91 Days

ep12 - season finale

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What a shitty ending.

Ok, but seriously, what was the meaning of the canned pineapple?

Angelo should have killed Nero.

season finale or total finale?

Nero was going to surprise Angelo with it before the Theater happened. It was the "Reason to Live" Nero was talking about giving him

angelo's fucking dead since his childhood

nero's spazzy alter-ego's this show "angelo", remember fango meeting nero

He thinks it's the brother he just lost talking to him. He became insane.

On a second rewatch, at like 11 minutes in when angelo is dreaming of the sea he wakes up with a gunshot, probably where nero shot him, so basically nero shot him but not fatally, just enough so that he'd live long enough for the galassia guy who was tailing them to save him.

makes sense no?

nero noticed he was being tailed at the diner after all



The next evolutionary step?


go back and watch the episode with the mexican assassin

I won't, but I do kinda remember some pineapple shits.

I so lost
was 11 20 minutes in a flashback of him surviving the beach end and in the hands of the new don of the grasalia family or a flashback after he got shawshanked? Did he turn into a pineapple, is nero fucking nuts, was this all a dream
I am so fucking lost


Is this real life OR THIS REALITY?

Did they walk back carefully in their own footprints or something?

>he actually gave Angelo a reason to live

A real Socrates

You're gonna carry those pineapples.

>ambiguous, bittersweet, pseudo bromance end
I am pleased with this

>you don't need a reason to live
>because your life is about to end

You forgot that Avilio was stabbed in the shoulder by Barbero in the previous episode and that "flash forward" was actually a flackback.


So how about this?
Nero realized that there was no fucking way they were going to get out of this alive.
So once they had reached their destination and shared what they needed to share, Nero put an end to Angelo's life before Galassias disposed of him.

Thanks, Gen. One Requiem for the Phantom wasn't enough.

Th-they end up going to Florida together, right? Why else would that pamphlet appear so often?

God if this show would have had a clear ending I would have never been tempted to rewatch it, but now I feel like I need to rewatch it.

Thats what I imagined actually happened.

>he smiled at the canned pineapple because he's about to join angelo

To give you enough hope and then snatch it away in the last minute. Something similar happened in

The way it faded out on Nero made me think he simply resigned himself to being killed by the Galassias.

And now they can eat pineapple in hell together

Will this be the main character in season 2?

But why did his footsteps in the sand just suddenly vanish?

The sea washed them away.

Why would the Galassias want to kill Angelo? Strega let him live so he could kill Nero.

I want to marry Angelo, and I'm not even gay!

I want to interrupt your marriage and kidnap Angelo by luring him out with fresh and natural pineapple juice.

I want to fuck Angelo, and I'm not even Nero!

Angelo is the backseat driver and there is nothing you can say that will make me believe otherwise.

I'm glad best boy Nero survived.

First, because he didn0t kill Nero or drive him where they wanted.
Second, because they have no further use for him.
Third, because they wouldn't want to leave loose ties or witnesses.

Once Nero is dead, a dead Angelo is better than an alive Angelo.

Thank you user for making the webms I requested !

It was very clear. Clearly ambiguous. We don't know for sure if Nero gets caught, we don't know for sure if he chose to spare Angelo again and let him run. That's it really.

I'm kinda mad, we all knew it was coming but I just wanted a confirmation, I want to see the body.


So he was followed by the Galssias, right?
Did they kill him?

this, my headcanon is already decided, your petty facts cannot match my delusions

S2 gay SoL adventures while they avoid the mob when?


what does it mean

This guy looks like a Urasawa Naoki character.

Why would someone toss pineapples on the field? What a waste.

parting ways and starting a new?

what would 91 days directed by naoki urasawa be like

Now whenever I see a pineapple I'm going to be reminded of this show. Thanks Shuka, I guess

It would be 91 episodes.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Season 2 when




He didn't.


I knew that pineapples grew in fields and not on trees before this, but it still looks strange whenever I see it

Your life has been a lie, user. How does that make you feel?


I want to spend the night drinking and eating pineapple with him

It makes me want to laugh because that shit looks silly. It's like they're catapults ready to fire pineapples at any moment.

I have a pen

I'm trying to decide between the possible ends, are there more hints than this? I think I'm gonna choose to believe in a homo roadtrip to Florida end.

Nero killed Angelo
>most logical assumption
>symbolism in Angelo's footsteps ending
>closure for both Nero and Angelo after Angelo told him he should have shot him 7 years ago, and Angelo admitted why he didn't kill Nero

Nero didn't kill Angelo
>no body
>frequent shots of the Florida pamphlet
>Nero smiling at the pineapple in a way that looks more amused than sentimental, as you'd expect if he just killed the guy
>Nero just gave Angelo a reason to live, so maybe he did

Nero and Angelo both died
>both sets of footsteps in the sand end and are washed away
>their stalker finds them at the beach

Also pic related was the best moment.

Nah, I learn about this in school many, many years ago. You anons should educate yourself more.

Everything is a lie. RIP Tigre, I thought he was immortal but he died in the end.

Motherfucker got sonny corleone'd

Everyone dies: the anime

>ambiguous ending
Wow it's fucking shit, way to ruin the entire series

This is every person's turning point in life.
The realization. The shock.
Not puberty. Not the realization that Santa Claus isn't real. Nothing compares to the utter surprise and unexpectedness of the true nature of pineapples.
And thus, when you finally learn the truth, you're ready to become an adult.

God I hope this starts selling well over time so we could get more "realistic" organized crime anime like this one but it's never going to happen.

Joker Game somehow did, what the fuck was up with that? It felt like the sales came out of nowhere, though I suppose I don't follow them that intently.

Are those brussels sprouts?
I guessed they couldn't grow right out of the floor like other leaves and had to come in some kind of cluster but... covering the entire trunk of a plant? Really?

But why? Why have I been lead to believe they came from trees, and I'm clearly not alone. Looking back, there was no deception. I don't remember ever seeing a pineapple on a tree. And plenty of fruit come from bushes. I don't like this reality.

>Are those brussels sprouts?

Yeah it's a shame. It's too mature/bleak to rely on fujoshit sales

Man, I was hoping the moment Nero pointed the gun at Avilio's back at the beach he would just turn around and smile at him and then ambiguous 'did Nero shoot or not' fade to black

Also pretty conflicted on which Avilio's fate I prefer better, both make sense to me. So I like how this ended, empty but calm feeling

Because Palm Trees look like Pineapples. I bet a lot of people think that that's where Pineapples come from.


Their leaves. When you see a pineapple in a shop, you can see the analog of a short and plump palmtree.
Also, they're advertised as tropical fruits and grouped with the likes of coconut, mango or dragonfruit.
Besides, most palm trees are technically shrubs.



probably fujos desu

They haven selectively breded for generations to produce the biggest possible amount of sprouts. Of course the result is an aberration unable to survive outside a crop.

This. It's not that hard to get it.

Besides, i bet the actual leaves taste better than the sprouts.

The canned pineapple can (pun not intended) support an outcome where Angelo dies since it is unknown as to how, and where, Nero obtained it. For all we know, what seems to be an actual can of pineapple could be a delusion.

Anytime, user. I liked those scenes as well, the campfire one in particular.

It could have already been in the car.

Did they fuck?

I just feel that the majority of anime fans just aren't interested or just aren't ready for the genre while the people that do already get their fix through other mediums.

when will there be a gay doujin called "69 days"?

You got me there user!

Favorite OST tracks?
I like the first 2 and the last ones are great as well

Inb4 OVA where Angelo is fixing up a boat in Mexico and Nero comes to see him.

Nope. He left him behind because he kenw that if he took Angelo with him, they'll both get shreked by the Galassias.

Laughed my ass off at the driving scene.

For once I'm actually fine with an ambiguous ending to this. I'd like to imagine that Nero shot him on the beach (but then there'd probably be a mark if he dragged his body to the car, unless he let the ocean take him), but if they both lived and went on wacky road adventures, that's cool too. Only problem with if he really did shoot him, then it would make Nero smiling at the pineapple can weird.

I did see the sequence in the middle as a weird flashback to the post-credits scene from last episode, since I was wondering how they would explain that.

Why are anime originals always better than adaptations?

>it's another ambiguous ending

I remember when things ended with satisfying conclusions and every writer didn't leave his job to the viewers.

Because they can tell a story from the beginning to the end.

Because it's not an advertisement

Unfortunately, it's just the style today.

Great finale overall, one of the better endings for Spring anime favorites.

Because they're not trying to adapt some work that already exists and is super popular to the TV, so they can produce it differently with the entirety of TV in mind.

i remember the early 1800s too,user

The flashback was right after the new Gallesia Don found him lying in the gutter. The pineapple is a motiff associated with Avilio, how he compensated for his super shitty life by ingesting really sweet things.

There are only two options as far as I'm concerned.

>Nero shoots empty air
>they go back to the car
>stop at a grocery store because now it's Angelo who's hungry
>Angelo stocks up on pineapple cans
>he's tired so he takes a nap in the back after eating 90% of what he bought
>Nero jokes about how he'll have no one to talk to the rest of the trip
>Angelo places the last can on the front seat and resumes his nap

>Nero shoots empty air
>they go back to the car
>stop at a grocery store because now it's Angelo who's hungry
>Angelo stocks up on pineapple cans
>on the way to the car he realizes he forgot cigarettes
>Nero goes ahead to the car while Angelo goes back to the store
>Nero ditches him but keeps half of the pineapple cans he was carrying with him
>Angelo gets a ride with a stranger
>he ruins the stranger's life until he gets to his destination
>accidentally meets Nero at Florida months later at a restaurant
>they laugh over actual pineapples and whatever mess Galassia's nephew got into
>the waitress is Fango's mistress

u know it bby

Is there anything lazier than an ambiguous ending?

Option 3
There's no ending

Nero let him go. Like he did on the night his parents were killed he fired and missed. Neither of their footprints continue on from that point but there is neither a body nor sign of a body hitting the sand.


thread's music

I really liked how serene the ending was considering the tragic outcome.

>Shit's on fire, yo

9000 hours in paint

Remember when death note and code geass ended with us not knowing if the main character lived?

Me neither because it's retarded.

Do we need a reason to live,anons?


Doesn't Angelo have a gun? When Nero stormed the room the guy closest to Angelo went to pull out his gun from his jacket and came back empty handed.

It's very plausible that they'd choose to keep the visual symbolism clean and not include the body or any marks from it even if he did shoot Angelo. There's no footsteps walking away either, and they'd be there if it was meant to be totally accurate. It could be that the waves had already washed most of it away.

But this is an adaptation of an actual novel?

Literally the only way the footprints shot can make sense unless it's just a symbolic scene is as follows:
>Nero shoots and misses intentionally
>they take a few emotional moments
>footprints are washed up by waves during this
>they turn around and leave
>we see the final scene with the footprints of them leaving

Which one?

Angelo was driving the other guy's car. The guy who rolled the window down was in the back seat.


If you actually think Nero didn't shoot Avilio you are wrong and should feel bad about your personal interpretation

I love all the variations of the main theme.

>more like 91 gays

Have you never bought sprouts in the market at Christmas? They just sell you a trunk.

Doujins never ;_;

>went on the website 3 weeks into the show
>saw 13 slots on the site for episodes and thought it would be a full cour show
>forget that the recap counted as one of those slots
>tfw unintentionally let down by this ending,because i thought there would be one more episode.

I am almost fairly certain Nero killed him. He was probably going to let him live, right up until Anglelo said "I didn't want to", which just drove home exactly how absolutely shitty Nero's original "act of mercy" was towards Angelo.

You can either think that Nero killed him out of an act of mercy, because he realized that Angelo was probably just going to go through life wasting away, or you can think he did it because he realized, that Angelo's revenge was still ongoing. That Angelo was trying to force Nero to relive not just the death, the remaining shitshow that was his life, and that he was going to watch.

terrible show


See you're the reason shitty endings happen.

I'm my opinion there's no ending because I'm not the author of the story.

Hamlet is already a loose and uncredited adaptation of the story of Priam and Pyrrhus, though.

>this nigga never read/saw The Lady or the Tiger.

nero let him live

That would make sense I guess.

my post made it in :3

I'm too lazy to dig hard into the symbolism that may or may not be there, but between showing that Nero closed his eyes when he first shot at Angelo and then him forcing himself to open them when taking the next shot at Angelo seemed like a pretty blatant narrative cue that he actually did kill him in the end.

>play video game, finish
>No ending
>Watch some anime, finish
>No ending
>Try to masturbate

That's awful.

It's obvious at least that Nero pulling his gun on Angelo at the beach is meant to be a callback to Nero choking on that shot outside seven years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if Angelo did that on purpose, even.

thnx user

>in the end the main character had no ambitions and will to live and be productive

Can't self insert to that tbqh desu

I can't say I have.
Why would I buy brussels sprouts?

>Pineapple is a dish best served cold.
fucking really?

>tbqh desu
No shit you can't self-insert, nornalfag.

Hot pineapple is great though

Because you have no idea what the original draft looked like and are only given the final product. If you read the original plants you would feel like crying at how much of it was wasted and at how better it could have been.

Fucking pineapples, get out of my head.

Holy shit that whole final stretch, fucking hope for a second season.

It's tradition and when you fart nastily near your relatives they can't say shit cos you all knew it was coming.

The ending is sort of meta too. Throughout the series they were committed to pulling no punches, it wasn't predictable as we thought at the beginning. We expected them to not chicken out in any way with the conclusion and it's their final curve ball.

Did he die a virgin?

Feels like durarara all over again
New durarara anime never

>It's tradition
Not where I live. Thankfully.

I hate the new trio at SH, so I ain't buzzed about it.

But you cook pineapple on pizza.

nigga I played runescape, I knew this already

He didn't die

Can you please stop talking about pineapples?

What did you like the most?
What bothered you the most?
Would you still watch it every week if you knew it would end this way?
What would you change, other than QUALITY?
Any track got stuck in your head from the OST or singles?
Will you continue to follow this series if there's more of it?

Haters need not apply.

Is this an elaborate ruse?

Anyone ever try this? I'm usually not a fan of pineapple, but I love cottage cheese. Like, a lot. And they go together perfectly.

cannot be any worse than pinneapple on pizza.

No you don't.

Only heretics do that.

It looks profane.

Literally puked in my mouth.

>What did you like the most?
The story. And that it embraced its clichés.
>What bothered you the most?
Aside from shitty quality I'd say characters other than those who had strong motivation weren't fleshed out enough.
>Would you still watch it every week if you knew it would end this way?
>What would you change, other than QUALITY?
Some fleshing out stuff, one maybe two episode more of gangster stuff.
>Any track got stuck in your head from the OST or singles?
OP, ED. Haven't paid attention to rest but I've liked everything.
>Will you continue to follow this series if there's more of it?

>he doesn't like cottage cheese
Leave. This thread is only for pineapple/cottage cheese enthusiasts.

Avilio didn't die for this shit.

>Avilio didn't die

I don't eat cottage cheese. I think I've always been bothered by it being called "cottage" cheese.

Avilio died for Vanetti's sins but Angelo survived

that was awful. Angelo's 'why didn't you kill me back then' paired with a shot of him crying into a fucking road trip. had a chance for some good drama but nah. lets be buddies lol. i gotta stop watching anime originals with shit staff behind the projects. the director of this did shoujo shit and it shows through how soulless this was.

I'm not sure I want to see this updated.

Deepest lore

It'll be a question mark on Angelo for sure.

>What did you like the most?
The writing held up, which seems like minor praise but just the fact that it was fairly tightly written and made sense was a pleasant surprise by anime standards. And it wasn't too predictable, without going full retard.
>What bothered you the most?
Obviously the quality
>Would you still watch it every week if you knew it would end this way?
>What would you change, other than QUALITY?
More homolust
>Any track got stuck in your head from the OST or singles?
I've been listening to Signal over and over but it's not the catchy sort of song
>Will you continue to follow this series if there's more of it?
Sure, but I don't think that's necessary. It's based on a novel, isn't it? Do the novels continue?

>It's based on a novel, isn't it?
The anime is original. The novel is what's based on the anime.

>The way it faded out on Nero made me think he simply resigned himself to being killed by the Galassias.

Fuck, he probably will.

>And now they can eat pineapple in hell together
Corteo, cucked in the afterlife.

Obviously, you can't die with dignity after shitting up the beach with a mess of dog tracks.

fuck off reddit

Didn't the guy under nero with the blue suit die at the docks?

Giving birth with a gun to her head

In jail for shoplifting

>Gatto (ugly bald Orco)

Skinny Vanetti wasn't just a background extra?

Nah, he's merely pretending

>I had my revenge but now I'm empty inside
Fuck, way to ruin it with a shitty cliche.

I am sorry user. I did not read the the see this updated.

He took the shot Angelo but like the first time he miss on purpose by closing his eyes. I think Nero like Angelo didn't want to kill the other and left him alive just for that. They part ways and he reminisces about their first road trip after seeing the cap. The ending its clear on the fact that Nero is still on danger so that may be his motive for leaving Angelo behind.

It sounds like something someone found growing in their cottage.
Or "cheese" produced by being shut in with someone else in a cottage.

I haven't made up my mind on the ending yet but I agree that the exact moment you screenshot was the best of the entire anime. Really hyped me up for the rest of the episode and I wasn't disappointed.

the update better include the can

Right there on the beach, too. Fucking degenerates.

Season two never, because Japan has shit taste.
Did it even break 600 yet? I wanna go buy a copy now.

It's not on sale yet.

>I didn't want to kill you
Where did that come from? He's been a stone cold bastard so far, willing to kill FBI dude's wife and kid. The guy who read the first novel said Angelo never softens his opinion of Nero in his inner monologue.

Go buy a copy too you faggot. Do it now.

If I had a pineapple for every time I've read this, I'd be able to run a canned pineapple factory for years.

A good portion of the show has been about their developing friendship, what was the point of the roadtrip and making Nero such an amicable guy etc if it wasn't to show Angelo wouldn't end up hating him completely? We know he's not heartless because he felt so much for Cortleo, if Nero managed to become endeared to him at all then you could assume he'd be disinclined to kill him.

He had an obvious soft spot for Nero. Even when he got close to Vincent he still kept Nero alive. Wanting the Vanettis to suffer like he did was the excuse he came up with because he didn't want to admit to himself he didn't want to kill his mortal enemy. His initial plan was to kill them all and get it over with.

>Corteo was "straight-laced" and died a virgin
Saving himself for marriage or the priesthood?;_;

Angelo end up believing his on lies about being Nero's brother. Brotherhood and revenge are the main themes of the anime they both end up deeply intertwine at the end we are left in doubt which one prevails in the end.


Lacrima will become the next don.

Corteo went to heaven and got a harem of 72 Angelos to fuck.

You're the retarded one here, user, plus you're also wrong. The fate of each character from DN or Geass was made clear enough to anyone paying attention

There was nothing ambiguous about that ending.

>there's still hope

I would strongly encourage anyone to try pineapple casserole if you're in the south

It's very, very good, I eat it essentially as dessert

Really makes you thik

He wanted to save himself for the one. Too bad avilio became nero's fuccboi instead.

>I stopped reading after the first sentence but sure, he's the retard

original anime writing is unstable. they admit their butt buddy partnership at the last episode. the show should focused more on the two characters instead of comical shit like fango. if you take the option that he let Angelo live, that means Nero's family meant shit for him. His sister hated the situation within the family and Frate died because of it. But nah, let's go on a fucking road trip. Including the third party was a bad idea. Galassia did shit

>willing to kill FBI dude's wife and kid
He never had that intention.
Notice how the kid is holding a doll and a bear? She didn't have a bear when she came out the front door, it was set up to lure her away from the car.

Remember that they were dealing with a guy determined with delivering justice. They wanted to castrate him and drive him away, not upgrade him into a guy with nothing to do determined with delivering revenge instead. That would only make the mafia's situation worse.

Now that mentioned it, it was probably one of Galassias' guys.

I read the pineapple is native to Vietnam or some shit, and they use it in a savory dish. Can't remember for the life of me what it was, but it was in some Vietnamese cookbook I had as a kid.

Truly independent and tough. Cred Forums needs more guy like you.

It's a metaphor of their journey through life, or their lifespans if you will. Nero's continuing for little longer than Angelo's goes to show how they both met their end not far away from each other.

Isn't the novelfag a Corteo/Avilio shipper from tumblr who hates Nero? I wouldn't take that very seriously.

When was the novel released anyway? Was it adapted into the anime or vice versa?

But that doesn't make any sense since Angelo was in front of Nero when we last saw him.

This month. It was written after the anime.

Mother looks horrified.
Loli looks like she wants to try doing something like that in the future.

Shipper yes, I don't recall them hating Nero and they seem to be pretty good about separating shipping commentary from translating.

But he was also to the left of Nero.
Thet's why it's a metaphor, not a track that actually existed.

No the footprints didn't add up, maybe this was just another QUALITY moment?

It doesn't make literal sense no matter what happened. Angelo was walking straight ahead of Nero and not next to him when Nero shot at him, if Angelo died or was injured there should be an indentation in the ground, if not there should be prints heading away/back, and the same for Nero. The only ways it would make literal sense is if they jumped sideways into the ocean or walked backward in their footprints.

>Where did that come from?
Once he shot Gallesia, and saw the absolute mayham it caused, and realized that he felt just as empty and pathetic as before, I think he lost all will to continue his revenge. It was less about pity, and more along the lines of apathy.

See you, space pineapple.

Realistically, Angelo's pretty fucked even if Nero let him live. No money, no weapon, no car, no food, and Galassias all over the place.

He has his keikaku though.

Isn't tumblr the kind of place that would completely kick you out if you openly hate on a character? She might be afraid of saying it but it's obvious enough by how she conveniently ignores Nero's scenes. It wouldn't be the first time a novelfag misleads everyone with their shipping agenda.

>tumblr being anti-hate

A-Are you confusing it with Facebook in 2004 or something?

Anyway, is there a translation of those Nero scenes?


My interpretation of the ending is that Nero killed Angelo. Angelo's footprints stop there because his body was washed out to sea. Nero has accepted his inevitable death, but smiled at the pineapples because his "you just live" advice to Angelo was more him reaffirming that to himself. Nero has nothing left. He knows that, but he also accepts it, and will continue to live until he's killed despite having nothing to live for.

As for the overall show, I'm not entirely sure how to feel. The first two or three episodes were pretty good and gripping, but things fell off after that and almost seemed to move at to quick a pace. There were a lot of times where it felt like the show didn't have the thematic depth to pull off a lot of the stuff it was trying to do. I would have also preferred more focus put on Angelo (and everyone's, really) reason to live. It only really became a theme in the last few episodes. That being said, the final few episodes were pretty good, filled with drama that felt genuine and "oh shit" moments I never thought the show had the balls to pull. The entire playhouse sequence was great. From a directing standpoint, the last episode was super strong as well. The scenic countryside vistas and worn, faded colors really gave the setting that old world feel, and that campfire scene had dramatic weight that made up for a lot of Angelo's flatness.

If the entire show were like the final few episodes, it would be an instant recommendation for me. But as a whole, I'd have to give it about a 7. Not terrible by any means, and I'm happy we got a full story, but didn't use its entire potential to its benefit.

Sounds plausible, nice work.

I'm not sure of anything, but if Nero killed Angelo, was it a revenge kill, a mercy kill, or a cover my ass kill?

If there isn't any pineapple merchandise for this series we riot.
Also spiritual sequel when? Would be awesome if they followed up with something set in the Great Depression or just after WWII.


I'd say it was just setting things right.
But I'm not user.

What era? Battles without honor or humanity did them during post WWII and it's still pretty iconic.

Post WW2, when Japan are trying to pick themselves back up.

No, do the Irish mob.

I don't know man, I always assumed it was a minefield where everyone would hate you if you hate they're favorite anime but I only see translation pages.

And no, not that I know of.

Like I said, already done. I would actually be more interested in their activities during WWII. Weren't they smuggling shit?

>My interpretation of the ending is that Nero killed Angelo
Sorry, I stopped reading there. My brain refuses to read the rest.

>Like I said, already done
Really? Which anime?

Even if they could get into his house, I don't think the mafia could make the girl notice the missing bear/care about finding the bear right at that minute. Though I wondered if the second phone call was another last minute warning that came too late.

Sorry to break you down, but anime when Prohibition is not rare either.

More like a battlefield.

Mostly a mercy kill, I think. Judging from the allusions to the shot Nero made seven years ago, there may be some musings of a revenge/duty kill, too. So similar to how Corteo had to die, Angelo had to die as well, even though the family has already been wiped out.

>Great Depression anime
>Even the animation is poor!

Oh, I thought you meant media in general. Sorry.

I don't get it

>My interpretation of the ending is that Nero killed Angelo. Angelo's footprints stop there because his body was washed out to sea. Nero has accepted his inevitable death, but smiled at the pineapples because his "you just live" advice to Angelo was more him reaffirming that to himself. Nero has nothing left. He knows that, but he also accepts it, and will continue to live until he's killed despite having nothing to live for.
Same. It's where Angelo stopped before Nero shot him and body was washed away or so they want us to think. If the fucking wave strong enough to carry the body with the current came, footprints would be the first thing to go.

>All the budget went into animating waves

I'm not sure the footprints even make sense figuratively. They both come to an end within a short distance of each other, so what, Nero died shortly after killing Angelo?

Those waves looked delicious, though

>Sorry to break it to you, but anime set in the Prohibition era is not rare either.
This one is on the house but I swear to god I'll make a goddamn voodoo doll if you keep that up.

>From a directing standpoint, the last episode was super strong as well
This. The last couple of minutes were great, the screen fading after Nero smiled especially.

They looked really goofy and out of place so I hope not.

>sequel/spinoff is made set a few decades later
>mc encounters some old dudes that look vaguely like an aged Nero/Angelo
>never learn their names
>never expand upon their pasts
>no fucking confirmation who they are or if it's really them or not
How would you feel?

Dubs speak the truth.

I'm glad I don't get it.

It's a Jap meme, it's only popular in Asia right now.

No, I know about the PPAP meme. It's kinda shitstorm in Indonesia. The gay thing the last panel, that I don't get.

>sasuga cocktease writers
>dammit has this studio lost all staff who can draw more than two faces

at the*

That interview posted on this thread or the one before, the one with the staff guy, he confirmed that Angelo fell in friendship with Nero.

>The pistol was included along with the message to Fio in the bouquet.
Well that's one mystery solved by the novel. Also confirms Ganzo is Vincent's brother despite the last name.

Was Ganzo a bastard child?

Worst beach episode ever.

>no driving through a rainbow while the credits roll

That or half-brother, maybe?
Also confirms Angelo wasn't lying in episode 2 when he said he never killed before.

After the beach scene, it wasn't actually Nero driving away, it was Angelo drawn as Nero to symbolize that he had internalized Nero's lesson to "just live". The evidence of this is that Angelo was driving away with the can of pineapple next to him and that the Galassia gangster following them stopped and rolled down his window to make sure that he only saw Angelo driving away (which implies Angelo wanted to give them the impression that he killed Nero).

>confirms Ganzo is Vincent's brother

Yours is absolute nonsense.


Not that user, but I think the Cooking Mama reference is definitely funnier than some convoluted collage


Needs some lasagna, though.

underrated comment

Is the novel fully translated?

Couldn't that be a metaphor for how he felt the shadow of Vincent? It doesn't mean they were literally brothers. Like Corteo and Avilio.

It's very clear Nero killed Angelo.

He just took angelos body and put it in the pineapple can.

Here you go, 30 hours in photoshop

Just a few chapter summaries and translations (including one about how Barbero got forced into the mafia) by this person.

This kinda makes sense

Yeah, it could be (as far as I know, I'm just going off of the summary like you are). But I lean toward blood brothers because he's comparing himself to Frate, who obviously isn't a brother to Nero in any way except blood. Maybe it'll be cleared up in a later chapter.

>Avilio’s eyes are also unwittingly captured by Nero’s juggling.
After Nero insults Avilio for his sullenness: ‘Pouting slightly, Avilio walked forwards and clapped Nero, who was having fun explaining that to the children, on the shoulder from the back. He was already carrying a wallet in one hand.’
>Avilio ‘timidly’ held the hat out to the children. ‘You couldn’t even call it trash, but Avilio knew that to the children, they were treasures. Looking at that, he smiled unthinkingly.’
>‘At that moment, Nero saw Avilio’s true smile for the first time. So he can smile like this too……Nero, who had only seen his sullenness and composed, cold smiles, stared in surprise.


Make one with pineapples.

Cerotto managed to survive all this shit. I'm impressed, hopefully he can get a quick job and save up to get another cab.

All at once? It would go bad before you could can it.

Aw, that's cute

Well, he's not bleeding.

I gotta read this ......where can i find it?


They were all just rubber bullets.

Don't worry guys, he'll be back good as new in Season 2

>copout ending

Japan strikes again.

this tumblr is where you can read it


Thanks user-kun


I'm kind of confused as to why Nero decided to shoot him after all. What was the point of getting Avillio to reach a catharsis before killing him, let alone telling him the point of life was to "just live"? Surely it wasn't sadism cause that's not Nero's MO. It can't have been as a "parting gift" either because I don't think Nero is that inculcated in gangster ritualism, especially after both Avilio and his father talking about how pointless it is. I'm fine with the specific plot ambiguity about what happened, I just don't understand Nero's motivation which is more troublesome.

(cont.) the pineapples also are an obvious implication of Nero's fundamental affection of Angelo despite everything that's happened, so I really don't get it. Unless he really was just acting out of a sense of "duty to the family"; but like I said that contradicts everything else that was written into this episode that emphasized the shared inheritance of senseless violence between Nero and Angelo.

They had a bond, and they both took revenge on each other. It's pretty obvious that he felt enough for Angelo to not just kill him with no closure.

He was telling angelo that, because that's what Nero is going to do after killing him; just live without needing some kind of fancy-schmancy reason to live shit.

It made no sense unless Nero is bipolar. Angelo has to be alive for the story to make sense and for my delusions to be reality.

or maybe it was just supposed to be a kind of nihilistic thing where Nero acknowledged his need for revenge and his ability to enact it, and didn't see that as a contradiction to his affection for Angelo from a different part of himself. I feel like that would make Nero a bit of a psychopath though...

Doing so would make all sacrifices be worthless. It's the exact same mistake his father and even Angelo himself did.

>They had a bond, and they both took revenge on each other. It's pretty obvious that he felt enough for Angelo to not just kill him with no closure.

my problem with this is that I read the campfire scene as being meant to cement the fact that the debts had been settled: Angelo was born into a world that took his family, and now Nero has been too. They were both accidents of context, and now they were both equal. When Angelo asked Nero why he hadn't killed him that night, the point was to get Nero to understand Angelo's desire for revenge as a defense mechanism against a massive tragedy rather than just this monstrous killing machine, which should have let Nero cope with the situation better, I thought.

He was a pickpocket. Money isn't an issue.

>Angelo has to be alive for the story to make sense

No. Remember when Corteo and Angelo had one final conversation before Angelo had to pull the trigger? This is the same.

like the point of that scene was to get Nero to empathize with Angelo as a human being, and I guess I don't get how that can coexist with his desire for lethal revenge. But it does make sense insofar as that scene ended without a real response from Nero, implying it didn't actually affect him that much, I guess.

>No. Remember when Corteo and Angelo had one final conversation before Angelo had to pull the trigger? This is the same.

yeah this clarifies everything a bit I guess. definitely a pretty tragic ending then.

Thats pretty much most mafia films really

If not dead, jail, or luck/snitching

The show meandered a bit before things really tumbled out of control with Corteo but it came together quick by the end. Wish we could have gotten more scenes like the first few episodes and the finale, with the travels of Angelo and Nero. It was an entertaining original, one of the few we had this season.


So is it better than Rakugo or no? Definitely in the top 2 AOTY.

What does that have to do with anything? Angelo was forced to have that conversation because he was fighting for the wrong cause with the illusion that everything would change afterwards. Current Nero is aware of the consequences of pulling that trigger and knows it achieves nothing. In his final days his father also voiced his regrets of killing his best friend and how his whole life amounted to nothing ever since that day. Why would Nero willingly make the same mistakes knowing it would only make all those sacrifices be in vain? To prove that now he's a big guy who can shoot little kids from behind?

Maybe Nero is planning to die as well now?

except why did Nero look so content at the end? His whole family was killed out of revenge and he just killed another person out of revenge. I guess I like the pineapple as a symbol that Nero has kind of inherited Angelo's soul as a post-revenge human. But too bad for Angelo I guess?

Why does Nero get to live as the only person who killed people in this scenario (excluding the galassias)?

To make all those deaths extra pointless? He isn't a suicidal character or someone who would easily throw everyone's lives away. Tigre and the others died so he could run away.

It's definitely not better than Rakugo but it's very good. aots, anyway.

Nero made it pretty clear in his conversation with Angelo that he disagreed with his father's parting words: the idea that those deaths were meaningless collapsed when Nero understood why Angelo was forced to pursue his revenge. I guess my problem with this is the show seems to be saying "sometimes revenge is pretty alright if it helps you settle your soul".

>Why would Nero willingly make the same mistakes knowing it would only make all those sacrifices be in vain?

This is not the same situation his Dad was in. It's totally different.

>To prove that now he's a big guy who can shoot little kids from behind?

He wasn't proving anything. He gave Angelo what he wanted; to die and not have to live an empty life. Thats why he had a fucking crying breakdown earlier.

Dammit user, why are so many of you so fucking dense?

>Tigre and the others died so he could run away.
I don't think he knows they are dead.

No way. It was entertaining and had it's shit together, maybe my personal AOTS, but Rakugo has more artistic merit (visual direction, VA performances, etc) and the character and relationship development is much more solid.

Watch Nero's last conversation with Tigre. They both knew what was going to happen

>Fuck, way to ruin it with a shitty cliche.
The whole anime itself was pretty clichè, user.

The ending was too anticlimactic. It didn't leave me with any sense of closure or wonder, just disappointment.

Overall, a pretty good show. 7/10

>He wasn't proving anything. He gave Angelo what he wanted; to die and not have to live an empty life

I don't really buy this considering Nero's "you don't need a reason, you just live" line right before doing it.

Nero was referring to himself. He can live just fine after this

>Tigre and the others died so he could run away.
No they didn't. They were trying to escape Lawless, not cover for Nero. All Vanettis were marked for death.

So Nero's a special snowflake while Angelo, who pursued revenge in the same way Nero is about to, is somehow irreparable? I don't buy that either, and if that's what was intended, it's bad writing imo.

The show was shit. Admit it.
Fun ride? Sure, but the art direction was weird, the directing was questionable.
It was, an action adaptation of a greek play, while the action sequences played out proper and fun, when it came to emotional moments they were handled pathetically straight.

That's why the show starts sucking after fango, at least with a trigger happy psychopath we had to wait for some action scenes in between the generic emotional otubursts.

And they were generic. Don't get me wrong, the story IN ITSELF is a fun work, going from twist to turn and ending in a powerful culmination...But the way it appeared in the show was plain boring and empty.

Take for example the family scene: Nero, his galassiacuck traitor brother, sister all have a moment where they get to enjoy her cooking and remember the old days. Put in a few subtle reminders of the past, give the characters emotions and you have an amazing work.
Instead they blabber something and then start screaming at each other.
The show was full of scenes like that, where the director could pull on the viewer's heartstrings and instead played it out like he was directing a documentary.

Ep 12 in itself was unnecessary: we already know that the MC starts a war and everything goes down in flames, we're told several times how powerful the glassias are, we know Nero isn't going to take this ligthly.
That episode is for pure emotional closure.

They could have had a gunfight, an emotional confrontation, some grand deep speech about the meaning of life, hell, I'd be fine if the MC and antagonist resolved this through sweaty anal sex if that made them confront their own feelings- but all we get is "just live" and then shooting him.

Avilio starts out as an emotionless husk and in the end it is revealed that he's an emotionless husk. There could be so much at play about his desire for revenge/self-preserrvation and his friendship with Nero put in there that we could have seen.
It's dull.

Basically Nero had to have wanted to kill Angelo out of revenge for him to have done it, either from a kind of detached duty to his dead family and to ease his guilt or out of literal Angelo-style bloodlust (unlikely considering the campfire scene). And yeah, I'm sure Nero's life advice was meant to apply to himself as much as it was to Angelo; I just don't get why Nero is the one who gets off free in this situation.

>Despite all the signs in the final episode that were clear as day, I don't buy it, so it's bad writing.

Dude. Angelo didn't want to live anymore. Nero could. No sudden last line from Nero is gonna convince him to change his mind.

>Avilio starts out as an emotionless husk and in the end it is revealed that he's an emotionless husk.

this is a pretty massive oversimplification. The show was pretty great imo, and the ambiguity of the ending really forces the viewer (or at least me) to think about what the relationship between angelo and nero was supposed to mean at the end of the day.

He didn't get off free. He was being chased by the Galassias. He was toast.

It's the opposite. It's saying it will leave you empty and without a purpose. Nero's words are clear that you don't need a reason to live, so he's also saying you don't need revenge to live like Angelo thought.

>It's totally different.
How is it different? By being worse? I guess. In his father's case he did it to get the title of the don. Nero did it to make a retarded point no one comprehends because it goes against everything he preached upon.

>He gave Angelo what he wanted; to die and not have to live an empty life
That's not what he wanted. And you call others dense? He said that he sought revenge because he thought it would give him a reason to live. That's the same as saying he was looking for a reason to live all this time. Whenever he thought he could never have one he would rather die but he still wanted to cling to life if there was a chance. That's why he went after the letter in the first place or why he kept struggling as a pickpocket. No one was stopping him from hanging himself. He wanted to live. Nero promised to give him a reason to live for before and even afterwards he said Angelo didn't need one, that he should just live. Then he fucking shoots him in the back. For what purpose? What does that accomplish? That isn't granting Angelo's wish or showing him mercy, that's being dirty and a hypocrite.

I didn't think the ending was confusing, but more I think about it, more this scene makes less sense.

Where did Nero get the pineapple can? What this guy tailing them all the time?

>Dude. Angelo didn't want to live anymore. Nero could. No sudden last line from Nero is gonna convince him to change his mind.

That's not the point. Nero wouldn't kill someone because they wanted to die when his life philosophy is literally "you should live even if you have nothing to live for."


Best song to listen to after this episode.
Now I feel like listening to some Brand New as well.

If Angelo wanted to die that badly he didn't need to waste ammo. He could have just walked into the ocean and drowned himself when Nero wasn't looking.

Hush, user. It's ok. We all wanted Angelo to live. It hurts, but we've got to be strong and be able to move on...

I'm obviously talking about the way the director showed him in the series, while the LN might have had him be the deep and troubled character he obviously was, the anime had no such ambitions and he barely showed any emotion.
>the show was pretty great imo
Watch some Cred Forumsshit to know what makes for good directing, or hell, any good anime, there's Baccano, it's about mobs, it's fun, and the characters are actually relatable.
Either you're ignorant of good shows, or you're a teenager.

There were some fucking hilarious parts in this episode.

>Either you're ignorant of good shows, or you're a teenager.

I'm actually neither but thanks for recommending me programming discussed on another Cred Forums board as an example of good direction! As a note you might consider that what people consider good is "subjective", even in whatever malformed, internet-inspired hierarchy of objective art quality that you seem to be working with.

Angelo wanted to give Nero the chance to finish what started years ago, and also to avenge the deaths Angelo caused.

This is similar to how Nero forced Angelo to kill Corteo, but this time Angelo is forcing Nero to kill him

This isn't about wanting Angelo to live, it's about nothing about that beach scene making any sense if you take into account Nero's character. And from a fairness point of view, why Nero and Galassia Jr. are the only ones to get away with it even though they were as bad as anyone else who got a horrible death. All things considered what makes more sense is Angelo not actually dying.

Depending on what happened and how much time passed those footprints could be either of the 2.
He could have waited for a while after shooting him thus letting all the current footprints get washed away as he went back to his car.
Or Nero could have not shot him and went back to the car letting his current footprints get erased while Angelo stayed there for a while and left after him.
Or it could just be symbolism. No matter what I knew a definitive answer wasnt gonna show up.

>thanks for recommending me programming discussed on another Cred Forums board as an example of good direction
I didn't, I recommended you Baccano.
>what people consider good is "subjective"
Shit smells bad to everyone
A nice flower's smell will be pleasant to everyone.
You can't claim bad art, bad directing, bad pacing, bad character presentation is "subjective" because it isn't.

I honestly was expecting sex between Nero and Angelo in the middle of the episode.

The tension was palpable.

>I didn't, I recommended you Baccano.
>Watch some Cred Forumsshit to know what makes for good directing,

It could be thought of as either a mercy kill, or a final revenge shot.

I honestly, think Nero was going to keep pushing off Avilio's "punishment" until they died in a shoot out against the Gallesias together. What forced his hand into killing Avilio was when Avilio revealed to Nero, that the reason why he didn't kill Nero was because "he didn't want to."

Now that Nero realizes just how absolutely shitty it is being the lone survivor of a hit job, he may have come to the realization that his idea of "just living for the sake of living," is exactly what Avilio had been doing for the last 7 years, and that he was dragging Avilio through another few more years of living hell before being finally shot to death by the Gallesias. Shooting Avilio may have been out of an act of mercy, stopping the suffering of a boy that should have never suffered all those years ago.

It's also possible Nero may have taken it as a declaration of war by Avilio. After all, "not wanting to kill him," was Nero's reason for spaing Avilio and it led to the majority of Avilio's life being one long sequence of shitty events. It may be that Nero thought, and Avilio planned for, the revenge to go on for much much longer, and he ended up getting a front row seat.

Read the whole post next time, maybe?
>or hell, any good anime, there's Baccano, it's about mobs, it's fun, and the characters are actually relatable
you don't have to protect your ego on an anonymous imageboard

This is the same guy who couldn't let Corteo, who tried to get him killed even though the attempt failed miserably, just go and leave Lawless forever. He even had Angelo do the honors of offing him.

Like it or not, you're the one who doesn't understand Nero's character.

I did read the whole post. You said you didn't do something I quoted the instance in which you did. Thanks for the hilarious projection though.

Not an argument.

How the fuck is that similar? You're drawing parallels on imaginary lines. Angelo killed Corteo to prove his loyalty and carry his revenge because he thought his revenge would give him something to live for. Explain how this is even similar. Are you saying that Nero killed Angelo because he thought it would give him a reason to live even though he had just said he didn't need a reason to live and even though he acknowledges how pointless revenge is?

Surprised no one made a webm of this yet.

I will miss this show a lot.

hahah, no shit, it's an observation.

angelo is very thirsty.

So your argument is that Nero is a fucking psychopath? That could work too. It makes sense at least.

in the context of Nero's upbringing being willing to kill is actually just the logical endpoint of his character arc I think. The only problem I have left with this is why Nero gets to be comfortable with stuff and Angelo gets to be dead.

I will say this in simple terms that you cannot misunderstand.

Nero had Corteo be killed because Corteo tried to get him killed

Nero killed Angelo because Angelo tried and succeeded to get him killed (and he will get killed eventually)

Have a nice life.

There's a difference between making one of your underlings prove their loyalty and coldly playing along with someone who you're going to kill when you feel like it.

Best boy

I didn't read everything, but you are all overlooking the obvious.

It was said time and time again, It was all for nothing.
For almost every character, It was all for nothing.

The symbolism of the washed away footsteps is that it was all for nothing. Everything is washed away. Nothing remains.

The same goes for the viewer as well, watching it was all for nothing. Everything about it was for all nothing in the end.

That's the moral of the story.
Guess what else is all for nothing?
All the posting about this.

>It's the opposite. It's saying it will leave you empty and without a purpose.

somehow missed this. That would be all well and good if Nero didn't make it seem like being empty and without a purpose was a pretty alright state of affairs, especially since he supposedly killed Angelo because he was hopelessly empty.

>Finally shirtless Angelo
>It looks like shit

I don't think Nero was coldly playing along: they had a mutual, unsaid understanding that entire car ride that it would end with Angelo's death. That's why Nero accepted Angelo's request to go to the ocean.

Angelo already knew Nero was taking him on a trip to kill him somewhere. That's why he made the suggestion to Nero to take him to the sea, because "he's never been there" (obviously a kind of final request)

Nice condescending post but you failed to prove your point and continue to ignore the elephant in the room. By your logic we didn't need 12 episodes or 91 days, it could all be solved in 2 minutes because according to you Nero is a character that will never grow, will flawlessly kill anyone who threatens his life regardless of what happens around him and gives zero fucks about anyone of his family.

Don't even bother replying if you're not going to make an effort to understand what others are saying.

I think maybe we are supposed to read Nero's comment about "not needing a reason to live" as really depressive rather than sagacious. The idea is that Nero has finally accepted what Angelo said about the deaths of his family and what his Father said about the mob. I guess? He seemed pretty content though..

Psychopath it is then.

He's a mob boss, not a psychopath, if you care to make that distinction. He did it out of a duty-tempered vengeance, as what seems to be the way of the world, which is something he apparently accepted after hearing his father's last words and Angelo's at the campfire.

You can also add to that list that Nero was also willing to kill Frate when they had that town feud. Ending with Nero actually killing Frate when Frate shot him first but no bullet came out.

>Only my own personal code is valid, so everyone else who lives by a code I don't like is a psychopath!!!

Who are you quoting? Yourself? As for me everyone who lives by a code I dislike is usually a hypocrite or an idiot.

>He's a mob boss, not a psychopath, if you care to make that distinction

not saying you have to, of course. He did just kill someone who confessed to basically being mentally trapped the closet of his childhood home and in the accordant state of mind for the entirety of his adult life.

man, that was emotional as fuck

Isn't the ending the exact same fucking plot as lady and the tiger?
Does he love him more or does he hate him more meme.

Either way they're both ded due to gallasia dude anyways so not like it matters

I would lean more towards this conclusion, throughout the show you see Nero shift slowly from that open-aired person to doing stuff more desperately just for the sake of the family. (killing his own brother, etc)


>Because I'm gonna shoot you from behind now that you're legal, if you know what I mean bby ;)


Explain further.

Did nobody notice this? Fucking lewd.

all in all this was a surprisingly mellow ending after Corteo's arc and I liked it a lot, even if I didn't understand it very well. The pineapple is forever iconic and that's all that matters.

Contrary to your theory, I believe those footsteps symbolizes their hatred/revenge for each other. Angelo's footsteps ended when he finally admits that he didn't want to kill Nero. Nero then decides to spare Angelo (which is why Nero's footsteps extends a bit further). The waves could indicate both men starting anew.

omg that's so lewd. I didn't notice them holding hands in that scene.

>last episode I watched was 4 or 5
>decide to watch the rest now that ended

it was a cool ride, corteo's death made me sad, cerotto was a cool guy, last episode was gay 7/10 overall

I regret not watching this with Cred Forums and shitpost everyweek

my sides

RIP Tigre best character

He was a real human bean

At least this show was fun, right? There are hilarious moments in the show that I can look back and laugh. Like the Don lasagna scene.

Anyone else hating 2deep4u open endings?
Just fucking show the body you hack nips

How did Nero get out of the island when Tigre died for trying?

I just got fired. Thanks a lot, asshole.

Big Mexico shenanigans of episode 4 were pretty fun too.

>Cred Forums's birthday will now also be Avilio's death anniversary

I hate it.

He's not dead, just like Lelouch.

And yet I will remember that date every year and get a feeling so complicated, just like Lelouch. Not even hat day is free now.

Everytime I see a can of pineapple slices at the supermarket, I'll always remember Angelo

Vanetti Family. It's in the OP credits.

Not original.

Vanetti Family is a fictitious name for a collective of people. This is an anime original.

>Vanetti Family. It's in the OP credits.
What ever this is, it doesn't seem to exist in recorded human history. I've searched everywhere for it.

That's what it says anyway. Could be wrong about whether it's a novel or not, as there's no indication it exists. Some question site says it is original, so I'm probably wrong.

>That guy that just comes and slugs him right the fuck out of nowhere

It just means that the idea came from the production committee, who named themselves "Vanetti Family" to be cute.

Well, he did run out without paying.

I thought they managed to slip out during all the chaos?

It's called a collective pseudonym. It's used in works of fiction, usually to refer to a group of people involved in a specific project. They went with "Vanetti Family" for 91 Days because why not. Did you watch Aldnoah Zero? You might remember seeing "Olympus Knights" in the credits but naturally the story didn't belong to a group of knights living in the Martian Olympus Mons.

>A/Z and 91 Days have the same ambiguously homo rival ending
>both written by groups who used a pseudonym
What does it mean? Will Angelo and Nero end up living in paradise together too?

he hated pineapple
but angelo made him like it
even after giving angelo his wish of dying he's still his boyfriend

It's pretty much confirmed. Switch orange farm for pineapple farm and you're all set.

Eggs and Pineapples.

>it's been 5 years since A/Z
Jesus Christ. Where does the time go?

So the moral of the story is don't hesitate to murder children?

Wait so was Angelo a can of pineapples the whole time and Nero was just crazy?

You scared me for a moment. 2 years, user.

My favorite theory so far.

This makes sense, Angelo was at least six steps ahead when the shot was fired yet the footprints only show one. I think the credits were actually a flashback to them standing around giving the waves plenty of time to wash away their original ones.

Shitty end



better put on your 3D glasses motherfuckers


>People here don't realize that you can do this with almost any plant.

>they didn't say UMI DA when they climbed the dune
Biggest disappointment of the season.

Wasn't it only one of the great lakes?

Honestly it felt sort of fresh, compared to most

he was empty inside BEFORE he got his revenge, he just realized that in the process of getting his revenge, he managed to find fulfillment, just not in the revenge

not really, many plants depend on specific weather, PH of soil and shit.

What the fuck did I just watch

Wasn't Angelo walking on Nero's left though? So the footprints closer to the water should be his, but he walked further so I don't know why it looks like Nero's footprints went further ahead.

>Nero went crazy and started seeing Angelo as a can
He was actually sitting beside Nero all that time, but Nero only sees a can.

>instead of Nero seeing a can and hallucinating it as Angelo, it's the other way around
like pottery

These were great threads guys. Dead, but great. And whoever made pic related? You're a hero.

Pour one out for Fango, best boy of the season.

I need a summary of this anime

Mafia revenge story

A boy falls in love with a pineapple

What if that's not a Galassia guy but a Vanetti guy? He was just following Nero around to protect him. Galassias were probably waiting at a different place.

Just so you know, the font is Cheltenha bold.
You don't have to copy the thing.

I don't think Nero killed him. He told Angelo that he didn't need a reason to live, but just needed to live. I imagine Nero fired at him and missed just like he did 7 years ago as a way of affirming that simple fact.

Really satisfied with this show despite it being mediocre to average in most regards. Ended up being greater than the sum of its parts. Also Tigre was based as fuck ;_:7

He's Stega's man, right?

Checking if Angelo actually killed Nero, so presumably he'll report back to Strega and he'll continue to hunt down Nero.

>I imagine Nero fired at him and missed just like he did 7 years ago as a way of affirming that simple fact.
Yeah could be why he was smiling too.

Really not sure what he contributes to the ending besides possibly hinting at a sequel.

I think he acknowledged his mistake 7 years ago and gave him peace by not missing.

Waves looked like an ukiyo-e painting to me.

>your tears.webm

Blown the fuck out.

Joker Game was mediocre.

A shame given the interesting setting.

He's wearing Galassia's color.

If you shove enough popular VAs into it, anything can sell.

Suffered the worst.

How was that a mystery?

I thought that was fucking obvious.

This looks like one of those webms that can trick people into watching this show.

Angelo's shirt cuffs are strangely sexual. It looks like he's a little kid who just wears his dad's shirts.

I came here looking for this. You never disappoint me, Cred Forums.

god I hate open-ended endings

just UFCKIGN tell us what happened or give us some fucking closure

Unable to confess

People who think Nero didn't kill him are the same who think Tony didn't die at the end.

Sopranos always had off screen deaths like the Russian guy and Adriana, 91 Days always had on screen deaths but decided against this one.

It really makes you think.

Soulless Angelo a best.

How mad?

I knew that he wasn't going to do it there, but I was almost convinced

Not mad enough to kill him on the spot

Imagine the hatesex. Nero going at it with the fury of a thousand suns while Angelo looks back with a slight glare of resignation

The heavy panting made it better.

Doujins of an alternate end where an angry Nero fucks Angelo till he's dead on the beach when?

I'd say he let him live, by experiencing the " I shot you, but I missed on purpose" thing he takes vengeance on Angelo, letting him liive when he's dead inside and has no reason to live anymore.
There's also no body or blood onscreen.

I've been thinking about that too.

he died in the manga guys

I don't think Spike died either. Living in a world where only my headcanons matter feels good.

One of the best shows this year, even with pineapples. Now to go find a Rem thread to shitpost.

He's obviously a Galassian mook, sent to track them down and kill them.

What I don't get is why it looks as if he gave up at this point.

I thought Nero was going to give Angelo his cigarette. Him throwing the cigarette pack was kind of disappointing.

Because the guy in the car was actually Angelo drawn as Nero, why do you think he had the pineapple?

Fucking this, biggest disappointment on the whole episode. But still okay.

It wass a bittersweet ending.

>tfw you will never be a pineapple

Really enjoyed this anime, first mafia I enjoyed because it did not go full retard and stayed somewhat realistic.

Thanks for the journey anons.

These pineapple shops are more hilarious than I thought they would be.

Yeah this is what I liked about it, I stayed on the true mafia road which is what made it so good for me at least.

It's just shame that everyone had a Underboss that wanted the Don dead so they could take over the family.

They already had one indirect kissu, along with a hand kissu and handholding. We can't go lewder.

I'm just glad this guy survived.

>implying the punch didn't kill him

I honestly hope she gets at least one good picture of porn.

>literally who
try a drawthread maybe


I haven't felt this empty since Death Note ended.

And this OST killed me :youtube.com/watch?v=CKGedlplCTw

Good one user

I miss when Cred Forums wasn't flooded with fujoshits.

jesus christ

corteo :(

Get out.

Avilio acquired his fetish for pineapples when he saw his family get murdered. His little brother represents the pineapple with his blonde hair which was taken from him. Corteo was only interested in whiskey, sooner or later he had to go, only the pineapple matters. One of the pineapple cans Avilio had was an artifact, like the ones in the Zone, it drove them mad over time. They would die to radiaton, but not before Avilio's inevitable mutation into a can of pineapples, serving himself up for Nero, in his purest form.

The beach part is some subliminal bullshit.

Well there's a case to make that it's okay that there are fellow perverts even if they don't share the same organs.

Worst beach episode ever.

I can't live without my weekly dose of Angelo ;_;

I will not let this thread dying without first confirming that pineapple on pizza is delicious and you're a fag if you disagree

this is my wallpaper now

Kill yourself you degenerate piece of shit.

ananas sulla pizza è molto delizioso


This thread refuses to die, just like that pineapple can.