Anime that needs to exist

Is there any kind of Mad Max style anime? I feel like it could have a lot of ridiculous potential.

Fist of the North Star.

Lord of the rings/Silmarillion
I would kill to see Sauron animated

An actual, we'll done Fire Emblem anime would be nice. Especially if it was about FE6 or FE10

Thought about that today, cute girls doing cute things in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sora no Woto worked very good, so did the setting NausicaƤ. Why not put the K-Ons in the Mad Max world?

>Moe Galadriel
Please Japan.

MD Geist

I want a Hotel Dusk anime pretty badly, preferably a new story apart from the original, but the budget and sheer amount of work it would take if done in the original style would be pretty staggering.

You could sort of say Redline was that. Maybe Speedracer if you like 60's animation and can get drunk enough to enjoy the hilarious dub.

None of those are Mad Max at all.

Japan has been tiptoeing around Cthulhu mythos long enough. They need an actual anime directly based on Lovecraft's work now that they're all more or less in the public domain.

Lovecraft's mythos is somewhat cursed, they are good great stories written but they tend to be bad in other mediums.

I'd love an fe4 anime or an fe9/10 anime

remake this

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Now and Then; Here and There

nothing like fury road. fury road is a new thing all to itself and ridiculously high quality

kenshiro from fotn is basically a plagiarized max. though the plagiarism is mostly visual.

desert post apoc is a pretty uniquely american genre though, I think you're barking up the wrong tree, op.

go play fallout series

lovecraft was mostly cerebral. it's hard to really convey that kind of stuff in film.

how do you really convey the psychological horror, say, of a race of humans who slowly interbreed with fish and become les human every generation?

it's kind of hard in film.

There's an anime loosely based on Lovecraft's works.
It's not the kind of thing you think about when you hear "Lovecraft" though.

I kind of wish that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure could do a steel ball run with a speed racer/mad max type of setting.

That's what I'm getting at. Lovecraft references are fine and dandy but I need an anime about cute girls slowly turning insane and dying horribly after coming into contact with outer gods and other eldritch abominations.

I like it
I love it
I want more of it.

You sound like the guy in my Cisco class. Mad max isn't as good as you jojofaggots think it is.

Is CISCO a good thing to learn?

I sure hope so otherwise I'm fucked

But mad max is asstrailian


Cute girls getting shell shock

I've only ever watched the opening, and god does the MC look like the biggest fucking faggot in anime ever.


It's Desert Punk you idiots, jesus. How did it take this long to post?

more cute girls committing cute war crimes please

It's Osomatsu-san you idiots, jesus. How did it take this long to post?

a re telling of king arthus and his knights but everyone is loli.
fucking lolis in full armor doing knight shit.