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Will their anime be better than DR3?

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No, Danganronpa has strayed too far from what made it interesting in the first place.

>It'll just be Kishi and Lerche at it again
No, it'd be the same shit.

This is now cannon.

>"the reason i liked real chiaki is because she's such a sweet girl uwu it is in my nature to love such "
>" real chiaki shouldn't have died because ai chiaki told hajime to believe in the futue "
>"combining AI Chiaki with real chiaki is an insult to both characters how dare you"
>"i'm not even angry. i just feel empty, like all my hope has been taken from me"

inb4 Chiakifags(fag?) post this same shit again

Non canon yeah with all the other pairings.

>DRV4 which is a direct sequel
>DRV5 which is made of two animated series related to V3 and V4, one is a sequel and the other is a prequel
It will happen

So, before this threads fade appart, I want to know from you.

Which would have made the ending better?

In my opinion besides getting a longer episode at least 40 minutes, I would have liked that the ending was Makoto and Togami Bodyguards attacking from one side of the island, while the Renmands of Despair attack from the other and they suddenly find themselves in a middle point.

That would have make the ending better for me

it's really dying now.

well boys.

it's been....cool.

Requesting the finished version of this.
Please, I want to save everything I can about these threads, they have been so much fun.

>i'm not even angry. i just feel empty, like all my hope has been taken from me"
I don't know about the other chiakifag(s), but this one's me.
I've felt nothing but emptiness since despair 10 aired, a small burst of anger when I saw Kirigiri bullshit her way back to life in Hope, but ultimately, back to emptiness.

I'm not even angry, I just feel empty, like all my hope has been taken from me.

Why was DR3 just so incredibly shit? I couldn't enjoy it except for the OPs and Juzo/Munakata memes. The brainwashing was stupid and contradicted things earlier in the series, and my waifu dies, my favorite new characters die, and nothing made any fucking sense.

What was the point?

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

this was the plan all along.

We felt the despair of a very unsatisfying ending. In the end, despair won.

What did it contradict?

I don't mean to sound like an asshole. I completely agree it was shit

Great Gozu

Wouldn't say brainwashing was a flatout contradiction, it just made some sacrifices in regards to what everyone expected.

We were told that their bodies had been brainwashed, and a journal said that Junko tortured their emotions. The two times we get to see into the minds of those being brainwashed (Chisa, and more importantly Naegi,) shows that the brainwashing really does torture you emotionally.

What everyone was expecting though, was some more face to face time between DR2 characters and Junko. Instead we got a faster plot device, to speed things up and I suppose to introduce a few more scenes they wanted to keep in.

Why can't you be happy that other people got their waifus back?

This time we'll know in advance to ignore it.

.....is what I would like to say, but I will watch any Danganronpa thing as long as it's with you guys.

This is the end. See you in V3.

I thought it was weird that all the Despairs came back without anything being wrong with them. I expected most of them to have cybernetic replacements like Komaeda. Hell, maybe they do but the designers were too lazy to think of anything to show.

It would have been even more depressing if Kirigiri stayed dead, thank God she came back.

Hope V3 ends with time machine bullshit to undo despair.

>We were told that their bodies had been brainwashed, and a journal said that Junko tortured their emotions.

And then we found out they were literally brainwashed.

>ywn get the absolute shit raped out of you by Junko
It's over, end me

Yeah, I'd figure a bunch people would come back just for the threads.

Mikan happy ending!

Mitarai getting btfo and jobbing to Junko, who beats his video with her own despair video.

Then its time for the Hope/Despair showdown

Where Hope ultimately wins

Not physically, or by mindhacc, just by making Junko un-Despaired

She dies, thanking him

or doesnt

Munakata lets her live because he understands now that carrying a burden is a punishment worse than death

She gets sent to a remote ashole of nowhere to live out her days, visibly distraught


She is shown in her snowy dark cabin

Its cold and lonely, she is barely keeping warm in 20 blankets, almost nothing to eat

Door opens

Makoto comes to visit

Her face lights up

DR3 ends

I want to make an anime where the MC and the obvious waifu have great name synergy, like naegiri
Set it up so it looks like they're obviously meant to be
Then throw it all away and have the MC say But I love Emilia

You're not gonna be able to top Bleach, friend.

How much would you pay for an spin off featuring Juzo and Gozu.

>One is a boxer and a closet homosexual
>The other is a brawler and bodyguard of an old man
>Together, they fight crime

Yeah, that's me too. I think a lot of Chiakifags feel the same way, but a lot don't even care to post, and frankly I don't blame them.

In a way, the emptiness, the despair, is comforting. Nothing to really worry about, I can be free of this whole thing.

I don't mind people getting their waifus back, would have been pretty sad if Asahina's death hadn't been a copout.

But fucking Kirigiri has cheated dead too many times in this franchise, and got another get-out-of-hell for free card. Meanwhile, an innocent sweet high school girl that wanted nothing but play games with her friends and make them happy got an horrific death, and the one guy who could have bullshit her out of that situation just stood there watching her flop in her own blood like a goddamn fish out of the water.

I would love it, but knowing that they die anyway would make it too painful

>Delta at the bottom

How the cast of DR2 came to be Remnants of Despair.

It was stated that Junko toyed with their fears/weaknesses and whatnot to manipulate them, yet in DR3 she literally just showed them a video and turned them bad. Well, I guess killing my waifu helped that along, too.

It made Junko look completely shit as a villain and was simply stupid to being with. I kinda expected something along the lines of Maou from G-senjou and how he was manipulating one of the heroines, except with despair .

Why the fuck would they want to recreate Hopes Peak despite it's failures? It deserves to fucking die for all the shit it did AND the coverups and what's worse is that the new HPA and FF is built up on a lie too!

If you have a culture of coverup it won't take long until you coverup the dirtiest shit.

>The two shows are called Side: Truth and Side: Lies

>Hell, maybe they do but the designers were too lazy to think of anything to show.

This. They wore completely different clothes in the beginning episodes in future and matured in age. They basically all ended up wearing their same old clothes

Friendly reminder that Chiaki was betrayed by her classmate and the teacher that she greatly admired. Friendly reminder that she had the longest, most tortuous execution in the series. Friendly reminder that she died thinking she was unable to make an impact when really she was able to create the bright future she wanted for her friends. Friendly reminder she died right in front of Hajime while desperately pleading for him to remember her. Friendly reminder that Hajime created a tulpa of AI Chiaki and not the real Chiaki. Friendly reminder that there was absoultely no closure in her death, and she died in one of the most miserable ways in the series. Friendly reminder that the instigator behind her agonizing death, Junko, was able to die with happiness and ultimately get what she wanted. Friendly reminder that other popular waifus (Kirigiri, Mikan) came back to life.

Just a friendly reminder.

Kirigiri doesn't deserve death user, and her revival was pretty telegraphed. There was literally no way Chiaki could have lived.


>Side: Justice and Side: Anarchy

Shiggy diggy

Excuse me, Mr. Klim is an esteemed guest of the Academy. Please show him his due respect while he is here on his business trip to discuss the possibility of Hope's Peak Academy: Moonbase. Please refer to him with the utmost respect when mentioning him.

>It made Junko look completely shit as a villain and was simply stupid to being with.

Surprise, Junko is a shitter.

This show didn't have enough Monomi.


>There was literally no way Chiaki could have lived.
Well no, there was "a way". Junko said it flat-out in the episode. I think one reason a lot of people got upset was that she made a very clear callback(call forward?) to SDR2 here and it ended up not paying out for them.

I think the events we got in 40 minutes with an extended epilogue from what we got would of been ideal, i think seeing naegi's immediate reaction to kirigiri's survival was a thing they needed to show the audience.

Kuuzuru + peko is cannon as shit, and so is kirigiri and naegi. They both have had the characters in it admit to their feelings and really dont need direct confirmation to figure out where they will go after 3 especially in naegiri's situation where the 2 of them are running the academy together.

I think that's a pretty big stretch compared to the hints that giri was alive. I just don't think it was reasonable to expect her to be alive.

Angry, jealous robot-kun is the best meme.

It's that it was a very mean-spirited way to kill her off and I think a lot of people expected Junko to be proven wrong there, as she usually is, instead of right.

We all know she's getting the Mitarai/Imposter double combo along with Ibuki.

>tfw haven't had this much fun in Cred Forums since Kill la Kill threads

Next meme anime when?

>tfw Class 77 didn't even mention her

The miracle was Chiaki living on through Izuru and BTFO'ing Junko in the final case of DR2

You forgot that besides a bright future, she wanted to play games with them, a simple, normal wish, that was never to be granted.

Oh, the despair it brings~

How would that reaction be... go and hug her while crying like a bitch


Friendly reminder that ghosts are a thing in danganronpa, AI Chiaki is actually real Chiakis ghost controlling an AI, and head Chiaki is this ghost.

She was proven wrong, the miracle was that chiaki technically lived on as ai chiaki and saved her classmates like she was trying to do in despair arc.

>delusional Hajime/Mikan faggot
He's got Komaeda locked down.

The "AI Chiaki is the same as real Chiaki because Kodaka had her say one line suggesting that when he never even wrote real Chiaki" meme?
Can you not do that? Thanks.

Class 77 didn't mention Chisa either.

Also, Aoi and Weedman waving goodbye while Class 77 doesn't even look in their direction and are eating BBQ instead.

Fujos please leave

I'm pretty sure this is exactly how it happened
The serious and stuck up guy befriending the thug is a cliche and overused trope, but I fucking love it for some reason
>class 74 OVA never

Not trying to pretend that AI Chiaki was the same as real Chiaki would be nice.

Delusional fujo detected.

Nagito loves Naegi more than he even liked Hajime.

He probably would have a moment of pure disbelief before she explained things, i just wanted to see his pure happiness and relief that he felt, wether that led into something intimate like a hug or even the forbidden kissu isnt something i necessarily needed to see but wouldnt minded of.

Its just when you create a romantic subplot and end it in a way where you are leaving the implication so hard they really are just better off going all out with it in the end than what they did here. Yeah anyone with half a brain can figure out what their relationship is likley at by the epilogue but its still infinitely more satisfying actually seeing it.

i wanna fuck chiaki now

Yeah no. That's not fair.

Hetfags begone.

To all Chiakifags,
it's okay.


>V3 will be spoiled before I get to play it

They arent the same, they specifically said the ai was made thanks to everyone's memories of her and that they were different people.

And yes kodaka did write the real chiaki "meme". He wrote the plot to Dr3 as a whole just not and of the episode save hope arc. 3 took a massive hit because of this since it lacked alot of the sincere irony in the comedy/dialogue that made the games so enjoyable and it shows since its fully present in hope arc.

You know, Chiaki did spend a lot of time at the reserve course just hanging out by the entrance. How many admirers do you think she got? Did they have a secret fanclub for the mysterious SHSL Gamer who sat there every single day like a lost puppy?

Just leave the internet before it comes out.

>implying that Chihiro can't create the base for a loveble being such as AI Chiaki
real Chiaki is in dangan heaven playing gaimus with Chihiro

It was a nice ending, I would have liked further explanation on Tengan's character but I guess we are eventually going to receive extra material for that

Nagito is a hopesexual. He doesnt give a fuck about the gender and isnt even looking for companionship romantically.


Now that Danganronpa 3 is over, I want to talk about the one thing that the anime got right: Hinata Hajime's character.
It was handled and developed beautifully. From his depression of being talentless, his interaction with Chiaki and knowing that talent isn't everything to life to him getting slabbed in the face many times for thinking this way by Natsumi and Juzo, to him becoming Izuru and finally accepting himself and Chiaki's message in the end. His hesitation, his troubles and his loneliness were drawn beautifully in the despair arc. His character shows the true nature of life's unfairness and triggers many thought-provoking questions about talent and happiness in life.

Hinata Hajime is the most human character in DR, his is a part of all of us and Iam really glad his character got a prober development and conclusion in 3 because 2 didnt really have the chance to show it.

Now I really hope Kaede would top his charcter as the best DR MC.

>Hope's Peak Headmaster, gets to be with Kirigiri

>Gets to be with Naegi

>Still has plenty of weed

>Is still the number one man in Japan. And now Fukawa isn't bothering him much anymore

>Has a genuine friend who cares about her and is learning to be a better person

>Dead best friend, dead brother, lost the naegibowl

I don't think Munakata is the only one planning a trip to Inaba.

Cute cute cute!!!

No, I mean, he literally did not. You can look up the credits to see who wrote what, and he never wrote any of the episodes where real Chiaki had prominence. The only thing he actually wrote himself was Hope arc, and it's telling because he brushed aside most of the additions to Class 77 save Ryouta (who also got mostly brushed off with a quick conversation, I should add) and called it a day.

>They arent the same,
Well then okay, you're admitting that they're different people. But then right after, AI Chiaki tries to pretend that they're the same, when we know from how they act that they aren't the same at all. In fact, this very line of discussion was "AI Chiaki isn't the same just because she said one line otherwise" and you agreed with me here, so I have no idea what you're even trying to claim.

It's just not worth bothering with this line of discussion dude, you're a happy Kirigirifag, I'm a Chiakifag who just feels empty. We're not going to see eye to eye. So drop it.

Holy shit i dont have a problem with fujos wanting to do imaginary ships, but when they freak out like this they just look bad. Its like when alot of fujos got mad at durarara when it turned out that shizuo genuinly detested izaya with every ounce of his being and was legit trying to murder him in the final novel going as far to paralyze him for life..

Well, they never did that. She was a proxy to represent their wishes to see the real one, but they also genuinely liked her, the AI.

>finally accepting himself and Chiaki's message in the end.
Except that was after he got superpowers, so it didn't matter.

Aoi is Naegi's mistress, though.

It is common for men in positions of power to have mistresses.

Naegi can't have sex with Kirigiri when she is pregnant after all so he needs Aoi for relief.

Hagakure has both weed and kanon.

asahina probably had a threeway with naegi and kirigiri at one point.

Komaeda looked the exact same in chapter Zero of SDR2

Hajime too

>Well, they never did that.
You could look at the line she says immediately afterwards to see Kodaka trying to cover his tracks.

Is Asahina still angry at Komaru?

Ooooohhh, your that guy, Yeah im not touching this shit. Chose to believe whatever makes you feel better as long as its not reality.

and yes kodaka wrote Dr3's plot get over it, the execution was not his writing but he still made the storyline.

I'm sorry but this wasn't stated in the game

And "muh manipulation" is too shit of a reason to turn anyone into UD

find a better m/m ship

mondo/ishi and even juzo/kyosuke is better

>Naegi can't have sex with Kirigiri when she is pregnant after all
And why?

>Chisa died without being cured of despair and went to hell with Junko for all eternity for actions she didn't have control over
>Chiaki died in pain and misery believing that her actions had no effect on anyone when she was really the most important player in the plot besides Junko and her role in creating the bright future that awaited her friends
>Munakata lost his waifu and best friend
>Hajime has memories of his waifu dying twice (but his class came back to life,) so fucked up
>Miaya got literally nothing. No recognition, no screentime, and AI Chiaki, bless her electronic soul, even fucking stole Usami from her.
>Seiko died alone thinking that everyone had abandoned her
>Almost entire class of 77 comes back while the corpses of most of 78 are still in the lockers
>Juzo died thinking that it was entirely his fault that the world went to shit and that he deserved to be hated and abandoned by Munakata
>Junko got a good end (bad end for us)
>Ruruka died saddled with guilt and self-loathing over what she did to Yoi and Seiko to the point where the despair video made her fucking mutilate herself almost beyond the point of recognition
>Bandai did LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG and died scared and confused
>Gozu died stabbing himself in the eyes to rid himself of despair after promising to protect the hope that Naegi represented
>Monaca became a space neet and will likely die from starvation unlesss she dives down back to earn for some hopedick

Never forget.

Whoever decided that MINDHACCs should be the endgame deserves to be hanged


I don't get why that ship took off. It was always pretty obvious the joke there was they genuinly hated each other and only Erika was delusional enough to see it as anything more than 2 people trying to kill each other. Shizuo kicking izaya's ass was one of the only things i liked from season 2.

I'm sure she'd get along with Chie.

The general storyline may have been his, but things like real Chiaki - her behavior, her attitudes - those were not things that he did. As you said yourself, he did not handle the finer details except for Hope arc, which was why human Chiaki got forgotten.

I didn't choose to believe anything at all. All I did was embrace the despair.

>Just leave the internet

this place is like a drug to me


Would most of us here be already too old when the V5 ride eventually rolls out?


it is but just take a breather from Cred Forums, trust me if you do this any backlog you have will disappear.

It's only ok if it's obvious that they're homos

Komaeda is cute!

>jin is in a theater watching his daughter get plowed by someone half her height.

Not every body can get a good ending user

Life is unfair

At least Munakata isn't an edgy asshole anymore and he won't kill himself and erase the life his boy Juzo wanted to protect

And Chiaki indirectly saved class 77

I heard something about Kodaka tweeting about Chihiro and Nanami?

he looks like the type of nigga who wears rainbow stockings in that pic

>Naegi can't have sex with Kirigiri when she is pregnant after all


>Half her heigth

Naegi is a manlet but he isn't a midget, user

DR3 writer can't write for shit. It's your fault for getting attached to a shit writer's original charactes.

You heard wrong.

Fuck off mugino


>Wanting to risk microtears in Kirigir's anus.

No wonder why you will never be a father.

Maybe the bear suit makes him look smaller.

>Not having pregnant sex with your wife
What's wrong with you? Don't you know female sexual drives increase during pregnancy? You don't want your wife feeling unsatisfied, do you? You want to make her happy, right?

>Chisa died without being cured of despair and went to hell with Junko for all eternity for actions she didn't have control over

What if the movie theater is just purgatory? Where you just have to watch your sins and the results of them over and over until your soul is clean?

Junko had a legitimate mental illness and thus can't be held fully responsible for her actions and can't be given eternal damnation

Also pregnant women get horny as fuck. Naegi would be banging that all nine months.

The thing is, after all the shit he went through, does Naegi is still a beta or is now an alpha?

Instead of helping rebuild the world, Class 77 just fucks off back to their island.

Wouldn't anyone want revenge still?

It gets better every time I see it.

This is my favorite.

The people that matter know the truth.

No proof Hell exists in this anime.

It is simply just the afterlife.

Hell would never give Chisa and Junko free popcorn after all.

Naegi is the perfect husband. I wish I could marry him.

I get the most pain out of this ones:

>Chiaki died in pain and misery believing that her actions had no effect on anyone when she was really the most important player in the plot besides Junko and her role in creating the bright future that awaited her friend
>Seiko died alone thinking that everyone had abandoned her
>Juzo died thinking that it was entirely his fault that the world went to shit and that he deserved to be hated and abandoned by Munakata
>Bandai did LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG and died scared and confused
>Gozu died stabbing himself in the eyes to rid himself of despair after promising to protect the hope that Naegi represented

Fuck, i'm really sad over those characters. At least i have the consolation that my angel Mikan was redeem and that the dead of fedorafags wasn't in vain



In fact medics recommend sex during pregnancy to reduce hypertension at least until month 8 after that well, just BJ and anal... possubly some lactation if naegi is into that

He really cant, gakkou gurashi is a series i feel like id really love if it were handled by a better writer but it suffers from massive tonal dissonance that cant be saved by using the MC's insanity as an excuse, this is something very apparent in future arc where it would have this wacky shit going on but taking it completly serious which is pretty much the exact opposite of how danganronpa normally does it.. The guy apparently has done alot of anime work too and most of the shows are shit.

DR3 is the only one i enjoyed by him and even then i have to forgive so much bullshit, and then i also realize the good parts are probably just parts of kodaka's scripts that survived the transition over to the actual episode. Hope arc is proof enough as is that no matter how dumb the plotpoints are kodaka can make them work at least on an enjoyment level,everyone agrees the ending is shit from a writing standpoint yet a majority of the fanbase enjoyed the fuck out of the episode even after acknowledging its objectively bad. Kodaka has a knack for good self aware parody and thats whats always made DR so entertaining.

I do still blame him for not postponing V3 just a tad bit to work more closely on the 3 than he did, im sure it'd still be the weakest of the 3 entries but i absolutely guarantee you it'd be a shit ton funnier and endearing.

It's fine since he's got a talent. As long as he's not some reserve course loser.

>Hell would never give Chisa and Junko free popcorn after all.
Yes it would. It just wouldn't give them beverages.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hajimeme from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebeians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forward bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truly is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally



Didn't Ruruka have a secret army that was planning to take over FF?

Wouldn't they be pissed that their leader was supposedly killed by the RoD?

Lets be honest with ourselves, kirigiri probably had to make the first move to getting these 2 actually official, i mean she kind of was the one who made the first move back in ep 9 cause the hand thing is basically a love confession.

Its very disturbing the characters from DR2 didnt mourn their favorite teacher corpse and celebrate and eating in the corvette ship.

>Implying any self respecting teenager would accept a 20 year old male as their principal.

Naegi is gonna get walked all over by hormonal teenagers.

ignore that

Kodaka didn't write the script for a single episode, save for Hope arc.

He was gay , it doesnt matter what he accomplished. Because of this faggot many peolple died.

I can only imagine a siren sound that slowly raises in pitch the longer he reeeeees.

Yeah but that would unite FF more than anything, hajime and crew took the heat for that very reason cause if the real mastermind tengan was revealed there would be all out chaos.

With ROD taking the blame now they'll put the secret mutiny aside and work with other FF to get revenge for their leader on an imaginary enemy.


I think the most offensive thing about this anime is how easy it would've been to have made it good. If the game were delayed, or this was delayed until after the game, Kodaka would've been able to work more closely with it thus making it not as shit. Right?

>Nidai's massive bulge
>Akane's massive tits
>both of their athleticism and boundless energy
What would their children be like, Cred Forums?

yeah I know thats why is aid hope arc is proof that his writing is what makes danganronpa what it is, hope arc is entertaining as shit and plays around with its absurdity. I genuinly loved hope arc even with it from a thematic standpoint being awful, none of 3 felt like this but that episode.

Kodaka's comedy makes danganronpa. Alot of people take the parody aspects of DR for granted but its the thing that gave this series life, otherwise we would of gotten the bland as fuck looking beta DR

>implying punished munakata could have stopped Junko and Izuru even if he knew about it
He stayed a loyal bro to the end, and died a true hero's death. He's gone to a better place, where he can punch normies for eternity.

What do you think Kyouko is there for? She commands respect, and she'll make sure the students obey her husbando.



(novelfags and killerkillerfags getout, Kodaka was pretty clear about these stories having no importance in the universe)

Hope arc just gave me despair.

Is not fucking fair

In truth its probably grandchild but yeah

The thing is she stays cool whenever talking about facts, but she's autistic when dealing with her feelings.

Their exchange of wedding vows would be the most awkward display ever.

Still taking requests, drawfag?


Naegi is also seen as a hero who stopped junko. I'm sure he'd catch shit from some shitty teenagers but he'd probably be well respected overall.

I would adore to see a short manga sequel though of just the cast running the school. No killing games or anything just good ol slice of life with naegi and kirigiri in a leadership position. Dr1 survivors show up as teachers.

Will the real one ever show up as a ghost in his head too?

>This meme

Kodaka was the one who came up with scenario and the plot for DR3

The rest just adapted his words into anime format

>lying to his bro
get a load this faggot, i bet you are gay too.

Did the artist end up deleting this from their twitter?

Naegi is quite direct but most of them would have to do with hope, possibly written by komaeda.

who would be the best man of Naegi and who would be Kirigiri's braid?

hard mode: No weedman or Asahina

He is an alpha now, even Munakata recognized and stepped aside

Nope. Kodaka didn't write her, so as far as he's concerned she never even existed. Him trying to give her a pity mention was just a slap in the face to me.

>she's autistic when dealing with her feelings.
this is true but i think by DR3's end she had finally found a way to formulate her feelings even if its still a bit autistic. As anons have pointed out the hand thing is pretty much a love confession since she has that thing about only family seeing her hands in addition to her thing about people touching her.

>Their exchange of wedding vows would be the most awkward display ever.
I want this cringe ass situation animated asap.

Anyone up for my drinking game? Take a shot every time someone in the show says "despair."

No, she was working on that, it wasn't ready yet

I believe it would be a vitriolic respect

they would still joke about him and he would laugh at those jokes from time to time, but deep inside they respect the teacher who saved the world.

>350 page outline

>Naegi Principle
>Kirigiri Vice Principle
>Aoi Gym Teacher
>Toko Librarian
>Komaru Librarian's Assistant
>Byakuya jerk ass Economics Teacher
>Weedman Janitor (or Councilor, I dunno)
I can dig it

reading is hard

It's not like they didn't mourn, they're just looking forward to the future

Yeah, sure. Still working on one of the requests. But might do one more when it's done

>The rest just adapted his words into anime format
yes thats exactly the problem, Danganronpa is a collection of terrible ideas that only worked because of kodaka's dialogue and self parody. Transcribing it through the gakkou gurashi guy (who is frankly a shit writer even in his original stories) and you lose alot of what makes DR special.

Hope arc was shitty from a thematic standpoint but entertaining as fuck from an enjoyment standpoint cause kodaka's jokes and style of absurdity were present. When he wasnt heading it we got the awkward parts of despair arc and future that just felt fucking weird without the sincere irony.

But they didn't. Not even a single mention.

He still had a fingerprint in everything and approved many things he could have changed.

>Kirigiri in office clothes

It'd be Togami, what are you nuts? Byakuya might be tsun as fuck but Naegi still considers him a friend as far as I remember.

>People actually think she and Mikan got any other relationship besides their talents

Just no. It would be rather weird (I would love this though, to see that Mikan is related to this game would bring me great joy)

Can a drawfag make a picture of the Warriors of Hope in HPA uniforms?

Ain't that a bitch. Why does Kodaka hate us so?

I maintain that the Gakkou Gurashi manga was excellent, at least up until they left the school.


You had Hajime's scene with her in the beginning to represent that

Maybe he hates her ?

What are you talking about here buddy?

Probably because Chiaki was the only girl explicitly made as a heroine first and foremost, so he wanted to 'punish' people who liked that sort of thing.

implanted junkos eye onto himself when he was despair

If they were going to get married i guarantee you they'd go to jabberwock island with the DR2 cast for it.

So basically his time at FF. He has kirigiri by his side at all times anyway so its not like he doesn't have a wingman even if the jokes would get to him. I imagine she would get shit too though cause people would attribute her to her father who fucked up last time so they likley would both need eachothers back.

It did happen in real life. He's wearing an eyepatch in his cameo in Future 1.

Do you really think he cared? He wanted to get it over with and move on to V3.

I'm sorry for all the ragging I did on Junkofags, I realize now that Chiakifags were the true cancer all along.

I think you're exaggerating

The anime wasn't perfect but it was a 7/10 at least. I'd even give a 8/10 based on enjoyment

Currently watching Cirno_TV stream
How can someone be that dumb

All waifufags are cancer

Thanks, now post Junko

Stay angry, loser.

I don't think he would have written a 350 page outline if he didn't care. Maybe 100.

I respectfully disagree, i think it always suffered from massive tonal dissonance, and i dont mean the main character's insanity and rejection of reality, i adore that concept, i mean how the manga handled its conflict being outright inconsistent with the threats present and the bizzare shifts between the actual slice of life happy bits and the horror.

I dont think it needed to go full edge out 100% oft he time but it needed to pick a fucking tone and stick with it for longer than they generally did since it flipped back and forth between hidamari sketch and fucking i am a hero depending on the page

I can write a lot of stupid things I don't care about and eat up hundreds of pages with it, too.

But i enjoyed it as a 7/10, im just forgiving on alot of its flaws, the issue is it could of been much better than what we got had kodaka worked closer on it.

Nah, Chiakifags have legitimate reasons to be fucking depressed right now. Junkofags extended their cancer everywhere. I still remember how annoying the early AA2 threads were when everyone wanted to make a Junko card.

>Kodaka just put Chiaki in the anime to kill her again.

He made a stupid decision because he didn't want to destroy his relationship with Munakata, but he still fucking hated himself for that and thought he deserved to be abandoned

How often did Junko and Mukuro stalk Naegi in school?

Did Junko ever try to kill Naegi while he was going to use the men's restroom?

How about when Naegi was in the shower?

When Naegi was sleeping, did Junko watch over him while he slept?

>dead waifu
Let's be honest, who's the real loser here?

Remmember how pissed junkofags were that she actually had nothing to do with 3 and are still in denial that she had jack shit to do with the events of despair girls and 2.

Yeah junkofags are cancer. She was an entertaining one off villain but nothing more.

What a guy!

But it's not required, so the number doesn't have to be that high. The fact that it is suggests something when he had the option to be completely hands-off if he wanted.

>threads got filled with salty Junkofags/Chiakifags and shipperfags

Jumping ship, fuck this, it was fun Cred Forums

Why did they retcon when Naegi smiled at Mukuro? It was obviously before the tragedy it happened so why is she calling Naegi a loser? From what I understand Mukuro had a lot of respect for Naegi but she's acting like they never met until now.

Does Kodaka forget what he writes?
How does Japanese George Lucas get away with it?

Here's the thing.
If he really cared, he wouldn't have signed off on things like real Chiaki's behavior differing so drastically from AI Chiaki, which ended up creating a dissonance from the AI version, have Ai Chiaki herself admit that, and then have her go "but we're also the same lol" in some kind of misguided attempt at placating Chiakifags. It just ended up nullifying my attachment to both at the same time.

Has anyone translated/made summary of the final Dangan Radio yet?

Fuck off. Junkofags were right.

Junko being the final boss was far better than Mitarai taking 30 minutes to upload a video online with his smartphone.

What's your favorite/least favorite talent from the V3 cast?

>DR2 Chiaki
>AI that overcame her programming due to her love for her classmates
>DR3 Chiaki
>Ghost girlfriend

How is possible everyone look manlier when angry or impatient, even fucking Naegi

One thing really confuses me, so did kirigiri and naegi leave future foundation entirely after 3 to go run hopes peak together. I mean judging by all the mooks helping out im assuming togami and the other survivors are still in it. Granted i assume that restoring hopes peak is a part of what the FF wanted to do and they just see this pair as the perfect fit to do it.

This anime was fucking terrible for Mukurofags. She sucked.

>Toko Librarian
>Komaru Librarian's Assistant
So they can have makeout session when there's nobody in the library? They can do that when they get home. Work is for professionalism; keep them in separate rooms.

You won't be missed.

>still wrong names

It was a nice ride.
Too bad Cred Forums will ruin every DR V3 thread

Komaru was still in middle school but now old enough to attend highschool.

Can someone help me answer the most important unresolved question?


No? DR3 Chiaki isn't a ghost, she just disappeared completely. That was all AI Chiaki. No, they are not the same. If they were really the same, which one is actually "real"? Was the cute, sleepy, super-autistic girl who loved to learn all sorts of things in DR2 a lie? Was the cute shy girl (who miraculously never had sleep issues despite playing games all the time) coming out of her shell in DR2 a lie? Which one was the real deal? Trying to merge them with a single line like that made no sense whatsoever and was a total tonal mistake.

Why should he give a shit about Chiaki when she was one of the most boring characters? There are plenty of other things to write about.

IF wasn't written by Kodaka, if that's what you're referring to or drawing your information from.

Naegi looks genuinly pretty badass when he was bleeding from the head. I swear have someone look collected whilst blood runs down someone's face and they will always look badass.

>better than Mitarai taking 30 minutes to upload a video online with his smartphone.
user, honestly, anything would have been more interesting than that. You're not making a strong case for Junko, hell it probably would have been received negatively, people were getting tired of Junko being the final boss.

Okay, buddy, you made your case.

I was wondering, could we start a killing game with all the dead people?

He didnt write this and the new writer obviously didnt read 0

Keebo, Kaede. ???, and the two on the furthest right are my favorites.

Togami winding up with touko is probably worst case scenario for him. The guy has come along far as a character but i dont think his general annoyance of touko was a result of his smugness.

Are you saying... a Reaper's Killing Game?

Naegi and kirigiri probably were so done with FF after 3.

Why did the DR2 kids not immediately gang up and beat the fuck out of Nagito for all the shit he pulled on them in the neo world program?

These threads ARE Cred Forums... but with mods


I-it's just a comedy, t-turn your brain off, bro.

Oh yeah, is she gonna attend the school?

I'm sure that will be explained in the Nagito OVA in February. :^)

>Chiaki will never fall asleep on you

I've noticed a lot of Cred Forumsfags hate Gundam while Cred Forumsfags love him.

Because entirety of Ultimate Despair cast is lovable morons.

They knew that they had no way of stopping HOPE and LUCK

I like the way you think user.

The Nagito OVA has 24 minutes to satisfyingly explain how everyone that awoke from the Neo World Program managed to overcome the sheer mental burden of remembering killing their families, friends and many others (Sonia ruined her entire country for fuck's sake) and also explain how they managed to get along after all the shit was pulled inside the program.

Call me cynical, but I don't think they can do it.

Which one of you salty fucks did this?


Probably (you)

Also, how akane killed the fuckton of brothers she had


They didn't seem to care about having destroyed the world, or about all the people they care about probably being dead, either.

They are an easy going and forgiving bunch.


Am I the only one who liked the ending?

We got Luck man saying "May we meet again" meaning it's confirmed in a DR Sequel Naegi and Luckman will be in a killing game together.

We got a happy ending.

Gamertits isn't alive.

Junko wasn't the mastermind.

Why does everyone say this is a bad thing? All threads wanted gamertits to stay dead, junko not to be the mastermind, and we get a happy ending.

That reminds me of what my friend once did to the hideo kojima wiki page

Being mad at Komaeda is like being mad at a retard. Besides, maybe he gave one hell of an apology.

Fuck your falseflagging shit and take it back to Hell see: Cred Forums

i chiakifag, but on other spectrum


well they do still treat him like a freak.

turned out way worse than expected. but here you go anons

How come Class 77 didn't really talk to Naegi after they woke up?

Naegi was the only one who believed in them yet it feels like they don't really give a shit that they got a second chance thanks to Naegi.

Naegi didn't even get a pat on the back from Nidai or get thrown into the air.

They should be pretty ashamed for being such shitty Upperclassmen aside from Mikan and Nagito.

If anything, Munakata needs a tropical vacation much more than Class 77.

I stared at this post for like half a minute before I got what you actually meant.

>Ichirukifags are still this mad

Dont worry i got thrown off too.

>An ova with munakata and class 77 on jabberwock island
Would watch

What was it changed to?

I'm okay with him again now that Soda won the Soniabowl.

I blame the short episode length. I think if this were a 40 minute special we would of likley gotten exaclty this in addition to a scene of naegi reacting to kirigiri's survival.

>could we start a killing game with all the dead people?

I never understood this ship getting taken seriously.

I can see Hopeman wanting to fuck Hajime, or probably literally anyone else, but there's no way he'd feel the same about him, in fact he's horrified by him the whole game.

I didn't. I wanted to see who was the writer and director of the anime.

well, there's nothing. there used to be a page of it explaining what was the DR3 project. the side:future and side:despair pages are intact.

also look at the trivia

but i want to fuck gamergrill

I'm pretty happy with it desu.

I like this drawing user, nice work

I'm trying to get back into drawing after not doing so for about 5 years.

They should have given us at least a scene with the whole class surrounding Chisa's corpse and saying goodbye to her.

Did you think I'd forgotten, Kaede?

For a thousand trials I have waited, watched in dejection as you made your fellow, pitiful "friends" great again. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I really do.

Because in the time that you were protagonist, I have amassed a great and terrible army of of
hope delegates - hopegates, if you will, Kaede.

Without you around to ward off the forces of Hope, I can finally escape from my prison. You just made your first mistake, Kaede. Now I can return to that fateful night in 2016 and claim what is rightfully mine!

Together with my army of hopegates, I will finally have the majority I need to become the V3 Protagonist, and fight a calculated hopeocratic campaign for Supreme Hoperlord. Nothing will stand in our way. Goodbye, Kaede. Your pianist ways will taint the Academy no longer.

This is the priesthood rising! With my new powers, I will plunge this Academy into TEN THOUSAND YEARS of "hope", and the delegates...they will be at my side every step of the way. Thank you, Kaede.

Whether she's dead or not you still have the same chance with her.

Souda remains a cuck and did not win the Soniabowl.

If anything, Sonia is the most affected Despair from Class 77.

Her smile is exactly like Despair Chisa's smile.

Her eyes are pretty dead looking as well.

Komaeda channeled all of their gratitude into a single hope-filled boner.

kishi seiji whose pretty awful, hes actually pretty good at directing scenes sometimes especially for comedy but he rushed things so much to the point of ruining pacing.
myanimelist.net/people/6909/Seiji_Kishi?q=kishi seiji

the writer was this guy
most known for gakkou gurashi as his own creation

Don't forget offhandedly mentioning the girl whose death drove them to despair in the first place. If they do that, even.

I don't expect anything from it besides Komahina pandering.


>he would ask imposter-kun to impersonate Chisa or Juzo everytime he feels that he miss them

Theres alot they should of done, if kishi seiji werent the director i guarentee you hope arc would of been 2 episodes and they would of cut fluff from future arc to make room for that.

Fuck off.

I don't like it because it basically hammered home the fact that DR3 had no purpose.

None of the established characters died, all of the DR2 characters awoke from their comas. Meanwhile, the only characters who actually died are the ones created just for DR3. So basically this entire anime didn't need to exist.

I enjoyed it cause kodaka actually wrote it and managed to make me laugh again like DR normally does.

not killing off kirigiri helped too.

Ryota and Munakata lived and they were important to the series, most of the other characters were also nice additions

>has a backpack
>there was only one other prominent girl with a backpack previously
Yeah, I'm not touching V3 with a ten foot pole and you can't tell me otherwise.

we actually got hopehacked the moment we saw the video,so hope arc was just a delusion

>Munakata Killed Tengan who was the mastermind
>Juzo knee'd Ryota who was the final boss,saved Makoto from killing himself and ended the killing game


I want a refund from Ryouta, then.

The anime would've been better if class 77 B just woke up from their comas from the start, with some episodes that focused on their recovery efforts.

Oh well.

Kodaka has no experience in TV anime, which is why he probably only wrote the plot and supervised the script

And how Akane went from starving skeleton thin wasted away body to her old buxom athletic bod.

It gave the established characters a (relatively) happy ending, and gave people more material of their favorite characters. Of course it didn't "need" to happen, it was meant to be fan service from the beginning.


Because when you grow older than 5 years old, you realize that there exist things such as terrible happy endings.

Juzo literally caused the end of the world and EVERYONE'S deaths because he was afraid of his faggotry being revealed.

I'm sure he needed help but come on hope arc wound up fine dialogue wise, he could of worked more closely on it than what he did.

Post yfw Despair arc is better than Future arc according to MAL

What the fuck are you trying to say?

Mukuro's autistic, she might already feel something for him as hinted by Zero but is just too retarded and Junko centered to notice

They have more or less one year in the bunker though which is most likely the time where she properly bonds with him and her class and begins having doubts regarding Junko's plan

A fat version of either of those would be hilarious.

>wound up fine dialogue wise
>that confrontation between Mitarai and Class 77

I hope you're joking. Why the fuck is Hajime even the one talking to him?

Both sucked.

Honestly I would have rathered ONLY original characters. Seiko was the best part of the show.

It was significantly higher rated before episode 12 made tengan's motives look alot worse than they actually were. it took a massive score drop after ep 12 especially cause people wait to vote until the end alot of times.


Why is Fukawa STILL wearing that filthy uniform?

Nah, I liked seeing her animated


No, Hope Arc was easily, bar none, the absolute worst episode of DR3 dialogue-wise.

This guy gets it. What a joke of an episode.


Cause hajime is living with the guilt of getting millions killed due to this own insecurities much like mitarai and understands exactly what hes trying to do.

Was that seriously the part of hope arc that bothered you? It'd make fuck all sense for anyone but hinata to talk him down.


I know this has been asked million times but what do I watch after s1? Why did they simultaneously air two arcs?

Something bad will happen to her. I can feel it in my bones.


you have to play danganronpa 2. Theres literally no alternative 3 only exsists for fans of the games.

>I know this has been asked million times but what do I watch after s1?
You buy DR2 and play it.

I have trouble deciding which one was worse but I'm leaning on despair too.

You don't watch any of it, it's garbage.

What's the consensus on Komaru's boobs, did they get bigger or not? I couldn't tell.

I want to marry Sonia!

Farewell, friends. It was a fun ride.

How will he top Kirigiri?

By not being austistic.

by dying.

Did you see how he reacted the moment Kaede introduced herself? Dude's a SHSL Fuccboi.

Any word on the anthology? When is that coming out?

Just that Kirigiri being alive was Naegi's happy ending says a lot in its own right.

Play SDR2, play UDG, read every manga, novel and doujin you can find. The if you feel that wasn't enough Danganronpa, watch Future and Despair, but instead of watching Hope, just write fanfic of how wish it all ended.

>Am I the only one

Most of the fanbase liked

Only despairfags and edgefags actively hated it

>there are still people who seriously think that Juzo revealing the truth to Munakata would have stopped Junko from destroying the world

inb4 He is actually the SHSL Con man/Liar.

Yeah i know im just saying its leagues more satisfying to actually see the reaction than leaving it up to the viewer. Especially on the shipping side of things cause we know those 2 are definitely getting it on by now but since both are autistic about their feelings we dont exactly know when or how that came out.

Fucking jews.


>Only despairfags and edgefags actively hated it
Don't forget waifufags.

Like grandfather, like grandson.

You play the second game before watching DR3.

General reception is significantly more positive than all of 3.

Nagito OVA will deal with that

Mirai hen wasn't about that

You already watched the abysmal anime adaption that sucks the life out of anything good about the game so take what you will.

>nobody even found out that Ruruka died

>Why is Hajime talking to him?

You can't be serious

You know how they could have had a happy ending without any of this bullshit? The DR2 characters just wake up on the island. The DR1 characters work to rebuild the world for the future.

That's essentially what happened in the end. We didn't need another pointless killing game for it to happen. Especially when all it did was introduce new characters and kill all of them off. Where is THEIR happy ending?

I want a venom Komaeda figurine right now.

Whos that?



>Komaru was in middle school with those giant ronpas

What the fuck are they even putting in the water over there?


Yeak, I also think that at least someone has a fake talent.
Detective seems to be the most likely since having a detective in a game where you have to use lies is weird.

Yeah forgot about some of the Chiakifags and Chisafags

>Man, I wish this had a consistent and half-decent writing

Even naegi probably would think shes an uber cunt especially since she almost killed his wife.

>4 paragraphs long criticism about an anime being mediocre

MAL reviews are fucking trash.

But it is. The only good thing about Future Arc was the memes.



DR3 actually filled in a bunch of DR2's plot holes.

If Chiaki never existed, when Nagito found the file in DR2 the list of Class 77 would not have had Chiaki and he would have instantly foudn out she was the traitor. It's because he couldn't tell the difference that meant that Chiaki really did exist.

If Chiaki existed then that means the person who programmed her must have known her pretty well, and Izuru fills in that plot point perfectly, far better than Chihiro which is what was originally implied

Izuru's C O M P L E X M O T I V E S in DR2 were also kinda dumb, since it was implied that he wasn't really pro-Junko but rather anti-tsumaranai. The setup at the end of Despair arc makes his motives make more sense

The killing game was fanservice for people who liked the killing game format. If there's one thing I'm actually grateful for it's that they did that since I don't care enough about the characters to watch just for them, although I do wish they had focused less on action and more on mystery.

>Cause hajime is living with the guilt of getting millions killed due to this own insecurities

Literally not true anymore after Despair, where we see Izuru is SHSL dindu nuffin. You could even argue from an objective omniscient point of view that Hajime did the right thing, otherwise some other guy would've become Izuru with no connection to Chiaki and thus no reason to start the NWP

>It'd make fuck all sense for anyone but hinata to talk him down.
Maybe someone who actually knows who Mitarai is, like the imposter, or mikan. Even a member of the class that he was actually responsible for ruining the lives of would have been better. Naegi and Munakata would also be obviously better candidates.

Having Mitarai, who believes that people are weak and thus need to be brainwashed, get lectured by someone who he on screen identifies as Izuru, the strongest man in the world makes no sense. You might be able to ignore it because we all know about Hajime and his circumstances, but it's obvious that Mitarai knows jack shit about that since they never ever met before he became tsumaranai man. It's incredibly simple shit that could have been fixed easily.

>Was that seriously the part of hope arc that bothered you?
By far not the only part, no.

How much do you think Hajime gets his dick sucked in Jabbework Island for de-despairing them?

He didn't even had to, he was one of the 5 survivors and originally wasn't even a classmate of any of them.

Chiaki existing was never a plot hole. It was never stated she wasn't based on a real person.

I believe he at least have something positive to said about Izayoi instead of Ruruka?

>I loved the way he eated sweets, it was fun with that serious face chewing them, what a shame to lost such a cool dude

Can there be a 4-koma manga for the FF members please? That would lessen my depression.

They don't get one because life is unfair

The SDR2 cast being relevant was more of an effect of Naegi's hope than anything else

Episode 1- he is being put on trial because he helped the Remnants

Hope side - Remnants save the day and the reputation of the FF, Mikan saves Naegi waifu

>killed the only person who gave a fuck about her

She only has herself to blame.


Except real Chiaki was forced into the role of little more than a cute plot device. As said, it wasn't as if they said she wasn't based on someone. They didn't need to show real Chiaki at all. Not to just trample all over Chiakifags one last time.

Owari ate it.

I would a Candyslut desu

It had though

I mean I agree that both arcs had their failings but hope did manage to tie mostly everything up



There's supposed to be an anthology with 4-komas like there were with the games, but I haven't heard any other details and I have no idea if it's out already or not.

Your face when Junko's arm was stolen by a RoD.

Your face when Junko ends up being cloned from her original arm.

Into the fucking trash it goes.

Izuru didn't create AI Chiaki

Did you even watched the episode?

Did she go to heaven or hell?

>Kaede has the same voice as Junko from the stage play

>Junko wasn't cloned and became the mastermind of DR3

Would've been a better ending.

Hajime just stood there and let Junko do her thing, he enabled her and was used by her like Mitarai was

>Hey he died for his waifu, i almost did that once.


Hidden somewhere, plotting a new killing game

See... see, even naegi would think he was a cool dude

Izuru did.

How did Izayoi put up with her? Were the tiny hamburgers really that good?

>Junko didn't go on a training arc to get a Golden Form
What a waste.

Hajime is Izuru now too if that red eye wasn't enough of a hint


chiaki still sleeping

>mfw Junko is the mastermind again in V3


DR Voice casting is never a coincidence.

Hell Pekos voice actor was Sailor Moon just so they could have her do a JUSTICE thing during her trial.

>You could even argue from an objective omniscient point of view that Hajime did the right thing, otherwise some other guy would've become Izuru with no connection to Chiaki and thus no reason to start the NWP
Which makes human Chiaki's story all the more pathetic.

>No izayoi did not deserve the fate, it was all tengan's fault he wound up with such a bad girlfrien- I mean died.

Surgically implanted on someone who then has his mind taken over by her, but not really, he was just hypnotized by himself to pretend to be Junko.

Naegi will never have such beautiful eyes and smile ever again.

Such Despair.

Yes, now. Not then.

Look, I'm gonna level with you Kaede, can I call you Kae?
Look, Kae, I know it's been fun, and it must feel so exciting to have the MC spot, but let's be honest here, do you really think you earned it like I have? First, lets look at this; there are female protags, sure, but when was the last time there was a strong robo-role? Never!
Now, I understand that it must be fun; having all that fanart and fanboys so easily and quickly, but it's time you let the spotlight go on it's rightful owner.
So please, Keade, hand over the Protagonist Spot. You know it's the right choice.

Some of them are just coincidence, if i remember correctly back when we were still in the something awful lets play days they pointed out only peko, nagito, and one other character specifically had one voice actor in mind for the character. I think the other one was gundam cause it was a jab at how sugita never got to follow his dream of voicing a gundam pilot.

God i hope kiibo dies first cause these threads are going to make it impossible for me to take the guy seriously. I'm just gonna always picture him as some super sore loser.

>I wanted a longcoat like the one he used, no fair only munakata got one

She went to heaven with all the rest of the best girls

We don't call her Candyslut for nothing

Why live?

I'm sorry Keebo-kun but tin cans can't be MCs.

It was Sonia's, she got it for playing pic related.

>Kaede turns into Junko 2.0 halfway through V3

Her tiny hamburger was good, if you get what I'm saying.

i liked chiaki, i liked her even more when i knew she was an ai because that means shes eternal but dr3 fucked everything up

Izuru is still Izuru, he's just also Hajime.

Why does women with such body always end being such a huge bitches?

Oh yeah thats who it was, i think the fact that sugita got gundham's role by coincidence is proof that god is playing a cruel joke on him.

Do you remmember who in 1 was always intended to have 1 voice, i know it was only a few too with 1 being junko/mukuro.

Monokuma's children are Naegi and Junko's children.

She had sex with Naegi 3 times but Naegi was brainwashed to forget every time.

that'd be interesting but they already pulled the protagonist is the antagonist twist, twice.

No, you know what. I'm cool, i'm calm, i'm collected.
Kaede, sweetie, I think that it would be best to just hand over the spot and we can all just let bygones be bygones. You can even be lead girl! What do you say?

Maybe they'll use her old execution this time.

since class 77 is pretending to be despairs to pretend the FF mutual killing didn't happen does that mean the opening in the first episode of Future with everyone fighting is the lies told to the world to explain how members of the FF died?

just fuck already,whoever cums first loses the protag spot

But Junko 2.0 is already there.

Nope. At the time, he was just Izuru, so he wasn't accountable.

So when does class 78 get revived?


What if they are all children of Junko?

>that one girl in red that looks like a mix of Junko, Celes and Kirigiri
Best girl.
Please don't be a killer; I hope she fills a Nagito-type niche in the character interactions- trapping/misleading the protagonist and behaving condescendingly when she falls for her tricks

does lying about the FF deaths make Neagi the same as the previous heads of the school who covered up their mutual killings?


No. That's what happened before they got sent to the island in the first place.

To enjoy other things and move on from the despair that you feel knowing Kohacka screwed up.

that was actually them fighting before 2's events. The world knows the killing game still happened just not that FF was a corrupt organization led by a old sociopath

You mean Mikan and Hajime's daughter?

hair looks like genocider to me

I hope the mastermind in V3 is a male this time. This may be cliched as fuck but I want him with half white and half black hair.

Dude, Izuru wasn't erased he is still there just going by his old name and with his avatar memories as well as his old ones


After Real Chiaki gets brought back to life

Well their murderer is already dead so not really.

>Ishimaru uses time travel to transport to the future
>Warden of the prison, trying to something something dangan plot
Best outcome

You really can't compare the scale of their involvement. Mitarai gave her all the tools she needed to do her thing and even helped make the final video after being threatened (tying again into his whole idea that people are weak) whereas Izuru's existence neither helped nor hindered her plan outside of the fact that Hope's Peak was using reverse course funds to make him.

No because the RoD were the ones who chose to make that sacrifice

Can someone post that pic with Izuru, Mikan and their kid in a hospital?


I never said he was erased. I'm talking about what ha did when "Junko did her thing", at the time he was Izuru and had no real ability to process emotions.

>in the cinema
>All that matters is that you're okay...


2/4 of the masterminds so far have been dudes so its a 50/50 chance at it happening for V3.

i dont think it will be a guy though, none of them really look like they could be one save for dude kirigiri. It obviously wont be rantaro cause hes gonna be the game's asshole.

Keebo....might actually have a chance of being the mastermind, it'd make his fake out announcement of the protagonist all the more funnier.

Ochako is the traitor

It's fucking obvious as this point. C'mon guys she's not praising Deku for being a good guy she's praising him for being ruthless in the pursuit of his goal THAT'S THE KIND OF SHIT VILLAINS SAY

Izuru saved her once, could have stopped Chiaki's death but didn't, let himself be used by her as scapegoat and let Junko get away scott free

No, cause covering up tengan's BS allows FF to function while jin was basically forced into a catch-22 where he'd cover for evil assholes benefit or let the school fall to chaos.

Would Kohacka even dare to try that?

All will be explained in a drama CD that will never be translated


Just googled her name:
Apparently I mean Maki Harukawa.


Nah it's sugarman

And how does that makes him blameless? He still chose to do the project and Izuru still lives just with the memory of avatar Hajime as well

I think you're in the wrong thread friend, but as it happens we DO have someone that's very good at killing traitors!

Not really, it's been so long. Actually Sonia's was the only one I remembered from SDR2. I think Ogata was also requested for DR1, and maybe Miyuki Sawashiro? Don't quote me on that though.
What? The New World Program didn't subtract Izuru, it only added Hajime. He was and is still Izuru.

All of those were things that any 'Izuru' could have done. Hajime himself is largely innocent.

>Kaede is the mastermind and the game hint at it, but you miss because she's the main character

Nah this guy is going to be a jobber.

I'm honestly assuming all 3 of the original "main characters" announced for V3 will die. Which sucks cause i really dig maki's design.

>still using HPA logo

Never ever.

It makes him blameless because of He had no emotions or anything, so things like "He could've saved Chiaki" are largely irrelevant because -he- didn't know her at all.

It's ok, Munakata. You can go back to a much better series than Danganronpa and rest now.

Her name is literally written with two kanjis " devil " and " princess "
Her name fucking means devil princess. Iam really scared of her now.

Holy kek, this almost makes the whole ride worth it.


She can be my Demon Queen then

Maybe that leads to the lying vs truth theme of V3.

it was aso in zero fucking secondary

Well nagito's name is an anagram for "i am makoto naegi" so dont look too far into it.

Hajime and Izuru are the same person now, you can't isolate part of a person's existence and say "that part is blameless, it's the fault of the rest of it".

When we see Kenshiro on screen

>Izuru saved her once
Literally self defense from unprovoked aggression from Komaeda.

The rest of your list is a bunch of things he did not do. His guilt (assuming we can really perfectly ascribe all of the blame of Izuru who was actually wiped of pretty much all desire to do anything onto Hinata) is much, much less than that of any other RoD.

Hope's peak was fine until a bunch of old fucks started experimenting on children. Naegi and kirigiri running it means it wont stray off the path of representing humanity's hopes

I fucking hate this man

I honestly thought that DRV3 was gonna end up being Komaeda is Naegi from the future

Yes, -now- they are. But at the time he couldn't. Yes, he's blameless because he was lobotomized. You can pretend all you want that Chiaki was saveable, but then you're ignoring Izuru's character. Personalities are people.

>imouto is taller
what a manlet

When the survivors search the world for the 7 mystical Bear Balls and make a wish with the Eternal Bear

He'll secretly be SHSL Thief or something too, but I doubt he's the mastermind.

He still killed a fuck ton of people after the events of despair arc and even if he helped atone for it he was still responsible for DR2 where had he not tampered with it everyone would of reverted back to their old selves immediately and by extension DR3 might not of happened. You really are neglecting that part.

The Hajime before he became Izuru is blameless, the Hajime that exists now is Izuru.
>You can pretend all you want that Chiaki was saveable
What the fuck are you talking about?

>Not making Kaede an Amazon or a Shortstack
Wasted opportunity


I was using her as an example. People try to say Hajime was to blame for not saving Chiaki, but -Izuru- did not. It was not his fault because of what HPA did to him.

>He still killed a fuck ton of people after the events of despair arc

name em

as far as despair arc implies Izuru did absolutely nothing to further Junko's cause after the series, and was actually an active detriment since he convinced all the RoDs to get in the NWP so he can do his experiment, removing the remaining Despairs from the world.

I'm pretty sure those people are talking about post-SDR2 Hajime.

I'm just happy naegi got his truly happy ending. The guy really deserves that especially with all the survivors guilt eating away at him. Him and kirigiri recreating hopes peak is honestly the perfect send off for both characters. I would of preferred they made the obvious romantic implications more than just implications but ehh whatever you take what you can get.

Basically being the Persona 5 MC character wise.

Hajime and Izuru are the same person now, his Izuru part remembers and feels guilty

No such indication, and besides, he shouldn't feel guilty because he was lobotomized. It's just poor writing on Kodaka's part.

always better start again now than never

We don't know what he actually did as a RoD but the fact that he was a mere spectator to Junko's acts when he could have stopped tells enough

He saved Junko either you like it or not, he could have very well just stayed hidden with his SHSL ninja but he chose to appear

If Hajime had any of his personality in Izuru, he would have saved Chiaki no argument.

>mfw rewatching this because I love to hurt myself

Retard, he is Izuru now too, he remembers what he did

Deflecting blame isn't healthy as well, doing the project was also his own choice and it happened because of his crippling insecurity

>Epilogue didn't show Naegi holding one of Kirigiri's baconhands
Missed opportunity.

It's canon that he threatened to sue Kaede for discrimination. He seems like a joke character at this point.

Welp i guess this is the final thread of DR on Cred Forums ill take part in. They really slowed down today and I'm sure when im done my shit at work tomorrow there wont be any more. Its been fun guys. Wont forget the memes and the discussion, while some of the more negative nancies started to spoil the fun i still feel like ill miss everyone. And to all the kirigirifags that circle jerked with me and helped me and others cope when we thought best girl was dead, you all are great. Its farewell since we wont be able to recognize eachother from here on out in other threads but we can take solace in the fact that best girl got her manlet and that we lived long enough to see this shit get cannon.

gonna miss you all.

Christ, even my own line about Miaya got more exposure than Miaya herself. Even with DR3 being over, this is becoming more and more of a disappointing joke.

I want a few OVAs with the new characters all getting some good scenes. They deserve at least this much after being fucked over by Kohacka and Kishi.

>didnt show naegi putting a ring on those baconhands.

even bigger missed opportunity.

>he is Izuru now too, he remembers what he did
But it literally was not him because his personality was suppressed.

>Deflecting blame isn't healthy as well, doing the project was also his own choice and it happened because of his crippling insecurity
It has nothing to do with 'deflecting blame' and just looking at what happened. Chiaki was doomed no matter who became Izuru.

dude kirigiri is the mastermind and not even a real detective

its persona 5's ruse cruise all over again

>No such indication
Please be a shitpost.

Where are the munakata coldsteel edits?

Well every character in DR is basically a joke character given the parody nature of the series, kirigiri is one of the few characters played really straight and even shes not without her goofy moments especially when it comes to her feelings for naegi.

Now that the thread have more than 500 reponses, i will be beggining a new thread:

Staring at her hairclip and LITERALLY THINKING OF AI CHIAKI does not sound like he cares that much to me.

This is an English board user.

Why is Ultimate Masketta Man wearing a complex mask?

He specifically says at the end of SDR2 that he will be living on "as Hajime Hinata", not that he "is", but "as", because it's Izuru living on with Hajime's memories, they are now one entity. If that wasn't enough for you he literally has one red eye and one normal eye.

It's him now too, post SDR2 Hajime is Izuru

For all we know he could've wanted to talk to Nanami because of Hajime feelings or just walked in without activating his talent. If Izuru really wanted to have Junko succeed than he could do it easily enough. He was never a RoD.

Being a spectator is not a massive guilt compared to what Ryouta did, and for someone who went through a lobotomy that makes them do literally nothing it might not even be a crime at all.

We're getting nowhere at an incredibly fast pace and I don't think any of us understand what the other is thinking, so let's stop it here.

Be the Kirigiri of V3 who helps the MC but also the mastermind with an actually well-written motive. Bonus if he's the ultimate liar and all his "help" are lies which happen to work out.

>well-written motive
Play another series.

Kodaka went from Despair xD to COMPLEX from DR1 to DR3, so its not impossible.

It certainly is because he did nothing to stop Junko even though he could, he just let himself be used by her

What part of "he has a lobotomy" and "incomparable to Ryouta" do you not understand?