What's your guilty pleasure Cred Forums?

What's your guilty pleasure Cred Forums?

why the fuck would you feel guilty about one of the best shounen adaptations out there

Girls Bravo

;_; I love seeing girls being stripped

Its actually a good show even overlooking the girls.

I still fap to kirie over a decade later.

My fav is Risa...

Sounds like this gem.

What's there to feel guilty about liking Kenshin? It's genuinely great.

masturbating to traps

I feel like the quality of the show is greatly overshadowed by the OVA.


I don't have one, but my favorite show is because of deep connection to the manga rather than because of actual depth. I think I understand the merit in getting a lot out of something rather than things have inherent depth.


i watch huge amounts of garbage each season so anime is my guilty pleasure

I think the two compliment each other. The TV series is what Kenshin is mostly about. The OVA handles the bloody era of his life nicely while definitively marking it as a different era.

Then you just pretend they ended the tv show after Kyoto and there was no OVA where Kenshin gave Kaoru AIDS and they died while suffering debilitating AMNESIA.

I tried watching that one but couldn't get past 15 minutes.

Strange thing, the more I watch it, the more I like it


I watch anime and read manga
Also kill yourself


Seisen Cerberus was retarded as hell and I loved every minute