Mc describes himself as a typical high schooler

>mc describes himself as a typical high schooler

This is how Danganronpa starts. Do you dislike Danganronpa?

Danganronpa is objectively shit.

>Some gyaru causes the world's apocalypse.

>MC is a highschooler
>his design is bland as shit
>his personality is bland as shit
>he's a nice guy but he's an underdog
>has "hidden" powers or will get them later on that will negate the whole "underdog" shit
>will constantly get beat by enemies in the beginning to show that he's an "underdog" despite having bullshit plot armor
>girls of different archetypes becomes his harem just because he's a nice guy/they want to toy with him
>guy ends up getting beat up but saves the girls
>they all want him despite how boring he is, the villains are all intrigued by him even though all he has is bullshit plot armor
>he beats the toughest villain anyway through luck and shitty writing

I want to destroy Japan

It's how hundreds of anime start, which is exactly why Danganronpa is so bad.

>windows 10

>Things anthropomorphized as cute girls

What the fuck is this fad design X button from?
Why does the OS render the cursor at a higher DPI than the rest of the environment?
Why couldn't you use a standardized desktop like CDE so people understood what your image meant?

>ship baiting that never actually goes anywhere
I don't like shipping but it's fucking annoying when they clearly tease it

Stupid post

>mc describes himself as "not your typical highschooler."

Typical high schooler.

I'd just like to interject for a moment...

Half the time it's a bald-faced lie they tell themselves.



Fuck off back to ANN.

Don't mind me. Just an average 17 year old passing through

>episode start with little sister screaming at the main character ONII-CHAN ONII-CHAN OKITEE ASA DAYOO

>Implying there is a more powerful force in the universe than the average high school boy that you can find anywhere.


>he takes Danganronpa's writing seriously

congratulation on the imbecile award nomination

>he uses windows 10

Don't you have a Re:Zero thread to be posting in, kid?

>mc describes himself as an ordinary college student

>being a normal high school student is more important than anything else

To be fair, after he got the "power" bad shit starts happening to him.

>that moment when Touma starts freaking out at how absolutely based Kamisoto is
>all he responds to that shock is by 'Yes? And?'

Can't fucking wait till my boy comes back to take WR back from that cunt Yuuitsu

Why are you here, let alone alive.

I want to cum inside Tadakuni's boipussi

I kinda wanna impregnate his face a little bit maybe

I don't like him, I hope he gets brought back, punched, and thrown back to his bitches. His attitude annoys me for some reason. he needs a bro to knock some sense into him.

>my namr is mc-kun and I'm your avarage high schooler
>everyday i try my hardest to live my youth to the fullest!
>at least that's the image i try to pass
>actually i'm a pimpmaster that only acts this way to build an harem as my duty as the next harem king!
>and so my not so normal high scholl life begins!

That's almost exactly what was happening at the end of 16 wasn't it?
He realized that it wasn't his power that kept his harem around
I don't know, I just liked his contrast to how Touma usually did and thought about things

I didn't mind that, I'd have liked him if they kept bickering over their methods. I guess he somehow managed to be a smug prick without the smug somehow, the lack of anybody calling his shit out when it's there is probably the main problem. That said, it's the natural result of somebody in that situation with all of those constantly agreeing sluts.

Yeah all of them with the exception of Salome, since she was one of the few characters to call him on his shit, were dumb whores that need to go
Kinda surprised that such weak cunts escaped WR to begin with

They single-mindedly latched onto him is how, the ones that would have given him some flak for his shit either wouldn't have joined or got WR'd.

>mc is an mc

If I had a nickel...

>she uses Linux

>he isnt free as in freedom