Did he actually do anything wrong?

Did he actually do anything wrong?

Can't count raping Casca. She liked it.


He fucked it up by losing his shit after losing Guts, he should have just waited a bit longer to marry Charlotte and become king.

The whole further story literally could have been averted by this means.


did you even read the first part of the manga?

Pretty much everything he did was wrong. He also spilled his spaghetti in front of Guts, his one true love, who will now never love him no matter how powerful he becomes.

Pretty much. King would have let him fuck his daughter if he just waited.
Raped Casca just because he was jelly.

I want Griffith to rape me.

He was a faggot t b h
not nice

He did nothing wrong except for raping Casca.

Sacrificing ~200 men to create a paradise like Falconia is justifiable.

But there was literally no reason to rape Casca.

>But there was literally no reason to rape Casca.
To show Guts who's boss.

He like getting his ass fucked and was extremely frustrated that Guts wanted Casca instead of him

>The entire plot could have been avoided if Guts had just roughly grabbed Griffith and fucked his butt.


Pretty much. Gay ass sex would have saved the world

All this bullshit happened over some pussy and causality. The top 5 killer in every manga.

Lol no. The king wouldn't have let anyone touch his daughtero because he wanted her for himself and Griffith knew. The only real way would be if the King also had an "accident" (fat chance) and Griffith married her.

>sacrifices Pippin
>claim he did nothing wrong
I'll never forgive him

He also made the rest of the world a living hell filled with monsters

Boss of what? of this gym?

Pippin signed up for it, he knew he could die

Why the fuck didn't they mercy kill Griffith?

>not sacrificing that faggot Pippin

He did everything wrong.
Based Ganishka should've killed him

Also this. This apologist meme is getting stale.

whats's worse? being raped by Femto, or being raped by trolls?

it wasn't rape

stale memes

Apparently being raped by Femto is pleasurable so that. Plus, I can just go off to lala land in my mind to forget all my troubles after.

Fuck. Curing Casca just brings her into Guts' misery. She's probably happier as a retard.

buddy, Griffith tore her severely, she's bleeding from her vag during the whole scene. he hurt her a lot, not to mention the pain from her brand

>He thinks pleasure and pain can't be related
Dumb vanillaposter.

>he thinks that feeling pleasure is possible after you just got ripped the fuck open to the point of profuse bleeding

Slan had an orgasm from just that and bdsm exists even in the real world. People get their kicks from much worse shit than a bit of vaginal tearing. Besides, pleasure doesn't come just from nerve endings. Especially for women it's a matter of mind above all.
Not a "she enjoyed it" memer, just saying it's possible

Yeah, Casca was totally not feeling pleasure.

He did want was necessary for him to survive.

She sticks her tongue in first

He got too attached to Guts

delete this

why was he so asspained when Guts left, anyway?

Guts was his toy and then he decided to leave and he couldn't do anything to stop it because Guts got stronger

the feeling of emptiness gets to him a day or two after they dont go at it

That settles it, it wasn't rape. She liked it so much that the pleasure literally overloaded her brain and she experienced the equivalent of an infinite cycle of orgasms in that moment, which turned her retarded