When does it get good? So far it's a nonstory anime that has nothing going for it except its cuteness.

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It's shit, you should watch Batman vs. Superman instead.

It's more or less like that throughout the entire series. If you don't like it now then I highly doubt your opinion will change if you keep watching it.

Nodoka is secretly top cute

>So far it's a nonstory anime that has nothing going for it except its cuteness.

That's the point, sooner or later you'll only be able to palate this straight sugary material and become a moe-fag

Welcome aboard



Mugi is innocent.

Mugi a best, followed closely by Mio

Why did she even do that?

You might be right. After watching a few episodes the other day I was craving more. Mostly because it's cute and comfy.

I started it because I liked Chuunibyou so much and this is made by the same studio. I was expecting it to be funnier though.


>Got through Chuunibyou without dying of a cringe enduced panic attack

Nigga, join the military or something, you bulletproof

She's into getting hit.

I was just wondering when there was gonna be a new K-ON thread
Also Mio a best

Fucking K-ON thread right before I go to bed

When they meet the rival band and they go on to this battle of the bands and there is this adrenaline inducing finale where they have a soundclash full of thrilling emotion.

>YWN Play Foreplay/Longtime with the K-Ons

It would have been a perfect showcase for a 4 man band on their instruments at their skill level (plus asuza I guess)

Her cuteness is no secret, user.

Fuck, now I find almost impossible to give a 10 to other shows other than K-ON! Everytime I watch it I find more and more things that I like and didn't realized before they existed, drives me crazy.

Wouldn't you bully Mio? What are you? Faggots?




Where it belongs.

End yourself.

Mugi eat the whole cake all by herself.

>So far it's a nonstory anime that has nothing going for it except its cuteness.
Just like all the best anime then.

S2 E1

>he likes this

Jesus Christ

Stop bullying Mio!

She's asking for it though. Just look at her!



This bird was QT


That poor s13
I don't even mind the wrap on it but they're so overpriced in the states right now
Seeing another wrecked bothers me
She's just so... soft

Azunyan a cute!

>it's a nonstory anime that has nothing going for it except its cuteness

What did you expect? It's a really cute sol

K-ON a shit

I found it incredibly endearing, nostalgic and wonderfully sentimental in the last few episodes



ritsu a best

want to grab the butt

I love Ritsu!

fite me irl



Don't sexualize the keions

Did you really started K-on expecting a deep complicated plot with mature themes and symbolism?

I expected cake and tea and got warm feelings in the heart


Crime of the century.


You say that like not having a straightforward, obvious narrative plot is a bad thing. It might not be your thing, it isn't mine all the time, but sometimes a show or book that just gets the characters and setting right and follows them through their lives can be just as, if not more, satisfying. The Sopranos is like that for a good chunk, and that's telekino.

K-On!'s kind of unassuming, but it creeps up on you if you let it. I don't know if I could pinpoint the exact moment I went from just liking it to loving it, but I was a little weepy at the season 1 finale and full bitch tears by the end.

You just gotta give it the chance.

me and the squad gon fuck you up, boy

Why is it that everyone who likes this show seems to cry to it. It's not sad at all.

I like a lot of moe and SoL shows and agree with you OP---K-On is overrated shit.

>It's not sad at all.


>Grown men obsessing over a half-assed series about cute girls eating cake with absolutely no story, interesting characters, or even notable animation

You guys are going to need tampons for those vaginas you're growing.


I just want you guys to make sure you realize how fucking ridiculous being a K-Onfag is. I hope you guys at least recognize your incredible faggotry. Or do you watch it and actually consider it a genuinely good story?

Graduating is a good thing. If you don't have brain problems you stop missing the people you talked to as soon as you leave. And if you really want to see them you can still meet up. It's really not a big deal.

>wahh stop liking what I don't like

People can cry for a lot of reasons beyond being sad. It's touching how much the band and the girls mean to each other

You really have to question the sanity of the people that frequent this board. K-ON literally have nothing going for it. It doesn't hold a torch to Yuru Yuri in terms of humor, it doesn't have a sense of progression and an eventual, gratifying resolution such as that in Hibike Euphonium, and it doesn't do moe like Non Non Biyori.

It's a show about nothing, with a boring cast, boring animation, and if it were made by a studio other than KyoAni it wouldn't see the light of day. Fucking debate me.

Will there ever be another moe SoL to surpass K-On?

>Sorted alphabetically
Great, maybe if there were titles I'd be able to know what I'm looking at.

What the fuck am I supposed to search for to find any of these?

"anime with 4 cute girls with colorful hair"

great it's every fucking sol ever thanks a lot guide


>RG bad

bitch, I will fucking fight you

GochiUsa was very generic to be honest, only the setting was unique.

why the fuck is jinrui even in there?

it was incredibly charming and had super likable characters

do people like non non biyori more if they don't live in the country? a lot of people act like it's really good; maybe they enjoy it more because the country-comfiness is foreign to them.

maybe? Im pretty urban myself (Boston) and I find it very charming

The only thing that ruins it is the autistic loli and the lesbian MC, thought that gets dialed down a notch in S2.

be nice to Ren-chon. She's seen some shit.

Wait until she sees my dick


she's cuter than Yun anyways


Will there ever be another anime that will resonate within people's hearts as well as K-on did?

Mugi has new hat.

I dunno but Im getting real sick of all this idol shit

Idol shows are the worst since they make 10+ girls for merch and character songs purposes but the characters end up having very basic personalities.

seriously teared up during this episode

disregard this shit chart

It's actually very accurate, sorry if your favorite SoL is in the Bad section.

and then the movie had to go and make me feel it again

>guitar player for 10+ years
>discover k-on
>it becomes one of my favorite things in the world
>remember the show every time I play my guitar (red mg69 mustang)

K-on is not just a show, it's a way of life

Ive always regretted never learning an instrument

it's NEVER too late to learn ! ! !

Ive been eyeing some places to learn but I work a lot so it's hard to find the time

That must be why no one is ever sad at graduation in real life either.

Hanayamata is in good, there's no fucking way it deserves to be anything above bad

That's all it is so strap in and "enjoy" the mediocrity.

I thought Hanayamata was Madhouse best show this decade so far.


what instrument are you going to learn?

I was thinking the guitar

jintai is not

>an all-girls show
>a SOL

you failed on all 3 points

>watch K-On

>"Wow, I finally understand the value in slice of life CGDCT shows! This show was great and I can't wait to watch more like it!"

>watch another CGDCT
>it sucks and is not like K-On at all
>watch another
>it sucks
>watch another
>it sucks
>watch another
>it sucks

you have to go back to basics

I watched that

it was meh

the manga is better, a lot of the jokes are butchered in the show and the characters are pretty one-note, it's more of a comedy than a CGDCT but it's not an amazing comedy either

(in my opinion, don't kill me)

>(in my opinion, don't kill me)

I can't make that promise

>yuruyuri and yuyushiki in good

this list is questionable already

I know this sounds silly as hell but K-On was the greatest piece of media I've ever seen. It affected me more deeply than I ever thought possible despite it just being a show about cute girls doing cute things.

It is a SoL and is average though

I legit lost count of how many times I rewatched this part

>the manga is better, a lot of the jokes are butchered in the show and the characters are pretty one-note, it's more of a comedy than a CGDCT but it's not an amazing comedy either

I feel this way about Azumanga Daioh, except its manga is a pretty good comedy in the first half. Yotsuba is much better and more consistent.

K-On is just kind of mediocre in all areas except production values. It's not terribly funny, the character interactions aren't interesting since the characters themselves are so one-note, and they don't develop either. Its single fleeting moment of interest was the bonus episode with Ritsu and the "love letter."

I'll fight you IRL


it's a slice of life but it's actually a slice of someone's life and not just "retarded teenage girls dick around in a room"

Both are slice of life

Great job on adding that bandaid to her head over the manga.

Like they had some sort of moe-scientists pouring over how they could make her seem more sympathetic

i want to be a moe scientist when i grow up!

I remembered bawling my eyes out when that moment hit. It's extra bittersweet because Yui had snot everywhere and made an otherwise sad scene a bit funny.

Honestly I think the reason why Cred Forums feels so emotionally attached to KON is that most people here have no friends. KON is really just an anime for loners.



To be honest the retard from Mikakunin goes unnoticed most of the time, same with the guy from NNB and Amanchu and to some extent the one in Flying Witch as well. They almost never or never talk and their characters serve no purpose whatsoever other than being self inserts I guess.

Go for it.

It makes me feel extra hard because I had a group of friends in high school that always did stuff together in and out of school and now graduation is so many years behind me and I'm essentially alone in this world.

It made me think if there is a god, that will never happen to these girls.

is having a place to go to learn necessary?
I want to learn playing a keyboard but being an electronicsfag I wont have the time to go somewhere else to learn, just have enough to practice here and there in the day whenever I get bored.
Cant I just learn with just internet and youtube videos?

Honestly keyboard is probably the easiest instrument to learn, though hardest to master.

Just get a cheap keyboard or a second hand piano and play away. As long as you get your basics right (e.g. hand shape) then keyboard is easy.

>he can't read Japanese


Watch Hibike Euphonium instead. It's much better.

>Graduating is a good thing
fuck you. they were supposed to be in that club room for eternity. they were supposed to have tea and sweets and play music and have lots of fun forever

try harder

Currently watching Hibike! Euphonium, it has more drama and the characters aren't as onesided. But so far I still prefer K-ON! because it was funny, cute and I got something more out of it than I've gotten from H!E so far.

>so far it's nostalgia anime

I feel really old man

He said nonstory anime.But nostalgia anime is 20+ years old.

anime about high school girls in a japanoise band fucking when

Can you triforce yet?

  ▲
▲ ▲

What's so hard about this?

>  ▲
>▲ ▲

I assume you mean Japanese fans. K-On is one of the most hated anime in the West. And these days few people have even watched it, but they still hate it.

K-On! is only hated by people who watch exclusively entry-level shounen shit like Attack on Titan or Death Note.

Goddamn, those fucking eyebrows are disgusting.



Cam and Juelz repping Dipset hard.

Those were the days.

Don't bother with the show, just jump straight into the doujins where Mugi fucks niggers.


It's been 5 years and I still keep in touch with my high school friends. I think K-On!'s resonance is more about capturing the anxiety of "growing up" and graduating, being unsure of where the future will take you and whether the friends you've made will remain.

It's about remembering the good times you had together and cherishing those memories.

best girl

i guess you can proudly say: Fuck The Police

what if dont have those memories?
its actually not that bad though since I meet up with my middle school freinds instead regularly