How THICC is too THICC?

How THICC is too THICC?

She's the perfect size. Any bigger is disgusting.

over 65kg

I don't think the fan would be able to do that from that angle

Fuck off crossie.


ecchi's physics

No such thing.

No such thing as too T H I C C

A large protruding stomach is a big no no

When she has a hard time fitting through doorways, even sideways.

It's fine as long as she isn't 3DPD




>tfw you will never feel that softness

That's not thicc, that's just fat. How she got it all in her lower body and no where else, I have no fucking clue.

>best image match
What in the actual fuck happened to google lately?

MC is a cuck


>Bolo tie
Who does this asshole think he is?

Man I was all fucking set to disagree with you even before I saw it, but fucking christ

This bitch probably has 27/10 genetics and she STILL got too fat?

Someday in the far future, scientists will be able to make it so that fat in women only goes to the breasts and hips

I believe you can find it by googling her name.

He would be if he weren't falling for his childhood friend again.

new chapter WHEN

>bolo tie

Butt implants. She probably has cement in there or some trashy shit.

if it looks like that you can pretty much assume it's some disease or birth defect

>cement for butt implants
That's hardcore.

>bolo tie

Looks like it's part of a school uniform.

How good/bad is this manga so far?

It's pretty much just a constant stream of cleavage and pantyshots and nipple-less boobs. There isn't really much story yet.

I guess that's okay

I like it. It's pretty much 75% ecchi, with 25% of it being a cute romance of a THICC girl trying to get her childhood friend's attention.

There's a lot of cute moments between them and MC isn't a complete faggot, he just stresses himself out studying too much.

Skipping leg cardio day.

Is she going to win the Maa-kunbowl?