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Gappy is crappy


When's the new OP soundtrack releasing?

Gappy makes me happy

Can JoJofags just fuck off already.

>Highway a Go Go
>Boy The Second Man
>Puzzling Paper
>a cat
lt can't be Superfly because it has existed for 3 years at least

Looking forward to seeing this next week

Araki is such a fucking hack.

>Doesnt just have Vanilla Ice go on the plane instead of bugman and set of a C4 since terrorism was hardly a thing concerning planes back in that time period. Vanilla Ice sets it off while hes in his stands void form.

>Dio never just stops time and puts C4 on Jotaro, 100% killing him, instead uses knives from a restaurant.

>Didnt shove C4 inside the monkey on the boat and then blowing it up when one of them was near it while having the water stand guy give positions

>D`Arby didnt have a C4 under his table which he could have set off while he make an excuse to go to the bathroom

>Mirrorman didnt just fight them in a hall of mirrors with C4

>Death13 didnt just dream up c4

So many fucking obvious chances.

How many episodes was DIO's World again and how many chapters were rushed in?

>yfw they call Superfly High Voltage


>Adapting all the parts from the manga = shit. While Diamond is Unbreakable anime leaving out a ton of dialogue from the manga.
>Stand Proud had amazing visuals and is a great song. Part 4 Opening is just as good since it was a throwback to Part 1 Opening.
>DIO's World fixed in the Blu Ray. While David will be unable to fix an entire episodes made by Koreans.
Admit it, Part 3 got the better adaption. Just admit it, it's not fair that Part 3 got more love

i love abbacchio! i want him to cum in my boypussy!

It's obviously Reasonably Priced Filthy Act.

Anime only fag. I'm going to read the manga all the way into Jojolion,coloured or non-coloured version?

18 plus a single chapter for the epilogue. The pacing was all over the place though, they had 3 chapters in one episode since it was the one where Kakyoin died then the next episode was 6 ad the final one was 4.

I love this shot.

Whichever you prefer, but be warned, some colored versions look really bad at the start (Part 7) but get better later on. Also i think part 5's Colored isnt fully released online with fixed subs.


part 4 is better in color
part 5 is better in color but only about half of it is colored
part 6 is whatever
part 7 looks like shit in color
part 8 isn't in color

non-coloured, the colour covers a lot of the detail in the art and a lot of the colour choices are pretty questionable later on, though coloured is fine for rereads

Better fights, better music as well. checkmate.

>movie opens with highway star
>josuke's going to run over a baby
>punches motorcycle
>pic related
>*record scratch*
>*freeze frame*
>"Yep, that's me. Not the baby, you super retard. The other guy. The one with the great hair."
>"My stand can't read minds, but I know what you're thinking: how did a delinquent like me end up in this situation?"
>"Let's backup a bit, shall we?"
>kid Josuke sick in a car stuck in the snow
>"No no no that's too far back!"
>Jotaro arriving in Morioh
>"Now that's great! Let's see how things turn out."

No it's DIO's Stand, this has been explicitly stated so many times I don't know why you'd think otherwise. Jonathan's Stand was the Hermit Purple clone DIO uses once at the beginning of the Part. Jotaro getting the same power as DIO was meant to be symbolic sinc DIO got where he was by taking everything from the Joestars and now Jotaro is taking it all back in addition to the one thing of DIO's that was truly his own.

>Leaving out a ton of dialogue
You got me there but a lot of it's harmless, none of it so far has been enough to harm the experience.
>Part 5 Opening is just as good since it was a throwback to Part 1 Opening.
What do you mean by this? The part 4 OPs are so good because they perfectly fit part 4 as a whole better than I could've asked for. CNBT fits the SoL aspect, Chase fits the tone-change and Kira perfectly, Great Days fits the triumphant finale and the whole unified-community aspects of the whole part 4 crew really well. Stand Proud is just another pumping action OP, there's not really anything that made it unique, though I still love the song to death.
I admit though, fuck I wish part 4 got the same amount of budget. I still prefer the part 4 adaptation any day because it's handled much better but christ DP deserves more money so they can fully do justice to the other parts, they capture the spirit of Jojo so well.

I want to impregnate Shinobu!

lel totes epic duder

fuck off



Stop getting baited so easily.


28 - I Am An Alien 5-6 / Highway Star 1-3 (5)
29 - Highway Star 4-8 (5)
30 - The Cat Who Loved Kira 1-6 (6)
31 - The Man on the Tower 1-6 (6)
32 - Enigma Boy 1-4 (4)
33 - Enigma Boy 5-6 / My Dad is Not My Dad 1-2 (4)
34 - Cheap Trick 1-6 (6)
35 - Another One Bites the Dust 1-4 (4)
36 - Another One Bites the Dust 5-8 (4)
37 - Another One Bites the Dust 9-10 / Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 1-3 (5)
38 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 4-8 (5)
39 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 9 / I'll Jog Your Memory / The Guardian Angel of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (4)

>Urban Feline
>Wonderful Bee
>Affordable Magic
>Someone Else chews The Dirt

>Kira's victims

No problem, enjoy the read and take your time to enjoy it.

There's only one way you're going to get Abbacchio's bodily-fluids inside you, user.

The second half of Vanilla Ice Part 3 starts with DIO's World, then 3 episodes and like 80% of the last episode is the rest of DIO's World

why are part 4fags so annoying

>new stand user

Kawajiri beat you to it.

Who do you guys think would be the highest paid whore in a Stand-only brothel

>tfw "Gold Wind" is all but confirmed to be animated

Yeah, I know.

'jojo4kirasvictimsandketchup.png' is a little too much for me, sorry.

The way this is paced it'd actually work pretty damn well. Asking again, how many eps did Dio's World have and how many chapters were crammed per episode? 5 eps for the final arc of DiU looks like it'd be perfect.


>no ACK
>not harming the experience

Then it's Cheap Trick's user.

Don't even think about it, user.

Mikitaka, he can turn into whatever you want and fulfill nearly any fetish, including impossible ones like inflation or vore or whatever.

>there will be an English version for Great Days

How Engrish is it gonna be?

I love you mods, thank you for cleaning up these threads lately.

Why was Kira's heard a robot in the OP?

Also, does anyone have that image/wallpaper with happy Okuyasu in front of a background of money?

So the actual name is Golden Wind?
and Vento Aureo is just the Diamond is Not Crashed version of it?

W-what did I miss?



thats not a STAND

>The Beach Boy/Grateful Dead fight animated
>Narancia peeping on Mista being "healed" animated
>Giorno drinking piss animated
I don't know if my body is ready.

What the fuck are you doing here Bunanon?

The boss with his fucking shenaningans, that's what.

Earth, Wind and Rohan's House is bound to its user, user. It and Miki are a package-deal.

Vento Aureo is just Italian for Gold Wind

It's not mistransliterated like Not Crash

a mediocre edit of an already mediocre r63 pic

I think it's Kawajiri's face after Cinderella swapped it.

They did the first chapter at the end of Vanilla Ice, leaving 18 in 4 episodes. They did like 5 in the first, 3 in the second, and 6 in the third, with 4 in the finale.

Rohan makes me ______

Why does he wear a codpiece?

>loving mods

No wonder Cred Forums is considered the most cucked on this website.

spice girls for the elasticity. or paisley park. for the elasticity....

Vento Aureo means exactly Golden Wind, user.
Italian is a real language.

Sweat christ that is some weirdly fucked up pacing.

Was it that picture of Diavolo with the fucked-up pregnant belly and stitches and shit?

Yeah it's always been Golden Wind, Vento Aureo is just the name in Italian.

It looks good.

Both singer sing English pretty well

>doing their jobs for once
back to Cred Forums with you

haha cuck XD
you said cuck lol XD
lol i love autism XD

>OP4 was a Throwback to Part 1 Opening. What do you mean by this?
>Sono Chi no Sadame
>Sono Chi no Kioku

>Not liking the OPs with Sound effects in the opening for the last episodes.
I don't even think the new one will get any.

Kira deserves a nice 3D opening but he didn't. It's sad, because part 4 really deserved it for the past 2 openings.

Name a cooler stand. You can't.

In celebration of the alien episode

I don't know how anyone could think The World has anything to do with Jonathans. Its got none of his soul in it. Its pure DIO.

No, just .

It is Part 5 related, though.



>Narancia kicking a exploding car

It's also underrated as fuck

Oh wait I thought you were referring to one of part 4's OPs, my bad.
I do miss the SFX OPs but honestly? I can live without them, Chase's visuals and the song itself with the lyrics reflecting Kira's perspective gave him the justice he deserved. CGI OPs were great but the visuals of Great Days and Chase are still damn well top-tier, though I hope Kamikaze Douga will do part 5's OPs.

I have seen worse JoJo fan art

White Album is the coolest stand senpai

I hate to be the curious guy asking to see it but I am

What was the song when Josuke and Okuyasu were HAPPY.

>the mods job is to remove r63 fanart

check the archives.


>fetish art*


From one of the animators

fait point. but still, it was sfw and featured characters of the series. no reason it should be removed.


Does Mikitaka have their cocks in his hands?

Posting best Part 8 main theme

>part 7 looks like shit in color
Only early on. On the later volumes it looks godly, if not better than B&W. Probably the best part to read in color.

I actually deleted it myself because I accidentally replied to some posts


Give me an example of one of those godly pages.

those are JOsuke and rohan's hands. they got dice in em.

Do you like the new OP ?

so, I can't be the only one disappointed by the new opening, right? It fits the early arcs of Part 4, but it doesn't fit where we are at now. Even Chase was better.

Can Brunna use Zipperwoman to gave birth to her baby without pain?

It's shit. SHIT!

moar please :)

Yeah, it's taken a few replays to grow on me but I love it.

Delete this.

Araki forgot, we know

2nd favorite, I love this throwback feel-good type of music.

Yeah, it's pretty good. Only thing I dislike is the reused shot of Kira turning around near the end. It looked bad in the episode it was from and it doesn't look any better here.

Seems pretty likely we'll get some sort of change when BtD comes into play, so be patient.

You seem to really like C4 user.

Her name would be Brunette you fucking heathen

I'm retarded who's that on top?

You replied to Abbachio posts, it was technically relevant

Also I have mixed feelings. No Giorno?


she is itallian not english, so is Brunna.

Bruna is an actual name you fagolo.


>let's make this character a girl then completely change everything about his personality XDD
r63 is garbage

>Abbacchio being pregnant
Imagine the moodiness, fucking christ

Thanks Doc.
Why is this so satisfying too look at?


Her saying Muda is more than what I read

Araki is such a fucking hack.

>Doesnt just have Vanilla Ice go on the plane instead of bugman and set of a C4 since terrorism was hardly a thing concerning planes back in that time period. Vanilla Ice sets it off while hes in his stands void form.

>Dio never just stops time and puts C4 on Jotaro, 100% killing him, instead uses knives from a restaurant.

>Didnt shove C4 inside the monkey on the boat and then blowing it up when one of them was near it while having the water stand guy give positions

>D`Arby didnt have a C4 under his table which he could have set off while he make an excuse to go to the bathroom

>Mirrorman didnt just fight them in a hall of mirrors with C4

>Death13 didnt just dream up c4 or nukes

>Water stand guy didnt just use Sea Mines on them

>DIO never bothered to hire King Crimson

>DIO never bothered to PERSONALLY use Thoth

>DIO never went with Hol Horse to stop time but then pull the trigger himself as DIO

>DIO never went with Steely Dan to just kill Steely Dan after he got his stand in Jotaro

>DIO never put C4 on all his cannon fodder Zombies

>DIO never had someone be a set of eyes for Vanilla Ice so Ice could be invincible the entire fights.

So many fucking obvious chances.

Keicho, Okuyasu's older brother.

He's the odd one out in that he's not one of Kira's victims. I just named the picture that because it's easier.

>pull the trigger
>on emperor
take a closer look, would ya?

All I got, it was a $5 commission edit from the anime club at my university. This isn't my preferred fetish, so I used the opportunity to get some cash for myself.

I have the original source file used to make it, I'll see what I can do with it.

Find me a pic I can take advantage of and I'll see what I can do, if you want it.

Your wall of text is getting grating. Stop

I don't remember this at all. What was its name?

You can also try reading the whole Valentine vs Johnny/Giro. Part 7 is literally the best part to read in color.

Looks pretty good, though I hate Johnny's color scheme.

So are you going to be a new thing C4fag?

>Find me a pic I can take advantage of and I'll see what I can do, if you want it.

Boku no Rhythm no Kiitekure, a bomb stand.

Impregnate the Entire Equine
Not 63, Mpreg

Shit, legit? How's this, if that's cool

Is 7th Stand User good?
I also heard that there's a sequel, should I check it out?

I just find Mikitaka's face when he transforms into things so dopey, I guess that's what happens when you inject QUALITY into this episode

Other stuff still looks really good
Tho yeah the first like 20 chapters look like shit

Nah, but only if you call this guy a faggot.

7SU is decent.
7SU2 is in the works. Demo by this year.

Sorry, I won't do part 3. So no Jotaro.


are you a terrorist?


What about femJon? I love femJon

>not liking rule 63

That's what I thought. So I guess the point of that shot is it'a all of the dead people, except where the fuck is Josuke's grandfather?

Not sure why they chose who they did when Okayasu's brother was a legit villain.

Ok, fair enough.

How about Fruitdad?

White Album

Anyone still expecting CG was an idiot.

I'll do the other pic, but Jotaro will be unchanged.

I'll make these my little pet project for tonight, and I'll post an imgur gallery tomorrow for the ones I've done.

Maybe, the dollar bill is certainly enticing me.

Okay, fine Satan. It'll be the only male one I'll do if I remember to do it.


Please don't force this, it's not funny

Good work. Thank you, you fucking weirdo.

I can live without Jotaro
You cruel Part 3 hater


Every time I see Tusk Act 4, I am reminded of obese Homer in a dress.

Shh, Gyro is sleeping.

>This episode


So apparently Act 4's body is just a poncho with floating legs?

Also, it'll be super lazy because I'm the kind of person who charges an asian college kid $5 for a slap-dash edit.

Tusk 4 is fucking terrifying.

>those muscular arms
>that giant armored frame
>those beady eyes

And the best part is it's canonically terrifying, too. Diego nearly shits his pants when he sees Tusk waiting in the hole.


if your only argument is >not liking x, then you don't have an argument
fuck off

Would you believe me if I didnt post the first one in this thread?

Only the one in the last thread and that bigger one in this thread.


Johnny opens the curtains inside Act 4
>Its just an empty hollow space you can hide inside
>it just keeps going and going.... darker and darker...
>the only sound is faint a faint "Chumimi~~~"

I thought you'd just see its robot crotch.

No its got a body, just kinda hard to see


Do we have any artfriends?
I'm scouting for character designers for reasons

? What relevance does Diego have to the situation at hand?

It's got a giant belly button


Is this another instance of Araki inconsistency?

>Rob Schneider is... Josuke! And he's about to find out... that being Josuke isn't as easy as it seems. Herp de derpitty derp de herp.

break your face that is


Damn, Araki is extremely forgetful.

Me. I nearly broke down when I saw the new OP.

That's fine but your humor needs some work.
Also that gif, did he eat a spider?

Ok anons, tell me your favorite Gyro color scheme.

I really dislike EOH Gyro

Images from pre-production were leaked
Please don't take this seriously, guys.

That's fair, I'm asking for a shitty edit of Norisuke Higashikata being pregnant to laugh at, I don't expect high art. You do you, user.

i want to see act 4 use its curtains to fly Johnny around.

No, he popped a pill numbnuts.

Not uncommon, probably a stimulant, possibly an anti-anxiety.


Fucked up, it was next to what I meant to post in my folder

the new opening was godlike. honestly anyone who prefers chase or cnbt has bad taste.

Good, because their Japanese is shit.

>tfw only its crotch is the void Araki is talking about.

Has this pose showed up in the anime yet?

I hope that people voting for ASB Gyro remember that he didn't have gold teeth.

Eyes of Heaven Steel Ball Run had the worst colors

this is an 18+ website

>Infinite rotational cumshots
>If hit you will literally break into pieces and scattered across dimensions

I've never liked the gold teeth, I always thought the teeth were normal colors but the writing was in gold.

>That sweet ass recycled shot of Kosaku in the OP

damn it Okuyasu you sure ain't the sharpest tool in the shed!

I remember. I didn't actually vote for ASB colors though, but I was pretty close to voting for it until I remembered the teeth.

I still miss my boy Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town.

I actually like the silver teeth and more subtle lipstick better. The green was too garish in the manga, especially with the yellow.

HA too bad I like ALL of them!

It did, Green Johnny is stupid.

Valentine and Diego are spot on though.

If I was Okuyasu I'd probably type out the destination of the file in the options bar trying to post a picture.

Pink valentine is better than white

Green Johnny looks like a fucking elf.

Okuyasu I'm already a villain

something that always irked me on johnny was the stars on his hands. Where they from some really thin fucking gloves? Temporary tattoos?

His father burnt them onto his fingers to tell the difference between him and his brother

Who's your favorite antagonist, user?

Mine is Vorelentine

I think Tusk put them there, same as the latin writing.

That sounds pretty fucking brutal
Pucci, almost every chapter he appeared in, he was always planning shit and getting it done.


>only these ones I can shoot, haven't mastered the toenails yet

>OH NO! She wants the D!

I imagine that they just form, they don't have any depth to them, the skin just becomes brighter in some spots, same color as scars.

It's like getting a inverse tan in the form of stars.

The OP was fucking awesome

>Shinobu and Kira fuck
>She immediately becomes suspicious on why "Kosaku" suddenly has a larger member
>Doesn't give a fuck anyway because dick is too good to pass up

Getting things done isn't hard when you are asspulls: the character.

Why the fuck is Valentine associated with vore when the Pillar Men and Dio literally consume human beings

Not asspulls, "fate"

>part 4
>worst QUALITY
>worst episodes
>worst OPs

can it be part 5 already?

Pucci wasn't fated, he was just a bunch of asspulls.

More like
>she finds suspicious that he cums so fast and so much, almost like it was built up
>Kira comes so fast because it's his first time

>larger member

I never bothered to save anything from the shower scene but I'm pretty sure he has like a microdick or something

But i didnt post Joseph /s. But in all seriousness, i just liked how Prominent Pucci was and how much of a threat he gave the crew.

It's just Johnny's clothing that makes him look bad in almost all possible color schemes in part 7. He looks way better post SBr/Part 8

bands/artists referenced in JoJo that are actually worth listening to
>Pink Floyd*
>David Bowie
>Talking Heads
>The Beach Boys
>Black Sabbath*
>Oingo Boingo
>Bob Dylan
>King Crimson
>Miles Davis
>Mike Oldfield
>The Beatles**
>Aphex Twin
>The Moody Blues

* - only the earlier albums
** - only the later albums

>b-but what about x??
they're not worth listening to, that's why they weren't listed

Fuck off, Part 4 is the best part, even with quality.

And the OPs are not better than the first ones, but are far from being bad, they are pretty damn good.

I mean Kira's Japanese, of course he does

But knowing Kosaku he probably has something microscopic to the point of being embarrassing to look at

what did he mean by this?

why tf is the part 5 art style so bad

>Kira wants the arrow so bad he gets arrowed again out of the blue
>Diavolo's able to share a body with Trish after the events of SCR and kill Narancia effortlessly
>But Pucci who actively works for pretty much everything he does is 'a bunch of asspulls'
You're really lame, user.

That cutie is just too cute, I can't handle.

I really liked this one color scheme of Johhny tbqh

Nervous Kira was pretty good this ep

I wouldn't want anything more than to see Shinobu happy teebee eitch famalam
2bad he a psycho bitch

He looks great in ASB


Kira and Diavolo only had one asspull, Pucci was literally made of them.


With this gathered strenght, we can EVEN GO AGAINST TIME

>moody blues

But I'd add Fleetwood Mac, Notorious B.I.G., The Cars, Clash, and Hall & Oates.

This is really all pleb tier shit, though, come to Cred Forums to get rid of your reddit taste faggotry

I want to play ball with Bruno

>just looked into the dubbed voices for 1 and 2 characters for the first time

lordy lordy, from the subs I shall never again roam

Why is Rohan so sexual?

Tyron please


He's not, he just dresses like a whore.

>This is really all pleb tier shit
99% of music referenced in JoJo is garbage, you have to pick SOMETHING

>you will never lobotomize Shinobu

He needs to know everything about sex, for manga research purposes.

their prog stuff is pretty good

>fleetwood mac
what's their best album?

Lobotomy kun pls.

ASB got rid of the blonde hair, but otherwise it was nice. The problem with SBR Johnny is that he has very baggy clothing with little details, so all the cloth just kind of bleeds together, and it looks arbitrary when the colors distinguish it.

Also I lost the pic of P8 Johnny looking after Kyo and Kira, can anyone post it?

>lucky enough not to get stabbed by the scissors through the jugulum
>coincidentally gets dio's sons to join up with him
>has the 'use any power' ability and bullshitted his way through the first jolyne and jotaro fight, the ff fight, and the WR fight
>literally wins and kills everyone because 'THIS SPOT HAS THE GRAVITY OF THE NEW MOON' (read: araki knew SO was selling like shit and didn't want to drag it out any longer)

He's a slut

I'm wondering what the lyrics are about.
I hear BREAKDOWN, a countdown, SHINING JUSTICE, 1999, ghosts and spirits? And what you mentioned already This one?

This is not your board

Kira's dick is bigger than his dads.

>yfw DavidPro literally confirmed they're doing Vento Aureo
>GW 2001

>Giorno has it turn into an armadillo to fuck up the other team's coordination
>Bruno uses Sticky Fingers to pass it through the other team's bodies
>Narancia keeps popping the footballs because he wants to use his Stand to play
>Fugo's bench warming
>Abbachio joins in late because he was busy using Moody Blues to record a soccer match so he can mimic an actual soccer player's moves
>Trish lays back and berates them for "sucking"
>Mista is stricken with fear because the balls have 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons and is being used as a side table for Trish


Do you have some kind of fetish for plastic explosives?

Yeah, thanks

Rumours is considered best by most; I personally liked Then Play On the most, though.

Western music references are a huge part of this series, fuck off


Post your future part EDs:

part 7 (Scary Monsters arc):
part 8:


Go make a Jojo thread in Cred Forums

He's so happy

anyone got a high res image of the Morioh logo with all the stand icons around it?

>no Queen

This actually sounds great.


>le pleb XDD
maybe when Araki gets some taste we can have some good music references
everything he listed is pretty good, especially Bowie and Can

Why is King Crimson's power all over the opening? Are they that desperate to get to VA because DiU is awful and the adaptation is even worse?

Which member of Koichi's Love Triangle has the Sexier Midriff?


People probably just get confused by Jotaro's "STAH PRATINUM ZA WORUDU" and think it's a Joestar thing

if you're annniemayownly then this is gonna be a big spoiler, but the lyrics seem to imply love and friendship conquering BITES THE DUST, which it does.

General Question: Will David adapt the dropped Past-Josuke plotline?

Bretty good and it seems like the logical thing to do (JoJo has never been so popular) but I think they're going to take a break for like a year first. Or maybe not that'd be cool too.

>they're not worth listening to, that's why they weren't listed

Anytime senpai

>bowie and can
Man I wish I was 15 again and thinking these kinds of thoughts

>araki gets some taste
Kek. Araki is a dadrocker who's trying to appeal to his liberal young audience with Aphex Twin and Rihanna references. It's even worse than having shit taste

I've never like Yukako in the manga but I'd impregnate anime Yukako in a heartbeat

she looks awful in this episode, though

>Will David adapt the dropped Past-Josuke plotline?

Did they make The World have all the tarot powers?

>Will David adapt the dropped Past-Josuke plotline
I really doubt it.

>that gif
awww cute

epic my dude


>Will David adapt the dropped Past-Josuke plotline?
Why the fuck would they do that?

I'm sorry

The back doesn't

How did we go from good openings like Bloody Stream to shitty openings like Great Days? I want my original trio of singers back.

Araki never really played up her looks, which is good because it would have been out-of-place. But the anime has way more luxuries so why the fuck not?


Because it was cool, damnit.
And I want them too, Araki drops plotlines and changes his mind too frequently.

Post ideas for Kira's Wacky Sitcom!

He's so polite and these goddamn earthlings are using him for selfish gains

Oh looks it's the Araki is a hack meme!

If you really think this, don't bother posting in this thread.

Earth was a mistake.

How does one successfully emulate Araki's style for drawings?

I've only found like 10 pictures total of P8 Johnny so anything is appreciated

interesting how that looks like part 5 koichi

That confused me at first because I thought the hand logo was supposed to represent Okuyasu and the leftover symbol didn't make sense for Josuke.

Then I realised that it was supposed to look like the Hand's head.

Someone should draw Josuke asking Mikitaka to transform into a fleshlight.

That was just a kind guy with shit hair that helped out the family

>Isis reads jojo


Why didn't they continue?

It gave me steel balls man

trace pages from the manga

oye como va

>Mikitaka harmlessly and coolly jumps Josuke away from the sirens after being nothing but polite and friendly to him and Okuyasu
>Josuke immediately throws a punch at him and only stops when he doesn't see it
>Then he uses him to try and cheat Rohan out of money, ignoring how he hurts and partially suffocates Mikitaka with his carelessness
Why is Josuke such a prick?

To be fair late Part 4 Koichi is pretty much Part 5 Koichi

Yeah, it's the head of all the Stands except Hermit Purple and Heaven's Door, for whatever reason

Should've been just vines and that little baby with the invisible hat

Alien is not for lewd.

Big lips
Detailed, robust figures with strangely slender waists
Big 'ol gaijin eyes

cause he's a 16 year old

Killer Queen doesn't look enthusiastic

>Okuyasu and Josuke sharing a letter

That's kind of gay.


>yfw QUALITY Crimson

Maybe his fetish is feet instead.

>tfw tempted to write shitty smut of this


>Jotaro is gay with his grandpa and straight with a baby

It's just meant to be funny, not lewd.

Like Mikitaka not understanding and Josuke super embarassed.

KC shouldn't be too bad. I mean, the whole point of him is that it seems like he barely moves before karate punching people to death with a single decisive blow.

Smash cuts are no-brainers.


Would you mind posting them? I don't having anything that hasn't show up in this thread.

KQ hasnt killed anyone in a week. he is fed up with Kira's shit.

>Just do it meng. Holy shit, she pretty much axing fo it. you fucking pussy meng! goddamn. Getting blue balled ovah here. If this keeps up im going to explode.
>fug you meng, imma go play cards with Sheer Heart Attack. Im sick of hanging out witch you. Go find me a new roommate cuz.

>ffs dude we've been over this
>I know this is your fetish and we haven't had a girlfriend in a long time but get over yourself man
>Kira don't
>we already got fucked over because you decided to monologue with the kid you were supposed to kill
>why do you think we are in this position in the first place
>dude you are ruining everything
>I wish I had a different user

>like feet
>get stuck with some crazy faggot weirdo who likes hands and killing people
>have to do whatever he wants

Being KQ is suffering.

Why is Shizuka the cutest little thing?

>Not JJOO!!
Would josuke really be that desperate to ask an Alien to be his fleshlight? fuck you now i sorta wanna see this.

>No Notorious B.I.G or Queen.

Oh boy, and Pink Floyd is my favorite but you fucked up.(but right about floyds albums)


Hands are just feet that can hold things.

you're pretty fucking stupid, aren't you?

King Crimson has more screentime than Diavolo, especially in the final arc when King Crimson is monologuing most of the fight.

Hey guys, can I have that «part 5 is shit» picture please.

>Really man what the fuck is wrong with you
>Stop this shit already


>they're not worth listening to, that's why they weren't listed

They still fucked up KQ by putting him on a shitty still. They can easily garble his face or something dumb.

My guess is he'll be revealed when he donuts Bruno after White Album. Grantes, fucking KC up is not as big as fucking up KQ, but still.

It's less about the physical aspect of the feet and more about what they represent.

He's super-duper-duper close to actually getting laid after more than a decade of dismembered hand jobs.

>I don't know man, this whole adventure feels wrong. I feel like you're just using me to get off. Maybe you aren't really the protagonist

>Implying Commander Scarlet isn't Diavolo himself

Too bad footfags have the physical aspect of faggots and represent them, too.

Hey, Josuke has needs too.

Do it faggot, it might be shit but I'm desperate at this point

Thats extremely wrong though?

I made no effort in centering this correctly

For fuck's sake, someone upload the third Blu Ray already.

Been listening to Notorious B.I.G.

Damn, he did some good stuff before he died, especially his first album. I'm not digging Born Again to be honest.

Why doesn't Josuke have Mikitaka just turn into money? He can make ice cream cones after all.


How did he fuck up Floyd?

Barrett-era was shit, Waters era was good but for normies, and Gilmour era is for ultra casuals and mewling cocksuckers. They're iconic and everybody should listen to them but if you actually enjoy their music you should be neutered for being the beta you are

Araki put a lot of Floyd references as part 4 heroes, probably to show faggy koichi and josuke are

This is the most JoJo opening we've ever gotten right?

>i wish i had a different user.
Everyone thought the World felt the same.
Do any of the villain stands actually like to hang out with their users?
Maybe D4C, but most of the time it seems like the villain stands dont want to put up with their shit.

Josuke just cant use his friends for his sexual desires.


Meant to say he didnt fuck up. New floyd isnt that good at all compared to older shit.

Parts of The Wall and Darkside of the Moon and Wish You Were Here entirely are absolute god tier. Animals is fantastic.

Also this is probably my favorite song of them.

>kq putting hat on his head

D4C looks about 500% done with Valentine after Gyro fucks his face up.

Yeah, he is by far one of the best rappers, im not a fan of a lot of rap, but his shit is fucking phenomenal. You can tell its true passion, same with a lot of Tupac.

true, i wonder if they drew him like that on purpose

It parallels the stand.

Before death, it's mysterious but cool, kinda weak but you can feel the dedication.

After death, it's a complete abomination.

Araki's pretty smart, actually.

Whitesnake is a different case because it's Pucci that doesn't want to put up with it's bullshit.
But apart from D4C (which doesn't have an expression really), all of the villain Stands look pissed in some way or another. Maybe they all hate their idiot users.

I'll get to it like Sunday.

Whitesnake probably hates Pucci a lot. I remember when Whitesnake was talking to him.

But yeah, they probably dont want to put up with their shit

yes. godlike opening.

wow great days is great

where's enigma though

>KQ being a guard cat
>KQ helping Hayato get ready for school

On the table next to Yuuya and Ken.

>it's dadrock because I don't like it!
maybe spouting some more buzzwords will help your argument

>uhhh i hate rap but i like tupac and biggie
It's like I really am on reddit, this truly is white mom tier taste

>anything the Wall
Do agree on WYWH and Animals though.

What type of personality do D4C and MiH have?

Koichi's looking really good in that shot.

>all this cut dialogue
>nothing but mostly outsourced episodes and weaker animation across the board compared to SC
>QUALITY that puts the fuckers who wouldn't shut up about Dio's World to shame
>reused animation

Jesus christ. Why did David Pro have to blow their nip bucks and dedicate their full time to the objectively worst Stand part, and then toss Part 4 the rest?

>In Part VI: Stone Ocean, it is suggested that if not for DIO's dominant personality, it would somehow go out of control.
Got this from the wiki. I already read SO months ago, but I don't remember this being stated. How the fuck does a stand ''goes out of control''?

sure, though most of them have the hoodie design which while canon looks a bit worse imo than the first one i posted

And on a somewhat related topic, what the fuck is the timeline after Johnny finishes the race?
Here are confirmed events:
SBR ends when he is 19
On the boat ride to Italy, he gets to know Rina
At some point in time, he marries Rina
He and Rina are married for "several years" before she gets rock disease
At some point in time, he comes to Japan with Rina, while the Government accepts him as a horse teacher and fruit importer
After Rina gets Rock Disease, he brings her BACK(?) to Japan
While Rina is in Japan, he steals the corpse, and dies when he returns
Johnny dies at age 29 (meaning that this takes place over 10 years)

The Jojolion chapters about this do jack shit in terms of ordering the events.

So, can we all agree that Chase is the worst OP (the song at least)?

great taste

>Okuyasu and Koichi are talking too loudly while posing for Josuke's surprise party and Jotaro has to shush them

Maybe a few part 3 stands? Death 13 certainly seemed to enjoy it.

>Crazy Bizarre Town captures the overall feel of DiU and even the EDM version was pretty good
>Chase at least can be interpreted as what the opening would be if DiU was animated not long after release in late-90's/early-00's
>Great Days maintains little cohesion through matching dark imagery to campy music and it's all animated with the 2D equivalent of UE3's draw distance

Two outta three aint bad

To be fair, if I were a being created for the sole purpose of helping help a troubled teenager preserve a dead family member's memories, and the guy in question decided to use me to kill and manipulate people for his evil schemes all so he could replace me, I'd be pissed off too.


>killer queen making toast for Hayato by blowing up the bread.

Part 3's adaptation looked like dog shit half the time, atleast part 4 is far more consistant and characters only tend to be off-model 2 out of 10 episodes compared to stardust crusaders's 7 out of 10 episodes full of of QUALITY.

Besides part 4 has the better narrative and the better characters, so it wins by default adaptation or not.

>and it's all animated with the 2D equivalent of UE3's draw distance

>Koichi went from an autistic schoolkid into the manliest posing midget
That's my fucking boy, he finally learnt how to pose.

Can you fucking blame me for what rap has become? Its garbage these days and straight up business. Sorry I didnt make a list of all the rappers I truly enjoy, I just brought up Tupac because of the whole Biggie vs Tupac shit.

Also same poster, yeah The Wall does have some great songs.

>In the Flesh part 2
>The Wall Part 3
>The Trial
>One of my turns

>Trying to pretend Comfortably Numb isnt one of the better Pink Floyd songs.

>bringing real life military shit into an anime with far out super powered fights

You sound like those kids who want COD characters in Smash bros.

SCR after Polnareff's 'death' is a good example. It does what it wants, which is often fucked-up.

King Crimson was angry all the fucking time. He msut have hated Diavolo's guts. Specially when they got stuck in the infinite death loop.

>you will never dominate a tall musclebound popularly and break her mind to your will
Why even live?

>ice blending in with normal society
also wouldn't the plane leave him behind if he tried to void mid-flight?

I like to think D4C is kind of unattached to his user, because he swaps between Valentines so much, but of course he still feels a strong obligation to protect him no matter what form he takes.

Anyone able to edit Yukako to be naked here competently?
I did my best to do everything else.

Probably like Purple Haze

Koichi has definitely gone from "annoying shotabait" to one of my favorite Jojo characters in a very quick amount of time

How were Josuke and Okuyasu reading each other's minds? what the fuck? this is on the level of jotaro using his stand to fly and to talk underwater


are you literally 14?

Ew her face

Has Ball Breaker been fully colored yet?


SHA 2 sold me heavily on him, fucking legend.

Colored Steel Ball Run just got finished today lad.

They were speaking softly to each other but this episode was so poorly animated the Koreans didn't even bother making their mouths move.


JJCA finished doing Colored SBR translations today, user. So, yeah.

>Part 3's adaptation looked like dog shit half the time, atleast part 4 is far more consistant and characters only tend to be off-model 2 out of 10 episodes compared to stardust crusaders's 7 out of 10 episodes full of of QUALITY.

You're either baiting, really delusional, or you got the names mixed up.

You're right, Part 4 is better in every way but you're delusional as fuck if you think the animation is somehow an improvement from Part 3. From the toned down shading to the 10 episodes of Koreans to Killer Queen's design changing every other episode to them reusing stock footage, it's not better in the slightest.

how does P8 Kira's SHA work? how does his KQ work for that matter?

sadly no
just a guy who wants more straight jojo porn

they are part of a much larger network

the brommunion



Being The World Over Heaven must be suffering

>why am I still his Stand I thought going to Heaven meant he was supposed to destroy me
>I wanted to die
>why am I white I liked gold
>why did you replace my hearts with Ds you fucking autist
>why did you name me "Over Heaven" that book sucks dogshit I thought you hated it
>I fucking hate being this dude's Stand so much
>guess I can warp reality now yay
>too bad I can't get away from this piece of shit
>oh look Star Platinum is asspulling his way into victory again
>at least this time the sweet release of death will finally come

I'd fuck him

Sorry, I didn't mean to trigger you.

I think it's pretty much the same, just with multiple size-changing SHAs

>part 4 is far more consistant and characters only tend to be off-model 2 out of 10 episodes compared to stardust crusaders's 7 out of 10 episodes full of of QUALITY.

Are we sure we are talking about the same adaptation? SDC has like 5 or 4 QUALITY episodes, while everyweek we get DIU episodes that in one scene can have great animation, and in the other is off model bullshit.

It doesn't matter if you like Part 4 more, Part 3's adaptations shits on it.

Bubble bombs and multiple SHA of varying sizes

Hey /jojo/, I'm an user who owns photoshop and can do basic things with it. Such as turning into pic related.

Any requests?

It wasn't a telling of confirmed events. It was a legend, so it's likely to be an unreliable story that's changed over the years and doesn't mention the specifics.

> No Dio.
> No rainbow.
> No Ritchie Blackmore
Just end your life, my man.

not if i do it first

Multiple copies of SHA can be made of various sizes and can exist a considerable distance away from Kira
P8 SHA can be shrunk down to microscopic levels for precise operations
Cannot be "launched"
Must be generated from KQ
Lack P4 SHA's durability
Primary Bomb has been replaced by exploding bubbles

Josuke is not vibrating fast enough

no, fuck off
it's garbage

Are the new part 5 chapters on batoto not working for anyone else?

>Part 3's adaption shits on it

Journey to Egypt maybe
Battle in Egypt is surprisingly a fucking bore

Draw part 9

>they're not worth listening to, that's why they weren't listed

We're talking about Araki though. The only thing I can see being unreliable is the rock killing him what with the rock people and all, but I feel like that was meant to be taken as what actually happened.

I don't mind sloppy seconds

Ya, photoshop exported incorrectly.

> Just end your life, my man.

Are you fucking shitting me? Journey to Egypt is pain, Battle In Egypt is fantastic.

When will part 8 get good?

as soon as Yasuho sees Gappy's balls

Was there no new ending, or did they just edit it out?

They clearly mismanaged the budget. First half looks much better than anything they have adapted, but second half at least didn't reach the levels of consistent shittiness part 4 has reached.

>Not liking savage garden
I hope we drink Chic-a-cherry cola forever.

I really, really like this image.

You can't save him

Are people seriously not enjoying Part 8? Even without a villain it's been such a fun ride, and much like Part 4 the characters really help carry me through.

She already did though. This was her reaction.

Any ideas of what will the style of Parts 5 and 6 openings will be?

The last few chapters, then a disappointing ending
Screencap this


What, I never said that. I love savage garden. I just thought since we're in the second half of the anime, and we got a new OP, we'd get a new ED too. I guess not, though.


Plotwise? Yes
Pacing wise? Battle in Egypt got fucked

Shit like Anubis and Alessi really kill it for me on rewatches. I'll take Korean animation than monotonous crap

Part 3 has better fights than Part 4

DIO's World > Josuke vs Kira
Vanilla Ice > Highway Star
D'arby Brothers > RPS shit

Both have tons of shit fights though.

Haha! I just thought this image was very funny. May I save it?

do NOT open this image.

One of part 5's OP will be some godfather type music, the other one will be hip hop.
All of the part 6 OPs will be sung by Shokotan.

I want to believe Part 6 Openings will include the original trio of singers(TOMMY, Coda and Jin)

Anything else wouldnt fit.

>part 5
Super fucking gay, faggy, tween pop probably screamo shit too to attract the sonic audience
>part 6
DP will be burned down after the first episode

Everyone did. I can't tell if they're just memeing it up or if this is the actual art style now.


Too bad part 5 has better fights than both of those parts combined.


>Godfather type music
fuck this makes me hype.
I remember how fucking unbearable the wait was after we saw the first OP and had to wait until the next week for episode 2 to see CNBT, that week was too long. Can't wait to feel that same hype for Part 5 next year.


can gold experience requiem beat one punch man


that's what I just said, retard
that's when it gets good

I agree with Alessi but


That was one of the better adapted chapters since it was non stop action, and such fights translate better pacing wise. David also went the extra mile and added fucking Star Finger and Silver Chariot armor shedding.

Hell, Polnareff vs Chaka has better animation than anything DIU has shown us.

That's up to whether or not vanilla ice carries momentum into the void.

Even if it did, just having vanilla ice puncture a hole in the plane would cause it to to crash.

One Punch Man can't even beat Put Back.

>dio's world
Kira vs josuke is infinitely more intense, and it wasn't a giant asspull

>vanilla ice
Also a trash fight, dragged on forever because Pol was an enormous faggot. HS is much more fun and fast paced

>d'arby brothers
Beaten in the actual stupidest fucking ways, also both of them were jokes, RPS kid was at least somewhat intimidating

haha XD it's the old "posting a controversial image and shitting up the thread" joke, good one!

>not wanting to see some titties

kys fag

Rude af

OPM man is a gag character, so no. Only characters with toon force can beat gag characters.

Too bad that's the only good thing it has going for

this is an 18+ website

>you stop liking tits past 18

choke on a dick

I like that it's very clearly placed so that when they get to Another One Bites the Dust they can put all the people that die in there

>Part 1
Best Kenshiro imitation

>Part 2
Best Jojo

>Part 3
Best memes

>Part 4
Best villain

>Part 5
Best fights

>Part 6
Best girl

>Part 7
Best comaradarie

>Part 8
Best plot

should I continue


>vanilla ice
>Also a trash fight
>Beaten in the actual stupidest fucking ways, also both of them were jokes, RPS kid was at least somewhat intimidating
DiU fags ladies and gentlemen

Will they do Vento aureo now?

at least someone understands

>uninronically using the phrase "toon force"

Part 1 has the best protagonist - antagonist relationship.

more like
>you stop begging internet strangers to use photoshop to remove a girl's clothes because you can find tits literally anywhere on the internet

If you want to keep going, sure.

Like everything in Part 5, the name is just a basic level translation with words you could find on the menu of an Italian restaurant

>Hayato standing alone in the circle
>the entire main cast in the clouds

I really hope we get a BtD-version of this OP.

They're doing Part 8 next, it seems.

What word do you want me to use?

Wrong. You're thinking of part 8

some other guy was asking for thse

Good, so you know how to greentext. But can you actually argue?


its not begging if the guy was asking for requests retard

>Infinitely more intense
>Beating some random serial Killer who's no different than the other killers like Angelo, except a bit more efficient, is more intense than beating a time stopping inmortal vampire who's been the Joestar's family arch nemesis for more than 100 years, with more than 200 chapter of buildup, the crusaders get killed one by one.

Do NOT open this image.

How the fuck did we reach the bump limit so fast

What will come first, part 9, or the anime reaching part 8?

probably the anime hitting part 8

Boy, I fucked that one up, didn't I?

Jolyne and Pucci is a lot better than Dio and Jonathan, though. They both have much better reasons for resenting each other, more fights, better interactions and are deeper characters in general.

Why, the world needs part 5 scans and translations that aren't complete dogshit

I have a rough draft for one where Shinobu reluctantlyfists Kira at his request.

What person in their right mind will think fucking RPS kid is somehow better than both darby fights?
Also Vinailla Ice a shitty fight?
I know its hip to hate Part 3 but this is fucking stupid

What do you guys think happened to Shinobu and Hayato after Part 4?

I think it's inevitable, considering the close up on Kira's face they do early on is perfect for them to switch out once he gets his fucked up grey hair and old face

You killed fucking everyone, user.

Probably because their relationship is meant to mirror Jonathan and Dio's in the first place

They fucked


This guy?
That's me.
How much do you have left?

>kakyoin is the only one that actually jobs to dio
>dio monologues for most of the fight
>the """"buildup"""" is based on a huge plothole to shove in a forced, badly written villain back into the story, and to make him somehow worse
>dio not killing jotaro in the first ten seconds
>the enormous amount of faggoty animeonlies who spam WRYYYYY and ROAD ROLLER DAAAA and ZAA WARUDOOOO
>everybody has the fight spoiled
>every single final boss after has a more interesting ability
Ok buddo

>Part 6
>Best Jojo


>Both of them were jokes
>Nearly beat the entire crew
>RPS Kid
>Vanilla Ice
>Trash fight


Yeah, I know. But Araki had improved a lot as a writer since his Phantom Blood days and it shows, he even said that Jonathan and Dio were more meant as representations of good and evil than actual people.

Discs out for Jojo

It's been good since Paisley Park

I'd still rather have waited so I Want You could be used on SO

We're getting To the Moon and Back for sure though, so i don't really mind

Too much, I'll just make an imgur album

Alright. Thanks, man.

What about Fly me to the Moon?

>Kakyoin is the only one that jobs
DIO beat Kakyoin, Joseph and Polnareff in like 10 seconds each, what are you talking about

>DIO monologues for most of the fight
The same can be said about most of the fights in jojo, it's half action, half talking.

>Wanting DIO to early kill Jotaro
>Complains about animeonlies and the complains about getting spoiled, revealing himself as an anime only

You are a real super retard.

>Every single final boss has a more interesting ability

More like, more convoluted. Kira has to get like 4 abilities along the way in order to keep up, Diavolo has fucking KC and Whitesnake is just a mess that gets a new ability everytime he appears.


he didnt swap bepis see he still has Bowie megadong

Use your imagination nigga.

Araki was going through his hyper feminine phase, and he didn't really learn to balance it out with his past emphasis on masculine silhouettes in a good way until SBR

I probably will grow to like it

welp time to read this thread forever in my own timelapse hell

Why didnt the Sun just kill Dio? It was the ultimate stand against him.

>mfw people think The Sun isnt the strongest stand in existence

He could plop that invisible sun in a city and kill everything.

why is yukako so prominent in the new OP? she's not even in the story anymore

Maybe they'll add extra scenes.

Guys, go to animeshow(.)tv and look at the comments under the DiU videos

Post your favorites

samefagging, I should also add that the comments in the first few episodes are the best, so much retard animosity for what they don't understand

I think it was just as autistic as it's user. Like it went nuts knowing it had a kid besides Epitaph.

I mean it's not like Tonio, Lock guy or doll guy do anything else either, if you wanted to flesh out your cast beyond main characters you're kind of out of options
She adds visual variety and also makes the intro feel less gay

>new OP is full of QUALITY and reused animation
What the fuck happened?

Because Flesh bud, idiot. Dio could just kill him

this is already a bad board, sort of just due to the nature of it's topic, but people who misuse the QUALITY meme make it even worse

Fuck off. Some of the static drawings in the OP looked like absolute shit.

did we watch the same OP?

or are you just a fucking idiot?

cause it was a shitstand that also affected the user
thats why he needed that dumb mirror ac cart

Yes. Generic j-rock garbage for generic shonen garbage. Not fabulous at all. Even the visuals suck. That shitty generic moment with protagonist running and trying to catch someone/comething... Not bad for Naruto.

What if the QUALITY and outsourcing in DiU was because they were working on Vento Aureo?

Could be worse.

to be fair that's about what bruno's design would look like if he were drawn by part 1 araki