People still prefer left

>people still prefer left

I prefer the one on the right, you're correct.

I dont like either of them

but if I had to choose Id pick left


No thanks.

Celestia is the patrician choice.

Lisha a Cute
konjiji no yami A SHIT

I want to make love with the one on the right while she stares at me emotionless and asks me if I'm done yet.
It will be perfect.

Guys who like girls who are easily embarrassed like them because they are weak and are too intimidated by confident women

>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Strong and intelligent
Lisha-sama is literally perfect.

who are these cum drums?

>Right is cowtits and has no personality
Left is definitely better.


I concur. Celestia is best girl.

>moderate breasts
Absolute shit tier

Left is so superior it's not even funny
Make it a challenge at least


Healthy breasts with breeding hips >>>>>> obese Cowtits

Good character trapped in a shitty series.

Phi is worst girl. Lisha isn't best, but she's high tier. Best girl is Krul, hands down.

(In case someone wants it for threads like these.)

I like how she looks from this pic. Like she's staring into my soul or something like that.

Or maybe condescending looks do that to me.

Lisha-sama is cute. CUTE.

Overrated Slut like yoruka

celestia is meh


>OP is still gay
What's new?

Someone give that girl a sandwich.


I prefer those three instead.

In what order?

I still have to watch the last 3 episodes. Started watching it when it aired but it was just too boring. Also the last one of Haruchika.

Die with him krulfaggot

I'm good with just Sharis.

Celestia is the healthiest.

Good, thick figure, big breasts but not to the point of being gross giant balloons like Phi's.

The cutest.

Celestia is cute, CUTE!

Copy Cheap

Lisha you are cute

Pink > Everyone else


Season 2 in 2017

Why yuri is hated in Cred Forums


Celestia is bigger than Phi in the novels though. That doesn't detract any points at all though. This show is literally every girl is best except for Lisha the cockblocker, every girl has done the same things as she and more.

>Low intelligence detected

>This show is literally every girl is best except for Lisha the cockblocker, every girl has done the same things as she and more.
What did You said


This man is correct.

>stick figure

Krul would look a lot better with some meat in her bones and big tits.

Her vagoo tatoo is cute.

The autistic pink cow is the only bad and pleb choice in Bahamut.


I want to waifu Lisha so bad. She is pure and too perfect

v.3 c.2 by Setsuna86 (26d ago)
v.3 c.1 by Setsuna86 (26d ago)
v.3 c.Prologue by Setsuna86 (509d ago)

It's gonna take long before he catch up with the anime ending.

Delete this

Improved Krul when?

Tits become disgusting when they are bigger than the girl's head.



More please


>that Aika

I'll just leave this here.

But whose butt is bigger?

Only these two, and red on red doesn't look that nice.


Patrician taste. Sidekicks best girls.

Thank you

>Perfection tier
>Very High Tier
>High Tier
Murder Loli
Brown Spy
>Still reasonable tier

Is this Celestia vs Pinkie Pie?

pubic tattoos are my fetish


What the fuck is a public tattoo

It's a tattoo that tells the public you failed 3rd grade reading.


My favorite is krul, but she's easily the most attractive.

Real Best Girl

Left is decent sized/above average
Pink is ridiculous

Edgy loli should be higher. She's cute and just needs a hug.

Season 2 never because it sold like shit

we need to go bigger

Why not both?

My dad works at Bahamut
He said S2 soon


>People still want to discuss this shit series with the exact same arguments.

>Good at everything other than being a main heroine
She's shit


She is a fantastic main girl

You are Shit

"Bigger is always better" is the motto of a glutton.

Take a closer look at what I wrote, you dyslexic fuck.

backboob is the greatest

left is still too big so I choose right

left is best

How would you punish her treachery?

She doesn't do anything other than fuck around in the side and just act jealous while she gets cucked.

Ah, I feel the call!

Restia > Est > Rinslet > Fianna > Ellis > Claire

Sylvia > Kirin > Saya > Irene > Julis > Claudia > Priscilla

Shizuku > Ayase > Nene > Stella > Touka > Kagami

Sakura > Karen > Emilia > Reitia > Liddy > Claire

Avrora > Sayaka > La Folia > Nagisa > Reina > Astarte > Yuuma > Asagi > Yukina

Airi > Yoruka > Krul > Nokuto > Tilfarr > Phi > Relie > Sharis > Celes > Lisha

Kotori > Kurumi > Nia > Yoshino > Tohka > Yuzuru > Origami mk.II > Origami mk.I > Kaguya > Natsumi > Mayuri > Miku

Chris > Eu > Saras > Seraphim > Taeko > Kanami > Maelstrom > Naegleria > Kyoko > Ariel

Ling > Laura > Chifuyu > Tatenashi > Tabane > Cecilia > Charlotte > Houki

Uthaha > Megumi > Eiriri > Michiru

Pink > Orange > Black > Silver

You > Pest > Kuro Usagi > Leticia > Asuka > Shiroyasha > Lily

Big Nep > Noire > Nep > Pururut > Vert > Blanc > Compa > Nepgear > Peashy

Restia = Est > Claire > Rinslet > Fianna > Ellis

Mari = Lapis > Nagaru > Ouka = Kanaria > Kiseki > Ikagura > Usagi

Julis > Sylvia > Kirin > Saya > Priscilla > Irene > Claudia

Shizuku > Nene > Alice > Stella > Touka > Ayase > Kagami

LIiza > Emilia > Karen > Reitia > Sakura > Claudia > Claire

Yuri > Misora > Chloe > Lecty > Rico

Natsuki > Yukina > Nagisa > Astarte > Reina > Asagi > Kanon > La Folia > Sayaka > Yuuma

Tomoyo > Chifuyu > Hitome > Mirei > Kuki = SYSTEM > Sayumi > The Rest > Hatoko

Green > Red > Yellow > Blue > Purple > Dark Green

Athena = Lu Hao > Liliana = Pandora > Ena > Erica > Alice > Guinevere > Lancelot > Annie > Aisha > Yuri

Krulcifer > Yoruka > Lizsharte = Airi > Nokuto > Sharis > Tillfarr > Philphie > Celestia

Germany > Russia > France > China > Japan > Britain > Houki

Eu = Haruna > Chris = Ariel > Lilia > Mael > Kanami > Nene > Saras > Sera > Kyouko > Taeko

Kotori > Kurumi > Nia > Yoshino > Natsume > Origami > Tohka > Kaguya > Yuzuru > Mayuri > Miku

Eriri > Utaha > Megumi > Izumi > Michiru

Pink > Orange > Black > Silver

Rin > Leticia = Pest > Shiroyasha > You > Asuka > Willa = Kurousagi > Faceless > Sandra > Lily > Shirayuki-hime

Blanc > Nepgear > Pururut > Uni = IF > Neptune > Ram = Rom > Noire > Histoire > Abnes = 5pb > Vert > Compa > Peashy

Paula > Chitoge > Haru > Marika = Ruri > Tsugumi > Kosaki

Nayuta > Ragrus > Scarlet > Silvia > Hayuru > Reiri > Aine > Yurisia

>Rin above anything
She doesn't do shit. She's the most irrelevant out of all them

>Kanaria that high

God damn you!

Celestia has the widest hips and that's the most important.

Better than being a slut like the others.

She's the ideal girl from this series. Perfect proportions.



I also see you added some more shows to your list, Nemesis.

I shall do the same next time we cross paths.

>It's okay if she's boring and irrelevant


If I didn't have a weakness for imoutos I would probably switch their spots. I personally wouldn't put her above Lisha though.

Is it time?


I have never seen the show, but I know a best girl when I see one

Phi's the softest

how did he even do that

Why is Celes so perfect for anal?

Isn't too fat but just right.


Ask Rito kun.

She does nothing to me. That worries me.


Because she's the type that would be 100% against it at the start, calling you a filthy deviant for even considering such a thing but would be begging for more of your hard dick in her ass cumming like she was being electrocuted

>Perfection tier
>Very High Tier
>High Tier
Murder Loli
Brown Spy
>Still reasonable tier



How would the other girls react?

I disagree with Lisha being that low, but you have pretty high tier taste user

Lisha would never let you stick it in her pooper.

Bestest girl, how can others even compete?



>half normalfag, half not normalfag


Phi is what Saya from Asterisk should have been.

But Saya is better than Phi. Saya has a cool and down to earth personality and is even smug at that. She's also perflat.

best taste my superior men

who is this doing cosplay?

The left one wears a hat, so she is better.

chaika shoop when?

party-hat a cute


just came in here to say

nice hat

How many "Hard working gentlemen" has she healed?

>Cred Forums prefers left

>pink hair
>literally fluffy
She's all I'm weak to. Sorry Lisha, but you never had any chance. On the other hand, it's nice that you're in a party mood!

>Sorry Lisha, but you never had any chance.

Nice hat bitch

Phi all the way

There aren't many men in her country so probably just her previous masters.



I'm going to get called a retard but I'm up to episode 5 and I have no idea what's going on.

Left knows how to party, for today she is 100x better than fat cow.

Lisha was perfect

Left has a party hat, left wins.

Thank mr skeltal.

Because it's just some lame ass cockteasing and not an actual portrail of lesbianism.
>"Oh, we love liking eachothers snatches, but are tottaly in to the dick, honest! "

I just really want to bum the fat one.

The plot is shit and the worst part of the series.

No doujins

Celestia needs them the most.


She already got one.

Wasn't she only in the show for like 2 episodes?

What was this show about again?

In animu it is a rule that everybody is an archetype.

If you like Cowtits or Tsundere you are a pathetic failure of a human bean.

>Moderate breasts
>perfect body
I don't think so

>wanting moderate tits in your anime
Might as well go and jerk off to 3DPD you fucking pleb

>Not liking perfect medium sized tits
Faggot detected.

>medium anything
Like I said go back to 3DPD if you want moderate shit faggot

Lisha being the main girl. You'll see. Soon Lisha will have her moment so great that you all will suddenly claim Lisha as your "waifu"

Much better than cowtits. DFC is okay.

No one has medium tits in real life anyway

Not sure which is worse, Stellafag's blatant falseflagging or Lishafags' autism over how "good" she is.

>not like large well shaped beautiful breasts
How's that dick up your ass feel ya faggot

>Slender body.
The real winner.

She was clearly the best alongside Phi and Krul.



I like both cows and skelletons.

That's what makes it so good to do it anyway.

Yuri end confirmed?

>tfw no comfy harem

Bullshit she would the second she found out one of the other girls would let him pound her butt and you know it

>Lisha starts training her ass the moment she hears you or another girl talking about anal

Plus she's so insecure that she'd immediately pretend to be an expert on the topic and try and bullshit everyone


Lisha kinda remind me of Serena with hair down in Violated Heroine, which is a good thing.
Finished Violated Heroine with not buggy breast size modification when?

Her ass was already thoroughly trained by the emperor.

I feel someone is missing there.

Airi shares her Lux time with the triad.

Because they never go all out.

Never ever ever.

Thats the complete harem
Sister is not included

All the girls are made for anal.

Does she know that?

I just really want to bum the fat one.

What's with Kasuga and no love for imouto?


So many faces that clearly shout "I want the L".

Fuck off sudaca. Go back to your TLR thread.
Fuck you. Phi is waifu tier. It just happens Krul is better.

Ayumu doesn't write this. Airi just doesn't get much attention.

It's a joke author does.
>They hate each other = lesbians.
Both panic because if MC thinks that they will lose the bowl.
It all started with a dream caused by a machine where it was supposed to make Aika get over her breasts complex, instead the machine brainwashed her into love White's tits. White tried to run but got pinned down by Aika ridiculous strength. There is a image of the dream by Kasuga Ayumu.

I remember her ass delayed scuba back then because fan sub masturbated hard.

>Perfection tier
>Very High Tier
Phi/Yandere Phi
>High Tier
Murder Loli
Brown Spy
Reverse Trap
>Still reasonable tier

Can someone post the green text about Cucquean Lisha?
The one with the orgy in the hospital room.

Why is he such a slut?

The sad part is Lisha is just mad because it wasn't her


because he must spread his imperial seed to provide MANY HEIRS to carry out his shadowy illuminati plans!

Pardon my insolence for I cannot hold myself

>pink hair
change the her hair style and give her whitney's clothes and BOOM! they look exactly same.

i have thing for cute pink haired girls with cowtits.

i prefer the one on the right just in case any of you didn't get it.


Finally I have a context for the image. I always thought it was just a random drawing. Thank you.

She needs to be added to the harem asap
Too cute not to


Still want right, boys?

More than ever, actually

They were joking about being honorary harem members, too.

I want the fluff.

Looks comfy


does anyone has the link to the Ultimegil website



Nah, Souji needs to stop being a dense faggot or pic related really will be a reality, Tyrano Guildy says so.

>He looks down at Souji who just stares back.
>"How delightful. I got to meet a man who's worse at getting a clue than I am... You don't cease to amaze."
>"I certainly feel the Yuri from your allies... But I also sense one sided feelings from them as well. You should answer them soon or Yuri may very well claim victory over them."
>Souji does not get it.
>"It may come from me who uphold Girls' Love but... What your allies wish for and what you will are different. Make sure you respond back to them properly. It shames me that I who love Girls' Love have to be the one to point that out!!"
>Tyrano Guildy lights up as if to say he's done.
>He explodes and loads of elemera orbs come flying out.
>"...He's right. I really do need to pay attention to all kinds of other things too..."
>All the other elemera orbs retreat back into the tail gear elemeration slots except for one which lands in Souji's hands.
>He heads over to the girls and walk together with them
>[...He's totally not getting it at all...]
>So sighs the emperor one last time from the giirls' love elemera orb.

Souji doesnt give a shit about anything besides twintails

That's the point, if he doesn't stop fucking up the girls will start fucking each other.

He is a man on a mission, he doesnt need stinky girls anyway

They should leave him alone already


>Tuwaroo and Aika begin fucking each other to relieve sexual tension
>Souji just strokes his twintails in the other room

alpha as fuck

Sounds like a win-win situation honestly. Let the dykes do their own thing, a man just needs some alone time with his twintails.

Stella was hot at least

Krul is the real wife. Otherwhores go home, Lux is already spoken for.

Hear, hear.

Lisha has Lux' family's insignia on her lower abdomen. That means he owns her. Sorry cowfags and plankfags, perfect titty wins.

Krul is the wife, Lisha is the branded slave/fucktoy

>winning by being the Old Empire's nobles' fucktoy

They didn't get that far.

Imouto and pres are best sisters

is she a harem candidate I think she can share with her sister?

Lisha is going to win out of nowhere, just like Aika.

I think boobs and drills are amazing

She ships her sister with Lux, but I don't think she'd turn him down either.

>win out of nowhere, just like Aika.
Who was going to win then? Souji?

Claire a best. A BEST.


The birthday hat fits her the best I have seen so far

That makes three of us. It is decided.



Right is superior, but Cred Forums is filled with lolicon pesos who refuse to accept the glory of 巨乳

>Being this much of a homosexual

That's when they're just barely getting big enough. Fuck this board is pedo heaven, am I the only one who appreciates the superiority of cowtits?