parts about overlord. From vol10 intermission they doesn't seem to be like a bunch of mindless bigots, more like they just using this whole human supremacy thing as way to build national power. If you think about the fact that being eaten and flayed alive by a demihuman hordes is a real and omnipresent threat you can understand Ainz worries about players choosing their side. They also helped to build re-estize kingdom, which is not known for being a human supremacist country, and which they hoped would became the nation to save humanity.

did he keep it?


Bitch, I did read the novels, I'm up to date. Having titles complicates the initials people use to refer to certain characters when they already have a name. I expected ZZ to be used for Zesshi Zetsumei since it seemed unlikely that there would be another character with the letter Z for their initials, no one told me they went with CD for Certain Death.

Finally the hetero thing is cleared up. It has been hinted at numerous times in the previous volumes that there was some meaning towards Elves with heterochromia.

Spoilers didn't say.

>Heterochromia is a elven sign of Nobility
>One of the possible side effects of inbreeding
>One of the Mary Sue favourite traits
No matter how you look it makes perfect sense.

>*an elven
>*at it
Fuck my ESL

It's okay bro, i know that feel too.

>that feel

>using dragon as delivery
sasuga ainz sama

Acting like a noble means acting like a known species of Re-Estize Kingdom noble? Does it means that we are going to get elven Philip who actually have some little power?

>Rape Elf king
>Ainz sends Aura and Mare to talk to him
>Elf king instant like Mare


Ainz is very fucking kind for a guy who doesn't care about anything not from Nazarick, isn't he? I thought he finally found the material for his production of Magic Tier 4+ Scrolls.

This is what the elves are worried about, same for Albedo.

He has 2 dead bodies for that. You can probably still use healing magic on bodies, you just have to make sure you use spells to stop decomposition too.

>Elves worried

What? The Elves at floor 6?

Sorry, miswrote nips. Was watching anime while writing on mobile so i was distracted.
Nips are worried the elf will try to rape some nazarick member, Albedo included.

So elf king will join Philip in walking corpse-san tier?

hello? Why is Clem back in PPP? Explain this vile sorcery to me.

So-Bin willed her back into the story via lewd drawing campaign.

so-bin has a boner for her

let's hope the meme magic continues to the main series

So Bin threathened Maruyama and editor.

>this happens
>Ainz get pissy and scorches Elf kingdom to hell

hooh boy

>even with Nazarick around, Elf commoners have to suffer because of their asshole government
Isn't it sad?

Combined might of So Bin and Aoi.

So-Bin spammed Maruyama with ClemCat Lewds for over a year.

Really? I don't believe. That's just to stupid. Even Narberard wouldn't do so.

>Ainz get pissy

Actually Aura might just do that before Ainz.

Remember the golden rule: Otouto's body belongs to his Onee-chan

"Kneel before Nazarick! All who do so shall be spared. All who do not shall be slain! This is your first and last warning!"

Daily reminder yes.

>implying Elf King wouldn't go after Aura's >boypussy too

Is the ple ple pleades OVA at the drive stop per usual or?

Enri a whore confirmed

Lupus, pls.

Where is the raw you scanned then?

>implying Mare would not destroy everyone

Vol. 11 Spoiler

Dwarves losing their indigenous technology due to common magic.
Dwarves losing ground due to invasive enemy
Daddy Bones massacres the enemy, takes them in as part of AOG, along with the enemy's bosses, which happen to be frost dragons.
Enri fucking Nfi's soul out every night.
Daddy Bones found dead at the end.

Nigel-sama, how many pages today?

I wonder if Nigel ever sleeps desu.

Find out it 6 hours

So, kugua are part of SKOAOG?

Daddy bones died. Guess those nano machines ran out

It is scanned and put up at, wait a minute, I nearly fell for it!

Yeah, they're now part of AOG,
Shalltear helped shape the tribe up by killing about 50k of them out of the entire 80k pop.
In literal minutes.

Lupus is too calm for that.Either it is a lie either Ainz levelled up and lost his body cause he has no more need for it.

and also Ainz turn the Frost Dragons into the air service. It means they became an airliner transportation.

I am sure, she had fun

>Daddy Bones found dead at the end.
define dead for an undead

>that last one
Pls no

It literally ends with Lupus telling Enri that Ainz is dead.

The trailer for the next volume mentioned a duel between Demi and Daddy Bones.
Obviously Daddy Bones being dead is a lie, trying to lure nonbelievers and opposing forces to take action to wipe them out altogether.

Were dwarves amazed by quality of AOG weapons and armors?

Got nuked by WCI/PDL probably. Or PA made some trick.

Vol. 12 opens up with
"Haha~ Get it? Because Ainz-sama is undead~"

Enri, Ainz-sama no longer exists *sob* *sob*
Enri, Ainz-sama is infact dead. Or undead, teehee!

This is obviously a lie, Lup wouldnt keep her calm and rush back to Nazarick at once if it were true.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Enri doesn't know that Ainz is a spooky skellington yet, does she?

I can see happening, then.

Ainz is immune to WCI because he has one on his person at all times.

I could even imagine Lupusregina going apeshit on the villagers just to de-stress

>Correct me if I'm wrong, but Enri doesn't know that Ainz is a spooky skellington yet, does she? >>
She should know by now. 6 months have passed after the visit to dwarves.

The best dwarf craftsmen from way back in history could make weapons with 6 runes engraved, while Daddy Bones showed them one with 20

Indeed, still, I cant see any merit in Ainz faking his death though.

Where did he get one with 20 runes?

Can Ainz just pretend to be dead? Since he is undead i don't think they can say if he is alive or dead

Probably AOG stash, no way the weapons existed post-Yggdrasill

Reminder that Ainz has at least one revival item like Shalltear's, so he wouldn't die even if you killed him

I hope Ainz is dead.

I tought they didnt exist in yggdrasil either. Did one of Ainz's friends make it just for fun and it ended up powering up in NW ?

>Probably AOG stash
But he said runes didn't exist in Yggdrasil, so it can't be from his stash.

iirc his Ring is even better since I think it's a perma autores at the cost of exp each time.

in b4 they hold a big open casket funeral in Carne Village where the villagers come pay their respects to the bones of their savior

Jobs that specialize in engraving runes on equipment weren't discovered in Yggdrasill, but runes themselves may have been pretty common, as simple texture.
Not sure if they had effects in Yggdrasill though.

Probably some retardly complex plan from Demiurge trying to one-up Ainz's Empire-in-3-days keikaku.

see or he could also have faked his defeat via 'protecting his nation' just to gain sympathy of other countries when everyone is dealing with and scared shitless of the evil Jaldabaoth

or maybe he intended both, to lure out those who MC'd Shalltear to take open actions, and to show himself as a compassionate, merciful ruler who cares for his vassals, even at the cost of his "defeat".

>Magic can make you do anything, include become melee/range attacker.
That's just DnD being DnD.

Where are these 2 extra stories from? WN ?

So right now, we know 4 magic systems:
-tier magic
-wild magic
Maybe there are others?

Volume 12 will just be of him lying inside a casket, resting his mind. Meanwhile, Demi and PA throw a huge hamfest on Holy Kingdom grounds.

they came out of thin air. fantasies of a bored mind. fiction following an established story.

Sex magic

I'd think Ainz would recognize the World Savior once he equipped it and saw his stats become nigh-infinite. Silly nips.

I think the "Over Rank" or "Super" magic that level 70+ in Ygg get to cast is neither tier nor wild magic, although one of the spells (Wish) does consume exp like Wild Magic. Consuming exp seems to be a pretty common limitation for high level stuff for obvious reasons.

They say that appraisal got interrupted.

Better question: How many pages are the chinks releasing today?

How can he tell he can use it if he didn't equip it?
I guess we'll have to find out.

As the smoke clears, the Demon King stood tall, over the more lifeless body of the sorcerer king. Momon rushed forward to retreive the fallen kings remains

okay guys I need help.
I know where to get the fanfiction, but was it daily or weekly I forgot

But it is "super tier" by ainz and 11 -tier by ST. It is part of tier magic


Whaddya think Renner will race change into?

It was daily for the rough drafts. I don't know how they're handling it this time since it's not half-chinese this time around.

He equips it, notices that he can use it without Perfect Warrior, and tries to appraise it when an ally dwarf casually interrupts his cast

don't lie to me
right rough drafts and full
welp time to suffer

Anyone else looking forward to a Aura-Chair duel?

Not sure what you mean by talents since so far they seem to be passive abilities more than anything.

There's also martial arts which is basically pic related.

Find out in vol 12, no mention of her or BR in vol 11

If she chooses something other than doppelganger or slime I will seriously doubt her intelligence.

Chair looks so fucking adorable here.

she reminds me of the brat from yuru yuri

Just equipping the Staff of AOG made his stats skyrocket, I'd imagine World Savior would be unspeakably moreso. I guess it's possible he didn't examine his stats at the time, but that hypothesis seems like an extreme reach.

By swinging the sword user. Remember ep2? Where he is with Narberal? He swung the sword, it dropped straight out of his hands.

A slime

World Savior is normally as strong as a piece of stick. Then it gets stronger.
If the sword actually was WS, it may have not been strong enough to notice its uniqueness, aside from being equipped by mages.

what was the process for increasing its strength? waving it about a lot?

No info other than that it starts weak and gets stronger.

Maybe it gets +1 attack or whatever per enemy killed.

Might actually be real time base.

Ainz making seppuku with WS

Does he actually keep the sword?

stop lying user

No lines indicating him doing anything with it.
Could have nicked it, or could have not.

Yes, but WS was already strong enough to solo AOG at its peak. It didn't say it powered down, it's a constant rise.

The key is that it "normally/usually" is very weak. The original description kind of indicates that the stacking resets, depending on its state.

By talking to ainz, or intentionally?

Considering the char stats of the dwarf, completely unintentional, but a pivotal move.

It was made specifically for him. It probably boosts everything in his build.

Yes, highly likely it resets once used for X amount of time. Remember the story of a Goblin slaying Dragons?

The way I envisioned it was that it starts at level 1 and permanently rank-ups every time it is used (since being one of the Twenty, after its use it will vanish). But I guess the author could take it various ways.
It nevertheless seems like a very wild guess.


So do you guys re-read the previous volumes while waitng for Nigel to bless us?

Wasn't that guy the MC's dad in school days?

Earth runes put on custom made weapons as a texture and becoming real in NW is a possibility.

I'm writing a report on the water-scarcity driven instability in the middle east.

I juggle between re-reading the novels, manga, watching the anime, and furiously masturbating to pictures of chairs.

I think the cash res ring has 5 auto res charges with almost no EXP cost.

>Two types of people

>People who appreciate chairs
>People who need to get shot

I appreciate chairs user, I just have work to do

It wasnt even mentioned that the sword from gazef had any runes...but sure add that to your headcannon.

Consider the following: masturbate to chairs instead

I would if I could, but not time/privacy

You are clearly high, Ainz didnt want to fight Gazef in the first place.
Respected Gazef wish for a fight and ended it painless for gazef...showing "mercy" something he didnt had for ANY other NW. It was always driving them into despair to show them their foolishnes until they will die a painfull death.
Gazef was killed in a instant, no fight, no pain, no despair for Gazef. A clean cut

>Rune of Razor Edge (3.5e Rune)
>Increases the critical threat range of any weapon this rune is imbued on
>weapon is named razor edge
>can bypass Ainz s passive

does anyone know what gagaiz looks like?

"Just..just a little longer! That monster is about to run out of mana! Then we have a chance to beat him!"

"Perfect Warrior" - "Wha?! What is this!! AArghhhh"

She's described in vol4 IIRC, looking like a giant stone mountain. She lobs the giant rock that Ainz sits on to talk to the lizards

>MA is called Divine Slash
>it has to be Divine tier MA
>guy uses Divine Chain
>it has to be Divine tier weapon

I think he's talking about Gagaiz the Dwarven crew leader.

Also, I'm pretty certain the term for the heating mineral in v11 prologue is NOT Caloric Stones, because they actually refer to Caloric Stones in chapter 1 and the characters are different.

Plus, it's the Dwarven name for it, so there's no reason it has to be the same as the Ygg name.

>it has to be the same character
Nabe, pls go and stay go

On part1 it says:

>As a result, he felt that he was not a bad choice for negotiating with the Dwarven Kingdom -- or a non-courageous choice, if he was being honest with himself.

non-courageous choice? Does this mean it was the safest choise?

It seems way to common to be the ygg stone. A WCI item was used to break the monopoly of it, one of the twenty no less.

Of course, it could be something like Uranium that needs a shit ton of magical processing and combining with other tech to be useful.

IMO, its just Maruyama doing a bit of worldbuilding and giving the dwarves a not coal.

Considering the legend of a goblin waving a stick and murder a shitton of dragons with it...

I doubt its would change experience. And in order to get stronger someone has to wear it for extended period of time so...no i doubt its WS.

nabe being a dumb overpowered moron

Speaking of uranium... tonight's release includes parts of the manufacturing process for THE Caloric Stone. It involves celestial uranium (srsly).

Maybe. I don't have the JP raws, I'll have to check when I get them.

It allowed papa bones to avoid having to deal with the official work of turning the empire into a vassal state.
It also gets him out of having to deal with the responsibility of dealing with general ruling duties.
Basically he's skimping out on other things for a fun thing. Is my impression

>In addition to Ainz himself, he could always send Pandora’s Actor over.

>He was the ideal choice, be it in terms of intelligence, adaptability or other areas.

Is he praising Pandora's Actor? Or talking about himself? This is confusing.

He's praising PA dur. When does Ainz ever call himself intelligent?

In regards to PvP and combat he knows he's great.

He's less confident with regards to planning, governance and diplomatic interactions.

When he was slime bathing.

inb4 Celestial Nuke

Ah you are right. But does this mean that Pandora's Actor administers the country?.


>Who will administer this country in the meantime?

>Somebody else had to answer that question.

>That person was naturally Ainz Ooal Gown.

>He could not do it.

Will we see aura and shalltear tonight?

He doesn't know that he was the cause that turned the empire into a vassal state.

He doesn't know he caused it but there is all the paperwork to do to make it official. Which I think he's trying to avoid.

Well PA makes a great stand in. Just look at how he is performing as Momon.

Don't think so. They're just talking about the manufacture of the Caloric Stone, and that they used it, and that it's an expendable WCI.

Yes, PA (in Ainz's form) basically runs E-Rantel when he's not around, assisted by Albedo.

Ainz is the only one who can make that decision but he can't do it because he's no good at ruling.

Heil, mein Oberherr!



Will looking forward for it.

>Ainz-sama~~~ can..can we get together tonight like last week? You magical "instrument" spell was great~~~~

>Last week? I'm with Aura and Shalltear! No don't tell me! PAAAAAAAAA!!!

it's funny because if ainz dies he just insant-ressurects

>Ainz dies
>someone casts True Res
>Ainz dies somemore.



What happens if someone casts a heal to full health spell like Benediction on Ainz?

Does he instantly lose all his HP and die?

>that last spoiler
Absolute kek

If its a spell that heals by using positive/holy magic, then he would either resist it or take damage.

If its a simple "HP - 100%" spell then he heals.

Why can't it be both?

so Ainz really dead???

>If its holy, it does damage or resist
>If its not, holy and just heals, then it heals

not hard to understand



Yeah, finally. Now maybe things will get interesting.

If Ainz dies don't you imagine Nazarick will literally explode like the Greed Kings?


No, fake spoiler.

sorry i had the urge to make a really bad post for no reason i wont do it again

>terracotta army
What does that have to do with anything
High tier golems are the realm of Yggdrasil, even if 8GK had them it's still Yggshit.

some humiefags think PDL controls them

that would be enjoyable to read, you know causing death and destruction

Not to mention Nazarick has 67 high tier golems in front of the throne room and 37 cash shop item golems with divine gear sets.
>muh 30 lvl100 golem

You have to add Razor Edge killing Ainz somewhere

If there is any art of it I'll put it in next time I update it

Do you want to see him still alive?

So, several pages just about one WCI?

Just get a sword and put on some random shit in nordic

Just scribble something in paint so it looks like kiddy drawing.

Hi, I'm the princess of a decentralized kingdom and was wondering how I could implement a four field crop rotation plan when my noblemen are thoroughly against it.

It should also be noted that my country has been recently forced to cede land to a foreign power which could have easily been destroyed by my nation's champion in a single hit.

Btw my name is not Renner.


This is why i did not want to tell anyone who died.

>looking for hi res



Plus enough lower tier golems to literally fill an arena.
He could just point those at any city or army and they would stomp it into the ground.

The question is , is he really dead? Because if really Lupus was telling that without tearing up its either a lie, or a fact but nothing to worry about because he will come back. Or doesnt care about because something happened in Nazerick that noone would care that their last SB just is gone.

>they don't know

>you will never be suffocated by her thick milky white thighs

Looks even worse than just drawing a kiddie sword kek

I just to have to point it out...there is not one single rune engraved into the blade...so headcannon loses yet again.


The headcanon that it does level 60 damage right
Read the LN

>9000 hours in Paint

If Ainz really die, Lupu probably just set on Carine and kill everyone. She views them as play things remember? Her friendship with Enri is fake as fuck.

>skeleman is kill

Hmm, where have I seen this lovely face before?

>head wide open from above
>hell head basically undefended

Hollywood pls go.

It's probably literally RPG gear

Don't worry, his armor offers some protection against sure-kill attacks.

You know seeing what Hat looks like I'm not surprised she doesn't come out
it's literally lingerie and saucy lingerie at that who would want to walk around in that gear?

Hey, at least she is not the 9th Seat.

is that a red flying pillow behind her back ?

Well, to them it's super high end legendary weapons and armor. They would be proud to go around in it.

I still want to knock her up though.

"Razor Edge, a magic sword crafted with absolute
sharpness in mind, which could carve enchanted metal like butter."
"Razor’s Edge, the sword created and
enchanted in pursuit of sharpness, which could slice through armor like the proverbial hot
knife through butter."
Nowhere is it said this is a runesword. Hell one of the lizardman tribes is called Razor's Edge are they rune lizards now?

vol 3 in the treasury
"[..] black blades with engraved purple runes"

Vol 2 the first sword he picked up
"Momonga picked out a greatsword from the weapons in the room. Because it was
unsheathed, the silvery blade sparkled in the light. The runes carved into the blade’s body
sparkled as well,"

Runes are just decorations in YGG, but they have actual power in NW.

Yeah i know. I just showed that user that Ainz has them in his stash regardless if they were real or not.

>Aura-Chair duel?
Does this really happen? I hope it does. Should be interesting and cute.

All I can say is that Razor's Edge comes up again in tonight's release.

So tonight we will know if it has runes or not and the headcanon can go away or be confirmed
Praise be to Nigel-Sama.

~120 mins left now.

I am exited for chair bullying.


Translator where are you.

Truck-kun got him.

Ready in 2 hours

is the correct time yes?

Come to think about it, after shortie storyline for vol11, we jumping straight to Holy kingdom for Vol12. Do when are we getting extreme sexual harassment Elf king?

yfw, you will never smell that crack.

Yes gmt +8 2300.

Anyone know if the PPP ova been uploaded?

Ty ur best :3

>never bathes
>was tortured crazy
>loves death and blood

Прет форчебыдло) Как дела? Где там перевод?

Itt: we post jobbers.



Don't you have to qeue for MM?

Shalltear could solo it.

>Прет форчебыдло) Как дела? Где там перевод?

Stasia vlad comrad. Check the desuarchive for blogspot

goodnight thread