What was it?




Tried 5 shows, finished 3, will only remember 91 Days

Active Raid

>best comedy
Saiki Kusuo

>best animation
Mob Psycho

>best SOL

>best cute
New Game!

>Good combination of all the above elements

Reigen Psycho 100

Mob for sure.
That last episode was probably my favourite so far this year.

And your unironic choice being?

There's only one normalfag friendly show last season so most of the votes are going to be funneled into that one show.

Was there some sort of wrap up, giving that the manga in ongoing? Is there a plot to begin with or it's just episodic skits?

No Re:Zero in the choices.
OP is a faggot.

>implying New Game isn't normalfaggy


A show that deals with autism is hardly normalfag.

Still airing.

Is Ange Vierge actually good, or am I getting memed?

>unofficial proxy poll

Sorry, OP, this was already decided by Cred Forums's Official and Objective AOTS council. You can stop proxy voting now.

Winter sure was shit

The last three winters have been fucking terrible.

That council represents only the moefagottery faction. A universal vote is the way to go for a more democratic and legitimate choice.

Not true.
Anne happy was spring AOTS.

Nah winter had Rakugo, Active Raid, Kono Suba, Akagami no SHirayukihime, and Haikyuu and Lupin were airing still.