Why are girls with strict and strong morals the worst?

Why are girls with strict and strong morals the worst?

They claim to uphold justice the most yet are often the most lewdest out of everyone else.

They have shameful secrets to hide.

why do dumb fucking mobileposters still have the ability to create threads

I don't know, why are they the worst? It sounds to me like you just described why they're the best.

They're the most fun to corrupt.

Kotegawa is shit.

>know they're lewd and indecent creatures
>feel the need to repress their own desires
>project that everyone is like them but without the self control
>feels need to keep everyone repressed like themselves in the name of decency
>moral facade collapses instantly when faced with lewdness
I think they're the best if we're being honest op.

They're fine. The hypocrisy is more often than not endearing. Besides, they're lewdest because they're cute and Yui is great.

Also fuck off OP, I know you're just trying to bait the ESL shitposter into ruining threads again and frankly there's enough garbage in the catalog

OP, you just described a best, and posted a top tier girl from a series filled with great girls

>let's bait ESL-kun the thread

Worst TLR.

It's like those old bait threads started by Siztra with Mio in the OP and the question "Why do you still watch moeshit?"

That is her duty, what do you expected?
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Obviously you did not see full episodes or not you put your attention
Damn Unhappy Hypocrite

Yui Best Girl and Waifu
What's your fucking "problem" with her

My favorite thing is the uptight, moral girl giving into her primal instincts and NTR'ing her boyfriend with the muscled, hentai NTRman. And crying after.

Did ESL-kun just post in not-entirely-broken english?

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Why you are a subnormal in Cred Forums and in the real life too

It was clearly a fluke.

That's their appeal.

>worst girl
>not best girl
You have shit taste, OP.

But Yui is pure and not lewd, wanting to be lovingly impregnated by your husbands is literally the purest desire

Drop ink on the finest snow-white paper and it will inevitably absorb into black. Its purity demands it. Tainted men have immunities. Black does not absorb black.

nope, virgin birth is the purest desire.

She is even lewd with her onii-chan.

My Brothers
momo a shit and her damn keikaku harem

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>implying there is such a thing called a shit TLR

Also if you decide call her a overrated rotten peach bathed in semen

Your wrong

who's the semen enchantress?

This. Yui mind break doujins are the hottest.

Bastard Sonuvabitch


Also, Yui is over-the-top at times and a poor example by occasionally being a hypocrite.


Nigga can't handle NTR?

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And why she is a "Hypocrite"
How is you "explication" of that

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Hiroshimoot made his money with a mobile-centric site. He'll never realize what the ability to ban evade just by driving down the street does to fuck up this site.

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The best part was tsundere girl winning against the dick and using her love to stay pure.