Name a better fight from 2016

Name a better fight from 2016.

If only Moot were here to see this ;_;

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are you telling me naruto is still airing in 2016?

Do you think moot creamed his pants when he saw the fight? best fight of all time.

who the fuck is moot

t-thanks moot

this guy!

Next week is the last episode, right?

oh ok ;)

Someone who checks dubs.

The theme of rivalry and friendship between the two protagonists in this franchise was very good (even though it was overly milked)
It's like as if you could end the Dragon Ball franchise on a big Vegeta vs Goku battle or something, it definitely had good closure to finally bring the series to an end on a big climactic battle of rivals to end the cycle of hatred.
Truly they are brothas from anotha mutha



damn I forgot how powerful they each got. haven't watched in a bit but they are gods now

What kind of fight is this? Ulna fighting?

>looks the same while being 117.5x lighter


>looks the same
Go get your eyes checked.



Get your privilege checked.

no go reread bleach

I also dropped that when they fought the scythe guy

looks literally the same

Wait, does this mean it's over? Finally?

tch... fuckin' baka.

Boruto exists so it ain't over


The main series is ending in an episode or two. But they're doing a new series that adapts the novels before Boruto. Once they finish all that they're going to make a Boruto anime.

Why are we getting so many Naruto threads lately? There've been like 20 in the last three days.

You know it's all the same guy making these. Mods could improve the board quality so much in thirty seconds if they fucking did their job.

Because Naruto is so much worse than Re Zero, One Punch Man, and DBZ. Fuck off, you're way behind the times and reek of trying to fit in.


Because Naruto is fucking anime you retard. Do you even know what board you're on?

But it is
its way worse, its trash

>Because Naruto is so much worse than Re Zero, One Punch Man, and DBZ.
yes...yes it is

kys, retard.

series went from being about ninjas to ninja wizards to ninja saiyans to ninja gods

haven't watched it yet but was it better than gintoki vs takasugi?

That won't make naruto less shit.

No just watch it

People who say this are retarded. It was always DBZ with ninjas and Kishimoto has always been honest about that. You're just trying to excuse the early parts because you watched them when you were a kid. Naruto only got "bad" when you grew up. It was always the same shit.

yes, it will. Now go and do it, retard.

man you are one mad narutard.

>It was always DBZ with ninjas and Kishimoto has always been honest about that
>source, my ass

You definitely need to rewatch it, Zabuza arc is a fucking masterpiece and the following arcs are literally HxH 2.0. Naruto has almost nothing of DBZ desu.

and you're a retard, retard.

>it was always DBZ with ninjas

You obviously don't remember how it started. Early on jutsu were about trapping or tricking your opponent then beating them with weapons or hand to hand. At this point it's about blowing each other up with energy nukes. Hell, when Itachi was introduced, he was one of the most feared ninja and he fought using illusions

cry more, your show is still shit.

Not him but from the very beginning we knew that Hashirama and Madara re-routed rivers and created an entire valley. It was hinted really damn early that some ninjas could blow up mountains without breaking a sweat and because that was a known fact people should have realized that Nardo and Sauce will turn into SSJ at some point as well.

No one actually saw any ninja doing crazy shit like that. Hearing about what might as well be legends that just add to the lore and seeing the crazy shit happen on screen is different

>that retarded post
>that retarded image

Are you 10? Oh, I'm sorry I forgot you're a retarded, Haven't you killed youself yet?

>this crying
lmao. naruto still sucks.

Saturobi the Third vs the Shodai and Second Hokage was a battle on another LEVEL and it was pretty early in the series.

This is just the start of their relationship.

> mfw they played "Need to be Strong" during the fight

Fuck yes. Part 1 OST > Shippuden OST by a mile.

Damn, ment to post this one

Go back to normalfag-zero or cuckposting

>That incredibly average animation for a final fight in a money-printing series
>That incredibly pathetic ending

Wow. Naruto's as bad as ever I see.

What the fuck are they even doing? They look like two autistic kids trying to have a fist fight.

Fuck this looks awful. The one thing the series had going for it was sakuga and they couldn't even pull it off here. Were the good Naruto animators too busy with Mob or something?

Are they fighting? I can't really tell.

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>incredibly average animation
THIS is average naruto animation. That other webm is considered good compaired to this.


Mods are trash, what else is new?

Im glad hiroshima stopped caring for the vocal naruto haters and their idea of what should be allowed or not on the board, as is they owned this place. Fucking hipster faggots.