Tsugumomo Live TL chapter 93

Tsugumomo magazine chapter 93, alpha version special for Cred Forums.

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1. I read up to chapter x. Why are there further chapters released here?
A. Because this is just translation and alpha speed TS.
2. Where can I get more chapters? I only read up to [current Batoto releases].
A. Website.

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here you go

Tsugumomo is getting an anime adaptation, if you hadn't heard by now.

I want to put my dick into a flute.

about time threads turns into shit

So the MC is boring faggot right?
I can already tell by the way he looks.

Text(header): Congratulations!! In celebration of the anime adaptation, opening color pages!!
>Kazuya: It seems that Tsugumomo will get an anime adaptation.
>Kiriha: Ha ha ha, there you go again. A joke?
>Kazuya: It has already been announced.
>Kukuri: I'll be able to get my shrine remodelled!
Text: It's amazing!!
****>Kazuya: That won't be "animated", though?
>Kokuyou: Then...
sfx: *sluuuurp*
>Kazuya: This isn't a food manga!
Text(margin): The forceful battles and lewd drawn with overpowering skill are going to be animated!? The characters are restless too!!

I cry everytime.

He is and he isn't.

>Kiriha: Sheesh... None of you fools have a clue.
sfx: *boing*x4
****>Kazuya: Uh, you're wrong too, Kiriha. Really, you're all just projecting your personal desires!
>Kazuya: Getting an anime means-
>Kazuya: This!
Text: From chapter 9, "Watershed"
>everyone: Ahhh~
>Kiriha: Just casually picking your own desired scene.
>Kazuya: I- I'm the main character, after all.
>Taguri: You're all too soft!
sfx: *slam*
>Kazuya: Woah! You were here, Taguri?
sfx: *eek*

I've been looking for the archives for the past 3 days just to see if 93 ever got live tl'd and boy, I sure am glad I don't even miss it

>Taguri: It's sure to be this!
Text: From chapter 85, "Past Trivialities"
>Kukuri: Nooooo!!
>Kiriha: Yeah, this kind of thing is certainly likely.
Text: From chapter 23, "Naked Bedding"
>Kazuya: Hmmmm, but...
>Kazuya: You won't see anything because of the light beams...
>everyone: Ahhh~
sfx: *knead*x4
Text: Ah! Ah! Ah!
Text: Thank you very much for adapting this into an anime.
Text(footer): How about the details!? Wait for further news!!!

>Even he knows it's going to be censored to hell and back.

sfx: *click*
>Madarai: By my name, Madarai Masuji, head priest of Tsuzura Temple-
>Madarai: I hereby announce the opening of the match to select the Nine Heavenly Masters, the Nine Masters Tournament!
Text(margin): The curtain finally rises, with Kazuya and Kyouka still in a delicate relationship...!!

>You won't see anything because of the light beams...
I await the salt that will ensue

Yes, perfect for your self insert

Dude really, really, really likes drawing the head priest's face.

Text(magazine): The curtain finally rises for the white hot battle!
sfx: *flash*
sfx: *crowd roar*
Text: Chapter 93: Nine Masters Tournament

I'm not a huge Tsugumomo fan, but the artwork is damn incredible and one of the nicest styles I've seen. I'm not really looking forward to the anime because obviously the art style won't be up to par and anime adaptations of non-shonen manga have been shit for for a while.
It'll be nice to see the fights animated though.

Will we find out who the mysterious masked girl is?

Yes he is horrible, I don't recommend watching or reading this series. Don't come to the threads either, they are horrible too.

So how many girls are in the harem?

Thanks as always bruh

Yoshi took ages drawing that arena on stream. What 12h work?

sfx: *standing*

>will be nowhere near as lewd
Who cares

>Kazuya: You won't see anything because of the light beams...

Since the granny has no martial skills shes going to fight purely with the tsugumomo?

an army

Text: Challenger Toganou Tooru Seventh Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Seidamari Setsuna Seventh Sigil Enslave
Text: Challenger Tsukigase Tsuzumi Seventh Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Kogoishi Kou Seventh Sigil Enslave
Text: Challenger Suzutani Sumire Seventh Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Tairaku Taiki Seventh Sigil Enslave
Text: Challenger Higashina Hiyori Eighth Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Ayukawa Ayumi Seventh Sigil Enslave
Text: Challenger Shishizaki Shinkurou Eighth Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Washigami Wakana Eighth Sigil Enslave

>You won't see anything because of the light beams...
well at least yoshi is aware

m-maybe the fight scenes will be well animated

How long will it take until we find out the studio?

>Text(footer): How about the details!? Wait for further news!!!
Noone knows.

Text: Challenger Tagusari Takumi Eighth Sigil Enslave
Text: Master Tagusari Takano Eighth Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Challenger Oriobana Ouhi Eighth Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Shioiori Shiori Eighth Sigil Enslave
Text: Challenger Fox Mask Third Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Susuzumi Suguru Eighth Sigil Enslave
Text: Challenger Kagami Kazuya No Sigil Pro-tsukumogami
Text: Master Washigami Wakana Eighth Sigil Enslave

>Text: Master Washigami Wakana Eighth Sigil Enslave
Error in translation?

>Bonami: Greetings, everyone. I am Bounouto Bonami. I will serve as chief referee.
>ref: Here.
>Bonami: Mm-hm.
****>Bonami: This is a substitute doll, "Sakuri"!
>Bonami: This doll takes the place of the person it is contracted to when they recieve a physical blow. However, it is only effective within the boundary of the battlefield.

Sloppy copypasting. Name on last line is "Madarai Masuji".

no need for alpha version for Cred Forums thingy
this fucklord from reddit is already uploading everything to reddit manga

Literally nobody here gives a shit about reddit. They eat whatever leftovers we have in these threads.

Love the referee bonami design.
At first I thought the water dolls were something that only worked in a shrine thanks to a gods power.

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and from that it goes straight into scanslation sites

but he helps us out from time to time anyway. Oh well. Doesn't really matter

Leave. Never come back.

dat preemptive light beam

>Bonami: One will be handed out to each of you.
>Kazuya: It's like the water doll...
>ref: Please mark it with your blood to complete the contract before your fight.
>Bonami: After the fight has started, you will lose when your substitute doll is completely destroyed.
>Bonami: After it is completely destroyed, the substitute effect is lost. Further hits are strictly prohibited and you will lose by foul.
>Bonami: Now then, I pray that you fight well. Bow!
sfx: *bow*
>everyone: Thank you!

He has permission, and we upload the alphas to batoto now anyway. He's also been providing us with the magazine raws from 89 onward.

Text: Oh?
>Akito: Miss Oriobana, how did it go?
>Ouhi: I am sorry. I still do not know where the missing tsukumogami are...
>Ouhi: I looked everywhere I could
>Ouhi: But there is a limit to how much I can investigate under the present administration.
>Chikage: So you're saying we can find them if you win this tournament.
>Ouhi: Yes. If that comes to pass, the others will not be able to hide anything from us.

>Kyouka: Are you really sure we can win? You can't just say "sorry" if you lose, you know?
>Ouhi: Don't worry about that.
>Ouhi: This lineup means certain victory.
sfx: *slide*
sfx: *crowd chatter*x2
>Mei: It's started!! This is fun.
>Kikka: Yeah.
Text: Meguriya Mei Fifth Sigil
Text: Kikutani Kikka Fourth Sigil
>Mei: Which faction do you think'll win, Kikka?

Surprised user are trying to jump into that when people can see he frequents the gdoc and likes

>Kikka: It's certain to be the Oriobana faction.
>Kikka: If you look at the number of eighth sigils, the Madarai faction has two more. However, the highly ranked exorcists of Madarai's side are clearly ranked above their actual strength.
>Kikka: If you look at it in terms of actual talent, the Oriobana faction is dominant.
>Mei: I know, right? Kogoishi and Seidamari are fifth sigil at best.
Text: Seidamari
Text: Kogoishi
>Kikka: Kagami Kazuya and Fox Mask are unclear elements...
Text: Kagami
Text: Fox Mask
>Kikka: Going by Miss Oriobana's personality, they probably aren't lacking in talent, but their opponents are still strong.
sfx: *rustle*
>Kikka: So, the results will be...

sfx: *wham!!*
>Kikka: Like this.
>Ouhi: A 6-3 victory for our faction.
Text: Pro-tsukumogami faction
Kagami Kazuya
Fox Mask
Oriobana Ouhi
Tagusari Takano
Shishizaki Shinkurou
Higashina Hiyori
Suzutani Sumire
Tsukigase Tsuzumi
Toganou Tooru
Text: VS.
Text: Enslave faction
Madarai Masuji
Susuzumi Suguru
Shioiori Shiori
Tagusari Takumi
Washigami Wakana
Ayukawa Ayumi
Tairaku Taiki
Kogoishi Kou
Seidamari Setsuna
sfx: *ohhhh*

Finally we'll see the puppet obi.


>Kyouka: ...what?
>Kyouka: Are you saying Kazuya's gonna lose!?
>Akito: She expects the dark horse, Fox Mask, to lose as well...
>Chikage: Wait, Kyouka. The matches with an unclear result have just been assumed as losses for caution's sake.
>Chikage: The point being that they can still win a clear majority.
>Ouhi: Yes, that is correct.
>Kyouka: Even so, it bothers me...
>Chikage: It's really getting to you, Kyouka. What's the matter, have you fallen for him?
>Kyouka: Eh!? Of course not. It's because if Kazuya loses, that means I lose!
>Chikage: Ohhhh?

I love her little costume.

Miura should be taking notes to be honest.

Text: First Match
Text: Challenger Toganou Tooru Seventh Sigil
>Bonami: Fighters, place your dolls.
Text: Master Seidamari Setsuna Seventh Sigil
sfx: *fwooosh*
sfx: *fwooosh*

>Bonami: Prepare to begin!
Text: Toganou Tooru Using The Spring Tsukumogami Habane
sfx: *slide*
Text: Seidamari Setsuna Using The Kokeshi Tsukumogami Kogokou
(TL note: a particular wooden style of doll)
Text: Miss Oriobana, here I go! Watch me!
Text: We are starting. Please get in position.

sooo, did she fuck him?

A better question to ask is who didn't she fuck?

Doll tsukumogami must be pretty cool
I'm 75% sure she did.

MC. At least not yet.

it looks so useless. Like I guess you can put them on your feet and jump high like a loony toon

She was almost there last chapter

>Kyouka: Hey, is he gonna be okay... He's just a kid, isn't he?
>Ouhi: Certainly, he is still young, but his talent is definite.
Text: When he was a first sigil on his first assignment, he was ordered to stand watch without engaging.
Text: However, when the leader was not around, he defeated ten minor monsters.
***Text: That constituted a difficulty of 5, requiring a third sigil level of ability.
(kyuu, check kyuu stuff from mid-70 chapters)
>Kikka: So, he did not make it to seventh sigil at that age just for show.
>Kikka: So he's different from Seidamari, who got preferential treatment as a member of the Madarai faction.
>Mei: How about that.
>Bonami: Now then, the first match of the Nine Masters Tournament. Begin!
sfx: *crowd roar*

I know. I wished MC returned to his prememory seal and becametthat rape machine he was.

yes, hes your generic bland harem MC

>rape machine
I think you mean practitioner of skinship

Tsugumomo is terrible, and you should avoid every Tsugumomo thread you see.

>lewd drawn with overpowering skill
editor-kun loves to work with Yoshikadu isnt?

I don't know man.
I still remember those drip noises.

>Bonami: The match is finished! Winner, Seidamari Setsuna!
sfx: *crowd roar*
sfx: *bam!!*
Text: Nine Seidamari Setsuna Toganou Tooru
>Bonami: The match is finished!
sfx: *bam!!*
>Bonami: Winner, Kogoishi Kou!
Text: Eight Kogoishi Kou Tsukigase Tsuzumi

>>Kazuya: You won't see anything because of the light beams...

nice job faggots

How unexpected!

no granny pussy for the boy

What scrubs.

Kazuyan will have to carry the team.

Well at least these two fights only took one page

How soon till it's animated?

Will it basically be a To love ru, but more interesting?

They know the anime will be shit, but hope for manga sales.

Read the manga.

Do you want us to majorly spoil you or

The lolis die, so yes.

>Ouhi: Wha...!?
****Text: Oriobana faction, consecutive defeats
sfx: *crowd chatter*x9
>crowd: Hey now, this is becoming a blowout, isn't it!? Maybe I should join Madarai's faction.
>crowd: It's surprising~ Has Seidamari always been that strong?
>crowd: I suppose Oriobana's faction is just weak?
>crowd: You may be right.

Don't give spoilers, simply tell them to read the manga.

Maybe these are actually the puppet fighting? Or they are being controlled by the puppet to fight better?

Bet that puppet he stole is jacking up their power levels

So he either payed them off or is cheating somehow

I also expect the missing tsukumogami to be used in later battles

>Kyouka: Wh-
>Kyouka: What's happeniiiing!?
sfx: *lunge*
>Kyouka: You said we'd absolutely win! You said we'd certainly win!
>Ouhi: I know, I know, I said that! However
>Ouhi: I considered Toganou and Tsukigase's techniques, spirit power, tsukumogami handling ability, and the suitability of their opponent.
>Ouhi: They should not have lost in any of those qualities!
>Kyouka: You say that, but they still lost!
>Ouhi: Owowow!
>Kazuya: Kyouka, calm down!
>Mei: Now now now, what's thi~s?

The latter is my guess.

>mfw I got shit all over when their was even a hit of an anime and now I get to watch the suffering of others roll in like a glorious tide of tears

This is a great day for me and a horrible day for so many others. I can't help but smile.

these two are almost Shiro and Osanai genderswap versions

I think the hate will re-ignite when they show off character designs

That's what I was thinking when they were first introduced.

>Mei: It seems Miss Kikka's predictions are way off the mark.
>Kikka: Impossible...!
>Kikka: In both matches, the opening went the way of the Oriobana supporters, just as I predicted.
****>Kikka: But as they entered the middle phase, the Madarai supporters' strength shot up and the matches ended in no time...
>Mei: Perhaps they've been hiding their fangs until now? Or maybe they realized their true talent in the midst of the fight?
>Kikka: It wasn't anything of that level. There must be...
>Kikka: Something else at work...!!!

Text: Oriobana Faction Waiting Room
>Ouhi: Two straight defeats... this result is unexpected.
>Ouhi: In both matches, they lost thanks to their rival's sudden change... Did any of you notice anything?
>Kazuya: All I can say is... their power suddenly increased.
>Takano: Same here...
>Shinkurou: Toganou and Tsukigase both said the same, and they experienced it directly.

So who will do the winning?

Kazuya, fox mask, best granny, lolifag big guy and shitty brother?

I want to see what bullshit they will pull off against the lolicon's armor.

Everyone on the last page and the lolicon

>Kyouka: Because they lost the moment after the change!
>Kyouka: Show a little more perseverance!
>Chikage: ...certainly-
>Chikage: It'd be nice to observe them for longer and get a hint.
>Sumire: Understood.
>Sumire: In the next match
>Sumire: I will buy time after they change. Of course, I still intend to win.
>Ouhi: Please do, Sumire. Chizuri.
sfx: *shine*

2 already lost, so they can only take 2 more loses or else they can't be the majority.

>Bonami: Nine Masters Tournament, Third Match!
sfx: *bam*
Text: Challenger Seventh Sigil Suzutani Sumire Using The Shuriken Tsukumogami Chizuri
Text: Seventh Master Tairaku Taiki Using The Daruma Tsukumogami Ishimaru
>Bonami: Begin!
sfx: *dash*
sfx: *crowd roar*


How is he even going to find time to draw all these new girls naked?

Text: The force their hand, we have to pressure them!
>Sumire: Chizuri!
>Chizuri: Yes.
sfx: *poof*
sfx: *fwoosh*
****Text: Chizuri Great Cross!!

It's been a long time, and we never saw the weapon tsuklumogami that met Kiriha on the truck.

sfx: *whirrr*
sfx: *whoosh*
sfx: *poof*
sfx: *slam*
sfx: *pow pow pow*
sfx: *whirl*

I dunno what you posted that for but you might want to check the gdoc for the actual raws instead of my hastily downscaled+cropped versions.

Muscle Daruma, huh.

sfx: *kapow*
sfx: *poof*
sfx: *skid*
sfx: *thud*
sfx: *whoosh*
sfx: *pow*
sfx: *whoosh*x2
sfx: *wham*

God tier choreography

>this paneling

god that's superb

It's a shame I can't get into it

Was it the Shuriken who noticed Kazuyan's extra tsukumogami?

>the force their hand

I'm guessing its "to force their hand"

>evil moustache won't admit defeat
>kazunyan will solo everyone from opposing party
make it happen

Kazuya is still kinda shitty with flute, no way they can ascend.

No, the one who noticed was a tsukumogami from Mayoiga. Don't know what kind of tsugumomo she was, but she was the one who approached Kyouka with the bridge tsugumomo.

As long flute doesn't go full retard again, ascend option is still there.

sfx: *skiiid*
sfx: *gasp*x3
sfx: *snap*
sfx: *rumble*
>crowd: Ohhhhhhh!!
Text(margin): It's going as planned, but...!?

That's it for chapter 93. There's still a 5 page omake from volume 18 I haven't done. I'll do that in a little while.


Well, it depends. He's been slowly regaining his abilities as a prodigy from back when he was young, after all, and he was able to properly use the attack here
After a moment of desperation, and that's with his memories still sealed.

Just like he had no trouble fighting a tsugumomo barehanded, I can see him having come far enough to use Kyouka properly. As for achieving Ascension, that's more of an issue on Kyouka's part than Kazuya's. Can't really do anything there except try and make her trust him more.

>implying he won't defeat them barehanded after warming up in normal fight

Thanks user.

Thanks man.

if the omake is canon then they already had plenty skinship

Kazuyan will follow his mother, and defeat everyone barehanded.

That will be the only saving grace. But Tsugumomo would still be best as a high budget OVA series if it had to be animated.

The fa/tg/uy in me sees an exploit for tanking Kanaka's hits.



>It's because if Kazuya loses, that means I lose!
miura should just kill himself


>anime comes out
>porn influx

Wth is this one? link?

>this shit is monthly
I'm going to die
Volume 18 omake, you can find it on the gdoc

>32 pages

That felt like nothing after that break.

>>>Kazuya: Hmmmm, but...
>>Kazuya: You won't see anything because of the light beams...

Text: Omake Manga Kyouka and Kazuya Trade Places
Text: One day
>Kazuya: Me...?
>Kyouka: Me...?
>both: Aggghhh!!
>Kazuya: A- a- a- are you trying to take over again...!? I'll tell Miss Oriobana!
>Kyouka: N- n- n- no way! I was like this when I woke up!! First of all, this isn't a takeover. It's an exchange!

Generally how this goes is that you don't want to call your opponent out on cheating hence why megane-tits and shuriken are trying to draw out the battle and see what is up. But come on. This is a world where people can sense power levels, are you telling me that the referee doesn't notice that twice in a row (soon to be three) that power levels are shooting up on the losing side?

Students are feeling this let alone the experience adults.

*without evidence. You don't call them out on cheating without evidence

here we go, oh yess

Should have anticipated the party hat, OP.

>Kyouka: Anyway, you're the one who's too careless! This never happened with any of my previous owners!
>Kazuya: Ugh- when you say it like that, I guess...
>Kyouka: Hm...
Text: When you look closely
Text: I'm a supreme beauty, huh?
>Kyouka: My body.
sfx: *boing*


One side has all the big breasts.

The other side is all flat chests.

>you will never strip and fondle yourself
>you will never get stripped and fondled by yourself
Why does every chapter of Tsugumomo make me want to kill myself?

ecchi is cancer

Ouhi's pretty meaty, though.

I was not prepared for that picture, it nearly gave me a heart attack.

Seriously. Fifth from last on mustachios side has massive tits.

Is it gay to want to be pounded into the sheets by my male body while female? Is this what degeneracy has befallen me?


sfx: *fwip*
>Kazuya: What are you doing? This is your body, you know!?
>Kyouka: That's right. It's my body. Therefore I'm free to do what I want with it.
sfx: *knead knead*
Text: Ah! Mm!
>Kazuya: Ugh- Th- that is true, but...
Text: Ah!
>Kyouka: Count the scratches on the ceiling or something. It'll be over with fast. Ahhh, that frown is stirring me up!
sfx: *slide*
Text: Ahh, I'll lose my virginity...
sfx: *knead knead knead knead...*
Text: I get the sense something like this happened before, though...
sfx: *kiss kiss kiss*
Text: Still, that was in a dream so it didn't count.
Text: But this is reality.
sfx: *lick lick*
sfx: *rub rub rub...*
Text: Ah!
Text: And soon, my body will lose its virginity as...
Text: Ah! Mm! Ah!
sfx: *heavy breathing*
Text: My body?

No, a version of you is fucking a girl, so it's completely straight.

Thanks for the chapters. I wonder if Madarai is actually using the puppet obi to enslave all of them.

>Count the scratches on the ceiling or something. It'll be over with fast. Ahhh, that frown is stirring me up!
Kazu-mom may be a serial molester, but Kyouka is straight up a rapist.

Works for me. BRB fapping with myself as the source material.

>anime adaptation announced
>first chapter after a break
>thread is deader than Kukuri

Why is selfcest so perfect?

>count the scratches on the ceiling

Kyouka's rapeface is showing.

tsugumomo threads tend to be slow, but long lasting. I wouldn't be surprised to see this thread on sunday.

Why is Kazuya so much better as a girl?

>Kazuya: My body!!!
sfx: *wham*
>Kazuya: It's true that this is your body, Kyouka.
>Kazuya: But that is my body, so I will not let you do what you want with it!
sfx: *gasp gasp gasp*
>Kyouka: Ehhhhh!? You sore loser!! I can't hold it in!
sfx: *fwoosh*
sfx: *spre~ad*
>Kyouka: See, you're all prepared, aren't you!?
>Kyouka: Now, relax~
sfx: *grip*
>Kazuya: NOOOOOOOO!!

sfx: *wham*
sfx: *gasp*
>Kazuya: We're back!
>Kyouka: You're right!
>Kazuya: Okay, It's time for our daily practice. Get dressed.
>Kyouka: Eh...
>Kyouka: We're not continuing...?
>Kyouka: Suppressing that much desire in an instant...
Text: Kyouka was newly amazed at Kazuya's mental fortitude.
Text: By the way
Text: After that, Kyouka...
>Kyouka: No need to say that!


It's implying she masturbated, right?

Hot damn, thank you brother.

>Kyouka: Eh...
>Kyouka: We're not continuing...?
muh dick

>the last panel

You can do a shitload with sound and vibrations though. Depends what Hamada is planning

Yes, she had already "prepped" herself and without god-like restraint she needed some release.

Azami is so cute.

They always exchange eyes too.

Are omakes canon?



>liking azami

I still don't know what you have against her.

>wants to kill MC at any cost and everyone that tries to protect him (people actually died or were wounded)
>when the Kanaka appears to be kill she keeps healing and respawning her
>people that are into loli

One communal bath scene after the tournament.

>not into loli
>thinking she wants to kill him

Hopefully we see Totally-Not-Sunao reveal herself during a match next month

>Kiriha: Ha ha ha, there you go again. A joke?

Even the characters can't believe it.

Wait so Ouhi really is participating? I thought she couldn't do shit. Or maybe she just meant she was useless in H2H?

The worst part about these threads is every page I read I remember I'm getting closer to the end of the chapter and the hellish wait between them.

Why does she want to kill him? I'm not caught up

Don't open this.

Though, in her tournament prediction chart, she predicted that she would be the winner in her match. The only ones she put down as possibly losing were Kazuya, Sunao, and the black-haired sister.

will the anime do the art justice, and are there any previews?

No details yet. Light beams covering lewd are pretty much confirmed though.

I'm really glad the tournament is shooting by. I wouldn't have minded the nice fights, but the story really doesn't need the stalling tactics right now.

I wish I was female and had a 10/10 figure I'd cosplay the fuck out of this (minus the fisted loli although...)

So it seems pretty clear the "Puppet Obi" allows an exorcist of great skill to puppeteer the participants to improve their combat power, right?

Possession is not ascension. There's no way he should be able to do it with her so soon, and it would be pretty insulting towards Kiriha if he did.

Kokuyou still haven't recovered?

Or maybe they are using "puppet" versions of their tools?

She doesn't really have a reason to be around if Kukuri is dead anyway

Ascension is done when the participants trust each other. Kazuya has already shown that he's willing to be completely trusting of flute now. Even the Mayoiga tsugumomo who pointed this out to Kyouka think it. If there's anything that would hold them back from achieving Ascension, it would be on Kyouka's end.

I'm curious as to how one gets beaten by a doll

God damn, Mind of Steel.

Kazuya please just fuck someone already think of your prostate.

Seems like she summoned an army of them. Maybe they just move around and smack you.

He fucks tsugus in their sleep so it's all good

But she doesn't. Azami is a good girl who dindu nuffin wrong.

It's a fisted cake.

Azami pussy was literally created for Kazuya cock

It's trust AND understanding. If Kazuya could do it with Kyouka after just a few weeks it would be pretty shitty, considering memory seal or no, he's known Kiriha all his life and he carried her obi everywhere. It's just not the same.


It's time you accept your new best girl, user.

Poor Kazuya, always getting raped.

But man, what a fucking horndog Kyouka is

I like her a lot, user. It's simply that allowing ascension between them so soon would practically be NTR.


I think it's that she can't deal with Kazuya's burning desire.

So They're siphoning off curse power as a power up or something right?

It's a bit different, though, considering Kazuya had his memories sealed. For him, his affinity with tsugumomo/amasogi was rather good even as a child. Even his mom didn't achieve Ascension before she died, remember? She learned that trick from Kazuya. If it's 'understanding' his tsugumomo, then he's sure to be able to do it as quickly as Kanaka did with Azami.

Understanding doesn't necessitate love, user, it simply means being able to understand the other's circumstances.

>If it's 'understanding' his tsugumomo, then he's sure to be able to do it as quickly as Kanaka did with Azami.
Hardly. For starters, Kanaka is dead and posessed. Ascension rules are wonky for her.
He barely knows flute and she hasn't opened up to him at all. Ascension under these circumstances would be fucking shit writing.

Remember who it is possessing Kanaka. She's being driven by her own destructive urges that she's always had. She resisted it for as long as she could, but it was always there lingering in the back of her mind. That's a pretty strong point of connection right there.

As for "barely knowing" Flute, that's not really a requirement to understand her. He doesn't need to know the specifics. He knows she's had a rough past, has trust issues, and attacked Kukuri for the sake of saving her comrades in Mayoiga. Everything else from there is up to his own ability to understand just what kind of person flute is.

And I've been telling you, her "not opening to him at all" is a problem on her end. I'm simply telling you that, for Kazuya, there's probably no problem at all.

>Remember who it is possessing Kanaka. She's being driven by her own destructive urges that she's always had
The grudge of a dead god.

>Everything else from there is up to his own ability to understand just what kind of person flute is.
And it would be shit to have him understand her as well as his own lifetime partner in a couple weeks.

>there's probably no problem at all.
Depends. Kyouka has trouble understanding him because he's a fucking insane weirdo.

I still can't tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing...

expect cancer
expect unwanted and unneeded attention
expect threads to go to absolute shit and not comfy

When the next chapter lads?

It's monthly. Welcome to the suffering.

Who fucked who? You talking about oriobana and that guy about to fight?

Well at least we know Kyouka is ok with getting the D from Kazuya.

All that matters.

So first letters of their names and surnames are the some.

Only because she was super horny

>Bonami: After it is completely destroyed, the substitute effect is lost. Further hits are strictly prohibited and you will lose by foul.

This will definitely be used by Madarai's faction.

Why does the author love killing lolis?

Why would you care if a dude or old hag died?

I see. It all makes sense now.

the next release date is ???

what makes sense lad?

Why loli die.

Is this worst girl?

And expect for the anime to disappoint.

They all know.

which is ??



She's got a pretty decent set of breasts.

He looks almost handsome in the last panel.

literal stalker

She's just making sure if her husband is being faithful

She needs to make sure no one will steal her husband.

hahaha no, sunaofag is nothing but a cumdumpster tier
kiriha is the one true waifu material

>walk into room
>see this fat lazy piece of shit on the floor
What do you do?

Fertilize her.

fondle her then sleep on her belly
pillow is only for cuddling

wew lad

So the doll activates when they take damage it seems.

yup, they just substitute bodies

I'm talking about the cheat doll tsugumomo. The reason why she activates only in the middle when they're in a pinch is because it's somehow related to their battle doll being damaged.
You can see here how there is a weird effect around the doll, which never seems to have hapened in other doll fights.

different types of dolls senpai. is clearly glowing in assumption that its linked to the owner

whats those lil character windows on the right about?

Bonami needs a nickname, so i won't forget her.

Reminder of who the characters are.


Scanlated when?

theyre always making progress

Not reading 'cause I want to read it in full scanned glory but I just want to say Azami is best.

this glass girl is best

It's in it's full scanned glory right now

I'm not attracted to Bakura at all, but I love her design. She's so soft, and she looks stupid in a cute way.

tank scan when? i'm sick of these mag scans

>age gap yuri

Fuck off retard


Not him but I don't think he's too far off from the truth. I think it's likely if the pro faction open each fight beating their opponents badly enough to accumulate enough damage onto the substitute dolls to trigger the puppet. Especially if the dolls were rigged before the match it could possibly be a way to cheat and not have some obvious connection between the fighters and the puppet.

Ah,so lolicon's fighting the tittiest monster?


Got it, I'll make sure to shit on this show once the anime starts airing

Kinda odd how well he gets along with his Tsugumomo.

user when the next chapters?

Please, be Xebec

Fresh lewd meat.


bottom of page. Cryptic moon numbers

The one fighting buff guy seems to have a bigger chest.

Can someone dump this omake?

Scroll down a little more you were almost there.


This made sense when he wanted to keep the status quo of his daily life. But now there is nothing to protect.

Kiriha and Kukuri just died, user. Like, pretty recently. It's fine to get friendly, but how friendly is TOO friendly?

How you go from this to this ?

> cute blushing pervert in the first page
> cute blushing pervert in the second page

Geez, I wonder.

is it?

He didn't want to be raped again.

So this omake also 100% confirmed Kriha went all the way in the dream.

Sexual desire makes skinship work better, if he allowed him to cum to every girl offering he'd be all "meh" and it wouldnt work as well.

We've only seen tsukumogami bursting with personality, for the most part, but they ARE tools. It stands to reason that so long as they're treated as well as you'd treat fine tools, they shouldn't have any problem with you. That's kinda how that dice tsukumogami worked before she was killed.


That's his dick virginity. His REAL dick. I'm sure he'd rather use that on someone special.

when will kiriha be back lad? ch100 ???

so who's the missing tsukogami they're refering to?
the mirror tsukogami, the clairvoyant tsukogami and ?????
also it's pretty sad to see chikage from mayoiga job hard against kanaka

The Tsukomogami who thought he had an extra one asked Flute if she actually rejected his offer a few pages later. It's her.

no i mean the latest chapter lad
when asagi ask kiriohana
>The Tsukomogami who thought he had an extra one asked Flute if she actually rejected his offer a few pages later. It's her.
yeah no, it's kiriha or azami

Everyone jobs against Kanaka.

Looking back,the depressed Tsugumogami lady was actually one of the original 5 of Mayoiga.Probably a needle.

does hamada intent to end tsugumomo when kanaka is defeated?

Who knows, most probably.

Probably, he's too good of a writer to try and drag it out, unless his editors force him to.

Not before he does 10 chapters of just sex.

what magazine does publish his work?
any other manga that has ecchi, school life and supernatural
albeit i know there's a lot

they still never ID'd this thing. So it might go on a little past that or open up into an entire arc about it

They did. It's the god that was killed by the people of Mayoiga 1000 years ago.

is it ?
which chapter reveal it?

The page after says how it's the remains of a god, and we already learnt in the Mayoiga story that they killed a god 1000 years ago, it's not hard to put together.


Plus, it looks just like the previous god's face. Look at the "cracks" around the right eye, then look at what the god the Mayoiga tsugumomo killed looked like.

okay back to my question
which missing tsukogami are the mayoiga faction currently looking for?
the clairvoyant tsukogami, the mirror tsukogami and ?????

Middle right is spooky

> still butthurt after 1000 years that it was killed

How does it works anyway? Why did the remains only appear at this time? Did it just chill around for 1000 years until the shard lose some of its powers?


The god's anger was all that was left of her after she was killed. It's her final "curse". It's a separate dealio from the shard that was stolen from her. More like her "ghost", I guess.

what does the shard do? aside from powering the god

still doesnt ID the god.

the shard of THAT god is already accounted for

The shard is a power source. That's all. It's basically a lot of curse crystallized into a shard.

S/he was just a random god, it doesn't seems to matter.

does it mean it's different god aside from the mayoiga god

Sure its not this guy who sat there for a thousand years protecting the tsugumomos?

what happen to arumi and minene?

Its suppose to be a piece of something greater hence " shard"

This guy was still a mummy inside Mayoiga when this happened.

> doesnt seem to matter

The entire story revolves around it. its the cause of all of this. The fucking MC is effected by it

I knew my humble skills weren't enough to do justice to this art, but you have to undestand I had to try! For the sake of SCIENCE!

why does kazuya father is underated

The shard Miurahi, the House tsugumomo, had was from the first and only god they killed. We saw that god already, had eyes just like these
That's all.

Uh, it's this guy
you're thinking of. That panel you posted is just Miurahi in an inactive state, because when he's up and about, he hastens the shard's loss of power (hence the whole plot about Mayoiga aiming to kill Kukuri to get her shard and replace theirs). He was just a mummified corpse when he was using all his power to maintain Mayoiga.

It's a shard from the pillar at Takamagahara.

We already know everything about that god that matters. She was weakened after taking care of a disaster, Mayoiga took advantage of that and killed her, her shard was stolen, and her thoughts of vengeance remained at her place of death and possessed Kanaka. What else are you asking for? We don't need anything else.

Yes, learning about the god doesn't matter. S/he was killed and his/her grudge curse was left in this world, that's already enough.

blurry shading doesn't works well with this style of lines, or you'd need to adapt a bit the latter.

resolving it fixes the fucked up world. You dont seem to understand how stories work. The cause of the problem is just as important as the problem itself. you must be a speed reader to not understand the theme of the story as a whole

And you must be stupid. This problem can't be resolved as far as we know, Kazuya was born as a cursed child and will always be one. as for how it fucked up Kanaka and Azami, same, the only way it can be resolved is to kill them.

If that god really mattered personnaly we would have gotten something about him back in the Mayoiga flashback.

But for now he's nothing more than a plot device. Plot device that seems to have died off when putting its curse into Kanaka, so there is nothing left of it now. The God won't appear as the "true final boss" or something like that. It's just another victim with its amount of negative effects.

So MC's power comes from the god's grudge, not his mother?
And now that the shard's power is gone (almost gone?) Will he keep his power? Will the grudge remain?

The god's grudge isn't related to the shard.

From what I remember, a cursed child is something that happens from times to times, the grudge increased the chances of that hapening, and now Kazuya was born as one, there is no way to cancel that. The grudge already left, what is here now are its aftereffects, which ended up causing that incident with Azami and Kanaka becoming an Amasogi.

>Kazuya was born as a cursed child and will always be one

the entire theme of the manga is getting rid of curses. how stupid are you? the mc is a fucking EXORCIST

The curse clearly still has a mind of its own, its raped the mom and the dress for a reason. It even kept the mom alive after she died the first time. Its not mindless.

doesn't know what he's talking about. It looks fine.

You can't get rid of curse in this setting. Exorcists take care of aberrations, but curse is everywhere and constantly flowing. Human desires are what give form to the curse. Land Gods are completely powered by curse.

A cursed child attracts curse.

The theme is not to get rid of curse, but about taking care of the desires that are given form by the curse.

That page you posted? It's simply the god's ill intent pushing for Kanaka to go wild and destroy everything. Like what you've been told, that's all the god wants. If there's any change to it, it would have been caused from the dress uniting with Azami and becoming more "human" from her thoughts and feelings towards Kazuya.

Reminder that animeonlyfags will be the downfall of tsugumomo threads.

and now its started to gather shards.

Tsugumomo should end somewhat soon, if yoshi has some self control.
The poor first half brings the manga down and only at Mayoiga ~ch50 it gets interesting.
New series could fix boring side-characters, the glasses girl is one of the worst designs ever.
Avoid meaningless sub-plots that prevent story progression for a month or two.
Yoshi is already great at combiring fanservice with character developement so double down on that.

>The theme is not to get rid of curse, but about taking care of the desires that are given form by the curse.

And the desire is the cause of the curse. Getting rid of the desire gets rid of the curse on the owner hence Exorcising it.

> Like what you've been told, that's all the god wants.
Citation please. I dont recall the page where they explained anything about the Goddess that was killed and her grudge. When she united with Azami, she didnt go on a murder spree against those that killed her, she teamed up with them

The entire issue is the curse is making moves and gathering power for its own personal end game.

Because the god doesn't actually do much.

Azami is still just Azami with the goal of killing Kazuya no matter what. That "god" isn't pulling the strings or anything like that, Azami's and Kanaka's situations are just mostly a combination between the latter's love for fighting, the god's grudge, and the curse that Kazuya incidentaly unleashed on them.

>Tsugumomo should end somewhat soon

Well, they've basically foreshadowed a 2-3 year time skip, so I kind of doubt it will.

Once we're done with the tournament and internal drama there'll be some manner of training arc, probably a few miscellaneous arcs for building Kyouka and Kazuya's relationship, (or somehow rationalizing Kiriha coming back), one or two arcs for finishing up the stories of other characters, and then the time skip which will start the presumably final arc or arcs.

The end is in sight but it's still a long way off. Any sooner and it'll feel rushed and leave too much shit hanging.

Ye I was thinking it ends around ch 130-150, unless he goes full Miura and decides tsugumomo is his life work.
>I've already drawn Tsugumomo for 10 years, might as well keep going, heh.

>*knead knead knead knead...*

> I
> Dont
> know

Read the manga a little more user. you might pick up the subtle parts

It's not bad at all, but check out the author's coloring and try to emulate it.

>And the desire is the cause of the curse
No, the curse is an independent mysterious power. Desire or obsession gives shape to this free-floating magic, moreso when it's concentrated. Curse is a natural thing in this setting.

The first half wasn't poor at all, and without the first half to get to know and care about the characters, the second half would not have been effective. You can't just jump straight to the punchline.

Maybe you should read the manga user and this time not so fast. You might learn something. I cant make you drink user, thats entirely up to you

Way too smug for someone effectively saying "I can't prove my argument correct".
It should be pretty easy for such a retentive reader such as yourself.

Yoshi practically re-imagined the manga with the mayoiga plotline and only the good side-characters stayed relevant:
Sunao, pillow, kukuri, kiriha. + new ones.

It was all for the build up, and it was done well.

>character designs
They'll fuck up, won't day.

What would be the best studio for this?

I does not feel like Shaft. Even though they could probably go lewd.

That seems really short sighted user. The curse that afflicts the mom and the son are both related to the God and it's the central issue behind the bigger problem that effects the town. Now that same curse grudge has lead the mom who is a vessel for it right back to the shard that belonged to the god.She even says it's probably detached and draws the parallel for you. I don't see how the author can make the underlying theme more obvious without giving it away. You make a poor detective to disregard the bigger picture because evidence is too small

tl;dr, the Butler did it

Does he actually know how to fight?

Or is he tracing from some choreography (or combining moves from a known library).

Maybe he has a consultant.

At least it's censored


He uses 3d models to help with the perspective and body positions, and traces over those.

don't forget he actually takes pictures of himself posing like that for those drawings.

Azami is an artifical Tsukugami (an Amasogi created without malice).

She got taken over by the Dress-Amasogi Katsuya created for training purposes.

It's just struck me that Kazuya is probably going to be forced to cross-dress to purify Azami.

For backgrounds, I've never seen him use 3D for the characters.

She's as artificial as his Amasogi, meaning not at all.

He does, like wheres lots of different height characters and itd be easy to get the perspective wrong without the 3d models.
It just depends what poses hes comfortable to draw to look good without reference, if the viewer cant see the floor its probably harder to fuck up the perspective.

a thoguht occurs, what if azami was the tsukugami that the one person sensed?

That does not answer the Question were he gets the fight choreography from.

he doesn't need those for fight coregraphy, it's just to verify the proportions relations if there are several characters on the same panel.

>Fem NTR
But that's hot, user. The author should make it happen.

>her husband
KEK. The stalker is a mistress at best. She's nothing compared to best girl Kyouka.

People shouldnt fap to tsugumomo though

>For the sake of SCIENCE!
wow we full reddit now

Nicely done! Kill yourself

Is this the Tsugumomo General?

That would imply persistence.

We have one or two threads a month for the new chapters and that's it.

The discussion is also pretty civil, which sure as shit doesn't mesh with the idea of a general. Or Cred Forums for that matter but we won't go there.

Holy shit, it can't be healty ignore such boner, his prostate will explode one day.

all these long lasting tsugumomo threads are like 400 posts by 100 posters. Its pretty much same people always talking.

Piss-chan a cute!

Wait till' the anime.

I'm only going to watch it for Kiriha anyway. Who's her seiyuu?

God, don't remind me.

I literally cannot imagine any way that the anime could come out well. The animation will probably be terrible and it won't even be 25% as lewd as the manga.

The only consolation is that it'll probably only run 1 cour and go noplace.

This is exactly what it is.

The point was that he is his mother's son but has control where she did not.

Very much ready to see him lose his cool in this tournament

>The point was that he is his mother's son but has control where she did not.
He didnt control it before memory loss.

technically it was his overpower lust

so in a way he was trying to rape himself

So 4 posts per person?

My god, what a circlejerk.

Not exactly. He has inhibitions, which she didn't.

Well, he IS most in love with his r63 clone.

>The discussion is also pretty civil
not for long

yes this is the Tsugumomo general, reddit, facebook-fags and tumblr is welcome to Cred Forums through this general. Feel free to post!

he was a child

I assume when he gets his memories back he'll keep the control

What was the correct answer?


What's the answer for masturbation count and preferred position? I can't tell.

The clitoris isn't in the breast. Since she didn't immediately mark him wrong, one would assume it was located in the breasts.

Also reminder Kazuya is best girl.

Also masturbation count is probably ten, assuming the translator could read the actual answer and translated correctly.

Position is a mystery for me, Restrained _ _

Author writes chapter.
Scanlator publishes translation.
People talk about events in new chapter or cute grils featured.

>"Must be a circlejerk."

The game was messing with them, so stopping it at "breasts" would be boring.

Twice probably

He was sarcastic.

>>Kyouka: Eh...
>>Kyouka: We're not continuing...?

But didntr she hate him ?

Anyway- Kazuja is so gay.

some people can't catch sarcasm if it's written

She was turned on.

some people need to work on their internetpersonal skills.

some people have downs syndrome

Who dies in this?

Main girl and second main girl.


It's two or three. The position is 忍び居茶臼 "Restrained Tea-grinding Mill" it's from the japanese kama sutra

>It's two or three
Could be ten.

Hamada needs to draw this.

>So first letters of their names and surnames are the same.
It's like that for most if not all characters in this manga.

That's hilarious. Sumeragi Sunao too.

>Not Fox Facemask

Kokuyou is not a very loyal bird, she'll change masters if you give her food.

But you can convince her to do a lot in exchange for food.

I think there was exactly one character without alliterative name. A guy from Letter arc.


I take this to mean loli Kukuri is absolute Kukuri

funny how everyone at Cred Forums were like this a month ago

Still not scanlated? I should just read this then

Who laughing now fag.

Let's tell everyone that Tsugumomo is shit and they should avoid these threads because they are also shit.

That's not gonna stop the animeonly fags and their waifuwarring general once the anime comes out.

For good reason. The general sentiment was it would never get made because if it was, it would suck.

And it probably will. I hope THAT's what we were wrong about.

>Kazuya: You won't see anything because of the light beams...

I just realized Kukuri has a light beam in the last panel.


When has that ever worked?

>tfw that was your post

Its going to suck and its going to shit up these threads I bet.

Remember that time there were people watching the stream and some sperg started talking about how he didn't want an anime?
You know, on the artist's fucking stream?

Better than the huehues spamming chat with portugese.

I don't know, br spam doesn't seem as shitty as writing on the author's stream, that he can see, that you don't want his franchise to be successful because your mongolian pony-breeder forum may have shittier threads as a result.

Yoshi doesnt speak english though.

He looks it up and tries to respond, though.

For the record I didn't say anything in his chat, too lazy to login to youtube.

If he did he'd have "im using mangastudio 4" on the youtube description after people asking about it a thousand times.

Need more Azami.



why is Kiriha such a fucking best ?

Dat's lewd.

Need more Kasumi.


He did and has, that's why people were asked to stop typing in english on the main window, it was disrupting.
I don't mean his youtube stream, btw. I doubt he reads those.

enjoy true comfort


>tfw Kasumi (and by extension hourglass for threesomes) won't win the bowl


marriage when


after kazuya divorces takano

Does anyone aside from me jerk off before reading Tsugumomo? To me its a better way to read because that way you won't get aroused/distracted from reading and simply stop reading after finishing.

Yep, first readtrough I just fapped to everything and didnt pay attention to the plot.
Then I started doing what you described and it was like experiencing another way better manga.

Kazuyan should get going while she's still fertile.


Is kiriha not dead yet

She's dead, user. Don't believe the wishful thinkers.

Kazuya is a fine dude that deserves his harem

His Harem is a fine Harem that deserves his dick but he don't put out.

Would you?

imagine a world where a manga ends with a based harem ending

Truly best goddess(male)

perhaps his female version

Man, I'd both at the same time.

>but he don't put out
He's canonically fugged like a half dozen girls

Currently Kazuya has little to no personality. Hes just strong/spice/everything nice.
Konosuba mc is like a more interesting version of kazuya who desperately needs some fleshing out in terms of vices and frustrations etc.

Citation needed

Nigga RTFM

So you're talking out your ass.

Sure, kid.

Well he fucked the sleeping tsugus, does that count?

>he still thinks that babies are made when a female and male just sleep toghether in the same bed

thats not what he did

Right, he only put his penis inside her. Totally different.


Granny is the best girl of all, alive, dead and inanimate.

He didn't, speed weed.


He LITERALLY defends his body's virginity in the bonus of this chapter, speed weed.


when'd he do that?

See: >Text: And soon, my body will lose its virginity as...
How's that for delusions, Speed Weed?

user are your aware when reading manga you must not only watch the cute drawings but also read the dialog boxes?

Lets find common ground and say a penis in kukuris mouth counts as being inside someone.

I'm aware.

>yeah no, it's kiriha or azami
Pretty sure that's wishful thinking, user. See pic related. There's a reason it's the same tsugu who confronts Kyouka in the next chapter. I wouldn't act like these two pages aren't related.

Depressed tsugu was merely under the impression that Kyouka was already owned by Kazuya.

That doesn't explain why Akito didn't feel the same way, or clarify for him. His confusion is the key, the Momo detected something no one else did. Mayoiga already knew she'd rejected the proposal.

Its azami, kazuya didnt own kyouka at that point and azami never died or changed owner so.

Azami was taken over by an amasogi, it could be her or it could be kiriha.


Her stone is still there with Kanaka, so yeah.

Is he a paintbrush tsugu?


is yoshi delaying adding a dildo tsugumomo for something special or what?

How often do people pass down their dildos, though?

Kanaka would.

So... this manga is essentially porn, isn't it?

seeIts porn if you want it to be.

Kanaka passed her cumrag, it's different.

What makes any more worth reading than a good hentai doujin? It seems like every scene is set up just so that someone can get their tits out.

Don't read it. It's terrible. Avoid these threads too.

oh yes


dont sexualize the Kukuri you useless fuck

Don't be mean to Hamada san.

he might draw nudes of Kururi but i dont like them shes just 2pure

so final antagonist will be the person who lead in the amasogi toward kanaka right?

No, dead god is dead.

if yoshikadu managed to complete tsugumomo at around ch198 i be pleased

delete this

It will go away on its own.

500th post for Sunao




I believe girls this old should have pubes

>implying Sunao isn't the type to shave

I believe ladies this old should have more pubes.

You got me there



Best mom.


She needs more screen time.



We need a Kanaka spinoff
>Showing more about his past
>Baths and skinship everywhere
>Interactions between Kanaka and best girl

but what if Sunao dies?


I wish my mum put effort into getting me laid


>lose tsukomogami
>lose goddess
>lose wife
Please no.


Oh yea, this girl existed

It's time

She will remain being dead as long as Flute is still around.

>that last panel

Are these his classmates? I miss their time in school, everything was so simple.


Isn't muscle girl the spear girl from Mayoiga?

Muscle girl is one of the Mayoiga tsugus

>Secondary characters got nude art
>Not Granny or Adult Glasses girl yet
Come on Hamada!

I wanna do things to this spear

His last full-model lewd on pixiv was a year ago, it's been official art and a gif since then

Matter now. She has been forgotten ever since Kyouka became the heroine.

Would you polish her shaft, Cred Forums?

But user, Sunao is participating in the tournament right now.

Say what you want about the quality of the series, but at least we don't have to rely on shitty fanart to get our hentai fix. We got the real deal.

Honestly I get the feeling that the reason there's virtually no porn of this series is Hamada sets the bar too high.

Exactly. When the anime airs, there will be more art but something with the quality of Hamada? I doubt it
I hope Hamada gives more art on his pixiv page during the anime

You should pay more attention to Fox Mask in chapter 91.

Also, goodbye thread.

double fingers to the anus