This is Victorique, say something nice about her

This is Victorique, say something nice about her.

She has the cutest pout.

I want her to pout on my dick

Her show wasn't completely teriible

Don't worry dear, some people out there know that カ is pronounced ka/ca.

She's not black

Her show was shit.

It's Victorica not Victorique


Only the ending few episodes were shit

She is voiced by the cutest being on the planet.


That's a broken webm.

You guys wanna start this?

There's nothing to start, it's all based on really simple facts.


She's very portable.

ルナティー「ク」 - Lunati[que]
マリー「ク」 - Mari[que]
ドミニ「ク」 - Domini[que]
チン「ク」 - Cin[que]
ウフコッ「ク」 - Oeufco[que]

セリ「カ」 - Celi[ca]
リリ「カ」 - Lyri[ca]
パシフィ「カ」 - Pacifi[ca]
モニ「カ」 - Moni[ca]
ヴィクトリ「カ」 - Victori[ca]

Seeing a pattern here?

nice tie

She has nice feet

She's cute.

That's Gosick-chan, op. Who's Victorique?