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yaa gomen gomen

Hontoni? So desu ka...

moshi moshi







H-he's fast!

This is so fucking unreal


Is this how animals that move that fast perceive the world around them? Because thats the most surreal thing I've seen in ages

This must be what the flash feels like.




Only for flies has it been proven. Crawling bugs are blinded by their own speed.


poor thing must have had a stroke. ;_;

Ossu! Ora ha Gokuu




Ashita mo ganbare sa

>ywn have a tail to prop you up when you get tired of standing around


God dammit, Destin.

What's the Japanese term for cellphone again, Cred Forums?


Away oybay allsfay inway ovelay ithway away irlgay.

Unableway otay onfesscay, ehay isway iftedgay ithway ybay away
eusday exway achinamay ithway ethay irl'sgay onephay umbernay.
Evernay indingmay ethay angestray areaway odecay, ehay
immediatelyway allscay erhay, andway isway overjoyedway otay
indfay outway atthay eshay ashay away ushcray onway imhay asway

Utbay, ethay extnay ayday, enwhay ehay ecountsray ethay
eviouspray ay'sday onfessionscay otay ethay irlgay, eshay
onlyway ookslay atway imhay ithway away erplexedpay
expressionway. Afterway omesay investigationway, ehay indsfay
outway atthay ethay irlgay ehay alledcay isway otnay ethay
amesay irlgay ehay ellfay inway ovelay ithway. Inway actfay,
eshay oesn'tday existway inway isthay universeway atway allway.
Eshay isway ethay irl'sgay alternateway universeway
ounterpartcay, owhay ashay allenfay inway ovelay ithway ethay
MC'say ownway AUWAY elfsay, owhay ootay isway issfullyblay
unawareway ofway erhay ushcray.

Ijinkshay ensueway asway ethay otway ikestray upway away ealday
otay ivegay eachway otherway eirthay arkestday, ostmay ivatepray
ecretssay inway orderway otay equipway ethay otherway ithway
ethay eaponsway eythay eednay otay onquercay ethay earthay ofway
eirthay otherway elvessay. Ilewhay ethay otway asechay eirthay
espectiveray ovedlay onesway, AMADRAY ensuesway asway eythay
eginbay otay allfay inway ovelay ithway eachway otherway
insteadway andway estionquay ethay ATURENAY ofway OVELAY.

Ouyay avehay ootay uchmay imetay onay ouryay andshay.
Sorry if it's rusty, I haven't used it in years.

>otnay indingfay away ebsiteway atthay illway oday itway orfay ouyay



Opstay ostingpay atthay ecausebay it'sway alreadyway away ingthay.

Benwa finds a way.



What is this?

indsfay away ayway


These threads are the fucking best lel


So you can suck my dick if you don't like, my shit
Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck, my dick - ha ha!


>Penguins going to the mountains for special training arc



Stop posting hate symbols


Where is this?






something something the world

Imagine if those fish were self-aware, or at least more aware than they are.

It's like living with a gun pointed at your head, every single day.

Although I guess all life is like that if you think about it.

>Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

>someone out there took the time to write this

Fucking lovecraft aaaaaa

oh no

Haah? Nyani sore?

It was probably just done with a pig latin translator.



I always found it weird that cats hit with tiny paws. Who would even get hurt by that.

Because they extend their claws as they strike.



>giant jacked rats
why the fuck are these things allowed to exist?




>read this and hear a deep, gruff seiyuu voice in my head
>I have no idea who that is


And suddenly my self-confidence is broken.
You mean this study, right?

Because they formed an alliance with the emus. We can't do shit mate.



Yare yare


I love the way they both jump.

Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

Sauron is so chuuni

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.

See you space cowboy


Fucking Lovecraftian penguins man.

>you can see me, can't you Jotaro?

Gush gush





alien abductions, and most fish wouldn't believe it in certain areas

tiny animals


cutie doge posters

"Ne, Araragi-kun?"

Pause exactly at 0:12.


Welp, time to watch MLP


Oh my, that is so cute.

Muda da

>come to Cred Forums for some anime recs
>get stuck in the /an/ thread

Every single time.

>you're at the mall and this guy slaps your gf's ass
what do you do?


cutie doge poster being a cutie as always


another wild cutie doge poster appears such a cutie doge poster

>come to Cred Forums for some anime recs

>[guitar riff]

what a cutie doge poster you are

What about me?

that you are a cutie doge poster continue posting cute doges cutie doge poster


>all life
No, mainly just black lives unfortunately

what a cutie doge post


*SoL ED playing*






Is that a mountain goat?





>Pet Shop attaining its Stand


Does it think the golf balls are eggs?



wow, that neck is all kinds of fucked


i would've run it over

aw the cutie doge trying to save the fish thank you for sharing this cutie doge poster

>new hire from college ends up in a femdom relationship with strict female boss

Why did no one pick it up?



It will ruin your day, don't open it.




It's probably Akio Ootsuka.


A lot worse even.



New mascot.

>Not kmowing that he's trying to eat the fish


He really isn't. A dog isn't stupid enough to not realize that he can't burry it there.

A new mascot for their fire station.

It's trying to get rid of the smell.


The cat died hours later.

If only I wasn't afraid of diseases I would totally try to befriend the local stray aroumd my apartment.

My asshole hurts when I see that.

>If only I wasn't afraid of diseases
Take it to the vet.


I still don't know how to name that folder.



[Sentou modo, kidou]

Fake. Great Tits are waaay larger than that.

10s in google.




Owls are the most adorable of creatures.
Too bad taking care of one would probably be extremely high maintenance.

> girl in shit latin is irlgay

I fucking cant


What the fuck does this even mean?


two seconds in google

Hope she survived.

is it bad if this gives me a boner?


Ah yes, the old Chinese 狗雞永動

What does that penguin have to do with lovecraft tentacle beings?

>See that mountain? You can go there.


Lovecraft has a lot of other work that covers more than just tentacle beings.
Look up At the Mountains of Madness.


Best SH ending

>implying those weren't tentacle beings

>common sense
if a predatory animal right in front of me and i have the option to take it down before it does anything i would take it preferably a Remington 870

Totally like how us audiences react when magician do their tricks.

nani atendayo

stupid nigger, stop trying to be an edgy hero fag

Fug. Did they died?

It's just a small alligator, you could pick it up and throw into a lake or something.
These things are scared of cats.

No, she closes the door really fast.

fucking got me

>Is it locked?
>Are you sure?
>I hope so.
That's some next level retardation right there.

If they were self-aware enough to be sentient but not intelligent enough to actually adapt and learn then most animals would all die of panic attacks because it's literally day-to-day survival for pretty much all animals.

They did leave it unlocked for some reason, always expected animals to open your car.

source? google and friends are failing me unfortunately.

You dumb asshole, gators are completely safe to be around. They have no interest in you.

I lived in florida and they were in everyone's back yards. People would sit 5 feet away from them in parks. I even fed one leftovers that frequented my pool on a regular basis.

It is dumb rednecks like you who have no common sense.

You spelled "kill yourself" faggot

that dolphin isn't very friendly

he's just playing peekaboo




What a cute doggo.

>people posting animal webms with no anime one liners
You guys missed the point of this thread somewhere along the line.

Birds are so funny.

Another day in Florida



That has to be like some sort of predecessor to the chocobo





Is this snake playing dead? If yes, then it's sure overly dramatic about it.


That's because the cameraman bumped into the ice.

thats pretty fucked up.


too bad it's an ugly as sin breed

>those pointy bushy eyebrows
>hooked nose
>red eyes
>fucking black goatee
>that claws
>mostly red-black-white color scheme
This bird is literally Satan.

Love the bearded vulture.

You got a problem with eyebrows?



This is a very rare and scary disease in snakes called IBD (inclusion body disease). Diagnosis is impossible until symptoms occur. Snakes wonder around aimlessly and have no sense of orientation. As a snake owner, this is the last thing you ever want to see!

>tfwywn have one of these but big enough to fly through the jet blue skies

That bird's eyebrows are shaped like satanic horns.

holy shit

>Kyaaa, I'm going to be late to school!!

son of bitch




Fucking dinosaurs.

>not posting the jojo version


[sound of eyes and eardrums exploding]


fuck you now that theme is stuck in my head

I've always hated this :(

Did it died?

oh hell no


>shaft necks

Definitely. IBD is deadly.


I kek'd




>This is 100% of my power...




>implying spiders would attack a non-threatening object
It'd be like if you were walking down the street and decided to beat up a fire hydrant. I don't get the point of these webms.

These are by far my favorite threads on Cred Forums





>mostly red-black-white color scheme
They're actually born pure black and white, but because of the gorey way they eat, they end up being dyed red after constantly getting covered in blood.


That's a big beaver.

shovel dog.gif


>"congrats mate"
>on being the oldest living wombat virgin

I feel his pain.

I'm probably gonna be in a similar situation if I live to 80.

Why re Australians such cunts?

>almost a wizard wombat

I guess you could call it a Beelzebird

Ah, the Orca
The psychopaths of the ocean

imagine if aliens captured your average Cred Forums user and did the same

Just some banter, lad.


That face says "just end me already."
Also, why are Aussies such huge shitposters, I mean look how they bully poor pat.

I'd be willing to be put in an alien zoo if they let me have internet access and videogames.


Sounds like a good backstory for some shonen villain.

Nice try. I recognize that thumbnail.


Eating a banana has never been the same ever since I first saw this.


saw one at Prague zoo last year. They weird as fuck

Holy shit



>read a book where the protagonists have to transform into sea animals because WIZARDS
>the male protag has to become an orca and slowly becomes more and more savage and violent as he stays as an orca longer and longer
scary desu


took the words right out of my mouth

why is that zebra pulling off its own skin


What happened to him?



Not sure, but I heard someone else say that "he broke his neck" is false

you ever been scratched by one? They got fucking needles at the end of their paws.

its weird that an eagle would be that fast with its claws. they dont hunt that way after all.

Playing dead or something like that

It's ok

Defense mechanism triggered by stress. He's pretending to be dead.

hahahahahahaha it looks just like koksel baba

Aww what a cute doggie

He's fed umeboshi.

PTSD is a bitch

Holy shit, I can't unsee it.

This was already posted.

It's like people don't even bother to read threads anymore.


Is that actually an ancestor of the Velociraptor?

This is the real dinosaur.

Is this bird language?

Ah, so *this* is updog.

It probably hurts like a motherfucker.

That Zebra is dead anyway from infection.

No, but people think velociraptors had feathers now. Scientists don't really fully agree on that though. I'd like to think T-rex's were not just giant chickens.

you should read the filename

doesnt trust that shit anymore.

Hamsters are rather boring to play with.


>not dog and waterdog

Hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and especially fucking chinchillas are terrible, smelly, high maintenance pets who aren't even any fun to interact with.

Get a fucking bearded dragon or boa, or if you want something furry try a dog.

It's funny thinking about them flapping their tiny wings to run faster


they get angry at shit dangling from their body.

You should watch that video of a zebra getting its belly opened by an alligator. It bites of its own intestines hanging from its gut afterwards.

corvus > anything else

What's the name of this chicken? It's beautiful.

secretary bird
I agree, it's pretty cool looking

I shouldn't have laughed


i think the name stems from those feathers looking like its got pen feathers stuck behind the ears.



Glad I was not the only one that had that come up.



That's a toise m8

Does it have a death wish?



This is cool. Now I want to see more animal reactions to magic tricks.

The feels..




Fucking Cazadors

>Later that day



2 male african tortoises. The first one was on its back because the "helper" pushed him over. African tortoises push eachother around to assert dominence. Poor guy was being harassed because he was weak.

This is not a feelgood gif, just 2 animals fighting. And tortoises are dumb as fuck anyway, they would never help someone out.


Thanks. It's very elegant even if it eats flesh.







Ikuzo aibou!

Mind absolutely fucked



Remoraid used Water Gun


Where are they all coming from





You don't fuck with a moose man, they're like the hippos of north america. They don't stop unless you're fucking dead, or you know how to kite and manage aggro.



Someone really likes basset hounds I guess.

My thoughts exactly, what the fuck

Reminder to study your spiders.



Poor viper it was going crazy from the boiling asphalt.





serious question, do birds have ears?

Where are they?


Savannah monitor and some sort of beardie morph. Probably not the best idea to let the cats near them, cats will fuck them up.

BRUTAL af desu senpai






Why are birds so much more charismatic than mammals?
I wish humans evolved from birds instead of dirty primates.

That song is now stuck in my head. T-Thanks.

Hey mister. Wanna play janken?

Why are non-anime threads on Cred Forums always the most popular ones?

That girl is pretty confident



Nice one.

Birds are not charismatic. They just follow their instincts and people take pictures and add dumb captions to them.

Non-human mammals aren't charismatic either. Animals don't have that capability.








>don't tread on me

>girl you know you wanna get all up in this



Why do these things exist?


I always thought cheetahs were majestic and powerful animals.

Later I found out they are little manlets, no more threatening than a common coyote.



I find these threads unironically great


Holy crap that snake is a cunt.

So this was the purpose of Lesson 5...


Fucking manlets always trying to start shit


Getting a big snake out of its enclosure is a bitch, especially when they don't wanna come out.

Jesus fuck


>I don't know what the fuck is going on


Yes, but then it doesnt want to get back.


>Tfw learning that Cheetah's are the easiest to domesticate of the big cats

Yup. Happens every time with mine. They don't wanna come out and they don't wanna go back in. When they are out they are totally chill though.

Based chickens.

Thats a cock for you.



I guess they just like open spaces?


Fucking demons


Birds > Dogs > Reptiles > Rodents >>>>>> Cats


What about rabbits?




Spoken like a true plebeian

Not really.. hard to explain. When you are pulling them out they insinctively pull the other way. But when you are putting them back in their head keeps on avoiding the entrance, they don't like being forced into somewhere. And when you are moving them off your body they coil around you to grasp on, so you also have to deal with that.

>>> You

Every fucking time.


>see this right as I'm eating a banana
you fucker

I dunno, that bird looks like an a-cup at most

they venomous too

Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice,
Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!


More like Dogs = Reptiles > birds > small mammals > rodents >>>>>>>>>>> cats


Beware: Spooky

>guy who named his cat Nigger Man
Why do people even want cats, isn't the whole point of a pet to own an animal that is entirely subservient to you? If you want a creature to live with you that is largely autonomous and makes you work for its affection, get a goddamn girlfriend.

W-wait, there are turtles that CANNOT SWIM?

Best birds.

>u mirin' cunt?


Cats can be dumb fuckers who love to play fetch too m8.

should be:


Been owner of all of those.

Cats are the most damaging because of their options to damage. They will run off with important objects to hide or give to the dog to destroy (or kill the dog that eats it).

Cat pee is the type that replaces drywall to remove, you cannot clean it. The pissrot destroys trim.

Cat claws will pick the largest piece of carpet to make you replace the whole section if you're not a wizard at finding the right worn in look unless its new carpet where piecmealing it in is easier.

A dog claws the wall and piss/poops on the floor. That's it. Male dogs can pee on walls but that pee is easier to clean/dress up. Except dogs will cost you roughly 17k over their entire lifetime, that's including fees and vet bills of the average.

Caged animals.... That's what you want. Except the kind that causes mold easily.



Sounds like a contrarian to me.
Cats are just really good at mimicking imo.

I didn't think I'd spend an hour in this thread.

Birds were a mistake.



>bears are fake

ok kid

Couldn't post here because of audio


You're a mistake

b-but they're cute

thanks for the nightmare fuel :>

Black bears are infamous for being huge pussies.


>that view of his balls

Actually, that's exactly how they hunt. It's the talons that usually do the killing in birds of prey.

Welcome to Australia, enjoy your stay

"spider tornado"

You seem... bad at pets.

Cats are less costly

Jesus christ no


You seriously didn't see it?
These things are common in areas with taxidermy and bear hunting my dear infant.

>isn't the whole point of a pet to own an animal that is entirely subservient to you
yes if you're a lonely pleb

Watch the source video. There is a full bear outside.
And if that's a guy with a bear claw glove outside at the same time as a big fuggin bear, that's just as impressive.

my cats are pretty discilpined, they come when i call and leave me alone when i tell them to, cause i properly trained them from babies.

most people have issues with cats because they don't raise them or assume they'll just pick up training like dogs can from other dogs.


perfect cell.webm


Oh god

>Nani kore?


where is the Doom music?

>gentlemen, I love war

Aren't birds just dinosaurs? -Love Mom

I'm slowly becoming retarded!


They're actually quite strong. One of my cats is super strong, you actually hear an audible "clunk" sound when she hits another cat. Add to that sharp claws and the fact that they hit faster than your eyes can follow and you have a pretty good weapon.

Geese are fucking assholes.

what if spiders are smarter than we think
like human levels of smart

tanoshii koto ga tanoshiindayo, oniichan

Wow, I didn't know that this was a thing.

took me a second



Ok give me the pronostic cause I'm not buying it was a gamethrow

Fun fact, even though it was resuscitated the kitten died soon after anyhow.


we need a gif of the scarecrow spider and these guys

>Fun fact


Badass if true

>Not being a cynic asshole
What are you even doing here

In othere news, dogs love ice cream

Why are dogs so best?

After seeing that bird I no longer doubt that they are the descendants of dinosaurs.

Don't tread on me!
I'm not decent yet!


Chimp vs magic

Funny looking dog



That's pretty fuckin' badass.


It *is* true. By "gorey way of they eat" I mean that their diet is 90% bone marrow. The stuff *inside* bones.

They actually rip carcasses apart and swallow bones whole.

I feel like this is one of the oldest gifs on the internet.

Kore ga hunter.

flying dog no sponsor de okurishimashita

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.

Fuck off.

cute poster


what are you on about mate?

cats take care of themselves as long as they have a litter box and food. How did you manage to get them to piss everywhere and rip up carpet?

>anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.
Neither of these things are true, shitposter-kun.

kek you're so triggered, beat it faggot

Wait. . .then what are they? Please don't say they're spiders

Spiders pretending to be ants I think