Why was it so shit?

Why was it so shit?

Brain problems.

Worst girl won.

u wot m8

Fucking cat

Perhaps it's your taste that is shit.

>tfw best girl ended up with worst boy

Counting 5 girls, two guys (one of which has prolly the role of a clown). Harems are always shit.

It went south fast in the second half. At least the best girl won though.

i finished sakurasou yesterday don;t know why do you do you hate it . at least it was better than toradora .kansai is really cute!! CUTE!!!

There were 3 guys. And they each had their own relationships.

As far as the main dude is concerned, he was only ever involved in a love triangle.

You write like a retard and your opinion is equally retarded.

Cred Forums sings days of dash when

Did you have a stroke as you wrote this post?

Reminder that this scene happened.

MC. Girls were good, the other guys were great too, animation was fine, DAYS OF DASH. It was just that fucking cunt Sorata made it unbearable to watch.

Honestly, my biggest problem, aside from the MC being an angry little cunt who just blows up at retards for situations outside their control, was the fact that it spent a bit too much time developing the girl who we all knew was going to lose in the end. Seriously, there were times in the latter half of the series where I completely forgot that Shiina was supposed to be the main love interest.

I think I remember hearing in the threads while the show aired that Nanami wasn't nearly as relevant in the LN. Apparently the director just liked her a lot.

Huh. Well, it ended up having this effect where I couldn't find myself being too invested with the main relationship, since it didn't really have all that much screen time. Not to mention how much of a cunt the MC was.

Honestly, by the end, I was only hoping the two would hook up because I liked Mashiro, and wanted her to have some sort of happy ending.

Someone post that spoiler from when MC finally gives the retard the D.

In the show, at least, they don't even kiss. Probably because the showrunners foolishly believed that they were going to get a second season.

Yes I know, I watched it. I just want to see that spoiler again. Autistic girls are OLEV.

>retard falls in love with an autist
>greatest love story ever

what's wrong with that scene?

Forced drama. Felt like all the characters were blowing up their petty problems. Also worst girl won.

Part2 really bad.
Maximum cringy ending speech.

Mc was a faggot, characters were dull, too much fucking teenage drama over stupidity. The lack of cake sensei was not good.

Whatever her name from England played by Kawasumi was best girl and ended up with best boy.

Worst MC ever, by far.
Whiny little bitch spent half of the show crying because they didn't instantly made him the president of Nintendo after picking up making video games out nowhere and the other half being jealous and an asshole to the rest of the cast. Instead of being happy that a bunch of talented people were willing to help him, he treated every single one of them like crap. Fuck Sorata, people like him should be shot on sight.

but toradora is actually good

>lost the guy she loved

>lost her hopes

>lost her dreams

>lost her place to live

>lost her independence

>lost her career

Has there ever been a girl who last this hard?

>Why was it so shit?
Because he kicked Misaki senpai out of his bed.
What a retard.