Don't mess with a man's waifu. Even metaphorical Jesus will fuck you up

Don't mess with a man's waifu. Even metaphorical Jesus will fuck you up.

Yandere Sorey when? He's got potential.

>Sorey's waifu
Loving every laugh. That was seriously the worst and most bizarre part of the episode.

alisha is sorey's waifu? thats funny user we already know who's going to win soreybowl

Guess that's another mistake from the game the anime is going to fix.

What if cours 2 has Sorey and Alisha as deuteragonists with their own separate plotlines playing out in parallel?

That's probably what's going to happen.

>Pissing-off the only demographic still loyal to Zestiria after Berseria flop even harder
I know the industry is run by retards but this will be too much even for Japan's standards. Why the fujos would settle down for a typical shounen homoerotic friendship after they got a canon BL ending? The problem is the industry is run by waifufags so it might be the same situation of the videogame, except with Alisha on Rose's place

Oh please. We all know the fujoshi are going to make up their own BL headcanon ending no matter what happens.

And they can spend their hard earned yen on other fujobait titles while still making BL headcanons about Sorey and Mikleo

berseria flopped? really?

It sold less than Zestiria, despite waifufags on this thread will claim muh reviews, muh word of mouth, muh no-refund

First week sales weren't good I hear, but after word got out it wasn't bad like Zestiria the sales shot up.

Berseria passed 300k and it's still going

So are you getting her, Cred Forums?
I know I am.

>the game made a mistake

Uh huh. The only error the game made was sacrificing Alisha's role to puff Rose. Her not winning the Soreybowl was not an error in the least.

She is just a good friend. Not waifu.

>only error
What about
>characters being flatter than a cardboard
>no group dynamics to speak of
>boring ass plot
>shit just falls apart in the end with a shitload of open plot threads
And most importantly
>killing off Eizen after a skit of trying to find a way to save him and he doesn't even get a fucking cutscene
If there wasn't any gay in this there would be no redeeming quality to this game even to fujos.
At least Zestiria the X makes things besides Sorey and his waifu interesting.

Baba get the fuck back in your cage

The head looks bad. She has no jawline. Cheeks just curve straight into her chin.

I know, I'm not that impressed of it either but it's my only chance at owning Berubetto since there most likely won't be an Alter version.

>Staff on record saying Sorey isn't suited for romance
>Fujoshi use this as proof he isn't into Alisha or Rose
>Don't realise it applies to Mikleo too

Shippers, amirite?

They're drawing Rose really different lately.


There's no need for romance between Mikleo and Sorey, they transcended that over their lifetimes.

Did she go up a cup size

Looks like same old Rose to me.

Mikleo is described as Sorey's "One and only". What they meant is Sorey can't be with a girl.

No romance means no romance, therefore Sorey and Mikleo are life partners of the platonic variety.

Quick! Name something more boring in Zesty than its shipping implications.

The plot?

Seeing as shipping is what every thread derails into, everything else

The hair looks different, but I can't describe how.

It devolves into it because fujoshits are cancerous blights who don't know how to shut up about their boring shit pairing of Sorey/Mikleo being canon because reasons and then posting the same fanart as proof.

Even the Luke/Vaan shipping of olde was more interesting than this trite.

Now you know how annoying fags are. The game clearly couldn't decide between Alisha or Rose getting Sorey, but they pick his brother.

Let's face it, Sorey has to be gay if he passed up such perfection.

Actually I wouldn't bank my money on that happening.

Or they may just end up moving on. Though looking at the merchandise they wish to sell, Ufotable may not want them to do that.

Anime Sorey is boring though, they took out everything that made his story interesting.