What can I expect from this? Manga and anime(s)?

What can I expect from this? Manga and anime(s)?

Cute girls doing cute things

you can expect manga and anime, yes

Definitely no nazi vampires

Expect the italian inquisition.

kek. I didn't even catch that.

OP here. I've heard the series is really edgy at some points. Is that true, and should I let that stop me from reading/watching?

I'd prefer to avoid it if all the characters do is talk about how much they enjoy raping and murdering each other.

I don't know what to tell you op, pretty much everything you wrote is true.
Hard to find an edgier work.

Watch it yourself and find out retard.

Well I don't know about the Mange or original series, but the Ultimate OVA has quite a bit of dialogue about the supposed beauty of war and conflict, and some scenes with some really spectacular amounts of violence

One woman gets impaled slowly with her own rifle, while another gets her face grind off

It is one of the more impressive visual spectacles I have seen though

Eh, is it in service to the story at least? Does it stop the plot just to show off blood and guts?

How is the story, for that matter? I can make it past the edge if the story's engaging.

How about just watching it and make up your own mind?

I'm just getting some ideas of what to expect.

Just watch the first ep or read the first chapter. You will invariably know if it's your thing or not.

That's what the three episode rule is for numbnuts.
Watch the first three episodes and see if you like it.
Though with this series you probably will either like it or hate it by the first episode.

A plot that doesnt make any sense, characters that switch personalitys for no reason, and a letdown ending without a real conclusion
This counts for the anime, the ova, and the manga

Other than that, its got nice gore and smiling pearly teeth

It's one of the old classic edgefests, but there are some genuinely fun moments in the series. It's not exactly high literature, but it has more substance than say, Elfen Lied.

We're expecting a consistent personality from a main character that most likely suffers from the world's worst case of schizophrenia?

Watch it and find out.

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Edgy gore porn for try-hard metal heads

Alright fine, it pulls off the whole gratuitous blood and violence thing with a unique sense of style that doesn't take away from the story but feels like a completely natural aspect of it, to the point where a Hellsing without gore would feel extremely strange and unnatural. For an unapologetically edgy series it pretty good, now watch or read it already.
Just be aware that the early chapters are still quite poorly drawn being pretty eaarly in in Hirano's career and the style doesn't really come to fruition until a little before the halfway point, give or take.

Great B-Movieish stuff.

The plot is just a vehicle to show as much violence and carnage as possible in Hellsing. It's not a show that's trying to say anything, if that's what you're asking. That being said, it's a spectacle and totally worth the watch.
Stick with the OVAs. The original anime is only worth it for the music.