No sense of right and wrong

No sense of right and wrong.

left still lefts.

Jesus Christ, how horrible

Cute pudgy ears are CUTE!

She saved the imouto. That's all that matters.

Which day of October are we getting it ?

Around 15.


Psychopathy is Cred Forums.

We're not talking about cute things, we're talking about Marcille.

marcille has cast a BLACK SPELL on my HEART and my DICK using her ELVISH WILES and LIVING SACRIFICES


leave this place and ne'er return

Post rare Marcilles.

Elves don't have a sense of morality beyond "tree-friendly" and "tree-unfriendly".


She needs a brain slug on her head, yo

So when is the new chapter coming out?


What other blood magic does she know? What unnatural arts will she weave? What atrocities has she committed to get to where she is today?


So smug so wrong.


I stopped keeping up with this manga for no real reason and I really miss it. Thanks for reminding me to pick it back up.

she killed many puppies as we know

>What atrocities has she committed to get to where she is today?

Let's see.
She was a pornstar once. "Facial Abuse"
Was the star of many hardcore bdsm movies.

Depends on the setting, bitch.

There are barely new chapters out. Author or scanlation died or something

>There are barely new chapters out. Author or scanlation died or something
Whut? It's a monthly series, and there's been monthly releases and a translation a day or so after the raws go out for awhile now. It's just that the magazine it's in doesn't release issues in September (which I guess means no October Issue with how things are labeled? I've never entirely gotten the naming of these things). In any event, we know there's another chapter coming in October (the November Issue) and the scanlators are pretty active.

They're behind Golden Kamuy too, so they've got some good taste.


Why is she so sex starved?

Laius only cares about weird stuff.
The hobbit has the body of a shitty brat.
The dwarf probably smells like a cheese facility down there.

But now that Farlyn is back, Marcilles sexual frustration might actually find its end.

What do elves know about morals? Damn things birthed Slaanesh.

elves are lewd



what does marcille smell like
>inb4 cum

All that romping around in the dungeon, no bath? Don't ask.

After a bath? Delicious.

I hope we see more of them at school. They are a cute couple.

Started reading this manga, love it.
Even better than what I expected.

Yeah, I expected it to be yet another boring fantasy shit yet I now have fallen for it.

the fact that someone made 3 banners for her in the tg contest means she will lose.

like a fishmarket on a hot summer day

At first it was that cute and silly elf girl faces posted on Cred Forums but looked premise and was interested. And in end is even better than I expected.

Also Marcille is best girl.

And this story makes me hungry for fantasy monster food.

Where is that user who decided to cook these things

>Depends on the setting, bitch.
Dude, magic is literally the "you get for what you pay".

Just because you hate the deal doesn't make it an evil magic.

user, if your semen is dark-colored, I suggest you go to a doctor first.

Laius totally faps to tentacle porn, doesn't he?

No, he faps to the tentacles. But you are right, he probably browses /d/.


He browses /d/ but thinks it's /ck/.

>release in oct. 15
wew I can't wait.


t. orc trash

Lately, my favorite manga have had this cooking show feel to them at times.

>fish market in his country didn't have air conditioning

Must've been suck living in third world country

God Marcille is pretty much perfect.

Glad to be on the same boat.

Farylin >>> Marcille

Marcille >>> Farylin

enjoy coming home and she's been raped by everything that has a penis


Nice meme.

Why your fantasy is to imagine girl being fucked by everyone other than you?

Death and decay

Finished. Good thing I need to wait only so little for next chapter.

dead of food poisoning

I'll pound one into her with my dick.

>you cant buy these

I'm always feeling like I'm learning something when I read manga like these.

>fresh blood


Has Marcille already been the Queen of /tg/ like Tomoko is the Queen of Cred Forums?

I dont know,
I just know someone made 3 miracle hina banners for the contests and collectively they would have won but the each lost individuallu since votes were divided among them.

>making an elf the queen of /tg/

Would never happen.

/tg/ is not the board that constantly talks about raping and killing elves.

Pretty sure that's /tg/.

And now Cred Forums too.

Nope, /tg/ is my main board. Of course it has elf-haters, but Cred Forums is the most vile in this regard.

why does she wear the choker?

>and killing .
no, I dont think we talk about killing them, just raping.

Because her head detaches otherwise.


Elves get off from being choked.

Still has to contend with Deedlit, Pirotess, Lina, etc. Definitely has the potential to be but it's hard to beat the entrenched favourites that have been around for longer.

and raping them so hard that its no longer rape.

I don't like any of those so I don't care.


Show me a thread that is full of rape like an Cred Forums thread about elves would be.

i dont go to /tg/ im just saying we just talk about elf rape
i dont recall killing at all.

Oh I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of crusaders in Cred Forums's elf threads.

who want to enslave elves, which implies rape.
its all about the elf rape mang.

Is this actually good or just overhyped cause EOPs flock anything that gets translations?

the later

when was this? I don't remember this being in the manga


>I don't remember this being in the manga
Because it wasn't.

No user, they want to kill them. They will call you a degenerate for wanting to taint your oh so precious human blood with these foul creatures.

Better than all the isekai fantasy shit we've been getting lately.

It's won awards in Japan, so it's a bit of both. Both the writing and artstyle are good, though, so it's worth checking out. Plus, it has a very cute elf.

how do you pronounce "Marcille?"

>Mar - CIYL

>Mar - Ciyuh (ll pronounced as a y)




English Only Peasant, or someone who can read English but not Japanese.


That's a man's meal, princess. Not the girly crap you're used to.

that sounds disgusting

I hear people like blood sausages and other cooked blood dishes, so maybe it's not so out there.

As I'm sure it would to any female or homosexual.
If you're not into that though there's always citatap or squirrel brains.

Also, people should try out "cow fries". You might end up liking them.

I've never had blood sausage but I have had haggis, bone marrow, liver sausages, tongue, and various other "gross" foods. Most things that sound gross actually aren't bad once you get over what you're eating, and I imagine blood sausage is the same way. I'd eat them if given the chance.

Blood is really common food though, blood sausages and patties taste fine.

I actually like the taste of blood.

>...hmm? What's that smell?
>oh, the sweet blood, oh how it sings to me...
>it's enough to make a man sick...

Despite it being over 20 years ago, I distinctly remember the taste of my own blood. It was a deliciously salty taste that makes me want to taste more. What do blood sausages and cakes taste like?

Fear the old blood.

To be honest, I hate the taste of liver. Whenever I hunt I drain the fuck out my deer.

Most people who pussy out of eating "strange" or "gross" food don't even realize that they've had worse if they've ever eaten cheap, shitty hot dogs or ground meat.
I still draw the line at rocky mountain oysters though.

Huh? Surely oysters cannot live in the Rocky Mountains...

it's slang for fried cow testicles

yeah you can go ahead and eat fermented shark that has piss for blood, im going to go eat real food.

Oh, you meant cowboy caviar! I love how this has so many different names to hide what it really is.

its not really pussying about it, ones parents either introduce the kid to wide variety of foods and flavours or not.
If your parents feed you mcdonals youre not going to like exotic foods.

it's too late for Cred Forums,Cred Forums's userbase took the "do it for the meme" train

It would be probably average dungeon crawler manga if premise wasn't about cooking show and documentary of dungeon full of fantasy monsters. And it pull this premise really well.

You sons of bitches

Around here they're called prairie oysters.


I always play orc in video games.
And I always terrorize the elf characters.
Video game makers have been very wary of depicting racism and speciesism in their games as of late and that bothers me deeply.

Knife ears exist to be dominated.


There are barely any games where you can do that, fuck off.

I liked it how Marcille BTFO the orc in that chapter

>It would be probably average dungeon crawler manga

I doubt, the way they describe monsters and the fact there aren't faggy looking boys jumping all over the place and talking about their evil sides makes it better than your average dungeon fantasy.

>There are barely any games where you can do that
TES, most of the Forgotten Realms games have at least half Orcs in them, etc.

We wuz chieftains.

See, barely. Half-orcs only count half.

How much good shit are EOPs missing out on since they're not getting translated?

So what you're saying is that Marcille is definitely not delicious in dungeon?

Kill all orcs.

What i don't get is how Marcille,a 100 something elf, has such deep respect for Farlyn,who is 25 at most. Also, why would a 100 yo elf go to the same school as human teenagers?

they were some pretty fukken smart teenagers

I don't think we should assume that she is older than Farlyn. Really, there isn't anything that supports it and it makes things only more complicated.

After her magic studies where taboo she needed a another field to work in.

I'd like to think most of the best Japanese works are translated into English at least, but I have run into plenty of things I wanted to read that aren't in English yet. Still, there are some people that find old manga, anime, whatever and translate it because it looks cool every now and then, so it's not there's never any hope for those that are too lazy to learn Japanese.

I can't really source it but didn't she imply she was far older than the rest of the cast when they were sharing their age?

Only drawn out generic shit from well known magazines gets translated.

You are probably talking about the scene in which Chilchack says he's 29 and Marcille is making fun of him. This can be interprated as talking not from her personal perspective, but from her entire race.

I find the fact that you can see her age like Farlyn more convincing.

She said 29 is still just a child. Although we don't exactly know if she compared it to her own age or just elf lifespan in general.

You never bitten your tongue or cheek?

Serious question, is it not already about time for a new chapter?

I still miss that the author wrote out the cat girl of the story

Two weeks, motherfucker. Can you not read?