Would you wear this in public?

would you wear this in public?

No. I don't like advertising pictures on my clothes.


depends where i'm going

No I don't have shit taste
I wear other weeb shirts though

Like what?

Full design shirts, where the image goes all the way across the shirt, up to the collar, down the sleeves, it looks like you're wearing a huge picture cut into the shape of a tshirt. Graphic tees like in op's image are gross and tacky, it looks like a $5 Wal-Mart tshirt with an iron on vinyl decal.

Sure. Few would know the reference and it looks decent.


that's ugly af smdh

only if it said "see you later space cowboy"

Oh wow.
Carry on.

also i'm looking for a subtle jojo shirt but never found any decent one

Maybe without the writing and even then probably only for very casual situations.

Looks better than that Hot Topic tier Chinese knockoff looking shit in the op

How many times a day do you get beat up?

Is Facebook down or something?

>there are people posting on Cred Forums right now who won't understand this

Fuck no. I'd never get anything with text on it. It's not even the lack of subtlety, it's just fucking dumb.

Oh is your ego bruised?
I'm sorry but your fashion sense is pretty shit and that's even taking into account that this is Cred Forums.
But seriously, just thinking of a person unironically wearing that is the funniest thing today so thank you!

I wear this in public.

I get lots of compliments.


I'm not him, I'm just wondering what's up with this above average normie mix in this thread.
Even if you don't like his shirt and think he's a dork for wearing it, this is fucking Cred Forums, that kind of shit is to be expected and you only demonstrate your newness by reacting to it so adversely.

>that is the funniest thing today so thank you!
It really is like facebook

Rach a best.

Not Cred Forums related, fuck off to /soc/ or something.

You fuck off, too.

this has to be bait..

I've been here since 2003 champ. Insulting people's taste in anime and anime related goods is an old old tradition.
As well as calling people newfags when your feelings are hurt I should add.

Yea well I've been on Cred Forums since 1998.

>I've been here since 2003
You expect anyone to believe you've been "here" since 2003 but you still get triggered by otaku merch? You'd think after that long, even a normie would get used to it. But nope, this kid is determined to stay as normie as possible.

>throwing myself in with casuals who basically want to destroy the medium in its current form because "muh two or three 90s fringe titles that I watched"
>being one of those trendy pseudo-nerds who want to broadcast XD IM SUCH A NERD by wearing merch for mainstream "nerdy" shit

No. I would be embarrassed to wear that shirt.

I would wear merchandise for things that I'm actually a big fan of, though.

Those shirts... you have GOOD TASTE.

I am highly amused by it, this triggered thing is something you young folk invented.
Btw you sound mad.

>you young folk
Smell you later gramps.

Would you wear this in public?


I have a nekopara shirt desu.

I saw someone wear that but opposite colors at a concer the other day. Wore a hoodie over it though.

Would you wear this in public?

Where's loliposter to kill this shit thread? Fucking faggot night time Cred Forums mods are useless.

what's he got a bowl of?

All these faggots scared to show their power level.

If I wasn't 900 pounds and could fit into a kawaii omega uguu t-shirt I def would.

Fucking plebs not even super saiyans yet.


If i'll advertise something i want to be paid

post subtle clothing