How would you discipline Darkness if she started acting up?

How would you discipline Darkness if she started acting up?

Keep in mind that she might enjoy whatever you pick.

Turn on the light.

I abandon her for a girl that isn't shit.

>Female knight
It's like she wanted my penis to retract into my body out of sheer disgust.

>penis to retract into my body
So you'd turn into a girl?

Ignore her. It worked for Kazuma.


Clesta is besta.

She's closet pure, her reaction to Kazaman's bath notdream advances and to him confessing he thinks of her as nothing but tits confirm this.

Intercourse in missionary position with lights off.

Hand holding

forced sexual intercourse

armpit olev

Hello darkness my old friend

>closet pure
This has got to stop

>closet pure
Fucking dropped. Wiz is best girl after all.

Her name is Lalatina.

True. Wiz is the best girl despite being undead.

Tell her i'm going to do abusive things to her, and then when she's ready for it, not do them.

Make her a nice home cooked meal and call her sugah while im in blackface the whole time

of course Darkness is pure. She takes her noble lineage and crusader vows of virtue very seriously. She would never give in to being oppressed by a barbaric tyrant who uses her body to satisfy filthy pleasures. She certainly doesn't want girthy Gob cock slamming into her, filling every hole with vile seed and turning her into a breeding sow for greenskin subhumans. She's PURE! Lewdness is prohibited!

Tied her up
Give her a strong aphrodisiac
Leave the room with her unable to move
Come back in about half an hour and play with her a bit
Stop before she can climax and leave the room again for an hour

How can she be best if you can't impregnate her?

user, this is a world of magic. Ever heard of it? It can do pretty much fucking anything. You just need to find the sacred dildo of un-undeadifying.

t. Gayest human on earth.